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By Kayla Thomas & Karli K
Welcome to our podcast! We're two black girls from the Philly area saying everything we can't say on the radio. So sit back and listen cause we're about to get petty...ish!!

New episodes every Thursday !
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Civil War 2021
Welcome back! In this episode KT and Karli K talk about their experiences fasting, the insurrection at the Capitol last week, Trump's impeachment and the upcoming presidential inauguration. They also get into Lori Harvey dating Michael B Jordan, Matt James as the Bachelor, and the Question of the day: Should men always pay for dates? Enjoy! 
January 14, 2021
Throat Baby
Merry Christmas! This is our last episode of 2020 so enjoy! Kayla and Karli discuss Christmas plans, at what stage its okay to gift a guy you're talking to, and when its appropriate to spend a holiday with him. They also discuss Tyga's sex tape, whether or not Tory Lanez is actually cancelled, and Lil Baby paying a pornstar $16k for a hookup.  Here's a question for you: How far would you go for $16k? Listen as Kayla and Karli debate.
December 24, 2020
The Moan Room
Welcome back! In this week's episode KT and Karli K talk about the new PA COVID-19 restrictions, the new vaccines, their experiences on the new app Clubhouse and more! They also discuss whether or not your hoeness can be deleted and if soul ties really exist. Karli K gives us an update on Street Pharmaceutical Bae, while KT shares her recent dating experiences. Enjoy!!
December 11, 2020
Street Pharmaceutical Bae
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Welcome back!! WARNING...this episode is not for the faint of ears. In this episode we talk about Kayla’s embarrassing moment during her 30 under 30 interview, Karli’s party dilema, Friendsgiving, and what we are thankful for! Enjoy!!
November 27, 2020
Back Like We Never Left!
Hey yall! Sorry it took so long, but we are finally back! We have so much to update you on. New studio, new jobs, new boos, new everything! In this episode we go over life in quarantine, the ATL trip we never got to discuss, the election, and our dating lives.  We promise we will never leave you guys hanging like that again. Enjoy! 
November 19, 2020
Point. Blank. Period.
Just fair warning we may have had a couple of margaritas and decided to turn the mics on so this is what you get.  Also this is the season finale so we had to bring back Ricky to take us out with a bang.  This episode we talk about strip clubs, our petty relationship behavior and a bunch of other drunk topics.  Enjoy and see you next season!
March 6, 2020
We have another special guest this episode! Kayla's new Intern Alica joins in to talk about what it's like to be a minority going to a predominately white college. The ladies reflect on the struggles they faced and what they had to do to overcome. Enjoy! 
February 21, 2020
Bumper Cars on I-95
Welcome back! In this episode, KT and Karli K bring on their friend Heather for an unforgettable Valentine's Day episode. They talk about gift-giving, situationships, being the sidechick and the craziest things they've done in a relationship. In this episode, you will also get to hear Kayla's radio interview with relationship expert Dr. Debeka Bennett as they talk about how to handle the emotions that Valentine's day brings up. Enjoy! 
February 14, 2020
Mamba Forever
Hey!!! In this episode Kayla and Karli K talk about toxic work environments. They also discuss Kobe Bryant's death and how it has affected them. Lastly, Kayla shares her radio interview with grief and loss counselor Deanna Sass. Enjoy! 
January 31, 2020
He Has a Wife and Kids
In this episode Kayla and Karli K swipe left and right on Kayla's dating apps. They also discuss dating in secret and when it's appropriate to start telling people about your relationship. Enjoy!!
January 24, 2020
A Wig Named LEXXI
HIIIII! Welcome to another episode of Pettyish. Today the ladies recap their week and talk about their upcoming ATL trip. They also do some radio talk and discuss the craziest things they've witnessed in the workplace. Enjoy!
January 17, 2020
I Wanna Bleep Your Bleep
Hola! It was Devin's last day interning at the radio station, so she joined Kayla and Karli K for one last petty session. The ladies talk about how they celebrated New Years, strict parents, how they were disciplined as children, and their most embarrassing screw-ups during their teenage days. Enjoy! 
January 9, 2020
New Year, New Me
And they're back!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!  Karli and Kayla bring in the new year by reflecting on 2019. This was one of the best, yet worst years of both of their lives. They discuss this past year's best moments, worst moments, takeaways, and what they will be working on in this new decade. ENJOY!!
January 3, 2020
Holy Ghost Shade
Welcome back! This episode is all things pop culture! Kayla and Karli K talk Trump's Impeachment, Tekashi 69's sentencing, clout chasing on the Gram and more! They end the show by talking about dreams and try to interpret what they mean. Plus, did Juice Wrld speak his death into his existence? Lets discuss! 
December 20, 2019
What’s Your Sign?
Welcome back!! In this episode, Kayla and Karli K talk about dating app horror stories! Then they dive deep into astrology, discussing their zodiac signs and the signs of people they have dated. Both women then take a personality test and talk about their unique traits and characteristics. Plus they discuss the type of people they are most compatible with both romantically and platonically. The episode wraps up with them discussing their love languages. Enjoy!
December 5, 2019
Thanksgiving Weave
Happy Thanksgiving! KT and Karli K bring in their friend Rickey to get MESSY in this episode. They talk about getting catfished, cheating, the parameters of having a best friend of the opposite sex while in a relationship and more! Plus they get in the Thanksgiving spirit and talk about family traditions and what they are thankful for. Enjoy! ***Sponsor*** Shop discounted bundles today! 
November 28, 2019
Lewis Louis Luis
This episode is a HOT MESS! Joined by Intern Devin, Kayla and Karli K talk about setting Kayla up with a guy, shooting your shot and more! Plus Karli has a special announcement about her future ! Enjoy !
November 21, 2019
Hymen Check
Back at it again with another episode and this week we have special guests! Nadine and Will join KT and Karli K for a round table discussion on the topic of dating outside of their race. Plus, since the  "let me check your hymen" ordeal is a big topic, the three ladies of the group put their 2 cents on T.I's comments about going with his daughter to the gynecologist. Enjoy! 
November 14, 2019
You're Either Cute or You're HIT
Happy Thursday!! In today's episode Kayla and Karli K try the Popeyes chicken sandwich and give their opinion on if it was worth the hype. They also define the word "beauty" and discuss what makes someone an overall beautiful person. Then they get into what they find attractive/unattractive in a guy, what their type is and what qualities they look for in a partner. To wrap it up they discuss the toxicity of social media and how it can bring out the insecurities in a person. Enjoy!!
November 7, 2019
The Hoe Life Isn't For Me!
Happy Halloween!! In honor of spooky szn, Kayla and Karli with special guest Devin, talk about their dating horror stories, thoughts on ghosting and being ghosted, plus end with a fun game of "Confession or Dare"
November 1, 2019
$53,408.83 in Debt
We're baaaaackk! In this episode KT and Karli K discuss something that no one really talks about: POST COLLEGE DEPRESSION.  They both share the struggles that they have faced mentally, emotionally and financially since venturing into adulthood. Being in your 20s can be such a lonely, confusing and depressing period in your life. So the girls decided to have an open and honest conversation about the hardships that you don't see on social media.   To wrap it up, Kayla shares advice that has helped her get to where she is in her career. ENJOY! 
October 24, 2019
Kayla and Karli K talk about their wildest nights out, dealing with sloppy friends and all the drunk stories in between. The girls also go through all the people they have blocked on social media and on their phones, and tell the story behind why these people ended up on the blocked list. Enjoy! 
October 17, 2019
Am I THAT Ugly??!!
Karli K and Kayla discuss the Botham Jean and Amber Guyger trial and the topic of forgiveness.  That opens up the question of “What is the biggest thing you had to forgive someone for?”
October 11, 2019
Laxative Lemonade
Kayla and Karli K sit down for the very first episode of Pettyish! In this episode they introduce themselves, talk about why they decided to start this podcast, and discuss where they hope this journey leads! ENJOY! 
October 3, 2019