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The pessimist's guide to a hopeful future

The pessimist's guide to a hopeful future

By Chris Kenworthy
It really is a fabulous time to be alive. With greed, self-interest and fear right on trend, a planet on fire, and now a f*cking pandemic, what hope is there for the future? And should we greet modern life with gritty cynicism and gallows humour? Or cheerful abundance and positive thinking?

Let's find out. From humans doing intriguing, purposeful things for people and planet: real-life changemakers and leaders feeling hope, despair and everything in-between.
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Nuance, permission to be human with Mark Ormond
Mark is MD at Tribe Culture Change, a pretty progressive company helping other companies to not kill people, as well as protect the environment - edgy stuff. I think they call people like Mark 'global thought-leaders,' because he speaks at conferences on behaviour change and leadership - that’s his job as a culture change consultant. In this episode I ask Mark about business as a force for good, influencing others, the nature of change, and whether the world really has gone to shit or not. He also talks about discovering who you really are and what you really think, by talking about it out loud. Like we do here. I invited Mark to guest because, well to be honest, I needed a safe interview to launch with. But also because he’s one of those magnetic people you meet whose personality sort of rubs-off on you. Perhaps you too might absorb or mimic his easy, affable charm and charisma like I imagine myself to do, yet dismally fail at, in this insightful inaugural episode.
May 20, 2021