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By Donna DeBonis, DVM | Pet Food Recalls Expert Witness
Pet food recalls are an ongoing global tragedy. All podcast classes are free to the public; no pet food is sold here. A veterinarian for over 37 years, Dr. Donna DeBonis also has her Masters of Science in Food Safety and is certified in manufacturing Pet Food Quality Assurance. She was trained by the USDA to inspect all types of meat to verify that it was safe for human consumption, and she applies this rigorous process to understand how the source of meat in pet food can make it unsafe. FOR SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION: contact her at
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S2 E2 Pet Food Recall Class Action Lawsuits with Abraham Jewett for the YouTube version Abraham Jewett is an investigative journalist and can be reached at  He writes for and you  can sign up for their newsletter at their website.  The website features a search bar where you can input key words like 'pet food.'    The article that caught my attention was These Are the Worst Pet Products on the Market Based on Recalls, Class Action Lawsuits by Mr. Jewett.
May 07, 2022
Hear Recalls from Other Countries on Pet Food Vet Podcast
Do you believe that pet food from other counties safer than U.S. petfoods cause they aren't announced in our media? Find out if that's right in this episode.
February 19, 2022
S2 E1 Dr. Aja Senestraro, Sea to Sky Holistic House Call Veterinarian Interview by Dr. Donna DeBonis
In Season 2, the Pet Food Vet interviews veterinarians who have developed an expertise and understanding about pet food and the importance of giving pets safe pet food.  Here are  the stories of pets' recovery from illnesses when placed on human food chain sourced whole food diets.  Dr. Senestraro explains how whole unprocessed pet food is used to treat pets and adds years to older pets' lives. Dr. Senestraro is a holistic veterinarian who practices in the Seattle, WA area.  She is highly trained in alternative medicine and whole food diets.  Please visit her website and follow her blog. She is available for pet food diet consultations in Washington state.   Please leave a comment here about how you like our new interview format. If you have any questions about any of the topics discussed, please contact Dr. DeBonis at Pet Food Safety Veterinary Labs and Consulting. She is available for consultations with fellow veterinarians who may believe they are dealing with a contaminated pet food.  FOR VETERINARIANS:  If you have discovered a pet food recall, please contact Dr. DeBonis.  FOR PET OWNERS:  If your pet has suffered from contaminated pet food during a pet food recall please contact Dr. DeBonis.
February 19, 2022
What are the Contaminants in Pet Food?
Pet food can be contaminated by many things just like your food. Most commonly it can be contaminated by bad bacteria. 
September 17, 2021
Salmonella in Pet Food -the Current Recall and What to Look for to Keep your Pet Safe
In this episode, I tell people about the recent salmonell pet food recall by Midwestern Feed Mill. We talk about how Salmonella can cause illness and death  in people and their pets.   Salmonella can get cross contaminated onto many surfaces and mainly causes gastrointestinal signs.  Please be aware that children, particularly toddlers are at greateer risk because they get into pet food dishes.  There are  many ways pet owners can reach out to talk to me via email, messenger, or video consultations:   My website Pet Food Testing Lab:  Via my FaceBook PET FOOD VET page:  and on my PATREON Please reach out for a one on one consultation with me, Dr. Donna--I would love to help you ensure the safety of your pet. 
April 02, 2021
Here's How You Can Talk To The Pet Food Vet!
Hello Pet Parents! In this episode, I tell people about the many ways they can reach out to talk to me via email, messenger, or video consultations: My website Pet Food Testing Lab: Via my FaceBook PET FOOD VET page: and on my PATREON  I also remind people that pets and wildlife can suffer death from getting caught in the loops of disposable masks that are not thrown away into garbage. I encourage people to cut the loops on the disposable masks as well to render them less dangerous. 
March 25, 2021
Pet Food Labels --What Every Pet Parent Must Know
Hello Pet Parents!  This is the description of pet food labels that help you understand what pet food companies are hiding! 
March 12, 2021
Introducing the Pet Food Safety Veterinary Lab service--pet owners can check their pets food now!
Pet owners are finally able to check for contaminants in their pet's food!    No longer are pet owners subjected to whatever marketing is on pet food labels Pet owners can now send samples directly to PET FOOD SAFETY VETERINARY LABS and Dr. Donna DeBonis will provide analysis, reports, and consultation. She will work with both pet owners and veterinarians.   Pet owners are paying a pretty penny for pet food--sometimes as much as $5 a pound for some 'ultra premium ' pet food. Now they can see exactly what their money is buying. They can check for ingredients, DNA of species, nutrient analysis, and also any poisons. Poisons are possible--remember melamine poisoning in 2007? How about euthanasia solution in pet food in 2018?  Aflatoxin (mold toxin)  in 2020 and 2019... and no end in sight. But YOU now have control by testing your pet's food! Animal feed supply chain does not operate under the same rules as the human food supply chain. That is why poisons get into pet food.  Test your pet's food at PET FOOD SAFETY VETERINARY LAB 
March 03, 2021
The Lies Behind Pet Food Labels
I know that you are caring pet parents or you wouldn't be here trying to learn about pet food. You are smart and logical and trying so hard to pick the best pet food.  You want pet food with healthy ingredients....but the labels do not tell the most important thing about ingredients!  Ingredients are sourced differently for animal(pet) feed than for human grade FOOD.  Please listen to this episode and do me a favor--enter your questions right on to this podcast so I can answer them!
March 02, 2021
PET FOOD VET interviews Shawn Buckley and Dr. Oscar Chavez about their newly published best seller, BIG KIBBLE. They give a tell -all behind-the-scenes interview about what ingredients go into animal feed grade pet food.  They explain the differences between animal feed grade ingredients and human  grade ingredients.  The most important takeaway is that animal feed grade ingredients contain dangerous germs and contaminants that are prohibited in human grade ingredients.  All kibble is manufactured with animal feed grade ingredients.  For more information about the dangers in kibble and other animal feed grade ingredients in pet foods like raw pet food, please go to .  The PET FOOD VET-Dr. Donna DeBonis is on PET FOOD VET FaceBook LIVE every Thursday at 1 pm PST.  See her there for more incredible videos about pet food safety. 
February 02, 2021
It's crazy! How does euthanasia solution get into pet food?
In this episode of a series of podcasts on pet food safety, Dr. Donna DeBonis, the Pet Food Vet, tells you exactly how euthanasia solution gets into pet food, so you can understand what you need to know about how to avoid it and other poisons in your pet's food.   Dr. Donna DeBonis (formerly Army Veterinary Officer, LTC DeBonis) served in three combat deployments to Afghanistan and Kosovo. In the Army she became certified as an Army Food Auditor and inspected millions of dollars of food to verify its safety for soldiers to consume at the Dining Facilities at Kandahar Air Field. She also performed emergency surgeries on Military Working Dogs that were blown up by IEDs, stabbed by local insurgents, and shot at close range by terrorists.  Having served honorably, she was highly decorated and received the Unit Bronze Star.  In the wake of numerous pet food recalls, she used her GI Bill to get more training in food safety with a goal of making sure her client's furbabies ate safe pet food. She now offers pet food testing at: PET FOOD SAFETY VETERINARY LAB . SAFE FOOD FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR PET, became her tagline and now she is prepared to bring this information to you in weekly 30 minute podcasts, as well as private consultations.
January 10, 2021