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People Of Azeroth

People Of Azeroth

By PeopleOfAzeroth
Each episode I will interview a new guest, ask them about their experience in World of Warcraft . discuss news and gameplay and have some fun questions at the end
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Ep08 Featuring Gin

People Of Azeroth

Ep08 Featuring Gin

People Of Azeroth

S02E04 Feat. Christoper/Cascar Blind Wow classic player
This was not just any normal show or any normal guest, thats why i enlisted the help of Melderon to co-host,   Chris is a wow classic player who pvp's farms, grinds and raids, the catch is that he is completely blind, he explains to us how he overcomes this monumental challenge, he truely is an inspiration and he left me and Melderon dumbfounded at a few occasions .   Very grateful to have Chris talk to us. find chris here  insta - @schemesupreme_ twitter @chris_silio Melderon - Juno @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
November 30, 2020
S02 E03 Featuring Duranasaur
Back with another really enjoyable podcast with Duranasaur, talking all things Classic, speed levelling and the hardcore challenge, Duran is a really knowledgeable player and content creator, his classic dungeon speedrunning discord is open to the public and you can expect a whole lot of exciting things in the future there, Duran also got to lvl 60 in the hardcore Challenger after this show was recorded. Enjoy and check out the social links below  @Duranasaur on twitter - Duransaurs discord all the PoA socials are here
November 15, 2020
S2E02 Featuring North
A legend of the wow classic community, Father of spell cleave North the mage was in the hot seat to chat all things wow and specifially mage life. North is extremely passtionate and very well informed about world of Warcraft. We chatted about Wow classic. future expansions, the AOE levelling meta and past and futre MMO's , i hope you all enjoy this conversation and please take a minite to support our guests by following their content. Remember PoA is Non monetised now and for teh foreseeable future so if you want to show support for the show then retweet, share like etc. Heres a link to the father of speelcleave video that was mentioned, and links to the other socials North on youtube @norhtthemage on twitter all my socials are here
October 31, 2020
S2 E01 Featuring WillE
We are back boys and girls,  Im excited to be doing the show again, Season 2 is here!! I promised high quality guests, and who better to kick the season off than on of the best Wow Classic content creators , im sure you have seen his you tube videos and will recognize his voice straight away. I had a great time interviewing Will, we talked a lot about wow classic and content creation, i hope you all enjoy it  and forgive me for rambling a bit, i was just enjoying the chat with him and forgot sometimes its an interview !! WillE's content is here You can find me on @peopleofazerot1 on twitter Join the discord here
October 18, 2020
EP 32 Update
Just a little update for where the show is and where its going
May 25, 2020
Ep31 Ft. Jhaman the Shaman
Juno was joined by a well known figure of the WoW classic community and a fellow podcaster Jhaman the Shaman, to talk about wow classic, pvp and pve, classic plus, podcasting and the future of wow, it was a fun chat, hope you all enjoy ! Jhaman's Discord Jhaman's Twitch Twitter @Jhamantheshaman all the People of Azeroth socials here
May 5, 2020
Ep 30 Ft. Graysfordays
Graysfordays was in the hot seat today. expect some high energy , passionate conversation here about WoW classic and the hardcore challenge. Hope you all enjoy and of course, feedback is welcome ! all the People of Azeroth socials here
April 14, 2020
Ep29 Ft. Ian Bates (Red Shirt Guy )
It was an absolute pleasure to interview Ian Bates also known as the Red Shirt Guy, with Ordaris co hosting we all had a really enjoyable chat. Ian has a tonne of stories to tell and a knowledge of Warcraft that can only be described as Encyclopedic.  We didnt just talk about Blizzcon and the famous red shirt, but How Ian got started in WoW, his opinions of the game now and what he would like to see in the future.  We also heard some wonderful little lore and trivia pieces that i hope you all enjoy. Many thanks again to Ian for joining us and our delightful co-host Ordaris for her efforts behind the scenes on this one.  @theredshirtguy Juno and Ordaris here @peopleofazerot1 on twitter @Ordaris
April 6, 2020
Ep 28 Classic discussion BWL and TBC
In this Episode Funo was joined by 2 returning guests, Jamie who is GM of Lionface and Dunedain who is GM of The Fellowship, bot are returning guests. We discussed BWL and how their guild has approached it,  the current classic landscape in general and during the interview the news broke about TBC so we reacted and chatted live about it. hope you all enjoy You can find Jamie at   In the C2C and PoA discord Dunedain  - on youtube on twitch Juno @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
March 31, 2020
Ep 27 Ft. Ayle
Ayle is a well known figure in the wow classic community, been on a tonne of podcasts inc  a regular spot on countdown to Classic, Juno and co host Ordaris were very happy to have an in depth conversation with Ayle about his wow career, the state of the game, PVP arena tips, and life as a top tier big baller S rank raider. you can find Ayle here discord inv Juno and Ordaris here @peopleofazerot1 on twitter @Ordaris
March 28, 2020
Ep26 Ft Kargoz
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the episode that a whole lot of you have been waiting for,  Juno was joined by the O.G, big baller shot caller of the wow classic community, Kargoz was in the building talking about classic, the hardcore challenge,  TBC , and his love of vulpera :P Tune in and enjoy, feedback welcome as usual on twitter @jheldridge Kargoz gaming discord Wow classic HC discord twitch/tv/kargozgaming @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
March 26, 2020
Ep25 Featuring Juno
A role reversal is always a good way to keep things fresh so thats exactly what we did, Juno was in the hot seat today being interviewed by our wonderful friend Algerbraic.   It was a fun way to celebrate 25 episodes of the show, thankyou all for your continued support. @algerbraic on twitter @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
March 24, 2020
Ep24 Featuring Taladril
Taladril was in the hot seat this time to talk about wow classic, Starcraft MMO, The Burning Cusade and a whole lot more. discord inv @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
March 22, 2020
Ep23 Ft Felitas
Amid the COVID lockdown, we are pumping out extra content to fight boredom ! Juno is joined by Felitas. a freindly and delightful WoW retail player, to discus her wow career . hope you all enjoy it and remember to check out the links below twitter - @byefelitas @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
March 18, 2020
Ep22 Featuring Caperfin
Caperfin is in the virtual studio today talking about classic, off meta and sub optimal specs, Classic plus,  shamans and more, hope you enjoy the chat and that the bird noises arent too distracting lol @caperfinwow on twitter youtube/caperfin @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
March 15, 2020
Ep21 Featuring Rebekah
Injecting some professionalism into the show this week was the delightful Rebekah,  You may know her from various tech and gaming sites, or for her gaming cookbook skills, tune in to hear that little story and more in this really fun episode. We discussed the future of classic, the future of retail, end game gearing and blizzard as a company, please enjoy !!!!! on twitter @duckvalentine  @peopleofazerot1 btag junoeclipse#1435 Patreon  -
March 11, 2020
Ep20 Ft Demeternoth
First time ever streaming an episode !!! hope it turns out good.  the lovely Demeternoth was kind enough to join us for a hot date on saturday night and talk about her experience in WoW, lore, deathknights, the future of classic, the WoW HC challenge , streaming and all the other fun stuff we usually chat about. you can find deme on twitter @ Demeternoth and on twitch you can find Juno on discord @Juno-eclipse#6801 twitter @peopleofazerot1 Thankyou all for the continued support.
March 8, 2020
Ep 19 Featuring Kerensa
This is a long one guys, the time flew and the conversation kept flowing, joining Juno this week was Kerensa, she has an extensive knowledge of WoW over a long period of time, we talked about, classic, retail, raiding, mechanics, the wow token, TBC, shadowlands and much more. I hope you all enjoy the episode you can find Kerensa on twitter @Kerensa on twitch heres the conan clip - Please follow Juno on twitch @peopleofazerot1
March 1, 2020
Ep18 Featuring Defcamp
Boys, this a long one , Juno and Defcamp got a bit carried away with thoughts on retail, classic love, panda death knights were mentioned again.... but we also got serious and talked about real life issues, potential addiction and tips to manage that. hope you all enjoy it and feedback is welcome as usual.   I promise there is some retail love coming soon !!! twitter -@Def_MelTV @peopleofazerot11 PoA discord Kargoz UI video Kerensa Demeternoth
February 23, 2020
Ep17 Featuring Josh
For most of you, Josh will need no introduction,  He headed up an extremely popular wow classic podcast called Countdown to classic and built an amazing community in discord.  We chatted mainly about classic, a little bit of a soapbox rant about retail, blizzard as a company and the future of classic.  I hope you all enjoy it, feedback is welcome as usual.  you can find josh on twitter @joshcorbettpods C2C discord Sinnerfiles - wherever you get your podcasts You can find Juno on twitter @Peopleofazerot1
February 21, 2020
Ep16 Featuring Capo
Today Juno was joined by Capo, a friend of the show and unofficial promoter,  Capo has played wow for 15 years, plays classic and retail now, we chatted about his history,  8.3 classic, guild,s shadow lands and at the end a potential pay to win situation emerging in wow. @peopleofazerot1 on twitter battletag Junoeclipse#1435
February 16, 2020
Ep15 Featuring Melderon
Joining Juno this week is  a pillar of the WoW classic community  , Melderon. We discussed classic, retail, shamans,  content creation, raiding, meme specs. and the famous questions at the end , hope you all enjoy it, and check out the links below @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
February 9, 2020
Ep14 Girl Gamer Round Table
Boys ! this is the big one, we have talked about it, there has been hype. The week Juno was joined by 4 amazing, talented and funny gamers, we discussed the highs and lows of being a female gamer. their experience , funny stories, creepy stories, and of course i didnt make it out of there without having to explain a few embarassing things about myself  twitter - Peopleofazerot1 email - Atiesh / alliance side, Dungeon Fables, World of Warcast,  Morally Grey, Frazlcast, you know the drill, check it out and find us all in the various discords, feel free to at me.
January 26, 2020
Ep13 Featuring Dunedain
Juno was joined by Dunedain to talk about WoW, classic and retail, his gaming experience in general and life over on the EU servers. Dunedain is a content creator, you can find his youtube channel here. Also on Good Morning Azeroth, which can be found on youtube or where ever you get your podcasts twitter - @Peopleofazerot1
January 19, 2020
Ep12 Featuring Frazley
Another fun episode with a great guest. Juno is joined by Frazley, to talk about podcasting, the wow community, blizcon,  Classic and retail.  All done in the usual free flowing conversation style.   We had the rapid fire questions at the end, and did some shout outs. Hope you all enjoy it and if i missed something then please get in touch with me in discord @peopleofazerot1 on twitter Frazleys on twitch Lucinawow on twitch
January 12, 2020
EP11 Featuring Philstachio
First episode of 2020 boys !!! bringing in the new year with Philstachio AKA Bigpapaphil , we talked about......... well we kinda just had a conversation,  hope you enjoy it,  editing wasnt great,  but its the first one after a couple weeks off. @peopleofazerot1 om twitter
January 5, 2020
Ep10 Featuring Alenya
This week Juno talks to the lovely Alenya about speed running , life on Arugal,  how paladins are awesome,  The beyond blue chopper drive,  and a whole bunch of other stuff, just listen to it instead of reading this. Alenya11 on twitch @peopleofazerot1 om twitter
December 15, 2019
Ep09 Featuring Renata
Our guest today was none other than the amazingly knowledgeable and very funny Renata from World of Warcast, we chatted about old school gaming, her time in WoW, becoming a writer for wowhead, tall podcast hosts, blue hair and tight t-shirts lol.   Hope you all enjoy it. @peopleofazerot1 on twitter 
December 8, 2019
Ep08 Featuring Gin
Off the rails is not a term i throw around loosely but it best describes this episode.  Juno is joined by Gin from Morally Grey. We discuss.. Pumpkin spice, cane toads, roadies,  dating advice? mechanical keyboards,  a little bit of WoW lore and the usual questions at the end,  Explicit as usual, dont listen to this one with the little ones around. @peopleofazerot1 on twitter
December 4, 2019
EP07 Featuring Ali
Ali is our amazing guest this week, talking about podcasting, Blizzcon,  Wow classic and retail, the conversation goes off on a few tangents but is a lot of fun, hang around for the questions at the end and we recommend some other shows to enjoy.
December 1, 2019
EP06 Featuring Ordaris
This episode was a lot of fun, great chat with our guest Ordaris ,  We discuss her experience in wow, past and present,  being  a female gamer ,warrior life, hardware choices including foot pedals lol. Juno ended up in the hot seat for a few questions too, stick around for that Join the discord and engage with me and the guests discord - email -
November 24, 2019
EP05 Featuring t8t3r
This time Juno is joined by t8t3r aka Palaus the paladin to chat about pumpkin spice,  wow classic, warcraft 3, the lich king and a whole lot more, usual questions at the end, should be a fun episode,  If you are disappointed with the audio quality, please bear with me, Studio mic is on way. Thanks for listening discord - email -
November 19, 2019
Ep04 Featuring Jamie
This week is an interview and conversation with wow Classic player Jamie,   we discuss classic, retail, her launch experiences, podcasts, paladins and a whole lot more Jamie is a super talented artist. you can see her work at discord - email -
November 17, 2019
Ep03 Featuring Berridan
The guest this time is Berridan, we chat about his experience in wow.   classic and retail,  shadowlands and other future content.  and of course the rapid fire questions at the end Thanks Berridan for editing this episode and for the artwork. discord - email -
November 14, 2019
EP02 Featuring Fear
This week in People of Azeroth, Juno is joined by Fear to discuss WoW , past present and future, his experience through the game, our recent experience in BRD and how he snagged a spot as co-host of Morally Grey. discord - email -
November 10, 2019
EP01 Featuring Algerbraic
First ever official episode, featuring Algerbraic, talented gamer, GM of the  guild "I need an adult"  We discuss, wow classic, retail, past present and future of the game, and some fun questions at the end
November 6, 2019
EP00 Introduction
Just a very short introduction to the show , outlining what i intend to do and what listeners can expect.
November 4, 2019