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Permission to Play!

Permission to Play!

By Julie Cotton
Hear exciting ways to incorporate more PLAY into your Life Relationships, Business! Reduce stress, laugh more, enjoy, express, Improv quality of life!
Cover art photo provided by Lidya Nada on Unsplash:
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Permission to Play- Graduation Speech, Spring cleaning, Last day of Indiegogo Campaign
Julie, Founder of Next Level Improv & inventor of Improv Against Normality, shares during her Spring Cleaning about her journey through the healing and performing arts, Discovering her graduation speech and commencing the near connection of crowdfunding
April 20, 2019
Permission to Play- Update on National Tour
Founder, Julie Cotton, fills us in on the adventures Improv Against Normality has had in the early part of April 2019. A visit to Buffalo, NY, Grubstake - investing in local Michigan businesses, Maumee Mary & Joseph Improv Festival in Fort Wayne with Main in Main and GoProv, and the South Bend Mini Makers Faire at Success Academy. What are you doing today to take a risk, step out of your comfort zone and PLAY? 8 days left in Indiegogo campaign-
April 14, 2019
Permission to Play- Lorraine Goldbloom Interview
Founder, Julie Cotton, Interviews her longtime teacher of Vortexhealing sharing about upcoming Issue series at Omega Institute
April 06, 2019
Permission to Play- Interview with April Lussier- Sacred Magic
Founder, Julie Cotton, Interviews April Lussier of Sacred Magic- Play in the dirt, jump in puddles, practice BEING vs doing
March 31, 2019
Permission to Play- meditation and other stream of consciousness things
Founder, Julie Cotton, pontificates on meditation, Dr. Joe Dispensa, travel, Geeking Out on being a student of life, what it is to be a white belt, a beginner’s mind, and other bits and bobs.
March 29, 2019
Permission to Play- shark tank audition day and Brian
Founder, Julie Cotton, shares with Brian Denhoffer about the joys of Play outside the auditions for Shark Tank Season 11 in Nashville, TN
March 28, 2019
Permission to Play- Look for what’s Good in the World
Founder, Julie Cotton, shares about her serendipitous happenings as she was looking for the good all around, Improv is life and Improv as a Spiritual Practice, Practice Making “New Choice”s when life is not a “10”!
March 26, 2019
Permission to Play- Stress Panel
Founder of Next Level Improv, Julie Cotton, shares about the voices in her head...her inner critic, Stress panel participants- starlet, perfectionist, procrastinator, apathy, guilt, and more! Who are the voices in your head?
March 26, 2019
Permission to Play- Nueroplasticity a benefit of Improv?!
Inventor Julie Cotton discusses how to generate ideas using Improv Against Normality as a jumping off point. Could these cards actually help expand the creative capacity of the brain? She goes through and example of free association with one of the cards
March 25, 2019
March 24, 2019
March 24, 2019
Permission to Play- When you Don’t Feel like Playing
Founder, Julie Cotton, poses the question- what about when you don’t feel like playing, funeral scenes, casts of characters, her brother’s play and more
March 22, 2019
Permission to Play- Interview with Anthony Francis Founder of Improv U in Delray Beach
Anthony Francis of Improv U shares with us about the joys of improv, Corporate team building and the fun of first timers
March 21, 2019
Permission to Play- Who Are Your Play Mates
Founder of Next Level Improv, Julie Cotton, asks what are characteristics of good team players?
March 20, 2019
Permission to Play- What are your Play practices?
Founder, Julie Cotton, discusses Play practices- Life is a Game- Making a Game our of things we avoid and more!
March 19, 2019
Permission to Play- Creating a safe environment
Founder, Creator of Improv Against Normality interactive Card Game shares how important creating an environment to Play is to the success of this game and the game of life
March 18, 2019
Permission to Play- Surrender to Find Luck
Creator of Improv Against Normality speaks into the “Luck” begins the Discovery of the game and how she is continually surrendering what it needs to look like in order to serve the most people possible.
March 17, 2019
Permission to Play- Improv Beginnings
Founder, Julie Cotton, shares how she got bit by the improv bug in High School and then her big “aha” when she found the structure behind successful improv
March 16, 2019
Permission to Play- Childsplay
Founder, Julie Cotton, explains how her 9-year old self created a 5-season touring gig for her 21-year old actress self
March 16, 2019
Family Game Nights
Julie shares about her love of games beginning when she and her family would play on Friday nights, college games, and current family gatherings
March 14, 2019
Play More Origins
Meet Julie Cotton, founder of Next Level Improv and Inventor of Improv Against Normality Card Game, as she shares abut how she got started with Acting, Improv, Healing and more
March 14, 2019