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Peer Beyond The Veil

Peer Beyond The Veil

By Mark L. Watson
Join Mark L. Watson as we explore the physical and the metaphysical realms and the threads that join them.
On each episode we delve into the world of the unknown, the occult, the spiritual and the esoteric.
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Parapsychology vs the Supernatural - Randy Liebeck

Peer Beyond The Veil

Parapsychology vs the Supernatural - Randy Liebeck

Peer Beyond The Veil

Explorations in the dark - Paranormal Encounters UK
The county of Lancashire in northern England has a long and varied history of the paranormal and the unusual. An ancient place, wrapped in centuries of toil and warfare. The buildings, many of them as old as time, still stand in places, holding the memories of what has been. A place of witches, spectres, ghostly black dogs, the lady in white and the lady in green. The county, and the neighbouring cities of Manchester and Liverpool, paint a textured canvas of spooky colours, wisps of the unknown and the ancient twist around the stone homes and forgotten factories and mills. Where better to be a ghost hunter? Tonight I am joined by Dan and Lindsay from Paranormal Encounters UK, a leading paranormal investigation team from the area who actively chase down that which many of us hide from. They get themselves into the darkened spaces, the forgotten old buildings. When the door knocks, they knock back. Employing simple techniques, not swamping themselves in tech, not running for running’s sake, they seek to debunk everything first, yet have a wealth of fascinating, terrifying, entirely unexplainable evidence on film. I asked them what led them to chase the darkness and Peer Beyond The Veil
December 7, 2020
Parapsychology vs the Supernatural - Randy Liebeck
When the Society for Psychical Research was founded in London back in 1882, it provided a hub for scientists and scholars of multiple disciplines to meet and study the fields of the paranormal, as it was then quite recently termed. It studied hypnotism, telepathy and spiritualism, and gathered them into what would become known as parapsychology. As study continued, and the disciplines changed and evolved, so too did the understanding of how it all worked. There are, of course, an endless amount of theories and no concrete proof, and whilst the mainstream media circulates numerous shows on ghost hunting and provides its own evidence of spirits, communicating from beyond the grave, sending messages, manifesting as shadows and moving objects, appearing to psychics in visions and communicating beyond the void, it is still widely theorised in scientific circles, even within the fields of parapsychology, that much of what is seen and heard could well be created in, from or with, our own minds. That is not to say of course that it should not be treated as paranormal or supernatural. If our mind truly can project thoughts to such a degree, create visions that are seen by more than merely our own eyes, then that is surely as incredible as any proof of life after death. However, all that said, a true scientific mind will remain open to all possibilities without closing any avenues off. It is perfectly possible that there are many explanations all at play at the same time. It may be that there is a life after death, and a way for the passed to communicate or manifest, but that there is also a yet-undiscovered way for the human brain to project itself onto an external canvas and create from seemingly nothing. It may be that there is life living beyond our planet, and they may indeed be visiting us, but that there are cerebral anomalies that hallucinate things in the sky or patch over gaps in consciousness with images of alien creatures. Our brain, our science, and the massive lack of understanding of both, leave much to be discovered and more questions than answers. That is why we do this, and probably why you’re listening. My guest tonight is research specialist, field investigator and journalist who covers the fields of ghost and poltergeist activity. An ex-Law Enforcement officer, he approaches everything he does with a keen eye for detail and a critical and levelled approach. And, crucially, he is not quick to categorise such experiences as pertaining to ghosts, spirits, or any of the alike. Randy joins us to discuss his work in the field, his study of parapsychology, and how he is just as ready to debunk or to reconsider the evidence, as he is to Peer Beyond The Veil.
November 27, 2020
The Enigma of Consciousness - Micah Hanks
In the mid-19th Century, as paranormal research groups and organisations sprang up across the continent and into the new world, the great library of such study began to amass on the dusty shelves, each ruffled old page taking us one tiny step closer to a perceived truth, a new enlightenment, a greater understanding of what our place is in the world and beyond, and what is truly going on inside the greatest enigma known to mankind, our own minds. As we moved into the twentieth century, our minds were as open to such notions of extra-terrestrial existence, post-mortal existence and telepathic ability as they had ever been. Individuals such as Charles Fort paved the way for the writing of Keel, Barker and Mosely, von Daniken and Vallee. And then, quite recently, the medium changed and ideas were able to be broadcast internationally at the simple push of a button. And so today’s researchers, whilst still writing incredible books, have turned to their own voices and the wonder of the internet to broadcast and to connect with one another in instants. Such is the case with my guest tonight. Described by my fellow paranormal countryman Nick Redfern as “one of those individuals at the forefront of skilfully negotiating the dark waters that will ultimately provide us with the answers we seek”, he has secured his place at the council fire of today’s true greats. With numerous books and, quite incredibly, numerous active podcasts to his name, Micah Hanks joins us tonight to talk about what it is that keeps making him Peer Beyond The Veil.
November 20, 2020
Whispers from beyond - Eve S. Evans
Warning: contains actual EVP recordings. There is much to be discussed about what it is that makes certain people more prone to experiencing the paranormal than others, and it is something that we have indeed touched upon in previous episodes. One thing is certain though, for those whose pathway has been opened to such things, life can be a rollercoaster of weirdness. Shadow figures stand in the corner of rooms, horrible old hags wake you from your sleep, and flickers of communication from wherever arrive to you throughout the day or week like junk mail. It is something that most would say cannot be turned off, and something that should ideally be embraced and not shied from. Regardless, it is often beyond their control or command. My guest tonight has spent her life being visited by the beyond, and has accepted that is now a part of her normality. With a huge array of published books covering topics such as haunted hospitals, haunted hotels and haunted objects and items, and now her very own fascinating podcasts ‘The Ghosts That Haunt Me’, it is our great pleasure to welcome Eve S, Evans to the show to discuss how she has now come to accept the normalcy of being able to Peer Beyond The Veil.
November 13, 2020
Acknowledging the cover-up - Andrew Johnson
The glimpses of the truth, the reality, the secret, that we civilians occasionally stumble onto are kept hidden away at all costs. When information leaks, it is always deliberate. They tell us that there is disclosure, that they are willing to share information, but either it is intentional misinformation or their hands are otherwise forced. What they know, whoever ‘they’ are, is a secret they will, and indeed have, killed to protect. Human collateral damage is immaterial. We’re all dispensable when it comes to the master plan. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted himself that what information we have only scratches the surface of the research and materials that the US government hold. And whilst some nations are more open about their research programs and funding, there is still a huge veil of secrecy draped across government involvement. My guest tonight is trying to lift the lid, rip down the curtain, kick the door off its hinges and expose the cover-up. His books detail not only the great UFO cover-up, but also that of 9/11 and of global warming, amongst others. Far from being a conspiracy theorist as such, Andrew Johnson joins us tonight to talk through his work exposing the lies that we are habitually told. Whilst the governments aim to keep we the people in fear, drip feeding their own agendas into our lives and shaping us how they wish, Andrew implores us to try to Peer Beyond The Veil. Andrew's books can be found here:
November 6, 2020
The Terror of Devil's Den - Terry Lovelace
This world that we all obsess over, this world of paranormal and spiritual and extra-terrestrial research is filled with stories and anecdotes that either verify or nullify our beliefs. Many are hearsay, tales that are passed on from sources unknown, the details around them fluttering and changing like the winds. It is often hard to distinguish what is real and what is merely folklore. Then occasionally a story comes along that is different. A story that smacks you between the eyes, makes you question everything. It validates things you perhaps suspected may be true, but adds more questions to the ever-growing list. My guest tonight brings us his story and it is all of that. A story that begins, as most do, with an innocent event, an unremarkable day, an unsuspecting participant. But one that ends with the world on its head and lives changed irreparably. In an extended Halloween special, we change the format of the show slightly to welcome former Assistant Attorney General Terry Lovelace to the show to tell us the incredibly disturbing tale of what happens when you have no choice but to Peer Beyond The Veil. The full account is available in Terry's book here:
October 30, 2020
Paranormal roads, forests and other hot-spots - Peter McCue
Many of us, perhaps too many, approach the wide-ranging fields of paranormal research with a little too much paranormal and too little research. A huge element of subjective belief and influence goes into it all, and as there is often no scientific explanation to support or validate it, science often falls at the wayside. My guest tonight approaches things a little differently. A clinical psychologist by trade, with a PhD awarded from the University of Glasgow for his work on hypnosis, Peter McCue falls on both sides of the aforementioned fence. A believer that there are indeed a range of strange, unexplained, and by virtue, paranormal things that occur in our world that are yet beyond the reaches of modern scientific explanation, he approaches each case with a well-trained clinical approach. The conclusions he draws have seemingly more weight attached to them as a result. His books, including Paranormal Encounters on Britain’s Roads and Britain’s Paranormal Forests are extensively researched, sources cited in meticulous detail and packed full of the weird and wonderful happenings in our ancient country. It is our great pleasure to welcome Peter to the show to discuss with us a little about what makes us want to Peer Beyond The Veil.
October 25, 2020
Tracking and trailing hidden beasts - Richard Freeman
Scientists discover many new creatures each year, and they’re not all tiny bugs and sea worms, there are big lizards, monkeys and lemurs and sloths, dolphins and rays and species of deer and in 2010 a new species of clouded leopard. All of them existed in our world and we mostly had no idea they were there. Some of these creatures appear to us by chance, they show themselves when we were looking for something different, in places we maybe didn’t expect. Others are searched for more intentionally. Perhaps there existed stories or tales of them from remote villages, or we found traces of evidence from a creature we didn’t yet recognise. Many of them take years and years of painstaking research to finally discover, teams of specialists go into the wild season after season, chasing down leads and reviewing hundreds of thousands of images from trail cameras in the hope of catching a glimpse of the illusive beasts. Not too long ago, a team of specialists knew that Canadian black bears had been coming south, over the border and making homes around the forests of the Pacific North West. Hair and scat was found, very occasionally, but it took the team of highly trained trackers and experts more than five years to actually see them for the first time. Zoological journalist and author Richard Freeman has dedicated his entire life to tracking down some of the more illusive creatures that may, or may not, share the planet with us. As a cryptozoologist, Richard has penned 8 books and holds the role of Zoological Director for the Centre for Fortean Zoology. He has expeditioned to some of the most remote places on the planet in search of cryptids like the Yeti, the Orang Pendek and the Almasty, and made huge strides in his pursuit of the once-presumed extinct Thylacine. Richard joins me tonight to discuss his work and to tell us why we may not have to try that hard to Peer Beyond The Veil.
October 16, 2020
Skinwalking the 37th Parallel - Chuck Zukowski
Most nations of the world have their own paranormal hotspots, sites and locations that seem to attract weirdness, Some are prone to repeated hauntings, places where ghosts and spirits and demons frequent. Others are seemingly home to bigfoots or black cats and dogs. Yet others seem to be highways and byways for the strange things that we see in the skies. In the US, there exist many of the above, but none so seemingly vast as the land which spans the country 37 degrees north of the equator. Known as the 37th Parallel North, or more generally as simply the 37th Parallel, it runs from Chesapeake Bay at the East to Santa Cruz at the west, passing through 12 states on its way. Despite it’s two and a half thousand mile span across the country, it is seemingly a hotspot for all manner of strange, paranormal and extra-terrestrial phenomena, providing a concentration of accounts not known at any other circle of latitude. Natives of the Apache, Navajo, Hopi and Pueblo all tell stories of their people being brought to the Earth along the 37th, and all tell of lights, flying glowing objects and visiting 'star people'. Thousands of cattle have been mutilated in Kansas and Arkansas since the 70s, and further west in New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona they are so frequent that most are no longer even reported. In New Mexico there are tales of giant flying prehistoric birds, walking ape men and chupacabras, portals and vortexes and spirits and even the deep mystery of the fabled Dulce underground base. At the forefront of the investigations into such things is Chuck Zukowski, chasing down the truth to wherever it may lead. From Skinwalker Ranch to Area 51 and every weird woodland and cliffside in between. His skeptical yet innovative approach to his research has earned him the position of Deputy Director for Animal Mutilation Research at MUFON, an organisation he has frequently investigated for. His book with Ben Mezrich on the 37th Parallel spent two months on the New York Times Best Seller list, but it really only scratches the surface of the reports Chuck has gathered, as a huge swathe of the United States will often Peer Beyond The Veil.
October 8, 2020
Life and Death Exposed - Lynda Rae
Most of us are not able to pick up on communications with the deceased. We require the assistance of mediums, folk with the ability to bridge the gap, the spiritual chasm between the living and the dead. Such abilities seem to be hereditary. At the end of it all, when the machine flatlines and the curtain is pulled, we begin a new journey, a new awakening, When we leave the time and space, with all the constraints that it possesses in this world, we move into a place where time and space are not relevant. A week or a year or an eon; perhaps merely the same thing.  No space. No time. Just being. In 2001, psychic-medium and author Lynda Rae was in a coma for eight days, and eventually died. She moved off to a place she regards as Heaven, and was presented with the grand truths of, not only her own existence and self, but that of everyone she could ever have influenced with her own actions. She was shown things, told things, and so realised things that would change the way she viewed reality. Then she returned to her living body to learn those lessons. Author of three books including My Ticket To Heaven, the story of her own near-death experience, renowned psychic medium Lynda Rae joins me tonight to talk about she has done way more than merely Peer Beyond The Veil
October 1, 2020
From ritual to reality - G. Michael Vasey
We have all, at some time, heard the creaking footsteps on the landing at night when we should be asleep, pulled up the duvet, tucked our toes inside and waited, our little hearts beating away in the silence until we finally realise it was just a sibling or a parent and we laugh and return to sleep. But for some, the footsteps outside the bedroom door don’t belong to anybody. At least not anybody that we can see. Those children, many of them, learn to shut it out.  But some show no fear. They untuck their little feet from the warmth of the duvet, step out into the dark and open the bedroom door to the noises beyond. Fear will not rule those people. They are the people whose arms open, whose voices speak into the dark. They are people who begin to look for the answer. Tonight we are joined by Gary Michael Vasey, multi-bestselling author, podcaster, magician and occultist, as we explore the connections between all things weird. His book My Haunted Life, tells the tale of his own upbringing in the tumultuous  world of the paranormal, before he started the Haunted Life series, taking all manner of weird, wonderful, and outright terrifying stories submitted to his MyHauntedLife website and putting them to print. He has since worked on phenomena such as the Black Eyed Children and The Old Hag, whilst steadily becoming a more and more accomplished practitioner of magick, in turn writing many books on the subject. With over forty to his name, and a new podcast The Magical World Of G. Michael Vasey, we are delighted to welcome him to Peer Beyond The Veil. Gary's website is, where you can find details of his work, his books, his music and his new podcast 'The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey' His books are available on Amazon at
September 23, 2020
Tales of the Shadow Chaser - Sean Austin
My guest tonight is psychic-medium, paranormal investigator and researcher, demonologist, tv personality, singer-songwriter and author Sean Austin. Sean’s work on the shows Ghost Loop and the Demon Files merely scrape the surface of his experiences in the field, his ability to communicate with spirits being with him since he was young. He has worked tirelessly to help both the living and the dead, his faith on one shoulder as a guiding light and a guitar hanging around the other. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Sean as he tells us why he has no choice but to Peer Beyond The Veil Sean's Youtube channel is Sean's book 'Shadow Chaser' is available at and you can stay up to date with his work and future publications at
September 16, 2020
Touring the darkness of supernatural Yorkshire - Mike Covell
The counties that make up Yorkshire in the uk are notoriously crowded with some of the weirdest and most unexplainable supernatural phenomena ever recorded.  UFOs fill the skies, ghosts walk the hallways of the ancient towns, and glowing eyes blink in the forests. Documenting it all would take a lifetime. And that lifetime belongs to my guest Mike Covell. A writer and historian on all things Yorkshire, he has steadily delved deeper and deeper into the darkness that shrouds the history of the region. With nearly thirty published books, radio and television credits too long to list though which include Most Haunted, Most Haunted Live and Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff, no one man seems better placed to join us as we try to find out why Yorkshire finds it hard not to Peer Beyond The Veil. Mike's books are available here:
September 8, 2020
Following the synchronicities - Allen Greenfield
Occultist and long-time author Allen H. Greenfield has been one of the key players in his field for many decades. His first published work was the introduction to Silver Bridge by the great Gray Barker, an old friend, colleague and drinking partner of Greenfield’s, and somebody of whom many great stories can, and will, be told. His work The Secret Cipher Of The Ufonauts, which forms the basis for the treasure hunt that is the documentary Hellier, underpins our very existence with all manner of strange beings, from this world and others, and has served to many as a go-to reference point for confirming the synchronicities encountered throughout their research. A past member of the Society For Psychical Research and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, and twice voted Ufologist of the Year at the National UFO Conference, Allen joins us tonight to explain how he has dedicated his life to trying to Peer Beyond The Veil
September 2, 2020
On patrol with The Alien Hunter - Derrel Sims
More than forty years ago, Derrel Sims had his first encounter with an entity from beyond our existence.  Left eternally changed by the encounter, and by subsequent encounters, he set about changing his role from that of the hunted, to that of the hunter. He spent three decades equipping himself, mentally, intellectually, to set about being the first to discover what our role truly is in this cosmic game, this experiment we seem to be unwitting participants in.  With a career as a military police officer, a CIA operative and private investigator, a researcher and international speaker, and eventually a writer and tv personality, it is with huge pleasure that we welcome The Alien Hunter himself, Derrel Sims, to tell us in his own, terrifyingly truthful way, exactly what happens when you Peer Beyond The Veil. Derrel's work can be followed at and his books can be bought from Amazon at
August 28, 2020
Experimenting with the paranormal - Penny Griffiths-Morgan
Tonight we speak with author, presenter, historian and paranormal investigator Penny Griffiths-Morgan. Penny has long been involved in investigating what hides in the dark, having had her own experiences since she was a young girl. She has investigated all the hotspots that the UK can boast, and has written books on many of them. Her work with Haunted Histories has led her to her own podcast and quite the list of contacts and guests. Penny tells us all about her book My Haunted History, and her new release A Haunted Experiment, wherein she tests some of the experiments that are conducted on ghost hunts, and tells us all about the fascinating results. You can follow Penny at or by searching on Facebook and Twitter too. Her books on sale at Amazon at
August 24, 2020