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You Are Your Brand

You Are Your Brand

By Peter G. Goral
Talking to real people about their personal passion and purpose behind their efforts. We ask the simple yet hard to answer question about what is left after the smoke clears.
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In Conversation with Annie Allen, Certified Divorce Coach and Founder of Starting Over Stronger: Divorce Survival and Recovery
My guest today is Annie Allen, a certified divorce coach and the founder of “Starting Over Stronger” - Divorce Survival and Recovery. Annie is an upbeat and vibrant personality as you’ll soon witness for yourself. During our fast-paced conversation she clearly demonstrates her personal strength in helping women going through a divorce with the support and confidence building required to come out the other end in a healthy and positive state of mind. I believe there are lots of women who’d be glad to have Annie in their corner during a divorce. She’s got experience, the passion and drive to make the best out a bad situation. With a solid grip on her business, Annie is able to encourage her clients to reflect on self and develop the strength required to make a well thought out decision. Some that’s critically needed at such times in their lives. Thanks for listening.
August 31, 2021
Catching Up with Ryan Foland, Speaker, Author, Sailor and Ginger
My guest today is Ryan Foland, Speaker, Author, Sailor and Ginger. In this recent catch up conversation with Ryan we discussed the nuances of speaking less but saying more. A skill set that he has really mastered so well. In fact, so much so that he teaches people around the world with his patented 313 Methodology to fine tune their message. He has a new online course for startups and you can access that at Ryan.Online/Start   There’s a new book in the works which is a follow up to his very successful “Ditch The ACT” published in October 2019, called “Ditch The Pitch”. So sit back and enjoy this very colourful guy who I’m pleased to call friend and collaborator, the Ginger Ninja himself, Ryan Foland. He’s truly a fun and dynamic personality and it’s no surprise to find him on the most wanted speakers list globally as he’s both educational and entertaining. Thanks for listening in. 
August 30, 2021
In Conversation with Dan Merriam, CEO & Co-Founder, ICAREUM - New PropTech Solution For Real Estate Sales
My guest today is Dan Merriam, CEO and Co-Founder, of ICAREUM a new PropTech company that has developed some truly groundbreaking technology that includes immersive 3D visualization coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to help streamline the process of selling real estate whether commercial or residential. He’s got a great personal back story which he tells rather well, and what I like best about Dan’s described journey is...that it’s just begun. So sit back with me now and watch it unfold. I think you’ll agree with me that Dan and team are really onto something big here. Thanks for listening.  To learn more about Dan and his company follow this link:
August 19, 2021
In Conversation with Violet Alexandre, Chief Revenue Officer, Brilliant, Clubhouse MC and Vocalist/Musician “The Second Floor” Duo
My guest today is the multi-talented Violet Alexandre, Chief Revenue Officer of a new FinTech company called Bryllyant...I still say they named the company after her, but she tells us different during our conversation. Violet is also my Clubhouse Partner and we chat every Monday at 1:30 pm EDT in the Creator’s Studio, collaborating and networking with other creatives. And best yet, she’s 50% of a musical duo called The Second Floor. She’s a strong vocalist, very creative and has a great passion for SALES. Yes, you heard right, SALES. I hope you enjoy our casual banter as it’s hard to have a truly formal conversation with this effervescent personality, called Violet. To check out her company: Bryllyant The Second Floor: Facebook Page
August 13, 2021
“The Digital Dance” with Mitch Jackson, Trial Lawyer and Social Media Master
My guest today is Mitch Jackson, Trial Lawyer Extraordinaire...Mitch takes his business up a notch daily by delivering his message socially better than most. He often refers to his efforts on social media as “The Digital Dance”, and he truly has mastered taking his personal brand to market and continually strives to raise his own bar with every post, video or audio interaction. I hope you enjoy this conversation I had with Mitch a couple of weeks ago as he’s a solid guy in his business and in delivering his message with a strong personal attitude. You'll hear for yourself that Mitch is a total rockstar on social media and in the courts. Thanks for listening and be sure to connect with Mitch on your favourite social platform...he’s on all of them. Learn more about Mitch here at Streaming Lawyer Perhaps you like to subscribe to his weekly newsletter at this link here: Mitch Jackson Newsletter
August 10, 2021
In Conversation with Kristina Cleary, Chief Leadership Coach, Cleary Leadership & Founder, Velocity
After 20+ years in the technology industry, my guest Kristina Cleary, Chief Leadership Coach, Cleary Leadership and Founder of Velocity, decided to leave her C-level position within a global technology organization to pursue her passion of helping high performing individuals and teams accelerate their impact and deliver results through one-on-one executive coaching, workshops and consulting. Kristina is now focused on giving women in business access to the support, guidance and resources to empower and help drive up the numbers of women in the C-Suite. Listen in as she describes how she is making that happen.  Kristina is truly motivated, and clearly passionate about helping raise the bar and the numbers of women in the C-Suite. And if her drive and energy is anything to go by, I would say that Kristina is well on her way. Thanks for listening. Here are Kristina’s website links: Cleary Leadership and Velocity
August 02, 2021
In Conversation with Vidusha Nathavitharana, Founder and Destiny Architect, Luminary Learning Solutions
You Are Your Brand Podcast with your host, Peter G. Goral My special guest all the way from Sri Lanka is, Vidusha Nathavitharana, Founder and Destiny Architect, Luminary Learning Solutions He’s a rather extraordinary guy, a great storyteller who take the time to be the best he can be at all times. There’s no middle ground with Vidusha, and his charming manner remains intact even if he doesn’t agree with you. I believe there’s really no loss column in his books...he reminds me of that great quote from my favourite “Servant Leader”, John Maxwell, “Sometimes you Win...Sometimes you Learn." Vidusha suggests that he's always been an explorer, a dreamer and an adventurer, and that he's rarely content with what has been accomplished, and revels in seeking out a challenge. He's ambitious - not for ambition's sake but because pitting himself against a challenge betters him on a daily basis. He's a rather intriguing guy that was brought to my attention a couple of years ago by Thayalan Anton who works alongside Vidusha as the organization's Chief Evangelist. Anton and I are quite well known to each other and in fact, we've already had the pleasure of sharing a number of extremely great Zoom chats together over the years. I was therefore, not surprised to find Vidusha, a very down to earth and natural guy who operates a jargon free, no-nonsense style of management consulting business. Learn more about Vidusha and his mission here: #podcastguest #personalbranding #leadershipdevelopment
July 29, 2021
In Conversation with John Colgan, CEO and Co-Founder, Solgari
Well, I have to say that I’ve never experienced a “Fireside Chat” at 8 o’clock in the morning. At least not until I connected with John Colgan, CEO and Co-Founder of Solgari, in Dublin, Ireland. His warm and casual conversational style truly makes in a person who has you feeling at ease, at home, and by the fire. He’s a vibrant individual and extremely passionate about the company he keeps and the business he operates. He's focused on “One Thing”...the Customer. So I invite you to pull up a chair and enjoy John’s insights and light hearted conversation. He’s an open book about both himself and the business, and I have to say, that when the leader of an organization is as forthcoming and transparent as John was with me, it does make it easier to understand and do business with that entity. There’s a lesson in there for many of us. I hope that you’ll enjoy this episode, and thank you for listening. You can gain more insight on Solgari at this link
July 24, 2021
Dan Bennett, Storyteller Extraordinaire, Video King, The Man Behind The Antipreneur Movement
Sit back everyone, grab a drink and get ready to enjoy my conversation with Dan Bennett...Storyteller Extraordinaire, Video King, and the man behind the Antipreneur Movement. Listen in as he shares his insights, experiences, as well as shows us even his most vulnerable side. A side that keeps him top of mind with me when I hear the words, “Tell Me Your Story”...enjoy! Dan develops authentic and powerful stories for his clients, empowering them to reach their business and creative goals, and video is often the vehicle that then takes that story to its final destination. You'll know that you’ve met someone that is unlike anyone else in the business as soon as you visit his website. It’s not about him, in fact, he doesn’t even have an “About Me” section. Why? Because it’s not about him, its purpose is to offer you and your business the spotlight. Dan is such a pleasure to work with and so giving. He has a great podcast himself, and an amazing YouTube Channel and you can find your way to him by visiting his website at this link: The Antipreneur
July 16, 2021
A Great Conversation with Doug Smith, Ex NHL Star - Award Winning Author of "Thriving in Transition"
My special guest today is the amazing Doug Smith. Award-winning author of ‘The Trauma Code, Unlocking your Performance’ & ‘Thriving in Transition, How to Turn Adversity into the Opportunity of a Lifetime’, Doug is a thought leader on the impact of trauma and change on human performance. Doug teaches that if you learn about and minimize the impact of emotional trauma, you can maximize your level of performance. As a special treat Doug Smith has arranged for you the viewers to access his latest book at this special link. Simply go to and get "Thriving in Transition". Doug’s clients are able to use this understanding and messaging for the benefit of their employees, the performance of their organizations, and their own personal well-being. An elite athlete and avid learner at 16 years, Doug played in the Ontario Hockey League as an “underage” and was the Winner of The OHL’s Bobby Smith Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. At 18 years, Doug was the National Hockey League (NHL)’s 1st round draft choice of the Los Angeles Kings franchise. Chosen 2nd overall, he was the youngest player to have ever played for the LA Kings at that time. Doug played 607 professional games before a broken neck and high-level spinal cord injury ended his career. Doug understands the impact of trauma, the process of trauma recovery, and the rebuilding of personal performance because he has been there. Visit his website for more insights: There’s a great video on the landing page that says it all. #dealingwithtrauma #regeneratingyourlife #trainyourbrain
July 15, 2021
In Conversation with Carolyn Swora, Workplace Culture Architect, Author and Speaker - Part 2
You Are Your Brand Podcast with your host Peter G. Goral As promised, here is Part Two of my conversation with Carolyn Swora (She/Her), Workplace Culture Architect, Author and Speaker. Listen in as she walks us through her own self awareness and self discovery journey, plus the importance of connecting with people as opposed to processes. My favourite part of this session was when she reminded me that when looking at new things that it’s okay to have a dash of “Healthy Skepticism". I’ve long admired Carolyn’s ability to just let it out and say what’s on her mind. She wasn’t always like that, but is living proof that we can all get comfortable doing that’d we just try. I hope that you enjoyed this session and I look forward to bringing you more conversation with her in the future as her journey continues. If you haven't had a chance to read her book "Rules of Engagement" I would highly recommend it, as she opens up and tells you everything in it, and then some. Here's a link to get your copy: Here’s a link to Carolyn’s Website: #workplaceculture #newworldofwork #peoplematter #podcastguest
June 09, 2021
In Conversation with Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO and Co-Founder, Lately AI
You Are Your Brand Podcast with your host Peter G. Goral My special guest today is Kate Bradley Chernis the Co-Founder & CEO of Lately, the only social media management platform that creates content for you with the power of A.I. View a 60 second sneak peek here: As a former marketing agency owner, Kate initially created the idea for Lately out of spreadsheets for then-client, Walmart, and got them a 130% ROI, year-over-year for three years. Prior to founding Lately, Kate served 20 million listeners as Music Director and on-air host at SiriusXM. She’s also an award-winning radio producer, engineer and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales and marketing expertise. What am I saying...she's actually a freaking “Rockstar” This was such a great chat, unscripted, no punches pulled which is exactly how Kate rolls. For more insight on Lately AI check out their website; #podcastguest #socialmedia #personalbranding #artificialintelligence
May 28, 2021
In Conversation with Carolyn Swora, Workplace Culture Architect, Author and Speaker - Part One
As promised, here is Part One of my conversation with Carolyn Swora, Workplace Culture Architect, Author and Speaker. Listen in as she walks us through her own self awareness and self discovery journey, plus the importance of connecting with people as opposed to processes. My favourite part of this session was when she speaks of our need to manage our energy versus our time. I’ve long admired Carolyn’s ability to just let it out and say what’s on her mind. She wasn’t always like that, but is living proof that we can all get comfortable doing that’d we just try. I hope that you enjoyed this session and I look forward to sharing Part Two very soon with you. If you haven't had a chance to read her book "Rules of Engagement" I would highly recommend it, as she opens up and tells you everything in it, and then some. Here's a link to get your copy: Rules of Engagement Here’s a link to Carolyn’s Website: 
May 06, 2021
In Conversation with Melanie Rousseau, CEO and Founder, Money Mama - Part 1
So here’s my good friend and business collaborator Melanie Rousseau, CEO and Founder of Money Mama, talking about her personal transformation and the great work that she does with women to help them tackle their day-to-day lives with money and planning for the future. Interestingly, she uses her own past experiences as well as some of the new learnings she gets from her children to help formulate great strategies for growth and personal development. There’s lots of laughs in this conversation and that too is part of her winning way. There’s absolutely nothing you cannot talk to Melanie about, she’s approachable, in touch with life and the need to sustain yourself as a woman of the world. I hope that you enjoy this session and that you’ll come back for Part 2 very soon. Thank you for listening. Be sure to visit her website Money Mama Toronto for additional insights on her programs and coaching.
April 25, 2021
The Healing Journey with Ryan McTaggart, Founder and Coach, The Mindset Medic Part One
A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing conversation with Ryan McTaggart, Founder and Coach, The Mindset Medic from Edinburgh, Scotland. He blew me away with just how honest he was about his personal story and it truly coloured the conversation with genuine value for so many people. He talks about facing his demons more than once in his life so far, and now appears to be on the road to greatness, and he’s taking others along with him, on the healing journey. He’s honest to a fault and humbled by his own experience, Ryan now shares his experiences willingly so that others can learn without having to go through the same pains. I hope you enjoy Part One and that you’ll come back for Part Two very soon. Here’s a link to book a starter conversation with Ryan: Book A Discovery Call
April 20, 2021
In Conversation with Maura Joy Lustig, Transformational Coach and Artist - Part One
As promised here is Part One of my recent conversation with Maura Joy Lustig, Transformational Coach and Artist. Finding ways to describe Maura is as much fun as listening to her walk you through parts of her life. She’s driven, intense, passionate, feisty and so determined. I loved it all, and you will too. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so grab a coffee or go for a 30 minute walk with your earbuds on. I promise you’ll be moving faster and maybe even running before it’s over. Maura puts a kick into your step in this session as she lays it all out on the table. I hope you’ll join me for Part Two very soon. Go visit with Maura at are website: 
April 15, 2021
In Conversation with Janet Lewis, CEO and Founder, Dunamus OCM Inc. and Author
My guest today is Janet Lewis, Change Management Specialist. She’s the CEO and Founder of Dunamus OCM Inc. and the Author of Lost and Found (How To Find Yourself, Take Charge of Your Life and Unleash Your Inner Power). We always have a pretty grounded chat, she doesn’t over complicate things, speaks open and unfiltered and I believe it’s what her clients like best about her. I certainly do.  Check out her book available on Amazon Lost and Found
April 12, 2021
In Conversation with Siobhan McHale, Culture Transformer | Author of “The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change” | EGM People, Culture & Change at Dulux Group | Thinkers50 Radar 2020
A couple of weeks ago I caught up with my dear friend and collaborator, Siobhan McHale from Australia. She’s likely no stranger to you as her teachings and insights on developing a great culture in your business have been given resounding accolades globally since the publishing of her book, “The Insider’s Guide To Culture Change”. Listen in as we chat about some of the insights and how today’s pandemic has challenged the aspects of culture, and how turning herself into an educator of others on the subject of culture and change have rewarded her personally. Siobhan is such a free spirit and I love the fun and giving way about her. It’s so great to witness a leader like Siobhan show her personal vulnerability and passion for what she does. I think it’s the thing that makes her so endearing. Thanks for listening. Here’s the link to her book: The Insider’s Guide To Culture Change 
April 11, 2021
In Conversation with Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO, Nimble
As promised last week, here is the complete conversation with Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO of Nimble, the CRM that for you where you reside. Whether it’s in your email, on social or in a business app, Nimble brings the business of communications and contact management to you. When you hear Jon speak you’ll quickly realize that it’s designed after himself. He’s such an open and genuine communicator, and such a pleasure to spend time with. Listen in and have some fun, as I did. Be sure to check out Nimble at  For those of you who have listened to the entire conversation you’ll be privy to the offer shared by Jon to try out Nimble at 40% off for the first three months by using the code Jon40 as you check out. Over and above that, I hope that you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. And, thanks for listening. 
April 04, 2021
In Conversation with Sandy MacKay, Operating Principal, Keller Williams Legacies Realty
We are three months into 2021 and my guest Sandy MacKay, Operating Principal of Keller Williams Legacies Realty has experienced growth uncommon on so many fronts. His expansion operation in Vaughan, Ontario has come out flying, attracting lots of really excellent business partners and new agents. He has registered some exemplary numbers in his already successful MacKay Realty Network in Hamilton, to which he credits both an amazing team and his operative style, which is that of a true "Servant Leader”. Listen in as he responds energetically to questions on the market, the growth of his business and where he sees things going next. You can feel Sandy’s passion for business, people and building legacies for everyone in his organization. He clearly puts people first and that trickles down through his team to their clients, which in turn, rewards everyone. You can learn more about Sandy and his operation at or He also co-hosts with his on-air partner Rob Break, one of the top listened to real estate podcasts in North America 
March 29, 2021
“Friday Fireside Chat” with Germain St. Denis, Lifetime Member, Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square
As part of a new initiative here on the "You Are Your Brand" Podcast, I’ve added the "Friday Fireside Chat” segment, and I can’t think of a better person to being my first guest than, Germain St. Denis. Germain is a lifetime member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, a top-level global leadership development provider. But to me, he’s just Germain, a great guy who loves to chat about his penchant for leading and advising people in the good old fashioned “Servant Leadership” way. In this episode we covered off middle management issues, making connections, breaking the ice, filtering direction from the top down, servant leadership and having a great attitude as being the key ingredient to being considered an excellent candidate for hire. Oh yes, and we had some laughs too. I hope you do as well. After all you just can’t take yourself too seriously these days, it’s not good for health or your business.
March 19, 2021
Healthy Body...Healthy Mind - A Conversation with Craig Spear, Founder & Coach, The Spear Method
I re-connected last week with a good friend and business collaborator Craig Spear. He’s the Founder and Coach of The Spear Method, a new venture he started near the end of last year. I’ve often said that there was a whole lot more to Craig than just being a great coach and you’re about to hear that for yourself in this really excellent conversation. So put down your dumbbells, pick up your juice and listen in as we talk about Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds. Craig through his own introspection and personal efforts has truly captured the essence of a perfect blend of knowing and doing. He’s a great coach and if after listening to him you feel compelled to talk with him about your own health and fitness goals feel free to reach out to him at and be sure to visit his website for some amazing tips and insights
March 17, 2021
In Conversation with Deb Coviello, Founder, Illumination Partners LLC, Host of The Drop In CEO Podcast and Author, The CEO’s Compass
My guest today is my good friend and business collaborator, Deb Coviello, Founder of Illumination Partners LLC, Host of The Drop In CEO Podcast and now Author of the soon to be released, "The CEO’s Compass”. There’s no script, no previewed questions, just good old straight talk. That’s how Deb and I roll. We’re talking about books, branding, getting out of our own way, helping others and reflecting courageously on our own lives. I do hope that you enjoy the conversation. If you’d like to learn more about Deb, her business and her great podcast simply drop in at 
March 04, 2021
In Conversation with Rory Galvin, CEO and Founder, NAVIRUM
I caught up with Rory Galvin last week. Rory is the CEO and Founder of NAVIRUM, a Salesforce Implementation company founded in 2018. Rory and his team are big believers in the positive impact that a diverse and accessible financial system can have on our society and he’s on a mission to enable financial services companies to create innovative products and services, and in doing so, help improve the lives of the people in our community. As you’ll hear for yourself, Rory is a very grounded and unpretentious guy and he brings a tremendous amount of expertise and background in the market that he and his company serves. If you’d like to learn more about NAVIRUM head to and by all means connect with Rory directly on LinkedIn as he welcomes all conversations.
February 25, 2021
In Conversation with Monte Clark, Senior Marketing Strategy Leader, Relevant Marketing Solutions
I had a great chat last week with my friend and one of my favourite collaborators Monte Clark of Relevant Marketing Solutions based in Kansas City. Monte is an absolutely brilliant self-taught wiz on the workings of LinkedIn and how to glean the highest value from that social platform. Listen in as he walked me through some great steps to increase viewership, engagement and then some. You’ll hear for yourself how Monte made a very strong personal investment, and how humble he is about the level of accomplishment he’s achieved in such a very short time. Through his company Relevant Marketing Solutions, he operates as a Coach and Mentor to companies and individuals, teaching them the nuances of the platform. He’s also co-authored a really great book called “Mastering LinkedIn” that you can access on his website among other things at 
February 15, 2021
In Conversation with Janet Lewis, CEO and Founder, DUNAMUS OCM Inc.
I sat down a couple of weeks ago with Janet Lewis, CEO and Founder of DUNAMUS OCM Inc., a Toronto based change management firm. During our conversation the subject of honesty came up as it relates to the consulting work she’s involved with, and although it’s a sensitive subject, I rather liked the way she fielded and responded to the question and I think you will too.
February 04, 2021
In Conversation with Janet Lewis, Author, CEO and Founder, DUNAMUS OCM Inc.
I recently sat down with Janet Lewis to talk about her new book, Lost and Found (How To Find Yourself, Take Charge of Your Life and Unleash Your Inner Power). As well as being an author Janet is also the CEO and Founder of DUNAMUS OCM Inc. a change management consulting firm based in Toronto.  Listen in as she discusses the birth of her book and the re-birth of herself as she wrote it. Janet opens up and shares her own vulnerability as she speaks about the book, as well as how she utilizes the lessons learned within her full time career as an experienced change management leader. You can get a copy of the book on Amazon and here’s the link Lost and Found for your convenience and feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.
January 31, 2021
"What is driving valuations?” - Alex MacKay, Managing Partner, Tequity Advisors
You’ll recall  a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with Alex MacKay, Managing Partner with Tequity Advisors. I’d asked him during our conversation if Covid had any effect on the Salesforce Partner Valuations and he came back with a solid and qualified “No” response. Today I reached out to him for a follow up conversation and asked him, “What is driving valuations in the Salesforce Partner ecosystem?" Feel free to reach out to Alex directly at or visit his company website for more insight. Here’s a link to the already successful nine Salesforce Transactions.
November 27, 2020
In Conversation with Jordan Uytterhagen, Managing Director, Cadence Solutions
Today we’re speaking with Jordan Uytterhagen, Managing Director of Edmonton based Cadence Solutions, a system integrator specializing in Enterprise Content Management and Digital Transformation. They are implementation partners with OpenText, SAP, Microsoft and Gimmal. In our conversation today Jordan talks about his personal take on Digital Transformation and shares with us the story of how he founded Cadence Solutions back in 2013. For more insight on Jordan and his company visit 
November 17, 2020
In Conversation With Alex MacKay, Managing Partner and Strategic M&A Advisor with Tequity Advisors - Part 2
I caught up with Alex MacKay last week. Alex is the Managing Partner and Strategic M&A Advisor with Tequity Advisors an advisory services company that deals specifically in the area of Enterprise Software, Software As A Services (SaaS) and Professional IT Services. In this segment of our conversation Alex talks about the effect if any that  Covid has had on Salesforce Partner Valuations as well as addresses the metrics that people focus on when valuing a company. Feel free to reach out directly to Alex at and by all means check out the website at
November 13, 2020
In Conversation With Alex MacKay, Managing Partner & Strategic M&A Advisor - Tequity Advisors
I caught up with Alex Mackay last week. Alex is the Managing Partner and Strategic M&A Advisor with Tequity Advisors, an advisory services company that deals specifically in the area of Enterprise Software, Software As A Services (SaaS) and Professional IT Services. In this segment of our conversation Alex talks about the burning question of how Covid has affected the Salesforce Partner Valuations. Feel free to reach out directly to Alex at and by all means check out the website at 
November 09, 2020
In Conversation with Barry Groves, CEO and Founder of LightCAP Solutions Part 2
In this segment Barry discusses the importance of Confidentiality for the Candidates as well as some of the special features for the Client Employers. Be sure to check out the platform that was built for purpose for the Transportation and Supply Chain industry at 
October 21, 2020
In Conversation with Barry Groves, CEO LightCAP Solutions
In this segment Barry Groves, CEO of LightCAP Solutions talks about his motivation behind building this recruitment platform designed to bring resources and the hiring manager together confidentially within the Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics industry. LightCap Solutions is the only major site that is conceptually designed, developed and managed by a recruiting firm that has specialized in North American Transportation, Supply Chain/Logistics recruitment for the past 30 years. It combines industry knowledge and traditional recruiting methods with today’s constantly changing technology, maximizing all the social media applications available. This industry focus renders the site more relevant and meaningful for its users. Website
September 25, 2020
In Conversation with Tina Iaquinta, Founder of Modern Concierge Inc. Part 2
As promised last week, here is part 2 of a conversation I had with Tina Iaquinta, Founder of Modern Concierge Inc. In this segment I ask Tina specifically about her nomination for a Woman of Inspiration 2020 with The Universal Women’s Network. Tina is extremely humble and true to her roots in her response and I sincerely hope that you enjoy listening in as much as I did speaking with her.
July 29, 2020
Tina Iaquinta, “Women of Inspiration” Nominee and Founder of Modern Concierge.
I caught up this week with Tina Iaquinta, the Founder of Modern Concierge a business designed on helping people get back some of their time in order to live a fuller and more enjoyable life. Tina was recently nominated as a “Woman of Inspiration” 2020 and in my mind, is a very worthy individual of that honour as you hear for yourself in this informal chat. Feel free to check her out at 
July 19, 2020
‘Talking Headshots” with Joe Bucci
While there are no real fast and firm rules about the frequency of changing a headshot or profile picture on a professional platform such as LinkedIn, your website or perhaps even business card, Joe has some insight on the subject and quite frankly, it sounds like a pretty good idea too. If you are in need of a new headshot, or perhaps have some other corporate photography needs, feel free to check Joe out on his website or if you’d like to reach him directly you can drop him a note at 
July 07, 2020
Informal Chat with Joe Bucci, Photographer
I went to visit with Joe at his home studio today and we had a great morning chatting about his new initiative “Faces of Isolation” and over some espresso I asked him about his personal thoughts on professional profile pictures. He’s a pretty straight forward and down to earth guy and speaks very direct. I personally like that about him the most.
June 23, 2020
In Conversation with Jen Warren, Broker at RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc. Burlington, Ontario - Part 2
In this session we talk about the need for being focused, managing our BS meter and the wavering desire to be mature and yet youthful at the same time, It’s a fun session and I hope that you enjoy it. Feel free to connect with Jen at if you’re in the Burlington market and need some help with choosing or selling a home.
June 20, 2020
In Conversation with Jen Warren, Broker for RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc., Burlington, Ontario
Whether you are renting a co-op, selling a townhouse, or buying a mansion, I can help you prepare your home for sale, price property, find a property, negotiate deals, qualify buyers, acquire financing, find contractors and more. Big, small, fancy, or plain, Jen believes we should all love where we live. As a 4th generation resident, Jen has a deep love for the  city of Burlington and its neighbourhoods. She approaches both life and work with sincerity, honesty and compassion. To Jen, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client fall in love with his or her new home. For more than twenty years, she has been helping people rent, buy, and sell homes in this community. With a background in economics, and appraisal, Jen has an excellent understanding of the real estate market and she knows what it takes to champion a client's needs. She is also backed by a team of dedicated professionals with specialized skills and knowledge to provide the most comprehensive service around.
June 15, 2020