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Penuel Church Podcast

Penuel Church Podcast

By Penuel Church
There is nothing better than coffee and the Bible. Join us each week as we sip coffee and continue the conversation from our Sunday morning message. You will be encouraged and challenged to live your best life for Jesus.
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Come and Go with Me
Think about the thrill of counting down the days to your vacation.  Now imagine yourself going on that trip to a place that has no regrets, no pain, a place where you live forever.  Did you know that, as a Jesus follower, you are an invitation to your loved ones, friends, and family to go on this very trip with you? Pastors Daniel and Daniel discuss the importance of sharing the Good News.
July 21, 2021
Wow! That's Scary
One common fear is the fear of man. This fear can make us stand still when we should act and silence us when we should speak.  “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe” (Proverbs 29:25). Join Pastors Daniel and Daniel as they look at two Bible heroes who were heroes of the faith but had a fear of man.
July 14, 2021
Just do it afraid.
In this episode Pastors Daniel and Daniel discuss a hurdle that keeps many from whole-heartedly committing themselves to Christ.  What is it?  You'll have to listen to find out.  We pray you are encouraged and challenged in your walk with Jesus.
June 30, 2021
I'm a Christian. Why do I still face difficult times?
Difficult times in life are guaranteed.  Just ask Jesus, Peter, and James.  There are even some storms in our life that Jesus has pushed us into.  The question is why?  Why do we have storms?  Why are we pushed in them? Listen in as we answer some of your questions. 
June 23, 2021
Name that tune
In this episode Pastors, Daniel and Daniel discuss two very different topics.  The first is the gift of spiritual songs.  The second, one of the challenges we face as Christians.  We pray this podcast will encourage you and strengthen you in your walk with Jesus.
June 9, 2021
Finding your heartsong
Why is it that the Bible can be difficult to read?  This week Pastors Daniel and Daniel discuss why we don't naturally love the Bible and how to fall in love with God's Word.
June 2, 2021
The Father's Misunderstood Gift
Jesus promised us a gift from the Father that many will not accept because it's misunderstood.  Today Pastors Daniel and Daniel talk about what this gift is and is not.  We pray this episode encourages and challenges you in your walk with Jesus.
May 26, 2021
Is your kitchen dirty?
Hamburgers, kitchens, and sanctification.  What is the common thread?  Listen in as Pastors Daniel and Daniel discuss the importance of being ready to receive tomorrow's customers (visitors) to your church.
May 19, 2021
A lost gift from God
There is a gift God has given us that is a sign between us and him.  This gift is dear to God's heart.  We either miss the point of it by totally ignoring it or we misunderstand it and add to it like the Pharisees.  Listen in as this week's episode challenges you in your walk with Jesus.
May 12, 2021
What are you building?
When working for Jesus joy always fills us and drives us.  In this episode, Pastors Daniel and Daniel discuss building the Kingdom.  We pray this podcast challenges you in your walk with Jesus.
April 28, 2021
More than just puppy love.
Pastors Daniel and Daniel discuss why it can be difficult to go to God for more than our needs.  We pray this podcast challenges you in your walk with Jesus.
April 21, 2021