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People Who Don’t Suck

People Who Don’t Suck

By Kimi & Sada
"People Who Don't Suck" is a podcast about people we think are rad, and if you don't suck, you'll think so too. We talk about sex, love, community, mental health, business, wellness, and all the aspects in which we can better ourselves with and through the people around us.
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Surviving Covid 19 with Lauren Mia

People Who Don’t Suck

Surviving Covid 19 with Lauren Mia

People Who Don’t Suck

Reinventing Yourself at 86 with Lynn Ruth Miller
Lynn Ruth is the grandma you wish you had. At 70 years young, she decided to reinvent herself and start a successful comedy career. In a time when being young is a fleeting commodity, Lynn Ruth reminds us that we are only ever as old as we feel. We talk about sex, feminism, sexuality, and politics with our favorite Jewish grandma.
May 26, 2020
Branding and Entrepreneurship with Mark Brazil
Get inspired by Mark Brazil, the self-made co-founder of Ikonick, a highly successful digital canvas company based in DTLA. We go over the basics of what is needed in order to be successful in business, branding, and even relationships with our first male guest on the podcast.
May 15, 2020
Relationship Advice with Kimi and Sada
This week we have a casual conversation about relationships and how they work... and don’t work. We hash out advice and talk about boundaries, cheating, threesomes, privacy within relationships, and sexual expectations.••• we would love to hear from you! you can send us your comments and questions @peoplewhodontsuck on Instagram, or visit and enter to be a guest on the podcast! Follow your co-hosts @sadasimone and kimi @kingklio and
May 09, 2020
Attachment Styles with Dr.Nicole Hisaka
In this episode we invite Dr. Nicole Hisaka to explore the 4 common attachment styles in psychology and how we can better relate to ourselves and each other.
May 01, 2020
Building Communities with Tragik
Tragik is the definition of HUSTLE. She represents the part of us that yearns to feel inspired and whole despite the outside world that seems to resist us. We explore gender fluidity, sexuality, her new record label, her activism for queerness and marginalized communities, and her all around drive toward life in this episode. Check her out @tragik on socials, and her label @clubinverted.•••• join our mailing list and enter to be on an episode at . And follow your co-hosts @kingklio and @sadasimone
April 26, 2020
The Road to Porn with Olive Glass
Olive Glass let’s us in on her life’s story from Mormonism to marriage, and a whole lot of porn in between. ••• you can check out Olive @glassolive and donate to her organization at ••• Please follow @kingklio and @sadasimone (your hosts) ••• music by @troyspino and editing by @kingklio•••
April 19, 2020
Surviving Covid 19 with Lauren Mia
Lauren is a musician from LA who recently moved to Germany when the travel ban forced her to rush home to California. She contracted Corona Virus while preparing for move back to the US and has been in isolation for almost a month at her parents’ home in LA. This is her story... ••• you can contact Lauren for music/production lessons on zoom @laurenmiamusic ••• Please follow @kingklio and @sadasimone (your hosts) ••• music by @troyspino and editing by @kingklio•••
April 12, 2020