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Becoming Boundaried

Becoming Boundaried

By Master Life Coach-Krista Resnick
Welcome to Becoming Boundaried, the podcast that teaches you how to say YES to the space you need and the connection you crave.

Here’s the truth: You were created to live a purposeFULL life, But somewhere along the way, you got caught up in saying YES to everyone BUT you. The purpose and confidence you crave in life starts with mastering the art of boundaries and speaking your truth.

This show is all about learning to live free, speak your truth and enjoy the relationships around you. All of that comes from mastering the art of boundaries and speaking your truth.

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53. Create a Life You Love with Chantal Cox

Becoming Boundaried

95: Summer Series-Befriending your Anger with Anchen Texter
We have been conditioned to believe that anger is a negative emotion-especially for us women who have learned to be 'nice."  However, in today's episode, I want to help you understand that anger is a survival mechanism, rooted in passion. If you have a strong desire needing to be expressed that is thwarted, you will have anger.  Just think about the messaging we receive as children around our emotions: Don’t cry. Don’t be scared. Don’t be angry-it doesn’t look good on you. Smile, it makes you look better… But anger is about understanding what is important to you.  It's about identifying what your values are  What you stand up for.  What the essential aspects of your life are that you hold dear to your heart. My guest today Anchen Texter is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant and instructor at Empathy Academy. She specializes in teaching about anger and boundaries, emotion-regulation, and self-care and preventing empathic burnout. She's the author of five courses; Befriending Anger, Befriending Sadness, Befriending Shame, and Befriending Fear, and the workshop Awakening to Your Emotions. Anchen teaches us in this episode that emotions are at the core of who we are and how we operate. She explains that when you know what you're feeling, then you have a whole lot more power in your life to decide how to act, what kind of relationships you want to have, where you want to spend your time, and the kind of memories you will create. Emotions literally affect everything. When you can listen to what your emotions are telling you, then you are making your emotions into your allies. "Emotions have important messages for you.   You can trust them."~Anchen Texter "Everyday is a huge options of choices, and all of those choices are based on your values.  When you know your values and what matters to you, life becomes a lot easier." ~Anchen Texter "Your emotions are there to support you in being who you are." ~Anchen Texter "Conflict is feedback and it can be a beautiful gift to bring us closer together."~Krista Resnick "Boundaries are about going within, feeling your way through it and trusting yourself." ~Krista Resnick LINKS:  BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK  EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY EMOTIONAL ALLIANCE EMPATHY ACADEMY YOU TUBE CHANNEL THE LANGUAGE OF EMOTIONS BOOK ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: THE DANCE OF ANGER
June 22, 2022
94. Boundary Q& A-How do I 'appropriately' communicate my boundary?
Today's podcast comes from a listener-thank you Shelby! Her question came from wanting to know how to communicate her boundary while letting the other person know when they are being crossed, Shelby was curious as to how we can show that our boundaries have been crossed and let the other person know that it’s not okay, while at the same time let it go, and stand in acceptance.   I love this question, and it's one that many people get hung up on.   This podcast breaks down my thoughts and answer into some simple digestible action steps. LINKS: BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES Instagram Empowered Boundaries Facebook Community Facebook
June 15, 2022
93. Self Love Meditation
So much of the love, the safety, the validation that we crave, we look for externally.   We want another person or situation or achieving some goal to make us feel a certain way-but as you know self love is an inside job and as a reminder, self love isn’t something you have to learn.  This doesn’t have to be hard.     Love is who you are-so it really is a process of remembering, of letting go of all those judgments and limiting beliefs about who you are that keep you out of the energy of love and more in the energy of fear. So the intention of this meditation is to just let go of the fears and the judgments and connect with the truest purest part of you which is love. LINKS Build Better Boundaries Workshop Stay Connected: Instagram Empowered Boundaries Facebook Group Facebook
June 08, 2022
92. Codependency, Shame & Narcissism with Darlene Lancer
Codependency is one of my favorite topics   I know firsthand what it’s like to live on the other side of the street and lose all sense of myself.  I think so many people suffer from codependency and aren’t even aware.  That is why I am committed to talking about it and sharing information about it on this podcast. Setting boundaries for a codependent person is a terrifying thing-almost impossible because a person who has codependent tendencies puts their value and wholeness in the hands of others.  Therefore, boundaries = major risk!!! My guest today, Darlene Lancer, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author and expert on codependency and relationships. She has worked with couples and individuals for 30 years, and she shares SO much valuable information in today’s show about what codependency looks like, how to begin recovery, the connection between shame and codependency, the connection between codependency and narcissism and practical steps to becoming a healthy, whole you. Listen to Discover Definition of Codependency The 5 Core Symptoms of Codependency How we become codependent Why codependents struggle with authenticity and vulnerability The 4 steps we can take toward codependency recovery “Codependency is a person who’s thinking and behavior revolves around something or something else rather than coming from their innate self. Your thinking and behavior revolves around something outside of you.”  -Darlene Lancer “The more we look outside of ourselves for our worth, the emptier and emptier we become inside.”   In the later stages of codependency we can turn into an empty shell of ourselves.” -Darlene Lancer “Codependents lose themselves in relationship.” -Darlene Lancer “Parents are to mirror back to us our worth and enough-ness and when that doesn’t happen there’s a rift in the development of who we are.” -Krista Resnick “Shame is a core sentiment of codependency.”- Darlene Lancer “It’s not enough to say I love you….it’s about valuing you for WHO you are…your authentic self.”  -Darlene Lancer LINKS FROM THE EPISODE: Darlene Lancer Website Krista Resnick Instagram Facebook Empowered Boundaries Facebook Community
June 01, 2022
91. Do you abandon yourself?
Do you have a hard time trusting yourself? Do you hide parts of yourself – your feelings, beliefs, and ideas – in order to fit in or please others? Do you diminish or discount your feelings because you think they don’t matter? Friends this is self-abandonment. We abandon ourselves when we don’t value ourselves, when we don’t act in our own best interest, and when we don’t encourage and comfort ourselves.  At the root is a lack of self love.  And when we lack self love, we often use coping strategies like codependency, people pleasing, numbing, avoiding and distracting to over compensate.   Self-abandonment begins in childhood. It’s likely that your parents or other influential adults didn’t meet your emotional and/or physical needs in childhood – they abandoned you emotionally or physically — causing you to feel unworthy and unlovable. As adults, we tend to repeat these types of patterns from childhood because they’re familiar; we repeatedly choose partners and friends who mistreat, take advantage of, or don’t support us. And we do the same to ourselves. We don’t know how to be there for ourselves because no one was truly there for us as children. The good news is that we can heal.  We can take responsibility for our growth and our lives and start building self-esteem and confidence to create whatever it is that we want. Listen to discover: What self abandonment is Why we self abandon 4 ways to stop self abandoning The powerhouse of tools that many of us missing when it comes to personal growth Powerful journaling questions you can ask yourself to break the pattern of self abandonment "Self-abandonment is a learned behavior, a way you tried to cope with unhealthy or dysfunctional family dynamics." ~Krista Resnick "When you live in an unpredictable, chaotic, or abusive family, you learn to hide your true self. You act like a chameleon, morphing into whatever role will keep the peace and help you avoid ridicule, put-downs, physical and emotional pain." ~ Krista Resnick "Abandoning yourself may have been a necessity during childhood, but it isn’t helpful anymore." ~Krista Resnick "Everyone has feelings and needs. You may not have been allowed to express them as a child (or even in some of your adult relationships), but you can now be a safe haven for your own feelings and needs." ~Krista Resnick "If you listen, your feelings will tell you what you need and when you meet your needs, you’ll be happier and healthier." ~Krista Resnick LINKS & RESOURCES: COMING HOME TO YOU WORKSHOP INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK  EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY COMPASSIONATE BOUNDARIES MEDITATION & JOURNAL PROMPTS
May 25, 2022
90. Understanding Attachment Trauma
What is attachment trauma and how does it correlate with boundaries? Attachment trauma is “a consistent disruption of physical and emotional safety" in the family system.  Our nervous system's are constantly learning how to be in connection with people. And the biggest question we are often asking internally and subconsciously is -"is it safe to be in connection or not?"  ARE YOU A SAFE PERSON?   When an infant experiences consistent care where his/her needs are met, he/she internalizes three things: I am safe I am heard I am valuable If we don't experience these things are children, it builds the relationship template that we carry through our adult lives into our adult relationships.   When a child understands that they are safe, heard and valuable he or she can then develop other healthy relationships. Without this as a secure foundation, as adults we try to get the unmet needs of our inner child met which is what create so much chaos in our adult lives.   Listen to discover: What exactly is attachment trauma? The difference between overt and covert causes of trauma Why understanding your childhood is so important when it comes to patterns in adult relationships. The four attachment styles you need to know about How attachment trauma is directly link to creating SLDD or Codependency "The initial relationship between self and others serves as a blueprint for all future relationships.”-Krista Resnick "Our nervous system is constantly learning how to be in connection with people. And the biggest thing around that is, is the it safe to be in connection or not? There’s all these overt ways that it can feel not safe, but also really covert ways that it can start feeling unsafe and shutting us down or revving us up." -Krista Resnick "The unmet needs of our inner child are what create chaos in our adult life." -Krista Resnick LINKS & RESOURCES COMING HOME TO YOU WORKSHOP Krista Resnick-Instagram Empowered Boundaries Facebook Community Facebook Website Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin
May 18, 2022
89: Redefining Codependency
When you hear the word codependent what comes up for you?  Do you feel contempt or shame?  Does the term make you curious?  Have you heard it before but not really sure what it is. In this episode I unpack with you what codependency actually is-not necessarily what the symptoms are but the core root of codependency.  I believe that this is incredibly important and often overlooked because we cannot treat it and step into recovery unless we really get at the root of what's causing it and solve it there.   Listen to discover: Why codependency” is an outdated term. Why so many codependents find themselves chronically in unhealthy, unbalanced relationships. What codependency REALLY is What causes codependency. The one emotion that people with codependent tendencies are terrified to feel. The 8 characteristics that make up our Self energy-the traits that we were born with. A couple of tips to begin recovery from codependency This is such a great episode to help you really understand all things codependency  because again, we cannot treat it, if we don't really understand the root cause.   "God created us in HIS image.  He is GOOD.  Therefore WE are GOOD."  ~Krista Resnick "Our childhood attachment trauma causes us core shame and core shame is a belief that you are fundamentally bad or flawed."~Krista Resnick "Each of us has a relationship template from childhood.   It is this template that then sets us up for our adult relationships."  ~Krista Resnick "Loving someone while remaining invisible in the relationship creates pathological loneliness." ~Krista Resnick "Codependents behave with OTHERS in mind and  habitually controls others into loving them." ~Krista Resnick "We have to go back and do the work around our childhood wounds-our trauma’s.  We have to allow ourselves to grieve the parents that maybe we never had."~Krista Resnick "The unmet needs of your inner child are what create chaos in your adult life." ~Krista Resnick LINKS & RESOURCES BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK EMPOWERED FACEBOOK COMMUNITY THE HUMAN MAGNET BOOK
May 11, 2022
88. Restoring Relationship with Molly Lacroix
If you've been around Becoming Boundaried for a minute you know that I am crazy about relationship.  Both relationship with SELF and relationship with others (because you can't have one without the other). When our boundaries are rigid, we are so often coming from a place of fear and judgment, which leads us to feeling isolated and lonely.  The reality is, we are relational beings.  But judgment breaks our relationships because we are saying my way is right therefore you are wrong-therefore there is no ability to connect.  We dodge vulnerability and we often find ourselves in relationships where we are working to fix, control and manage others.  These over-functioning parts can often block the true intimacy and connection that deep down we desire.   My guest today, Molly LaCroix is also passionate about relationship.  In this interview, Molly talks about her own childhood adversity  and the pain it caused her, which created a rift in her system.  She explains how when we are left to process something that we don’t have the inner capacity to process on our own, it gets stuck and it shapes the choices moving forward that we make.  So many of us wonder why we make the choices we do-we feel stuck and confused yet when Molly explains how childhood adversity and trauma get stuck in our system-it makes the 'stuckness' we experience make so much sense! In this episode, we discuss healing from trauma using Internal Family Systems, how easily beliefs can get stuck in our system, and why we use fear and judgment to block us from experiencing true connection in our relationship as well as the pain that it can cause. Listen to discover: What over-functioning really is and why we do it. What is the difference between judgment and discernment? How a U-TURN can help us stay on our side of the street and lead us to deeper connection with others. The skill we already have within to create beautiful and meaningful relationships. Why we opt for rules over relationship. What it means to have an experience stuck in our system. Why we hold onto negative things more easily than positive experiences. Why the missing link of relationships is emotions. I love Molly's gentle and loving approach because safety and connection truly are what help us heal.  God's design for us friends is to heal.  And this conversation will help you understand why.  Lastly we also touch on the topic of anger-one of my favorite emotions.  Molly helps us recognize where to start if you are terrified of your anger but realize you've got it buried deep down within and need to slowly let it go.   "We can get curious about why a part of me is having this reaction to another person.-tell me more…" Molly LaCroix "Uncertainty frightens us," Molly LaCroix "Fear of vulnerability is always the underbelly of resisting connection with others." Molly LaCroix "Our parts need to be heard and welcomed just as they are." Molly LaCroix "I was raised in the church of ONE RIGHT WAY." Krista Resnick LINKS & RESOURCES Molly LaCroix Instagram Molly LaCroix's Book  BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES WORKSHOP
May 04, 2022
87: How to fully accept and express yourself with Andrea Tessier
Do you often feel like you are building someone else's life?  You've done all the things you're supposed to do, your life looks good on paper and yet there is something off?   Friends, happiness, joy, freedom and peace come from within.  My guest today, Andrea Tessier discovered this truth when she started to look inward and unlearn everyone else's expectations.  Andrea's journey began with feeling insecure and working to overcompensate by being wrapped up in the hustle and self sacrifice.  After recognizing that she was the problem and therefore the solution, she started on her journey of re-remembering who she really was.   In this episode Andrea shares her personal story and how she went from self sacrifice and insecure to being able to freely express and trust herself in every moment.   Listen to discover: How we can recognize that it's time to go deeper and do the internal work Why acceptance is the KEY to personal transformation. How we own who we are. The most powerful question we can ask ourselves to begin to KNOW ourselves. How to recognize when you are in your patterns of protection and coping Why sometimes self honoring choices don’t always feel good. Andrea’s favorite emotional release tools and why they are so important. Why feelings are such a big component in honoring our boundaries. Why feelings are such a powerful guidance system. The difference between speaking FROM anger versus ON BEHALF of our anger. What speaking your truth actually is. We've all chased something in our lives that we believe will make us feel like we've arrived.  The house, the relationship, the kids, the right friend group, the perfect body size, the right job, the right degree but even after all that chasing-I believe that many of us still feel those pangs.  Those little nudges along the way that remind us- "HEY.....get back to YOU.  You are enough, You are OK, You are worthy just as you are!!!" Using the practices in this episode, you can turn up the self acceptance and self expression in your life, which will help you feel aligned and free no matter your circumstances. “When we don’t know what we feel, we aren’t in tune with what we need.” Andrea Tessier "I had to teach myself HOW to be self expressed.  For decades I shoved everything down and in."  Andrea Tessier "If I’m not in my own personal truth and expression, how can I invite the other person forward to be in theirs?" Andrea Tessier "Owning who you are is a choice in every single moment"-Andrea Tessier "This idea of confusion is a myth.  We are listening to so many things around us that it drowns out our knowing."  -Andrea Tessier "Too often we take responsibility for other people’s feelings."-Krista Resnick "Words can destroy or words can build a bridge." -Krista Resnick "We have to take ourselves out of autopilot." -Krista Resnick LINKS & RESOURCES Andrea Tessier Website Freedom Starter Kit Safe to Rise Instagram STAY CONNECTED: EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES COMMUNITY INSTAGRAM BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES
April 27, 2022
86. Gaslighting 101
Gaslighting, has become a popular term that is thrown around often.  But what is it?   Do you often leave conversations feeling confused in your relationship?   Do you sometimes ask yourself, am I just too sensitive? Do you find yourself apologizing often in your relationship? Do you make excuses for your partner's behavior and often second guess yourself? You might be in a relationship with a gaslighter. Gaslighting is a term that is thrown around often, but it's far more than someone simply questioning our thoughts or our feelings Gaslighting is psychological manipulation.  It is typically intentional (although I do unpack in the episode how sometimes it can be an unconscious tactic) manipulative and designed to whittle away someone’s self-confidence.  Gaslighting is emotional abuse.  And it's sneaky because it can be covert and subtle.  The subtly can slowly erode and chip away at that gaslightee's. confidence and self worth. Gaslighting typically takes place in romantic relationships, but it can take place in any relationships-friendships and family relationships.   In this episode, I’m sharing what gaslighting is, what it looks like in real life and ways to tell if you’re being gaslighted. Listen to discover What gaslighting is Why do people gaslight How you spot gaslighting in your relationship What gaslighting might sound like 7 Signs your being Gaslight and what you can do about it.   Tips for how to begin to trust yourself "Gaslighters NEED control and power" -Krista Resnick "Gaslighting is an unhealthy form of control arising from a need to dominate others." -Krista Resnick  "The difference with gaslighting is that there is another person or group that’s actively engaged in trying to make you second-guess what you know is true. If you don’t typically experience these feelings with other people but do with one particular individual, then you might be a victim of gaslighting."- Krista Resnick "Gaslighting is a particularly sneaky and damaging form of abuse because it alienates us from our own internal compass. “It is hard to spot because, most of the times, it comes from people we love and trust." -Krista Resnick "When words and actions don’t match, you will save yourself additional pain and disappointment by paying more attention to the person’s actions and behavior, rather than their words." -Krista Resnick Learning about your emotions and tracking your patterns, allowing you to learn what triggers your feelings and gives helpful strategies to shift your moods." -Krista Resnick "Part of what makes it painful and challenging to leave a gaslight relationship is that the gaslighter may be the one “someone” you have committed to, such as your best friend, your mom, your sister or brother. It’s okay to walk away from toxicity, regardless of the source."- Krista Resnick LINKS & RESOURCES: EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY HOW TO TAKE A RELATIONAL TIME OUT IN 6 STEPS BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES WORKSHOP STAY CONNECTED:  INSTAGRAM EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY FACEBOOK
April 20, 2022
84. Tolerations Detox
We all have unpleasant conditions in our lives that cause us stress.   We may try to ignore these situations, but they still affect us.  If the condition could be eliminated, it is called a toleration. You cannot change what you tolerate, but for those of us who struggle with codependency, we tolerate A LOT (and for much too long).   We often have relationships with people who gaslight and have narcissistic type traits because at the core, we attract people who LOVE our focus on them.  Codependents are OTHERS focused.  And because we get our self worth from OTHERS, what they think, fixing them, helping them, serving them, managing them-we push our own needs and desires to the side and just tolerate things that we shouldn't.    Part of our recovery is to learn how to set the boundaries required, to eliminate these tolerations from our life.  These could be internal boundaries or external boundaries-both apply here.   In this episode I'm helping you understand what you might be tolerating in your life that is causing you to not stand for yourself and how you can start to become aware of some of things in your life that might be required to do a bit of a spring clean and detox them out.  Maybe a relationship that has long expired,  a friendship who is critical and dismissive of you, missed workouts and excuses, a closet full of clothes you never wear that is overwhelming to you, a pantry full of sugar laden items that take you off course from your diet, or mistreatment from your teenager.    Listen to this episode to discover:  What tolerations are  The reasons why you might be tolerating (aka-it's not your fault, it's your programming)  How to build awareness around what you might be tolerating  How to start eliminating tolerations The 7 D's of how to detox from your current list of tolerations.    Through the art of healthy boundary setting, we can learn to step into our sovereignty and speak our truth so we can have our needs met and live FULL LIVES.  I hope the strategies and tips I provide in this episode will help you step into your inner leader and begin to not realize that there are just things in life that need to go.    “A toleration is something that is put up with or endured; it is a burden and eats up time, money, and mental space.” -Krista Resnick  "It’s a toleration for you if it creates frustration, drains your energy, or distracts you from what is really important."-Krista  Resnick  "People who clear up tolerations often find that it opens up space for their creativity and intuition."-Krista Resnick  "In order to start eliminating tolerations you first need to know what they are. Ask yourself: What am I putting up with right now?” -Krista Resnick Links & Resources:  Build Better Boundaries Workshop  Tolerations Detox Workbook  Krista Resnick Website  Instagram  Empowered Boundaries Facebook Community
April 17, 2022
85: The Science of Stuck with Britt Frank
Britt Frank is my guest today.  Friends-you are going to love her.  Britt's vibrant energy and enthusiasm for this healing work just oozes through our conversation. Britt Frank, MSW, LSCSW, SEP is a clinician, educator and trauma specialist. She speaks and writes widely about the mental health myths that keep us stuck and stressed. Britt received her BA from Duke University and her MSW from the University of Kansas, where she later became an award-winning adjunct professor. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Level 3 trained in the Internal Family Systems therapeutic model. Britt was a primary therapist at a drug and alcohol treatment center, an inpatient therapist at a children’s psychiatric hospital, and now owns a private practice. Britt and I cover A LOT of ground in this episode beginning with the beauty we can find in rigidity.  We often deem rigidity as a 'bad thing,' but rigid recovery as she calls it, can be the very thing we need to call upon at times when we are first setting out in this healing work.  Britt unpacks why the word AND has so much potency in healing and growth work and helps us decipher when black and white thinking can be helpful, and when we need to call upon adding more 'grey' to our lives.  In this episode we also talk about the definition of trauma, how we must incorporate thought work into our healing and how we can't rely on thought work alone.   Listen to discover: The definition of trauma Why "change your thoughts, change your life" can’t stand alone.   How to create a powerful affirmation versus an affirmation that feels phony and fake. The two enemies of trauma healing One of the best healing medicines for trauma What is happening in our bodies when we our boundaries are violated or when we are scared to set a boundary Why Britt believes healing work can be more simple than people often make it out to be.   I love Britt's approach to healing work because it allows me to remember that I am whole, complete, good and enough, JUST as a I am.  It's grounded in simplicity and science, authenticity and real-life experiences of overcoming trauma and failure in order to show that anything is possible.   “Trauma is the absence of boundaries.  Trauma is the complete absence of the ability to choose.” ~Britt Frank "One of the healing medicines for trauma is boundaries." ~Britt Frank "Shame does nothing for anyone."~Britt Frank "No one can make you feel anything actually isn’t true." ~Britt Frank "Trauma is not a fact or a permanent state." ~Britt Frank "When you’re in  survival mode-none of the thinking stuff will work." ~Britt Frank LINK  & RESOURCES BRITT FRANK BRITT FRANK INSTAGRAM Order Britt's Book-THE SCIENCE OF STUCK KRISTA RESNICK KRISTA RESNICK INSTAGRAM KRISTA RESNICK FACEBOOK  EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY
April 13, 2022
83. Boundaries ARE Love
Do you tend to think of boundaries as selfish, mean, aggressive in nature?  Do you think they are simply about having arguments with other people?  Do you think boundaries are ONLY about saying NO? Friends this episode is all about expanding your boundary knowledge and paradigm.  This episode is dedicated to help you see boundaries as an act of love.  I know I sure didn't see them this way at one point in my life, however-boundaries were absolutely necessary to help me in my healing journey of overcoming codependent, perfectionism, people pleasing thinking.  Boundaries are a game changer! Listen to this episode to learn how boundaries can help you in your healing journey too to having authentic, honest relationships and love in your life.   Don't forget to save your seat in the Build Better Boundaries Workshop happening April 12 at 5pm CST BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES WORKSHOP
March 30, 2022
82: Cultivating Confidence with Jen Walter
Jen Walters is a confidence coach for professional women.  After 25 years in corporate, she finally found the tools to overcome her personal confidence challenges.  She grew from an insecure people-pleasing perfectionist with social anxiety, into a confident woman who goes after what she wants.  Jen loves helping her clients get out of their own way, step into their awesomeness, and create the career and life they dream of. In this power packed episode Jen goes deep explaining what confidence is. She breaks down confidence down into 3 digestible pieces: self regard, self trust and the willingness to feel ANY emotion. We also dive into what stops us from living in our truth, our authentic, favorite confident self.  This is a really important episode to listen to if confidence is something you have lost on your way. Learn more about Jen and her work here:  | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN And don't forget to click on THIS LINK to get Jen's 3 Secrets to Building Self-Confidence Krista Resnick | Build Better Boundaries Workshop | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK 
March 16, 2022
81. Boundary Q & A-Dealing with Conflict and Guilt
In today's episode I answer two listener's beautiful boundary questions in regard to guilt and conflict.   Before listening to this episode consider: Are you afraid of conflict and letting others down? Are you exhausted from trying to do it all  So you sometimes get sick from trying to make everyone happy all the time?   Do you feel like EVERYONE depends on you? Are you STRESSED ALL THE TIME?   Do you feel guilty whenever you try and set a boundary? If you’ve ever struggled with feeling guilty, or exhausted from holding everyone's stuff then this episode is for you.   Save your seat at THE BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES MASTERCLASS
March 09, 2022
80. 3 Things you need to know about setting boundaries
Boundaries are an essential tool when it comes to speaking your truth and living free.  And yet, so many people don't know what boundaries are.  If we don't know what they are, we certainly don't understand the power of them or why we need to implement them in our lives. In this episode I unpack the power of boundaries and how they set you free and empower you to speak your truth.  Anything else is a one stop train ticket to resentment ranch. BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES MASTERCLASS | EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FB COMMUNITY | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK
March 02, 2022
79. Self love & Boundaries-live coaching with Franda
When we are uncomfortable setting boundaries, it becomes easy to step into patterns like people pleasing to make sure everyone else is happy.  However, this only sets us up for resentment and anger in our lives. Unmet needs of your inner child is what creates chaos in your adult life. Today’s caller, Franda, has trouble setting boundaries in her personal and work life. Many of us think people-pleasing is a way to get love and find validation. We think if people see the real us, they may not like us.  However, this creates a life of self-abandon and resentment. When we know how to meet our own needs and meet ourselves with compassion, we begin to feel empowered to set boundaries that protect our space and our relationships.  It’s great to make other people happy but it’s more important to please ourselves first by making self-honoring choices. Drop the people-pleasing, up your self-esteem by making self-honoring choices. Before listening to this episode consider: Do you have a hard time keeping your boundaries in check? Are you exhausted trying to keep up with all the demands in your life? Do you spend more of your time worrying about others happiness rather than meeting your own needs? As a child, did you have to take on more responsibility than you should have? ***Don't forget to save your spot in my upcoming Masterclass-Build Better Boundaries happening on March 10th*** KRISTA RESNICK | INSTAGRAM | EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES MASTERCLASS
February 23, 2022
78. External Boundaries Pt. 2
In today's episode I walk you though 7 Types of boundaries so you can begin to identify what types of boundaries you can begin setting in your relationships and life.   Setting boundaries is not about saying no to everything. They’re about setting parameters, limits, guidelines for our life.   Boundaries are about creating safety.  Essentially healthy boundaries do 3 things- Keep people from coming into our space and abusing us. Keep us from going into the space of others and abusing them. Give each of us a way to embody our sense of “who we are.” Boundaries are not static.  They’re dynamic – meaning they constantly change depending on the contexts we find ourselves in during the day.  And they are constantly at play across all of those life areas I named. As you can see, boundaries are a complex issue with many different facets. By listening to these Boundary 101 episodes, my hope is that you will have a foundational understanding of what healthy boundaries are and where you can start setting them in your own life.   Links from the Show KRISTA RESNICK |INSTAGRAM| EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | THE SECRET TO EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES
February 09, 2022
77. External Boundaries Part 1
When it comes to healthy relationships, boundaries are ESSENTIAL!!! Boundaries are limits that protect and promote our integrity, our wellbeing, our sense of healthy functioning.  They protect our sacred inner space. They are what allows us to have uniqueness and authenticity. Without healthy boundaries, we start to blur and blend in with other people and  start to lose touch with having a separate sense of self in a healthy way Without boundaries, you are signing up for a life or anger, resentment, overwhelm and burn out. Lack of boundaries will destroy your relationships because they simply won’t be able to thrive. In this episode I talk about what exactly external boundaries are as well as why they are so crucial to our relationships.  I also provide a couple of practical examples to help you understand what a healthy boundary may in fact look like. Before listening to this episode consider: In relationships, do I tend to be more aware of my own needs, wants, and feelings or aware of the needs, wants , and feelings of others When it comes to setting boundaries, do I find it easy/difficult to set boundaries? When it comes to hearing someone else’s boundary, do I find it easy/difficult to accept it? Do I have a hard time expressing my needs and boundaries? What does it feel like when other people set boundaries with me? LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE Krista Resnick | Instagram | Empowered Boundaries Facebook Community |The Secret to Empowered Boundaries
January 26, 2022
76: Internal Boundaries-the BEST place to start.
Often when people are referring to boundaries they are talking about external boundaries.  These are the boundaries that we set with other's, to let them know our limitations, our preferences and our needs. However in order to first set external boundaries, you have to be able to set internal boundaries.  This means that you can set a boundary with yourself.  FASCINATING RIGHT?   Boundaries are not all about what you do with other people-they have a lot to do with how we engage with ourselves. Tune into this episode and then join the EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES facebook community to share with us what two internal boundaries you have settled on to implement in your life.   Links from this episode KRISTA RESNICK | FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | INSTAGRAM | LIVE COACHING & SUPPORT | THE 'SECRET' TO EMPOWERED BOUNDARIES
January 12, 2022
75: Live Coaching: Setting Boundaries with Roshi
The topic of boundaries bring up a lot of big feelings for many of us.  We want to be seen as kind and loving.  It feels hard to tell people no and deal with their upset and anger.  Many of us have spent decades, stuffing our truth and not speaking on behalf of our needs and prioritizing what matters to us.  Boundaries can feel so uncomfortable at first, it's almost as if we are doing something wrong.  So much so, that often it even stops us from setting the boundary in the first place. However, it is yours and my responsibility to own what is true for us and speak in a way that helps us get our needs met.  It is our obligation to ourselves to set healthy boundaries.  We don't have to be everything to everyone.  It's not possible.  We were put on this earth for such a time as this to fulfill our purpose, to shine.  To live free and true.  But if you don't set boundaries, you are signing up for resentment, depression and loads of overwhelm and anxiety.   This week on the podcast I spoke to Roshi who is wanting to set boundaries with her family to get started.   We talked about how to release some of the resentment that she is already battling from years of taking on so much and ways that she can move forward to begin to carve our space for herself.   Before you listen to this episode consider: Do you struggle to set boundaries? Are you overwhelmed ALL THE TIME? Do you often feel angry and resentful? Do you often say YES when everything in your body is begging you to say NO? Do you tell yourself the story, if I don’t do it, no one else will? Do you struggle to let go of control? Do you think if you set a boundary you will be perceived as mean, unkind and unloving? Listen to this episode if you want support around setting loving boundaries to get the space you need AND the connection you crave.   Krista Resnick | Instagram | Facebook |Empowered Boundaries FB Community | Permission Granted Podcast Application The Secret of Setting Empowered Boundaries Workbook
December 29, 2021
74: Boundaries 101
I am dedicating this show to my favorite topic-BOUNDARIES!!! Boundaries are one of the key ways that we have better, more fulfilling relationships with other people.  They are what truly help us to be successful with one another.   In this episode I break down what boundaries are, the benefits to knowing your boundaries and four KEY things I want you to know about setting healthy boundaries. If you are ready to create more space and connection in your life-than this is the episode for you.     Krista Resnick | Instagram |Facebook | Empowered Boundaries Facebook Community
December 15, 2021
73: Permission Granted: Feel ALL your Emotions with Karla McLaren
Most of us have been taught since early childhood that emotions are bad.  And when we think our emotions are bad, we will do ANYTHING to avoid them. Anything we want in life, healthy relationships, boundaries around our time and energy, a stronger intuition, a better relationship with ourself starts and ends with our emotions. And yet, we will do anything to avoid feeling them.  We work with healthy diets and exercise, we manage our reactions, we work as professionals at our jobs and yet we ignore the richest source of information-our emotions! Our culture today reinforces us to not get bogged down by our feelings and emotions.  Just consider for a moment some of the names that men and women are called when they act on behalf of their anger or their sadness. When we believe that our emotions are bad, we begin to put masks on our emotions and vulnerability to cover up from being cast out of the tribe.  We lean into our patterns of co-dependence, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and automatic programming.  Eventually this creates a really in-authentic life. This is what I talk about with Karla on this episode and SO MUCH MORE. Remember, you were created to be an expression of your purpose, to set healthy boundaries and forge fulfilling relationships.  And you cannot do that without honoring your emotions. If you struggle to connect with your emotions, listen to this episode to find out how to make changes and feel a sense of freedom along the way. Krista Resnick | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK KARLA MCLAREN | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM  THE LANGUAGE OF EMOTIONS | THE ART OF EMPATHY
December 01, 2021
72. Permission Granted: Creating Honest Relationships
To create real and authentic conversations, we have to be willing to be honest.  Most of us weren't taught how to do this.  We were taught how to live in our patterns of people pleasing, approval seeking, perfectionism and "work harder" modes.  Often these patterns are like we are wearing a mask, blocking us from our true and honest selves.   Lately, I have been thinking about radical honesty.  It's not always easy to live a life that feels true.  It's not always easy to speak our truth.  It can feel difficult to take off the mask that we have used for so long to keep us safe.  However the alternative is living a life that doesn't reflect what God has called us toward and who He has called us to BE.   The more we are willing to explore what stands in our way of honesty, we more we can start to work toward taking off the mask and allowing ourselves to be seen for who we are.  I think that is the greatest freedom in the world-Freedom to be honest, freedom to live in a way and speak in a way that represents who we were created to be. Listen to today's episode and give yourself permission to try the mindful practice so that you can start showing up honestly in your most important relationships.   Krista Resnick | Instagram | Facebook  FREE~How to stop over-reacting and live with more peace and purpose instead. NonViolent Communication
November 17, 2021
71. Permission Granted: How to overcome your limiting story with Dr. DelRae
My guest today, Dr. DelRae grew up in a somewhat idyllic situation.  She was raised in a small town on a farm with only 34 students in her graduating class. She was taught strong values, morals and had a work ethic that was solid.  However, as a young adult, DelRae was forced to unravel some of her own limiting beliefs due to some really challenging situations. Outwardly, she appeared as though she had it all together.  However, inside she was struggling. DelRae found herself working harder and harder to escape her emotions and some of what was going on in her life.  Slowly she began to play what she refers to as the when….then game. When I reach this (level of income, meet this person, fill in the blank), then I will be happy.  Perhaps you know this game well too? When DelRae found herself at rock bottom, she finally looked in the mirror and took responsibility for her choices and life. DelRae’s desire is to give women permission to believe that they can design their life through their authenticity and who they are.  She empowers them to believe that they have the power to overcome every limiting belief that has been interwoven into their system.  Dr. DelRae Messer, DC is CEO of WellSpoken Lifestyle, a global health, well-being and beauty company that believes everyone deserves to experience a healthy, joyful and abundant life. She graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2007. Her passion for solving the health care crisis started as a young athlete in a rural farming community in North Dakota.  After creating a sustainable lifestyle weight loss program in her Chiropractic office, she moved her business online, partnering with Isagenix International, a global holistic nutrition and well-being company. Before listening to this episode, consider: Do you have ways in which you cope with big emotions? When a big emotion surfaces, what action do you typically take?  (eating, shopping, over-working, over drinking, numbing on social media just to name a few). How has your childhood, no matter how healthy or unhealthy, impacted some of the ways in which you cope? Do you fully accept who you are?  Or do you spend a lot of time being who you think you need to be in order to be accepted? Do you have someone in your life who can hold your story and help you grow?  Do you have the support of people who see your highest potential or are you hanging around people who only see you for your worst day? Are you currently going through a season that is stretching you?  If you are, who are you becoming as you go through the process of learning something new and being stretched? What step will you take to begin to unravel the story of who you think you need to be so that you can actually begin accepting who you are. KRISTA RESNICK | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK  FREE~How to stop over-reacting and live with more peace and purpose.   DR. DELRAE | INSTAGRAM| FACEBOOK 
November 03, 2021
70- Permission Granted: Learn The Art of Listening with Lyn Lindberg
"Listening with an open heart is the ultimate spiritual act.  It is the greatest gift you can give to another person and ultimately yourself." ~Harriet Lerner Have you ever been in a relationship where you have been truly listened to?  Have you ever been with someone who you truly felt that all of you was welcome?   The art of listening can do just that.  True listening creates a space where your loved ones feel see and heard.  Where they feel safe enough to let their guard down and be who they truly are.  What a gift! However-so much of what have been taught in our Western culture is how to do the talking!  We interrupt and think while the other person is talking of everything that we want to say.   Lyn Lindberg, my guest today, shares that we haven’t been taught the skills of listening.  Quite frankly, our culture doesn’t value it.  Our society values being in the limelight.  It values the ones who are shouting-"look at me, I'm spectacular!"  And yet, listening is the gateway to healthy and rich relationships.   If you want a more intricate way to improve your relationships, listen to this episode where Lyn walks us through 8 key listening skills that we can practice to benefit from the gift of being truly connected with the people who matter to us.   Krista Resnick | INSTAGRAM |FACEBOOK|
October 20, 2021
69-Permission Granted: Understanding little 't' trauma with Nicole-Lewis Keeber
Big T Trauma EXPLODES, little 't' trauma ERODES-Nicole Lewis Keeber Have you ever felt like this world wasn't safe to live in?  I don't mean our current circumstances per se (although those do apply here as well).  But as a child, did you ever feel like you grew up in a system that wasn't built for you? My guest today felt that way herself.  Nicole Lewis Keeber has a passion for making this world a safer place to live in for those who don't feel safe.  Growing up in a conservative community and Southern Baptist home, she struggled to see the world the way the systems and institutions around her taught.  On top of that Nicole also struggled with school.  All of this resulted in what is called little 't' trauma. Nicole has used her little 't' trauma experiences to drive her passion of helping people understand what trauma really is.  When you understand what trauma actually is, you can then begin to understand why you might feel stuck, overwhelmed, having the same argument over and over or not moving forward in your career or business.   Nicole uses her expertise as a therapist to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand  the impact of small t trauma on businesses. Her biggest, more important work is in combining therapeutic processes with business coaching to help entrepreneurs build emotionally sustainable & financially successful businesses. This is such an essential episode to listen to.  Understanding how little 't' trauma can impact you will change your life.  It opens you up to choosing a healing path that feels good for you so you can grow and begin to really live out your God given potential.  Krista Resnick | Instagram | Facebook | Free~How to stop over-reacting and live with peace and purpose instead. Nicole Lewis Keeber | Instagram | Facebook | Nicole's free trauma assessment | Nicole's book
October 06, 2021
68. Permission Granted: I Owe Me..The Power of Guilt Free Self Care with Becky Lauridsen
"You deserve the best because your loved ones deserve the best of you, not what's left of you." - Becky  What do you think about when you hear self care? In today's world we have motivation and inspiration all around to push us to keep going. But I want to remind you that pushing yourself to keep going often leads to burnout and many times it’s mandatory to STOP and remember how massively important it is to practice TRUE SELF CARE. Self Care is not a waste of time, it is an INVESTMENT in a healthier, more productive time in the future. It is an investment in your relationship with YOU. Perhaps you, my listener, have bought into the "GO CRUSH IT" hype and you are feeling exhausted, burned out and drained. It appears we talk about self care once we reach that point of exhaustion. And often, it's only when we wear ourselves out mentally, emotionally and physically that it somehow justifies taking a break so we don’t feel guilty. But because we are so depleted and empty, it just barely gets us back to baseline. In today’s episode, my Guest Becky Lauridsen and I talk about what self care really is, why it matters, what stops you from practicing it and a whole lot more.  Becky is a Licensed Professional Counselor and crazy passionate about increasing self care and decreasing the mental health stigma. She is the Founder and Lead Supporter of IOME. It's an I Owe Me instead of an I Owe You offering Guilt Free Self Care by partnering with local businesses to offer discounted self care services and products to individuals, groups, and employers. IOME is one of the first to take a preventative approach to our mental health and wellness by providing simple and convenient access to mental wellness. Becky is also the proud wife to her cowboy husband, Tyler, and mother to two beautiful girls, Bryer and Brystol. She believes that similar to our physical health, we can take a preventative approach to our mental health too. Becky shares with us the difference between self-indulgence and true self care and how to make guilt free self care a daily practice. Intentional self care doesn’t have to be for hours a day, and certainly does not require a spa or weekend in Bali.  It is an investment in your well-being. If you’re a mama wondering how you will ever find the time to practice self care, then this episode is for you.  A small dose  of true self care is essential because you will be more emotionally, mentally and physically equipped to deal with your responsibilities and show up for the ones you love in an intentional and epic way. Krista Resnick|  | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK  FREE-HOW TO STOP OVERREACTING AND LIVE WITH MORE PEACE AND PURPOSE BECKY LAURIDSEN | INSTAGRAM |FACEBOOK
September 22, 2021
67. Permission Granted: Ditch the number one thing that blocks us from intimacy, depth and connection
The past year and a half has been a has been a huge challenge when it comes to my sense of peace and inner freedom.  For me, I understood that it was time to look deeper as to what was going on and release myself from whatever was happening internally. I was tired of feeling lonely and isolate.  I was tired of always being triggered by someone.  I was tired of trying to control.  Judgment was one of my own personal strategies that was so familiar and addictive to my feeling uncomfortable.  Judgment was something I learned early on, made me feel better for a brief moment, but eventually I crashed with a hangover that felt at time almost unbearable.   We are hard wired for connection.  But my judgment kept me blocked from the very thing God created us to experience.  Depth, connection, and intimacy are spiritual ways of being.  They add so much richness to our lives.  Without them, life is meaningless and loses it's sense of purpose.   If you struggle with feeling connected and experiencing deeper intimacy in your life, I am inviting you to consider ways in which you have used the shield of judgment to protect your tender heart. Listen in to this podcast where I unpack my own personal struggle and healing with judgment and what you can do to take some next steps in your own life if you battle with this too.   Krista Resnick | Instagram | Facebook
September 08, 2021
66. Permission Granted: Let go of the biggest barrier to your success with Spencer Snakard
"Alignment trumps everything.  Stay off the subject that disturbs your alignment, and everything that you are about will come into alignment." ~Esther Hicks Alignment-it's a buzz word today, but what actually is it and why does it matter when it comes to living your best life? My guest today Spencer Snakard is an Executive Transformation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She works with Visionary Entrepreneurs & Transformational Leaders who are on a mission to make major impact, helping them to break through barriers to their next level of success while loving life every step of the way ... and without giving up what matters most to them. Spencer and I break down why alignment is so vital to your success and life and the reasons why women are so afraid of getting clear around what they want.  Spencer shares why ignorance is not bliss as well as providing you with some powerful questions to help you get clarity around the direction you are headed in life.  Before listening to this episode consider: Are you spending the most time on the things you love the least? Do you feel like you are just hanging on by the skin of your teeth and just getting by? Are you trying to squeeze your life into what you think it should be? Links for Resources SURVIVING TO THRIVING WORKBOOK Krista Resnick | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn  Spencer Snakard | Facebook | Facebook group
August 25, 2021
65. Permission Granted: Let go of blocked emotions in order to experience connection and intimacy in your marriage with Jennifer
When we spend all of our time caring for others, it’s easy to feel  resentful, disappointed, and maybe even depressed. It’s impossible to give and give and give and expect that we can have the energy to show up in our marriages feeling connected, present and satisfied. This call is about being the change you want to see in a relationship. Today’s caller, Jennifer, would like more intimacy and connection in her marriage. We work through how much energy she is putting out and not allowing herself to process the big emotions and bandwidth that comes along with having kids, (one being special needs who requires care around the clock), a career and the recent passing of her mother. We often navigate through life from one thing to the next just continuing to press on.  Of course it’s great to be efficient and effective in life.  What’s not so great is to continue to stuff and avoid feelings that are begging to be released and processed.  In order to avoid these feelings, we stay busy, work harder, lose ourselves in our passions, eat, drink, and binge on social media.  These coping strategies come with a high price tag-disconnection in our relationships, lack of peace, exhaustion, anxiety, resentment, burn out and mostly disconnection from ourselves.  Moving those big feelings is key to creating space in your life for a healthy marriage. Jennifer’s question-After raising kids and being on the verge of an empty nest, do I still like my husband? Question to reflect on before listening to this episode: What do you really want in your marriage that you might not be giving yourself? Do you seldom acknowledge yourself for everything you are doing well in life? Are you someone that holds a lot of space for others yet slim to none for yourself? Do you avoid sharing your feelings and asking for your needs to be met? If this resonates with you-give yourself permission to feel your feelings and allow yourself to celebrate all parts of YOU! If you want to be coached on the podcast please fill out this quick and simple form HERE Resources: Krista Resnick-Website | Instagram | Facebook 
August 11, 2021
64. Permission Granted: Stop Surviving, Start Thriving
Do you find that you react easily?  Do you find yourself having an almost out of body experience that lashes out at other when you feel hurt? Do you feel anxious or like you walk on egg shells a lot?   How many times have you had a partner just say something that they believed-”well what’s the big deal….all I said was no.”   But here's the deal....for you it was SO much more than NO-it was the tone, the look, the dismissive nature, the critical undertone.   Our nervous system is wired way before we ever get to these moments.  It is wired in childhood and if we don't learn how to bring ourselves out of survival mode, we continue to live in these states of dysregulation.  We are easily triggered and find ourselves wrapped up in behaviors that are not healthy to us or the relationship.   It's important to remember that these behaviors are not voluntary.  They are automatic responses based on our desire to survive.  However-not always conducive to the creation of healthy relationships and the life that we actually desire.  Learning to regulate is essential to our healing.  It is so important as midlife women that we awaken to the power of this work.  We don't have to spend our second act being a victim to old patterns and ways of being.  We get to create a magical midlife and learn how to reparent ourselves by learning how to step out of survival mode and THRIVE. From Surviving to Thriving Workbook-How to put the MAGIC back in Midlife Krista Resnick | Instagram |Facebook |LinkedIn  Peter Levine's Waking the Tiger  You tube Video
July 28, 2021
63. Permission Granted: Let's look at what is trauma actually is...
The essence of trauma is the disconnection of the self “— Peter Levine Today's podcast is dedicated to unpacking the three kinds of trauma.  Join me in this episode as explain why I believe everyone has some sort of trauma.  If you've ever wondered why you can't seem to move on from a certain issue or make progress in an area of your life, there is a strong possibility that it is because of the trauma that you carry.   You cannot mindset your way through trauma.  Too many of us have been trying to "think" our way through life. This can often cause us to question why we aren't making progress and wondering what is wrong with us.   I can promise you, there is NOTHING wrong with you.  Listen in to learn more. Krista Resnick | Instagram 
July 14, 2021
62. Permission Granted 2.0-Let's talk about Trauma!
Welcome to Permission Granted 2.0! In this episode, I share why I deemed it necessary to share with you the direction that this podcast is moving toward. I hope you'll enjoy the new season of the podcast show and everything that I'm going to bring to you here. I'm excited to take you to a deeper level and talk about all things trauma and trauma related.   If you're a midlife mama looking for more purpose, peace and pleasure in your life, click HERE to sign up for a free discovery call with me.  Follow me on Instagram HERE Want to be coached by me for free in an upcoming episode?  Please fill out this form HERE
July 07, 2021
61. Permission Granted: Create more purpose, peace and pleasure in your life with Solara Amun Ra
Have you ever asked the question, who am I? I know I certainly have and my guess is that you have too.   My guest today...Solara Amun Ra formerly known as Raquel Vasallo, literally shed her old paradigm and ways of being to embrace her new identity. It took Solara a near death experience to realize that the fast pace, high achieving lifestyle she was trying to uphold, was literally breaking her down. After this experience she took life into her hands, quit her job and move across the globe Within less than a year Solara was stepping into her truth and creating peace, pleasure and purpose in her life.   She began working with top companies such as Fox Films, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Orange Telecom, McDonalds, Westin Palace and major advertising agencies like McCann Erickson and BBDO, helping employees and CEOs radically amplify their creativity, innovation and greater vision.   Through that work she found her true calling as an elite mentor to powerhouse visionary women, who are ready to catapult to the next level of success. This time it’s not just about financial success, but radical freedom. Ten years later, her life shifted again when she became physically and mentally incapacitated due to severe mercury poisoning. Not being able to read or write, Solara started channeling teachings and paintings that became powerful healing and activation portals. Before listening to this episode you may want to consider, Do you struggle to feel attracted to your partner? Are you pushing hard to get to your goals but can’t figure out why you don’t ever really quite make it there?  Are you resistant to the word purpose? Do you crave more peace and space in your life, but can’t quite seem to figure out how to make it happen? Are you tired or running on empty? Do you crave space and peace in your life, but have no idea how to get there? Solara is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.” She is the pre-eminent Spiritual Advisor to female Visionaries and Thought Leaders. She is an International Speaker, Mystic Artist and Feminine Leadership Trendsetter. LINKS YOU WILL WANT TO EXPLORE:  KRISTA RESNICK | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | THE SCHOOL OF SELF-MASTERY SOLARA AMUN RA | SACRED POWER CIRCLE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN
June 07, 2021
60. Permission Granted: Stop fearing other's opinions and set healthy boundaries with Cappie
Do you know that you were born with a calling?  Perhaps you do, but like my caller today, you are so wrapped up in pleasing others that you aren't able to prioritize your own needs.  Do you struggle with boundaries?  Do you know you are a leader, yet you lead with hesitation and timidity?  Do you lead with one foot in and one foot out?  Do you find that people often put expectations on you as a leader that make you uncomfortable? Friends if this is you, you will learn so much from my beautiful caller Cappie.   Cappie is a leader, but sometimes the title of the word leader feels heavy and makes her want to run the other way.    She knows she was created for a purpose, but she often finds that time slips through her fingers because she struggles to set boundaries and prioritize the things she needs to get done to BE the embodied leader she is meant to be.   I hope you enjoy my coaching call with Cappie. If you would like to be coached on an upcoming episode please fill out the form HERE
May 17, 2021
59. Permission Granted : 5 Ways to be Kinder to Yourself
“Your self-talk is the channel of behavior change”― Gino Norris Do you struggle to talk kindly to yourself?  If you answered yes, you're not alone.  Most women do. In todays podcast I will share with you 5 Ways to be Kinder to Yourself Key Topics: How we shut ourselves down from growth when we are unkind to ourselves The power of choice and how we can use it to reach our goals 3 steps to learn how to be more gentle with yourself The 7 Secrets of Sustainable Success
May 03, 2021
58. What to do when you are faced with uncertainty
Do you struggle to sit in the unknown?  Are you paralyzed by what your next step 'should' be? You are not alone. So many of us struggle with these thingsToday's podcast focus's on how to sit in the uncertainty and show yourself some massive love in the process. Key Topics in this Episode: The secret missing ingredient to meeting resistance and uncertainty How to make your next move toward clarity and your dreams The #1 thing you can do to reach your goals The 7 Secrets to Sustainable Success
April 19, 2021
57. What's actually blocking you from your fullest expression
Pain pushes until vision pulls...Michael Beckwith Do you often think that there is something wrong with you because you can't seem to make the necessary habits required to reach your potential? I promise you, there is nothing wrong with you, but like the majority of us, somewhere along your journey, you experienced trauma or pain that caused you to feel unworthy, unsafe, unlovable or broken.  As a response and a protection to that pain, your ego created something called a compensatory strategy.  That strategy is used as a way to compensate for our feelings of insecurity, lack or fear.   We all want to feel safe in the world.  We want to feel loved and know that we have value-so we create these strategies as a means to earn or hustle for our place in the world.   But these strategies will only cause you to feel overwhelmed, sad, angry, resentful and burned out.   Tune into this podcast to learn how some of these strategies might show up in your life and what you can do about them. Key Topics: How high achievement isn't necessarily a good thing. The real reason that you're a people pleaser. The truth of why you might be burned out. What's underneath your loneliness, sadness and blocks.  7 Secrets to Sustainable Success
April 12, 2021
56. Does 'feeling' scare you?
Are you afraid to be still?  If you do slow down for a moment, what are you afraid of?   For some of you,  being still might feel relatively traumatic.  You may even find yourself bracing, just waiting for the other shoe to drop.   My 'compensatory strategy' in life was to stay busy.  When I was busy, it meant I didn't have to feel.   I was afraid to sit with my feeling because I didn't know how to sit with my feelings.  I didn't even really know what I was feeling.   Today's podcast is all about the compensatory strategies we fall into to feel safe, loved and worthy.  I share in this episode my strategy and share a couple additional ones to help you think about and identify yours.  We all have them-so know that you're not alone.  Key Topics: Why compensatory strategies are what we use to feel seen and worthy in the world. Why so many people are afraid to be still. What compensatory strategies might hold us back from. Further questions for contemplation and reflection to take this podcast deeper. LINKS 7 Secrets of Sustainable Success
April 05, 2021
55. Why "knowing it all" can block you from your highest potential
Have you ever thought that you’ve done “all the work” or know everything you need to know, but the truth of it deep down is, things still aren’t shifting? I want you to consider a few of these questions: Do you get overwhelmed easily yet have trouble asking for help? Are you hard on yourself? Do you have a fierce inner critic? Do you internalize your feelings? Is it difficult for you to ask for support? Are you in a marriage or relationship where you feel isolated? Do you feel like you are dependent on your partner or you are living according to their dreams and desires more than your own? Are you a people-pleaser? Do you have a hard time making your needs a priority? We can bury ourselves in books, podcasts, workshops and seminars all day, but you aren't embodying and experiencing the work?  You will not ever reach your highest potential.   Until you have an experiential transformation, until we feel it somatically in our body?   IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!!! This Episodes Key Topics: The David Principle-How the real work is actually about chipping away at what no longer serves you.  Why living in our heads is so dangerous. The Key to true transformation and growth. The #1 most unselfish thing you can do for those you love.  LINKS The 7 Secrets to Sustainable Success
April 01, 2021
54. What to do when the Inner Critic Strikes
In this episode, I ask you to truly consider allowing the inner critic's voice to be heard, but to meet it with compassion.   What we resist persists so if we judge the critic or ignore it, it will only DEMAND our attention by getting louder.   We all struggle with that internal voice from time to time. This episode will encourage you on days when you find yourself comparing frequently to others, feeling like you come up short, failing at your own expectations,  or just sitting in a pit of pity, to simply take heart. Those are moments of suffering.  Are you being compassionate with yourself?  Or are you allowing the critic to  create a lot of self-beating, guilt and shame in your life.   This episode will encourage you to RINSE your thoughts and feelings, and meet yourself with grace and compassion.   LINKS THE HEALTHY SELFISH FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
March 29, 2021
53. Create a Life You Love with Chantal Cox
Transformation Coach Chantal Cox joins me on today's episode.   Going through  anxiety and depression at 12 years old, Chantal is now on a mission to  empower motivated professional women who are ready to break free from the bondage of daily stress and anxiety so that they can step into their full potential and Create a Life they Love. Chantal knows what it means to be a high achiever, but struggled with patterns in her relationships.  Eventually this led to her being in an abusive relationship.  Isolated and alone, on her 30th birthday, Chantal decided that it was time for her to create a life she loved.  She didn’t know what that would look like, but she did it one step at a time. You don’t believe the first step she chose and how it shook her right out of her comfort zone.  Chantal wants you to know that it all starts with one step.  It doesn't matter how big or small, if you feel that pull, it's time to take the step. CHANTAL COX | PODCAST | CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE BOOK | FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | WEBSITE KRISTA RESNICK | WEBSITE | PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY |FACEBOOK PAGE | INSTAGRAM
March 25, 2021
52: 3 Ways to Ditch People Pleasing
“Honesty is better than sugar-coated bullshit.” ~  Unknown To all my people pleasers out there, this one is for you.  You will always fail at trying to be everything to everyone. Not only is people pleasing a waste of your precious energy, it also costs you authentic relationships.  Mostly the relationship you have with yourself. Key Topic in this Episode: Two reasons why people pleasing will keep you from living an authentic life. Why re-parenting is the answer to ditching people pleasing. Three really simple and game changing ways to return to who you are so you can leave people pleasing behind and begin to live an authentic life.   Krista Resnick | The Healthy Selfish Private Community | Instagram | Facebook 
March 22, 2021
51: The Female Fat Solution with Dr. Beth Westie
Join me in this episode as I talk to Dr. Beth Westie about all things female health. Dr. Beth Westie is Doctor of Chiropractic, Author, Speaker, Women’s Health & Nutrition Expert. She is the author of the Best Selling book, The Female Fat Solution, the creator of the 12 Week Female Fat Solution Challenge, and the host of The Female Health Solution Podcast. She is on a mission to educate and empower women to learn more about their bodies and uses nutrition to help women work with the natural cycle of their bodies to achieve lasting weight loss results. I love how when Dr. Westie describes the female body, she refers to the fact that each week we are literally a different woman from the week before (due to hormones and how we are wired). This requires us to approach each week differently as we navigate life and fuel our bodies with foods that regulate and flush out hormones that otherwise might be locked into our system. Listen to her podcast to earn more and check out her NEW book “The Female Menopause Solution” at Krista Resnick | Healthy Selfish Facebook Community | Instagram |Facebook
March 18, 2021
50: Three powerful truths I learned through my rebrand
We repeat what we don't repair..." Anonymous Before you listen to this episode, you might want to grab a pen and a piece of paper because it if FULL of amazing truTHs. On the surface this episode might appear as though it is all about some little gems I learned through my recent rebrand.  But friends, please lean in..... it is actually so much deeper! What is standing in the way of you truly living your divine assignment?  What is in the way of you making your impact and legacy while you are here on this earth? From my point of view, it is your responsibility to live your best life while you are here on this earth.  However, there are some things blocking you.  In this episode I am going to get really honest about 3 things that were holding me back from moving forward in my business, (and in my life because how we do ANYTHING IS HOW WE DO EVERYTHING) and I have a suspicion, they could be holding you back too. KEY TOPICS: If you're outsourcing your worth, you are not standing in confidence and authenticity Why not being aligned will deplete your energy when it comes to hitting an intention or goal The new paradigm on failing The #1 thing that is keeping you stuck, isolated and lonely. What stops us from doing our own healing work. KRISTA RESNICK | THE SCHOOL OF BADASSERY | PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN
March 15, 2021
🎧{TSBA 49}-Are you Selfish?
Are you constantly in a state of pressure and overwhelm?  Tired of the anxiety that keeps you up at night? Friends-it just might be that you need a lesson in prioritizing YOU-I call it the Art of Healthy Selfish. In this episode, you will learn 8 things that it it not selfish to do for yourself and your own wellbeing (and others wellbeing too). Key Topics: Why practicing Healthy Selfish can drastically improve your relationships. How to start paying attention to what drains you. Why packing your calendar with obligation after obligation is NOT a good thing. What really stops us from focusing on our needs. Krista Resnick WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | LINKEDIN  THE SCHOOL OF BADASSERY
March 08, 2021
🎧{TSBA-48} Rising from the Ashes with Whytli Rogers
Whytli Rogers is a life coach, mental health advocate and survivor or sexual and mental abuse.  She is the podcast host of In the Wake with Whytli and the Co-Founder of End the Stigma foundation.   In this episode, Whytli shares about the trauma she experienced as being a survivor of mental and sexual abuse.  Despite her anxiety,  severe panic attacks, depression and even attempted suicide, Whytli managed to find the resilience, strength and fresh eyes to open her mind and show herself that more was possible for her life.   Through her trauma, Whytli has learned to love herself and truly understand and meet her own needs.  Her experience has awakened her to a passion for speaking up for injustice.  As a coach and mental health advocate, Whytli wants others to know they are not alone.  Her mission is to  help others wake up to self love and healing their own shame and trauma.  You can learn more about Whytli here:  WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | In the Wake Podcast KRISTA RESNICK WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | 7 SECRETS CHALLENGE | FACEBOOK
March 01, 2021
🎧{TSBA 47}-Radical Acceptance
This is an elevated conversation about what real self love looks like. Everything you want comes out of you.  Everything. The career you want, the relationships you crave, the health you desire, the income you want to increase, the social connections you want, comes from you-so the relationship that you have with you better be a good one. In this episode, we are going to take a look at what it means to really honor yourself and honor your worth.  Because it is one of the most misunderstood mis-used terms in personal growth and healing.   Why? Because truly, actively, loving yourself is your super-power. Krista Resnick | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY THE SELFISH BADASS ASSESSMENT
February 22, 2021
🎧 {TSBA 46} Rising From The Ashes With Wendy Holloway
Have you ever felt like you were grinding out a 9-5 that "wasn't quite you?" Do you struggle to know what you want to DO with your life? Can you really DO anything you want, anytime in your life????  My guest today Wendy Holloway believes you can. Wendy was a vice president for a major American bank.  One might say, "she had it ALL." However, there was something bigger inside her that she was dying to share.    Listen to this episode as Wendy shares her highs and her lows of her life  journey and what brought her to begin to follow the "energetic breadcrumbs" of her greater vision in life.  Her interview will inspire you and leave you encouraged to find your way out of the dark as we all can be there sometimes.  KEY TOPICS: How the dark blessings of your past can give you key wisdom to bring into your future. Why being patient with ourselves is so important during growth and transitions. How we can rely on one another in times of need The best thing you can do to get out of a funk.  Why following the energetic breadcrumbs will always take you down the "right path." Featured Links THE SCHOOL OF BADASSERY Wendy Holloway | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | THE FLAVOR OF ITALY PODCAST | LINKEDIN Krista Resnick | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN
February 15, 2021
🎧{TSBA 45}-Understanding your Intuition With Victoria Shaw
"Intuition is your communication with your higher self."   Victoria Shaw is Licensed Professional Counselor and Spiritual Coach who combines her background and training in psychology and counseling with her intuitive gifts to help clients heal, grow and realize their spiritual and full personal potential. She has always been incredibly intuitive, but lost her intense connection to it when she lived in the busy and hustle of  NYC.  In this show, Victoria talks about how she reconnects with her intuition and will help you  do the same. You are intuitive whether you believe you are or not.  We are all spiritual beings living in a physical body and that means-YOU ARE INTUITIVE! KEY TOPICS The difference between intuition and mind. How to use your intuition to make a decision. How trauma can affect being connected with our intuition. Easy tips to get you started connected with your intuition LINKS FROM SHOW: THE SELFISH BADASS ASSESSMENT VICTORIA SHAW | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK |INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN KRISTA RESNICK | WEBSITE |FACEBOOK |INSTAGRAM |LINKEDIN |PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY
February 08, 2021
🎧 { TSBA 44}-Knowing you're enough with Tiffany
Insecurity and low self worth can be extremely painful and blinds us from seeing who we truly are. Believe it or not we are not born insecure, we become that way.  We live in a world where we believe that we must people please, perfect and perform in order to be seen and loved.  This is a pattern developed in childhood based on the beliefs we accumulate when people are critical of us or we feel judged in some way. We live in a world, where most people are pretty hard on themselves and it leaks into people being hard on other people.   People who have judged or criticized you aren’t bad people, they probably are extremely critical and judgmental of themselves.  The bottom line of all this is that when we commit to doing the internal work and get the help and support we need to grow our ‘insides’ we begin to act differently on the outside. Confidence doesn’t always come from adding more things to our ever growing to do list and taking more action.  It often comes from dropping into massive self acceptance and compassion by dropping our internal negative chatter, and learning to really love ourselves just as we are RIGHT NOW. There is no such thing as perfect.  You can totally release yourself from even trying to reach it from today forward.    You can accept yourself right now, as you are today.  You don’t have to make your love for yourself conditional anymore.  You are with yourself all day everyday-so the relationship you have with yourself matters. Today’s caller Tiffany is taking a huge step toward building her confidence.  So much of this came from her childhood years and her relationship with her father.  Tiffany’s father chose to give up his rights to her when she was just a child.  This caused her to buy into the belief that “Hey, if my own Dad doesn’t want me, obviously I’m not enough.”  Tiffany started to believe that she was in some way defective and that altering herself in some way (her pattern was proving), would somehow allow her to feel seen, heard and loved. When we don’t receive the love and acceptance we need as children from our childhood, it can leave wounds that run deep. But Tiffany is learning that building confidence is as much about what you stop doing rather than always what you start doing. Get curious about your life.  Look around and ask yourself…”what am I attracting into my life?” without self blame or criticism.  Only notice.  What is currently in your environment is there to serve you and teach you. Listen to my session with Tiffany as she learns to build her confidence and security in herself and her choices. If you want to be coached on The Selfish Badass Podcast, please fill out the following form HERE Links mentioned in the show The School of Badassery Let's Get Social  |  INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN | PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY WEBSITE
January 25, 2021
🎧{TSBA 43}-Rising from the Ashes with Lynn Lambrecht
Lynn Lambrecht is a fun loving and vibrant soul who squeezes what she can out of everyday life.   At age 37, she noticed that her eyes “felt funny” when I was living and working in China  Lynn came back to the US, and scheduled an appointment with her  childhood ophthalmologist. He discovered extremely high eye pressure in both eyes and told me I had glaucoma and worried she had acute glaucoma that would lead to blindness.  Lynn's immediate reaction was that she wanted to see a sunrise and sunset in each of the 7 continents by age 55.  Did she do it?  You'll have to tune in to find out. Key Topics: The strengths that Lynn relied on to get her through that challenging time What this "dark blessing" revealed to Lynn. Why what you focus on matters. How you need to be an advocate for yourself.   LYNN'S LAMBRECHT | WEBSITE| INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN  KRISTA RESNICK | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN  THE SELFISH BADASS ASSESSMENT |  THE SELFISH BADASS PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY-JOIN US!
January 18, 2021
🎧{TSBA 42}-Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
I have written 11 books but each time I think ‘Uh-oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.’ —Maya Angelou Laura Honeycutt is a sought-after speaker, teacher and leadership expert on a mission to put more women in the powerful leadership positions they deserve by unleashing their power.  She excelled in a 25-year career in the cutthroat world of elite advertising agencies, despite navigating a system of bias against women while carrying a fierce case of imposter syndrome. Stressed out and burned out, she knew there was something more, and so she turned to a transformational coach to finally break through the thoughts and behaviors that kept her from everything she wanted. Now, Laura helps the world’s badasses fiercely believe in themselves, define success on their own terms, and kick ass in their careers and lives. And....she's my business bestie-so I know personally, she kicks ass! Laura and I talk about what exactly imposter syndrome is and how it can show up for you.   She gets real and lets you have a peak into her own battle with imposter syndrome that started at a very young age.  Raised as a pastor's daughter, Laura found herself changing schools often trying to fit in with her classmates.  She battled a constant sense of needing to change who she was and became dependent on others to define her worth.   Laura and I discuss the impact that imposter syndrome can have on your life-the suffering that it creates and how it plagues many successful driven leaders.   What you'll learn from this episode: Clues to evaluate whether or not you have imposter syndrome You are the biggest 'thing' in your way-Your mindset and what you believe about yourself is the only thing blocking you from success. Laura’s number one tip to start to build your self worth and begin to celebrate yourself. Links mentioned in the Episode  Laura Honeycutt | WEBSITE | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Facebook group Krista Resnick | Website | Instagram | Facebook|  Join my private free community-The Selfish Badass Movement Made for This Group Coaching Program
January 11, 2021
🎧{TSBA 41}-6 Reasons Women Lose Touch With Their Dreams
"Dreams are as an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will, and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it."~ John C. Maxwell It’s that time of year once again….a fresh calendar, new beginnings, and an open heart ready to flush out some new dreams for the new year. I believe that everyone has a dream.  Some people are thrilled to be able to share theirs openly and honestly, while others seem to shy away.  It’s almost as if they are terrified or embarrassed to talk about their dream. After working with hundreds of clients and students, I have noticed there are certain themes that run between those who have lost touch with their dreams.  If you’ve lost touch with your dream, given up hope or never really connected with it, perhaps it will help you to learn about the top five reasons that people have trouble identifying their dreams. KEY TOPICS COVERED: GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DREAM HOW DISAPPOINTMENT CAN BLOCK YOU WHAT FAILURE REALLY MEANS WHY MEDIOCRITY WILL KILL ALL DREAMS LINKS IN SHOW: Clear & Kind Vision Planning Party
January 08, 2021
🎧{TSBA 40} -Believing Big with Tracy Litt
Tracy is a spiritual advisor and mindset teacher to women leaders and entrepreneurs, a  highly sought after keynote speaker, and international best-selling author. She teaches visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs to rise in all aspects of themselves. Tracy's work is guided by the core principle that we are the root cause of everything we experience and therefore we are only ever one choice away from altering our life and results. She is the creator of Choice Work, a powerful and practical methodology that dramatically elevates prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment - one choice at a time. Tracy and I dive deep into what is really required to believe big and achieve all your dreams. KEY TOPICS: Tracy’s biggest wake up moment why are we so hesitant to believe big? What it actually looks like to give yourself permission to dream The truth behind why community is VITAL to your growth and expansion. What you can't want different and stay the same. 3 things you can do immediately to start loving yourself well and manifesting your dreams. LINKS FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOU TUBE | LINKEDIN | TRACY'S NEWSLETTER TRACY'S BOOK -WORTHY HUMAN Want clarity around your dreams?  Download my FREE Assessment HERE Hang with me in my private free facebook community FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN  TOLERATIONS PODCAST  EPISODE ONE EPISODE TWO EPISODE THREE EPISODE FOUR EPISODE FIVE Bronnie Ware~Five Regrets of the Dying
December 28, 2020
🎧{TSBA 39}-BONUS POD-7 Steps for RADICAL Self Care Through the Holidays
We’ve all heard it a million times ...It's the most wonderful time of the year.   But with to-do lists 3 miles long, a calendar packed with making merry, holiday programs and all the traditions we “HAVE” to keep, it can often feel like anything BUT the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are intended for connection and magical moments.  For time to gather together and celebrate.  However, we find ourselves hustling and bustling, buying and consuming, and throwing our sleep and exercise to the curb in order to squeeze it all in. It’s a recipe for burnout, stress and anxiety!!! This episode provides 7 really powerful tips to help you stay on point not only during the holidays, but really in life all the time.   KEY TOPICS Tips to get clarity around what you actually want during the holiday season. The dangers of not getting your proper sleep. How to really feel your feelings. What not being present to life will really cost you. LINKS: MADE FOR THIS-my 10 week Group Coaching Program
December 18, 2020
🎧{TSBA 38} Unlearning Success & Communication With Cachet Prescott
Unlearning isn't easy and takes a lot of courage in today's world.   We are taught that success is supposed to look like a certain way,  or feel a certain way  or sound a certain way.    Society is really good at telling us who we should be, how we should operate in life, and what success is supposed to look like as a woman. Because of this faulty idea of success, my guest today Cachet Prescott went on a journey to over-achieve and prove herself.   She checked every box she could in an attempt to be seen.  Cachet was in her mid thirties, feeling lost and as though she didn't have her own identity.   Cachet overly identified with her work and when her work didn’t work out-her identity was challenged.  With three degrees, she found herself in a place where she felt unhappy and unsatisfied. Our cultures glamorizes the idea of busy and achievement.  This learning of...success ONLY looks like this, can keep us stuck at breakneck speed, missing all the moments and opportunities that really matter.  It can keep us in a cycle of overwhelm, exhaustion and burn out.   Cachet Prescott is a shift talker whose superpower lies in helping others be intentional, responsible and accountable for how they show up and move in the world. A social scientist by training and a part-time faculty member in Psychology, she founded Shift Matters, a space dedicated to making shift happen: shifting thoughts, perspectives, actions, words and habits to move others from where they are to where they want to be. Listen in today as Cachet and I talk about UnLearning Success and UnLearning Communication-two extraordinary concepts that can hold us back from deeper connection, presence and our true dreams.   Now matter where you're at right now in life,  you can create a major turnaround by downloading The Selfish Badass Assessment.  This is a powerful tool designed to help you gain clarity around what's holding you back from creating a life you love.  If you're looking for more profit, productivity or passion in 2021 then this assessment is for you.   What you'll learn from this episode" Cachet's definition of success  How you can follow the energetic breadcrumbs in your life to uncover your passion. How you can incorporate IRA into your life-INTENTIONAL. RESPONSIBLE.  ACCOUNTABLE. Several awesome questions you can ask yourself to create your own definition of success.   How to not live with regret.  Why unlearning the way we were taught to communicate is so important.  The greatest tool you can use to be a better communicator-and it's free! How to be a more assertive communicator. Tips for recognizing what your "crazy cycle" looks like when communicating. Featured on the Show: Want more passion, productivity and profit in 2021?  Download The Selfish Badass Assessment HERE CACHET PRESCOTT~ UnLearning Podcast  Let's get social!  INSTAGRAM Join my Facebook Community for High Achieving Leaders/Professionals here The School of Badassery
December 14, 2020
🎧{TSBA 37}-5 Ways to make Healthy Selfish a Spiritual Practice PT.2
The constant striving to achieve goals created by our current corporate culture, family demands, and overwhelming school and beauty standards have depleted our spark and vitality. Because running toward someone else’s goals makes us forget our own. And even when we achieve what we “should” want, it’s never satisfying because it wasn’t what we truly desired in the first place. It’s time for us to become the exquisite caretakers of our own desires. And that means getting selfish. Today's show is all about the top 5 ways you can make selfishness a spiritual practice What you'll learn from this episode: Understanding the Power of Visualization The Power in using the word NO. Why support is such an massive component to putting healthy selfish into practice. The easiest and fastest way to tune into what your soul needs. Let's connect! THE SELFISH BADASS PRIVATE COMMUNITY THE 7 SECRETS OF SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM WEBSITE Got a question or want to share a takeaway from the show-please reach out to
December 07, 2020
🎧{TSBA 36}-The Art of Healthy Selfish-learning to prioritize YOU! PT. 1
In today's episode, we are going to unpack what it really means to become healthy-selfish.  Everyone is selfish (yes, even you). But selfishness can be either unhealthy or healthy. "Healthy selfish," as I like to call it, can be thought of also as self-love. Most of us have been taught to think selfishness is a bad quality — and it certainly can be.  But what is also NOT acceptable or  admirable is to neglect mental, emotional and physical well-being, and to live in the world with stress, resentment and a lack of joy.  It is nothing short of unacceptable to contort yourself into a pretzel-you know, when you’re trying to be all things to all people. What you'll learn from this episode: The two types of selfishness and how you can practice healthy selfish to establish real self care and keep from burning out. The dangers of people pleasing Why healthy selfish can be an integral part of your spiritual practice. The real reason why women are afraid to stop people pleasing. Links mentioned in the show: THE 7 SECRETS TO SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS THE SELFISH BADASS COMMUNITY FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM WEBSITE Got a question or want to share a takeaway from the show?  Feel free to reach out at
December 01, 2020
🎧 {TSBA 35}-For the love of money.... a conversation with Tamar Hermes about wealth, success and healing your money story.
"Being in your power as a woman means honoring your right to have money."~ Tamar Hermes Money is such a beautiful thing.  It affords us the right to be free, the right to serve yourself, your family, and contribute to others. Yet so many women have limiting stories and narratives when it comes to believing that they themselves deserve to have wealth.   Before you dive into today's episode consider: Why don't women believe they deserve more? Why is money is seen as evil? Why can women fall into a trap that people with money are bad and spend their lives struggling over having enough? Why don't women honor creating wealth as sacred and powerful? You are going to love my guest today Tamar Hermes, full-time Real Estate Investor, educator, and money coach.  She is the CEO of Wealth Warrior Woman, where she guides women to become financially free through Real Estate Investing and creating an empowering relationship to money.   Tamar grew up poor as the child of a Holocaust survivor and believes your past does not define your future.  She wants all women to realize their potential for wealth and is passionate about supporting women to release the ties that bind them over money. Join me and Tamar to get advice on how to get ahead with it comes to your financial IQ and start making choices about what your relationship with money is going to be. Connect with Tamar  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM Connect with Krista WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | THE SELFISH BADASS COMMUNITY | FACEBOOK THE SCHOOL OF BADASSERY Are you looking to smash your goals in 2021?  Check out my new Assessment to gain clarity on  what's holding you back HERE Two books I love about money The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease Money, A love story by Kate Northrup
November 16, 2020
🎧{TSBA 34}- Releasing energetic & emotional blocks through BreathWork with Vaughn Pierro
"Oxygen is medicine moving through the body." ~Vaughn Pierro Vaughn Pierro was brought into this world as an empathic soul.  She felt a lot of emotion, and everyone's emotion.  It was normal for Vaughn to cry at a McDonald's commercial.  Because of that, people didn't always understand her and she was made fun of.  As a result, Vaughn began to tuck parts of her away that she deemed unacceptable.  She stuffed and shoved her emotions and the very thing that was her gift. Suppressing emotion can lead to a whole slew of health problems which is exactly what Vaughn experienced.  When she found herself at a personal development retreat, she took her very first breathwork session and was blown away by what she experienced.  She felt her body, her energy, her emotions for the first time in years.   tune in this week at Vaughn and I discuss the power of the breath and how crucial and medicinal it can be to aligning with your highest self.   If you want to claim your seat in The School of Badassery, (where yes, you will receive a free 90 breathwork session with Vaughn), you can claim you spot HERE.  This month we are also discussing the topic of Mindfulness and Presence-imagine going into the holidays feeling peace and calm instead of frazzled and frenzied.  You receive access to past trainings such as expectations and boundaries.  Plus you gain access to additional tools for The Selfish Badass community only.  Join us! What you'll learn from this episode: Why breathwork is so powerful Why suppressing emotions is so dangerous. How following her energetic breadcrumbs led Vaughn down a pretty amazing journey.   How Vaughn resisted the negative voices once she claimed her dreams.   The danger as a woman of not honoring your desires.   What Vaughn's daily breath practice looks like now. Featured on the Show: The Selfish Badass Assessment Vaughn Pierro | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK Let's be social| INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK |  THE SELFISH BADASS COMMUNITY-a space for female leaders and professionals who want to create a life what lights her soul ON FIRE
November 09, 2020
🎧{TSBA 33} BONUS POD-Lessons in Holding on & Letting Go
Here in the midwest we are enjoying a spectacular fall.  Leaves have slowly been turning from a healthy green to gorgeous shades of burnt orange, red and yellow.  Fall is no doubt my favorite time of year, and as I go for my daily soul stroll, I've been watching the leaves move from summer brightness and the picture of health to letting go and falling to the ground. It got me thinking about us as humans and the things that we hold onto and the things we might need to let go of. For this power packed 5 week Bonus Series-I am going to be inviting you to let go of things that might be serving you any longer.  Things that might be cluttering up your life either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Today we are going to discuss letting go of our assumptions.  Assumptions are really personal because we have personal experience with them-we assume because something happened before, it will happen again and they are a massive energy block to your productivity and success.  Join me on this 5 week journey of lessons in holding on & letting go. Links you need: Let's get social | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK WEBSITE The School of Badassery The Selfish Badass Private Community for Female Leaders
November 02, 2020
🎧{TSBA 32} BONUS POD-Lessons in Holding on & Letting Go
Here in the midwest we are enjoying a spectacular fall.  Leaves have slowly been turning from a healthy green to gorgeous shades of burnt orange, red and yellow.  Fall is no doubt my favorite time of year, and as I go for my daily soul stroll, I've been watching the leaves move from summer brightness and the picture of health to letting go and falling to the ground. It got me thinking about us as humans and the things that we hold onto and the things we might need to let go of. For this power packed 5 week Bonus Series-I am going to be inviting you to let go of things that might be serving you any longer.  Things that might be cluttering up your life either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Today we are going to discuss letting go of our excuses.  Join me on this 5 week journey of lessons in holding on & letting go. Links you need: Let's get social | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK WEBSITE The School of Badassery The Selfish Badass Private Community for Female Leaders
October 26, 2020
🎧{TSBA 31} BONUS POD-Lessons in Holding on & Letting Go
Here in the midwest we are enjoying a spectacular fall.  Leaves have slowly been turning from a healthy green to gorgeous shades of burnt orange, red and yellow.  Fall is no doubt my favorite time of year, and as I go for my daily soul stroll, I've been watching the leaves move from summer brightness and the picture of health to letting go and falling to the ground. It got me thinking about us as humans and the things that we hold onto and the things we might need to let go of. For this power packed 5 week Bonus Series-I am going to be inviting you to let go of things that might be serving you any longer.  Things that might be cluttering up your life either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Today we are going to discuss letting go of strong catabolic emotions such as anger, resentment and envy.  While all emotions are valid-it we stay in those catabolic feeling states for too long, they will cause us to feel burn out and clog our success, productivity and joy. Join me on this 5 week journey of lessons in holding on & letting go. Links you need: Let's get social | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK WEBSITE The Selfish Badass Private Community for Female Leaders
October 19, 2020
🎧{TSBA 30} BONUS POD-Lessons in Holding on & Letting Go
Here in the midwest we are enjoying a spectacular fall.  Leaves have slowly been turning from a healthy green to gorgeous shades of burnt orange, red and yellow.  Fall is no doubt my favorite time of year, and as I go for my daily soul stroll, I've been watching the leaves move from summer brightness and the picture of health to letting go and falling to the ground. It got me thinking about us as humans and the things that we hold onto and the things we might need to let go of. For this power packed 5 week Bonus Series-I am going to be inviting you to let go of things that might be serving you any longer.  Things that might be cluttering up your life either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Today we are going to discuss letting go of other people's opinions.  FOPO (Fear of Other People's Opinions) will clog your productivity, intuition, confidence and success.   Join me on this 5 week journey of lessons in holding on & letting go. Links you need: Let's get social | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK WEBSITE The Selfish Badass Private Community for Female Leaders
October 12, 2020
🎧{TSBA 29}BONUS POD-Lessons in Holding on & Letting Go
Here in the midwest we are enjoying a spectacular fall.  Leaves have slowly been turning from a healthy green to gorgeous shades of burnt orange, red and yellow.  Fall is no doubt my favorite time of year, and as I go for my daily soul stroll, I've been watching the leaves move from summer brightness and the picture of health to letting go and falling to the ground. It got me thinking about us as humans and the things that we hold onto and the things we might need to let go of.   For this power packed 5 week Bonus Series-I am going to be inviting you to let go of things that might be serving you any longer.  Things that might be cluttering up your life either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.   Today we are going to discuss letting go of physical items you no longer need that might be clogging up your productivity and success.   Join me on this 5 week journey of lessons in holding on & letting go.   Links you need: Let's get social | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK WEBSITE The Selfish Badass Private Community for Female Leaders
October 05, 2020
🎧{TSBA-28}-Rising from the Ashes with Body Image Coach Liza Lomax
During this interesting time of literally wearing masks, I wonder how many of us have felt as though we have been wearing a mask our  entire life? Today's guest, Liza Lomax experienced that feeling first hand.  Liza is a Body Image Coach who helps womxn that yo-yo with their weight.   Liza supports her clients by helping  them heal their relationship with food and their bodies and  while eliminating  negative self talk, so they feel beautiful and confident. Liza went from being a massive people pleaser to a people LOVER (YES, there is a HUGE difference) which caused many years of hiding, shrinking, hedging and holding back.   This hiding behavior led Liza to wind up battling not 1 but 2 eating disorders.  Liza'a desire is to encourage you -Do not give up. Life is full of ups and downs. If you want change bad enough, keep going until you make it happen. Here are some questions to consider as you listen to the episode: Do you sometimes feel as though there are parts of you that you had to put away on a shelf for no one to see? Were there times in your childhood or upbringing where you felt embarrassed or ashamed of who you were? Do you struggle to feel as though you can be your real, true, authentic self? Tune into this powerful episode to hear more from this series Rising from the Ashes and Liza Lomax LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE; The School of Badassery Liza Lomax | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | CONNECT WITH LIZA Check out my guide to practicing Radical Self Care-Why Selfish is the New Black The Power of YOU webinar Let's be friends on Instagram Join my Facebook group for female leaders HERE
September 28, 2020
🎧{TSBA-27}-How to create a 'Purpose Fueled' Life with Melissa West
"Gold is not found at the’ve got to dig for it." ~Melissa West We need to talk about the chase.   Are you chasing the goal, the program, the car, the money the validation, the degree, the recognition? Do you feel scattered? Do you lack purposeful intention and direction? Are you grasping for surface answers to fill a deeper issue? Do you feel like you’re in your head a lot? Does your energy automatically default to fear, self-doubt and people pleasing? My friends-all of the above is a symptom of a much bigger issue.  This is living life without knowing your worth.  This is life without really understanding WHO you were meant to be. Imagine what it would feel like to not be a victim to your calendar any longer? Imagine how it would feel to wake up and experience more happiness and presence throughout your day.  What if you felt into the experiences of every item on your daily to-do list?  What if you could find joy in all the little things you did all day long? Melissa West is a kick-ass coach, speaker, author and  CEO of Xtreme Results.  She encourages business professionals to rediscover their purpose and passion and empowers them to create an amazing business and life of their dreams. Melissa helps leaders get unstuck so they can do the fulfilling work they are meant to do in the world.   Join us today and enjoy this conversation with Melissa West.  I know you are going to walk away with your mind blown and feelings inspired to take action to begin living a more purpose-fueled life.  Melissa and I share the same philosophy on leadership, passion and vision and you'll leave this episode asking yourself questions that will transform your life! The School of Badassery's FIRST LIVE TRAINING ON BOUNDARIES IS THIS WEEK-JOIN US!!!!! What you'll learn from this episode: How 'dark blessings' as Melissa calls them can be turned into major opportunities to tune into your purpose & passion. How to make your confidence SKY ROCKET. What purpose actually is. How Melissa went from a woman who questioned herself to being a woman who is fueled by confidence and purpose. The dangers of putting your value in things outside of yourself. How to find more presence in your life. How to discover your sweet spot. FEATURED ON THE SHOW-The School of Badassery Check out my guide to practicing Radical Self Care-Why Selfish is the New Black The Power of YOU webinar Let's be friends on Instagram Join my Facebook group for female leaders HERE Melissa West  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
September 21, 2020
🎧{TSBA-26}-Permission Granted: Give up putting yourself last on the list
Can you please do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to stop always be last on the list? Listen, as a mom of 3 myself and a female leader-I know it can be tough.  But I believe that each and every one of us has a divine assignment that is our responsibility to fulfill while we are here on this earth and we don't have time to be exhausted, burned out and drained by trying to accommodate everyone else! Your first challenge this week is to get honest with yourself and really ask the hard question of-"How much longer can keep pouring out for everyone else and ignore myself? Your second challenge is to follow the breadcrumbs of what lights your soul on fire.  Put one or two of those things on the calendar and honor yourself by following through on those commitments.   Permission Granted!!! Links Mentioned The School of Badassery Krista Resnick | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK 
September 14, 2020
🎧{TSBA 25}-Creating amazing friendships with Noelle Rhodes
Friendship is not organic, it’s intentional...Noelle Rhodes  When my guest Noelle found herself up at night googling " how to make friends in your mid 30’s," she had no idea the road that it would take her down.   Meet Noelle Rhodes, Friendship coach and researcher whose mission is to let women know that they are not the only ones looking for female friendships.  She also hosts Friending: a no-nonsense, all-practical, and sometimes hilarious podcast show that helps women grow health female friendship in these modern times  Questions to consider as you listen to this pod:  Have you ever felt lonely-do you ever feel like your responsibility and ambitions sometimes take over your connection and friendships?  Do you wonder why or if friendships really matter all that much?  Do you sometimes feel lonely?  Have you bought into the belief that you have to be friends with EVERYONE, therefore you find friendship exhausting?  You are not going to want to miss this pod my friends because it is FULL of juicy tips to help you build community and friendship in your life.  What you'll learn on this episode:  3 Mindsets that are minimizing our friendships.  How to determine if your friendships have turned a bit unhealthy and it’s time to let them go.  Why conflict in friendship isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Why believing every friendship has to be at the same level, will destroy your closest friendships.  How friendships can actually be a part of your goals, self care and priorities.  Why limiting your friendships helps you actually have deeper friendships that fill your soul.  Why loneliness is poison for the mind.  Why making friends can be so hard as an adult female. How reality shows set us up for something Noelle calls Friendship Fantasy.  Why Female friendships matter.  Links mentioned on the show: NOELLE RHODES: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK The Lonely American   Join Krista's new epic learning lab-The School of Badassery  KRISTA RESNICK: WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
September 07, 2020
{TSBA-24} Permission Granted: Give up the need to be right
“You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader.” – Henry Ford  I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before, but you are a leader.   Do YOU see yourself as a leader?    Leadership is NOT about the roles you play-it is WHO you are being in this world and how you are showing up.  Are you showing up in a way that helps people move forward into their own impact and potential?  Each and everyone of us has a massive opportunity to leave an impact, create success and live a kick-ass life, but it's mandatory that in order to do so you MUST be willing to walk away from the things that drain you.    Tune into this episode to hear one of the top energy drains that might be taking you off course from your leadership and vision.    SHOW MENTIONS:  You seriously MUST claim your spot at my live interactive masterclass The Power of You.  Being a leader isn't about some cookie cutter approach that the patriarchy paradigm told you it was.   Being a leader is about going the way, showing the way and knowing the way.  It's about showing up despite the fear and taking responsibility for your vision.  See you in class!
August 24, 2020
{TSBA-23}-Healing Anxiety with Heather Rider
Are you someone who struggles with the 3 P's?  Perfectionism, Proving and Pleasing. Do you have trouble making decisions have constant brain fog, indecision or maybe you feel like you run on frenzy 24/7? Tune in my friends, because it's very possible that you have high functioning anxiety.   My guest this week is Heather Rider an anxiety specialist who personally overcame high functioning anxiety herself.  You will find it interesting to know that Heather wasn't even aware that she struggled with anxiety.  She was convinced that she was just stressed and mentally exhausted.  She didn't really think she had the signs or the symptoms of a person with anxiety.  Can you relate? Eventually it took Heather getting severely sick to  realize that something needed to change.  Join me this week as Heather and I discuss how her pain turned into greatest passion-helping high achieving women move through anxiety to live a life of happiness, ease and fulfillment. If you’ve been loving the show, I want to challenge you to leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. What you'll learn from this episode: The number way to recognize if you have anxiety. Anxiety is not something you have or don't have-it's a much deeper issue. How old experiences turn to trauma and can calcify in our body-creating toxicity and anxiety The 3 steps to begin to identify and heal anxiety. Why getting in touch with your emotions is crucial when it comes to healing anxiety. Featured on the Show: Want more info on my upcoming kick-ass webinar The Power of You?  Click HERE Looking for advanced information on my epic Made For This group coaching program that kicks off in January 2021?  Yes you do...Click HERE Heather Rider | WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM Let's be friends on Instagram Join my FREE 7 Secrets of Sustainable Success Experience Download my epic Why Selfish is The New Black E-book
August 10, 2020
{TSBA 22}-The deep, down &dirty on Patriarchy Stress Disorder
"Talking about a traumatic experience does not resolve trauma.   These experiences are lodged in our bodies.  They are imprinted in our nervous systems.  Reactions that got wired to that event or experience. The body remembers feeling unsafe and it reminds us each time the trauma gets triggered.  The mind may create stories and explanations and rationalizations but the body never lies." ~Dr. Valerie Rein Have you ever felt like there was something wrong with you?  Have you ever asked yourself, why can I just achieve the success, happiness and fulfillment I desire? Friends, I promise you, there is NOTHING wrong with you.  However, there's a very good chance that you might be suffering from trauma and not even know it.   Dr. Valerie says that trauma is  any experience that made you feel unsafe both physically and emotionally resulting in your inability to show up as the fullest authentic expression of yourself. Okay-that definition includes every one of us! Dr. Valerie Rein is a sought after speaker and trainer and when you listen to this episode, you'll know why.  She is the author of the bestselling book -Patriarchy Stress Disorder and she helps women move from surviving to thriving by mastering the game of "how good can it get" in their work and personal lives. If you want to take part in the 7 Secrets of Sustainable Success Challenge you can sign up Here-it's totally free.  Hello?  Why would you NOT? Be sure to check out my facebook group for Badass women leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs HERE. What you'll learn from this episode: Why you're really blocked from success, happiness and fulfillment. Four survival reactions most women have spent a good portion of their lives in an attempt to protect themselves from truly being seen.  Why reaching for external answers to internal solutions never works.  Why  being fully, authentic, amazing you-is the least selfish thing you can do. What I am enough really means.  Featured on the show: Dr; Valerie Rein | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN PATRIARCHY STRESS DISORDER THE THRIVING EXPERIENCE Want the low down on my highly sought after, life-changing 8 week group coaching program, Made For This?  Check it out here. The waitlist has begun.  
July 27, 2020
{TSBA 21}-A super fun announcement
Are you ready to be coached LIVE?  If so, get excited because The Selfish Badass Podcast is now introducing live coaching. If you are someone who has always wanted to be coached, this is an extraordinary opportunity. Please fill out the application to be coached live right HERE ***NOTE***  You will only be contacted IF you are chosen to be coached.
July 20, 2020
{TSBA-20}How to own your space using color with Shirley Zaccheo
"Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways..." ~Oscar Wilde In this episode we are talking all about how to own your space using your colors.   This is such a fun, vibrant episode that is being released in a time that feels heavy and maybe even a bit dark. Learn how this busy mom of four started to tap into her passion of color and now helps other women own their space by wearing colors that really work FOR them.   Shirley Zaccheo, creator and founder of You and Improved, has been hustling since she was selling flowers from a roadside stand at 16 years old.   Shirley has always had a love of color-since she was a little girl and would play with her grandmothers color crayons.   And even though she was little, there was a seed planted in her life.   Listen in this week to hear my conversation with Shirley so you can start to use color in a way that helps you own your space.  Everything is energy people and color gives off an energy, a vibe.  So let me ask you, do you know what energy you are emitting? I want to be clear-this is NOT a conversation about vanity.  This is a conversation about owning your space.  You being YOU.   What you'll learn from this episode: How quickly a person bases an opinion of you from a first appearance. Where to start when you don’t think you are fashionable. Why color is the first thing to start with when it comes to owning your space. Why you want your wardrobe to work FOR you and not against you. How color can really determine the inner energy that is going on. What color energy really is.  What color does to our emotions. We unpack certain power colors and what certain other colors mean. We talk about leaders/celebrities and profile their colors. How colors can communicate your messaging and branding. 5 tips to owning your colors The one thing you must know before you give yourself permission to practice self care. Featured on the Show: Join my Facebook group exclusively for badass women leaders here. Let's be friends on Instagram Check out my e-book Why Selfish is the New Black Shirley Zaccheo:  FACEBOOK
July 13, 2020
{TSBA 19}-How to use time in your favor to build a life you love
How you spend your days is how you spend your life... Can you remember the last time someone said to "I just have so much time on my hands...."  probably not for awhile-if ever So many people struggle to be intentional with their time and they often wind up feeling deflated by the end of the day.  The to do lists seem never ending and   often times the story is the same..."if there was just more time in the day I could get it all done...." I can't wait to introduce to you Amanda Warfield.  I absolutely LOVE the concept of being the creator of time and the conversation I had today with her blew me away.    Amanda is a coach who specializes in time and stress management by learning how to set boundaries, time block and simplify your life.    Amanda is sharing with you how to organize your day in a way that fuels you and helps you to get the most out of every moment.  She also has some really incredible insight into why creating white space on your calendar is mandatory to creating a life you love.   If you want to work with me in 2020, to uncover your purpose so you can thrive without compromise, I have 2 private coaching slots available.  You can learn more HERE. Be sure to check out July's rendition of The Morning Brew HERE-my coffee, connection and coaching opportunity.   What you'll learn from this episode: How prioritizing Amanda's marriage transformed every aspect of her life when it came to time. How perfectionism and busyness will keep you stuck from being intentional with your time. Amanda's definition of time management. The reasons why people struggle to manage their priorities. Why FUN must be an integral part of getting things done and creating a life you love.  Why simplicity must lead the way when it comes to building a life by design rather than by default. Links to find Amanda: INSTAGRAM WEBSITE July's sign up for Morning Brew-my monthly group coaching experience.  Join me on July 1st at 7am CST for our teaching/coaching on what you are tolerating in your life.  Why Selfish is The New Black E Book
June 29, 2020
{TSBA 18}-It's time to Spring Clean your life Part 5
If you hear a voice within you say, '"You cannot paint," then by all means pain, and that voice will be silenced."~Van Gogh In this episode we are talking about what you are tolerating from YOU.  Often times we think of what we are tolerating when it comes to our external world and people, but we can also tolerate unacceptable behavior from ourselves.   Tune in to this epic episode to learn: The 3 ways self doubt sneaks up on us to keep us stuck and spiraling. Tips to combat hesitation and some powerful questions you can ask yourself to show up and be seen in your life.   My FAVORITE tool for how to pick myself back up when I've 'failed.'  LINKS FROM EPISODE: Toleration Detox Tool Made For This 8 Week Intensive
June 15, 2020
{TSBA 17}-It's time to Spring Clean your life-Part 4
"Ask yourself if what you're doing today is helping you getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow."~Unknown  In this episode I'm going to share with you some of the current things in my work that I am tolerating.  While they might seem like simple things, it's surprising at how much they really are taxing on your energy.  What might you be tolerating in your work or career?  It could be something as simple as the lights not working great, to the heat pummeling out of the vents, making it impossible for you to focus.   Or maybe it's something a bit larger on the spectrum like that website copy you really need to get written or having that crucial conversation with your employer about that raise you know you deserve.    Either way- you cannot change what you tolerate. It's time to plug those little pesky things that are draining your energy so you can show up powerfully and create a purpose-filled life! LINKS YOU NEED FROM THIS EPISODE:  TOLERATIONS DETOX SHEET  Join the 7 Secrets to Sustainable Success Challenge HERE.  Join Next Months's Morning Brew.  The call is FREE! I don't care if you're showered, have make-up on, you're sitting in traffic (hands-free, of course!) or still in bed. This is a judgment free zone! Just stop with the excuses already and JOIN.  We will be doing a deeper dive of what we are tolerating as women.  We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 7am CST.  Want tools and resources to help you stay CALM DURING COVID?  Join my 5 day micro course-totally free and totally ROBUST.  Receive 5 deep dive journaling prompts to help you process through uncertain times.
June 01, 2020
{TSBA 16}-It's time to Spring Clean your life-Part 3
"Being healthy is a way of life.  It's not just about what you feed your body; it's about what you feed your mind and the social environment you keep." ~Dr. Steve Maraboli Did you know that your Environment is EVERYTHING? You’ve probably heard it before but what does that mean?  We're not talking about your closet (although I LOVE a good closet detox too). When I talk about environment I am talking about where you are putting your energy. Who you are surrounding yourself with, what kind of material are you reading, what blogs do you subscribe to, what kind of facebook groups are you in, who are you following on social media, what emails are coming into your inbox everyday? This week, we are going to do some toleration detox around what you are choosing within your environment What you will learn in this episode: What self care REALLY means.  Why we have a hard time releasing people that deplete our energy. The first step you must take if you want to start living a life you really love.  Practical steps on how to clean up your environment.  LINKS YOU NEED: Tools for the Tolerations Detox. Join the 7 Secrets to Sustainable Success Challenge HERE. Join Next Months's Morning Brew.  The call is FREE! I don't care if you're showered, have make-up on, you're sitting in traffic (hands-free, of course!) or still in bed. This is a judgment free zone! Just stop with the excuses already and JOIN.  We will be doing a deeper dive of what we are tolerating as women.  We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 7am CST. Want tools and resources to help you stay CALM DURING COVID?  Join my 5 day micro course-totally free and totally ROBUST.  Receive 5 deep dive journaling prompts to help you process through uncertain times.
May 25, 2020
{TSBA 15}- It's time to Spring Clean your life-Part 2
“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.” ― Steve Maraboli I believe that you are called to be a sacred leader.  A woman who is set apart for a very specific purpose and calling.   But maybe it's been awhile since you have tapped into that calling.  Maybe it's been covered up and hidden away for awhile.   Getting clear on your calling, and aligning with your assignment  often times requires that you let go of some things in order to step into the   woman that you are becoming.   So for the next few weeks I am introducing something called Toleration Detox as part of our Spring Cleaning Series.  Tolerations are defined as: to allow to be or to be done without prohibition, hindrance, or contradiction.   To put up with.  As women we often tolerate and allow certain behaviors.  We tend to make excuses, justifications and reasons as to why we can’t, or shouldn’t.   Join me in this episode as I give you permission to let go of what you are tolerating in the area of health of wellness.   WHAT YOU'LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE: The four reasons why women tolerate in the first place. Why toleration is dangerous ground. Get clarity on what you specifically are tolerating in the area of health and wellness and WHY. LINKS YOU NEED: Tools for the Tolerations Detox. Join the 7 Secrets to Sustainable Success Challenge HERE. Join Next Months's Morning Brew.  The call is FREE! I don't care if you're showered, have make-up on, you're sitting in traffic (hands-free, of course!) or still in bed. This is a judgment free zone! Just stop with the excuses already and JOIN.  We will be doing a deeper dive of what we are tolerating as women.  We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 7am CST. Want tools and resources to help you stay CALM DURING COVID?  Join my 5 day micro course-totally free and totally ROBUST.  Receive 5 deep dive journaling prompts to help you process through uncertain times.  
May 18, 2020
{TSBA 14}-It's time to Spring Clean your life-Part 1
“It’s time for a spring cleaning of your thoughts, it’s time to stop to just existing it’s time to start living.” ― Steve Maraboli If you want more abundance, more freedom, more joy, more contribution, more fulfillment, more happiness, more levity, play, lightness you have to let go of the things that are taking up space in your life and causing you to hold on to your old limited way of being. Many of us hold onto our history and it’s blocking our REAL power that is within.  We make decisions based on our history instead of what our heart actually wants right now.  We carry it with us like a ball and chain. Too much stuff can fill us up and drain our energy.  But it's not just external "stuff."  Things like overcommitment, overwhelm, and spending too much time with people and things that drain us and not enough time leaning into the activities that fuel and excite us.   Listen in to this Spring Clean Your Life series to get you up and leaning into the unstoppable, extraordinary, powerful badass leader that you are.  The woman that is here to leave an impact in whatever way she is called... you don't have time to be drained by things that are no longer serving you.  We need you!  We need your voice! What you'll learn from this episode: Examine which areas of your life need a 'Spring Clean' Decide what success looks and feels like to you. Make decision as to where you want to place your time and next steps to move forward in your life. Links mentioned in the show Why Selfish Is the New Black Mini Course | Create your Dream Life Strategy Call | The Selfish Badass FB Community
May 11, 2020
{TSBA 13)-Learning to Linger with Jessie Carr
"If you're always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in?"  ~Anonymous Are you someone who moves through life at breakneck speed?  Are you CONSTANTLY finding that you are just too busy and consumed with everything around you?  Are you dying to just slow down a little bit? Try filling in these blanks: I just wish I had more time to (fill in the blank). If I wasn't so busy I would totally do (fill in the blank). I'm so tired of (fill in the blank). I wish I didn't have to (blank) anymore. To help me break down HOW we actually slow down,  Jessie Carr is joining me on today's episode.  Jessie is a certified professional coach and founder of The Linger Movement- a lifestyle brand and community that transforms the way we experience everyday moments.  Jessie teaches others to get back in the drivers seat of their own life by actually slowing down to chase awe.  We discuss in this episode how she went from the golden handcuffs of having a high profile job at Google to a woman who is now obsessed in soaking up the moments around her.   What you'll learn from this episode: How Jessie went from living at breakneck speed to a woman who took her life back by slowing down. Why Jessie went from an impressive title and lifestyle to actually enjoying her life MORE by eliminating most everything. How you can incorporate moments of linger in your everyday. What a linger lifestyle really is all about. How to do self care in a way that works for you. Why  many of us are terrified to make some of the changes that Jessie did to become a more calm, present woman. The fears Jessie had to overcome to walk away from the title, the income, the lifestyle. How slowing down can help you see the people in your life differently. FEATURED ON THE SHOW JESSIE CARR | INSTAGRAM | THE LINGER LIST THE MORNING BREW THE SELFISH BADASS FACEBOOK COMMUNITY
April 27, 2020
{ TSBA 12} How to add laughter, levity and joy to your life with Jacci Andersen
A day without laughter is a day wasted….Anonymous Do you often go through life feeling pressurized?  Maybe you feel like you’re a pressure cooker waiter to explode.  Perhaps you are just one step away from losing your SH*T on anyone that asks for one more thing from you. Whatever stress and circumstances you’re facing it’s so important to remember to add a little laughter and levity in your life My guest today is Jacci Andersen a certified laughter leader expert and JOYOLOGIST.  Yes, you read that right, a joyologist and Jacci knows the pressure of corporate life and trying to “do it all,”  much too well.   Jacci’s philosophy is that laughter is imperative in life.  It is a coping mechanism to relieve stress and tension-a little something we could ALL use right now. Join Jacci and I as we why laughter is so critical and why we must find the humor and the funny in all situations. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why laughter is critical in today’s world. How laughter can be medicinal to our bodies. The pivotal moment that turned everything around for Jacci to get her priorities straight and start living a life she loved. The way Jacci used her breath work to get through a really intense experience. How Jacci uses laughter to help other people’s lives. How Jacci used the power of choice to step into her true purpose in life-improving the world one laugh at a time. What actually scientifically happens in your body when you laugh. Jacci shares how we start to incorporate laughter, levity and joy into our everyday lives. The 6 step system that Jacci uses to guide her clients to good hearted living. You can connect with Jacci on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE |  LINKEDIN | 
April 13, 2020
{ TSBA 11} 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence.
Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that's who you want to be. -iPEC Principle Does it sometimes seem like everyone else is more confident than you?  Do you often feel like people around you are a bit more sure of themselves than you are? The truth is, more than likely they have doubts just like you do.  (AHHHHH...BIG relief-it’s not just you). So if that is true, then what’s the big secret to being more confident?  Why is it that some people seem to have it and others don’t? The answer is actually quite simple. Confidence is something you create. It is something that comes from within.  True confidence is not based on anything external.  It is completely related to your attitude, energy and level of consciousness. This pod explores: 🎧Why managing your mind is CRITICAL to your success, leadership and confidence.  Change your thoughts, change your life really is where it's at.  🎧Being aware of WHERE  you are placing your thoughts.   🎧Building awareness around what skills, traits and qualities you already posses that you might be overlooking and how this can be an instant confidence booster. 🎧4 simple ways to eliminate your stress-(stress is a huge confidence sucker). For more information about Krista Resnick, visit 💋Follow her on Instagram HERE  💋The FREE Selfish Badass Squad: HERE 💋Not sure where to start with Radical Self Care?  Download the PDF HERE 💋Sign up the NEW Morning Brew-connection, coaching and coffee HERE 💣P.S.  Are you looking to be and feel more confident, brave and powerful in your life this year?  Perhaps it’s time for you to consider 1:1 coaching.  I have a few slots available for new clients and would love to have a conversation with you about it HERE
March 30, 2020
🎧{BONUS POD}Leading through a time of crises
Are you struggling with fear, anxiety, helplessness, and isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak? You’re not alone. And yet, I BELIEVE that we are being called to do life in a whole new way through this confusing time.   💣I believe we are being called to reset, reflect and re-adjust.  And yet nothing about this feels easy or light.  It feels like darkness in many facets.  💣Never has there been a time that I have seen where it is so evident in those who are managing their minds and those who are not. But It doesn't matter if it’s the Coronavirus, saying no to the PTA or asking for what you need.  You GET to rise up and lead. This Bonus Pod explores: 🎤Why showing up messy is way better than perfect 🎤How powerful you actually are. 🎤Why thought work matters not only during this time of confusion but everyday. For more information about Krista Resnick, visit 💋Follow her on Instagram HERE 💋The FREE Selfish Badass Squad: HERE 💋Not sure where to start with Radical Self Care?  Download the PDF HERE 💋Sign up the NEW Morning Brew-connection, coaching and coffee HERE 💣P.S.  Are you looking to be and feel more confident, brave and powerful in your life this year?  Perhaps it’s time for you to consider 1:1 coaching.  I have a few slots available for new clients and would love to have a conversation with you about it HERE
March 27, 2020
{BONUS POD}-3 ways to deal with emotions when you don't want to "feel the feels."
I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions.  I want to use them, enjoy them and to dominate them.  Oscar Wilde How many times have you heard that crying is a sign of weakness? That expressing your feelings was being "all dramatic" or immature? Perhaps you were taught to suppress your anger, sadness or fear in attempt to prevent friends and family from judging you. Maybe you feel like you have to put on your suck it up buttercup face everyday in an attempt to not feel rejected by the tribe at the office. Or you just stay busy, running from one thing to the next, so you never have to slow and actually-you know, FEEL? Yes emotions can be uncomfortable.  So in an attempt to not be uncomfortable  we stuff, numb, run, avoid-anything but feel those feelings! But here's the good news...Emotions simply mean that you are human.  That’s it.  Nothing more nothing less. With all the current unknowns as COVID-19 unravels itself, many people are having a variety of feelings around the craziness.   Spring Breaks have been cancelled.  401K's are being demolished.  Shelves in grocery stores are empty.  Restaurants are closing and panic is rising. I created this bonus pod as a way for you to learn how to sit with every feeling that you are feeling.  Not only during  COVID-19, but really in any stressful, and anxiety provoking situation.   In this pod I share 3 ways that you can learn to simply sit with your emotions.   THIS POD EXPLORES: What emotions actually are and why you don't want to avoid feeling them. Why you resist feeling those feels in the first place. Why validating how you feel is MANDATORY if you want to live a life you love. How to stop wallowing in what you're feeling and choose to BE instead.   Sitting with your emotions is one of the greatest gifts you could ever treat yourself to-and hey it costs you nothing and you'll feel incredible! Since you're on lockdown, I can't think of a better time for you to download my Why Selfish is the New Black PDF.  It's free, it's robust and it will get you started on your self care journey.  In this book you'll learn why self care is necessary and why you deserve to be a woman who puts herself and her self care first.  You can download the PDF HERE. If you're digging this pod, head on over and join .  Your new  friends are waiting for you! Totally free, and totally fun.  Click right HERE to join the group. Thanks so much for tuning in.  PLEASE consider leaving me a rating and review.  Here's how: Click the "Subscribe on Apple Podcasts button below  BUTTON TO SUBSCRIBE Click on the blue button that reads 'view in Apple Podcasts" which will open the podcast into your personal Apple Podcasts account. Click Ratings& Reviews under the show title. Click the star rating of choices and then click the "Write a Review" button. 
March 18, 2020
{TSBA 8} Why self care is the KEY to a successful business and LIFE with Jessica Sato
Do you sometimes feel like you are simply operating in life?  Are you engaged in activities that you just aren’t passionate about?  Do you often think about what life would be like if you could operate at your full potential?  What comes up for you when you think of self care?  Do you freak out and wonder how in the heck you would ever add self care to your ever growing to do list? If this resonates with you-then you do not want to miss this episode!  Jessica and I cover a lot of fascinating ground in this episode talking about how she left a prestigious title and career, what self care means to her, and how a trip to Ethiopia changed everything. Your challenge this week is to start small with self care.  Something that is easy and doable.  Begin by looking at the different areas of your life and choose something that you bring you much joy.  This could be going to be 30 minutes early, settling in with a good book, taking an extra long walk, listening to this podcast, cooking yourself a beautiful dinner, or even reciting your values out loud.  TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOU!!! What’ you’ll learn from this episode: Why it’s crucial to pay attention to the smallest of moments. The difficulty Jessica had trying to keep “all balls in the air.” Why the habit of self care has become so important to Jessica. Why Jessica stayed busy to avoid what was really going on. The fears Jessica had to overcome to step into her potential. What Jessica had to overcome to learn to really love herself and develop a healthy self image. What I AM ENOUGH means to Jessica. Jessica shares why affirmations don’t always work and what you can do instead. What self care really means and her favorite form of self care. Jessica’s advice for nurturing your social self care-AKA-”your tribe” Why starting small IS the answer. You can find more about Jessica and her company 2 Smart Girls Here -  2 SMART GIRLS | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
March 16, 2020
[TSBA 7] How to have a BIG LIFE with Bethany Clemenson
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.~ Mark Twain If you’re successful, driven, busy woman you might be wondering some days what you’re doing it all for. If that’s you then you’re going to LOVE this episode with Bethany Clemenson. Bethany believes that everyone has gifts and talents to share with the world. She helps other's discover their gifts and get DialedIN! to who they are, their purpose, and their potential so they can live a Big Life. Bethany is a sought after speaker for groups and organizations of all sizes. She is founder of Dialed IN! podcast available on 9 platforms and has a monthly personal growth program called Big Life U. Stay connected to all the things Bethany is doing at Join Bethany and I to discover how you too can live a BIG LIFE. In this pod we will explore: · How Bethany grew tired of corporate life-the disconnection she felt from her family, the disconnection she felt from her partner and her own life because she was so tired of living for everyone else. (ahem-how many of us can relate to that) · How Bethany slowly was able to release the expectations that everyone else had for her and really how she ‘literally’ packed it all up, sold her dream home and began to live a life for herself-a life that felt good. · The essential foundation that Bethany built on to create a life she loves. · The Ripple Effect-How everything you do impacts someone, somewhere, somehow. · What living a ‘BIG LIFE’ really means. · How to take the first step toward your ‘BIG LIFE.’ · Why you need to quit the school of MSU (Making Stuff Up). · Bethany shares 2 tools to help discover your passion. You Can find more of Bethany  at 
March 02, 2020
[TSBA 6] Interview with Ryann Watkin
You can change the world by starting at home-Ryann Watkin Friends if you are struggling with negative emotions, feelings of loneliness or trying to force yourself to be happy-understand that first of all, you are not alone.  Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts and greatest challenges of all times.   Join Ryann Watkin and I as we unpack in this pod: · Why changing the world begins at home. · The power of choice and how it is the most important mind shift you can make to impact your life and the people you love. · How to live life not at the cause of your circumstances, but to intentionally choose how you want to feel. · The truth about what real happiness is. · How to pull yourself out from ‘the pit of shit.’ · Why we want to feel our emotions and stop labeling them as good or bad/right or wrong. · What feel it to heal it really means. · Why finding ‘your people’ matters immensely. Here's how you can hear more from Ryann Ryann Watkin- Website | Instagram | Facebook Want to know my big secrets on how to practice RADICAL self care?  Grab my FREE guide-Why Selfish is the New Black-How to move from burned out to blissed out. To connect with me further-you can follow me at ALL the places. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN
February 19, 2020
{TSBA} 5- Celebrate all your body CAN do!
Exercise is a celebration of what you body can do-not a punishment for what you ate. -Susan Hyatt  Today we are talking about the common dreaded "I hate exercise" thought.  So often we put, "I want to lose 10 pounds"  or "workout more" on our yearly list of resolutions.  And by about this time, we start to become disconnected from that goal and drag our feet when it's time to go to the gym.  Then what happens?  We feel like failures and guilty that once again, the weight didn't come off and we didn't stick to the plan.   But here's the thing, you don’t have to settle for boring treadmill runs.  You don’t have to beat yourself up in your workouts if that’s not your style either. You can actually fall in love with exercise. In this pod we explore: How to create a 'healthy' or 'helpful' mindset around exercise that will help you crush your workouts. Why moving your body matters. How to craft out an exercise plan that you love. The best way to commit to your weekly workouts so you feel amazing.  Want to know my big secrets on how to practice RADICAL self care?  Grab my FREE guide-Why Selfish is the New Black-How to move from burned out to blissed out.   To connect with me further-you can follow me at ALL the places. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN
February 03, 2020
[TSBA] 4 - 5 Reasons Why Your New Years Resolutions Suck and what you can do to create goals that stick.
"Stop setting goals.  Goals are pure fantasy unless you have plans to achieve them." -Stephen Covey If your like most people, you have an overwhelming sense of excitement about the new year, new decade ahead.  Many people head into the new year, all gangbusters to smash their goals and changes their lives.  I've done it myself-time and time again.  Year after year I would set myself up with every planner, system and tracker that you could possibly imagine.  But by February, I was fresh outta gas.  Maybe you can relate.  And that is what in this episode I address the 5 reasons why New Years Resolutions Suck and how you can actually create goals that stick.   In this episode I explore: How a huge piece of self care is health care.  Let’s face it, without our health, we are in BIG trouble-we’ve got nothing.  When we don’t take care of our bodies, we run the risk of getting sick and not being able to do the things we want to do or are meant to do. The biggest mistakes people make when setting goals/intentions for the New Year. How to create goals that actually excite you. The one thing you MUST be doing along the way to achieving your goals.   Make sure you download my free PDF-Why Selfish is the New Black right here-this is your new kick ass guide on how to implement Radical Self Care.  There is also a crazy awesome self care wheel that you will want to use to evaluate where you stand in the self care spectrum.  
January 05, 2020
[TSBA} 3-Are you running your life, or is your life running you? (part 2)
“Self care is giving the world the best of you.  Not what’s left of you.”  -Katie Reed There is so much talk around self care in today’s world.  But what is it really? Self care got you feeling overwhelmed?  Like it’s just one more thing to put on your calendar?  If that’s you then you definitely want to listen in.  Let’s eliminate the overwhelm and just start.  Taking action is the best antidote to overwhelm. This pod explores: How to take  the reigns of your life back instead of letting life run you. Why self care is so important. Why you need to show up for YOU 4 ways to practice self care
December 04, 2019
[TSBA] 2 - Why Self Care really matters (part 1)
“Self care is not selfish.  You cannot pour from an empty vessel.”- Via Self care is something that we hear a lot about in today’s world.  In our culture it’s as though we honor those who are “super busy.”  It’s like the busier we are the more important we are-the more we matter.  Women have bought into the idea that we must please, perfect and perform.  We hustle for our worth.  We struggle to celebrate our wins and we literally are walking around like empty wells, dying to be filled.  Dying for some alone time, dying for some soul nourishment, dying from exhaustion. In this week’s episode, we take a look at 6 differences between self care and selfishness.  If taking time for yourself, speaking your mind, or being proud of yourself is cloaked in guilt and fear, you must have a listen. This pod explores: Why being selfish can actually make you happier and healthier. What radical self care really is. How self care is directly related to setting boundaries. Why self care is the best way to build your confidence. Why being selfish is your best tool in your tool box to be happy and healthy. Why self care helps you show up as the BEST version of yourself.
November 27, 2019
[TSBA] 1 - Welcome to The Selfish Badass Movement
“The man who does not value herself cannot value anything or anyone.” -Ann Rand Many of us grew up buying into the idea that we are responsible for everyone else’s happiness. As we navigate into adulthood, that often looks like NOT bringing up important topics to your spouse, overlooking offensive comments from family, allowing coworkers  to walk all over you, not using your voice to share your beliefs, feeling like you can’t say no or don’t have any choices in the matter at hand or just being overwhelmed and exhausted all the damn time. We struggle to speak up and because we don’t want to appear as selfish or like we can’t get along with others. My friend, it is time to change this up.  In this week’s introductory episode, I share  a little bit about what exactly this podcast will explore and why my movement-”The Selfish Badass” matters so much in today’s world. This pod explores: What the Selfish Badass movement stands for and why it matters in today’s culture. Why it’s dangerous to be running around on “empty.” Introduction to the 6 different aspects of self care. What you can expect from tuning in to this podcast and why you don’t want to miss one single episode.
November 26, 2019