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People Making Things Better

People Making Things Better

By Mel Jackson & Britt Westfall
The planet may be on fire, but there are changemakers and do-good leaders that are even more on fire with passion and commitment to make things better for all. Join Melinda Jackson and Britt Westfall as they interview people who you may not have heard of (yet), but who are having a big impact on today’s most urgent issues - both humanitarian and environmental. They're not afraid to ask the tough questions likely on your mind about how to do work you're passionate about, that the world needs AND still get paid for it! So listen in and get inspired because the world needs you in action!
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Food for Thought with Jenny Dorsey, Founder of Studio ATAO
What do virtual reality, deep political conversations, and interactive art installations have in common?  Some people might think “nothing,” but for visionary founder Jenny Dorsey, they are all best enjoyed with a delicious meal.  Listen in as Jenny talks more about the unique programming offered by Studio ATAO and how they’re redefining what can be achieved by bringing people together over dinner. Check out here and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review for People Making Things Better. 
May 23, 2020
Turning Waste Into Opportunity with Ashlie Benson, Director of Impact for Agricycle Global
How do you turn food waste into an opportunity to financially empower women farmers? Agricycle Global has cracked the code and sat down with Melinda this week to share how they are creating an ethical supply chain and leveraging partnerships across the globe. You can click here to learn more about Agricycle Global brands, and here to order their newest product from Jali Fruit Co
May 12, 2020
Getting into the Action of Impact with Shivani Chokshi, Founder & CEO of Impaction
Have you ever felt motivated to make a difference in the world, but had no idea where to start? This week Melinda sits down with Shivani Chokshi to chat about how she is helping socially conscious people from all over the world take action to create the impact that our world so desperately needs.  Click here for more information about the Impaction app & to get signed up.
April 23, 2020
The Art of Making Change with Damien D. Smith, Actor & Award-Winning Filmmaker
You can change the world through any medium and art is no exception.  Join Melinda and she talks to Damien D. Smith about his latest film, Target St. Louis Vol. 1, and how he is motivating people to action through the art of filmmaking. You can follow Damien’s work at and you can watch the trailer for Target St Louis Vol.1 here
April 15, 2020
Running A Big Business With A Big Heart featuring Melissa Wyatt, Investor, Developer & CEO of MW Enterprises
What does real estate investing have to do with social impact? Well…everything!  Join Britt as she talks with self-made real estate mogul Melissa Wyatt about investing with a purpose, building generational wealth, and how to use business as a force for good. Find out more about Melissa's business here:
March 31, 2020
Using Adventure to Help Children Reach Their Highest Altitudes—With Jeremy Rogers, Founder of the Tallahassee Adventure Club
Britt sits down with Jeremy Rogers this week to learn all about how he is using the power of nature and the wonders of the outdoors to open doors for at risk youth and youth with special needs. Listen in to hear more about the peaks and valley’s of Jeremy’s journey, and click here to follow his organization's work: and
March 25, 2020
Leveling Up & Letting Go with Melinda Jackson, Social Impact Coach & People Making Things Better Co-Host
This week we’re getting up close and personal with our very own Melinda Jackson as she talks about her journey from nonprofit founder to social impact coach, and all of the lessons she’s learned in between. Check out her work at and get in touch with her at
March 22, 2020
It’s Beautiful to be You! with Saiida Bowie-Little & A’bria Robinson of "BeYOUtiful Cleveland"
This week Melinda sits down with Saiida & A’bria to talk about how they are helping black girls in Cleveland bloom and create sisterhood, through their nonprofit initiative that they started when they were only in high school.  Check out the organization on Facebook at:
March 10, 2020
Building Walls to Break Down Barriers with "Walls of Love" Founder Holly Jackson
This week Melinda sits down with Holly Jackson the founder of Walls of Love to talk about how what started as a small passion project has now impacted the lives of 37,000 people and growing. Find out how Holly and her team are revolutionizing the way we provide basic necessities to people in need in a movement that is quickly spreading all over the country. You can follow Holly’s work at
March 4, 2020
Making Finances Less Like a Rotten Tomato and More Like a Juicy Mango with FinMango Founder, Scott Glasgow
In this week's episode, Britt talks with Scott Glasgow, TedX speaker and founder of the nonprofit organization, FinMango. Find out how Scott is using mangoes to democratize opportunity and prosperity in underserved places around the world.  Check out the work that Scott is doing at
February 25, 2020
Even Small Companies Can Have Meaningful Sustainability Plans! with Guest Eliza Erskine
In this week's episode Britt interviews Eliza Erskine from Green Buoy Consulting. Eliza helps companies create their sustainability strategies. She shares with us how she got through her fears to follow her mission and also discusses being an introverted business leader! Learn about Green Buoy Consulting here:
February 19, 2020
Solving for Low Voter Turnout with Ice Cream for Millennials and Gen Z! with Guest Rachel Konowitz
In our kick off podcast episode, coach Britt Westfall and advisor Melinda Jackson interview Rachel Konowitz, co-founder and COO of Motivote. "Motivote believes adulting is hard but voting shouldn't be. Motivote harnesses research-proven behavioral nudges to increase voter turnout." Listen in to learn how this person is making the world a better place and how she was able to put her mission and passion into action. Check out Motivote and sign up so you can get rewarded for fulfilling your civic duty to vote too! Britt also promised a link to one of her favorite social impact networking groups in the show notes:
February 12, 2020