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Kate Martin Mentor

Kate Martin Mentor

By Kate Martin
Welcome to the Coaches Business Channel. We discuss; - Coaching and sales and marketing know-how - Tips on changing niche, target market & careers - Fixing income gaps quickly, discussing low to high-end packages - Pricing and online strategies for success - Obstacles such as no time, income ceiling, lack of cold leads - A resource of strategies and interviews that inform all coaching businesses - Helping coaches far surpass their biggest visions in business and create a life they adore Brought to you by Kate Martin, 24 years in the health coaching business;
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CO-VID 19's Impact on Your Personal Training Business (& Gyms and fitness instructors). Podcast Ep #21

Kate Martin Mentor

CO-VID 19's Impact on Your Personal Training Business (& Gyms and fitness instructors). Podcast Ep #21

Kate Martin Mentor

Why websites don’t get clients. Ep #64
I want to set the record straight with some expectations & say this tongue in cheek, as it depends upon your service. The reality is websites rarely get clients at the pace we expect them to. So here’s a little of what to do instead when you first launch your business. For the article I mention on what to spend your time on, go here;
May 31, 2022
How I started marketing my services
Marketing doesn’t need to be complex but it does need to be consistent. It also does need to be done individually, with your own approach. So here are some ideas, based on how I got started versus how the industry has turned it into an industry ;) Plus how you can ignore most of that noise, focus on building relationships and the basics to get it ‘to work’ and therefore turn your time and efforts into customers. For more information & help contact Kate through the website;
May 26, 2022
Weaknesses Are Superpowers Ep#61
If there’s one thing I want every entrepreneur to know and woman it’s that your personality has no weaknesses. What do you think is a weakness can be used as your superpower if you stop using it with negative force against yourself and thinking you need to fix it. For more info see
April 27, 2022
Why I stopped sharing my ideas with my family before launching things. Ep#60
Far too many people share their ideas in business and are stopped in their tracks, purely because of a comment from a loved one. Here is why I stopped telling my family what I do a long time ago…
April 26, 2022
Boundaries in Business Ep#59
Another short audio rant this time on boundaries. There’s good customer service and then there’s going outside of the promises that you made yourself. For more info like this see
April 26, 2022
Sales or Systems? What to focus on next
An example of a business selling something worth over $500k, having some marketing in place, yet having no sales system. Lot’s to be learnt from this bite size audio even for very small businesses.
April 06, 2022
Interview with Michelle - Creator of AussieBizChik the Subscription box for start up female entrepreneurs. Ep #57
Michelle has inspired me from day 1 of me seeing her account on Instagram. Her videos are an entertaining and no-holds-barred honest account of what her business is going through. Considering she started this during the lockdowns in Melbourne and to fill a need she personally found her journey is an interesting one. I couldn't help but interview her and bring all the goodness to you in terms of the actual 'how to set up and run from scratch' in today's digital age and what secrets are behind the mindset of those who run their own business, especially in the first few years. Here is the timestamp of the recording; Introduction. 2.15 Michelle Smith runs a business subscription box including books, stationery and online learning. She started this at the height of the pandemic while living in Melbourne. 4.30. How Michelle came up with the idea when wanting to create a business. 6.27 Researching the market when she was starting her business. 8.04 The thoughts she had which lead from being self-employed to starting her own business. She was looking for something to build her own wealth and start her own thing. 10.30 Challenges and mistakes she has made and how to overcome being an introvert when building relationships for the business. 14.10 What she would do differently. She would have made sure to streamline her web page, marketing and making things simpler for her subscribers. 16.10 The key influencers she has learnt from. 19.20 Questions people need to ask themselves to grow their business and create a good mindset. 22.20  Her partner’s role in the business (Luke). What makes their partnership work. 26.00 Who she serves with Aussie Biz Chic. The common problems they are facing in business. 30.00 Michelle worked in a corporate company before starting Aussie Biz Chic. She discusses the difference between corporate and her own small online digital company. 34.00 Effective marketing tips. 40.00 Michelle breaks down the percentage of time she works on each part of her business. 44. Final tips for your own business. Insta. @Aussiebizchic FB: Web. Mention this recording to get a discount at the checkout. To get in contact with Kate email; or see the blog for free gifts at
November 08, 2021
Mandates & Opportunities Ep #56
Are the medical mandates for the fitness industry in Australia stressing you out right now? I get it, change can be hard. Here are some ideas on how to not only lead and keep your people in this time, but to also be able to see more opportunities than you may be seeing right now. Regardless of your beliefs around what you mandate, or don’t lets do it with ethics, rather than division and continue to lead and help your clients (the most important thing). That’s what they want you for. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support or to simply ask a question during this time. I’m making myself available to everyone, even if you aren’t a client. We can do this Australia. ——— For other resources, including free groups, videos, courses on this and other topics, see the website;
September 27, 2021
Staff - Training them to keep them
A quick podcast on staff & contractors and training them to keep them. This was something I made for an old client I’m still in touch with, who went from thinking she might quit this health, (Personal trainer and massage therapist) gig... To a few years later, wayyy after she’s finished working me, it now being 2020/2021, she now has 8 staff in her clinic! (Prior to ‘pausing’ due to the lockdowns in Sydney). This info is applicable regardless of if they are contractors or employees. For more info see the website and blog;
August 17, 2021
Losing a business during the pandemic - Interview with Alex Gil & Kate Martin Ep #54
Discussing all things 'being driven', 'losing everything' & 'changing' right now, from 2020 and beyond. In this interview with fellow health coach Alex Gil from Vitalé Studio - Movement, Nutrition & Lifestyle.   We talk all things about her growth during this time and how she now helps clients;   - hope for right now - taking radical responsibility for our current and past traumas and   - how change is happening 'for us' not 'to us', as bloody hard as that is to concept during these times of massive loss that we are experiencing as the human race. Hear her story of how she has re-built her coaching practice.   We also discussed; What are you really here on Earth for? How will you contribute? For more info and teachings from Alex see her youtube channel here;  -   To see more from Kate see the website at;
August 16, 2021
Launching Online Information Products For Face to Face Coaches. Ep #53
For more info like this and to see the details about ‘Next level coaches’, the monthly membership, see the website
August 14, 2021
So Many Past Failures... Ep # 52
Here are some of the times I could have given up. No one has success in a straight line, no one. This audio was made because I had a conversation with a client who said me telling her this made her feel much better about her own past. She’d been telling me why it would be hard for her to put herself out there on social media (a very common story). While they are all very valid reasons I then shared with her some of the times in my career that I could’ve ‘given up’. That I could’ve packed it in, that I perhaps shouldn’t do it because clearly I wasn’t good enough, & all because people either stole or copied my work or basically told me I shouldn’t be doing ‘the thing’. And while I don’t share these stories much any more & nor do I feel much ‘charge’ around them, I thought it important to put some of them in one place. So that you know it’s not a straight line for anyone. Nothing is. Instead, just simply focus on helping your people, rather than listening to what others say... and if you get knocked down, get the fuck back up again and remember why you were put here. For more info about the things mentioned on this poddy, & to see the blog or for tips on being more awesome see the website: & send me a question here;
July 22, 2021
Disasters in Corporate Health Launches & Lessons. Ep # 51
Here are some lessons from my background on what ‘not to do’ to grow another facet of your business. For more details, the blog, gifts and the Next Level Coaches Monthly Membership, see the website on
July 20, 2021
Systems for non-system coaches. Episode # 50
There are several small tweaks that once made, make the world of difference to your business turnover and retention. Here I discuss several small tweaks that ‘non-system’ coaches/personal trainers/gym owners, can implement to make a huge difference to the bottom line and buying time back. At the time of recording this there are two ways to work with me. In the new Monthly membership for coaches. That link is here; VIP is now open email Kate to inquire on To see more material like this or success stories go to;
June 22, 2021
Pamela Aaralyn and I talk Feminine Energy in Business. Episode # 49
I used a lady for some spiritual guidance a few years ago, when I couldn’t pull the trigger to move cities at my usual fast pace. I assumed there was something wrong with me, not only was moving slow out of character but so was speaking to a 'mystic'.. anyway I needed help to decide. Turns out it was just meant to be, as it always is and I had a great session with spiritual teacher Pamela Aaralyn. I got the guidance which felt a little like a beautiful punch in the face at the time. (Erhhm, I mean a wake up call) There were some gentle hard truths of how I was the one with the closed heart, & that he was already ready.. which I received with open arms... lol.  Amongst other tips about how my daughter would be happy etc, which was what I had been worried about. (The first year was not easy let me say, but now she is very settled and loves her new circle.) Years later after several online conversations here are Pamela and I discussing 'overcoming the 4000 year old patriarchy of males vs females' in life and business and how it’s working out for females in business today. Watch the video on Pamela's channel; See her website here; To work with Kate send her an email or see the website; To join Kate's new Monthly Membership course Next Level Coaches, see the details here;
June 14, 2021
Part 2 - From 1:1 to groups with your online coaching + Easy marketing tips. Ep # 48
Part 2 of scaling your online course. All things going from face to face to online NOW. From ethical easy marketing using interviews. Something I teach my VIP's. From launching online and going from 1:1 to groups in your online programs. Plus I share the methods I use within my mastermind, which my own clients replicate as it's unlike anything that's available out there. Link to join the new monthly membership I've just launched for the first week, right now for free; See the website for gifts;
May 30, 2021
Scaling Your Online Course Without Losing Quality Part 1 of 2. Episode # 47
Scaling your services online as a coach. Going from 1:1 to 1:Many part 1 of 2, most coaches I speak to are afraid of losing quality and rightly so, as most courses that are out there DO LOSE quality when they teach a curriculum, step by step to a group on a large group call.  Have you ever been a part of one of these courses? I have. Multiple times. So I want to share with you, how to get 'coaching in groups online' to work, without losing quality.  Unlike what will happen most of the time when you run online programs.    The NEW Monthly Membership 'Next Level Coaches' doors are open! Link is here to join the Fbook group; Or message me on if you have Q's about VIP - There's places coming up to work with me, at the time of making this. Email me for details. Or to see more like this visit the blog and grab the gifts;​/blog
May 30, 2021
Interview with Victoria Gibson Online Marketing Guru. Episode # 46
Interview with Victoria Gibson Online Marketing and Business Guru and one of my mentors! Just a few conversations with her years ago helped me to grow my online business to where it is today. Being taught by Victoria meant I scaled rapidly from 1:1 business coaching my clients to online group coaching, surprisingly meaning better results for clients than 1:1. All while still running an extremely busy personal training and health coaching business. Plus her genius has helped many coaches with everything from webinars to Facebook ads. Just some of what we covered; - Creating and selling online courses - Masterminds (VIP) & live courses and all things in between. - What are her core principles she follows and lives by to still be thriving in the online business space. - How she does it all as a single mother. Here is the timestamp of the interview; 8.50 Introduction, how I met Vic and why we are doing this. 10.53 What Victoria does, and what drives her. What she offers her clients. 17.00 What does ‘Mastermind’ mean. How to make an online dream a reality. 21.53 The difference in results, video’s versus PDF’s. The underlying beliefs that stop people from completing a course. 26.35. Taking responsibility to change your mindset and the discipline to do the work. 32 min. Why you need to be devoted, consistent and love your business. 34 min. Core principles Victoria pass’s on. 40 min. Mindset hacks and core strategies. 48 min. The benefits of organic leads v’s launches. 55 min. What people should look for in an online coach. Website: Victoria’s Facebook group: Connect and Convert. To contact Kate email her a question or see how she can possibly help you with your business; or apply to speak to Kate;
March 11, 2021
Lessons from today’s sales training call for fitness studio owner and her team
From today’s coaching session on sales in her studio, with a client of mine. I’ll share with you the gaps we found in her fitness studio to make more income. For example what happens before and after the trial people come in on? What do the staff need to say? Should the coaches sell in the session? Do you let people know there is limited space in the sessions? Do you wait for them to finish the trial before offering the sale - no is the answer. Here are some of the outcomes that we achieved today in sales training for this legends gym, along with her admin person and some of her coaches. We realised where the leaks were in the massive income potential they have. Eg, there are were are a number of people that missed getting followed up Many didn’t get asked by the trainers in the session if they’d like to continue. The client potentially doesn’t feel cared about enough in the session, The staff now understand how to care, what to say during and after each session. If you are a coach wanting to double or triple your income send me a message on here and tell me what you are doing. I’ll reply and let you know where the gaps potentially are that could greatly and exponentially increase your bottom line.
March 02, 2021
Interview with Janelle Johnston Speaker Episode #44
Interview with one of Australia’s most sought after public speaking trainers, Janelle Johnston. Learn how to speak confidently to camera, and in live seminars, learning to move the audience with your message. Learning to speak well has the following immediate effects on your business; - Grows it effortlessly through the credibility it easily creates - Doing Facebook Live videos with ease and purpose becomes the norm - Helps people 'know like and trust' you FASTER - The authority it creates when you learn to speak to rooms of people, or on video is next to nothing in comparison About Janelle - Janelle Johnston is a highly sought-after professional Coach, Speaker & Trainer. JJ, as Janelle likes to be called, has a passion for developing her clients public speaking abilities so that they can utilise their voice as a marketing tool in their business. She is a Trainer & Master NLP Practitioner, Master Deep State Re-Patterning, Master #Hypnotherapist, Accredited Extended DISC® Behavioural Profiling Consultant/ Trainer, Tony Robbins Graduate, Accredited Cert IV Trainer & Assessor and Landmark Graduate. She has worked with businesses such as Mars, Melbourne Airport, Australia Post, The Good Guys and coached thousands of individuals including professional athletes, actors, authors, coaches & tv personalities. JJ has helped thousands of business owners transform their lives and their businesses through her live events, online training programs, personal coaching & her podcast “Be your own best coach with JJ” She has travelled to many different countries around the world and has over 30 years’ experience in the Personal Development space. As a result of JJ’s success, she has been interviewed on multiple radio stations, as well as being featured in The Age, #Geelong Advertiser & GT Magazine. Plus more! >> details on the business page. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask q’s live! Ask Kate a question on email; See her blog here; For Janelle's 'speaker training' course details click here;
February 17, 2021
Selling WITHOUT Being Spammy. Ep#43
Scared of being too SPAMMY??? Worried people will think badly of you if you constantly offer your services? I get it, there’s lots of trash online.. but if you think about yourself, it’s pretty easy to tell the crap from the real especially when you can feel it if it’s icky.. wouldn’t you agree? Here’s my take on it and also some simple things you can implement to get over it. (22yrs of selling myself - no not in that way 😉 have taught me a few things. Firstly - be you... continued in video and also on the podcast channel) Things I mention here, regarding how to work with me currently; 🎟🎟🎟Get early vip access to my new 6 week seminar course for $147. 🦄🥂💪Or apply to speak to me about my VIP services taking 5 coaches as of March. Message me for info, or book a call using the link below in the comments.
February 09, 2021
Using Seminars To Grow Your Biz Ep#42
Ever thought of doing seminars or workshops to grow business? (I have used this method for decades, which grew businesses - accidentally). The purpose was simply to teach people / see more than one person at a time, as a side effect it was amazing to help grow my health coaching business. From corporate health gigs, to building personal training quickly filling both 1:1 & groups for myself and contractors. Would you like to learn how to do this? Join me now! specials available for my new LIVE 6 week online course launching soon!! ➡️➡️➡️ Success with Seminars. Specifically for coaches wanting to uplevel their business FAST. Get the early access bonuses. Message me for details
February 09, 2021
Coach Stop Explaining Your Services To Get People To Buy
If you are ‘explaining your services’ either in your sales presentation or any material you put out online, and it’s not working? Here’s why that may be and here's what to do instead. You see the secret is that the human subconscious already associates you with having the answers IF you show you can; - understand their issues or  - empathise deeply with their position or  - describe their thoughts like you are inside their mind (because you have been there at one point, with regards to the audience you are speaking to.) When you communicate this way, they automatically (& subconsciously) know that you hold information that will have, a large part of the solution for them. In fact this is a major key factor to get results with your marketing regardless of your service. Rather than showing people your resume of why you can help them. If you’re telling empathic stories, or including describing the problems or the emotional goals that your clients have it works like magic. Here's my list of what to do instead of just 'randomly posting without getting traction' - Use emotion when describing things in your material. Make it human. - Use stories that are relatable. - Be truthful and descriptive it goes much further than you’d think. - Empathise because you’ve been there. (Only if it’s the truth). - Relax a bit more when sharing. The more you can ‘simply be you’ the better it all works. Marketing, sales and all facets of your business. For more resources like this see Or click the link see if there’s a time available to speak to Kate about your coaching business, here;
February 03, 2021
Moving the needle in a few minutes for your biz. It’s possible. Ep #40
Growing your business in just minutes per week. Discussing how coaches can best use the short amount of minutes they have between clients or life tasks to grow business. Plus how waiting for anything.. such as the right time, enough space, a calm part of life, is just a decision to delay the inevitable and whatever it is you want. And that’s ok it’s not ‘bad’ it means you’ll need to be Ok with not having what you want right now, as this is literally what you are choosing. With this choice, you are choosing for what you desire to always be ‘somewhere out there in the future’ and that is one of the things that will keep you feeling ‘yuck and stuck’. It means having what you want, will always be in the future somewhere. For resources go to or to book a free short call with me, to see what your business or future potential might be in the coaching realm, go to
January 26, 2021
Your first $300k. Online success without any tech - here’s how. Ep #39
Here’s how to get your business online successfully, without needing to know anything about software, websites, sales pages or any tech. (This episode started as an audio note to myself while I was cooking, so if you hear pots banging, well it’s pots banging… 😝 & it was too good not to share!) All of your marketing and sales can & gets done quicker and easier via relationships. Coaches are great at those right? (Hint - many of the online people you are trying to learn from are big introverts who simply aren’t as good at this as you, in fact I know they hate it!). I guarantee you can grow your business to $300-500k/year simply by using your voice and your organic network. Got q’s? email them to me - or simply book a call to get straight into my diary and see what your business potential may be. It could save you a decade or two ;)
January 08, 2021
Business plan B. S. Why Coaches don’t need them. Ep #38
Instead of a business plan here is my advice for coaches service providers coaches and personal trainers. Plus a story of when I bought a massage clinic at age 23. Also discussed is how coaches can find their crowd instead of wasting their time doing a S.W.O.T. analysis. Which often leads to paralysis by analysis, you may have even experienced this? For more information see the website www.Kate or book a call to speak to Kate if you are a Coach and you want to speed things up because you have a zero time left in your week to do more
December 22, 2020
Inspired as F*k by those changing career!
Today I’m as inspired as fuk by Women who break out of corporate! Did you change careers to be a coach? How much do you just love life now?! How good is it to watch your clients and friends start to do this, if it feels good for them? My website for resources is Or reach out to me and ask a question at;
December 07, 2020
Your Genius Zone Makes All Business Easier - Ep #36
Growing your coaching business should feel easy. In fact, everything about your business can feel easier when done from your zone of GENIUS. Let me explain. When using your zone of genius it makes attracting clients (aka marketing) and delivering services, feel amazing & effortless! The side effect is that your desired income becomes much easier to make. Everything to do with marketing and business structure has to do with using your passion and your personality. When you go against these it feels ‘yuck’ for a reason. This lesson discusses everything from marketing effectively to package design and delivery. Using your gifts, your experience and your soul is critical to being able to build a business that isn’t about ‘follow the dotted numbers’. If you have any q’s about this relating to your business, shoot me a message on kate@katemartinmentor Or book a call (for experienced coaches) at; Or connect with me here; The blog & free gifts; Free Facebook group for coaches; Instagram; Podcast on iTunes; Podcast on Spotify; Watch the videos on Youtube;
November 17, 2020
Interview with Peter Strange and Kate Martin Ep#35
Interview with Peter Strange. After an online treatment with Peter myself and a miraculous recovery from something that's bothered me for years, I had to show him to you guys. His extensive studies, personal injuries and clinical experience have led him to develop The RESET Method (Realigning Emotions and Structure for Energetic Transformation) which encompasses elements from Applied Kinesiology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Qi Gong Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and more, blended seamlessly to achieve energetic balance in the body and mind and address pain from both a structural and emotional perspective. Amongst some of his qualifications is he is a Chek L4 practitioner and has been a personal trainer for 25 years. Timestamp of the interview; 4.35 Peter’s experience with a Shaolin Monk and his most profound moment. 8.20 Peter explains the moment he knew he was going to be a healer, and how it helped him become a better personal trainer. 12.00 The explanation of healing. How we can heal each other. 15.00 Peter’s qualifications and formal training. Examples of what he does. 18.30 How we are subject to conditioning especially as young children. 22.34 How Peter started working remotely and the first client he helped. 30.00 How he helped a client’s knee and healed a stroke victim so he could run Again. 40.00 Peter explains how somebody can start to develop these skills. 44.30 Peter explains how can people become more in-tune with themselves. 51.00 Thoughts on how the world is today with the pandemic. 58.00 Peter explains his free Friday night Global Weekly reset sessions for the collective consciousness on Facebook. You can see more about him on his website; Or contact him the following ways; Email; Free Weekly Global Healing RESET videos at Details for the monthly RESET Infinity membership programme mentioned in the interview are; To Get in touch with Kate to ask a question; Or see the blog and download the free gifts for coaches wanting to capitalise on their years of experience at;
October 08, 2020
Making Business as Easy as Changing the Physical Body - Ep#34
Increasing joint ROM, is the same as your business expansion. I know you think and believe it’s much harder than that, but the truth is it’s not. I understand it’s frustrating that you are talented at coaching people, but the business side is frustrating. I also know from years of ‘letting shit go’, that it’s not that hard to overcome. Let me explain... A major shift will come when you simply decided to play it differently. When you tell yourself differently things. I don’t expect you to know how or when you decided it was hard, but I want you to think about the following to help you re-code the way you feel about it, which WILL in turn, change everything about your business. I hope you find this helpful. Let me know what beliefs you are choosing to now reframe as you become aware of them. Email me here if you have a question and you are a coach in business See the website for more details;
September 23, 2020
Jonathan Goodman Interview, Creator of the PTDC - Becoming the best Online Trainer. Ep#33
In this interview with Jonathan Goodman the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center, we discussed everything from the ethics of being a good coach, to how to spot a fake online coach from decision fatigue and why he wears only one style of Tshirt to how Jonathan built his multiple companies and businesses through his networks and focusing on what he is good at. I did this interview with Jonathan as he is one of the rare ethical online coaches that are out there. For more info on his courses see the links below. Timestamp of discussion; 1min 51sec - Discussing the world’s first Online fitness Coaching program, specifically built for trainers and nutrition coaches. Helping and allowing them to delegate their programming and training to them. 3.28  How many trainers have done the PTDC courses. How the courses have come together and how many people have been involved. 4.55 How Covid-19 has forced trainers to recognize the importance of online training. How it has made trainers work out what they need to do to survive. His thoughts on how the pandemic has broken the fitness industry and why this is a good thing. 6.20 Why he holds himself and his company to the highest standard. 7.04. Discussing the article he is putting together on how easy it is to fabricate what your ‘coaching’ business is like ‘online’ & how easy it is to ‘fake’ being a successful online trainer. Or any kind of coach. 10.30 How does a personal trainer choose what course to do, when they don’t really know what they need. Key pieces of advice on what to look for. 12.33 Business models for online coaches. Pro’s and Con’s. 14.58. Why gyms are broken and why adding an online training component will revolutionize the fitness business. 16.49 - His belief on why algorithms are better at building workout programs than most personal trainers. 19.11 - One of the best trainers in the world is Joe Dosdell and he works at the PTDC. Jon lists the famous people Joe has worked with. What he does at the PTDC & how Joe came to came to work with the PTDC. 23.42 - The philosophy’s Jon follows 'defaulting to trust', & why he wears only 1 style of t-shirt and how there are too many eggs in the supermarket. 34.36 - Example of scaling a business when you think everyone wants to work ONLY with you. The 'fog’ filter, to help realise if what you think is the actual ‘truth’. 39.11 - The TRIAD of online training. The backend of his business and how he has scaled it. 44.00 - Why it’s important to develop yourself so you can build a business. Books and courses he recommends. For all of the details of Jon’s programs and books see the links below; Get his ‘Free Book’ Offer; Get your free copy of ‘The Wealthy Fit Pro's Guide to Online Training’ Paperback Book (Or Audiobook or Ebook) The online trainer academy; Launched and growing since 2013, the Online Trainer Academy, (OTA) is the world’s first educational course for online training for Fitness and Nutrition Professionals. With no deadlines and lifetime access. Join The founding client challenge Just starting out training clients online? This will help you land your first few clients. If you’ve been at it for a while with disappointing results, it gives you a quick boost. Connect with Kate on her website;
September 18, 2020
Launch and get your first VIP online clients. Ep#32
Launching your expertise as a coach or consultant or building and launching your first course can be daunting. Getting results can be shortcut by knowing how to do the following. In this short podcast, I cover how to ‘more than prove to yourself’ that you can do it (which is always the issue when creating and executing anything - otherwise known as fear and self doubt), overcome simply by 'literally' doing it.  Plus all this comes before you launch the 'group course'. You need results. You need proof (only for yourself - not for others). This is applicable for you if you are an expert launching something for the first time, or you are experienced but are launching into a new niche or target market and there may be ANY self doubt present. To see more info like this see the website and blog; or see this link here for all the goodies and the free group for coaches;      To ask Kate a question send her an email on;
September 17, 2020
Pricing Yourself Online Ep #31
Going online with your services has tempted many coaches to drop their prices. Especially because of the pandemic. Here I discuss all the ways & ‘how’s’ behind deciding your pricing & understanding your true value to your clients lives. If you are good at what you do, there are many reasons why ‘NOT’ to drop your prices if you are an experienced coach. For more info like this see the blog at Or to ask Kate a question send her an email at
July 20, 2020
Mindset for a great business. Ep #30
Too often we give into our fears. I mean our reasons why it won’t work. That list is different for everyone. We know there’s greatness within us and we desire things, but if we are honest ,it’s usually no where near what could actually be possible for us if we ask. Why? Because we don’t know ‘how’ to do it or how to gets it done (but that’s another word for fear). The how is irrelevant. What is relevant are HUGE goals, knowing you will be ok and taking action. The reason for mindset work is to help you uplevel at an extraordinary rate. Everyone is dealing with their own shit. Here are some reasons why cleaning it up and moving in are essential to a successful business and life. For more details or if you have q’s email kate - or see the blog at
July 01, 2020
Next Level Marketing for Fitpro’s & Coaches Ep #30
Good marketing means the sale is made easier. Let’s discuss the reasons why you have to be prepared to work with multiple versions of marketing but the most important thing to ‘use’ is your own skill set and personality when trying to grow your business. Rather than using someone else’s “templated plan”, as this doesn’t work as it feels unnatural, PLUS many methods decrease rapidly, in effectiveness over time, (Eg, on social media). Discussing this and other tips on how to sign up clients easily to timeframes. Realistically they need it, so do you, so does your bottom line. Let me explain in this episode. To ask a question email; Kate on - or see the website for more resources on how to create a profitable and fun coaching business;
June 25, 2020
Creating A Profitable & Fun Business - This is How Ep #29
There are two key things to focus on to enable a coach or personal trainer to create an extremely profitable and fun business. It’s got nothing to do with fixing your weaknesses, or following anyone else’s templated plan!  Instead, it’s got to do with tuning into your genius and executing it all with your strengths (the parts of your personality that allow you to do things with the most EASE). I call the method, your personality & your passion.  For more info like this see the website at; —— Helping experienced coaches create a business that’s fun & extremely profitable!   or any q's email Kate on
June 23, 2020
Becoming the best personal trainer possible #Ep28
Discussing some of the core principles that help you to become the best personal trainer possible. Ways to do it as fast and as ethically as possible. What to focus on, why your skill set is much more important than marketing (in your first few years & obviously just in my opinion). For more info like this, and for more resources for experienced coaches, see the blog at; —— Helping experiences coaches create a business that’s fun & extremely profitable! or any q's email Kate on
June 21, 2020
Why you need huge income goals Ep#27
Despite all the evidence you have to prove to yourself that ‘success’ may not be possible for you, there are some simple and super effective techniques you can implement, to make sure it comes faster than what you ever thought possible. For more info like this see the blog at
June 16, 2020
Back to Personal Training post Covid - Live video from biz page Ep #26
This recording is continued on the Facebook business page. Video link here >  (this audio cut out at the 26 min mark, so there's still it's of valuable content in it).   I wasn’t going to share my perspectives on all the ‘mess’ that is business, life and 'how to go back with a bang' atm. But after a great call with my clients, I realised you all need to hear the q’s they had and the answers I shared about going back to business as usual/ or not so usual, and some other things to consider. For more info like this see the blog;
May 22, 2020
Doubting what you stand for? Tune into you Ep#25
For more info like this, see the blog
May 22, 2020
I shit myself when the pandemic hit, I thought I could lose my business. Ep #24
I feel fear too. And more often than you might expect. Especially when the pandemic hit, I worried that if my clients lost their businesses, how will they pay me? My business will disappear too, clients won’t be able to pay me. Here's the story about the doubt that I felt and what happened in the moments and weeks that followed, which resulted in their businesses flourishing. The 7 Day Sales course is here; For the resources, I speak about see
April 27, 2020
Standing out in business is your responsibility - Episode #23
It’s a simple choice but if we simply don’t choose it there’s no other options for us. So many cannot pivot to online. We are the lucky ones. So now how do you stand out against the noise? Come STAND OUT and sell your services easily an with NO tech no know how in this 4 week course, starting now! We start now with the bonuses + officially in May;
April 17, 2020
ONLINE NOW!!?? Competing with A Gazillion Episode #22
Stand out & be heard online right now.. Make a difference & Lead like you were born to! So you are already doing online sessions in your business but you still need to take it to the next level? Learn how to stand out with effective marketing and launch yourself online. Without tech know-how, without having 10,000 followers, or posting multiple times/day. Here’s how to stand out & do just that!  Link I mentioned is here;  or email me on
April 17, 2020
CO-VID 19's Impact on Your Personal Training Business (& Gyms and fitness instructors). Podcast Ep #21
Due to the Corona Virus, as of March 24th 2020 what it means for personal trainers to run their businesses, all over the world, is changing dramatically. Now is the time to launch virtual training (online training). On this recording, you will hear from trainers who are quickly and successfully moving online with their businesses. Plus I also talk to Jen Dugard creator of Body Beyond Baby and newly appointed board member of Fitness Australia about the online legalities, contracts and insurance issues facing trainers using this new model of coaching. For the video version and all files mentioned in this audio please go to;
March 26, 2020
Reasons You Aren’t Achieving Your Business Goals Ep #20
Discussing all the important points as to why you get stopped in your tracks when growing your business. From social media posts and putting yourself out there, to the fear that’s created when you do & how to move through it to up-level your business and income faster than you currently are now. For more info like this see the blog at;
February 25, 2020
To The Searcher. Episode #19
Are you the growth mindset type of person? The searcher & questioner type? Feeling like you are constantly searching for more, bigger, better and possibly for something 'unknown' in order to achieve success, or maybe just satisfaction. Well, I'm not here to tell you that's wrong, as that's me too! But let's discuss how to become more comfortable within yourself. You as this 'growth centred being' and in here I also discuss many other tips about marketing, masterminds, calling in many brilliant ideas and executing them.   The book I mentioned is called Chillpreneur, by Denise Duffield-Thomas. See my website for more info like this at or get in touch with me on, or for all the quick links see; *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
January 18, 2020
Marketing Mistakes that Cost You and What to do Instead. Ep #18
Two common marketing mistakes and what to do instead. When done right, marketing should attract clients. However, in this episode, we discuss the common mistakes that most coaches make when attempting to attract clients by posting to social media. I also tell you what to do instead, to get your marketing to work like magic for you. Follow these tips and never be short of clientele. For more content like this make sure you see the blog;  Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
January 03, 2020
Goal Setting That Works. Ep #17
Goal setting and setting intentions. There are many faster ways to get what it is that you want, that what is traditionally discussed. (Even if you don't know how to 'get the thing' that you want). Inspired by the turn of a new year, which often makes people set new goals. But why only at the start of a new year? And how to shrink the timeline on 'how long it will take'. Let's discuss how often you should be setting your goals to get them to work. It's easier than you think. For more info like this see the blog at; *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
January 03, 2020
Your Arse Kicking!! A truth bomb about your success in business. Why it’s all your fault. Ep#16
(Warning explicit language). Here is your ass (or arse) kicking if you want one!?!? Let’s talk fear and why it gets in the way of your goals. Plus what you can do to have triple the impact and actually kick yourself in the arse and move this thing!!! - your needle of business success! For more info see the website on Or email me now to turn it around; *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
December 20, 2019
Ways to Earn More Money - It’s Not What You Think. Ep #15
Some of the weird ways to earn more money, which defy logic are what we discuss today. I share a clients story of how she had to give to a charity before she could unlock more sales for herself. Pplus extra secrets I usually only share with my VIP clients. For more info like this see
December 16, 2019
Becoming the thing to get THE THING. Ep #14
Sounds back the front right? But have you ever worn a great pair of exercise pants/tights? And you know how great and firm they make you feel?! Or have you ever had a spray tan and noticed how much sexier it makes you feel? And then you become the person... (even though you were all along), well here’s how that applies to life and all things business. For more info like this see
December 10, 2019
Shortcuts to launching online. What I wish I knew in 2012 about courses and email lists. Ep #13
What I wish I knew 10yrs ago about online, selling courses, membership sites and all the simple ways to grow your email list. Plus all the shortcut advice I would give to myself back in 2012 when technology wasn’t as easy to use as today. Time irrelevant shortcuts, for example; not needing a membership site to start. Why to use vs not use Facebook ads to begin. Plus I’m going to share with you some of the ways that you can easily, effectively and with speed, launch your online program or course without the use of complex technology in anyway! For all the links I speak of go here; For more info on my 4 week online course 'Create, Execute, Enrol' - 4 weeks to launch your own online course, with NO tech, no ads and no audience or online following! Click here to see more
November 18, 2019
You SHOULD expect results from business coaching within 4 weeks. Ep #12
Let’s discuss why you should expect results from any coach within a four week period. Just like health and personal training coaches for body transformations, those clients (for fat loss), don’t want to wait six months for results. So why should it be any different in your business. Let’s discuss what to expect from a coach and why I believe you should expect results within weeks if you are using the right method. For more info like this take a look at the blog over at or send your business questions to
October 17, 2019
How to network successfully for personal trainers, and why asking for business does not work. Episode #11
Many personal trainers, nutritionists and health coaches aim to 'network with other professionals' in order to get more clients. However, if you've ever tried this, you know it fails to work. Allied health professionals and health food shops don't refer people to you, not because you decided you'd introduce yourself and leave your business cards there. (I know this from 20 yrs of building health coaching/massage/pt businesses from scratch over 8 times). Leaving your business card somewhere does not equate to successful marketing. In this episode I talk about why that's so, plus what else you can do to make sure your networking efforts actually work. By 'actually work', I mean they help you get more clients and more importantly, it will help the clients you currently have, even more. For more info and help building your personal training or health coaching business, see the blog at;   ***Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
October 08, 2019
Being in flow vs. being disciplined? Episode #10
There's so much fluff around these days about being 'in flow'. I'm the first to believe in the law of attraction and positive thinking, but I believe all this talk of ease and flow is making us shy away from the uncomfortable moments.. These moments help you to grow. They are also critical. It takes uncomfortable moments to build your business, just like it does for your body to improve. It takes discipline (don't misinterpret that for the 2am hustle. I'm in NO way a fan of that). For more info like this make sure you are in my free facebook group for fitpro's or see the blog over at; for gifts and more.
September 24, 2019
Does earning large amounts of money, paying bills easily, or hiring help seem out of reach? Ep #9
Does recieving large amounts of money, being able to pay bills easily, or hiring help to ursource some of the things you don't like to do or don't have time to do, seem out of reach? Here's how all these things are related and how they stop you from growing your business. For more info like this see the blog over at
September 21, 2019
Time poor? Prioritising your time in business. Episode #8
What to do first to get traction? Are you in overwhelm with a never ending 'to do list' and feel like you are getting nowhere? Let me guide you with some simple tips on 'what to focus on', from a 'female/mother in business', lack of time perspective. I understand it's not always practical to get up at 4am to start your day and hustle harder, nor should you have to! Make sure you see the full list, with extra bonuses on the blog at; *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
August 02, 2019
10 Tips to make working for yourself EASIER & KNOW what's important to enable business growth. Episode #7
This is especially for the girls in business for themselves. We talk juggling life, managing your time, outsourcing, marketing and what's necessary, time management, accountability, who to listen to and much more. See the blog post for the full article and links I mention within. *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
August 02, 2019
Clients Leaving = Feels Like Breaking Up?! Episode #6
When a client cancels their training, do you find yourself upset? (Even if they are leaving town so it's legitimate...). Well most female coaches care a lot so this IS how it feels, even if the break up is for real reasons. Here are some ways to handle it and know that you are doing a great job regardless of a few people disappearing. (Note; there must not be more people leaving than staying, or pretty soon you'll have no business. So here we discuss the stats you DO need to make sure your business improves, regardless of if people leave). For more info like this see Kate's blog;
June 21, 2019
What to Charge & Pricing Issues for Fitpro's. Episode #5
Do you question your prices when you are launching a new product or service? You may be experienced and it may simply be a new product or service but even that makes you question your worth, and/or it's value. Or you may be new to the industry so you might want to 'ask (lots of) people' or compare yourself with other similar people in the industry. Here I discuss common mistakes and ideas of how to price yourself and launch anything (from scratch), no matter your industry experience. To contact Kate or see more content go to or email her at to ask her a question. Please share this with someone who will get something from it and let's empower more females in business.    *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
June 18, 2019
Talking retreats, outsourcing, online programs, posting and sales - Inside the coaching calls. Episode #4
People often ask what happens while working with me, well here's some of what we discussed on today's coaching call. We discuss launching and marketing retreats, outsourcing using admin and hiring other coaches, running online and face to face low end and VIP programs, posting and what works best to sell and why the consumers results come first - Content from inside the coaching call with Kate Martin, the Personal Training Mentor and business coach for Fi Join the free fitpro business group on Facebook; *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
June 04, 2019
Secrets around Money, Marketing and understanding your value when working for yourself. Episode #3
Many quality fitness professionals are missing the mark with their marketing and therefore ability to attract and convert more clients. Here I discuss the missing link to understanding their value and actually communicating that with the client. For more details and info like this see the blog at *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
May 06, 2019
Insights from todays coaching conversations - Sales prices, stress, marketing & implementation. Episode #2
Insights from today's coaching call - Increasing your prices and the comfort zone, stress and it's impact on your sleep (even as a health coach). Overseas events, marketing in detail with mailing lists and social media, then all the way back to mediation, meditation moving house, business and single mum life. Whoa, looking forward to hearing the outcomes of all of this.  For more info from Kate make sure you are in the free Facebook group for coaches, that's here; or to apply to speak to Kate go to *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks >
May 01, 2019
Fear in Business and Using Feminine Power to Overcome it. Episode#1
Fear in business and using feminine power to overcome it. For more info and tips on growing your personal training or coaching business see *** Want to launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following? and with speed but you aren't sure where to start? Let me help you in 4 weeks, more details here >
April 30, 2019