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By Perdix
Perdix a British writer channelling an unhealthy obsession with creating worlds.
This podcast is the audiobooks of Perdix's content, the works fall under two categories:

Original – works straight off the dome of Perdix themselves.
Magikarp Used Splash – a series in which Perdix takes the little-known extras from across various different TV, Film, Comic, Music, etc. sources and fleshes them out with back stories. The back stories aren’t intended to establish themselves as any form of EU, but just as a potential detail to unknown characters.
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Breaking New Ground - EP01 - Looking Down -
This is a brand new, free, story by an independent author Perdix from, presented here in audiobook form.  Like and subscribe to never miss an episode . What is Breaking New Ground? - A teenage boy leaves home to become the youngest inter-planetary pioneer of his civilization after being rejected from the official government training program.  Set in the distant future on a terraform-in-progress planet, the boy’s journey takes him from the planet’s depths, to the atmosphere’s limits, picking up a rag-tag band of friends and new skills along the way, that help him on the way to the stars. Once a lifetime, the planet launches a new ‘seed pod’ that lands and blooms into a powerful life supporting tech-tree that stretches into the ground, and up into the sky. Will our protagonist be on the next one, to reach start a new life and break new ground?   Where's your fav place to check us out?  Our website:  Facebook:   Twitter:  Instagram:  YouTube: Reddit:  Pintrest:  SoundCloud:  Patreon:  PayPal:  Ko-fi:  BMAC:  Prose:  Ello:  WattPad:  AO3:  RoyalRoad:  Medium:  FanFiction:  FictionPress:   Music Used: Pablo by jlsmrl Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library  
November 29, 2019