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[63] | 'fifa reigns in europe, uk's gaming study, free trials, & le squad's favorite game mechanics'

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Solo & Lilo host this informative and humorous take on the week in video games, esports, and gaming industry news.

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[78] |‘Belgium loots Nintendo mobile, TTfue ssues FAZE, & le squad's PS5 speculations’
for the week of May 22, SOLO & LILO take a look at: [quick scope |] - [1] netease inks deals with Marvel & Pokemon, [2] Nintendo pulls it's mobile games with loot boxes from Belgium [3] Valve charges to avoid toxic players, [4] top streamers getting paid, [5] & Riot establishes collegiate governing body for league. [solo's something or another |] – Ttfue sues Faze over contract. [rumor mill |] – twisted metal tv, george RR Gaming, & Optic acquired? [final lap |] - le squad speculate on released details of Sony's PS5.
May 22, 2019
[77] | ‘rumor mill rebuts, supreme court yeets apple, & speculations on nintendo x cloud gaming’
as per usual Solo & Lilo cover the most important & interesting stories in the industry. for the week of May 15, we take a look at: [quick scope | 8:02] - [1] ESA chooses it new CEO, [2] Microsoft releases Game Stack for developers, [3] God of War Documentary ‘Raising Kratos’ released, [4] Nintendo president speaks on expectations of Switch China release, [5] & more. [solo's something or another | 32:11] – the US Supreme Court yeets Apple with App Store ruling. [rumor mill | 40:12] – new Poke mobile, modern warfare 5, splinter cell & Netflix gaming. [final lap | 45:31] - le squad speculate on whether Nintendo should focus on cloud gaming
May 15, 2019
[76] | 'le squad returns, a week in review, & psyonix goes Epic'
as per usual Solo & Lilo cover the most important & interesting stories in the industry. for the week of May 8, we take a look at: [quick scope | 5:54]  - [1] xbox braille controller patents, [2] 5 Call of Duty league teams announced, [3] Riot walk-outs & forced arbitration clauses, [4] Nintendo eshop v. backdoor code editors, [5] & more. [solo's something or another | 29:11] - Starcitizen development continues to flail [lilo’s game spotlight | 32:58] - Tabletop Gods by Ghost Fish Games & Other Ocean Games [final lap | 38:19] - le squad speculate on the impact of Epic Games purchase of Psyonix & Rocket League
May 8, 2019
[75] | 'gaming on social development, in praise of Gunpei Yokoi, & China don't play games'
in EP. 75, SOLO & LILO as usual cover the week's top gaming stories. for april 24, we take a look at: [quick scope] - [1] epic games developers detail perpetual crunch with Fortnite, [2] Able Gamers x accessibility, [3] Nintendo partners with tecent & officially plans to launch Switch in china, [4] European esports federation is formed by 12 countries, [5] & more. [solo's something or another] - with the 30th anniversary of the original Gameboy, solo reflects on the importance of Gunpei Yokoi & lateral thinking with withered technology [final lap] - le squad speculate on the impact of China’s new gaming legislation
April 24, 2019
[74] | 'apex declines, game spotlight strikes back, & le squad speculate on PS5'
in EP. 74, SOLO & LILO cover the week's top gaming stories. for april 17, we take a look at: [quick scope] - [1] google stadia has a lot of questions to answer about its service, [2] gamestop tries a money-back guarantee program, [3] disc-less xbox one price & release date revealed, [4] nintendo doesn't want you to brew at home on youtube, [5] & rocket league pulls loot boxes in belgium [solo's something or another] - sony patents VR spectatorship technology [lilo's game spotlight] - jedi fallen order by respawn entertainment [final lap] - le squad speculate on the information released on the ps5
April 17, 2019
[73] | 'xbox making moves, introducing Lilo's Lab, & talking accessibility'
in EP. 73, SOLO & LILO cover the week's top gaming stories. for APRIL 10, we take a look at: [quick scope] [1] google play store ratings whoopsie daisy, [2] atari box specs are not..awful, [3] tencent launches wegameX beta streaming platform internationally, [4] halo: infinite potentially the most expensive game ever created?, [5] & microsoft unveils new game pass/live bundled subscription! [Lilo's Lab] x| input lag [final lap] x| talking accessibility in gaming & how to define it
April 10, 2019
[72] | 'PLG present A Soiree DU Gaming & le funcast'
in EP. 72, SOLO & LILO cover the week's top gaming stories. for april 4, we take a look at: [quick scope] [1] borderlands 3 is announced & will be an epic games store exclusive for 6 months, [2] kotaku’s Jason Schrier presses bioware over anthem development, [3] nintendo partners with amazon to give free online subscriptions, [4] valve index to be released this June, [5] & more! [PLG present a soiree DU gaming] x| the good ol’ folks present A Soiree Du Gaming [a gaming community night] on May 3 @Launchpad Huntington
April 4, 2019
[71] | 'apple likes games, valve bets on gambling, & le squad review Significant Zero'
in EP. 71, SOLO & LILO cover the week's top gaming stories. for march 27, we take a look at: [quick scope] [1] sports watchers traumatized to learn OW airs on abc, [2] sony decides to pull digital codes from physical retailers, [3] Nintendo shares go up on talks of two new switch models, [4] valve bets on gambling & introduces soft currency betting in dota2, [5] & more! [le PLG BOOK REVIEW chapter 3] x | Significant Zero by Walt Williams
March 27, 2019
[70] | 'streaming heats up, le squad reviews KH3, & google Stadia'
in EP. 70, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for march 20 we take a look at: quick scope | [1] nvidia geforce goes global, [2] social impact games fund launched, [3] epic responds to steam datamining claims, [4] LucasArts to bring back its gaming decision, [5] snapchat wants to get into gaming (hint: its a bad idea), [7] call of duty mobile , & more. le PLG game review | [x] le squad finally offer up their review and opinions on Kingdom Hearts 3 final lap | [x] le squad analyze google's streaming platform 'Stadia' & speculate on how it'll be implemented moving forward
March 21, 2019
[69] | 'pokemon dough, mobile esports, rumor mill returns, & speculations of an arry potter nature'
in EP. 69, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for march 13, we take a look at: [quick scope] | [1] pokemon go keeps raking dough, [2] halo masterchief collection coming to pc, [3] google console controller design leaked, [4] esl x att mobile esports league, [5] game developers design rules, [6] streaming content exclusivity, [7] playstation remote arrives on iOS, [8] owl viewership gains, & [9] more! [rumor mill] | [x] ps5 delayed, a disc-less xbox, & smash ultimate stage builder [solo’s something or another] | [x] epic games introduces 'undo' button for purchases [plg game spotlight / final lap] | [x] speculating on what to expect from niantic's harry potter: wizards unite
March 13, 2019
[68] | ‘microsoft x plg, dough in esports, tencent streaming, & where more nintendo ports at?'
in EP. 68, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for march 6, we take a look at: [quick scope] | [1] super league gaming debuts poorly on Wall St, [2] anthem is killing ps4s, [3] liquid founder on $ in esports, [4] tencent unveils new game streaming service, [5] twitch’s evolution since 14’, [6] POC in play, [7] xbox head phil spencer on gaming business models, [8] Chiquita Evans becomes the first woman drafted in the NBA 2k league, & [9] more! [solo’s something or another] | [x] local man sues Epic Games over llamas [lilo’s game spotlight] | [x] how much it would cost to build a PC as powerful as a console [final lap] | [x] the junto decide to chat about Nintendo ports & why there aren’t any Gameboy games on the Switch
March 6, 2019
[67] | 'cod league franchises, top heavy twitch, lawsuits galore, & speculations on google gaming'
in EP. 67, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for february 20, we take a look at: [quick scope] | [1] epic games sues fortnite festival creators, [2] call of duty league turns to franchising, [3] tencent introduces streaming rules in china, [4] esl rebrands itself, [5] nintendo switch emulator exists for the android, [6] niantic facing a class-action lawsuit, [7] sony to focus on multiplayer with the ps5, [8] twitch dough proves top heavy, & [9] more! [down the rabbit hole with solo] | [x] on datamining [besus game spotlight] | [x] besus joins the show for the first time to discuss Jump Force [final lap] | [x] the junto speculate on what to expect from the Google games streaming service set to be revealed at GDC in March
February 20, 2019
[66] | 'activ/blizz layoffs, gaming taxes, unity thinks public, & sony hubris x best comebacks’
in EP. 66, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for february 13, we take a look at: [quick scope] | [1] apex legends exponential growth, [2] square enix registers ‘parasite eve’ tm, [3] blocking move in LoL causes controversy, [4] fifa 19 removes ronaldo from its cover, [5] steam chart wishlist analysis, [6] pennsylvania bill pushes to tax violent video games, [7] take-two wins gtaV mod lawsuit judgment, [8] overwatch league starts this week, & [9] more! [solo’s something or another] | [x] blizzard-activision lays off almost 8% of its staff [lilo’s game spotlight] | [x] five games to look forward to in february [final lap] | [x] the junto decide to split up the final lap this week, with the first half focused on sony’s aversion to cloud, & in the second half, our greatest gaming comebacks
February 13, 2019
[65] | 'SMASH 2 SMASH, surprise releases, twitch subscriptions, & a nintendo x microsoft marriage?’
in EP. 65, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for february 6, we take a look at: [quick scope] | [1] new consoles try to hit the market, [2] kingdom hearts 3 sells five mil in week one, [3] wii shop channel closes, [4] microsoft rebrands its game studios, [5] cd projekt red to pay witcher author more, [6] twitch all access features for owl season 2, [7] sony punting on cloud even as ps4 sales slow down, [8] smash smashing sales records, & [9] more! [solo’s something or another] | [x] nintendo removes keywords from smash code to prevent dataminers from leaking dlc characters [lilo’s game spotlight] | [x] apex legends by respawn entertainment [final lap] | [x] with xbox live set to be available on the nintendo switch, the junto come together & ask, wtf mate?
February 6, 2019
[64] | ‘farming simulator esports(y tho), belgium regulators style on ea, & an inaugural thank you’
in EP. 64, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for January 30, we take a look at: ___ [quick scope] | [1] overwatch decides to cut prices in half, [2] new PUBG companion app lets you find out if you killed a streamer, [3] apparently there’s a farming simulator esports league coming, [4] twitch backs down on advertising streamers on streamers channels, [5] nvidia shares tank following earning reports, [6] h1z1 league’s utter failure persists, [7] metro exodus chooses to release exclusively on the epic games store, & [8] more! [solo’s something or another] | [x] EA finally bows down to Belgium’s loot box regulation decree as it decides to remove FIFA points from its offerings in the country [lilo’s game spotlight] | [x] an attempt to make sense of the Kingdom Hearts story thus far [final lap] | [x] a few moments to say thank you to everyone who came out to the inaugural winter smash
January 30, 2019
[63] | 'fifa reigns in europe, uk's gaming study, free trials, & le squad's favorite game mechanics'
in EP. 63, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for January 23, we take a look at: [quick scope] | [1] heroes of the storm player lawsuits [2] fifa 19 is the highest selling game in europe [3] nintendo reiterates position on mobile gaming as a pillar, [4] westworld mobile game closes following bethesda lawsuit, [5] china begins approving games – just not tencent & netease, [6] realm royale set to debut on ps4 & xbox, [7] uk parliament asks to hear from gamers & devs on ‘addictive technologies’ , & [8] more! [solo’s something or another] | [x] unsealed court documents show how Facebook dealt with returns for underage gamers [lilo’s game rant] | [x] cod black ops free trial offers a less than ideal experience [final lap] | [x] what are some of of your favorite game mechanics of the past five years, & in gaming as a whole
January 24, 2019
[62] | 'tabletop grows, amazon thinks cloud gaming, forza’s legal fears, & activision x bungie’
in EP. 62, SOLO & LILO as always cover the week's top gaming stories. for January 16, we take a look at: [quick scope] | [1] tabletop games continue to grow in popularity, [2] nintendo switch datamine reveals new SNES games & more [3] valve overhauls its game discovery algorithm, [4] optic gaming drops its fortnite esports team, [5] youtube comments on video monetization & profanity, [6] amazon & Verizon both working on a ‘netflix for games’, [7] puma joins esports, & [8] more! [solo’s something or another] | [x] Horizon 4 remove ‘carlton’ & ‘the floss’ dance emojis from their game which paints an ominous picture for epic’s chances in its legal cases. [lilo’s game spotlight] | [x] echo combat by ready at dawn studios [final lap] | [x] what are some of the consequences of the activision & bungie split, & what which direction do the future of both companies point?
January 16, 2019
[61] | 'we back, we back, we back & a little something new from le squad'
in EP. 61, SOLO & LILO return after a prolonged sabbatical for the launch of SEASON 3. [quick scope] | (1) top ten worst games of 2018 on metacritic, (2) japan makes modding illegal, (3) nintendo switch becoming board game heaven, (4) old school runescape hits five million downloads, (5) the FCC & accessibility in gaming, (6)fortnite sees huge boost in mobile revenue, (7) black ops 4 micotransactions still suck, & (8) more! [SOLO's something or another] | (-) Super League Gaming wants to IPO. y tho? [LILO's game spotlight] | (-) brawlstars by supercell [final lap] | (-) le squad fill you in on what's new to come for season three & we PLG team officially launches their first event, "The Inaugural Winter Smash"
January 9, 2019
[60] | 'Issa FIN de Season 2 of People Like Games'
IN EP. 60, Solo & Lilo celebrate the finale of Season 2 in a slightly different way than listeners are accustomed to. Come join the squad for the week of November 28 as: [x] le Squad reminisce on some of the favorite moments, new stories, personal highlights of the past 30 episodes, Solo's favorite rant, Lilo's favorite Game Spotlight. & then, the Final Lap finds the squad speculating on things of a future Nature, particularly what to expect from People Like Games in the upcoming Third Season (Coming in December!).
November 28, 2018
[59] | 'H1Z1 Pro League fails, UN teams with Niantic, Halo Esports Future, & What's da move Sony?'
IN EP. 59, SOLO & LILO cover the week's top gaming stories for the penultimate season finale. For the week of November 21, we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - (x) [1] le Squad discuss Padalins & Warframe on Nintendo Switch [2] Warframe drives Twitch viewership with in-game prizes, [3] Hi-Rez Studio games all gaining cross-play this week, [4] Riot rebrands the EU LCS, [5] ‘Artifact’s’ questionable monetization system comes under fire, [6] H1Z1 Pro League shutters under financial concerns, [7] PUBG declares the results of its ‘FIX PUBG’ campaign, [8] Stardew Valley mobile hits a millie, & [9] more! | a solo RANT | - (x) [-] Donald Faison joins the battle against Fortnite hip hop appropriation | lilo’s GAME SPOTLIGHT | - (x) [-] Final Fantasy Mobile | FINAL LAP | - (x) [-] le Squad discusses what Sony might have planned for the future of Playstation following their decision to skip E3.
November 21, 2018
[58] | 'Sony's Video Game Tax, Game Award Talk, Crackdown’s Cloud, & Companion Apps be the Future'
IN EP. 58, SOLO & LILO, bring back the original format as they cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of November 14, we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - (x) [1] le Squad pay their respects to Stan Lee, [2] Sony agrees to start paying a digital sales tax in Chicago, [3] Xbox keyboard & mouse support goes live, [4] Nintendo reaches a judgment in its case against ROM sites, [5] Crackdown 3 Cloud driven multiplayer is revealed, [6] PS Classic uses an open emulator, [7] NBPA agrees to help athletes become streaming stars, & [8] le squad parse through Game Award Nominees! | solo’s SOMETHING OR ANOTHER | - (x) [-] Brian Schmidt discusses designing the original Xbox console start up sound | lilo’s GAME SPOTLIGHT | - (x) [-] GLOOMHAVEN by Cephalofair Games | FINAL LAP | - (x) [-] le Squad discusses how mobile companion apps are the future of mobile and gaming integration
November 14, 2018
[57] | 'China's Gaming Paradox, Black Ops 4's Battlefront 2 Impression, & le Squad chat Red Dead 2'
IN EP. 57, SOLO & LILO cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of November 7, we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - (x) [1] Mario Segale, namesake of Super Mario series passes away [2] Lilo gives a recap of BlizzCon 2018, [3] Niantic releases Pokemon Go Adventure Sync [4] Rainbow Six Siege tries to create a single global version of its game [5] Tencent looks to fully adopt an ID system across all its games [6] Discord acquires Blitz esports, [7] PUBG is arriving on PS4, & [8] more! | le Squad RANT | - (x) [-] On Black Ops 4’s Battlefront 2 Impression | le Squad GAME SPOTLIGHT | - (x) [-] le Squad discuss initial Red Dead Redemption 2 reactions
November 7, 2018
[56] | 'Epic's Billie, Twitch Squads, a Zelda TV show, & de PLG Book Review Ch. 2: Console Wars'
IN EP. 56, Solo & Lilo bring back the PLG Book Review for Chapter 2, & as always cover the week's top gaming stories. For HALLOWEEN week, we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - (x) [1] Red Dead Redemption 2 three day record breaking sales, [2] Raspberry Pi to launch a game development magazine, [3] Zelda TV show rumor, [4] Epic raises $1.25 billion dollars in venture capital money [5] Twitch unveils squad streaming, [6] Discord plans an offlne mode, [7] EA jumps into AI x cloud infrastructure development, & [8] the PS1 classic! | de BOOK REVIEW CH. 2 | - (x) [-] Console Wars by Blake J. Harris
October 31, 2018
[55] | 'C'est La Vie & Lilo's Second Solo Voyage'
IN EP.55, life takes Solo away from the microphone & Lilo decides to take the opportunity to go on another solo voyage. But, as always, he makes sure to cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of October 24: | QUICK SCOPE | - (x) [1] Drake Making Moves, [2] Atlanta Reign debut for Overwatch, [3] Overwatch League Spectating Changes (for the win), [4] Intellivision joins the Retro gaming scene, [5] EA and Activision making bank, [6] Unikrn gamble and wins, [7] Days Gone experiences more time off, & [9] Girl Gamers pursue Science! | Solos Toots his Horn| - (x) [-] Nintendo Labo joins the classroom | Lilos Game Spotlight | - (x) [-] Assasins Creed: Odyssey – Ubisoft | Rumor Mill | - (x) [-] Super Smash Leaks 7 characters - Nintendo
October 25, 2018
[54] | 'Discord Store goes Live, Never-Ending Gaming Lawsuits, & the Squad Future Trend Speculates'
IN EP.54, Solo & Lilo decide to keep the offerings shorter than usual for a second weekBut as always we cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of October 17: | QUICK SCOPE | - (x) [1] Red Dead Redemption 2 console preload, [2]Discord Store Beta goes live, [3] Take-Two goes after cheaters, [4] & so does Epic as the trend of gaming lawsuits continues, [5] Cloud 9 raises series B dough, [6] Vancouver Overwatch team partners with Luminosity, [7] Call of Duty: Black Ops dominates Twitch, but will it last?, & [8] more! | FINAL LAP | - (x) [-] The squad speculate on what trends they expect to see in the next five to ten years in gaming.
October 18, 2018
[53] | 'Microsoft Unveils the xCloud, Stardew Goes Mobile, & the Squad Next Gen. Speculate'
IN EP.53, Solo & Lilo decide to make a shorter episode for once but as always we cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of October 10 we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - (3:38) [1] Nintendo patents a mobile case that looks an awful like a Gameboy, [2] Microsoft unveils Project xCloud, [3] Monster Hunter officially has a movie on the way, [4] Sony decides to go legal on jailbroken PS4s [5] Stardew Valley set to release on iOS & Android [6] Call of Duty: Black Ops first day mega patch & [7] the mechanics of Spiderman the game, & [8] more! | FINAL LAP | - (38:40) [-] The squad speculate on what they expect to see from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo with their next generation of consoles
October 10, 2018
[52] | 'Google & Ubisoft's Potential Game Changer, Tencent goes Big Brother, Arrry Potter RPGs!'
For EP.52, Solo returns to the mic alongside Lilo to cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of October 3 we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - () [1] Blockchain Gaming Alliance is formed, [2] Overwatch & Lego partner for new collectibles, [3] Google partners with Ubisoft to launch Assassins Creed browser stream trial, [4] Minecraft keeps it moving at the top, [5] FIFA Ultimate Team card pack odds revealed, & they aren't good, [6] Nintendo mobile games steadily decreasing in profit, & [7] Tencent using facial recognition to enforce age restriction playtimes, & [8] more! | A SOLO RECOMMENDATION | - () [-] Interview with Jurichi Masada - Polygon | LILO's GAME SPOTLIGHT | - () [-] Besus from NY | the NAMESAKE INTERVIEW series | - (1:03:40) [-] Besus from NY | FINAL LAP | - () [-] The squad discusses the leaked footage of the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened RPG that hit the internet, fanboy out a little, & discuss their ideal HP game
October 3, 2018
[51] | 'Lilo's Solo Adventure'
For EP. 51 Lilo commits mutiny & goes solo for the first time to discuss the week's top gaming stories. For the week of September 26 we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | [1] BioWare and Anthem get its Alpha, [2] Devil May Cry to include microtransactions, [3] PlayStation joins Xbox's GamePass by allowing full downloads on PS Now, [4] Xbox is dominating the Controller scene…on PC, [5] Fortnite is not yet king of Youtube, [6] WoW surges while LoL Falls, & [7] Twitch blocked in China, plus [8] more! | LILO'S GAME SPOTLIGHT | - (QS + 33:22) [-] Super Animal Royale - Pixile
September 27, 2018
[50] | 'Introducing the Namesake Interview Series, Half Century Freestyle, & What is You Doing Nintendo?'
For the HALF CENTURY mark, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of September 19 we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - (5:30) [1] Captain Marvel & new iPhone release reactions, [2] Elder Scroll 6 title leaked through Trademark application, (3) Kingdom Hearts III Box Art revealed, (5) Australian study finds loot boxes & gambling links, (6) EU, UK, & US team up for international commission on digital gambling in gaming, (7)League of Legends partners with Twitch to launch co-streams , & (8) Will Halo Infinite have microtransactions, & (8) more! | A SOLO RECOMMENDATION | - (59:07) [-] The Original Capsule Monsters Pitch - Helix Chambers | the NAMESAKE INTERVIEW series | - (1:03:40) [-] Janery from NY | FINAL LAP | - (1:17:29) [-] The squad discusses all the announcements from Nintendo Direct & ponder the shortcomings of the Nintendo Online Service
September 19, 2018
[49] | 'PUBG Keeps it a Million, EA v. Belgium Gaming Commission, & Can DLC Transform a Game?'
In EP. 49, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of Sept. 12 we take a look at: | QUICK SCOPE | - (4:00) (1) Spider-Man debuts on PS4, (2) esports unlikely to be accepted by the Olympics, (3) EA looks ready to go to court over Belgium Gaming Commission's lootbox decision, (4) Nintendo continues it's autocratic streak, (5) PUBG hits a million concurrent players over a full year, (6) Unity & Google Cloud unveil Open Match, (7) Fortnite Android beta conversions, (8) & more! | A SOLO RECOMMENDATION | - (43:30) [-] An Oral History of Spore - Aron Gorst (Gamastura) | LILO'S GAME SPOTLIGHT | - (46:55) [-] Indivisible by Lab Zero Games | FINAL LAP | - (54:14) [-] Can DLC transform a game enough to have its critical standing reconsidered by writers & players?
September 12, 2018
{48} | "Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay, Xbox All Access, Fortnite v. Google, & de PLG September Calendar"
In EP. 48, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of August 28 we take a look at: {QS} | (1) We start on a somber note by covering the shooting in Jacksonville and observe a moment of silence for those lost in the tragedy. - (2) First gameplay reveal for CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, (3) Overwatch and NB2K forced to comply with Belgian loot box laws, (4) DOTA 2 International making its way to China in 2019, (5) Google and Fortnite inevitably square off, (6) Riot's head of global esports hops on a reddit thread to talk global budget cost-cutting, & (7) more! {RUMOR MILL} (-) Smash themed Nintendo Switches & Seriko {DE GAME SPOTLIGHT} [-] Slay the Spire {FINAL LAP} (-) The team make announcements about upcoming content for September
August 29, 2018
{47} | "Rocket League Goes South, Amazon's Monopoly Moves, GTA Mod Lawsuits, & Reviewing GAMESCOM"
In EP. 47, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of August 22 we take a look at: {QUICK SCOPE} | (1) NBA2K League to expand with new teams, (2) Rocket League adds Championship Series to South America, (3) Take-Two wins legal injunction against hacker, (4) Realm Royale has lost 97% of peak playership, (5) U of Akron esports facility, (6) Valve releases Steam TV, & (7) more! {LILO'S SIDEQUEST} (-) Why is the DOTA 2 International Prize Pool so big? {A SOLO RANT} (-) Amazon eliminates 20% off game pre-orders & gets rid of ad-free viewing on Twitch {DE GAME SPOTLIGHT} (-) BREACH {FINAL LAP} (-) Taking stock of GAMESCOM
August 22, 2018
{46} | "Discord Games Market, Unreal Engine Online Learning, & What's Up with Bethesda"
In EP. 46, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of August 15 we take a look at: {QUICK SCOPE} | (1) Discord to start selling games, (2) OWL looks to add Toronto for Season 2, (3) Tencent and Riot's rocky relationship, (4) Valve advises DOTA 2 teams not to take on gambling sponsors, (5) Nvidia next generation GPU's, (6) Epic Games unveils the Unreal ENgine Online Learning courses , & (7) more! {RUMOR MILL} (-) POKEMON PORTS, SMASH BROS. 4 GAME MODES, & MYLES MORALES {LILO's GAME SPOTLIGHT} (-) MONSTER HUNTER {FINAL LAP} (-) What's going on with Bethesda's aggressive strategy
August 15, 2018
{45} | "The People Arrive on Spotify, Streaming v. Mobile, & Epic's Big Android Move"
In EP. 45, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of August 9 we take a look at: {QUICK SCOPE} | (1) Pokemon go adds PVP, (2) Overwatch League adds two new franchises, (3) Kids are becoming paid to become Fortnite tutors, (4) Overwatch League Grand Finals viewership numbers, (5) EA offers unlimited PC streaming gaming service, (6) Apple App Store ends its Affiliate Program , & (7) more! {A SOLO RANT} (-) EA REMOVES COLIN KAEPERNICK'S NAME FROM MADDEN SONG {LILO's GAME SPOTLIGHT} (-) SplitGate by 1047 Games {FINAL LAP} (-) Epic's decision to take Fortnite off of the Google Play Store
August 9, 2018
{44} | "The Hiatus Ends, Loot Box Talk, Jam City Still Sucks, & 2 Milly v. Fortnite"
In EP. 44, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of July 25 we take a look at: {QUICK SCOPE} | (1) German courts outlaw vague pre-orders, (2) Dauntless reaches 2 million players in beta, (3) Rocket League discloses loot box drop rate percentages, (4) Overwatch League Grand Finals in Brooklyn this weekend, (5) Microsoft working on a streaming only console, (6) Solo & Lilo express some more disdain for the studio Jam City as the look to IPO , & (7) more! {A SOLO RANT} (-) Why 2 Milly should sue Fortnite for royalties {GAME SPOTLIGHT} (-) Star Lords by MercurySteam
July 25, 2018
{43} | "Loot Boxes en Francais, Counter Strike Players Association, & The Psychology of Gamers"
In EP. 43, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For the week of July 4 we take a look at: {QUICK SCOPE} | (1) Super Mario Run finally surpasses $60 million in revenue on mobile, (2) Microsoft applies for a patent for AI driven cheat detection method, (3) Kotaku Compete shutters, (4) French regulators begin analyzing whether loot boxes should be considered gambling, (5) Amazon changing its 20% pre-order discount for gamers, (6) Pokemon Go fails miserably with another event, & (7) more! {GAME SPOTLIGHT} (-) Race for the Galaxy by Template Games {THE FINAL LAP} (-) The Psychological Profile of Gamers
July 4, 2018
{42} | "Microsoft turns to Blockchain, Nintendo Security Woes, & The Year 1998 in Gaming"
In EP. 42, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For June 28 we take a look at: {QUICK SCOPE} | (1) Microsoft switches to blockchain for royalty calculations, (2) Youtube rolls out Twitch-esque subscriptions, (3) Details for DragonBall Fighter Z World Tournament, (4) Nintendo Labo adds Mario Kart functionality & Switch security issues, (5) Pokemon GO grows to its biggest since 2016, (6) Supreme Court rules online sales tax can be collected online & its ramifications, (7) more! {GAME SPOTLIGHT} (-) Acid Spy {REMEMBER WHEN} (-) The magical year of 1998 in gaming
June 28, 2018
{41} | "Valve's Dutch Woes, the Inaugural PLG Book Review, & de SOLO B-Day special"
In Episode 41, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week's toping gaming stories. For June 21 , we continue our birthday interview special following the tradition that began on Lilo's birthday. {Quick Scope} (1) Fortnite grossed 100 million in 90 days on mobile, (2) Google Cloud & Unity partnership, (3) LucasFilm's decision to end spinoff films, (4) Valve forced to turn off item transferring in CS:GO & DOTA 2 to comply with Dutch Gaming Commission & (5) more! Then, we jump into the inaugural {PLG BOOK CLUB} with our first book, "Blood Sweat and Pixels" by Jason Schereier {de FINAL LAP} Lilo takes the opportunity to interview Solo about games, including his favorite genre, what defines a gamer, the series that holds the most sentimental value, what series is the most overrated & more!
June 21, 2018
{40} | "Steam China & The More or Less E3 Review Episode"
In EP. 40, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories, & for this week, it's alllll(mostly) E3! For June 13 we take a look at: {NO SCOPE} : (-) Solo discuss Valve's partnership with Perfect World to officially launch Steam China {THE #E3 REVIEW} : (1) EA Play, (2) Microsoft, (3) Bethesda, (4) Square Enix, (5) Sony, (5) Ubisoft, (6) Sony, (7) Nintendo {THE FINAL LAP} : (a follow up) (1) What games are you most excited to see for each console? (2) Biggest reveal of E3? (3) Biggest likely disappointment (4) How afraid should Microsoft be of failure?
June 14, 2018
{39} | "PUBG's Freefall, Apple App Store Gaming, FaZe legal issues, & the PLG E3 Predictions"
In EP. 39, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For June 6 we take a look at: Quick Scope: (1) Square Enix abandoning mobile 'GO' series. (2) Gaming accounts for 75% of Apple App Store Revenue. (3) Bungie gets 100 million dollars from Chinese company NetEase. (4) PUBG users down 44% since January. (5) Nintendo Stock sees a massive decline leading up to E3. (6) Massive security bug in Steam stuck around for 15 years. (7) FaZe being sued by FAZE apparel. (8) & more! Game Spotlight: (-) Mario Tennis Aces The Final Lap: (-)"E3 Predictions"
June 6, 2018
{38} | "PUBG sues Fortnite, Steam Link denied by Apple, ESA trash talk, & Pokemon arrives on Switch"
In EP. 38, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For May 23 we take a look at: Quick Scope: - Goldman Sachs investing in the esports industry - PUBG corp sues Epic Games over Fortnite's Battle Royale mode - Battlefield V is announced, & is bringing gender equality with it - FIFA World Cup edition now available for free download - Russian bots propel game to top 5 of Steam - Steam Link denied by Apple Store - Legue of Legends coming to ESPN Who's Mans is THIS: - Solo breaks down ESA President Mike Gallagher's recent comments on Loot Boxes Game Spotlight: - Runn3r by Choice Provisions The Final Lap: "New Pokemon games announced for Switch"
May 30, 2018
{37} | "Fortnite’s 100 Milli, Best Buy Gaming Club, Overwatch Legos, & Consoles Ahead of Their Time"
In EP. 37, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For May 23 we take a look at: Quick Scope(4:45): - Best Buy closing down it's Gaming Club - Epic offers 100 million in tournament prizes in Fortnite - Xbox Ideas Program - PS4 has one of the best April sales in console history - N64 retro console - Overwatch Legos Game Spotlight(43:24): - Little Nightmares by Tarsier Studios The Final Lap(50:24): "Consoles ahead of their time"
May 23, 2018
{36} | "Steam goes Mobile, Supreme Court Gambles, & Harry Potter: The Exploitative Business Model"
In EP. 36, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For May 16th, in QS, we cover Valve taking Steam mobile, Ninja toning down cursing for his younger audience, GameStop's CEO stepping down, SNK readying a Neo-Geo mini, Sony, Nintendo, & Microsoft amend their warranty policies in response to FTC warnings, the Supreme Court strikes down on sports betting, & the Overwatch League Finals are set to be held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY this July. Then for the Game Spotlight, Lilo delves into one of his favorite games, the Dark Souls remaster for Nintendo Switch. And lastly, we ditch the final lap to introduce The Final Roast, where both hosts take a nice long segment to insult Jam City, the developer of the thoroughly exploitative Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game.
May 16, 2018
{35} | "Google Arcade & Chrome Issues, Nintendo Switch Online, & Marvel Video Games"
In Episode 35, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week's top gaming stories. For May 9, we discuss the Fortnite x Thanos event, Google launching a social media platform for mobile gaming called "Arcade" & their recent Chrome update which broke some HTML5 game, Nintendo Switch Online releases details as well as the company's shift to a subscription model. We also cover PS backwards compatability expansion, Overwatch League's dipping viewership numbers, & Square Enix E3 Showcase. For the Game Spotlight, Lilo takes a look at Pillars of Eternity 2 and Solo debuts a new segment, "Who's Mans is This" to rip EA's CEO Andrew Wilson's comments on loot boxes. And to wrap it all up, in The Final Lap, we discuss whether Marvel should enter the gaming industry the same way it has the film industry.
May 9, 2018
{34} | "FIFA World Cup Mode, Nintendo Mobile, The Domino Effect, & Single Player Campaigns"
In Episode 34, Solo and Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For May 2nd, we take a look at SteamSpy trying to re-launch, FIFA releasing a World Cup extension, Nintendo's mobile profitability & exclusive IP, Saudia Arabia hoping to launch an esports league alongside its new arena, Microsoft shutting down Halo mods, Blizzard selling user-made maps in Starcraft 2, & the Domino effect, namely, how gaming companies will start facing an increased amount of regulatory legislation around the world. Then, for the Game Spotlight, Lilo takes a look at Planet Alpha. And to wrap things up, for The Final Lap, we take a look at whether Assassins Creed, God of War, Far Cry 5, & more indicates that consumers still want single player campaign games.
May 2, 2018
{33} | "The Squad Returns, Dutch Strike at Loot Boxes, & The Nintendo Labo is Revolutionary"
In Episode 33, Solo & Lilo return after a brief hiatus to deliver the week's top gaming stories. For April 27, we take a look at Discord's value reaching 1.65 billion dollars, UEFA ending its partnership with Pro Evolution Soccer, Twitch's new monetization system, Australia upholding a $3 million dollar fine against Valve, and the final QS story, the Netherlands Gaming Authority passes the severest action thus far in the fight against loot boxes. In the Rumor Mill we talk Tilted Towers & LucasArts remakes, and for the Game Spotlight, Lilo shines the light on Iron Harvest, a new RTS game. And to close things out, in The Final Lap, we talk how incredible the Nintendo Labo is, & how the software would make Steve Jobs proud.
April 27, 2018
{32} | "SteamSpy shutters, Pro v Casual Gamers Patch Debate, & a Special B-Day Interview with Lilo"
In Episode 32, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week's toping gaming stories. For April 13, we try a little something new in honor of the squad's recording falling on Lilo's birthday. For QS, we chat about Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, Valve shuttering SteamSpy with its decision on public data, a debate about whether game patches should be aimed towards professional or casual gamers, GameStop upping its trade-in cash offers, & Billy Mitchell's high scores getting officially stripped. Then for the GS, Lilo takes a look at Dauntless, a free-to-play Monster Hunter-esque game in beta next month. And for The Final Lap, Solo takes the opportunity to interview Lilo about games, including his favorite genre, what games made him into a gamer, the series that holds the most sentimental value, a piece of literature that he'd want made into a game, & more!
April 13, 2018
{31} | "GTAV Makes $6 Billion dollars, LoL Clash Mode, ESA/Net Neutrality & Games based on Movies"
In Episode 31, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week's top gaming stories. For April 10, NBA 2K League choosing Alienware, & GTA V becoming the most profitable piece of entertainment ever, little bit of Overwatch/OWL,FCC suing South Korean Devs for loot boxes, League of Legends Clash Mode & more!. Then, for the Game Spotlight, Lilo highlights Master of Anima. And for The Final Lap, we reflect on what happened to Games based on Movies, some of our favorites, and then wildly lose track of the conversation!
April 10, 2018
{30} | "Claymation Games, Clash Royale League, NBA2K League Draft, & Remaster v. Remake"
In Episode 30, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week's top gaming stories. For April 6, we cover the iOS app store shrinking after cracking down on clones, Overwatch Retribution seasonal event, the most popular esports on Twitch, SuperCell's Clash Royal League, Fortnite vending machines & the NBA 2KLeague draft. Then for Game Spotlight, Lilo highlights Pixel Junk Monster 2, an upcoming claymation tower defense game on Steam. Then, for The Final Lap, we reflect on what constitutes a remaster versus a remake, and which we'd prefer, in light of the new Spyro The Dragon Remaster trailer.
April 6, 2018
{29} | "ID@Xbox, OWL Stage 3, esports Emmy nominations, & Game Developer Unionization"
In Episode 29, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week's top gaming stories. For April 3, we cover the esports industry getting Emmy nominations for production, Niantic & Pokemon Go settle a class-action lawsuit, Shaq joins the NBA 2KLeague, the Overwatch League making changes to the Stage 3 playoff structure, & ID@Xbox's head explains how they spotlight indie games. Then for Game Spotlight, Lilo highlights Project Phoenix Rising, an upcoming game that may fill Paragon's void. Then, for The Final Lap, we reflect on the GDC roundtable "Pros, Cons, and Consequences of Unionization" and the costs and benefits of game developers push for a union.
April 3, 2018
{28} | "Slow News Week Makes for a Fun Ep, Splatoon 2 x Hip-Hop & Six Questions with Solo & Lilo"
In Episode 28, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. And for March 30, to be honest, it's a pretty slow week in terms of news we could deliver for ya. So, we end up taking a slow dock of news as a means to have some fun for the episode. We do the usual Next & QS, where we touch on Splatoon's hip-hop inspiration, how nintendo chooses its indie partners for the e-shop, LOL EU LCS Franchising costs & Tencent, cause damn. Then for the GS we take a look at Make Sail & for The Final Lap, Solo & Lilo each ask three questions so the listeners can get to know the hosts & their views & philosophy on gaming.
March 30, 2018
{27} | "Mental Health in Gaming, Bioshock: Infinite turns Five, & What now, Xbox?"
In Episode 27, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For March 27, the team tries out a new segment, Rubiu5 breaks 1 million concurrent Youtube viewers, Google Play partners with Girls Make Games, Overwatch League Stage 2 playoffs & Player Conduct Policy, the importance of mental and physical health in gaming & more. Then, for our Game Spotlight, Solo hijacks Lilo's segment & reflects on the 5 year anniversary of Bioshock: Infinite. For The Final Lap, we ponder on Microsoft's options in the face of a less then stellar response to Sea of Thieves, no AAA title on the horizon, & it main competitors Sony and Nintendo widening the gap.
March 27, 2018
{26} |"Nintendo's E3 Smash Tourney, 90's Nickelodeon Games Revival, & Mobile Gaming's Moment"
In Episode 26, Solo goes solo dolo as Lilo finds himself away from the mic for the day. So, for March 23, in QS, we cover Eric Barone in GQ, PUBG mobile filled with bots, Nintendo's E3 Smash tournament in addition to why Nintendo should surprise release the game like an album. Then we look a little at Tencent doubling profits & partnering with Ubisoft & why Sea of Thieves is a lot like No Man's Sky. Then, for The Final Lap, Solo takes a dive into how it seems to finally be Mobile gaming's moment & how there are growing indicators that the movement is spreading from the East to the West.
March 23, 2018
{25} | "Amazon launches GameOn, Fig reconfigures Game Crowdfunding, & The Future of Xbox"
In Episode 25, Solo & Lilo cover the week's toping gaming stories. For March 20, in Quick Scope(5:45) we cover EA dropping loot boxes in Battlefront 2, NHL World Championship open qualifiers, Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament, Paragon releases $12 million in assets for free, ESL Pro League expands to South America, Fig, a new gaming crowdsource funding idea, & more. Then for our Game Spotlight(37:28) we look at Rico. & for our Final Lap(39:40) we take a look at the future of Xbox in light of Sea of Thieves releasing on the Game Pass & what that, and cloud services, means to its development roadmap.
March 20, 2018
{24} | "Drake & Ninja Play Fortnite, Insomniac Chose Spider-Man & the Sega Mega Drive"
In Episode 24, Solo and Lilo discuss the week's top gaming stories. For March 16, we discuss the Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer, Insomniac choosing Spider-Man over other Marvel characters, more Kingdom Heart 3 rumors, Google bans cryptocurrency ads & opens up Maps to AR, the Sega Mega Drive, & Funimation suggests Goku as a new Super Smash bros Switch character. And then to close things out we talk Twitch Prime now including free monthly games & the practicality of esports olympics aspirations.
March 16, 2018
{23} | "Fortnite's Epic Run, Scavenger Studios Good Deed, & The Subscription Wars"
In episode 23, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For March 13, we cover Ninja continuing his run shattering Twitch records, Fortnite announcing cross-platform play and Fortnite mobile, Freesync arriving on Xbox, Valve announcing their interest to get back into releasing original titles, Toys R Us potentially closing all its stores in the US, Scavenger Studios gives away The Darwin Project to all beta and alpha tester. Then PLG squad introduce a new segment titled 'Game Spotlight', talk the NHL announcing their first esports tournament, the need for esports player associations, and finally, how EA's Origin Access acquiring Warner Bros gaming catalogue for its subscription service signals the battle for gaming titles will be just like the battle for film and television rights with the advent of Netflix.
March 13, 2018
{22} | "Oculus Rift's Epic Fail, Kongregate Launches a Steam Rival, Nintendo Smashes it for Switch"
In Episode 22, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For March 9, they cover Tencent parental contracts, new Fortnite updates, Oculus Rift's epic software certification error, & Kongregate hopes to launch a platform to rival Steam. Then for the Main segment, we talk H1Z1 going free to play, the new Clash Royale league, & Nintendo answering our question of what it could do in it's second year by turning the fire up with a surprise announcement at Nintendo Direct of Super Smash Bros for Switch in 2018.
March 9, 2018
{21} | "Lilo returns, Xbox Gold Offerings, Nintendo Switch Year 2, & Twitch's potential bot problem"
In Episode 21, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For March 6, we cover Lilo's triumphant return following a one week sabbatical, Monster Hunter World sales, mobile esports & Breast Cancer Awareness, Xbox Remote play with PC & Xbox Insider. Plus, we cover Nintendo Switch goes into its second year, the declining value of Xbox Gold free monthly games, and Twitch's potential bot problem stemming from it's Fortnite skin Prime giveaway.
March 6, 2018
{20} | "Brigitte arrives to OW, Sony's Demo Fail, & H1Z1 Goes Twisted Metal to Survive"
In Episode 20, Solo, again left to his own devices has to be the definition of putting the team on one's back. & he does. So, for March 2, we do another light show to keep ya informed and entertained without Lilo's rambling to drag along the running time (JK we miss Lilo who will be back regularly on Tuesday!). But we cover Overwatch's new character Brigitte, the teaser trailer for the Harry Potter Mystery mobile game, Sony monumentally screwing up the demo release of the upcoming Yakuza 6 game, Caffeine(Silicon Valley's Twitch) makes a content deal with the ESL, a homemade YuGiOh VR game, & Activision goes into its catalogue for more remasters. Then, to wrap up the show, Solo touches PUBG's continual failure to establish a proper spectator system, and H1Z1 leaving early access and pivoting its Battle Royale future on its new "Auto Royale" mode.
March 2, 2018
{19} | "PUBG's decline, Google ARCore, Nintendo v. Norway, & Riot's Loot Box Transparency"
In Episode 19, Solo, left to fend for himself for Tuesday's episode following Lilo's sudden sabbatical, puts the team on his back, and delivers a mighty interesting show. For Tuesday, Feb, 27, we cover PUBG's playerbase declines over 10% in January, RARE talks about how Sea of Thieves viewership drove preorders, speculation on Overwatch Character 27, Google ARCore 1.0 is released for Android, DICE Award winners and more. Then to wrap things up, jump into some curious topics such as League of Legends NA LCS salaries averaging over 300 grand, Nintendo's eShop in violation of EU regulations, ReedPop acquires Gamer Network, & RIOT publishes drop rates for its loot boxes.
February 27, 2018
{18} | "Apple thinks Gaming, Vision Esports $38 Million, Video Game Movies, & Discord versus Twitch"
In episode 18, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For Friday, February 23, they get into FACEIT hosting the next CS:GO major, the return of the Overwatch League, Nintendo's massive revenue earner in Fire Emblem's mobile game, new PUBG matchmaking system, a little bit of Twitch's vagueness problems, Burnout Paradise Remake's release, and wrap up with Rocket League DC DLC packs featuring two new batmobiles, as Solo properly teaches Lilo the two best versions of the vehicle in franchise history. Then for our main segment we touch on Apple's potential interest in gaming following recent patent applications, NRGSports decision to partner with Enjin and launch its own cryptocurrency token, how Fortnite learned to monetize effectively with Season passes, and lastly, how Discord and Twitch stack up against each other, and how Discord has found its own niche in B2B while Twitch's seems to be streaming content.
February 26, 2018
{17} | "H1Z1 craters, MLB's place in esports, & Lilo talks with Pandemic series creator Matt Leacock"
In Episode 17, Solo & Lilo discuss the week's toping gaming stories. Including the collapse of H1Z1's player base, LG entering the PC monitor market, Atari launching two cryptocurrencies, the launch of Twitch Community Rooms, The Super Mario Encyclopedia, MLB's place in the growing esports industry, what role Kickstarter plays in indie game funding, and an upcoming Supreme Court decision's effect on esports betting, & more. (48:24) For PT. Two, Lilo had the chance to speak with Matt Leacock, board game designer and creator of Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Island, and the Pandemic Series, considered arguably the greatest board game of all time. They discuss, obviously board games, but also passions, favorite video games, creative methods, and historical figures, and more.
February 25, 2018
{16} | "Spyro Remaster, Call of Duty Movie, ESRB's Conflict of Interest, Twitch hits Cable Numbers"
In Episode 16, Solo and Lilo discuss the week's top gaming stories. This week, the super duo tries to format the show in a bit more of a professional manner, as well as to make some announcements about new segments coming up beginning next week. Then for Quick Scope, we focus on the return of the Sea of Thieves beta, Youtube TV acquiring Turner channels (TNT, TBS, etc), Spyro The Dragon getting remastered, and more. Then for our main segment we focus on five stories. The first a compilation of Overwatch related stories, including a free play weekend, PTR updates, Character 27, & OWL Stage 2 Playoff Changes. Then we discuss Sony giving PSN network data to the FBI, Twitch hitting peak concurrent numbers rivaling the biggest cable channels, the Loot Box issue doesn't seem to be going away and the & ESRB's conflict of interest becomes more obvious. And lastly, Xbox's free weekend and the introduction of party chat to iOs & Android.
February 25, 2018
{15} | "OWL Stage 1, Kingdom Hearts 3, Hawaii Loot Box Legislation & The IMDB of Gaming"
In Episode 15, Solo & Lillo discuss the week's top gaming stories. Including the London Spitfire winning Stage 1 of the Overwatch League, Fortnite getting backlash for wanting to implement skill-based matchmaking, Mario Kart Tour and the potential mobile gaming revolution its release will herald. Then, we jump into the D23 Expo release of Kingdom Hearts 3 teaser footage, Hawaii's state legislature's pending legislation on loot boxes, , GTA V's 90 million sales, the lifespan of the Nintendo Switch, & RAWG, the IMDB of Gaming.
February 25, 2018
{14} | "Fortnite passes PUBG, Activision's 4 Billion Microtransactions, & The Cost of Saffron"
In Episode 14, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week in gaming news. Including the dire state of Destiny 2 online play, how the upcoming OWL Stage 1 is structured, Year of the Dog legendary skins, the ability to change skins before games, & Geguri, the first female in the Overwatch league. Then we get into Activision-Blizzard's fourth quarter earnings, and how the company made more revenue on microtransactions than games. As well as on how Fortnite has surpassed PUBG as the most popular Battle Royale genre game.
February 25, 2018
{13} | "The Return of Dr. Disrespect, Pokemon Switch Rumors, & The Netflix of Games"
In Episode 13, Solo & Lilo take a look at the week's top gaming stories. Including Billy Mitchell losing his Donkey Kong high-score, Fortnite implements a patch to add in new physics to bullets, whether Epic's decision will lead to a precedent of publisher's closing down smaller, but beloved games (as with Paragon), the release of the 4K trailer for One Piece:World Seeker, Dr. Disrespect returns to Twitch and subsequently crashes the service, & Germany gaming commission mulls banning loot boxes in the country. Then, to round things up, we discuss some of the potential leaked Pokemon Switch rumors, & Utomik, the PC gaming rental service, leaves beta & becomes open to the public as the race to become the Netflix of games begins.
February 24, 2018
(Ep. 12): "Mario Kart goes Mobile, EA & The Half-Life of Outrage, & Silicon Valley’s Twitch ”
In episode 12, Lilo returns from his prolonged absence & thus makes Solo more interesting. But, as to the actual show, it was an interesting week in the gaming world. We focus on the overwatch league and patch updates to the game, & London taking care of Seoul. More importantly, we focus on EA and their recent announcements on their stock value being its highest ever, as well as their plan to reintroduce microtransactions to Battlefront 2 in March. We then focus a bit on the independent retail backlash to the Microsoft Gaming Pass, Red Dead Redemption getting an official release date, takes retakes the mantle to deliver.. on a relatively slow week in the news. But, cover some interesting and ongoing topics, which'll include: DBFZ review, Microsoft may be looking to acquire Valve or EA, Valve appeals a lawsuit in Australia, ESPN and Disney XD to air Madden League, E-League Major in Boston sets concurrent Twitch viewership record, Overwatch patch update review & reflect on some sudden
February 2, 2018
(Ep. 11): "Microsoft looks to Acquire, Co-op is the Future, & Facebook Gets Into Gaming"
In episode 11, abandoned by his compadre Lilo, Solo takes retakes the mantle to deliver.. on a relatively slow week in the news. But, cover some interesting and ongoing topics, which'll include: DBFZ review, Microsoft may be looking to acquire Valve or EA, Valve appeals a lawsuit in Australia, ESPN and Disney XD to air Madden League, E-League Major in Boston sets concurrent Twitch viewership record, Overwatch patch update review & reflect on some sudden parity in the OWL and the upcoming match between NY & Seoul. Then, we touch a little on the upcoming One Piece: Bounty Rush mobile game and how online coop is the future in both console and pc gaming as well as mobile gaming. And then to wrap things up we review Facebook's decision to launch a Game Creator Program and whether it'll be possible for the social media giant to pivot from news to the gaming industry without currently having a major hold on the necessary demographics of users.
January 31, 2018
(Ep. 10): "On Sea of Thieves, GPU Prices Skyrocket, & Twitch's $1.3 Million Bot Lawsuit"
In episode 10, Solo and Lilo discuss the week's top gaming gaming stories. Focusing on some lighter content for Friday, we take a look at the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 release, Zelda BOTW sales in Japan, Ubisoft Partnering with Tencent, Bioware announcing the delay of Anthem to 2019, the launch of the Sea of Thieves beta, Twitch winning a 1.3 million dollar lawsuit against a married couple for making faking viewer bots that inflated streamer's numbers, and how GPU prices skyrocket due to their uses in data mining for cryptocurrency. And then to wrap things up, we take a look at the difference in design and gameplay between Japanese and American games. Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter! --> @peoplelikegames
January 26, 2018
(Ep. 9): "Snoop on Twitch, AP Stylebook chooses "esports", & The NEW Xbox Game Pass"
In episode 9, Solo and Lilo sit down to discuss the week's top gaming stories. We look at the Nintendo Labo and how revolutionary a cardboard box is for gaming, Snoop Dogg ends up on a Twitch stream smoking a blunt as a marketing campaign for SOS, Rocket League potentially going cross-platform in 2018, the new mind-blowing trailer for the new God of War (out on 4/20 -- nice), whether the Witcher 3 TV series could be the next GOT, Overwatch releases a batch of new skins and a new map, Blizzard World. And then we wrap up the show with the most important piece of news from the week, the expansion of the Xbox Game Pass to include all first-party Xbox titles and future console exclusives.
January 24, 2018
(Ep. 8): "Introducing Lilo, Lego Goes to China, EA Continues to Suck, & the Oculus Rift w/ Tralfie"
In the eighth episode, SOLO introduced a new co-host, Lilo. And together they cover the week's top gaming stories. We look at Microsoft's decision to bring back Fable, DBFZ beta issues, Nintendo Switch 2018 original titles, the launch of the Overwatch League, the D.I.C.E Awards, Lego partnering with Tencent, Disney going mobile, Youtube changing its Partner Program, and lastly, we take a look at some of the less than ethical decisions EA has been making in regards to manipulating online multiplayer. For part 2, we have a new segment titled "Product Review." And for today's episode, Solo will be sitting down with Tralfie to talk about their experiences with the Oculus Rift and the future of VR in gaming.
January 18, 2018
(Ep. 7): "A Slow Week, Cross-Platform Play, & Tyler Schrodt of the Electronic Gaming Federation"
In the seventh episode, SOLO discusses this week's top gaming stories(from Patreon, to fake Cuphead's on mobile to Steam in China)from an otherwise slow week. Then, for the in-depth segment, I take a look at why Cross-Platform gameplay has not yet become standarized. And lastly, to wrap things up, I speak with Tyler Schrodt, who is the founder and CEO the Electronic Gaming Federation (, an organization that aims to create an NCAA-like governing body for collegiate esports as well as to partner with states to set up high school level esports programs. We talk a little gaming, the complexities of establishing esports organizations, some of the issues with the NCAA model, and more!
December 20, 2017
(Ep. 6): "iTunes Adds Pre-Orders, Video Game Rental Services, & Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds"
In the sixth episode, SOLO discusses this week's top gaming stories (from Bungie screwing up again, to Nintendo Switch sales, to PUBG, to Apple introducing pre-orders for mobile games). Then, for the in-depth segment, we'll be taking a look at what available video game rental services are on the market. And lastly, to wrap things up, I had the chance to speak with Jamie Broadnax, who is the founder of the website and online community, Black Girl Nerds (@blackgirlnerds). We talk a little gaming, Golden Globe nominations, racial and gender diversity in the industry, and just have a fun time.
December 13, 2017
(Ep. 5): "On Games as Services, Physical v. Digital Pricing, & Manny Anekal of TNL Media"
In the fifth episode, SOLO discusses this week's top gaming stories (with a little rant on Overwatch tokens, The Game Awards, and obviously, EA), offers a brief analysis of why digital downloads and physical discs are priced the same for consoles, and lastly, joining me as this week's guest is Manny Anekal (@mannyanekal)l, CEO of TNL Media and veteran of the gaming industry. We chat about the upcoming OWL, 2K League, and what successful numbers will look like in these inaugural seasons. We also see who makes up Manny's top five list of rappers and where he sees the esports industry moving towards in the next few years.
December 6, 2017
(Ep. 4): "On Bungie's Destiny 2 Fiasco, A Brief Analysis of the ESRB, & Data in eSports"
Solo discusses this week's top gaming stories (with a little rant on the impending Destiny 2 XP controversy, offers a brief analysis of the Entertainment Software Rating Board(ESRB), and lastly, joining me on this week's episode is Scott Nowers, CEO of Waypoint Media, a data analytics company focused on eSports, where we talk about the role and importance of data in the industry.
November 28, 2017
(Ep. 3): "On EA & Battlefront2, Game of the Year Awards, & Gaming with Entrepreneurs"
In the third episode of PLG, show host SOLO sits down to discuss the most important stories of the past week of gaming(obviously Star wars Battlefront 2), takes a dive into the topic of Game of the Year Awards and which are considered the most prestigious. And lastly, for our guest interview, Solo is joined by Teja Yenamandra, CEO of, to talk about gaming amongst entrepreneurs and how best to balance your work and hobbies.
November 21, 2017
(Ep. 2): "Mid-Generation Consoles, The Overwatch League, and Sean's BlizzCon Adventure"
In the second episode of PLG, SOLO discusses this week's top gaming stories, sits down with Tralfie to talk about whether the Overwatch League is making the right decision in choosing a franchise model, and lastly, speak with Sean about his time at Blizzcon this past weekend.
November 12, 2017
(Ep. 1): "Solo presents the The Inaugural Episode, Gimme the Loot Boxes, & Cloud Gaming"
In the inaugural episode of People Like Games, SOLO presents the format of the show and covers what's been going on in the past week of gaming, takes a dive into the subject of Loot Boxes and whether they should be considered gambling and regulated as such. And, for the finale, we sit down with Benjamin Boxer, the CEO of Parsec(, a cloud gaming company and discuss how cloud gaming is the wave of the future.
November 6, 2017
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