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By Lorna Ive
Breaking down the Menopause Taboo one Post at a time.
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PeriMenoPost Podcasts - Season 3 - Episode 1. // Lavinia Winch YES CO Brand Ambassador
Season 3 PeriMenoPost Podcast is BACK! Today we are kicking off season 3 pod for International Women's Day 2021 with Brand Ambassador Lavinia Winch of the YES Company. The Yes Company is an award winning plant based, organic, vegan, vegetarian, hypoallergenic intimacy products for sexual wellbeing and management of vaginal dryness and atrophy. It was a joy to record with Lavinia who is incredibly knowledgeable about the stages of menopause and how this can affect a woman's sexual wellbeing and enjoyment. Vaginal Dryness is a menopause symptom that is rarely discussed and needs more awareness of the symptoms so women are able to receive correct treatment and management. Lavinia shares her own personal experience of menopause and symptoms as well medical and science based information for THE YES Company products. We discuss the THE YES CO top best sellers - VM Vaginal Moisturiser and lubricants. How the products help women to overcome painful and debilitating vaginal dryness from the effects of menopause and for some after cancer treatments. Lavinia mentions her public speaking at the Breast Cancer Haven and is dedicated to helping women. Lavinia also offers her menopause reading recommendations to gain more understanding of which she highly recommends, Dr Philipa Kaye - Author of The M Word book. My Menopausal Vagina written by author - Jane Lewis is also another great read from Lavinia. To dispel the myths of sex toys, Lavinia also mentions in detail how using aids can help manage symptoms. We discuss the work of Samantha Evans Founder of JO DIVINE who uses skin safe materials for her products. Use the link below to direct you to THE YES CO website. THE YES CO also offer a telephone consultation service that will help to guide you to use the right product for your needs. OB - oil based WB - water based PeriMenoPost discount code to use when ordering is PMPYES10 Biz AD ***
May 13, 2021
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 2 Episode 10 -Julie Conlan, Founder Secret Whispers - Kegels kit.
PeriMenoPost is talking to Julie Conlan, Founder of multi award winning Secret Whispers - kegel kit. A PeriMenoPost Member and fellow #SBS Winner.  Join us as discuss all things pelvic floor and how important it is to connect with your pelvic floor before menopause arrives. Julie was horrified to learn that women are led to believe it is "normal" to cross their legs when they laugh or sneeze.  That urine incontinence after childbirth is almost expected is challenging the message of multi-national companies, profiting from the sale of incontinence pads, that bladder weakness is normal. Dedicated and a passionate to dramatically reduce the current statistics of 50% of women who suffer from incontinence with providing education and support on the importance of Kegel exercises. Secret Whispers is a women's healthcare company and has been named top 100 trail blazing small business in UK Winner and was invited to the House of Lords!  Julie is also a keen supporter of the charity Sling the Mesh and proceeds from the sale of the Kegel kits go to the charity to help women who are experiencing pain and incontinence support. To order your very own set of Kegels, PeriMenoPost followers can use a discount code - PERIMENOPOST12  Use the code when ordering to receive a 12% discount code. As we enter another lockdown, take some time for yourself and unwind.  Discover more about pelvic floor health and join in our conversation to #UndoTheMenoTaboo If you would like to contact Julie you can reach her at the following links or via Small Biz AD ***
November 4, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcasts - Season 2 - Episode 9. Fiona Catchpole, Founder The Menopause Directory & #AskCyberGran
Today I am talking with Fiona Catchpole AKA #AskCyberGran Facebook specialist, educator, grandma and presenter.  Also known for her dancing and laughter.  Founder The Menopause Directory, a one stop nurse led service for menopause, diagnosis, HRT Treatment and support. Fiona discusses her own journey with perimenopause and how The Menopause Directory began and how it is now growing into a expanding business. We discuss Menopause Parties, a vision from Fiona to bring Menopause into the discussions for women.  To raise awareness, offering expert advice from menopause nurses who are a part of the team at The Menopause DIrectory.  Tried and tested a Menopause party, it is a great way to meet other women and to gain information with expert advice and support. Fiona also has a side hustle, she is Founder of  #ASkCyberGran a digital online business for the older generation to learn, understand and use technology for personal or business use.   We discuss the conversations that need to take place for women to have regarding menopause and to not feel ashamed or embarassed.   Fiona is determined to make The Menopause Directory a resource available to all women who are looking for support and correct treatment for menopause. You can reach out to Fiona at https :// @menodirectory - Instagram @TheMenopauseDirectory - Facebook @MenoDirectory  @AskCyberGran - Facebook Sit back, grab your ear pods and join in the menopause conversation with us today.  Coupon code to use to download Ebook - PMPHOUR  Small Biz AD ***
October 28, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 2 Episode 8 - Amanda Thebe, Fitness Trainer, Blogger and Author Menopocalypse -
Join PeriMenoPost today as I talk to the awesome Amanda Thebe AKA the resilient bitch about her Amazon top selling book "Menopocalypse" launched 18th October 2020 #WorldMenopauseDay.  A refreshing and honest discussion about stages of menopause with helpful and supportive tips for fitness, nutrition and lifestyle from Amanda,  in her frank, fun  and direct personality.  Will be ordering our copy!! Amanda is one talented and strong woman determined to help women during midlife.  Amanda Thebe is a force of nature for women who are experiencing menopause hell and want to start feeling healthy and fit in their 40s and beyond. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Amanda is a highly regarded expert on women’s fitness and health. A popular guest on podcasts and online summits, she brings a refreshing humour and no-nonsense approach to subjects usually shrouded in shame. Through her frank articles, hilarious social media posts and inspirational and entertaining talks, Amanda continually inspires the loyal readers of her website, Her exercise workouts and fitness tips have been features in Shape, Prevention, Health Line, Global News Canada, Lifehacker, Breaking Muscle, Girls Gone Strong, and Ultimate Sandbag Training. She lives in Houston, Texas. Website: SOCIAL: Podcast | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook community | Twitter | FREEBIE: Grab my 12 Week Core Program, ABS ON FIRE Menopocalypse: How I Learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too! - all buying options listed here. Amanda has a growing and thriving social media community on Instagram and Facebook, which total approximately 35k.  She is the host of her own podcast Fit n’ Chips Chats with a growing audience of 30K downloads to date. Amanda has been on a number of podcast interviews which include; Lifestyle Newshound Podcast hosted by Emma Forbes TV Personality, and the show is exclusively hosted by British Airways. Old Chicks Know Shit Revolutionary You Balance 365 Radio The Fitness Blitz Muscles to Masses Her exercise workouts and fitness tips have been featured in: Shape Lifehacker Prevention Healthline Global News Canada Breaking Muscle Girls Gone Strong Ultimate Sandbag Training Small Biz AD ***
October 21, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcasts - S2 Ep 7 Sara Witter, Counsellor & Psychotherapist - @counselling_heart_and_soul - Early menopause
PeriMenoPost is talking to the wonderful Sara Witter a Counselling Psychotherapist,  MBACP.  Sara bravely discusses her journey with early menopause.   A strong and beautiful soul who really wants to help other women going through menopause. Sara offers counselling within her role as a psychotherapist to help women to come to terms with the rollercoaster ride of emotions and symptoms during stages across menopause. Perimenopause hit me early when I was 19, now at 32 I am postmenopausal and don’t I know it!  There wasn’t really much information out there 12/13 years ago but I knew that talking therapies helped me immensely try and work out my inner conflict from an emotional stance.  I now feel so privileged to sit with others in their emotions and provide that safe and accepting space for them to just ‘be’.  I work face to face and online via platforms such as Zoom and Vsee.  My mission is for everyone to feel heard, understood and alive to thrive. To find our own voice and uncover our unconscious feelings in order to make sense of the often “conscious chaos” we may find ourselves in.  Having that non-judgemental environment to really explore and grow can be so empowering, sometimes even life changing.  As a fibromyalgia sufferer myself, too, I am very interested in working with the emotional effects of pain, particularly chronic pain/fatigue and healing through psychotherapy, one soul to another. It was such a pleasure to record with Sara and to understand her journey, helping to raise more awareness for early menopause.  Looking forward to working with Sara again in the future, keep posted Meno's. Sit back, grab a nice warm herbal drink and relax and enjoy today's podcast. You can contact Sara directly by email or via her instagram page,  Instagram - @counselling_heart_and_soul Small Biz AD ***
October 14, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 2 Episode 6 - Michelle Zelli - Coach
Welcome to PeriMenoPost Podcasts.  Today I am talking with the wonderful Michelle Zelli, a world renowned life coach, a public speaker, vlogger and writer  who is also a  PeriMenoPost Founder Member. With legendary boardroom grit and spiritual grace, Michelle has over 40,000 hours coaching experience, an enviable portfolio of global clients and a passion for delivery, packed with a punch.  Expect wisdom, laughter and a few tears when you join her live coaching, you won’t be the same person who arrived! Whether it’s business, emotional, spiritual or meta physical, Michelle will blow you away with her depth of knowledge and laser intuition. Experience for yourself, bring your questions and life dilemmas for deep insight and fast change. We discuss how the rollercoaster ride of menopause can leave you feeling low on self esteem and of the feeling of every day joi de vie.  Touching on how important it is to accept and embrace menopause.   Michelle shares her own personal menopause journey, when it arrived as a huge shock and very nearly derailed her. Michelle shares her experience and offers an insight into life during menopause and beyond.  Describing the later stage of menopause as a superpower and how you can live the life you want to lead.  She knows her stuff and is one of the kindest, strong, fun and determined person I know! Enjoy the pod and regain your superpower and join in the menopause conversation with us. Facebook @michellezelli, human potentialist  Twitter @michelle_Zelli Instagram @michellezelli Linkedin @michellezelli Small Biz AD ***
October 7, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 2 Ep 5 - Ros Thompson. Founder, Remedies by Ros.
PeriMenoPost is talking with the lovely Ros Thompson,  a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner since 2013 and she became  a holistic therapist in 2005. A Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Kinesiologist and Indian Head Massage therapist.  During lockdown Ros has turned her talents to the Bach Flower Therapies which she has been working with full time,  throughout this difficult period.  We discuss the emotions of menopause and how the power of Bach Remedies helps women with the the transition during the stages of perimenopause, menopause and beyond menopause. Ros explains her own personal journey of her own hysterectomy at the age of 32, how she managed and coped to raise her young family during these times.  We discuss her HRT journey and also how Ros coped with breast cancer.  Kindly offering her wellbeing advice to younger women prior to perimenopause.  Ros has been working with children, adults and even animals helping with their stress, anxieties, fears, and negative emotions. With over 38 Bach Flower Remedies,  Ros can make up to 7 remedies which will be blended specifically for your problems and as part of your consultation.  After a full discussion these will be then sent or delivered to you. Over a course of  3-4 weeks, the remedies are taken with 16 drops per day and very quietly they will help you feel much better. Ros's remedies are posted to you and delivered within the UK and Europe. We are looking forward to sharing her blog she has written exclusively for PeriMenoPost followers detailing how Bach remedies can specifically help women during perimenopause and menopause to ease the symptoms that are felt.  Very much looking forward to working with Ros again and wish her every success with her remedies.  I can personally mention that I have tried and tested a remedy Meno's, Ros offer's a great service and a product that works!  @ros.thompson - Instagram @ros2413 - Twitter  @RosThompson -Facebook - Bach Flowers Remedies with Ros thompson  contact Ros at Website - Small Biz AD ***
September 30, 2020
S2 Episode 4 Laura Heikkila - Ageless Women Society @so_this_is_50 - Balancing Hormones Naturally.
PeriMenoPost today talks to the amazing Laura Heikkila, Founder of Ageless Women Society. She is based in California, USA.  Ageless Women Society is a health and wellbeing society for women over the age of 40, Laura's advice and programme helps to transform women's bodies so that women regain control of their bodies.   Laura has a wealth of knowledge about hormones, diet and exercise.  A Naturopath, hormones expert and Fitness Trainer.  She offers programmes to follow helping to transform bodies and weight loss and a complimentary discovery call to discuss the best way to help you change your lifestyle, diet and nutrition that will all help towards balancing your hormones. The Stay on track programme is a brilliant programme to follow, from personal experience I have followed the programme and it works!!!  A 5 day detox, and a 8 week programme with Laura's guidance, is a absolute must! The detox was so helpful with eliminating not only foods that are not healthy, detoxing beauty care! I really recommend signing up today!  Find out how you can balance your hormones naturally with Laura's advice and top tips during our podcast today. You can follow Laura at Instagram @so_this_is_50 Facebook @AgelessWomenSociety I am looking forward to collaborating with Laura in the future, keep posted. Enjoy  Small Biz AD ***
September 23, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 2 - Ep 3 Karen Lee- Founder The Sensitive foodie
PeriMenoPost Season 2 Podcasts have arrived! Today I am talking with Karen Lee, Author of Eat Well LIve Well and Founder of The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen who is based in Portugal.  During a period of illness,  Karen discovered that she was intolerant to many foods that were causing her to be unwell.  Karen has Multiple Sclerosis,  a degenerative neurological condition.  From her own personal experience, the benefits of a healthier diet and lifestyle can really help you to feel at your best. We discuss Karen's journey with food, her illness, menopause and her hysterectomy journey. how her diet and lifestyle has helped to manage post menopause.  The Sensitive Foodie blog was launched as Karen had noticed by changing her lifestyle and diet it was helping her to manage her symptoms.  Whilst living in India,  Karen studied nutritional medicine and experienced the benefits of whole food plant based diet was for health. A trained intensive care nurse, her experience of patient treatments a poor diet and lifestyle choices for patients.   She was only too aware of how much this was affecting peoples health. She believes that a plant based whole food diet is the best way to promote lifestyle and diet for one's health. Karen has kindly shared he downloadable Managing menopause food chart for you to be able to use  You can download from PeriMenoPost Social Media posts . Retreats - Karen offers virtual wellness retreats. One to One sessions- Call Karen to book your discovery call today. Events/Workshops  EAT WELL LIVE WELL COURSE - Hurry and book your place on September 2020 accredited course!  Covering health problems, help with weight loss, a course for health professionals, Cooking for someone with dietary restrictions, allergies or intolerance and for the plant curious. Author of her own book, Eat Well Live Well, you can order Karen's via the link or Amazon. To buy £15.00 (UK) Download Ebook £4.99 (UK) Facebook - @ The Sensitive Foodie Instagram - @the.sensitive.foodie Twitter - @lee_foodie Pinterest - @Karen Lee Enjoy the pod and book onto Karen's courses and order her book! It was an absolute pleasure to record with Karen and look forward to many more!  Small Biz AD ***
September 16, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 2 Episode 2 - Amanda O"Rourke - Happy Coach
Today PeriMenoPost talks to Amanda O'Rourke, Coach, Mentor and Speaker. Amanda is Founder of her business, Inner Calm Coach to High Achieving Women in Business,  based in Horsham, West Sussex. A business owner for over 13 years Amanda has insights and experience of how to run a successful business.  She offers 1:1 coaching, co-active coaching and business mentorship.  A certified youth mental health first aider, Amanda volunteers her time to help GIrls Network.  Amanda has appeared on TV as an expert cleaner for the programme 'What not to buy"  Featured in the Business Franchise, The Lady and The Franchise Magazine.  A winner of pointless TV quiz show!   A regular speaker upon the Get Mindful podcasts at The Mindfulness Cafe.  We discuss Amanda's Coaching business and Amanda offers her top tips and advice for women experiencing some symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, such as anxiety, low mood and midlife mindset. Although Amanda is yet to experience perimenopause and menopause, she discusses openly about her Mother and that of her Sister's journey through these stages of a woman's life. Amanda offers mindful and calming advice on how to deal with a panic attack.  Helpful strategies to gain a calm mindset and how best to deal with symptoms within the workplace. Tips on how to talk to your manager or if you're a business owner, how to look after yourself and your well being. If you would like to work with Amanda you can call today for your discovery call, call Amanda 07714249303 or email  You can signup to Amanda's free webinar - Five truths to running a business without burnout.   Signup today at You can follow and connect with Amanda O'Rourke on Social Media; Instagram - @amandaorcoach Facebook - @amandaorourkecoaching Connect with Amanda at LInkedin  Linkedin - Amanda O "Rourke Podcast - Get Mindful So join in the conversation and enjoy. #UndoTheMenotaboo #PeriMenoPostPodcasts  Small Biz AD ***
September 8, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 2 Episode 1 - Debbie Baisden AKA Dolly Slatemen Her and the Change in Me
PeriMenoPost Season 2 Episode 1 Welcome back to PeriMenoPost Podcasts!! I am so excited today to be launching the next season and also my wonderful and very funny guest, Debbie Baisden. Publican Actress Writer Campaigner Debbie has come into acting and comedy during her forties and she has found it to be an empowering and positive experience. Her and the Change in me is Debbie's comedy hit show full of menopause moments and also talking openly about the challenges women face whilst experiencing "the change"  I have watched Debbie perform and she is very talented and gifted with her comedy and her confidence really shows helping you to embrace menopause and that it is a natural stage for all women to go through. One woman, four menopause voices. Dolly Slateman has to be my favourite and once you watch Dolly you won't forget her!  Leicester University approached Debbie to work with them to change  the perception of menopause and helping to tackle the taboo and stigma that surrounds menopause.  I think Debbie is succeeding with this with her show.  Unfortunately due to CoronaVirus Debbie was due to perform in this year's Edinburgh Fringe festival, do not fear as she will be there next year performing.  Book your tickets as soon as they are available, I will be! When Debbie is not performing she runs her own Bistro pub, Rayleigh Arms in Essex.  I've heard the fish and chips are delicious. During Lockdown every wednesday evening at 8pm.   Debbie also hosted her Brit pub LIVE quiz's to help fundraise money for refuge.  They were good fun and Dolly also makes an appearance, I fully recommend taking part and joining in!!  Make sure you watch Debbie perform her show on World Menopause Day 18th October 2020 online, check her Bio for more information. Enjoy our podcast as we discuss how midlife and menopause arrives unexpectedly and how during these times you can regain your confidence. * Recording took place at the start of Lockdown Apr 2020  You can follow Debbie on Instagram:  @debbie_baisden07 @dollyslatemen @britpublive  Twitter; @Debbie_Baisden @DollySlatemen  Facebook Facebook  @Dolly Slatemen @BritPubLive  For Debbie's blog and show more information is at her website: Small Biz AD ***
September 2, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Season 1 Episode 10 Breeda Bermingham, Founder of Midlife Women Rock Project.
PeriMenoPost talks to Breeda Bermingham,  Founder of Midlife Women Rock Project,  a Midlife  Women's Health Advocate and Researcher. Breeda is a mum of four children and lives in Ireland.  A previous nurse and midwife, Breeda later qualified as a public health nurse.   Following the birth of her fourth child and deciding to work part time.   She enrolled into full time education and studied a degree in psychology.  Her thesis involved researching midlife and menopause. During her research her findings became clear that the cultural beliefs of female ageing has to change and she believes in a positive approach to menopause and is on a mission to change this mindset.  Her three top issues to highlight are fear, shame and denial, she believes these are all the top main feelings women feel during this stage of their life and wants to change this. She also feels that the next stage of menopause should be talked about, for women to come forward to discuss their journey of post menopause and relay any fears to younger women. Breeda is currently finishing her masters on menopause and she holds regular MidlifeWomen Rock cafe's each month for the women in her surrounding area of Waterford.  Held at the Waterford Health park, Waterford city for support and conversation surrounding menopause.  She would like MidLifeWomen Rock to be available for all women of Ireland and to have access too. Midlife Women Rock project is a continuation of a 60 day facebook posting to change the narrative for midlife and menopause.  Her research found that women collaborating together becomes a powerful force and can achieve great change!  A must to break down the menopause taboo!!! Breeda is very passionate and genuinely wants to help women at this time during the stages of menopause, listen in to our conversation and enjoy.  If you would like to reach out to Breeda you can reach her at her website or on social media.  @midlifewomenrock -Instagram @midlifewomenrockproject - facebook  Breeda Bermingham - Linkedin  Small Biz AD ***
July 1, 2020
PeriMenoPodcast Episode 9 - Bea Marshall Founder - Yes Parenting and EFT
PeriMenoPost is talking the lovely Bea Marshall, a parenting expert.  Bea is both the Founder of Yes Parenting and an Energy Therapist. She is also a proudly Autistic Advocate for Neurodivergent individuals and families.  A proud vegan, she has a genuine passion to connect with people and to connect to a higher energy for those around her.  Bea is fa character that is full of life with such a vibrant and kind personality,  she is a very positive person and has a real passion to help other women.   Bea talks openly about her own real life journey with perimenopause and how her diagnosis of autism has affected in midlife and reflects upon her journey.   One brave mama she also explains how she manages to cope with her symptoms and life as a busy mum of two.   Bea supports parents around the world to pursue respectful, compassionate and kind ways of raising their children, in alignment with current neuroscience and developmental understanding. Everything she does  seeks to help others find a Yes to joy, peace and connection whether in parenting, relationships, their work environment or life in general, so they can thrive. She frequently contributes to the British Media as a Parenting Expert, has delivered a TEDx talk and regularly features in publications as an Expert Contributor. f you are interested to find out more about Bea's YES parenting courses you can reach Bea at the following; Bea offers parenting expert advice and offers a YES parenting digital pack that you can order  Instagram @yesparenting You Tube @Bea Marshall subscribe today! Small Biz AD ***
June 24, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast Episode 8 - The Mamapause - Blogger
PeriMenoPost talks to Samantha Phillips, founder and blogger of The Mamapause blog.   We discuss how the importance of social media has helped to create more awareness for all stages of menopause and a support network for women to be able to have access too.  Samantha discusses her journey and how she created her fantastic blog The Mamapause. Sam aka themamapause, is a 51 year old mum, grandma and daughter, navigating life as a single middle aged Gen X'er juggling a full time job and family life.  Whilst managing the symptoms of perimenopause.  Prompted by the frustration of not being understood by those closest to her and the medical profession (who just wanted to prescribe antidepressants), Sam started writing a blog which she felt completely stopped her from going insane by journalling her thoughts, feelings and experiences of the menopause years.  When Sam is not working, instagramming,  babysitting or cleaning, she loves to bake and decorate cakes for her family and friends. You can follow themamapause on Instagram @themamapause and website A keen tweeter too you can find Sam @themamapause You can find out how our joy of big girls pants began too. Give the  themamapause pod a listen and a follow, her blogs are a great read a real honest and refreshing view point of life during the stages of perimenopause and menopause. Enjoy menos. Small Biz AD ***
June 17, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Episode 7 Sarah Kern Real Life Meno Warrior
PeriMenoPost talks to Sarah Kern a real-life meno warrior AKA @pink_lady51 Twitter & Instagram.  A Meno mate and supporter of PeriMenoPost. Sarah talks today about her own personal journey with hormones, menopause and hysterectomy.  A refreshingly honest and helpful discussion with Sarah to help raise awareness for other women to know and learn more about the stages of menopause and hysterectomy. Not only a talented baker of cakes, check out her baking I think GBBO is calling her name! @bun_and_grind They look delicious!!1 Sarah is also a Barista, serving her own blend of coffee you can join Sarah at her Women's coffee collective @brewherher When Sarah is not baking, blending coffee or helping other women with menopause advice you can find Sarah @thegoodlifeheatons A waste-free market place for all your sustainable home products. Enjoy and listen to our conversation to help you to understand more about menopause and the journey of hysterectomy.   I look forward to working with Sarah again, enjoy menos. Small Biz AD ***
June 10, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Episode 6 - Rebecca Smith Editor & Founder of Goldie Magazine
PeriMenoPost talks to Editor and Founder of Goldie magazine,  Rebecca Smith.  Rebecca runs the magazine with Weef Smith, Art Director and Rhoda the Goldie team. A digital online fun, fashionable and vibrant magazine that brings all ages together. A fellow Menowarrior that  always brings a breath of fresh air,  positivity and much fun!! We discuss menopause, magazines, life at the start of lockdown with some fabulously simple solutions. Rebecca and Weef, have created a magazine that includes a variety of content from happiness, ageism, sustainable fashion, body positivity, positively ageless fashion.  A following for people of all ages and showing a side to midlife that is still fun, trendy and current.  A Face magazine for the over 50's, relevant, colourful and interesting!  Rebecca breaks the barriers with her positive thinking and creativity!  Always evolving and keeping up to date with trends and current debates, sustainable fashion, ageism, life for over 55's, silver spenders fashion, art, culture,  photography and fun events! Her love of dressing up , her love of baking and fun is infectious and it is a pleasure to have made this pod with Rebecca today. Check out the Goldie magazine schedule on social media - Instagram; @goldie_magazine Monday madness Tuesday stories Wednesday heart  Thursday masquearde Saturday bond Sunday steam Always #WearingWellbeing join in the fun and join us in our conversation.  We have always been discussing how we are going to collaborate together, watch this space.... @goldiemediauk -Twitter  @RebeccaWeefSmith - FB  Pod was recorded 18th March 2020 - just prior to UK Lockdown.  Small Biz AD ***
May 13, 2020
Episode 5 - Naomi Murray - Botanica Health
PeriMenoPost Podcast talks to Naomi Murray Co-Founder of Botanica Health a natural health clinic and boutique health store in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Naomi runs the business alongside her Husband Alan Murray and her sister Sophie Lamb who practices herbal medicene within the boutique store.  Botanica Health is a great go to for all your health issues, Naomi and her team will go above and beyond to help you to be more healthier and they are always up to date with current information.  You can order online via the website link which is listed below.   Herbal Medicene Ayurvedic herbs Minerals  Vitamins Nutrition Natural Skincare Whole food A supportive team of health practitioners to help with your health concerns. Naomi and her sister Sophie Lamb together have over 30 years of experience with botanical medicine,  a wealth of nutrition expertise and both support positive emotional wellbeing.  Their Father was a renowned Herbalist in Scotland and they have continued to follow in his footsteps. Alan Murray is a sports massage therapist offering health support. Featured in Healthy Living magazine, Hello magazine, Country File, Runners Radar.  Both sisters held a TED Talk in Tunbridge Wells promoting good health, nutrition and lifestyle. Please read Botanica Health Blogs,  they are an invaluable a great read with interesting and informative information to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. You can find Naomi, Sophie and all the team at Botanica Health; This Episode was recorded prior to CoronaVirus Lockdown If you are seeking serious medical expert advice please seek help from your GP. Small Biz AD ***
May 5, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Episode 4 Nicki Phillips, Founder of Niix Fit
PeriMenoPost Podcast talks with Nicki Phillips Founder of Niix.Fit.  After a career in marketing, Nicki retrained as a fitness instructor following an injury.   Pilates was instrumental with her recovery and rehabilitation, Nicki then trained as a Pilates Instructor and now teaches from her own pilates studio in East Sussex and is the founder of Niixfit the app. I am a neighbour and I am very lucky indeed to have such an inspiring and lovely neighbour and friend indeed who can help with my fitness too! Using a mix of cardio and pilates for women for more than 12 years, Nicki is passionate about helping busy women and mums to incorporate into their daily schedules a workout to keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Nicki offers workouts online workouts via her website and app, her classes are available on you tube and social media.  Classes offered are: CORE TONER BODY LOVE PUREPILATES FORTNIGHTLY FAT BURNER TONE UP 2020 HIIT LOW BACK PAIN Workouts vary between 10 -30 mins, give it a try. Nicki is great at technique and her love for fitness and health is infectious. Find out why exercise, nutrition and lifestyle are so important before the arrival of perimenopause and menopause. You can find Nikki ; You can download the app and use from your phone. Instagram - @niixfit Facebook -  @niixfit Twitter you tube - niix  Check out Nicki's website for your chance to get involved with a crowdfunding chance. Wishing you every success and good luck with and the the Shed - studio. Nicky has kindly offered a promotion for PeriMenoPost followers a discount code and a chance to win a prize for a years free subscription to app! DISCOUNT CODE TO USE niix45b for 45% off subscription. TO ENTER COMPETITION Follow and @perimenopost on Instagram for your chance to win! Terms and Conditions. Small Biz AD ***   * This podcast was recorded prior to coronavirus pandemic. Please exercise at home and be safe. 
April 22, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Episode 3 - Petra Coveney - Menopause Yoga
In this podcast, I’m joined by Petra Coveney, Founder of Menopause Yoga - the UK’s first specialist style of yoga to support women going through the menopause. Petra, who is a member of the British Menopause Society (BMS) for health practitioners and a senior yoga teacher and trainer, developed Menopause Yoga to meet the physical and emotional needs of women going through menopause. Last year, due to demand from women and yoga teachers, she launched the world’s first Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course at Newson Health, which is accredited by the UK’s main governing bodies the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her aim is to train a yoga teacher in every town so that women across the country can practice locally where they live. In this podcast, I talk to Petra about: Petra’s own menopause journey, What inspired her to develop Menopause Yoga, Combining western medical science with eastern Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Chinese concept of post menopause as a woman’s ‘Second Spring.’ How yoga, breathwork and meditation can support women to transition positively through menopause, How to reduce stress levels, master your hot flushes and change your perception of menopause. Why it is important to Educate women about the menopause, to feel Empowered and Embrace post menopause. We also chat about sex and relationships during and after menopause! Petra Coveney’s Four Take Home Tips include: Stressful thoughts exacerbate all menopause symptoms. Learn simple breathing exercises to calm your mind and tap into your parasympathetic nervous system that helps you to Rest & Digest. Writing a daily Journal will help you to release negative, stressful thoughts and recognise which foods, drinks, activities, thoughts, etc trigger your menopause symptoms. Every woman is unique. Gaining insights into your triggers will aide your self-growth. Nourish & Nurture yourself. Eat well, Sleep well. Pamper yourself. Give yourself permission to take a Meno-pause from your hectic lifestyle. Menopause is an opportunity to take stock of the life you’ve lived, celebrate what brought your joy – and recognise which thoughts, habits and behaviours no longer support your physical and emotional health. Then have the courage to let go of these so that you can transition to the next stage of life feeling lighter, healthier and happier. You can find out more about Petra’s Menopause Yoga classes and teacher training courses on her website:  and on Instagram: @Menopause_Yoga Small Biz AD ***
April 15, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Episode 2 - Sue Blair - ChangenThrive & Taming Crazy
PeriMenoPost talks to Sue Blair of Change_ n_ Thrive and Taming Crazy Podcast.   A fellow Twitter menomate!  Sue is a women's health campaigner, a Nurse and Psychologist, she lives in Okotoks, Canada.  A Midlife Consultant/Coach. A fan of pink flamingos!  Sue also co-hosts a podcast with Taming Crazy, she runs a Menopause Cafe in Okotoks, creating more conversations and raising awareness in Canada. Her background in Nursing and Psychology has helped her passion by helping others to have a fun and positive experience of Perimenopause, menopause and Midlife.   Sue openly discusses her journey with perimenopause and menopause and wants women to be aware and have an understanding of the changes that menopause brings.  A PeriMenoPost real-life interview with a #MenoMate You can find Sue Blair at her website link here or at social media on Twitter and Instagram.  Twitter -  @Change_n_Thrive  @TamingCrazy  Instagram - @change_n_thrive @tamingcrazy Wishing you much success and good health Sue!  It was great to talk with you and discuss all things menopause! We recorded prior to Corona Virus Pandemic. To all of our follower's please stay home and stay safe. Small Biz AD ***  
April 7, 2020
PeriMenoPost Podcast - Episode 1 - Sam Palmer Midlife Makeover
PeriMenoPost talks to Sam Palmer of MidlifeMakeover to find out why movement and exercise are so important for helping to alleviate menopause. Sam discusses her business and her passion to help women in their midlife regain their confidence and to understand what is happening to their bodies during this stage of women's lives. A trained nurse and now Menopause coach, Sam is on a mission to help as many women to have more understanding and knowledge of what a woman's body is going through, Sam provides; Online video Menopause coaching 1:1 Coaching Public speaking Events Blogs Secret Facebook Group  Fitness and Movement classes  Wishing Sam every success and good luck with MidlifeMakeover!! You can find Sam; sam@MidlifeMakeover  Facebook - samsmidlifemakeover Instagram - sampalmermidlifemakeover A link to the details of Sam's Course  Course details here - Course programme here - If you would like to talk with Sam for a 1:1 discovery call here is the link for you. Book a discovery call to chat about the course here - Sam is offering PeriMenoPost Followers a special discounted code                                                                                                      quote - 8SINVBX. Since recording the podcast  interview things have changed and she is now offering online live interactive fitness classes. This menas that any woman looking for a friendly age appropriate fitness class can sign up and join. Sam is offering a free trial class too - During these unprecedented times, PeriMenoPost would like to send a heartfelt message to all our followers and to everyone to stay safe and to stay healthy during the CoronaVirus crisis.   PeriMenoPost recorded this pod prior to the outbreak in January 2020, some offers and events may be subject to change due to the current circumstances of social distancing and lockdown. PeriMenoPost is not medically trained, we aim to support and empower women with the correct information and support.  If you are experiencing serious symptoms of menopause, seek medical help. Small Biz AD *** 
March 31, 2020
Menopause and skincare Have you noticed a change to your skin since menopause? Has your skin become drier, have you developed eczema? Listen to todays podcast to hear my advice.
October 11, 2019
Hello! Welcome to PeriMenoPost Podcasts. If you already follow us on social media Hello! You can find us on social media or via our website Twitter @PeriMenoPost Instagram @perimenopost Facebook @Perimenopost Youtube Weekly blog PeriMenoPost Podcasts will be discussing with local guest speakers all things perimenopause - menopause for everyone,  in the West Kent and East Sussex area of the UK.  Join us for a fun, light-hearted and honest discussion to create a friendly community. Guest speakers will be taking part in our real-life meno 60 seconds interviews too and offering their own views and advice on how to manage menopause symptoms, all from the hub of PeriMenoPost Hub -  the kitchen,  along with the two pugs! So join in the conversation too, lets all break down the taboo of menopause one post at a time. #UndoTheMenoTaboo To book your workplace menopause friendly workshop contact For strategic social media for your menopause friendly product contact To book your meet mighty meno - workplace coffee group or menopause friendly event contact Contact perimenopost today to book your consultation. Until next week menos - keep smiling
October 4, 2019