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Peas In A Pod Storytelling

Peas In A Pod Storytelling

By Paula
Podcast of stories for children and adults using folk tales from around the world, often with humour, thoughtful morals and environmental themes. From the battered treasure chest of life fly stories of frogs and fairies, lions and lullabies; enchanting tales of fools, ferrets and wise old folk. Set in a time before time or just before lunch, Paula’s stories might be set in an old Greek maze, a smelly old sock or the park around your corner. Keep on your toes; characters may jump from one story to the next. Watch out, for they may trick you, tease you, love you or inspire you.
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Dog Tails: A story about bottoms!

Peas In A Pod Storytelling

Dog Tails: A story about bottoms!

Peas In A Pod Storytelling

Storytelling in therapy
Why are stories good for us, what do they do to our brains? What do children understand about the world of stories and how can we leave them into therapy?
May 29, 2021
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Using all the senses to create a sense of safety
March 16, 2020
Dog Tails: A story about bottoms!
This is a story which I've set in Wales about a time long gone. It's got everything - fur, friendship and fandango!
March 16, 2020