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People & Capital by Allynity

People & Capital by Allynity

By Anastasia Rivodeaux
We interview successful investors, IRs, deal makers, and entrepreneurs who made an impact on the venture industry.


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"What if it's too early?" New Leaders | Investors: Julian Zegelman & Anastasia Green feat. Workly

People & Capital by Allynity

1. How to do 70 pitches to close $3M | Interview with Maya Dadoo | The Monarkas
1:30 Maya Dadoo, Worky Background   2:36 Graduating from Stanford, working at eBay 8:18 Finding first investors 22:30 Fundraising advice from Maya   24:15 Series A round for Worky   26:39 Advice for entrepreneurs from emerging markets
January 31, 2022
How to get in front of the Family Office | Brian Patrick Cork
I had the privilege to chat with Brian Patrick Cork - Business and Executive Coach, single-Family Office Intermediary, Authority on Sustainability, Shared Values, and Organization Dynamics, Investor.    In this interview, you will find:    01:30 - Intro to Brian Cork Background 04:37 - How to grow through listening   05:59 - What verticals single-family offices are investing in   10:00 - How Family offices deploy capital, what they are looking for 15:30 - How to position yourself to be attractive for single-family offices   17:01 - How your deal will be evaluated   23:10 - How to get in front of Brian Cork   27:30 - How to raise capital through building relationship   30:00 - How not to lose an opportunity on an investor call 33:40 - Do not pitch - build a relationship 35:40 - Advice from Brian Patrick Cork 🦄To apply for Get Funded Sprint go to:
September 28, 2021
How to Organize Fundraising Campaign in 3 Steps
One of the most common problems I see our clients come to us with is organizing successful fundraising campaigns. There is a lot that comes into play for it to happen, but in this episode of Get Funded Show, I want to reveal the operational framework that you can use to raise capital for your venture in a more efficient way.  I will cover 3 elements that will set you up for success.    👍 To apply for Get Funded Sprint
September 23, 2021
Should startups consider M&A in 2020 | Panel Discussion at M&A2020
Join us for an insightful panel discussion between seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and M&A professionals. Our panelists include Nick Davidov from Gagarin Capital, Jinal Jhaveri from Runa Capital, Ehudah Velkovich, Serge Jonnaert from Corum Group, Jeffery Potvin from Supporters Fund, and Graham Curme from Hypofusion, moderated by Anastasia Green.   - What is the most important trend that you see is happening right now in the Startup - VC world?   - If you would have a conversation with the startup founder preparing for M&A, which 1 piece of advice would you give them?   - What's the worst the most disastrous M&A story that you came across in your career?   - Give us your bravest prediction of what will we speak about if this conference would be in 2025?   👉Subscribe to a monthly Giftletter: 👉Book giveaways on Instagram: 👉Free resources for founders:
May 06, 2020
"What if it's too early?" New Leaders | Investors: Julian Zegelman & Anastasia Green feat. Workly
How do you respond to investors when they say it's too early? How to make your Team slide look like a piece of cake? How to follow up with an investor and so much more will be answered by Julian Zegelman in the first episode of the New Leaders Show Investors Edition. Julian addresses questions that otherwise will be lost in polite "No, thank you" response by VC.    To be featured in the next show send your blurb and pitch deck to    👉Book giveaways on Instagram: 👉 Subscribe to a monthly Giftletter:👉Free resources for founders:
February 10, 2020
How to innovate in sportswear? 5 trends from Adidas Ventures
5 incredible things I learned from the interview with Adidas Ventures: As media and environmental activists are screaming daily about global warming and pollution Adidas has put Sustainability in the center of its innovation strategy. They are developing new eco-friendly materials, reducing waste that comes from apparel and actively investing in technologies that can bring them to a 100% sustainable future. Let's connect: IG - Fb - Li - Subscribe to a monthly newsletter
November 26, 2019
CVC Series: How Adidas Ventures is Driving Innovation to the Sportswear Industry
We interviewed Milos Ribic, Director at Adidas Ventures. Being on the frontline of innovation, Adidas launching shoes into space, introducing recyclable materials, and so much more. We asked Milos about trends and challenges of the sportswear industry, opportunities for the startups, and where Adidas will be in 30 years. Questions covered in the podcast:  How the startup can approach the Adidas Ventures ecosystem?  If the startup is doing product innovation, where should they go?  What about digital solutions? Where do I go If I've built the most engaging app for Generation Z? What are you looking for in startups? What's in it for startups? Do startups get a chance to bring the product to the consumer faster? The nature of your work as a Corporate VC: what are the success criteria, and what are the biggest challenges? What are the technologies looking like the most promising in the sports industry? Do you see any development of digital goods for sports brands? What is the most radical innovation you've stumbled upon recently in your industry that you think will work? If you would give, let's say 20-30-year shot, what do you think the company will stand for? To read the full interview go to Koalition Blog Check out my Youtube channel to find more videos about tech and global trends. 
November 18, 2019
How to build a mission driven-company in 6 steps
If you want to build the company that survives crises and attracts the best people on the market to come and work for you, you absolutely must to become a mission-driven company!   In this video, I will break it down for you and give you some useful tips on how to implement mission in your new or current venture.    Let's connect:   IG -  Fb -  Li -   Subscribe to a monthly newsletter
May 07, 2019
3 Leadership Skills You Absolutely Must Have
There are skills that every leader have to master. In this video, I'm covering 3 absolutely critical skills evert leader must acquire.  Also, I'm giving away 3 gifts. Comment below your leadership goals for 2019 and 3 of you will win 1-hour strategic session that will help you to find roadblocks and create step by step roadmap to achieve them.  Let's connect:  IG - Fb - Li - Subscribe to a monthly newsletter
April 21, 2019
How to be the leader for the Generation Z
Hi guys! Welcome back to my podcast! In todays episode of New Leaders Show we will talk about GENERATION Z, how are they different and how to become a great leader for them! So if you are interested, please stay tuned and give this podcast a 👍 📹 Watch full video and subscribe to my Youtube channel 🥰 CONNECT WITH ME:
April 01, 2019
5 Empowering Technologies of 2019 - How to change the world for good
Hey guys, in today's episode of New Leaders Show we will talk about how major companies are empowering their customers to have better quality lives while still being extremely successful.  And how YOU can apply these principles to your business to have a positive impact on the world.  CONNECT WITH ME:
March 18, 2019