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Personal Practice with Julia Marie

Personal Practice with Julia Marie

By Julia Lopez
Hi, I'm Julia! For years I've taught yoga, movement, and meditation, holding space for people to do their own human-thing. It's probably my favorite thing to do. In this podcast I'll share with you audio practices and meditations, along with genuine stories of vulnerability, f*ck ups, and failures. Because let's be honest, those moments are better for growth. I invite you design your everyday habits, learn from your tender spots, and hear from people whose own personal practices have guided them through tough times and back home to themselves. Come on. Let's get personal.
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Fresh Start : Breathwork & Meditation
The cool air of autumn, for me, is not a signal of an end. It is a signal of a new start.  When you wait for months for a crisp morning, especially when you live in Texas, a cool day feels refreshing. I grew up in a cold and wet climate, and now living in a hot and dry place still has a tendency to stress me out. All of the warm air feels overwhelming. But then once the weather changes and the mornings are fresh I feel grateful - so grateful I could cry. The signal of fresh, cool, clear air is an invitation. Shed what you don't need. Let go of what is stagnant. Make room to let raw and original energy take up space. In this Personal Practice we work with sitali breathing and words of affirmations. The breath practice introduces a cold sensation to the mouth and mind. The affirmations echo the sentiment of novelty and newness.  We can start fresh anytime we wish when we remember our breath, and I hope this Personal Practice can be a reminder for you. XO, Julia
October 03, 2022
Remember Your Warrior : Flow for Confidence
When we are waiting for things outside of our control... well that spells anxiety. At least it does for me. One of the things I do to maintain my confidence when I'm in a cycle of worry is that I come back to things that I know make me feel powerful, and competent.  Leaning on the things I know I do well, and feeling successful in those things are a little boost! This Personal Practice leans on warrior poses, and specifically Warrior 2 and Warrior 3. They are familiar. They are BIG. They build confidence. Another great way to use this Personal Practice concept is to write down 3 things that you know you absolutely kick @ss at. Then incorporate elements of those things into your day. You are so capable, and strong, and brave! Give yourself the comfort of familiar confidence especially when you're in a holding pattern, or when you feel that circumstances are outside your control.  Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of how great we really are :) Enjoy this practice my loves! XO, Julia
September 30, 2022
The Practice of Optimism with Brad Lepcyzk (Memore)
Want to test your faith?  Launch a business! Then throw in R&D that takes 3x as long as you planned, a global pandemic, and converting your spare bedroom into a lab while still trying to function as a family of five. That will do a little more than shake your faith. It might convince you to throw in the towel. But when your why is strong and you've decided that failure is not an option, you find a way! I loved this down-to-earth and inspiring conversation with Brad Lepcyzk. He and his wife Erika are the founders of Memore (like memory!) a brain health nutrition brand that makes delicious powdered supplements that keep your noggin healthy. He shares the ups and downs he faced getting the product ready for market, and how he is navigates big emotions of the sales cycle. Join us as we talk about the emotional ride of business success and failure, why optimism truly takes practice, and how routine can be a God send!  In this episode Brad also talks about the Maria Shriver Women's Alzheimers Movement. You can visit their website to learn more about the studies that Brad mentions, and how to get involved in supporting a cure. As we discuss in the pod some Alzheimers diagnoses are directly tied to genetic factors, but those genetic factors are not necessarily the deciding factor on developing the disease. In fact the Women's Alzheimers Movement in cooperation with the Cleveland Clinic has prevention guides, which include nutritional and exercise considerations, to equip your brain with its best line of defense.  Big thanks to Erika, Brad, and Brit at the Memore team. They extended to Personal Practice listeners a huge discount on their first order of the product.  I told you this wasn't an ad... but wowee I take it back. How can I say no to such an offer? So it's official.  I'm legit telling you to go buy this stuff you like to boost your smoothies and morning routines with high quality, whole food supplements. XOXO Use my code to get 20% off your entire order! You can also learn more about Memore and follow along with recipe tips and positive brain health conversations by following the brand on Instagram.
September 30, 2022
Safe Here Now : Meditation for the Messy Middle
I was doing an interview today and it was with a gentleman who is in the messy middle. He's pouring his heart and soul into a new venture. He knows nothing is guaranteed, but he believes that things will work out for good.  And, in the process, he's had moments in which his faith has been shaken.  What keeps him from running for the hills is coming back, over and over, to his central 'why'.   It reminded me that this is the practice. We continually come back home to ourselves, to what matters to us, and to the stuff that is unmovable even when we feel overwhelmed.  That way we can let love creep towards the tender spots that feel afraid, exposed, or vulnerable. In this guided meditation we work with a gentle safety meditation reminding ourselves that here, now, we are in fact held by gravity, with breath in our lungs. No matter what happens a minute from now, in this moment we are safe and held. Remember, these offerings are simply that. If you are in a moment of crisis please tap into the resources available near you. One of the best websites to find resources is  You are never alone. 
September 27, 2022
Vroom Vroom : Flow for Excitement
Got a case of the Mondays... or the Tuesdays... ? If you are feeling low, drained, or tired, but you can't just go and take a nap sometimes getting into your body is the next best thing.  This practice focused on balance and full-body poses. This means your big-burner muscles will turn on and this will light up your entire bod. When our muscles are moving, our heart rate elevates, and this stimulus literally warms us up and turns us on! Add a little va-va-voom, or some cha-cha-cha to your day by taking poses that awaken your being.   At the end of this practice we move through one of my go-to visualization practices to channel our energy towards empowerment.  Hope you love it! XO, Julia
September 26, 2022
Sacred Pause: Mindful Flow
Mindfulness is mainstream y'all.   This is no longer a nice-to-have fad, but now recognized as what it actually is - a 100% necessary skill. Regular mindfulness practice not only improves your brain power, it supports emotional regulation, better coordination, and improved decision making. Mindfulness help us make sense of the complexity of our experience.   Moving meditation is one way we can help our body be mindful, and our mind be body-ful!   This practice is so simple. It also requires your full attention. I hope you enjoy this practice and use it as a sacred pause in your day. XO, Julia
September 23, 2022
Tuning Your Self-Talk : Mantra Meditation
In this episode I share a little bit about the hard times I'm still processing, and how my self-talk practices have come wildly into focus. In this process I made a fascinating discovery. When I say something positive about myself... my body reacts as though I am lying and also as though I am longing.  Longing for that things to be true, but not truly believing it is.  At 35 years old I feel like I am a toddler starting over, and in many ways I am. But carrying forward a daily practice that begins to affirm my own magic is a step in the right direction. I share that practice with you, and I hope you find it supportive. I encourage you to take this episode slowly and be generous with your breath as you go. These practices are for informational and entertainment purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or disorder. If you feel you would benefit from professional help visit to learn about resources in your area. And remember there is always support available to you. You are loved.
September 22, 2022
The Practice of Intimacy with Kat Smailis
In this episode we chat with Kat!  Kat Smailis is a licensed therapist based out of Austin, Texas. We discuss how her childhood family dynamic set her up for her job long before she even knew what being a therapist meant ... and we're so glad she's getting paid for it now ;) Kat also shares how a string of bad relationships, and her first experience with mushrooms, set her on a course to reevaluate the type of people she was attracting, and ultimately how she could help other people and couples establish a stronger foundation of intimacy.  If you would like to learn more about Kat's therapy practice check her out on Instagram @Kat_IntimacyTherapist or visit Everything in this episode is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not intended as a diagnosis or recommendation for anyone. We simple are sharing our own personal opinions, experiences, and practices. If you feel you would benefit from professional support please know that resources are available! Visit to learn more about mental health resources in your area.
September 22, 2022
Sense + Feel : Hip Practice to Soothe Sadness
"Butterflies in the tummy" "Heart Ache" "Lump in my throat" "Heart sank" "Gut feeling." We use idioms to articulate the connection between body sensation and emotion. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Or, considered that these phrased might be surprisingly accurate? What's really cool is that we now are able to body map our emotions. Yep. Take a look (Link available in Anchor). In this Personal Practice we spend time addressing sensation in our feet, ankles, knees, and hips. This can be supportive if you're simply sore from a workout.  Or you might use it as a somatosensory experience to breath towards tender spots giving space to any stuck or stored up feeling or emotion. Remember, these practices are just for you. You also have a host of resources available if you feel you could benefit from working with a mental health professional. A great place to start is: Let's get persona. XO, Julia
September 20, 2022
Science + Prana : Alternate Nostril Breathing
Don't you love when researchers study something that you already know is true? Ok, maybe you sensed a bit more than a little sarcasm from me. I get it we NEED research to confirm benefits for important reasons especially in healthcare. Sometimes I wish we weren't so hungry for proof outside of ourselves. Experiencing things for ourselves is ultra powerful!  And, other times, I fully indulge my sweet, inner nerd and gobble up a research paper. Validation for our practices can also feel nice.  In this episode we talk about Alternate Nostril Breathing and it's affect on parasympathetic tone. Then we practice the breath for several minutes  followed by a few moments to soak in the serene sweetness of balance and calm.  I hope you enjoy this Personal Practice. Please let me know more about your own personal practices by shooting me a message Instagram or leaving a comment on my blog.  XO, Julia
September 19, 2022
Fuel Up : Core Flow for Empowerment
Have you ever heard of a Power Stance?  Dozens of studies have confirmed that the manner in which we address our body changes how we think about ourselves. While some studies have shown that there are hormonal changes attributed to it, and other studies conclude with more biological skepticism - all of the studies agree on the psychological effects. We feel more confident when we assume expansive postures in our body, and we feel less confident when we assume more contractive postures in our body.  This is science y'all!  I happen to also think it's magic. Let's let our body do the talk, and invite the mind to go for a ride. 
September 18, 2022
Shake It Off : Meditation + Mantra
Have you ever felt like someone has pulled the rug out from under you? Perhaps you've felt ambushed by their action, some unkind words, or a betrayal.  When I feel like something has been stuck to me, it helps me to -- quite literally -- sweep it off my skin.  This Personal Practice will incorporate breath, mantra, and self-touch. Take this practice at your own pace, and be easy with yourself. It can be particularly helpful to engage with this practice in a moment where you can step away, and find yourself in a space that feels safe, quiet, and private.  Please know that if you are experiencing big distress professional help is always available.   If you're in crisis this link may be helpful:
September 18, 2022
Trauma Sensitive Breathwork + Mantra
Explore 3-Part Breath or Dirga Pranayama while tuning into your sacred Root.  This personal practice is all about acknowledging that you are, in fact, alive and here right now! And guess what? You're totally allowed to be here and to take up space.  This Personal Practice may feel best if you are laying down on the floor. But if you don't have that option right now seated in a chair or up against a wall so that you have support on your back is great. I find this Personal Practice powerful because it combines aspects of Yoga that sometimes get ignored. Specifically, this Personal Practice includes an asana (a pose, in this case seated or lying down) along with Pranayama (breathwork), Mudra (an intentional hand gesture), and Mantra (a mind tool, a phrase for focus).  Practices like this incorporate something else we know to be highly valuable for health, and that is somatic experiencing through the skill of interoception.  This is one of my favorite concepts in Personal Practices. Interoception is the skill of sensing what is going on inside the body. Things like hunger, or a sense of heaviness in the legs, or the rhythm of your heart.  We spend so much of our life stuck in our head. When we drop into the body, and become aware of all of the sensations, it is easier to feel fully connected to the present moment. It is 100% possible to do this through a walk, a vigorous Power Yoga practice, or even a weight lifting session. But when we are highly aroused by movement it takes skill to not immediately assess the sensations (am I running fast enough, do I need water, should I stop, Im uncomfortable etc.). That's why simple practices like this can increase our skill in simply becoming aware of sensation, and that's it.  We don't have to assign a value to every itch. And in turn we can learn to approach our thoughts similarly - just as they are without labeling them too fast as true, false, good, or bad. I could obviously write about this all day. But this is a podcast and you're not here to read... you're here to listen :) So follow along and let me know how I can support your Personal Practice. Be well! XO, Julia
September 16, 2022
Stoke Your Fire : Flow
Life can dull our flame if we let it. This flow is inspired by "Around the Fire" Lecture offered by Ram Dass. May we always remember that as long as there is one ember still burning in us, we can always stoke a new fire.  This class will incorporate strong plank and side plank holds (so check in with your shoulders!), along with vitality building power poses at an upbeat pace. Take breaks as you need and modify for your body, but don't give up! You've got this. I hope you feel inspired by this personal practice.  With love, Julia
September 15, 2022
Create Your Container : Gentle Flow
In this personal practice reconnect with the only container you have to experience life - your body! And use your body to observe the container of your breath.  Whenever I feel that it's difficult to connect to others, it typically means that I feel far away from myself. A personal practice dedicated to simply paying attention to my own flesh, my own breath, my own experience is the way I come home to a space of connection.  This practice is relatively gentle, but please bring all the support tools that you desire into your personal practice. Follow along with my guidance, or take my voice as in invitation to improvise and move off script. This time is yours. Get personal.
September 14, 2022
Begin Again : Breathwork & Mantra Meditation
Let's face it, new beginnings can be scary! But the truth is your deep and wise inner Guide is with you even when you feel completely out of your zone. In this episode we explore breath work, unlock the truth about why exhales are SO powerful, and then make a little space to metabolize our fear and embrace a beginner's mind with Wise Guide leading the way. 
September 14, 2022