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By AnotherKiwiGuy
Just some random dude on the internet, pulling Mobile Linux news together in a quick fire format. A particular focus is given to FOSS projects like Pine64 and Purism, but also reach out to related projects, and shine a light on community posts and cools happenings. Occasional interviews with relevant or important people in the industry.
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PEBKAC S01E04 Mid November Updates!
It's been an interesting couple of weeks, and there have been a few great developments that make this a great industry to follow. Feel free to send in your comments, on the fediverse, or through the website and tell me how you like the show, or what I can do to improve it!. Also, don't forget to tag me directly if you have any news you'd like to include in the show!
November 18, 2021
PEBKAC S01E03 Manjaro ARM Interview
This month we cover some great stuff, but again, due to severe character  limitations, I cant include the complete show notes here.  Please check for the complete notes. In this episode, we get into a ton of stuff, but primary among them is an interview with Dan Johansen of the Manjaro ARM project!
November 01, 2021
PEBKAC S01E02 Mid Month Catchup!
This month we cover some great stuff, but due to severe character limitations, I cant include the complete show notes here.  Please check for the complete notes. In this episode: PinePhone Pro; PineBook Pro; PineNote; PinePhone; PineTime; PostmarketOS; Manjaro ARM; General Mobile Linux; Purism; Framework Laptop; ubports; Nemo Mobile; Privacy - (RTP) Privacy & Tech Tips; WTF
October 16, 2021
PEBKAC S01E01 Mobian Project Interview
This episode was recorded with the intent to release it on the 1st of October, 2021.  It was also intended to be released under the PineTalk banner.  Through a series of unfortunate issues, this Podcast has been delayed, and is now completely standalone - with no direct support from Pine64, or concession from the PineTalk team. Please also note that I harbour no hard feelings toward the PineTalk Team, and I wish them well in their future work. All work carried out to complete and publish this Podcast, has been carried out by me, with no other input from any 3rd party (aside from some re-recording from Arnaud and myself to make adjustments). Links used in researching this episode: Links to Arnauds stuff:
October 01, 2021