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Nourish your child with ease

Nourish your child with ease

By Nutrition 2 Nourish & Flourish
Nourish your child with ease is about learning to confidently nourish your child from weaning to adulthood in order to help them flourish. This can be through better nutrition, overcoming fussy eating and other children's nutrition issues.

Join me, Penelope Henderson (Registered Nutritionist) on giving straightforward nutrition advice, tips and strategies to make eating become enjoyable and easy. Let me help take away that stress and enjoy raising a happy and healthy eater.
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Fussy eater lunch box ideas for kids

Nourish your child with ease

Fussy eater lunch box ideas for kids
This episode explores what to put into a packed lunch for a balanced lunch,  what can I pack for kids instead of sandwiches, some cold lunch ideas, healthy swaps and some great tips on how to make lunch boxes easier for kids to enjoy. For a free guide on 20 superfoods for kids:
September 14, 2022
Picnic finger foods for kids: 30 quick and nutritious ideas
Picnics are always more exciting for kids than sitting at a table. Being outdoors or being somewhere new makes it all seem more exciting and in a relaxed mood for enjoying food. Picnic finger foods are a great way to huddle together on a picnic blanket or towel and share the experience of eating together. However if you find you’re fed up with just eating the same picnic foods and your looking for quick and nutritious ideas then these picnic finger foods for kids and the whole family are just the ticket. Find out more... P.S If you have a fussy eater, find meal times difficul and want to make sure your child is getting the right nutrition then you might want to check out my free guide: 20 must have superfoods for kids. Check it out here:
August 17, 2022
Spoon fed or baby led: Which should i choose for my baby?
You might be wondering if one method is better for your baby than the other, is one easier to do than the other, can you be spoon fed as well as baby-led? This episode will help answer these questions so you can make your own mind up on which is best for you and your baby. Read in full here:
July 20, 2022
When should I be concerned about a fussy eater?
This episode explores the differences between a fussy eater and problem feeder. It also discusses some different types of problem feeding.  It offers a free checklist to see if your child is a fussy eater or problem feeder. Get it here: It also looks at what to do if you're concerned about your child's eating and food ideas for fussy eaters.
June 22, 2022
Crunchy snacks that are healthy and appeal to fussy eaters
Most of our kids, well certainly mine do love crunchy snacks. In fact one of mine would live off crackers if he could!  The most popular ones are the beige kind like breadsticks, crisps & crackers. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these foods, as all food is good food. It’s a good opportunity to work with this knowledge of knowing that if your child prefers crunchy foods then you can find others that are healthy and add to their range of foods. This will also ensure a more balanced snack.  This podcast episode will talk about why kids prefer crunchy snacks and how to balance them to make healthy snacks along with some sweet and savoury crunchy snack ideas & recipes. 
May 25, 2022
Is my toddler constipated and what are the best foods to help relieve them?
Constipation is a common complaint and worry for parents. When toilet training begins around 2- 3 years (toddler years) problems can begin for a number of reasons. However it can occur at any age. The good news is that there are lots of ways to help relieve a constipated toddler. For most children it is ensuring they are getting enough fluid into them alongside more fibre in the diet. In this podcast I will talk about the requirements for fluid intake and the best foods in each food group to help relieve constipation. There are also some other tips related to other causes.
April 27, 2022
Ways to get your child to drink more water
Getting children to drink enough is a big issue and a common one, especially when they are young. Mine often say they are not thirsty when I ask them to get a drink. If you struggle to get your child to drink more then there are lots of ways to encourage them to drink. Here I will give you 11 tricks to try and help your child get enough water throughout the day. This will ensure they stay hydrated and help prevent problems like constipation and UTI’s.
March 16, 2022
11 transformative phrases to banish fussy eating for good
Trying to get a fussy eating child to eat well is often an almighty and stressful struggle. What you say to them and how you say it can have such an enormous impact on whether they will eat and the relationship they form around foods. We can have a great influence on our children just by the way we talk to them around foods, responding to fullness, empowering them and educating them. In this episode I will share with you 11 transformative phrases that every parent should try to banish fussy eating for good.
February 09, 2022