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People of Packaging Podcast

People of Packaging Podcast

By Adam Peek
This is a podcast where we illuminate the stories of people in the packaging industry.

Cohosted by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt
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Season 4, Episode 2 - Hanko Kiessner, Executive Chairman of the Board at Packsize

People of Packaging Podcast

Season 4, Episode 4 - Marian Leitner-Waldman from Archer Roose Wines
Thanks to the IOPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) for being a supporter of the podcast. Head over to and snag your membership today! Let them know Adam Peek sent you ;) Today's episode is with the CFR (Chief Feather Ruffler) of Archer Roose Wines, Marian Leitner-Waldman You can find their product in stores or online at and check out their focus on People, Place, Profile, and Practice.  Please remember to like, share, subscribe as we continue to push packaging forward together
June 15, 2021
Season 4, Episode 3 - Shawn P. Welch from Hi Cone
Today's episode is straight fire and is brought to you by Retail Aware. Make sure you know your shopper and get real time data analytics on how your products and packaging are performing in the retail environment. Go to and contact them today Shawn drops some great knowledge on the state of recycling and what the folks at Hi Cone are doing to improve it. They are closing the loop on ring recycling and you can learn more at You can also contact the folks at Hi Cone by emailing Connect with Shawn on Linkedin - Please remember to like, share, subscribe, and keep supporting! #packagingisawesome
June 1, 2021
Season 4, Episode 2 - Hanko Kiessner, Executive Chairman of the Board at Packsize
Episode 2 is now LIVE and you will definitely not want to miss my interview with the Executive Chairman of Packsize, Hanko Kiessner. His story of coming to the US from Germany and using his father's technology to help revolutionize our e-Commerce shipping and change the world is remarkable. Make sure you connect with Packsize at and request your free evaluation! A huge shoutout to Fortis Solutions Group for sponsoring this episode and partnering with companies like Packsize to deliver products to people in a way that is saving the planet! Fortis shows up strong to help companies deliver world class packaging and products across various industries. You can find the People of Packaging Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts. #packagingisawesome
May 25, 2021
Season 4, Episode 1 - THE Project ExecutionHer, Megan Young Gamble
Megan is on a mission to P.I.M.P your packaging. She brings a joy to her job coupled with a systematic approach to bring your projects to life. Please connect up with Megan at  This episode is sponsored by Fortis Solutions Group. Fortis is a leading manufacturer of labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, folding cartons, and label applicators. If you are needing to elevate your game on the packaging front, you can go to and let them know you heard about them from the podcast
May 18, 2021
Season 3 FINALE - Ted talks
Well, a lot happened this season, especially in Ted's life and we wanted to wrap this up with his crazy year and why you should be excited to hear more from him in Season 4 coming this May Also, Adam's TEDx talk on Packaging came out this week. Check it out at Another huge thanks to DocXellent for their sponsorship this Season!
March 26, 2021
Season 3, Episode 25 - Lisa Curtin, Head of Global Strategy at brandkey Graphics
HUGE thanks to DocXellent for their Season 3 sponsorship of the Podcast. Head over to and get your eBook and stop dealing with all of those loose and irregular specifications. Likewise, make sure you check out what Lisa and the brandkey team are doing by taking their 30 day virtual press check challenge or connect with Lisa at The season finale is coming later today as well with a conversation between Adam Peek and Ted Taitt
March 26, 2021
Season 3, Episode 24 - Brian Sanner, National Sales & Project Manager at Starkey Spring Water
If you want to learn more from Brian, please connect up with him over at Also! Go to and get your free eBook from DocXellent AND help a child in need. For every download until the end of April 2021, we will be donating $1
March 25, 2021
Season 3, Episode 23 - Cory Connors, TikTok star, Sustainable Packaging expert at Landsberg Orora
In this much overdue episode, I got to chat with Cory Connors from Orora Landsberg about a ton of things from social selling to his non profit! Speaking of his non profit, for every download of our eBook (at between today and the end of April 2020, we will be dontaing $1 to his charity, Candle Lighters for Children with Cancer! Connect with Cory on TikTok @corygated Linkedin -
March 24, 2021
Season 3, Episode 22 - Satoru Wakeshima, Managing Partner at CBX
I had a great time chatting with CBX partner and packaging design visionary, Satoru Wakeshima about some amazing recent projects! Connect with Satoru - Connect with CBX - Support the pod - Get a sweet packaging email every day -
March 23, 2021
Season 3, Episode 21 - George Dempsey, CEO of Dempsey International and Raptor Packaging
Remember to support the podcast by going to to get your free eBook from DocXellent ALSO! Join the newsletter to get your daily packaging industry newsletter. You can connect with George on LinkedIn - Check out what's going on with Raptor Packaging - Please remember to like, share, and subscribe!
March 22, 2021
Season 3, Episode 20 - MARCH MADNESS WEEK! - Chemere Mathis, Grad Student at Michigan State University
First of all, make SURE you connect up with Chemere at, she's graduating in May and you will love her conviction and knowledge and story here. Also, you need to head over to to help the team there give away $250 and feature your company. We would love if you put People of Packaging in the Company link ;) Finally, this season is sponsored by DocXellent - head to to get your free eBook on Packaging Specification Management software and level up your game!
March 18, 2021
Season 3, Episode 19 - MARCH MADNESS WEEK! Dekshitha Sridhar - Sustainability Chairwomen at RIT
We kick off March Madness with 2 episodes featuring current college students with this week's episode with Dee Sridhar. Dee is a dynamic communicator and passionate about sustainability. Connect up with her over on LinkedIn at You can help us win the March Madness challenge by going to and subscribing to their newsletter and putting "POP Podcast" in the company name.  You can also support the podcast by going to to get your free eBook from DocXellent!
March 16, 2021
Season 3, Episode 18 - Jib Hunt CEO of Kemper Snowboards
The first professional athlete we've ever had on the podcast! Jib Hunt is the CEO of Kemper Snowboards ( and he is reviving a classic snowboard brand. This former pro rider turned designer and marketer drops some knowledge in this can't miss interview! You also can't miss out on the free eBook from our sponsor DocXellent. Go to to level up your packaging specification game and support the podcast.  ALSO, the podcast is a huge supporter of the Packaging Tips Newsletter. Daily packaging news and tips in your inbox. Sign up at
March 10, 2021
Season 3, Episode 17 - Brandon Schwartz - Co-founder of DRNXMYTH
Here at the People of Packaging Podcast, we absolutely LOVE it when we find brands who are innovating and coming up with new product delivery methods and using PACKAGING as a differentiator. DRNXMYTH is one such company and they are crushing it! Brandon joined the podcast to talk about their journey and the 3 years they spent making the packaging to delivery delicious craft cocktails to your home or office. Head over to to get some drinks and marvel at the packaging design. They are doing some great things for virtual happy hours as well! Their IG page is also fire at Connect with Brandon at Remember to support the podcast by getting your free eBook at 
March 2, 2021
Season 3, Episode 16 - Todd Meussling - Senior Manager, Market Development / Fresh-Lock
Adam is joined by Todd Meussling from Reynolds Consumer Group to talk importance of proper closures in food packaging among many other topics including the future of the industry and also the importance of child safety! If you'd like to stay up to date with Todd - you can follow him on LinkedIn - If you'd like to support out podcast, get your free ebook from DocXellent - And new! You can subscribe to Packaging Tips to get your daily Packaging Industry email newsletter starting March 1 at
February 17, 2021
Season 3, Episode 15 - Aimy Steadman, Co Founder and CGSDO at Future Proof
Future Proof is the home of Beat Box Beverages and is a fun and energetic company who prioritizes diversity, sustainability, and having a great time doing it!  Aimy Steadman joins Adam Peek for an incredibly fun interview that will make you want to invest and support this great brand Connect with Future/Proof - Aimy Steadman - Peep the video interview - You can like and support this podcast by going to to get your free eBook from DocXellent!
February 2, 2021
Season 3, Episode 14 - Brian Wagner from PTIS Global
2021 is off to a great start with another killer episode! Reminder that this season is sponsored by DocXellent so head over to to get your free eBook.  Brian Wagner is an incredible wealth of knowledge in the packaging world. You will be better by getting to know him and his company PTIS. You can learn more about them at  Connect up with Brian Wagner on LinkedIn at
January 26, 2021
Season 3, Episode 13 - Richie Stapler, Co Founder at Pura
"Pura makes perfect scents" You know what else makes sense? Stop letting your packaging specs go unmonitored! Head over to and get your eBook already! You can learn about ways to level up your packaging spec management with DocXellent. Do it already! Richie jumps on the podcast today and we get to hear about what he's built at Pura with his incredible team and the role that packaging has played in bringing a fresh new idea to market along with the challenges as well. Head over to and change the way you manage the scents in your home. My office smells amazing...not overpowering but just right all of the time!
January 19, 2021
Season 3, Episode 12 - Doug Renfro, President at Renfro Foods
Ok, so honestly, I'm a huge fan of the Mrs. Renfro's brand. Their products are amazing and their packaging is also! you can find Mrs. Renfro's salsa online and at most major retailers If you want to support out podcast, please hit up to get your free eBook from our sponsor, DocXellent
January 12, 2021
Season 3, Episode 11 - Philippe Erhart, President, North America - Beauty + Home at Aptar
Easily one of Adam's favorite interviews of the season! Philippe is a dynamic leader and he discusses leading during a pandemic, the importance of sustainability and it's connection to diversity, and we get to hear about his journey into packaging! Connect with Philippe - You can learn about DocXellent by getting your free eBook at  #packagingisawesome
December 29, 2020
Season 3, Episode 10 - Fabien Thibault - Global Manager, Product & Packaging Sustainability for MilliporeSigma
You wanted more sustainable packaging podcasts and you got one! Fabien comes through with some great knowledge and resources along with sharing his story and journey into a critical role at MilliporeSigma You will definitely want to check out SMASH Packaging - They lay out what they are doing and how they are doing it all and it's incredible Fabien can be contacted on LinkedIn - (his banner image is awesome!)
December 22, 2020
Season 3, Episode 9 - Joe Fernandez from Vera Bradley
New father, Joe Edward Fernandez, comes on to talk about packaging and sustainability. Just don't call him Joseph (unless your his mother, than we will allow it!) This episode is sponsored by DocXellent. Head over to and get your free eBook today and support this podcast and level up your packaging spec managment. Connect with Joe at Adam Peek at
December 17, 2020
Season 3, Episode 8 - Mark Samuel, CEO of IWON Organics
Some super cool things happening today! Mark has a free eBook out called "Small Win, Big Victories" that comes out today! The link is on his LinkedIn page and he's a MUST FOLLOW. To celebrate the release of his eBook, we are doing something special. For every download of the DocXellent ebook, the Podcast will be making a donation to Heart of a Hero, an non profit that helps underprivileged kids and an organization that IWON supports. So, you can get 2 free eBooks AND help out some kids?!? What a day! to get your eBook from DocXellent Connect with Mark @ Follow IWON Organics - Learn about Heart of a Hero @
December 10, 2020
Season 3, Episode 7 - Santiago Navarro, CEO of Garcon Wines
If you don't know about Garcon Wines yet, you're about to. They are aiming to revolutionize the wine packaging industry in a very needed and impactful way. Make sure you not only connect up with Santiago on LinkedIn ,but also head over to and level up your packaging game with a free eBook from our sponsor, DocXellent! Santiago - Garcon Wines -
December 8, 2020
Season 3, Episode 6 - Jose Amado - "The Box Man"
We are starting off December right, Episode 6 with Jose Amado of Boutwell Owens is live. Ted Taitt and Jose get into great discussions leading to Jose dropping some Gems for the listeners. Don't forget to log onto and download the free e-book from DocXellent  to help support the podcast! Connect with Jose on LinkedIn - Connect with Ted Taitt - Please like, share, and subscribe!
December 2, 2020
Season 3, Episode 5 - Jesse Genet CEO of Lumi
Lumi has become one of the most disruptive and innovative companies to hit the packaging stage in quite sometime and Adam got to sit down with their CEO, Jesse Genet and talk about what inspired her to start Lumi with her cofounder, how she transported herself to Cali from Michigan, and what she sees in the future Connect with Jesse on LinkedIn - Learn more about Lumi - Get your free eBook from our sponsor at
November 23, 2020
Season 3, Episode 4 - Matt Reddington from Veritiv
Remember to support our podcast and level up your packaging specification management by visiting to get your free eBook from DocXellent! Today's episode we talk packaging design services with Matt Reddington from Veritiv. He drops some great nuggets and we get to learn about his past and his walk in packaging has been. You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn -
November 10, 2020
Season 3, Episode 3 - Lisa Pierce, Executive Editor for Packaging Digest
Season 3 is brought to you by DocXellent - head over to to download your free eBook about how to transform your specification management software! Today we get to hear from Lisa Pierce from Packaging Digest and we get to cover some great topics. Lisa is an industry giant and the work she does at Packaging Digest in incredible. You need to connect with her if you aren't. 
November 3, 2020
Season 3, Episode 2 - Jane Chase, Executive Director of the IOPP
This season is sponsored by DocXellent - you need to hit up and get your free eBook. It'll increase your knowledge of the packaging game and support the podcast! Today's episode is with Packaging Industry Hall of Famer - Jane Chase! Jane is the Executive Director of the IOPP and has an incredibly amazing journey to tell through the packaging industry. If you're in the industry, you need to join up with the IOPP by going to and make sure you let them know Adam Peek referred you :)
October 22, 2020
Season 3, Episode 1 - with DocXellent and GlaxoSmithKline
We are excited to launch Season 3 and ALSO to announce our first sponsor, DocXellent.  If you want to support the podcast and level up your packaging game, head over to and you can get a free eBook that supports our podcast and helps you up your game on packaging spec workflow Enjoy the interview!
October 15, 2020
Season 2, Episode 20 - Part 2 with Darrell Jobe, CEO of Vericool
Season 2 ends with a bang! We continue of our conversation with Darrell Jobe where Ted and I dig in more to what he's doing to change the world through his innovations at Vericool.  Hit them up at
September 1, 2020
Season 2, Episode 19 - Darrell Jobe, CEO of Vericool Part 1 of 2
Darrell is absolutely one of our favorite people in this packaging world and is deserving of not just 2 episodes, but a recurring slot :)  In this episode we connect with Darrell and his story and next episode is about his company and all the great things they are doing! Find Darrell on LinkedIn -
August 25, 2020
Season 2, Episode 18 - Karen Aranha - Packaging Corporation of America
Karen has an incredible story from growing up in India to stumbling into the packaging world and falling in love with in. Karen is on site for PCA at Hershey's and is loving every minute of her job :) Connect with Karen on LinkedIn -
July 30, 2020
Season 2, Episode 17 - Peek Packaging Podcast
Going back to where it all began for me (Adam)! I'm joined by Bob Peek, President of Peek Packaging, Miles and Mackey Peek also jumped on and we talk about family dynamics. The difficulty of family in business when everyone is working in the company and you gotta hear Bob's answer about what he would fix about the packaging industy. Connect with them at  Bob Peek on LinkedIn - Miles Peek on LinkedIn - Mackey Peek on LinkedIn -
July 21, 2020
Season 2, Episode 16- Robert Champion CEO of Innoflex Solutions
Innoflex Solutions provides incredibly valuable solutions to both OEM's and CPG companies to help solve some very real and pressing packaging equipment problems.  Robert  Champion shares his story with us about his journey!  He can be reached via email at or on his cell phone at 248-214-8480
June 30, 2020
Season 2, Episode 15 - Professor Pierre Pinaar, President of the World Packaging Organization
How often do you get to say, "I interviewed the President!" THE President of the World Packaging Organization is in the building and he did not disappoint! Joining the podcast all the way from the Gold Coast of Australia he chronicled his journey from South Africa to the WPO and it's a must listen If you are in the US and you want to get involved in the WPO, you should join the IOPP by visiting Connect with Pierre at Adam Peek at
June 23, 2020
Season 2, Episode 14 - Kirk Visola from Mind The Font
Happy Juneteenth, everyone! We have Kirk Visola from Mind the Font on to talk about packaging, design, branding, black owned businesses, comic books, and so much more. Do not sleep on this episode! If you own a black owned business or know of anyone who does, sent them to to apply for the Empowered Initiative Find Kirk on LinkedIn - Find Ted Taitt on LinkedIn - Find Adam Peek on LinkedIn -
June 19, 2020
Season 2, Episode 13 - Paul Nowak, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Quad Graphics
June is PRIDE month and today is the day after a powerful Supreme Court ruling extending protections to the LGBTQ community and I could not be more proud than to have Paul Nowak from Quad Graphics on the podcast. Paul shares his story as a packaging nerd and gay man and how that has made him an invaluable asset to the team at Quad and the packaging industry You can connect with Paul on LinkedIn - Adam Peek - Please like, share, subscribe to our podcast or vlog
June 16, 2020
Season 2, Episode 12 - Michael Hughes CEO of Elevation Labs
Michael Hughes offers his perspective as an Irishman who has worked for large companies like P&G and is now the CEO of Elevation Labs and has done an exceptional job of leading his team during this current Covid crisis along with his firm stance on issues of racial injustice (this episode was recorded prior to the George Floyd murder so it's not mentioned during the interview) You can find Michael on LinkedIn - Contact Elevation Labs at Connect with Adam Peek -
June 13, 2020
Season 2, Episode 11 - Jared Spencer from Adept Packaging Group
Adept Packaging Group is doing some incredible things and Jared Spencer is right at the heart of it all! Learn about Jared's story and journey along with some of the strides Adept is making to bring transparency and sustainability to the packaging world You can find Jared on LinkedIn - You can connect with Adam Peek -
June 12, 2020
Season 2, Episode 10 - Dr. Vickie VanHurley THE Design Doc
The Design Doc is in the building! Dr. VanHurley is an accomplished professor, teacher, designer, artist, author, and packaging professional.  She drops some knowledge on her past along with some trends she is seeing going forward. You can purchase her book "Bootstrap Branding" here - Connect with her on LinkedIn - You can connect with Adam Peek on LinkedIn -  If you want to listen to the podcast search for People of Packaging Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts. Or online -
June 5, 2020
Season 2, Episode 9 - Kate Christian from Eco-cycle LIVE
Adam and Kate had an interview that aired live on Facebook and the Ms. Frizzle of Recycling brought the heat! She's an incredible resource for all things packaging recycling. I think you'll agree,  she needs to be a regular guest for sure! Connect with Kate on LinkedIn - Eco-cycle - Adam Peek -
June 2, 2020
Season 2, Episode 8 - Jonathan Bybee VP of Creative at Lakanto Foods
Adam sits down as part of his Covideo-19 series (where he is interviewing 19 different people during this pandemic) with Jon Bybee the VP of Creative from Lakanto Foods. Jon doesn't just wax his mustache, he also waxes poetic on the creative process, the role of packaging in the natural food space, and the amazing Monkfruit. The best way to follow and connect with Jonathan is on Instagram - Go buy yourself some Lakanto Monkfruit products at You can connect with Adam Peek at Follow his Video series, including this one, 
May 28, 2020
Season 2, Episode 7 - Steve Steele from Recapture Technologies
Meet a guy who has a team of people who literally want to save the planet. Steve is a thinker and a scientist who has developed a way to make cellulose from thin air! Please connect up with Steve by sending an email to If you have connections to raw cellulose providers or people in the green tech space looking to change the world, make the intro! As always, please like, share, and subscribe
May 26, 2020
Season 2, Episode 6 - Camille Corr Chism from Indigo Packaging Consulting
So, you don't know Camille yet, but if you're in the packaging industry...then you absolutely need to! She's an amazing human with a ton of connections, knowledge, oh and she has the receipts to back up all of my claims.  Connect with Camille on LinkedIn - Connect with Adam Peek -
May 22, 2020
Season 2, Episode 5 - Irene Kong and Audrey Elise from MANTL Men
As part of Adam's Covideo-19 series, he interview Irene and Audrey to hear about their journey to help bald and balding men find worth and practice self care. They also have a really killer unboxing experience and you can tell they really focused and cared about the community to peep the products They have a Facebook page and private group as well - You can reach Irene Kong on LinkedIN - You can reach Audrey Elise at You can reach Adam Peek at
May 20, 2020
Season 2, Episode 4 with Jeff Bean, EVP of Packaging Manufacturing at Visible Supply Chain
Episode 4 with Jeff Bean from VSC is live and popping! Yes, Adam dropped a Mr Bean reference but then Jeff dropped some straight fire about his life and his passion for packaging! LinkedIn for Jeff - Visible Supply Chain - LinkedIn for Adam Peek -
May 12, 2020
BONUS Episode - Ogden's Own CEO Steve Conlin
In this bonus episode, Adam Peek gets to talk with Steve Conlin, CEO of Ogdens Own Distillery to discuss the transition they had to make to ramp up production on sanitizer and the critical role packaging played. You can watch the video interview at Connect with Five Wives Vodka - Adam Peek - or
April 27, 2020
Season 2, Episode 3 with Maggie Wedemeyer, Lip & Eye Beauty Packaging for Coty
Ted gets to sit down with Maggie from Coty (formerly owner of Benevolent Beauty) and they cover some of the amazing things Maggie has done in packaging and her journey in packaging from Michigan State to beauty packaging Connect with Maggie on LinkedIn - Connect with Ted on LinkedIn -
April 1, 2020
Season 2, Episode 2 with Steve Savage, CEO of 1908 Brands
Steve Savage drops some knowledge in episode 2 of season 2. Please check out to learn more about this innovative CPG firm in Boulder, CO Connect with Steve on LinkedIn at - Connect with Adam Peek from Fortis Solutions at - Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review to spread the love as we continue to share the stories of people in packaging
February 25, 2020
Season 2, Episode 1 with Michelle Enright from Sonos
What a great way to kick off season 2! Michelle and Adam cover a ton of topics and Adam nerds out a little bit about Sonos and packaging :) Connect with Michelle - Connect with Adam - Please rate, share, like, review!
February 4, 2020
Episode 11 - Season 1 wrap up
Season 1 is a wrap! Ted and Adam review the first season and revisit some lessons learned from every guest.  Please subscribe and like and share! Season 2 will be coming in 2020!
December 17, 2019
Episode 10 - Chris Davidson, PhD - Director of Corporate Sustainability from WestRock
Our first tag team episode where Ted and Adam where able to interview Chris Davidson, PhD. He is the director of corporate sustainability for WestRock We had a great time covering a lot of packaging sustainability topics along with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee so you don't want to miss this one! Connect with Chris on LinkedIn ( Please like, share and subscribe to the podcast so we can spread the word on how great the people are in this great industry
November 27, 2019
Episode 9 - Jonathan Quinn from Nova Chemicals
At Pack Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, Adam was able to carve out some time with Jonathan Quinn and, probably not surprisingly, they were able to cover many topics around the plastic industry. You can connect with Jonathan for questions at Follow his hashtag #buyplasticlivefantastic Connect with Nova Chemicals at Connect with Adam Peek at As always, please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to keep getting content around people and their stories!
November 12, 2019
Episode 8 - Rhonda Foster from Great Northern Company
Here's an interview from a few months back with Rhonda Foster. Adam and Rhonda discuss some of the challenges around point of purchase displays from a design and customer perspective...and even a little Naughty by Nature reference! Yes, Rhonda is down with POP You can connect with Rhonda on LinkedIn - Please remember to like and share!
October 16, 2019
Episode 7 - Evelio Mattos from The Dieline
Ted and Evelio linked up over the phone and the conversation is great! They cover lots of topics around Evelio's background and what he does with The Dieline  Connect up with Evelio on LinkedIn at The Dieline - Please like, subscribe, and share our podcast as well Ted Taitt - Adam Peek - People of Packaging -
October 1, 2019
Episode 6 - Interact Boulder Forum
Adam has a wide ranging conversation with Sydney, Valerie, Christie, and Alexis from Interact Boulder.  You can learn more about Interact Boulder on their website To connect with each individual, you can connect with them on LinkedIn: Christie Wanamaker - Sydney Tomasello - Valerie Hawks - Alexis Berg - Also, you can connect with Adam Peek at or Be sure to listen to the latest season of the Business and Bourbon Podcast wherever you consume podcasts!
September 16, 2019
Episode 5 - Dr. Andrew Hurley from Clemson Packaging School
Episode 5 features a phone interview between Adam Peek and Dr Andrew Hurley from Clemson, the Packaging School, and Package Insight. They cover a broad range of topics including packaging for basil and Dr Hurley's intro to packaging as a high school selling pewter figurines.  Be sure to connect with Dr Hurley on LinkedIn at  Adam Peek can be contacted on LinkedIn at or via email Ted Taitt can be contacted on LinkedIn at or via email People of Packaging is part of the Business and Bourbon Podcast network! Be sure to check out season 2 of the Business and Bourbon podcast WHEREVER you listen to podcasts. Finally, please subscribe, share, like, review, and rate to help us spread the word about people of packaging. 
August 27, 2019
Episode 4 - Brandi Parker from Pearlfisher
Brandi and Ted talk through a number of cool issues including the role of production in packaging graphics and great ways to pick a major. Connect with Brandi in LinkedIn
August 13, 2019
Episode 3 - Paulette Gramse from WS Packaging Group
Guest is Paulette Gramse from WS Packaging Group. She is the product development manager for extended text labels. Connect with her on LinkedIn at
July 17, 2019
BONUS: Ronnell Richards from the Business and Bourbon Podcast
Happy 4th of July bonus episode with Ronnell Richards from Business and Bourbon talking about season 2! Connect with Ronnell on LinkedIn at and make sure you subscribe!
July 3, 2019
Episode 2 - Adam Peek from WS Packaging Group
Episode 2 is an interview with our Co host Adam Peek from WS Packaging Group. We learn about his failed childhood dream and his journey from pastor to packaging professional. You can connect with him at
June 18, 2019
Episode 1 - Ted Taitt from CPP Global
We are so excited to be part of the Business and Bourbon Podcast Network! Our first episode is an interview with Ted Taitt. Ted is the co-host for The People of Packaging Podcast and the VP of Sales Engineering at CPP Global. You can connect with Ted on Linkedin at
June 2, 2019