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By Peak Geek
Born in the heart of lockdown (right in that bit where everyone started to get real weird) and forged in the fires of a 'successful' student radio show, a podcast was born. The men behind it?

Jez: Who is dumb enough to think he can fistfight a primate.
Liam: A man with more pop culture hatred than sense.
Ash: Winner of a 100 different awards for stubbornness, refused to accept any of them.
Alex: What happens when a bard has negative charisma.
And Steven: Maybe a Bi-rate, definitely horny. Approach at your own risk.
Together they've read cuckolding erotica, redefined the biblical Genesis, and admitted to things publicly that they wouldn't share with their closest family. All in the name of comedy.

Join them on Wednesday afternoons for a podcast that Jez's mother has described as "A genuinely heinous embarrassment to the family name".
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What's Your Apocalypse Survival Strategy?
They boys have witnessed the fall of civilization, the death of the world they once knew, but by god they're not going to stop podcasting. Jez is the friendly porn delivery man, Liam thinks the end of the world will help with getting podcast downloads, Ash wants to be a human zoo animal, and Alex doesn't need anything except a humble pair of socks.
March 17, 2021
Gritty Reboots (And Other Topics)
This week the boys are HARDCORE TOUGH NO NONSENSE WAAAAARIORS. They serious, dark podcasters talking about serious Gritty Reboots of their favourite things. Jez is seeming terrified of the Teletubbies, Ash is trying to make gritty reboots more soft, Steven is getting censored, Liam just wants to talk about Power Rangers, and Alex? Alex is NOT Shrek.
March 10, 2021
Interdimensional Warfare (And Other Topics)
This week the boys put on their uniforms and go to war, then realise they're a bunch of nancy podcasters and record an episode about war instead. Opening a portal between dimensions and immediately causing incidents on a military scale. Now they have to settle these disputes the only way they know how, with a podcast debate. Liam is determined to prove that Space Wizards beat Galactic Diplomats, Jez keeps bringing up a Pokemon genocide, Ash is starting to notice some copyright issues, and Alex has forgotten what a Tie Fighter is.
March 3, 2021
Wrestling (And Other Topics)
In which the lads slam, flip, and flex as they try and decide how they'd fit into the incredibly masculine world of professional wrestling. In an episode rife with bad ideas and even more sacrilege than normal the Peak Geek boys have no-jokes-barred for their most American episode yet. Liam is their supposed 'expert' today, Alex chooses the path less travelled (and more naked), Ash's multiple personalities are getting each other into trouble, and Jez is just having the most fun.
February 24, 2021
The Three Tyrants (And Other Topics)
The boys accidently wander into Narnia, kill Mr Tumnus on sight, and begin the surprisingly quick process of running a Kingdom into the ground. The topic this week is what kind of rulers the podcast boys would make. Needless to say it's not good. Jez gets things off to a bad start with his poorly thought out "Triple King" System, Alex keeps using the Jesus Lion to get out of trouble, and Steven realises very quickly that a Glock will solve most of their problems.
February 17, 2021
What Would They Teach At Magic University?
This week the lads don't get their letters to Hogwarts, order themselves a magic Uber, and show up anyway. While Dumbledore is throwing them in the dungeon they decide to record a podcast asking "What Would They Teach At Magic University?". Jez thinks magic is better than Nintendo, Liam was visited by Lockheart and wishes he didn't remember it, Alex brings up his collection of vintage pornography, and Ash is sick of Hermione being such a friggin nerd.
February 10, 2021
The Fantabulous Factory Adventure
Disaster strikes this week, Jez is missing, the boys are led on a wild chase into the middle of nowhere. There, in the midst of rural England, they discover the peculiar "Podcast Factory" he left behind. Now, with only their special skills; Bigness, Hearing, Sexual Deviancy, and Animal Handling. They set out to save Jez from himself.    You, the audience, get to join the four of them on their unexpected adventure as they battle their way through adversity in order to rescue their beloved Podcast Host. 
February 3, 2021
Star Wars (And Other Topics)
The boys just got back from dive bombing Womp Rats back on Tatooine and decide to swap out their old Power Converters and record a podcast about Star Wars. Jez keeps insisting this is the 'happy positive podcast' about Star Wars, Liam knows too much about Legends, Steven (incorrectly) thinks he's the hero, and Ash is just an angry droid with no friends.
January 27, 2021
What Would Be The Anime of Your Life? (PART 2)
This week podcast is having DEJA VU, and they've been in this place before. Higher on the podcast charts, and they know it's their time to goooo. The Anime of your life part TWO. Jez has seen anime that would mentally cripple a lesser man, Steven is using his gross physique as a weapon in magic football, and Ash has been spouting anime Villain clichés all episode.
January 20, 2021
What Would Be The Anime of Your Life?
The boys strap up their mech suits, pull their transformation poses, and then quietly sit down to record a podcast about anime. This week they discuss what their anime lives would be like. Jez is worried about being a British stereotype, Alex wants to see the T.O.W.I.E anime, and Liam is just the same as normal, but BIG.
January 13, 2021
Is Santa the One Who Should Be on The Naughty List?
The boys are BACK! After slinging their stockings in the fire and destroying their trees in a 'controlled' explosion they gather around the yuletide wreckage and ask themselves: "Is Santa the One Who Should be On the Naughty List?". Steven breaks the rules and attempts to usurp Jez's Intro, Jez is too busy trying to join the Yule Lads, Ash seems to think most murders are justifiable, and Liam just wants to talk about Santa's brutal bathroom trips.
January 6, 2021
How Hard is it to Kill A Kid?
Fresh off a marathon of 80s kids films, the boys successfully force the Government Agency that's tracking their confessions to open up a whole new filing cabinet. This week, they ask the incriminating question: How Hard Is it to Kill A Kid? Liam doesn't trust his own hypothetical children, Jez has pointless opinions about a series of children's books, Alex puts in waaay too much effort faking a marriage, and Ash is... very candid about how easy it would be to ACTUALLY kid a child.
December 23, 2020
High-School (And Other Topics)
This week the lads are pimpled, skinny, and awkward... what do you mean they're like that all the time? The topic is High-School and the boys have traumatic memories, both for them and for their teachers. Jez was the kind of student that causes early retirements, Alex is pitching Disney Channel classics, Liam is taught about the porn parodies of things he loves, and Ash tells us about his long suffering nickname: "Ash".
December 16, 2020
How Would You Steal a Million Dollars?
The boys are replaced this week with their hardened criminal-sonas and plot the perfect heist for stealing 1 Million Dollars with nothing but their own genius. Ash is the getaway driver that cant drive, Jez needs to stop pissing off mob bosses, Liam is worried about the conversion rates, and Alex is definitely the worst criminal in the world.
December 9, 2020
Aliens (And Other Topics)
The boys put on their space suits, see lights in the sky, and do their best to avoid getting probed as they discuss Aliens. Steven is a slut in spirit but not in body, Jez doesn't know if he can get consent from the Rancor, Alex wants some extra appendages, Ash believes the anus is the hallmark of life, and Liam needs to learn more about the table of elements.
December 2, 2020
Planet Of The WHAT? (And Other Topics)
In which the boys crash land on a barren planet and discover it was earth all along, uncover the statue of liberty, and sit in the ashes of civilization asking each other: what animal would do best in a planet of the apes type situation? Alex wants to smoke weed with Pandas, Jez cares more about winning than being funny, Ash exposes Jez’s Komodo Dragon Fake News, and Steven admits to being an octopus... or F***ing one. One of the two.
November 25, 2020
How Would you Save the World?
In which the lads enter the podcast looking to rise to herodom, but ultimately fail because of who they are as people. Leading to a massive digression about Magic Mike that might just get them on Sylvester Stallone's s*** list. Jez is the Super Hero equivalent of a teenager on Xbox Live, Steven won't stop talking about Mathew Mahogany, and Alex has questions about the rules of No Nut November.
November 18, 2020
What Sport Would You Make Extreme?
The lads decide it's time to up the stakes and turn their favourite sports up to eleven. Taking to the field with suggestions on how to bring sports to their perfect form. Ash is so extreme he doesn't show up until half way through, Alex keeps pitching jousting no matter how irrelevant it is, Liam is fascinated by Korfball, and Jez just wants to fix Cricket.
November 11, 2020
Conspiracy Theories (And Other Topics)
In which the frogs are gay, the moon isn't real, and the lads can't separate the facts from the fiction. Discussing the enigmatic world of conspiracy theories. Alex wants to hang out in the amphibious gay bars, Ash just wants to congratulate Alex for being part of the team, and Jez gets... 'creative' when discussing religion. 
November 4, 2020
The House Of Mouse (and Other Topics)
Jez, straight off of some kind of dangerous and unhealthy drug trip, traps the rest of the lads in the podcast for not the first time. Dragging them through the psychedelia world of the Disney Cartoon 'House of Mouse'. Jez is starting to sound like he's losing his mind, Ash is determined to uncover the Mortimer Mouse conspiracy, Liam hate's evil landlords, and Alex is excited to learn more about the movie Dinosaur.
October 28, 2020
Phobias (And Other Topics)
The boys put on their security blankets, close the curtains, and ask each other 'what are you afraid of?' Ash has a friend with an aquatic animosity, Liam is a basic b**** and afraid of spiders, Alex has apparently never heard of a millipede, and Jez wants into the Octagon with the worlds most combat ready primate.
October 21, 2020
What's So Great About Superheroes Anyway?
In which the boys change the rules for making an episode, rag on Hawkeye, and try to figure out just why people need Superheroes. Jez is a Homelander Simp who thinks normal people should just shut up, Steven is the champion of anyone who can't leap tall buildings with a single bound (and straight up delirious), and Ash refuses to just side with whoever is loudest as is tradition. 
October 14, 2020
Video Games (And Other Topics)
In which the lads regress back to those whimsical lads from the late 90s and talk about all the video games they played growing up. In a record 5 man podcast; Jez makes numbers go up, Liam is just plain wrong about FF15, Ash loves crystals, Steven has games so he doesn't need friends, and Alex is just 'Doin everything he can, pretending he's a super-man'. *Guitar Rif*
October 13, 2020
Pirates (And Other Topics)
In which in the lads become salty dogs on the high seas and talk about Pirates. Jez is being ganged up on, Steven wants to live his best Bisexual life, and Alex is still the research slave. 
September 30, 2020
Fantasy (And Other Topics)
In which the boys discuss wizards, books, and the difference between when it's hard and when it's soft. Alex is the official wise wizard of the podcast, Liam's Fantasies involve Henry Cavill, and Ash clearly just wants to escape the podcast and go read Solo Leveling again.
September 16, 2020
The Occult (And Other Topics)
In which the boys discuss the Occult to the best of their abilities but... I'll be honest... mostly just make jokes about a wizard that does unspeakable things. Jez is trying to keep things culturally sensitive, Alex has been the one doing all the research (again), Ash knows a guy in a cult? And Liam is stereotyping vikings. 
September 9, 2020
Unsolved Mysteries (And Other Topics)
In which the lads discuss unsolved mysteries. The boys delve almost surface deep into some of the unsolved mysteries that have entered their radar, and discover that none of them have a future as a detective. Jez isn't sure if he's heard of anything until he has, Ash has all the answers, Alex is bad at research, and Liam enjoys being (narrative) edged.
September 2, 2020
Dinosaurs (and Other Topics)
In which the boys regress to eleven years old and talk about dinosaurs. Steven derails them immediately with his overt attraction to James McAvoy, Alex is afraid of Seagulls, and Jez is the only one who actually wants to come up with any real facts.
August 26, 2020
Bad TV (And Other Topics)
In which the boys discuss their worst experiences with the bottom of the barrel TV. Jez would rather BE dead than watch The Walking Dead, Steven is misrepresented in Dr Who, and Alex has so much to say the lads have to record an epilogue.
August 19, 2020
Unoriginality (And Other Topics)
In which the boys discuss everything in the world they think is unoriginal. Jez, Liam, and Ash have beef with all sorts of your favourite things. Jez is ready to tear his hair out over Dr Who, Liam manages to get things back to Star Wars again, and Ash is way out of his depth because he's never seen anything they want to talk about.
August 12, 2020
Superpowers (And Other Topics)
The lads talk about superpowers, skirt nervously around religion, and argue more aggressively than ever before. Jez is prepared to go to supernatural lengths to be the smartest man in the room, Alex can't see the difference between him and Spider-Man, and Steven is revealed as the mundane maestro known only as 'Explosion Boy'.
August 5, 2020
Bartending (And Other Topics)
The lad discuss just how awful working in hospitality is. Armed with PTSD over their time working bar; Steven, Jez, Ash, and Liam piss and moan for an hour about just how awful the public is. Liam doesn't want to deal with faeces, Steven discovers the legendary Chuck Tingle, Ash worries that he got off lightly, and it would be quicker to list the people Jez doesn't hate.
July 29, 2020
Comics (And Other Topics)
In which the lads continue to be completely incapable of staying on topic. An episode that starts about comics and quickly devolves into angry rants about Jedi. Jez is filled with rage at the Star War, Alex has umbridge with music, Liam doesn't understand how canon works, and Ash is the only one who actually wants to talk about comics. 
July 22, 2020
Murder (And Other Pants) (And Pants Topics) (And Pants)
In which the lads try to talk about murder, but inexplicably talk about pants. Like... a lot. It's a high stakes episode this week as the group inevitably doesn't talk about murder. Ashley is asked if he's ever killed anyone and pleads the fifth, Jez and Alex can't keep the podcast on track to save their lives, and Steven is a lot worse at serial killing than he thinks. Plus, pants, many many pants.
July 15, 2020
Music (And Other Topics)
Jez, Alex, and Ash discuss all things audio. Jez admits to his worrying love of Emo, Alex wants to talk about Viking Metal, and Ash is reminding the world that the Venga-Boys are still around.
July 9, 2020
Bonus Episode (Cuckolded By a Space Alien)
The episode Jez regrets agreeing to. The boys get to hear as he covers the entirety of the literary masterpiece known as John Smalls' Cuckolded By a Space Alien. Strap in.
July 8, 2020
The Universe (And Other Topics)
The boys discuss the etymology of cuckolding, Steven's irrational feelings towards space, and discover literature that blows their minds. Steven has found a new angle for the podcast, Liam wants to talk about Nazis on the moon, and Jez just can't stop thinking about those big donged aliens. 
July 1, 2020
Justice (And Other Topics)
With the untimely deaths of Liam and Ash, Jez and Steven must step up and invite one of their few friends in as a substitute. Alex does an ample job of helping the boys cover the likes of Justice, Batman, and whether or not Jez would sell feet picks. Jez desperately wants to actually get to the topic, Steven is all about the mysterious man Janeface, and Alex just wants to find the well endowed man who robbed the nudest beach.
June 23, 2020
Porn (and Other Topics)
The boys discuss the writing trends of porn, their complete lack of preparation for a project they decided on weeks prior, and Steven investigates a little too thoroughly into Jez's sex life.
June 9, 2020