Peacebunny Island

Peacebunny Island

By Caleb Smith
Welcome Aboard!
Weekly service-learning adventures of several youth who are on a mission to share Hugs, Hope and Hoppiness as they care for pet rabbits & share sweetness with others. Winter was a time for planning, learning, working on boats, & getting ready for Easter. Warmer months include "island hopping" by boat, exploring Peacebunny Island, a 22 acre privately owned island on the Mississippi River (Minnesota USA).

Program is hosted by 14 year old Caleb, who hopes this program helps create excitement for service-learning, environmental STEM, & playing outside.

Copyright 2019
More places to listen

More places to listen

(9.03.19) Great MN Get-together
State Fair recap and transition to school . Sure the rabbits won lots of awards but listen to how I define success...
September 6, 2019
(8.25.19) What “Hoppiness” sounds like to me. Plus the analogy of the White and Black Cuckatoos
Sounds of birds chirping at Peacebunny Cottage with the bunnies hopping in the nearby pasture. Girls giggling while learning about bunnies at a birthday party.  All things that are part of my "happy places." An aboriginal saying in Australia has been made into the school song for Hope Vale School. "Nganhthaan Waandaar Nganhthan Ngurraar" means one is a white Cuckatoo and one is a black Cuckatoo—different but together. In a world with so much division, my simple podcast will just be about birds, bunnies, gentle rain and giggles.  Moments we share that transcend all that can divide us.  Enjoy. 
August 27, 2019
MN State Fair - Part 1
Meeting 4h youth who will talk about their rabbits and various things they have been learning
August 25, 2019
(8.6.19) Sitting by the river completes me
Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter most — sitting by the river, having a place to dream, spending time with special friends and loved ones. Here’s an update about our journey...
August 11, 2019
(7.2.19) World Record Trip Planning, River Mappings, Winning Trip to the Island
This week while out island hopping we met a world record holders who hopes to regain the title in 2020 (Team MMZERO). We also spent a rainy day in the studio creating videos.  The remainder of the week was mostly spent out on the rivers mapping.   Listen to find out how to win a trip to Peacebunny Island.
July 2, 2019
(6.25.19) Live from the Mainland
Thanks for visiting...we post photos and hope you'll share the journey with us and tell others. We love getting email and comments on social media, so keep in touch! We also have weekly contests to win a trip out to the island with us. Check our website for details
June 25, 2019
(6.11.19) SUMMER!! Mississippi River West Bank
Updates plus our trek down the West Bank from Minneapolis to Fort Snelling Area (confluence of the Mississippi River & Minnesota Rivers). We visited Bohemian Flats - Annie Young Meadow - Winchell Trail - Lock & Dam 1.   Lots of cool stuff we learned, so we will be posting some of these discoveries on our website and our Youtube Channel.
June 15, 2019
Week 16 (5.14.19) Wax on Wax off — some people join the gym!
Update on river levels. How we monitor gauges. My unofficial workout program - ha! Sanding project to get ready for houseboat June launch date.
May 14, 2019
Week 15: (5.7.19) Welcome to your new home! Amazingly beautiful Blanc de Hotot breed from the town of Hotot France.
From Madame Blanchard’s Rabbitry in France in 1912 to the Peacebunny Cottage... We are the new home for four 9-12 pound rabbits with striking black eyeliner and satin sheen white fur. We are so grateful to partner with experienced breeders of champions to keep these purebred beauties from extinction. Tator Tot is a dwarf Hotot ( not endangered plus with stray splotches called a sport) but a distant relative who is one of our most popular bunny pals. Please visit YouTube channel this week and subscribe. Have a hoppy day!!
May 8, 2019
Week 14: (4.30.19) Daisy scouts, college visits a Bunny Garden, and new arrivals
Springtime means several weekday scout events, lush grass at the Cottage and stress relief stations at universities. Super pumped about the new-for-us canoe trailer after months of watching online sales— game changer!
May 2, 2019
Week 13 (4.23.19) Hoppy Easter
April updates including flooding, events, and getting ready for the summer
April 24, 2019
Week 12 (3.5.19) Flood is coming
All the bunnies have been safe at Peacebunny Cottage. We knew that the island would have seasonal floods and we experienced high water last year... So no surprise. With no permanent structures we have no risks. Prayers for those who have so much to lose...
April 19, 2019
Week 11: (2.26.19) Gonna flood
Wrapping up a snowy month with lots to do to prepare for summer
February 27, 2019
Week 10: (2.12.19) Lovin’ the River: Public meetings on current river issues. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hear a snippit of what I’ve been learning about the Mississippi River, plus our weekend trip to a library. Ideas how we could use the island to address some of the river environmental concerns, starting with cottonwood trees
February 16, 2019
Week 9: (2.5.19) Groundhog says "Get your boat ready!"
The Ground Hog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this week and then said "Get the boats ready!"  Here's an update on what's happening during the Polar Vortex that made Minnesota colder than Antarctica this week.  1) Farm chores still happening 2) Port engine is now purring like a kitten while Starboard still needs work 3) Stringer repair will make the floor more stable 4) Considering solar generator for boat batteries?? Lots more to do before we get the houseboat in the water this spring!  Lots of library programs this month & Easter is around the corner...
February 7, 2019
Week 8: Intro to Angora Rabbits
Winter grooming time
January 23, 2019
Week 7 (1.8.19) Seamanship class, Sea Scouts, and our whether/weather station
Debriefing this week while riding home from Sea Scouts: Two great interviews, first aid review class, updates from Chaska High school’s capstone project to build a working weather station for our houseboat (also used for transporting our goats along the Mississippi river en route to islands to eat invasive species). Being a kid is awesome!
January 9, 2019
Week 6: (1.1.19) 2019: It’s going to be amazing
Thoughts while traveling: Looking forward to interview experts and other island owners. The Goat whether/weather station is under construction.
January 4, 2019
Week 5: (12.18.18) Warm weather opportunities
Visit our YouTube channel 12/20 to see Santa’s visit to Peacebunny Cottage — Our bunnies love riding in wagons and our snow sled so we took some video footage to post for you. Morris and our goats got in the Christmas spirit... SO ADORABLE!
December 20, 2018
Week 4: (12.11.18) Winter Barn, Business & Boats
Hodgepodge of topics: Barn winter chores. Mini bales pickup. Business connections. Seascouts seamanship class
December 12, 2018
Week 3: (12.4.18) Rabbit Biodiversity - Part I
Breed Standards • Variations • Fur and Patterns • Apple analogy • Once it’s gone... • Have a Hoppy Day!
December 5, 2018
Week 2: (11.27.18) Boats out - Island Shift to Winter
Island visit to winterize • Rabbit feed math • Math in our business • Plan for future podcasts • Next week topics • Have a Hoppy Day!
November 27, 2018
Week 1: Thanksgiving 2018 Reflections
Celebrating a year FULL of dreams coming true! Then add a surprise new idea — a weather whether station! (We are trying to decide names for four boy goats that already are busy munching the buckthorn at the Peacebunny Cottage). Share our silliness as we consider names from the "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" references). Now that we actually own the island, I’m SO thankful for all those who made this dream come true and I'm super excited to see what next year will bring! Post your goat name suggestions (weather related!) to FB or Twitter
November 22, 2018
WELCOME PREVIEW: Our formal launch is Tuesday Nov 20 so please check back each week
Welcome from the 14 year old founder of Peacebunny Island, Caleb Smith.
November 18, 2018
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