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Awakening to the Fire of the Heart

Awakening to the Fire of the Heart

By Peter Bampton
Join Peter for deep and often provocative dives into the wide open wonder, and potentially revolutionary implications, of authentic Spiritual Awakening in our Tipping Point Times.

Peter is a spiritual guide and the co-founder of a thriving contemporary experiment in spiritual awakening and collective emergence based in Portugal called The Awakened Life Project. He is the author of the book The Fire of the Heart, leader of the Awakened Life Men's Collective and founder of EvoLusa: Toward an Awakened Portugal.
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Episode 6: Conspirituality Part 2: The Question of Evil
Why is it that even considering the evidence for a globalist "conspiracy" is so threatening to so many? Peter explores two possible factors; the resistance to confronting unbearable human evil and an unconscious parental projection onto the mechanism of the State.
April 1, 2021
Episode 5: Conspirituality Theorist or Conspirituality Factualist? Part 1
Join Peter for a deep dive into a phenomenon that has been emerging during the so-called pandemic that has been labeled "conspirituality" - the merger of spiritual folks and so-called conspiracy theories. What is "conspiracy theory" anyway and where did this term come from? Is Peter a Conspirituality Theorist or a Conspirituality Factualist?
February 23, 2021
Peter explores the Call from Consciousness Itself to be a Renunciate or a Hero by sharing a powerful text from Spiritual Master Adi Da.  Are you purposed to be a Renunciate or world-transcender, or a Hero or world-transformer?  Or, in your heartfelt response to the urgency of these Tipping Point Times, are you purposed to embrace both poles of this Great Paradox?
June 22, 2020
Episode 3: Spiritual Activism in Tipping Point Times - Resting in No Position vs. Taking a Position
Furthering his inquiry into what a spiritually inspired "activist" response to the controversy surrounding the Covid-19 lockdown might be, Peter explores one of the great paradoxes at the heart of the Awakening Process that we have to be willing to embrace if we are going to affect any profound impact in the world of time and space.
April 28, 2020
Episode 2: Covid-19, "Conspiracy Theories" & Spiritual Awakening
Episode 2: In this unprecedented global lockdown many are questioning the 'official narrative' about Covid-19 and the mass media is warning us about all the crazy "conspiracy theories" out there. But what is really true? Can we trust The Powers That Be? And what does Spiritual Awakening have to do with conspiracy theory or fact? Join me for a provocative ride down the rabbit hole...
April 16, 2020
Are you succumbing to the current human operating system's crisis of fear and "victim consciousness", or will you lean into this great opportunity for Awakening and claim your "creator consciousness"? Join Peter as he explores how the "Covid-19" crisis and this time of global lockdown is a perfect opportunity to Awaken and Evolve.
April 7, 2020