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Pitbulls Fastpitch

Pitbulls Fastpitch

By Jillian Mulderig
Pitbulls Fastpitch - MT EPHRAIM NJ
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The College Student Athlete Experience
We talk alot about the road to get to college sports, but when you get there, what's it like? We share some experiences of the college student athlete on this episode, including priority scheduling, assignments on the road, and off season workouts.
January 15, 2021
Guiding Your Athlete in Recruiting
As a coach, what role do you play in guiding the recruiting process ? How can you help encourage your athletes to be proactive with their process ?
January 14, 2021
East Coast v. West Coast?
It's a conversation that has circulated the fastpitch world for decades and in this episode, we weigh in! Are East Coast players at a disadvantage in recruiting, while west coast/southern state athletes play year round ?
January 8, 2021
PFP: Prepare for 2021
Podcast episode for our 2021 rostered athletes & families.  Help us spread the word about PFP Podcast! Share our link or listen directly from our homepage at 
December 28, 2020
COVID19 Far From Done Shaping College Sports
Practical advice for upperclassmen pursuing athletic opportunities at the college level
November 28, 2020
PITCHERS: let's hit the weights
Tips for pitchers focusing on designing an off season training program
November 28, 2020
It's about YOU
Recruitment to college athletics does not provide a single mold: it is very much dependent on the individual.
September 18, 2020
The Evolution of Pitching
As female athletes continue to become a norm, rather than an exception, there has been more research involving the structure of the female anatomy and how to use our best weapon efficiently: our bodies. Pitching of our game has witnessed the benefits ! Hear how in this segment.
September 17, 2020
The Bright Side of COVID
It's no secret COVID did a lot of damage this past year, but it's time to evaluate the brighter side of the pandemic .
September 16, 2020
What can we do in Quarantine?
Pitbulls Fastpitch president, Jillian Mulderig, shares ideas with coaches on what they can do for student-athletes during these strange times in quarantine.  The field may not be available, but our athletes can still be growing indoors and now, more than ever, we need leadership. Make a difference right from your own home! 
March 25, 2020
Tips for Winter Workouts
When the cold weather puts your team indoors, and training time & space is limited, what should we focus on in developing a winter training program?
January 3, 2020
Water, water, everywhere
Hydration is a key to life... Literally. So you can only imagine how essential it is to an athlete's performance. Jillian Mulderig shares some practical advice on how to keep your athlete hydrated
October 19, 2019
Facemask or Nah?
Host Jillian weighs in on the discussion of facemasks : to wear or not to wear ? That is the question .
October 18, 2019
Buying a new fastpitch bat?
Jillian Mulderig shares her recommendations when shopping for a new bat. As the technology is continuously evolving in this game, what are key things a competitive softball player should consider when searching for a bat?
October 16, 2019
Mother's Know Best
This episode features guest, Judy Mulderig, to share her insight on being a lifetime parent in the world of club sports with 3 children.
October 5, 2019
Guest Speaker, Rachel Coleman
On this episode, Jillian Mulderig interviews Rachel Coleman to gain her perspective on navigating the recruiting process. As a former DI coach, Rachel shares with our listens some key things she's learned in her experience to help our student athletes chase their dreams of playing college softball.
October 3, 2019
Finding a Hitting Coach
Jillian Mulderig shares her thoughts on advice she would give to an athlete seeking a hitting instructor. Listen in and share your thoughts with us !
October 3, 2019
Let's Talk Jersey Softball for a Minute . . .
We believe that we can't help student-athletes in the recruiting process if we don't understand what they're searching for. Founder & President of Pitbulls Fastpitch gives her insight about how the culture of New Jersey impacts the recruiting process generally.
October 1, 2019
A Snap Shot of Pitbulls Fastpitch
Join founder & president, Jillian Mulderig, as she lends some insight into the design of Pitbulls Fastpitch Organization. As a college prep fastpitch club, endless thought and care was put into the creation of the Student Athlete Curriculum to aid and educate student athletes on the intracacies of the college recruiting experience.
September 24, 2019