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The PFF Forecast

The PFF Forecast

George and Eric hit the NFL from a betting and analytics perspective twice each week; starting with the lookahead podcast right after Sunday Night Football and then the Wednesday evening podcast with guests and the lock of the week. This is a Trend-Free Podcast. Lock It Up.
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Week 5 Scheme Breakdown w/ Seth Galina, Lock of the Week w/ Kevin Cole, plus a new segment
George Chahrouri and Brad Spielberger are joined by Seth Galina and Kevin Cole talk Week 5 Scheme Breakdown w/ Seth Galina, Lock of the Week w/ Kevin Cole, plus a new segment
October 06, 2022
Week 4 Takeaways, Week 5 Guess the Line
George is joined by Brad Spielberger and a host of guests including Tej Seth, Arjun Menon and Ben Brown as the group ushers in a new era of the Forecast and reviews Week 4 of NFL action.
October 03, 2022
Week 4 Lock of the Week, Storytime with Eric, and What's Next
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come together to talk the Week 4 Lock of the Week, Storytime with Eric, and What's Next.
September 29, 2022
Week 3 recap, Eagles & Phins, Week 4 Lines & Bets
George and Eric recap a very intriguing NFL Week 3 and look ahead to Week 4 with Guess the Line.
September 26, 2022
AFC & NFC Power Rankings & Week 3 LOCKS of the Week
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to talk FC & NFC Power Rankings & give you the week 3 LOCKS of the Week and more.
September 22, 2022
NFL Week 2 Reactions and Week 3 Lines and Best Early Bets
George and Eric come on to react to NFL Week 2 and Week 3 Lines and Best Early Bets
September 19, 2022
NFL Week 2 best bets, and Lock(s) of the week
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to give you the NFL Week 2 best bets, and their Lock(s) of the week
September 15, 2022
NFL Week 1 Over/Under Reactions, Top-5 Teams, Week 2 Lines and Bets
George and Eric come on to give you their reactions to NFL Week 1 Over/Under, Their Top-5 Teams, and Week 2 Lines and Bets. (00:00) - Intro (1:30) - Instant Week 1 Reactions (35:00) - Top 5 Teams After Week 1 (44:42) - Guess the Line Week 2
September 12, 2022
Bills-Rams Best Bets, Week 1 Lock of the Week, Jets Depth Chart reading
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to discuss Bills-Rams Best Bets, Week 1 Lock of the Week, Jets Depth Chart reading. (00:00) Intro (1:15) Reading 5-Star Reviews (6:50) Jets Depth Chart (11:50) Bills-Rams Best Bets (40:30) Week 1 Lock of the Week
September 08, 2022
NCAA Greenline week 1 recap and preview of remaining college football games
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to recap NCAA Greenline week 1 and preview of remaining college football games. (00:00) - Intro (1:08) - Eric & George's Weekend Bets (7:00) - College Football Week 1 (32:00) - TNF Rams vs. Bills Betting Preview
September 04, 2022
Jimmy G now tradeable, Raiders disaster blame, CFB wk1 bets
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to discuss Jimmy G now tradeable, Raiders disaster blame, CFB wk1 bets
September 01, 2022
Las Vegas and the state of the betting space. Review of NCAA week 0 and preview of NFL week 1.
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager discuss Las Vegas and the state of the betting space.  Review of NCAA week 0 and preview of NFL week 1.
August 28, 2022
Tom Brady On Vacation, Baker Mayfield Is A Starter, Favorite Preseason Week 3 Plays
George and Eric give their reactions to the latest news around the NFL and their favorite bets to place for Week 3 of the NFL preseason. 00:00 - Intro 1:20 - Tom Brady Took a Vacation 12:30 - PFF's Upcoming Betting Innovations 17:45 - Kayvon Thibeodeaux Cut Block Injury 21:40 - Baker Mayfield Starting? 33:25 - What's Up With Jimmy G? 38:50 - Preseason Week 3 Preview
August 25, 2022
Week 1 bets to make now, A fiery Patriots opinion, CFB wk 0 Bets
(1:10) - Eric saw the Lions in real life (6:30) - Where is Tom Brady gone? (12:00) - Week 1 Bets to make now (52:15) - College Football Week 0 Bets
August 22, 2022
Josh Hermsmeyer on the making of his WR Blow Up model, Bitcoin, Mahomes, and the Lions
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager are joined by Josh Hermsmeyer to talk about the making of his WR Blow Up model, Bitcoin, Mahomes, and the Lions. 00:00 - Introducing Josh Hermsmeyer 6:20 - Josh's WR Blow Up Model 25:26 - Bitcoin Crash 32:00 - Josh's take on Restore the Roar 44:17 - Patrick Mahomes Bounce-Back Szn? 56:00 - 2021 QB Class: Jones, Lance, Fields, Wilson 1:04:40 - Recommendations
August 18, 2022
NFL Bettor Fabian Sommer joins the show, How he bets each week, Bengals SB return? Price shopping
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on with NFL Bettor Fabian Sommer, How he bets each week, Bengals SB return? Price shopping
August 14, 2022
Who's the next Josh Allen? (no one?), Hard Knocks Takes, Stafford and Jameis injuries
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager comes on Is Josh Allen a black swan?  Should we be concerned about Matthew Stafford's injury?  Reviews of Hard Knocks episode one. 00:00 - Intro 1:25 - What's more right-skewed: intelligence or looks? 11:35 - Hard Knocks reactions 17:00 - How valuable is Roquan Smith? 21:00 - Aaron Rodgers' Psychadelic Experience 36:00 - Stafford & Jameis Injuries 41:00 - Who is the next Josh Allen? 56:20 - New name for the Forecast fans
August 11, 2022
Strategies for Betting Teasers, Week 1 NFL and Preseason Bets to Make
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to discuss Strategies for Betting Teasers, Week 1 NFL and Preseason Bets to Make and more. 00:00 - Intro 1:20 - 10 second HOF Game Recap 5:00 - How to Bet Teasers 22:00 - Projecting NFL Week 1 Bets 43:10 - Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase or Cooper Kupp? 56:00 - Recommendations
August 07, 2022
Andy Molitor joins to talk betting and the 2022 NFL season
(1:00) - Betting on the LIV Golf Tournament (8:00) - Deshaun Watson Suspension (18:15) - Betting strategy for NFL Preseason (27:40) - How Sports Betting is Changing (43:00) - Live Betting Tips & Tricks
August 04, 2022
Training Camp Storylines + Formula 1 GP Recap
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to discuss some training camp news, what to make of Kyler Murray's contract clause distractions and much much more!    1:00 - Eric’s Clandestine Recording Spot  7:30 - Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix  17:00 - Training Camp Storylines: Tyreek Hill, Julio Jones  26:30 - Trey Lance MVP Szn?  31:00 - Josh Allen Picking Fights  33:00 - Does Mahomes Deserve the Flak?  40:20 - Romeo Doubs WR1  45:50 - The Kyler Murray Video Game Clause  56:20 - Recommendations
July 31, 2022
2022 NFL Season Betting Strategy with Expert Bettor Drew Dinsick
(1:15) - Origin of "Brother in Christ" (6:30) - Behind Drew's Profitable 2022 Season (13:30) - How to Take Advantage of Edges (22:20) - Tips for Casual NFL Bettors (30:45) - Detroit Lions: Restore the Roar (45:15) - Betting on Year 2 QBs
July 28, 2022
Kyler's Contract, Lamar better? Hedging, F1 Ferrari disaster
(1:00) - Eric's Insane CFL Bet Streak (3:45) - George Horrible F1 Bet Streak (10:45) - Kyler Murray's Mega-Contract (19:30) - Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray? (37:28) - Hedging (53:00) - Recommendations
July 24, 2022
Favorite Super Bowl Futures + Is Lamar Jackson “Elite?”
(00:00) - Intro (1:00) - Eric’s Footloose Experience (5:00) - George’s Hamilton Take (7:20) - The Truth About Lamar Jackson (20:45) - Betting on the MLB All Star Game (23:00) - How to Find Betting Value in 2022 (36:00) - Bets We Made This Week
July 20, 2022
Intra Division Win Totals, Betting Syndicate Discussion, Recommendations
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager come on to discuss Inter Division Win Totals, Betting Syndicate Discussion, Recommendations 00:00 - Intro 1:30 - George’s Take on Malls 8:40 - Betting Syndicates & Pro Bettors 26:45 - Inter-Division Win Total Best Bets 44:00 - Recommendations
July 17, 2022
Betting Market Mailbag, Orlando Brown contract issues
(00:00) - Intro (1:10) - Should the Chiefs Give Orlando Brown the Bag? (20:25) - Betting Advice Mailbag
July 14, 2022
Zach Wilson Superstar, Debating the top QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs in Fantasy, plus CFB win totals
(1:15) Eric’s Bachelor Party Experience (10:50) - George’s F1 Bets Apology (14:45) Zach Wilson: Homie Hopper (24:05) Debating top fantasy players (44:35) CFB Win Totals
July 10, 2022
Baker to the Panthers, perfectly covered plays, and over/unders for receiving yards
Baker Mayfield to the Panthers (1:30) QB performance on perfectly-covered plays (13:40) Over/unders for receiving yards (31:15) Recommendations (42:52)
July 07, 2022
Coach of the Year bets, Passing TD props, the Big Ten's conference shakeup, and more
F1 betting update (1:05) UCLA, USC moving to the Big 10 (6:09) Betting on the USFL title game (17:00) Passing TD prop bets (19:34) Coach of the Year bets (27:47) Privilege of the week (42:07) Recommendations (47:10)
July 03, 2022
George and Eric answer your mailbag questions
How much the league has changed in three years (2:32) Surplus value (6:07) How QBs can be less valuable (10:00) Speed round - current NFL questions (13:47) Which divisional favorite is most likely to miss the playoffs? (14:20) Importance of star talent/depth in position groups (21:09) Speed round - current NFL questions part 2 (24:33) What if the draft were auction style? (26:30) How would you bet the Seahawks win total? (31:20) Speed round - current NFL questions part 3 (35:45) Are people going to football games in 10 years? (36:52) The ideal way to play defense (42:14) The best run/pass ratio (45:31) The cutoff line at QB (50:28) Secondary rankings (56:28)
June 29, 2022
1 Good Thing about the NFC East & NFC West teams, NBA Draft props and USFL bets
NBA Draft odds shakeup (3:30) Things we like about the NFC East and West teams (20:13) Cowboys (21:11) Commanders (27:08) Giants (32:02) Eagles (35:34) Rams (38:25) 49ers (40:54) Cardinals (43:29) Seahawks (48:13) Recommendations (52:00)
June 26, 2022
Things we like about the NFC North and NFC South teams
Eric’s apology (0:51) Trevor Lawrence’s crypto profile (5:41) Gronk’s retirement (9:12) Bet to make on the Commanders (15:42) Things we like about the NFC North and South teams (22:30) Lions (22:37) Vikings (26:14) Packers (32:00) Bears (34:04) Falcons (37:55) Panthers (39:51) Saints (41:42) Buccaneers (44:10)
June 22, 2022
Things we like about the AFC West and AFC East teams
Eric’s Father’s Day frustration (1:05) Things we like about the AFC West and East teams (8:10) Chiefs (9:02) Chargers (15:39) Broncos (20:08) Raiders (23:38) Bills (28:34) Dolphins (36:37) Patriots (42:53) Jets (47:49)
June 19, 2022
Things we like about the AFC North and South teams
Things we like about the AFC North and South teams (0:57) Bengals (4:57) Ravens (9:00) Browns (12:37) Steelers (16:26) Colts (18:42) Titans (22:05) Jaguars (24:10) Texans (27:29) George and Eric’s workout stories (30:45)
June 16, 2022
MVP and comeback player of the year props, and two more NFL futures bets
College Commencements (1:04), Formula 1 Recap (4:22), Eric’s USFL Bets (8:42), Restoring the Roar & Futures Bets (10:52), Jaguars & Giants 2022 Chances (15:30), Raiders Under Wins (24:02), MVP (31:15), Comeback Player of the Year (43:00), Recommendations (48:17)
June 13, 2022
Predicting 2022 NFL Rushing, Passing, Receiving Leaders
Team futures bets to make (4:36) Player props to bet (37:03) Recommendations (55:02)
June 09, 2022
Defensive Tiers/Tears
Properly valuing “over expectation” analytics (0:52) What goes into defensive tiers? (9:40) Betting on the USFL (13:49) Defensive Tiers in the NFL (15:24) Adding to the Lions Den (46:53) Eric’s hot take of the week (50:57)
June 05, 2022
Skill Position Tiers/Tears
Reactions to Arthur Smith discussion (1:40) Coaching Tier questions (10:24) Skill position tiers (20:06) Supporting cast that makes the biggest jump (40:21) Futures bet Eric likes (42:32)
June 02, 2022
2022 NFL Head Coaching Tiers/Tears
Betting on WNBA, F1, USFL, NBA (1:00) Arthur Smith’s thoughts on team building (12:10) NFL Coaching Tiers (17:43) Hardest decisions on Coaching Tiers (39:18) Recommendations (45:19)
May 29, 2022
Jimmy G's Destination, Player Props We Like, Futures Bets We Like
Betting on NBA + Driving to other states to bet (2:00) What happens with Jimmy Garoppolo? (17:05) Team futures bets we like (31:43) Player props for rookie receivers (41:25) A hilarious NFT story (49:15) Recommendations (53:10)
May 25, 2022
2022 NFL Quarterback Tiers/Tears
0:00 - Betting on Formula 1, Golf, WNBA 13:00 - Quarterback Tiers 52:40 - Ballsack Tweets 55:30 - Recommendations
May 22, 2022
Strength of Schedule, Win Totals and Futures Bets we Now Like for the 2022 Season
PFF's Eric Eager and George Chahrouri discuss Strength of Schedule, Win Totals and Futures Bets we Now Like for the 2022 Season Betting on Golf, USFL, WNBA (1:33) Steelers overperforming of late (3:36) Lions headline teams with schedule advantages (16:32) Packers, Chiefs among teams with schedule disadvantages (26:52) Win Total bets that stick out (37:34) George’s pillow reviews (44:43)
May 18, 2022
Best NFL Week 1 Bets, Favorite Primetime Games, NFL Schedule Talk
PFF's Eric Eager and George Chahrouri discuss the best NFL Week 1 Bets, Favorite Primetime Games, and do a little NFL Schedule Talk Betting on the NBA and the USFL (1:28) Week 1 Betting Lines (9:38) Raiders vs. Chargers (13:29) Bills vs. Rams (22:00) 49ers vs. Bears (29:40) Chiefs vs. Cardinals (35:17) Packers vs. Vikings (39:10) Drew Brees’ cryptic tweet (44:38) Buccaneers vs. Cowboys (55:09) Favorite Week 1 Bets (1:07:30)
May 16, 2022
An NFL, College Football, and USFL Betting Preview with Ben Brown
Eric Eager and Ben Brown give an NFL, College Football, and USFL Betting Preview! College Football preview + favorite bets (4:40) How the offseason affected the NFL betting markets (30:40) USFL overview + bets to make (50:07)
May 11, 2022
NFL international game lines and bets, plus the Derby, F1, NBA and WNBA betting weekend
PFF's Eric Eager and George Chahrouri discuss the NFL international game lines and bets, plus the Derby, F1, NBA and WNBA betting weekend. George and Eric’s bets on F1, Derby, WNBA, USFL (1:23) Kentucky Derby betting madness (4:05) Betting on the International slate of NFL games (7:38) Recommendations (52:15)
May 08, 2022
2019 Fifth-Year Options, Was the Jets draft actually good? + Mean Tweets
PFF's Eric Eager and George Chahrouri discuss which players had their fifth-year options picked up by their respective teams and whether or not the Jets 2022 Draft class is actually good. Later on, George reads some of the mean tweets he got as a result of his Jets take.   (3:41) Evaluating the Jets’ draft, (17:55) 2019 NFL Draft review - what did we learn about the league?, (40:10) Betting on other sports, (44:36) Reactions to George’s Jets take, (54:05) Ballsack or just whack
May 04, 2022
NFL Draft Grades, Best/Worst picks, ROY bets, and more
George’s celebrity encounter (1:15) Recapping the draft prop bets (3:45) Betting on the USFL and other sports (13:33) Why the QBs slid in the draft (15:35) Did the Jets have a good draft? (24:10) What teams should have taken a QB? (30:04) Favorite and least favorite draft picks/classes (33:24) Futures bets we like (57:14) Early OROY and DROY bets (1:04:35)
May 01, 2022
Previewing 2022 Draft props: Top five pick possibilities, where the QBs could end up, and Eric’s favorite draft riser
Quay Walker’s draft prop rising (1:20) Travon Walker the rumored #1 pick (14:58) Favorite player props (19:24) Reports on Top 10 picks (33:19) Where will the QBs get picked? (48:30) Possible draft prop bad beats (51:40)
April 28, 2022
Live Mock Draft!
Rules of the Mock Draft (1:00) #1 - Jaguars (2:34) #2 - Lions (3:50) #3 - Texans (5:49) #4 - Jets (6:50) #5 - Giants (8:19) #6 - Panthers (9:55) #7 - Giants (11:42) #8 - Falcons (13:09) #9 - Seahawks (14:45) #10 - Jets (16:08) #11 - Commanders (17:52) #12 - Vikings (19:00) #13 - Texans (20:15) #14 - Ravens (21:17) #15 - Eagles (22:58) #16 - Saints (23:57) #17 - Chargers (24:50) #18 - Eagles (25:35) #19 - Saints (27:18) #20 - Steelers (28:08) #21 - Patriots (31:06) #22 - Packers (32:48) #23 - Cardinals (34:15) #24 - Cowboys (34:52) #25 - Bills (35:58) #26 - Titans (36:33) #27 - Buccaneers (38:32) #28 - Packers (39:22) #29 - Chiefs (41:08) #30 - Chiefs (42:08) #31 - Bengals (44:43) #32 - Lions (46:00) Takeaways from the Mock Draft (47:15) Fill out our survey! (53:04)
April 24, 2022
Deebo Samuel trade request: his value, potential trades, and why he wants out. Plus, our favorite draft prop bets
Deebo Samuel situation (3:35) Deebo’s value (5:19) What would you pay Deebo Samuel? (18:45) George’s conspiracy theory (27:22) Potential Deebo Samuel trades (30:49) Favorite Draft Props (39:00) Take our survey! (54:53) Link to the survey:
April 21, 2022
Win total over/unders for the NFC East, Cowboys overvalued, Giants undervalued? Plus Derek Carr contract extension takes
Easter recap (1:16) USFL betting (5:06) NFC East win totals (10:35) Reaction to Derek Carr’s extension (47:16) Ballsack or just whack (56:50)
April 17, 2022
Win total over/unders for the AFC West. The Derek Carr extension, Broncos vs. Chargers, and the expectations for KC
George is getting old (1:00) Eric’s trip to Hungary (2:05) Derek Carr’s extension (4:35) AFC West win totals (22:06) Prepping for Easter (54:40)
April 13, 2022
Win Total over/unders for the NFC South, the Saints-Eagles trade, and USFL betting lines are out!
Masters bets update (1:13) Betting on the USFL (10:04) Draft picks trade between Saints and Eagles (24:33) NFC South win totals (35:55) Ballsack or just whack (1:04:36)
April 10, 2022
Win total over/unders for the AFC North, including a Ravens rebound season and a Steelers over? Plus, Masters bets and more
College National Title game (1:15) Eric’s big trip (9:55) AFC North Win Totals (13:42) Ballsack or just whack (54:33) More Masters bets + MLS bets (58:20) Most cancelable food take (1:05:48)
April 06, 2022
Win Total over/unders for the NFC West, Matthew Stafford's value, Trey Lance's time, and tanking Seahawks? Plus, a preview of The Masters
NBA talk (1:07) Betting on the USFL (6:08) NFC West Win Totals (20:49) Recommendations - a preview of The Masters (1:01:28)
April 03, 2022
Top 10 Mock Draft based on the betting markets. Plus, where does Malik Willis go, teams with multiple picks, and more
Haircut gripes (1:20) Mock Draft based on odds (7:57) Aidan Hutchinson to the Jags? (11:49) Where should Malik Willis get drafted? (14:53) What should the Texans do? (23:09) The Jets pick at #4 overall (27:08) Giants pick at #5 (29:36) Will the Panthers take a QB? (34:41) Second pick for the Giants (38:13) What are the Falcons doing? (41:17) Seattle at pick #9 (49:07) Second pick for the Jets (52:04) Ballsack or just whack (55:40) Donald Trump’s Hole-in-one statement is a privilege (58:11)
March 31, 2022
Win Total over/unders for the AFC East, AFC South, and NFC North! Plus, wedding tips, NCAA tourney update, and more
Eric’s gambling story (0:59) NCAA Tournament update (6:25) Wedding tips (9:58) AFC South win totals (12:10) NFC North win totals (24:34) AFC East win totals (46:27) Recommendations (1:09:40)
March 27, 2022
Breaking the Tyreek Hill trade for the Chiefs and the Dolphins. Plus, what does Matt Ryan do for the Colts?
Breaking down the Tyreek Hill trade for the Chiefs (0:45) Expectations for the Dolphins (20:31) Matt Ryan to the Colts (32:32)
March 23, 2022
Who should be division and Super Bowl favorites based on these offseason moves? Plus thoughts on Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield, the NCAA Tournament, and more
Eric’s advice for betting on the NCAA tournament (1:05) Behind the scenes on betting (7:20) Deshaun Watson trade ethics (17:16) Updated AFC North division odds (24:43) How to bet the stacked AFC West (29:45) Super Bowl futures (34:19) Impending Baker Mayfield trade (41:11) Ballsack or just whack (47:10) Recommendations (52:56)
March 20, 2022
Best and worst free agent signings. Plus, our favorite division futures and live-reacting to Von Miller to Buffalo
JC Jackson to the Chargers (1:44) AFC West division futures (10:30) Least favorite Free Agent signings (18:40) The Jaguars free agency has been puzzling (20:35) Kirk Cousins re-upping with the Vikings (25:04) Favorite division futures (40:35) A notable Ballsack Sports enthusiast (1:01:35)
March 16, 2022
Analyzing the Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper trades. Plus, predicting where star QBs will end up, the Calvin Ridley suspension, and we name our listeners
Naming our listeners (1:21) Calvin Ridley betting on games (7:27) Khalil Mack to the Chargers (18:48) Amari Cooper trade (30:31) Which QBs would you pay top dollar for? (36:57) QB musical chairs (46:57) Ballsack or just whack (52:57) Recommendations (57:42)
March 13, 2022
Ben Baldwin on the Russell Wilson trade, what Seattle should do now, and where Denver fits in the AFC West
Ben Baldwin intro (1:00) Seahawks post-Russell Wilson (2:53) What should the Seahawks do at QB? (15:46) Choosing Pete Carroll and John Schneider over Russell Wilson (30:10) Denver’s season outlook (41:36) NFC and AFC West previews (54:15)
March 09, 2022
How Jordan Davis and Kyle Hamilton explain positional value. Plus draft future bets, reviews of the Combine and Sloan Analytics Conference, and more
Reviews of the Combine and Sloan Analytics Conference (0:57) Positional value: where to draft a DT like Jordan Davis (10:48) How high would you take a Safety in Kyle Hamilton? (27:39) Evan Neal and Ickey Ekwonu now have the same odds for #1 overall (40:36) Ballsack or Just Whack (46:22) Recommendations (54:44)
March 06, 2022
Nora Princiotti on NFL Combine Props, the QB Carousel, Empathy in the NFL, The Bachelor
Intro with Nora Princiotti (0:23) Bachelor Talk (5:12) Buzz around the Combine (9:18) What time do you eat dinner? (12:07) Favorite Combine props (19:15) The Cardinals extend Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim (31:40) Expectations for QBs drafted toward the end of the 1st round (33:30) Who will be the QB for different teams? (34:45) Expected value moves in the NFL (46:23)
March 02, 2022
Previewing the free agents on the defensive line, plus an NFL Combine preview, Sean McVay staying with the Rams, and more
Our thoughts are with Ukraine (0:52) Sean McVay staying with the Rams (8:35) Potential takeaways from the Combine (14:00) Free Agency preview: Defensive line/Edge (21:34) Ballsack or Just Whack (42:53) Recommendations (46:24)
February 27, 2022
Picking our favorite division winner futures and first QB selected props, plus Aaron Rodgers' cleanse and more
Intro - renewing a passport (1:00) The PFF basketball team is back (7:32) Aaron Rodgers cleanse analysis (13:12) Do we think Rodgers is returning to the Packers? (18:30) A division futures preview (22:06) First QB drafted prop bet is out (41:55) Recommendations (58:00)
February 24, 2022
A Super Bowl futures breakdown, plus the return of Quibi shows, basketball stories, a new segment, and recommendations
Basketball stories (1:00) Super Bowl futures analysis (8:10) Why the Ravens stand out as a Super Bowl future (35:42) New segment alert! (47:40) The segment is back: Quibi or not? (53:56) Recommendations (56:00)
February 20, 2022
Is the Rams team-building strategy repeatable? Plus a listener mailbag and Recommendations
Bringing back old segments and creating new ones (0:55) Tales from the Cincy Y - Getting back to basketball (4:22) Using our data backgrounds for different things (9:50) What are our betting histories? (12:15) Favorite and least favorite gambling result (21:09) Is the Rams’ approach repeatable? (33:38) What will the Eagles do this offseason? (37:59) What team can try and copy the Rams? (41:41) Betting previews on other sports? (44:25) Recommendations (46:47)
February 17, 2022
Rams are Super Bowl Champs, Bengals blown lead, and more
Who should be the Super Bowl MVP? (0:58) Take the L: The Rams win it all (6:12) Did the Rams win it or the Bengals lose it? (8:56) Sean McVay is a top ___ coach (18:35) Where do the Bengals go from here? (25:08) Power Ranking the AFC teams heading in to 2022 (28:30) What will the NFC look like next season? (33:40) Biggest questions going into next season (38:08) Who would have been MVP for the Bengals? (40:46) Power Ranking the NFC next season (42:25) Who can make a Bengals-like leap next season? (52:29) What should teams without established QBs do next season? (57:20) Super Bowl records set tonight (1:02:10) What do the Vikings do next season? (1:06:51) Top 5 QBs going into next season (1:12:30)
February 14, 2022
Our favorite Super Bowl prop bets! Plus an interview with Gambling HOFer Johnny Avello
How many bets has Eric placed on the Super Bowl?? (1:10) Favorite Super Bowl prop bets (2:27) Game bets we like (18:40) Interview with Sports Gambling HOFer Johnny Avello! (21:15) How do gambling lines get made? (23:00) Johnny Avello’s Arizona State point shaving story (34:00) What are the sharpest bettors placing wagers on? (35:55) How is this Super Bowl being bet? (37:15)
February 11, 2022
Drew Dinsick previews the Super Bowl! Plus favorite coaching hires, Texans and Vikings questions, and the National Anthem Prop Bet
Drew Dinsick joins the show! (0:49) What are the Texans doing? (2:25) Favorite hirings (11:30) Handicapping the AFC West next season (20:48) What to think of the Vikings next season (23:12) What will the Super Bowl champion teach us about team building? (34:28) Super Bowl betting preview (40:54) What to make of player props (55:38) National Anthem prop investigation (1:04:03)
February 09, 2022
Super Bowl MVP and prop bets, plus Joe Burrow vs. Patrick Mahomes and thoughts on new Vikings HC Kevin O'Connell
The Joe Burrow-Patrick Mahomes debate (7:50) Kevin O’Connell to the Vikings (26:14) Super Bowl prop bets (42:35) Favorite Super Bowl MVP bets (46:50)
February 06, 2022
Super Bowl prop bets, plus Tom Brady retires, Brian Flores lawsuit, and if Jim Harbaugh will ever go back to the NFL
Tom Brady retires (2:43) Would Jim Harbaugh come back to the NFL? (14:20) Brian Flores situation: what does it mean? (24:00) Is there a right way to tank? (37:37) Favorite Super Bowl prop bets (51:07)
February 03, 2022
Conference Championship choke jobs, Taking the L, Rams vs Bengals Super Bowl preview & best bets
AFC title game reactions - What happened to the Chiefs? (1:05) NFC title game reactions - What happened to George’s voice? (24:21) Super Bowl preview + early bets (49:06) Raiders hire Josh McDaniels (59:41)
February 01, 2022
Conference Title Game betting preview + Lock of the Week, plus the NFL equivalent of NBA analytical changes
Excitement for Conference Championship Weekend (1:07) Comparing market inefficiencies in the NFL to the NBA (5:25) Comparing elite vs. non-elite QBs at efficient metrics (10:08) How to best support players to maximize efficiency (17:05) What are the mid-range jumper and corner three equivalent in the NFL? (19:53) Bengals vs. Chiefs betting preview (29:20) 49ers vs. Rams betting preview (48:20) Lock of the Week selection (1:06:52)
January 27, 2022
NFL Divisional MADNESS recap, Championship Guess the Lines
Bills vs. Chiefs insanity (0:48) Take the L: Rams upset Buccaneers (7:39) Aaron Rodgers and the Packers lose to SF (9:18) What does Aaron Rodgers do next year? (13:43) Ramsplaining the win over Tampa Bay (18:00) What we learned about Mahomes and Allen (23:15) Guessing the AFC Championship Game Line (31:51) NFC Championship Game line guessing (49:20) Favorite bets in each game (1:04:52)
January 24, 2022
Divisional Round Betting Preview + Lock of the Week, plus what to look for in a GM candidate
Target Take of the Week: What do we know about GM candidates? (0:57) What would you want to know about a coaching/GM candidate? (13:33) Divisional Round betting preview (19:38) Bengals vs. Titans (19:46) 49ers vs. Packers (26:35) Rams vs. Buccaneers (37:14) Bills vs. Chiefs (44:40) Lock of the Week selection (52:20)
January 20, 2022
Cowboys collapse, Wild Card recap, Pats L, Divisional guess the lines and best bets
What happened to the Cowboys? (1:09) Taking the L: Most disappointing playoff performance (18:15) Which team had the best performance? (22:21) Big takeaways from the rest of Super Wild Card Weekend (26:02) The Bengals win their first playoff game in 30+ years (28:08) Guess the Divisional round lines (32:33) Favorite bets for Divisional Round (1:26:00)
January 17, 2022
Super Wildcard Weekend Lock of the Week, plus ranking the coaching availabilities
Raiders vs. Bengals preview (1:09) Tune in to Eric’s Saturday Night watchalong! (5:04) Target Take of the Week: Ranking Coaching availabilities (9:09) Super Wildcard Weekend Betting Preview (31:19) Raiders vs. Bengals betting preview (31:35) Patriots vs. Bills (35:40) Eagles vs. Buccaneers (40:48) 49ers vs. Cowboys (45:38) Steelers vs. Chiefs (53:35) Cardinals vs. Rams (59:19) Lock of the Week selection (1:02:40)
January 13, 2022
Week 18 craziness, Colts disaster, 49ers miracle. WILD CARD Guess the Lines
Chargers-Raiders madness (1:08) Joe Burrow vs. Justin Herbert going forward (16:43) The Colts implode against the Jaguars (21:45) The 49ers comeback against the Rams (32:37) Guess the Wild Card lines (42:18) College Football Championship preview (1:28:04)
January 10, 2022
Week 18 Lock of the Week, plus Playoff QB confidence rankings, Target Take of the Week, and Eric's Christmas present
Target Take of the Week (5:15) QB confidence rankings (14:18) Lock of the Week discussion (25:25) Cowboys vs. Eagles (26:03) Seahawks vs. Cardinals (27:15) Chargers vs. Raiders (29:00) 49ers vs. Rams (30:55) Colts vs. Jaguars (32:12) Bears vs. Vikings (35:06) Titans vs. Texans (38:50) Lock of the Week selection (44:03) Recommendations (45:45)
January 05, 2022
Burrow vs Mahomes, Chase goes off, Ramsplaining, Take the L, Wk 17 guess the lines
Vikings vs. Packers reactions (1:08) What did we learn from Chiefs-Bengals? (3:01) Should you believe in the Rams? (22:24) Take the L - our biggest losses this weekend (30:30) Guess the Week 18 Lines (35:36)
January 03, 2022
Week 17 Betting Preview and Lock of the Week, plus CFP Preview, Target Take of the Week, and Recommendations
College Football Playoff betting preview (4:20) Target Take of the Week (14:35) Week 17 Lock of the Week discussion (23:20) Falcons vs. Bills (23:53) Chiefs vs. Bengals (27:00) Cardinals vs. Cowboys (27:27) Rams vs. Ravens (30:15) Buccaneers vs. Jets (33:05) Browns vs. Steelers (35:29) Lock of the Week selection (47:00) Recommendations (48:23)
December 29, 2021
Burrow, Allen, and Dak go crazy, Take the L, Week 17 guess the lines
Which QB’s performance on Sunday was the most important? (1:37) Where do the Cowboys stack up in the NFC? (8:00) The AFC playoff picture is murky (13:25) Are Joe Burrow and the Bengals a threat? (14:37) Taking the L - worst beats of the weekend (21:34) Guess the Week 17 Lines (29:18) Week 17 bets we like and George’s recommendation (1:14:50)
December 27, 2021
Wk 16 Lock(s), Target Takes of the Week, crazy Cheesecake Factory story, Recommendations
Target Takes of the Week (3:20) Colts vs. Bills: Who’s better? (12:42) Jalen Hurts and the Eagles (17:37) Lock of the Week discussion: 49ers vs. Titans (25:39) Evaluating John Madden and other football announcers (31:21) WHO spent $5,000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory? (34:42) Browns vs. Packers (38:10) Colts vs. Cardinals (39:07) Buccaneers vs. Panthers (40:23) Bills vs. Patriots (42:15) Ravens vs. Bengals (43:16) Lions vs. Falcons (44:13) How the new Covid protocols impact betting (46:00) Rams vs. Vikings (49:26) Bears vs. Seahawks (50:50) Bad commercials (52:18) Steelers vs. Chiefs (54:26) Lock of the Week selection (56:54) Recommendations (58:40)
December 23, 2021
Brady's MVP chances die, new segment, Week 16 guess the lines and best bets
New segment: Take the L (1:37) Who should be the MVP? (3:36) Eric’s girls basketball story (5:12) What does this game mean for TB? (9:04) Bengals vs. Broncos went way under (10:02) Who has a legitimate shot to win MVP? (14:20) Coach of the Year favorites (18:23) Previewing the Monday and Tuesday games (23:39) Guess the Week 16 Lines (31:50) Favorite bets for Week 16 (1:17:09)
December 20, 2021
Week 15 Lock of the Week, plus the pros and cons of betting early
New segment: Take of the Week (2:22) Ribs vs. Wings (13:46) Week 15 Lock of the Week discussion: Chiefs vs. Chargers (18:36) Patriots vs. Colts (25:33) Raiders vs. Browns (30:08) Will you ever bet on the Jets again? (32:03) Panthers vs. Bills (32:44) WFT vs. Eagles (38:00) Texans vs. Jaguars (40:27) Falcons vs. 49ers (41:24) Bengals vs. Broncos (42:52) Will the Jaguars keep Urban Meyer? (44:15) Lock of the Week selection (47:39)
December 15, 2021
Brady MVP? Packers 2nd in NFC? Over/underreactions, Wk 15 guess the lines
Ranking the best NFC teams (6:34) Proper Reactions to Week 14’s games (13:24) Guess the Week 15 Lines (21:20) Early bets to make (1:07:52)
December 13, 2021
Week 14 Betting preview + Lock of the Week, plus how to evaluate the Patriots
Patriots-Bills MNF review (2:39) Week 14 Lock of the Week discussion - Steelers vs. Vikings (11:26) Ravens vs. Browns (16:46) Bills vs. Buccaneers (19:13) Raiders vs. Chiefs (23:04) Potential teaser legs (32:23) Prop bets (35:49) Lock of the Week selection (40:36) Shoutout Matthew Judon! (43:27) Have the Patriots’ free agent signings worked out so far? (49:50)
December 09, 2021
Ravens 2pt decision, Arizona best in the NFL? Week 14 Guess the Lines
Broncos vs. Chiefs reactions (0:58) Should the Ravens have gone for two against the Steelers (5:09) The Vikings lose to the Lions (10:35) Best teams in the NFL (20:33) Guess the Week 14 Lines (28:29) Early bets to make for Week 14 (52:20) Recommendations are back! (53:36)
December 06, 2021
Week 13 best bets and Lock of the Week, plus a discussion of why running the ball is so tantalizing to coaches
How effective is running the ball? (0:53) Lock of the Week discussion (19:43) Colts vs. Texans (20:21) Buccaneers vs. Falcons (22:36) Ravens vs. Steelers (24:56) Broncos vs. Chiefs (27:46) Cowboys vs. Saints (36:05) Eagles vs. Jets (37:55) 49ers vs. Seahawks (39:57) Lock of the Week selection (42:28)
December 02, 2021
Pats and Packers impress, what happened to LA, Week 13 Guess the Lines
More impressive win: Packers or Patriots? (1:16) How concerned should the Rams be? (4:58)  Vikings vs. 49ers reaction (12:24) Who is the favorite in the NFC West? (13:50) Top five teams going into Week 13 (17:08) Guess the Week 13 lines (26:20)
November 29, 2021
Thanksgiving Day bets we like + Sunday slate preview and Lock of the Week
Week 12 Lock of the Week discussion (2:21) Bears vs. Lions (2:46) Raiders vs. Cowboys (6:00) Bills vs. Saints (9:58) Props in the Thanksgiving games (12:20) Titans vs. Patriots (18:41) Falcons vs. Jaguars (21:11) Jets vs. Texans (25:00) Vikings vs. 49ers (28:10) Panthers vs. Dolphins (30:05) Browns vs. Ravens (31:14) Rams vs. Packers (33:52) Seahawks vs. WFT (37:25) Lock of the Week selection (40:21)
November 24, 2021
Who is the AFC favorite? Week 12 guess the lines and early bets
Steelers vs. Chargers reactions (0:45) After another weird Sunday, who is the best team in the AFC? (2:39) Guess the Week 12 Lines (10:00)
November 22, 2021
Which young QB has the most trade value? Plus Week 11 Betting Preview + Lock of the Week
Previewing Cowboys vs. Chiefs (3:20) QB Trade Value: who's the most valuable? (8:12) Lock of the Week discussion: Bengals vs. Raiders (25:21) Packers vs. Vikings (27:20) Patriots vs. Falcons (31:30) Colts vs. Bills (35:24)  WFT vs. Panthers (39:03) Dolphins vs. Jets (40:45) Lock of the Week selection (42:03)
November 18, 2021
Are the Chiefs back? Teams that can win it all, Week 11 Guess the Lines and early bets
Are the Chiefs back? (0:55) How dangerous are the Patriots? (11:41) How Mac Jones stacks up against other young QBs (14:52) What’s Baker Mayfield’s future in Cleveland? (22:33) What teams can make a Super Bowl run? (27:06) Guess the Week 11 Lines (32:42)
November 15, 2021
OBJ's impact, Titans expectations, and the Week 10 Lock of the Week
Another weird week is incoming (1:24) Bold rest-of-season predictions (4:48) How much value will OBJ bring to whatever team he joins? (13:30) Week 10 Lock of the Week discussion (18:51) Browns vs. Patriots (19:20) Ravens vs. Dolphins (20:15) Saints vs. Titans (24:25) Buccaneers vs. WFT (27:30) Falcons vs. Cowboys (29:20) Vikings vs. Chargers (35:12) Bills vs. Jets (36:33) Lock of the Week selection (38:51)
November 11, 2021
The Titans SB contenders? Underdog recap and Week 10 Guess the Lines
Week 9 Lock of the Week hit! (1:05) What’s the biggest loss from Week 9? (2:07) The Cardinals impress without Kyler (7:25) Are the Titans Super Bowl contenders? (11:09) Who’s the second best team in the AFC? (15:44) How the NFC stacks up after Week 9 (18:30) How likely is KC to miss the playoffs? (20:52) Guess the Week 10 lines (28:39)
November 08, 2021
What will the Packers look like now? Plus Week 9 betting preview + Lock of the Week
Aaron Rodgers Covid situation (0:40) Packers season outlook (2:48) Lock of the Week discussion (9:10) Packers vs. Chiefs (9:15) Cardinals vs. 49ers (11:10) Titans vs. Rams (13:06) Vikings vs. Ravens (17:55) Chargers vs. Eagles (20:10) Browns vs. Bengals (23:17) Bears vs. Steelers (27:25) Raiders vs. Giants (29:00) Lock of the Week selection (30:00)
November 03, 2021
Recapping backup QB weekend, Pack back on top? WT Vikings, Week 9 Guess the Lines & best bets
Cowboys vs. Vikings reactions (1:27) Where do the Packers rank among NFC teams? (13:40) Are the Titans favorites in the AFC? (19:00) Guess the Week 9 Lines (26:44)
November 01, 2021
Week 8 betting preview + Lock of the Week
Lock of the Week discussion (4:11) Packers vs. Cardinals (5:11) Panthers vs. Falcons (11:54) Which Tight End would you take over Kyle Pitts? (13:20) 49ers vs. Bears (17:58) Patriots vs. Chargers (23:32) Jaguars vs. Seahawks (26:39) Cowboys vs. Vikings (28:07) Lock of the Week selection (34:08)
October 28, 2021
What to do with KC? Bengals for real? Week 8 Guess the Lines | PFF
What’s wrong with the Chiefs? (1:07) Which teams are better than the Chiefs? (11:17) Who would be the first pick in a league-wide redraft? (13:29) NFC Playoff picture (19:04) How real are the Bengals? (23:04) Guess the Week 8 Lines (31:55)
October 25, 2021
Week 7 betting preview + Lock of the Week
Lock of the Week discussion (3:02) Broncos vs. Browns (3:16) Jets vs. Patriots (10:31) Lions vs. Rams (15:18) Eagles vs. Raiders (20:08) Falcons vs. Dolphins (25:26) WFT vs. Packers (26:40) Colts vs. 49ers (28:42) Seahawks vs. Saints (33:40) Lock of the Week selection (36:05)
October 20, 2021
Cardinals best in the NFC? Top-5 teams, overreaction, Week 7 guess the lines and best bets
PFF 's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager are live following Sunday Night Football to discuss Week 6 and look ahead to the Week 7 lines: Seahawks vs. Steelers reactions (1:00) Biggest statement win: Cardinals or Ravens? (2:39) Young QB thoughts after big games (5:53) Top 5 teams (11:24) How to rate the Chiefs (14:15) MVP favorites and rounding out the Top 5 teams (17:18) What’ll be the biggest overreaction from Week 6? (22:10) Guess the Week 7 lines (27:44)
October 18, 2021
Week 6 betting preview and lock of the week, plus ranking the best young QBs in the NFL
Who would trade a 1st round pick for Justin Tucker? (1:04) Go support The Trevor Project! (3:54) Lock of the Week discussion (5:07) Buccaneers vs. Eagles (5:23) Vikings vs. Panthers (9:53) Bengals vs. Lions (13:42) Cardinals vs. Browns (19:49) Best young QBs in the NFL (25:37) Chargers vs. Ravens (35:36) Texans vs. Colts (37:13) Raiders vs. Broncos (40:27) Seahawks vs. Steelers (45:05) Lock of the Week (46:18)
October 13, 2021
Bills and Chargers dominate, TB12 back at it, Chiefs uh-oh, Week 6 Guess the Lines
Bills vs. Chiefs reactions (1:15) More impressed by Chargers or Bills? (8:18) Power ranking the AFC (13:20) Who’s the biggest NFC challenger to Tampa Bay? (17:34) Which coach would you start a franchise with? (22:03) Guess the Week 6 lines (30:40)
October 11, 2021
NFL Week 5 betting preview and lock of the week
Lock of the Week discussion: Rams vs. Seahawks (3:48) Saints vs. WFT (13:30) Jets vs. Falcons (17:46) Lions vs. Vikings (23:21) Browns vs. Chargers (28:30) 49ers vs. Cardinals (32:22) Bears vs. Raiders (40:51) Prop bets that stick out (43:45) Lock of the Week selection (44:44)
October 07, 2021
Brady's return, Kyler takes down Rams, Cowboys dominate, NFL week 5 guess the lines
Buccaneers vs. Patriots reactions (1:09) Who had the biggest win in Week 4 (8:50) Chiefs may be in trouble (14:23) The best team in the league is... (17:12) Guess the Week 5 Lines (24:35)
October 04, 2021
NFL Week 4 betting preview, lock of the week, and a Manningcast breakdown
Richard Sherman to the Buccaneers (3:10) WFT vs. Falcons (4:20) Panthers vs. Cowboys (10:00) Lions vs. Bears (15:00) Raiders vs. Chargers (20:17) Titans vs. Jets (25:07) Cardinals vs. Rams (29:13) Seahawks vs. 49ers (34:55) Browns vs. Vikings (38:00) Buccaneers vs. Patriots (41:41) Steelers vs. Packers (45:20) Breaking down the Manningcast (46:19) Chiefs vs. Eagles and the Lock of the Week (48:00)
September 29, 2021
Rams Dethrone Bucs, Chiefs in Last, Top-5, Week 4 Guess the Lines
PFF's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager discuss the Week 3 NFL highlights (01:02) and poer rank the top 5 teams in the NFL right now (31:12). Also on this episode, George and Eric preview Week 4 NFL matchups and guess the Vegas lines (37:46), as well as their favorite Week 4 bets to make right now (01:17:57). 
September 27, 2021
NFL Week 3 betting preview, lock of the week, and recommendations
George’s WILD bet (1:18) Week 3 Lock of the Week discussion (4:23) Panthers vs. Texans (5:05) WFT vs. Bills (8:26) Chargers vs. Chiefs (15:39) Packers vs. 49ers (20:02) Dolphins vs. Raiders (28:46) Bengals vs. Steelers (31:41) Jets vs. Broncos (34:09) Buccaneers vs. Rams (36:43) Eagles vs. Cowboys (48:37) Recommendations (52:40)
September 22, 2021
Ravens dethrone Chiefs, NFL Power Ranks, MVP race, NFL Week 3 guess the lines
Chiefs vs. Ravens reactions (1:10) Top 5 teams so far (12:31) Who's the best 0-2 team? (17:31) George's MVP favorites so far (22:41) Week 3 Guess the Lines (38:12) Recommendations (1:15:50)
September 20, 2021
Recapping a crazy wk 1, Kyler/Hurts/Teddy impress, wtf GB, wk 2 guess the lines
PFF 's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager discuss some notable games and performances from opening weekend and look forward to Week 2 of NFL action.
September 13, 2021
Cowboys vs Bucs reax, Week 1 preview, best bets, and lock of the week
Cowboys vs. Buccaneers reactions (1:11) Previewing Week 1’s best bets + debating lock of the week (14:29)
September 10, 2021
Mina Kimes on if Rams vs. Seahawks comes down to Wilson vs. Stafford, when Trey Lance should start, picking key division winners, bold predictions
What to expect from the Seahawks this season (10:00) Should the Rams be the favorites in the NFC West? (18:45) When should the Niners start Trey Lance? (31:25) Why Kliff Kingsbury is the key to the Cardinals (44:20) Speed round: tough division winners, Super Bowl pick (53:02) Recommendations (1:06:20)
September 09, 2021
AFC W preview w/ Soren Petro, Chiefs area of weakness, biggest threat, Broncos, Chargers, Raiders, and recommendations
Which AFC West team should scare the Chiefs most? (2:30) Will the Raiders defense and O-Line hold them back? (7:00) What to expect from the Chargers this season? (10:00) How much will QB play limit the Broncos? (12:00) What can go wrong for the Chiefs? (18:04) How to bet the AFC West (43:30) Recommendations (59:05)
September 05, 2021
Ben Baldwin on Mac Jones QB1, NFC West odds, Matthew Stafford, 49ers best option, Seahawks best?, Kliff or Kyler
Reactions to Mac Jones starting in New England (6:09) Who should be the favorite in the NFC West? (13:31) Will Matt Stafford elevate the Rams? (19:45) Can the Seahawks get over the hump? (28:56) When will Trey Lance start in San Francisco? (38:54) Ordering the 49ers, Rams, and Seahawks (57:12) What to expect from the Cardinals (58:10) Recommendations (1:07:19)
September 02, 2021
NFL Week 1 predictions + bets, injury fallout, Rookie QBs and Chase/Sewell debuts
Preseason Week 3 news roundup (2:00) Futures to bet now (13:36) Week 1 predictions and bets (20:27) What to think about rookies in their situations (50:25)
August 30, 2021
Sony Michel traded to LA, Cam Newton vs. Mac Jones, Teddy Bridgewater starting in Denver, and Week 0 College Football Bets
PFF's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager discuss the latest news from around the NFL including the Sony Michel trade (04:35), Mac Jones vs. Cam Newton (22:05), and Teddy B under center for the Broncos (32:49). Also on this episode, Eric and George discuss their favorite bets for opening weekend of College Football (41:33).
August 25, 2021
Jimmy G starting at QB in San Francisco, Zach Wilson looks good, OROY odds, DPOY odds and more
PFF's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager discuss what the 49ers with like with Jimmy G and Trey Lance at the helm (01:58) and Zach Wilson's impressive preseason (20:44) thus far. 
August 23, 2021
NFL Wk 1 spread + total model predictions, will it be an "overs" year, CFB bets in 10 days, and Preseason Wk 2 betting strategy
Week 1 NFL bets we like (2:56) Favorite college football bets (28:43) Best Preseason Week 2 bets (32:38)
August 19, 2021
Proper reax to Fields/Lance/Wilson/Trevor/Mac, how to bet preseason, ROY best bets, live hot sauce review
Rookie QBs in Preseason (10:05) OROY/DROY odds, and Week 1 line updates (32:12) Does it make sense to invest in a backup QB? (40:13) Recommendations (49:49)
August 16, 2021
Week 1 Lines to bet now, Saints fate w/ Michael Thomas, Broncos woes, and the Cowboys Dak situation
What is going on in New Orleans? (4:47) Were the Broncos justified in taking Surtain over Justin Fields? (10:35) Other thoughts from around the league and Hard Knocks (16:26) Early thoughts on Week 1 lines (22:30) How does home field advantage change with fans back this year? (46:38) Recommendations (50:37)
August 12, 2021
Colts' Carson Wentz dilemma, Josh Allen's contract, and the ceiling, floor, and most important non-QB on every NFC team
Colts discussion (1:33) Josh Allen's extension (19:45) NFC South ceilings, floors, and most important non-QB (35:10) NFC North ceilings, floors, and most important non-QB (42:05) NFC East ceilings, floors, and most important non-QB (49:41) NFC West ceilings, floors, and most important non-QB (1:00;49) Recommendations (1:11:22)
August 08, 2021
Josh Hermsmeyer on Nick Chubb’s contract, Lamar Jackson, and parity in the NFL
What's been happening in the NFL this past week (0:00) Josh Hermsmeyer Intro (6:33) Nick Chubb's contract extension (8:43) Lamar Jackson extension (42:47) Does the salary cap increase parity (48:28) Recommendations and "Would You Rather"
August 05, 2021
AFC, ceilings, floors, and the most important non-QB for every team
AFC East ceilings and floors (4:03) AFC North ceilings and floors (15:16) AFC South ceilings and floors (28:43) AFC West ceilings and floors (39:25)
August 01, 2021
Brad Spielberger on the Aaron Rodgers "concessions", where Rodgers plays in '22, Randall Cobb trade disaster, Xavien Howard’s future, Zach Wilson’s contract hold up, and more
Brad Spielberger Intro (7:20) Xavien Howard is the biggest domino left (8:31) Aaron Rodgers-Packers drama (16:39) Where does Aaron Rodgers play in 2022? (35:49) Randall Cobb lose-lose trade and the Houston Texans outlook (37:23) Rapid fire: Zach Wilson and potential contract extensions (49:17) Recommendations (54:51)
July 29, 2021
Breaking down Rodgers/Adams/Packers saga and betting angles, Chandler Jones landing spots, and surplus value for QBs
0:45 - Aaron Rodgers/Davante Adams "Last Dance" post 18:00 - What will be the result of Chandler Jones trade request? 32:40 - Surplus value discussion 49:50 - Recommendations
July 25, 2021
All-Defensive Player Draft with PFF’s Diante Lee
(8:15) - Diante Intro (9:55) - Intro to defensive player draft (12:00) - Defensive player draft (1:01:35) - Reviewing teams (1:03:10) - Which LBs would you have taken? (1:05:20) - Recommendations (1:07:55) - Close
July 22, 2021
Best Super Bowl bets, importance of coverage vs. pass-rush, best bets for #1 pick in 2022, and recommendations
(1:00) George and Eric’s NBA Finals bets (3:30) Eric’s best Super Bowl bet (7:30) George’s best Super Bowl bet (8:55) George’s 2nd best Super Bowl bet (10:20) Can Aaron Rodgers repeat his MVP form? (15:50) George’s 3rd best Super Bowl bet (17:15) Cowboys vs. Seahawks Super Bowl bets (22:20) Coverage vs. pass-rush (37:35) Best bets for #1 overall pick in 2022 (43:35) Recommendations
July 19, 2021
Betting on Aaron Rodgers, How Jordan Love changes Packers/Bears futures, MORE 2021 season player props to bet now, and recommendations
Will Aaron Rodgers play for the Packers? (2:20) What do the Packers look like with Jordan Love? (9:00) NFC North odds with/without Rodgers (11:00) Can Jordan Love’s weaknesses be overcome with scheme? (14:40) Packers win totals with Jordan Love (16:15) Who has better supporting cast- Love or Fields? (21:15) Player props: Predicting interception numbers (26:00) Bets to make using Eric’s interception article (32:27) TDs are hard to predict based off big-time throws (34:40) George’s prop: Dak Prescott most passing TDs +1200 (37:30) Eric’s prop: Brian Burns over 9.5 sacks +110 (39:30) George’s prop: Ben Roethlisberger leading league in INTs at +1200 (41:00) George’s prop: Jameis Winston leading league in INTs at +3000 (42:00) George’s prop: Tua leading league in INTs +4000 (43:15) George’s prop: Zeke leading league in rushing TDs +1800 (43:25) Eric’s prop: Justin Herbert over 4,450.5 yards (44:50) Recommendations (46:05)
July 14, 2021
Part 2 of Nate Tice: finishing the QB tiers, Russell Wilson college stories, best bets, and more
Nate Tice finishes out his QB tiers (3:47) Nate Tice's best bets (23:15) Russell Wilson and Mike Tice stories (39:31) Nate Tice's Recommendation (48:59)
July 12, 2021
Part 1 of Nate Tice: QB tiers, best NFL play callers, where offenses are going including 49ers, Rams, Bills
Offensive Evolution: which coaches are best? (1:43) Nate's top offensive minds (16:40) QB Tiers (21:02) Where does Mahomes rank historically? (23:00) Who is in the second tier? (28:34) 3rd tier: how far can they take you? (34:22) Lamar Jackson's rank (42:37)
July 08, 2021
Independence Day, Week 1 bets to make now, PFF QB Rankings, the NIL Ruling, and ranking the best and worst holidays
PFF's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager discuss Eric's gambling habits and some bets to make ahead of the 2021 season (02:27), PFF's controversial QB rankings (18:56), and the recent NIL ruling and the impact it will have on both the college and pro game (37:56). George and Eric also power rank the best and worst holidays (46:17) and much more on today's episode.  
July 05, 2021
Nora Princiotti on the AFC East, which coach do you want, Cam vs Mac, Josh Allen top-5? Who Wins QB Bachelorette and much more
Bachelorette Update (3:50) Do the Patriots' FA additions move the needle? (18:29) Cam vs. Mac - who will start more games? (28:26) Is Josh Allen a top 5 QB? (30:27) AFC East coaches to start a franchise with (45:33) Whate makes a successful season for the Dolphins? (50:09) Tua Tagovailoa vs. Mac Jones (57:00) Can you win consistently with a middle-tier QB? (1:00:30) Percet chance that each team wins the division (1:06:08) Which QB would win/host the Bachelorette? (1:08:13) Recommendations (1:22:28)
July 01, 2021
Ranking top-10 QBs, Allen, Baker, and Lamar contracts, Steelers vs Bengals, CFB Preview bets, the bet that killed George’s voice in Vegas
PFF College Football Magazine is incredible! (3:05) Favorite college football bets (5:35) Are the Steelers better than the Bengals? (12:04) Baker, Lamar, and Josh Allen: who deserves the most money? (21:07) Are the Cardinals successfully building around Kyler? (37:52) Top 10 QBs (43:28) Recommendations and a crazy Vegas story (54:54)
June 28, 2021
Bill Belichick hates analytics, Julio o/u 1000 yds, more season long rushing/passing yard prop bets, and recommendations
Bill Belichick's thoughts on analytics (3:36) Julio Jones prop: bounce-back season incoming? (18:28) Rushing props: Jonathan Taylor and Christian McCaffrey (26:10) Passing yard props: are the young QBs valued correctly? (34:24) Longshot bets for Coach of the Year (44:40) Recommendations (49:10)
June 24, 2021
Ranking Top 5 RBs, Nagy/Fields dilemma, season long props to bet, Gilmore and Sherman landing spots, and recommendations
Will Stephon Gilmore be traded? (3:55) Where will Richard Sherman end up? (16:18) How long will Andy Dalton start in Chicago? (21:13) Seasong-long passing yards bets (34:33) Rushing yard prop bets (41:10) Top 5 Running Backs (44:20) Is Ezekiel Elliott still an elite RB? (48:15) Recommendation (50:35)
June 20, 2021
Darius Butler on the AFC S, Julio still top 5?, best WR duos, Colts still the favorite, Deshaun Watson return, Andrew Luck stories, deflate gate and more
Darius Butler Intro (2:16) AFC South Preview: Does Julio Jones addition cover up the Titans' Defense? (3:55) Where does Julio stack up against the league's best receivers? (9:45) Are Julio and AJ Brown the best receiving duo in the league? (12:05) Colts vs. Titans: Which team should be the division favorite? (15:55) AFC South Preview: Can Carson Wentz carry the Colts? (21:05) The necessity of having a top QB on Super Bowl chances (28:00) AFC South Preview: How bright is the Jaguars' immediate future? (31:22) AFC South Preview: What does a successful season for the Texans look like? (37:51) Best bets of the season (46:27) Best Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Deflategate stories (50:55) Darius Butler's Recommendations (55:05)
June 17, 2021
Ranking head coaches, Off & Def play callers, Why Shanahan didnt make it but is still Elite, first HC to be fired bets, recommendedations
What makes a good defensive play-caller? (2:25) Top defensive play-callers (5:45) Is Leslie Frazier the most underrated defensive play-caller? (8:10) Biggest snubs on the defensive play-caller list? (10:55) Best qualities in a Head Coach (13:54) Andy Reid tops the list of Head Coaches (14:49) Matt LeFleur's improvement (16:28) Is Kyle Shanahan overrated or underrated as a Head Coach? (22:14) Offensive play-caller explanation (29:56) Kyle Shanahan's play-calling (32:13) Is Jon Gruden the most surprising play-caller? (35:57) First Head Coach fired? (44:12) Recommendations (52:55)
June 14, 2021
Charles McDonald joins to talk NFC S, trading Julio Jones, could the Bucs falter, is Ryan cooked, can Calvin Ridley be a top-5 WR, Leftwich vs Brady and more
2 TIME SPORTS EMMY WINNER! (1:05) Charles McDonald Joins the show! (5:25) What is left for the Falcons after the Julio Trade? (6:31) NFC South Preview: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20:17) Byron Leftwich's Impact on the Buccaneers (25:01) NFC South Preview: New Orleans Saints (35:58) NFC South Preview: Atlanta Falcons (46:19) Where do Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley stack up among their positions? (50:40) NFC South Preview: Carolina Panthers (58:49) Recommendations (1:11:06)
June 10, 2021
Julio Jones trade, winners/losers, Ryan v Tannehill, best WR duo?, TItans contenders?, W T Falcons
Julio Jones trade reaction (2:45) Trade Winners (14:30) Where does AJ Brown and Julio duo rank (28:06) How to bet the Titans now/are they favorites to win AFC South (34:30) life recommendations (50:11) 
June 06, 2021
AFC North preview w/ Bruce Gradkowski, Steelers underrated? Baker, Lamar, or Burrow? Burrow's forecast, recommendations and more
George and Eric are joined by PFF’s Bruce Gradkowski (5:45). Ranking the AFC North teams (15:25). Bruce ranked Big Ben 16th in QB rankings: Too high or too low (24:10). Baker Mayfield’s progression (34:18). The Lamar Jackson hate has gone too far (43:00). Where does Joe Burrow need to improve this year (57:29).
June 03, 2021
A positive outlook and bets for all 32 teams, and a special MDW recommendation station
George and Eric bring positive vibes only to each NFL team starting with the Arizona Cardinals (7:00). Atlanta Falcons (9:19). Baltimore Ravens (10:45). Buffalo Bills (12:36). Carolina Panthers (14:20). Chicago Bears (16:20). Cincinnati Bengals (18:20). Cleveland Browns (19:47). Dallas Cowboys (21:46). Denver Broncos (26:44). Detroit Lions (28:56). Green Bay Packers (29:52). Houston Texans (31:15). Indianapolis Colts (31:59). Jacksonville Jaguars (34:10). Kansas City Chiefs (34:50). Los Angeles Rams (36:19). Los Angeles Chargers (37:19). Las Vegas Raiders (38:46). Miami Dolphins (40:45). Minnesota Vikings (42:00). New England Patriots (43:35). New Orleans Saints (45:07). New York Giants (45:35). New York Jets (46:36). Philadelphia Eagles (46:50). PITTSBURGH STEELERS (47:58). Seattle Seahawks (48:56). San Francisco 49ers (49:56). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (50:33). Tennessee Titans (51:55). Washington Football Team (52:59). Life recommendations (54:10).
May 30, 2021
Ben Solak on the NFC East: Hurts areas of improvement, Dak a top-5 QB, Giants a contender, but WFT could be the best, plus Julio Jones value and Recommendations
George and Eric are joined by Benjamin Solak (4:41). What would you offer for Julio Jones (11:20). The guys dive into all the things NFC East and what to expect from the Eagles next season (22:45). How much better are the Giants than the Eagles (37:38). Who is the better team: Washington or Dallas (47:18). Where would Dak go in a QB redraft (55:46). Ben then closes out the show with a life recommendation (1:10:26)
May 27, 2021
Who trades for Julio, best landing spots for him, MVP and CPOY bets, Heisman bets, CFB futures, and recommendation station
Julio Jones Trade Rumors (7:28) College Football Talk (52:08) Forecast Recommendations (1:03:21)
May 23, 2021
Breaking down the NFC N w/ Aaron Nagler: all things Aaron Rodgers, who in the Packers is to blame, biggest threat to Green Bay, Love vs Fields and more
Aaron Nagler joins the show (5:18) Was drafting Jordan Love the last straw/The Packers front office strategy (17:08) How would the Packers look with Jordan Love starting? (36:17) Best bet to win NFC North (49:42) Life Recommendation by Aaron Nagler (1:04:45)
May 20, 2021
Teams that can win the SB (where do Rams belong?), 3 craziest + 3 best storylines of off-season, mailbag, and recommendations
Middle Tier Teams that could win the Super Bowl (0:53) Craziest stories of the offseason (20:10) 3 best storylines of the offseason (46:34) Mailbag questions (55:34) Forecast Life Recommendations (1:06:39)
May 16, 2021
NFL Schedule Winners/Losers, Week 1 Lines Bets
George and Eric go LIVE right after the 2021 NFL schedule release. Which teams have the toughest schedules (3:38). Which teams have the easiest schedules (21:12). Week 1 Guess the Lines (36:45).
May 13, 2021
AFC Win Totals extravaganza
AFC West Win Totals (1:01) AFC North Win Totals (10:08) AFC South Win Totals (19:06) AFC East Win Totals (26:42)
May 09, 2021
NFC Win Totals extravaganza
NFC West Win Totals (8:05) NFC South Win Totals (22:50) NFC North Win Totals (31:19) NFC East Win Totals (43:06)
May 06, 2021
NFL Draft Winners/Losers, the case for Lance over Fields, ROY bets, and Division Futures bets
Winners of the NFL Draft (1:00) Did Denver mess up not taking Justin Fields (21:00) Losers of the NFL Draft (30:00) Was Trey Lance the right pick at No. 3? (45:00) Rookie of the Year Prop (54:00)
May 03, 2021
NFL Draft recap, Lance, Fields, Rodgers, Steelers/Jags, best/worst picks, ANYONE BUT MAC SYNDICATE
Hosts Eric Eager and George Chahrouri recap the first night of action in the 2021 NFL Draft and celebrate the success of the Anyone But Mac Syndicate movement.
April 30, 2021
2021 NFL Draft Props, 49ers decision at 3, & MORE
George and Eric are joined by Andy Molitor and Drew Dinsick to talk about the Chiefs recent decisions (1:55). Did the 49ers know who they wanted at No. 3 when they traded up? (8:20). Draft Props 101 (35:14).
April 28, 2021
Evan Silva joins to talk 49ers decision at 3, Draft props, Ravens getting the best of Orlando Brown trade to KC, MVP sleepers, and of course his Bills
Evan Silva joins the podcast (6:38) to talk which 2018 QBs deserve contract extensions (9:13), Did KC lose the Orlando Brown trade (19:30), Who does Evan think is going No. 3 overall (36:05) and the guys finish up going over other draft storylines (54:15).
April 26, 2021
The Syndicoaster update, Top-10 props, RB props, more props, top-10 mock draft + trades
George and Eric update the Justin Fields at No. 3 overall syndicate (3:00). More Draft props + what is the gap between Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields (24:25). George and Eric’s Mock Draft preview + which teams are likely to trade up (45:50).
April 22, 2021
Draft Props (yes more), Predicting the NFL Draft top-12 picks, status of the Justin Fields syndicate, and Stories from the Cincy Y
George and Eric update the odds on the No. 3 overall pick (0:55). They then predict the first 12 picks in the NFL Draft (20:55). RIP in peace to George’s quad to finish off the show (51:08).
April 18, 2021
Thomas Dimitroff on making big draft trades, draft strategy, what the 49ers will do at 3, the Falcons options, keeping the hair on point, and much more
George and Eric are joined by two-time executive of the year Thomas Dimitroff on the pod (4:06). The impact of analytics on the league (9:40). A deep dive inside the Julio Jones trade (21:10). Thomas Dimitroff on 49ers pick at 3 (37:15). Reality of trading in NFL (52:45). Quick hitters (1:06:50).
April 14, 2021
NFC Win Totals, Justin Fields draft prop update, Masters bet update, plus the worst sports tweet of the year
George and Eric give their Masters final day predictions (5:30). Debunking a tweet (12:50). No. 3 Draft Prop (24:00). NFC West Win Totals (35:30). NFC North Win Totals (44:38). NFC East Win Totals (51:15).
April 11, 2021
J.T. O’Sullivan does a top-5 mock draft, Justin Fields vs Mac Jones is the wrong ?, should Lawrence be QB1, Brett Favre stories, Draft props and more
George and Eric are joined J.T. O’Sullivan (5:04). Rookie QB breakdowns (11:48). Top 5 Mock Draft (26:37). George and Eric recap the interview (44:05). George gives his favorite Masters bets (1:01:43).
April 08, 2021
Should the Bengals take Sewell or Chase? + AFC Win Totals bonanza: Pats too high? Broncos over, no way?!
George and Eric dive into whether the Bengals should draft Penei Sewell or an offensive weapon aka Ja’Marr Chase or Kyle Pitts (7:49). Then the guys get into AFC Win Totals starting with the AFC East (29:08). AFC North (36:04). AFC South (45:46). AFC West (55:03).
April 05, 2021
Sage Rosenfels on what 49ers & Kyle Shanahan will do at 3, Justin Fields ability and work ethic, plus NFC South win totals
George and Eric are joined by Sage Rosenfels to talk, Kyle Shanahan, top QBs and Justin Fields’ work ethic (5:33). The guys react to Sage’s interview (28:50) before they debate the top QBs and Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase (40:35). Then they wrap up with NFC South win totals (45:30).
April 01, 2021
Fields vs Lance for 49ers, Dolphins 2 trades or 1, Eagles next move, Top-10 market mock, 17th game implications and guess the lines
PFF's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager debate whether Justin Fields or Trey Lance should be the pick for the 49ers (01:52). Also on this episode, George and Eric discuss the Dolphins and Eagles trade (18:43), as well as a potential 17 game NFL season and win totals (39:16). 
March 28, 2021
EMERGENCY Draft Trade pod: 49ers Trade UP but for who? Dolphins turn Tunsil into gold! Eagles sticking with Hurts?
PFF's George Chahrouri and Eric Eager host an emergency podcast on the heels of the 49ers trading up for the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Eric and George discuss the 49ers options for the third pick, how the Dolphins have managed to get to this point, and what the Eagles should do with pick 12. 
March 26, 2021
Goff vs McVay is either to blame, middle class QBs, NFL Draft trades that should happen, Pitts or WR, NFL playoff odds
(1:05) - Eric teaches George a lesson about Target (5:46) - Middle Class QBs (12:59) - Goff vs McVay Breakdown (33:50) - Potential Draft Trades (50:01) - Playoff Markets
March 25, 2021
Golladay's impact on NFC E odds, best/worst FA moves, more division bets, smartest NFL teams, NFC S win totals, more NFL Draft Props to bet now
George and Eric recap a wild free agency (1:00) to kick off the pod. They each give the 3 moves they liked the most and one they hated (11:00). NFC South Guess the Win Totals (34:00). Then the guys finish up with their favorite NFL Draft props (50:00).
March 22, 2021
Free Agency Reaction
George and Eric are joined by Salary Cap Analyst Brad Spielberger to react to free agency.
March 18, 2021
Cam Newton is back, Aaron Jones reax, free agency predictions, AFC West division odds and guess the win totals
(1:00) - Free agency preview (4:00) - Cam signs back with Patriots reaction (14:00) - Should a star WR take a long term deal this free agency (24:00) - Chiefs cut their OLine (31:00) - AFC West Guess the Win Totals
March 14, 2021
Chris Simms on NFL Draft QB rankings, why Wilson over Trevor, the good of Kellen Mond, what Fields needs to be great, plus bringing Texas back, and Matthew McConaughey stories
George and Eric recap a wild franchise tag deadline and Dak signing a long-term deal with the Cowboys (0:43). Then, Chris Simms joins the show (12:47). Chris talks through his QB evaluation process (15:34). Zach Wilson vs Trevor Lawrence: Is Wilson QB1 (29:05). Tiering Chris’ QBs (43:26). Under the radar prospects (48:10).
March 10, 2021
Draft Props to bet now, Mac Jones hype, do the Bears have a shot at Russ, NFC N division bets and win totals, Vikings QB questions, will Packers regress
(0:00) - Intro (0:51) - Favorite draft props (3:31) - Will Mac Jones land in the top 10 (23:39) - Can the Bears actually make a trade for Russell Wilson (28:51) - NFC North Guess the Win Totals
March 07, 2021
Bears next QB predictions, Dak destinations, JJ Watt and NFC W divisions odds and win total guesses, plus mock draft mean tweets
George and Eric start the pod off discussing who would win in a boxing match between them (2:00). They then get into the Bears QB situation (6:00). Dak Prescott’s potential offseason landing spots (15:00). NFC West Guess the Win Totals (25:10). They wrap the pod up with reading Mock Draft Mean Tweets and Eric tries and fails at pronouncing Ouija (46:10).
March 04, 2021
Full Mock Draft, 4 draft trades for QBs, Panthers and Patriots get their guys, plus AFC North division bets and guess the win totals
George and Eric react to the Russell Wilson rumors (0:52) before diving into their latest Mock Draft that will be out on Monday (8:15). Picks 6-10 (12:56). Picks 11-15 (18:21). Picks 16-20 (24:36). Picks 21-25 (26:56). Picks 26-32 (28:57). AFC North Guess the Win Totals (32:46)
March 01, 2021
Dueling Mock Drafts, the toughest picks to make, how the QBs fall, guessing the win totals for AFC East/South and who we’d bet to win them
George Chahrouri and Eric Eager give a sneak peek of some noteworthy picks from their Analytics-Based Mock Draft set to drop on next week, including how they feel this year's quarterback class will shake out (04:17). Also on this episode, George and Eric discuss win total projections from the AFC East (33:35), and the AFC South (42:09). 
February 24, 2021
Gardner Minshew on how he’s improving, the QBs he watches, Mike Leech, Trevor Lawrence and more, plus what to make of Carson Wentz and Philly’s future
George and Eric discuss the impact of the Carson Wentz trade (03:40) and what Philadelphia should do with the 6th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft (12:53). Also on this episode, George and Eric sit down with Jacksonville Jaguars QB, Gardner Minshew (24:28) to discuss how he uses PFF's products, what he's doing to improve this offseason, and more. 
February 22, 2021
Darius Butler: where Deshaun Watson will go, ranking FA WRs, DB's Draft eval, the best b-ballers in football, 1-1 with Tyreek
George and Eric are joined by former NFL DB Darius Butler (6:52). The player free agent experience (10:56). Deshaun Watson situation breakdown. Will he get traded? Locker room impact? Potential destinations? (17:00). Rank these free agent WRs (33:30). Teams on the verge of a SB that need a WR1 (39:30). How to evaluate a WR in today’s game (44:49).
February 18, 2021
FA WR landing spots, how much do WR2/3 matter, MVP and SB futures bets, guessing the NFCE win totals
George and Eric breakdown the importance of having a reliable third wide receiver (5:13). Landing sports for free agent WRs (12:34). Super Bowl futures (22:44). MVP futures (30:38). NFC East “Guess the win totals” (35:39).
February 15, 2021
Peter King on biggest Super Bowl surprise, Chiefs missteps, what Reid said about Brady, Arians pregame text to Peter, Wentz, Watson, and WIlson and more
George and Eric are joined by Peter King to revisit the Super Bowl, what went wrong for the Chiefs, give props to Todd Bowles and the defense and Bucs homefield advantage (5:34). Is Brady as good as he’s ever been (28:28). Where will Carson Wentz land (33:43). Next landing spot for Deshaun Watson (34:17). What to think of Russell Wilson’s recent comments (35:23). Is WR a strong link or weak link position (39:33).
February 11, 2021
Brady regains the throw, who’s to blame for the Chiefs loss, Wentz trades, Should Cowboys and Ravens look at Watson and more
George and Eric give immediate reactions to Tampa Bay’s beatdown of the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV (1:00). What should the Chiefs have done differently in this game (13:15). Is this a wake up call for the Chiefs and Mahomes (23:35). What should the Chiefs do this off-season (33:10). Where will Carson Wentz land (40:05). Should the Ravens or Cowboys try and get Deshaun Watson (42:35).
February 08, 2021
Derek Carr and Deshaun Watson trades, SB LV most important non-QBs, all the bets, how to hedge, more props (even some weird ones)
George and Eric breakdown the Derek Carr for Deshaun Watson rumors (3:35). Which teams need a Derek Carr (12:17). Deshaun Watson hypothetical trades (20:43). Non-QB Super Bowl X-Factors (29:53). Props, props and more props (39:40).
February 04, 2021
All things Matthew Stafford trade and Super Bowl Props galore
George and Eric discuss the Matthew Stafford trade and provide you with Super Bowl Props galore. George and Eric breakdown the trade involving Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff (2:00). How the 49ers were actually the winners of the trade (34:39). Super Bowl betting preview (41:00). Favorite SB player props (46:32).
February 01, 2021
Mike Renner on NFL Draft, Lawrence vs Fields vs Wilson, Is Chase WR1 last year, Waddle over Smith, Trade up teams, Mike’s guys, plus Bachelor talk
Mike Renner joins George and Eric to discuss the NFL Draft, Lawrence vs Fields vs Wilson, Is Chase WR1 last year, Waddle over Smith, Trade up teams, Mike’s guys, plus Bachelor talk, all in this weeks Forecast. George and Eric are joined by PFF’s Lead Draft Analyst Mike Renner (2:40) to talk about his biggest lessons learned from past draft classes. 2021 QB class breakdown (9:23). 2021 WR class breakdown (22:08). DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle (31:18). Teams that should trade up in the draft (35:46). Mike’s favorite draft prospects (41:01). Bachelor recap (45:36).
January 28, 2021
Preview of SB LV Bucs v Chiefs w/ Trevor Sikkema and Soren Petro, SB bets to make now, plus what happened to the Packers
Eric Eager and George Chahrouri recap the conference championships. George and Eric are joined by Tre Sikkema to breakdown Tampa Bay’s win over Green Bay (1:00). An early look into a Tampa Bay and Kansas City Super Bowl (7:30). George and Eric give a quick recap of the Chiefs win over the Bills (26:00) before Soren Petro joins the show (32:15). Soren gives his opinion on the early betting lines from the Super Bowl (51:00). Who are you more confident in: Mahomes to drive and score a TD to win or Brady to drive into field goal range (1:02:00). Final Super Bowl betting thoughts (1:13:00).
January 25, 2021
Aaron Nagler on Packers, Rodgers resurgence, rematch vs Bucs, and much more, plus the Bills/Chiefs and Lock of the Week
George and Eric breakdown the betting markets for Bills-Chiefs (2:15) and Bucs-Packers (11:32). Aaron Nagler then joins the show (14:29) to dive deep into Aaron Rodgers’ turnaround from last year (19:05). What went wrong in Week 6 for Green Bay (34:55). Biggest worry for NFC Championship (44:56). Quick preview of Bills-Chiefs (49:00). If Rodgers wins the SB is he the GOAT (54:06). Rodgers-Adams all-time rank among QB-WR duos (55:45)
January 20, 2021
Bye bye Brees. What the Bucs, Chiefs magic, Baker, Watson, and Championship game lines and bets
George and Eric breakdown a wild divisional round of football. Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans (2:04). Browns vs. Chiefs/AFC Championship preview (24:22). What do the Bills have to do to win in KC (45:39). NFC Championship preview (52:29). Eagles, Texans HC positions (65:53). Who needs to win more: Rodgers or Brady (70:45).
January 18, 2021
Evan Silva, Kevin Cole, and Timo Riske discuss Eagles, Bears, Seahawks, Watson trade, Josh Allen and every divisional game
George and Eric are joined by Evan Silva, Timo Riske and Kevin Cole (1:19) to breakdown the Eagles firing Doug Pederson (2:46). Chicago’s decision to retain Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace (18:07). Seahawks need a new OC (23:28). Deshaun Watson possible destinations (29:19). Ravens-Bills (44:08). Browns-Chiefs (57:50). Buccaneers-Saints (1:06:00). Rams-Packers (1:13:47). Super Bowl Picks (1:18:09).
January 13, 2021
Steelers are dead, fixing the Seahawks, who needs Deshaun Watson most, Divisional round guess the lines
George and Eric discuss the Browns dominating performance over the Steelers (1:05). What happened to the Seahawks (13:16). Deshaun Watson is unhappy in Houston (20:51). Packers-Rams (33:31). Bills-Ravens (36:56). Browns-Chiefs (42:50). Buccaneers-Saints (51:58). Favorite Divisional Round bets (59:17).
January 11, 2021
Wild Card weekend best bets, Super Bowl sleepers and a playoff bet between friends
George and Eric give a game-by-game breakdown of Wildcard Weekend. Bills-Colts (2:44). Rams-Seahawks (8:52). Buccaneers-Football Team (13:40). Titans-Ravens (24:35). Saints-Bears (30:20). Steelers-Browns (34:01). George and Eric’s playoff bet (38:38).
January 07, 2021
Doug Pederson did nothing wrong and the Wild Card lines and early bets to make
George and Eric discuss Doug Pederson’s coaching decision on SNF (0:45). Wildcard Guess the Lines (10:52). Bills-Colts (12:13). Rams-Seahawks (19:45). Buccaneers-Football Team (30:46). Ravens-Titans (33:42). Bears-Saints (46:12). Browns-Steelers (49:43).
January 04, 2021