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Perilous Realm: A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Podcast

Perilous Realm: A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Podcast

By The Verdant Castellan
An Actual Play Podcast for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, playing both 4th Edition online via FoundryVTT (the Ubersreik Adventures) and our physical game in 2nd Edition (the Thousand Thrones campaign).

The Ubersreik Adventures: Ubersreik ’s streets run red with the blood of Reikland. Corpses of good, stout-hearted folk hang from the walls. Our heroes must navigate this powder-keg melting pot.

The Thousand Thrones: In a dark bloody age of daemons and of sorcery a new champion must be found. Will our protagonists aid him in these formative steps, or usher in the Age of the Thousand Thrones?
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The Enemy Within - Shadows Over Averheim
This is a short teaser for my current Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition campaign, The Enemy Within: Shadows Over Averheim. Surely you mean Shadows Over Bogenhafen you mad fool? The Enemy Within is a classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign. Actually there's two of them, and we don't want a case of Mistaken Identity here! The original classic one is currently in print for both 1E and 4E from Cubicle 7 at the moment! Ever the contrary fellow, whilst everyone and their small but vicious dog is running that I'm running the second WFRP campaign to bear the name Enemy Within, published by Fantasy Flight Games circa 2013 for WFRP 3rd Edition. It is considerably rarer and hard to track down (my own copy wasn't exactly a cheap Ebay purchase). I'm converting it to 4th Edition and running it on Foundry VTT.  To disambiguate the two campaigns I will call this conversion of the 3rd Edition campaign The Enemy Within: The Cowled Conspiracy (a name one of the authors approves of). This campaign was written by Graeme Davis and Dave Allen for Fantasy Flight Games. I believe Book 1 was primarily written by Dave Allen. So what is this about? The Enemy Within: The Cowled Conspiracy is an original standalone campaign that is set 8 years after the original and is also a prequel to the Storm of Chaos and thus our run of the Thousand Thrones. It parallels the themes of the original yet is a unique standalone adventure in its own right. And I'll be adding plenty of extra content, especially given the release of the new material for the original Enemy Within: Director's Cut. Can I have the conversion? I'll be converting this campaign, but it's a huge undertaking and I'll be looking at a way to get the conversion out there if there is demand. However unlike Mirror of Desire and Eye for an Eye, this is a huge campaign so unless it's just 4e statblocks you need, you'd be better of hunting down a copy of the campaign or the original Fantasy Flight PDF. Can I join your game? Yes! Our Ubersreik Adventures are on hiatus for now, and most of the players were recruited via the site - there's still 1-2 paid slots available in the unlikely event anyone's interested in joining. Otherwise the episodes will find their way here shortly when there's enough content to justify.
October 30, 2021
Heart of Glass Part 1 - A Death in the Watch
Freshly liberated from Spittlefeld our heroes are recruited into a game of intrigue, seemingly tasked with investigating a murder without any reasonable chance of success. Will they succeed, or is a fast boat to Tilea their best option?
April 23, 2021
Slaughter in Spittlefeld Part 3 - The Only Way Is Down!
Having retrieved the doctor's journal the Ubersreik trio descend into the maze-like lower levels of Spittlefeld to seek their quarry. Will the promise of treasure sway our heroes in their search for the architect of their imprisonment?
November 01, 2020
Slaughter in Spittlefeld Part 2 - Locked Inside Together
Betrayed by Sergeant Rudi Klumpenklug, the Ubersreik trio are sealed in the plague-addled tenement of Spittlefeld with some of the more colourful characters in Ubersreik. Can they navigate the animosities between a pair dwarf brothers and an elven hermit? Apologies to the good people of Glasgow.
September 17, 2020
Slaughter in Spittlefeld Part 1 - Rudi's Revenge
They had completed their mission, and earned release from the Ubersreik Watch. Or so they thought. Now their commanding officer, Rudi Klumpenklug has learned about their efforts to get free of his grip and is not happy. He sets them on a triple patrol, reminding them that it is an offence for any watchman to fall asleep on patrol. Is this the extent of his plan?
September 08, 2020
Making the Rounds Part 5 - The Warden and the Prisoner
The trio must escort a condemned prisoner to his execution at Morr's Field. Is there more to this? Can their employer guarantee they will be released from the Watch?
August 17, 2020
Making the Rounds Part 4 - A Secure Deal
A panicked merchant recruits the Ubersreik Trio to look into a shady deal in the Dawihafen. Rudi continues to make their life difficult.
July 23, 2020
Making the Rounds Part 3 - Terror in the Teufel
Disappearances run rife amongst the docks of Ubersreik, and only Marina seems to be interested in investigating these initially. Their search will take the Ubersreik Trio beneath the dwarven bridge that spans the Teufel. 
July 16, 2020
Making the Rounds Part 2 - Learning the Ropes
Pressed into service with the Ubersreik Watch, our three heroes each react differently to their new duties.
July 05, 2020
Making the Rounds Part 1 - Law and Order
The Ubersreik Trio are back in town, shopping for cloaks and weapons in the Marktplatz. Under the shadow of Magnus the Pious's watchful gaze the trio will face their first brush with the new law in Ubersreik. Will a sinister force high in society frame our heroes for a crime they did not commit, or will they be framed for a crime they actually did commit? This is our run of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Starter Set adventure. Played using FoundryVTT.
June 24, 2020
Eye for An Eye Part 4 - The Eyes Have It!
Defeated, disconsolate and threatened by cultists within and beastmen outside the walls, will the inhabitants of Grunewald Lodge rally against these threats, or will the lodge be ravaged to the ground by the claws of Chaos? This is a 4th Edition conversion of the 3rd Edition introductory module, An Eye for An Eye. You can download our conversion here. You can also download our Eye for an Eye Foundry module for WFRP 4e. Played using FoundryVTT.
June 11, 2020
Eye for An Eye Part 3 - Secrets & Eyes
The group, reeling from their discovery, navigate the Grunewald Lodge, unsure of who to trust. After a fateful meal the group find their mettle and faith tested to an extreme.This is a 4th Edition conversion of the 3rd Edition introductory module, An Eye for An Eye. You can download our conversion here. You can also download our Eye for an Eye Foundry module for WFRP 4e. Played using FoundryVTT.
June 04, 2020
Eye for An Eye Part 2 - Welcome to Grunewald
The group investigate the surly withdrawn servants of Grunewald Lodge, before making a horrifying discovery that threatens to shrivel their very souls. This is a 4th Edition conversion of the 3rd Edition introductory module, An Eye for An Eye. You can download our conversion here. You can also download our Eye for an Eye Foundry module for WFRP 4e. Note: Ubersreik Adventures audio was recorded on Discord so the audio quality may be choppy at times. You can also 
May 31, 2020
Bonus: Ubersreik Adventures Opening
This is the theme from the Ubersreik Adventures.  There's also a video available. Just the thing to get players in the mood for a 4E campaign!
May 23, 2020
Eye for An Eye Part 1 - A Warm Welcome
Ubersreik’s streets run red with the blood of Reikland. Corpses of good, stout-hearted folk hang from the walls for no crime but obedience to their liege-lords. to Morr’s Realm. None can understand why Altdorf State Soldiers arrived to remove Graf Sigismund von Jungfreud from power. What could cause the Emperor to do this? An investigator, a former Jungfreud soldier and an elven waywatcher, desperate for work in the current climate respond to a handbill that has been placed throughout the city. Will they make it to safety out of the city, or will the Reikwald Forest claim their due? This is a 4th Edition conversion of the 3rd Edition introductory module, An Eye for An Eye. You can download our conversion here. Note: Ubersreik Adventures are played online via Roll20 so audio quality may be choppy at times.  The Thousand Thrones episodes will continue as well, as we played up to Chapter 6 before the recent trouble.
May 20, 2020
The Crusade of the Child (Part 3)
In this final part of their explorations of the Crusade of the Child things start bad as the group have a corpse to dispose of, Barbossa finds himself in even greater mortal peril and the group finally think they know who their nemesis is. But will they stop his plan in time?
May 09, 2020
The Crusade of the Child (Part 2)
All is not safe in the Crusade of the Child, and our trio's investigation will take them from the highest to the very lowest. When Barbossa is given a unique opportunity to uncover the truth it falls to Guillame to act as Cyrano de Bergerac. Content Warning: Some relatively adult themes in this episode. And one exasperated GM.
May 02, 2020
The Crusade of the Child (Part 1)
After weeks of searching the Company of the Tattered Cloak finally reached the Crusade of the Child. Having met the child, Karl, will their lives ever be the same again? Sir Guillame struggles with the wounds he was dealt by the vampire Mad Orlock. He meets a new and unlikely ally. Barbossa quests for his master's grimoire with varying degrees of success. Elise discovers a person of interest in the woods near the crusade.
April 28, 2020
Whispers in the Dark (Part 3)
The group finally reach the Crusade of the Child, but must navigate a labyrinthine plethora of disease, decay, religious fundamentalism, bigotry, politics and even more abominable aspects of life in the Old World.
April 11, 2020
Whispers in the Dark (Part 2)
When we left the Company of the Tattered Cloak, an age ago, they were facing down a great beastman champion in the abandoned Reaper's Bounty. Now combat will be joined. Barbossa suffers at the hands of a recurring and this time bone-cracking nemesis. Guillame makes the ultimate sacrifice that a Bretonnian  Knight can make. Will the Company finally catch up with the elusive Crusade of the Child? Sound effects using the Syrinscape App.  Visit
March 30, 2020
Whispers in the Dark (Part 1)
Having sought sanctuary from the deprivation of the Drakwald within the walls of the Reaper's Bounty our companions three are surprised to discover everyone has seemingly left the inn deserted. Or perhaps not as deserted as they might have liked... Learn why Elise prefers the woods over civilisation. Marvel at Sir Guillame's battle-hardened nerves. Watch in wonder as Barbossa the Gold finally gets a Wizard's Tower. Resource Download: This episode was played on tabletop with an A1 map of the Reaper's Bounty. This map is available as a download in PDF format. Use it in good health, and if you do use it let us know! Sound effects using the Syrinscape App.  Visit 
July 29, 2019
An Unquiet Place (Part 4)
Reeling from the previous night's events the people of Pfeifeldorf resolve to investigate where their ghoulish attackers came from. The Company of the Tattered Cloak join forces with the Blausblut and strike forth to Pfeifeldorf's hinterlands in search of answers. Instead they find madness, disease and corruption that seeks to turn the very land against them. Wendell Ott, now de-facto leader of the Blausblut struggles with the pressures of command. The Gold Wizard Barbossa makes a shocking discovery that shakes him to the very core.  Gui de Bordeleaux gets more than he bargained for when he receives the von Speier ring. Subsequent episodes will include downloads relevant to the campaign again - for now download the map of Pfeifeldorf's environs that Wendell Ott uses (minus the GM notes) in the opening scenes of this episode.
June 26, 2019
An Unquiet Place (Part 3)
A showdown occurs with on one side the companions, their new allies in the Blauesblut and on the other the foul Hollenbach and his summonings. Will the arrival of a third party complicate things? Will the vile Lennhart von Speier be saved, despite his many sins? What of those of his brother?
March 06, 2019
An Unquiet Place (Part 2)
Investigations continue in Pfeifeldorf as our heroes face corruption, snobbery, buffoonery and worse in their quest to find and rescue Gertie the Chicken. Allies are found in unexpected places, and for some the weight of their guilty conscience is too much. They discover that while talk is cheep,  fowl corruption goes all the way to the top of Pfeifeldorf's society, Will their hendurance be enough to see them through? Will they face the creature in the crypt, or will they themselves turn chicken?
February 27, 2019
An Unquiet Place (Part 1)
The Companions of the Tattered Cloak leave Marienburg and wind their way along the banks of the River Reik towards the village of Pfeifeldorf, to carry out Lady Selena Reiva's errand and to pursue the Crusade of the Child.  Under the eaves of the Drakwald they encounter danger and must fight for their lives.
February 20, 2019
The Call of Chaos (Part 5)
The investigation in Marienburg draws to a close as our heroes face the remnants of the Three Moons Cult in the sewers and make sense of all the clues they have found so far about the Crusade of the Child.
February 08, 2019
The Call of Chaos (Part 4)
The companions explore Marienburg's forlorn shanty, the Doodkanal, in search of the wayward Jurgen Baer. Their search takes them from the seedy taverns and dens to the submerged sewers of the port city.  Sir Guillame rescues his first damsel but reality proves underwhelming,  Elise makes a truly shocking discovery. Barbossa finally overcomes his fascination with anything that glows a suspicious shade of green.
February 03, 2019
The Call of Chaos (Part 3)
Bloodied, but not defeated, by their ordeal in the Swamp Temple the three companions return to the City of Marienburg to find events have moved on since they left. Deranged Sisters of Shallya, avaricious librarians and loud, obnoxious landladies are among the dangers that the company must face as they attempt to make sense of the artifacts they recovered from the Swamp Temple. Warning: This episode features appalling Bretonnian accents and an old lady impression in the vein of Monty Python. This episode is enhanced by the following handouts:- A Map of Marienburg - With all the locations in Chapter 1 of the Thousand Thrones Campaign (strangely omitted from the adventure book). The writings of the strange hermit of the Cursed Swamp.
January 23, 2019
The Call of Chaos (Part 2)
The companions have traveled into the depths of the Cursed Marshes in search of the truth about Karl, the child believed to be Sigmar Reborn. They must contend with cultists, mysterious pools and terrible handwriting. This episode is accompanied by a few extra handouts enhance the original scenario:- The Crusade Pamphlet - excerpts of this pamphlet (kindly supplied by Neumann and sons, official printers to the Crusade of the Child) The Journal of Daghbert the Maw - the blasphemous (and badly written) journal of the swamp cult's mutant leader.
December 29, 2018
The Call of Chaos (Part 1)
Arriving in Marienburg after the sinking of the Gilded Drake huntress Elise and wizard Barbossa find the city reeling from the actions of a boy who may be Sigmar Reborn. They join Bretonnian Knight Errant Sir Guillame de Bordeleaux in investigating a crusade that have formed around the boy, an investigation which will take them from the slums of Marienburg to the fetid filth of the Cursed Marshes.
November 25, 2018
Opening Crawl: High Quality Version
A higher quality download of the Storm of Chaos overview at the start of Episode 1.
September 15, 2018
The Maiden Voyage of the Gilded Drake
On a ship fleeing the scorched earth of the Empire's northern lands, bound for the Free City of Marienburg, five disparate individuals find themselves involved in intrigue and adventure. Who is the mysterious passenger in Cabin One? What is the story of the ancient egg and its talkative keeper? Why is the heir of the Sausage King of Marienburg manacled in the ship's hold? This is the special prequel scenario for the Thousand Thrones campaign, written by the team at Liber Fanatica. After countless requests - here is the scenario and here is the handout. (My players, do not read, this means you Rob!)
September 08, 2018