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Pen My Love: Sofa Sessions

Pen My Love: Sofa Sessions

By Pen My Love
Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we navigate every season of life with faith, family and friends.
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Grace for Your Season
Whatever season you are about to walk into, grace is waiting for you there. Whatever season you turn the page on…you will be able to look back and see—grace upon grace was guiding your every step. Whatever season you find yourself in, right now in this very moment—grace is surrounding you here. His grace empowers us to become all He has created us to be. On our FINAL EPISODE of “Sofa Session Season 1” we are wrapping it up with a conversation you don’t want to miss.
December 13, 2021
Dismantling Comparison
In this weeks episode, we are going to discuss how important it is for us to walk in our divine identity. How comparison can rob us of walking in our destiny, and God-ordained assignment! We must be willing to dismantle comparison in our lives so that we can excel in everything God has designed us to. 
December 06, 2021
Maintaining Healthy Habits
Sometimes it’s hard to identify our daily habits because they simply become a part of our everyday routines! Habits can be easy to form, but hard to break. In this episode, we are talking about the value and necessity of maintaining healthy habits! How do you get out of survival mode, and into a healthy life of thriving? You can start anywhere, but the most important thing is that you start! Evaluate your current daily habits (or lack thereof), and begin to instill life-giving routines.
November 29, 2021
Finding Your Rhythm
Spinning plates and striving for balance will leave you fatigued, burned out, and on the verge of sheer overwhelm. But what if we told you, all you have to do is simply “find your rhythm.” We know life is crazy, and that busyness tends to be constantly glorified in our modern world…but God honors rest. He created it! And He desires that you live a life that is full of purpose, and intentionality. Join us for today's conversation, about finding your life’s rhythm in the midst of the madness. 
November 22, 2021
Relationship Real Talk - Part 2 - Romance
In this episode, we are uncovering some fundamental truths and common pitfalls, in the area of our romantic relationships. Although we are speaking from our personal seasons of marriage, these lessons and truths will transcend to even our single, dating, and engagement gals! So grab your beverage of choice, find a cozy spot, and hit play!
November 15, 2021
Relationship Real Talk - Part 1 - Friendships
This week we are diving deep into the multi-layered aspect of “friendships.” From discovering our strengths and weaknesses, to unearthing the everyday struggle of maintaining and growing in relationship…we discover that we truly need each other. With every season comes it’s challenges, yet fighting to stay vulnerable and prioritize those given by God—is so worth it.
November 08, 2021