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Learnings from Leaders: the P&G Alumni Podcast

Learnings from Leaders: the P&G Alumni Podcast

By P&G Alumni Network
Anyone who’s worked at a great company knows it’s all about the people. Good managers, great leaders - in and beyond the business. Through conversations with P&G Alumni leaders, we go deeper with the leaders you know, but want to know more about. This is Learnings from Leaders: the P&G Alumni Podcast. Learnings from Leaders is a production of the P&G Alumni Network ( — an officially recognized, global nonprofit by former P&G’ers committed to community, enrichment, and philanthropy. With more than 45,000 members worldwide, the Network connects through global conferences, local chapters, industry events, and online content. Our nonprofit Foundation supports economic empowerment in communities around the world.
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Cheryl Bachelder: Chick-fil-A & Pier 1 Director, Popeye's former CEO

Learnings from Leaders: the P&G Alumni Podcast

Mark Tatum, NBA Deputy Commissioner & Chief Operating Officer
“Sports and basketball transcends globally - teaching hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and respect.” Mark Tatum is the NBA’s Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer - a position he’s held since 2014. Having worked at the NBA for 20+ years, Mark currently leads the NBA’s business operations, including international efforts, as well as Global Partnerships, Marketing, and the NBA Development League.  Prior to joining the NBA, Tatum worked for Major League Baseball, Clorox, and Pepsi -  in varying roles in corporate sponsorship, sales, and sports marketing. And of course, Mark got his start at P&G in sales management. A graduate of Cornell University, Mark received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1998, and has been named to the SportsBusiness Journal’s “50 Most Influential People in Sports Business”, as well as as one of Forbes’ Most Influential Minorities in Sports. Mark sits on the Board of Trustees for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, the Board of Directors for USA Basketball, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Central Board and Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors for The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids., Mark’s also a member of the Executive Leadership Council, a national organization empowering African-American corporate leaders to make significant and impactful global community contributions. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation about hearing how Mark found his way to the world of sports - a passion area of his - and the importance of action over words.
May 9, 2021
A.G. Lafley (Part 2): P&G’s former Chairman & CEO
“Life is about chapters, chances, and choices.” A.G. Lafley served as P&G’s CEO twice - from 2000-2009 and 2013-2015. In part 2 of a 2-part conversation, we talk about his experience beyond P&G, and his personal take on the past, present, and future. A.G. started at the company in 1977, after receiving an MBA from Harvard, serving the USNavy in Japan, and getting a BA from Hamilton college. A.G. rose through P&G’s ranks, leading the iconic laundry and cleaning business, leading P&G Asia thru the nineties, and becoming head of P&G’s Beauty business & North America Sales. Upon becoming CEO in 2008, A.G. revitalized the company under the mantra “Consumer is boss” - focusing the company on billion dollar brands and establishing many new brands and categories. Since leaving P&G, A.G has remained active in the world of business and entrepreneurship, serving on President Obama's Jobs Council, Chairing the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC), and serving on the boards of Dell, GE, Legendary Entertainment and Snapchat. AIG has received numerous honors, including an Edison Achievement Award. In 2013, A.G. co-wrote the book “Playing to Win” - which continues to define his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and what’s next...
May 2, 2021
A.G. Lafley (Part 1): P&G’s former Chairman & CEO
“Be the change you want to see - and make things better.” A.G. Lafley served as P&G’s CEO twice - from 2000-2009 and 2013-2015. In part 1 of a 2-part conversation, we learn about his early life and career at P&G - and his take on being an “Inside-Outsider leader.” A.G. started at the company in 1977, after receiving an MBA from Harvard, serving the US Navy in Japan, and getting a BA from Hamilton college. A.G rose through P&G’s ranks, leading the iconic laundry and cleaning business, leading P&G Asia thru the nineties, and becoming head of P&G’s Beauty business & North America Sales. Upon becoming CEO in 2008, A.G. revitalized the company under the mantra “Consumer is boss” - focusing the company on billion dollar brands and establishing many new brands and categories. Since leaving P&G, A.G has remained active in the world of business and entrepreneurship, serving on President Obama's Jobs Council, Chairing the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC), and serving on the boards of Dell, GE, Legendary Entertainment and Snapchat. AIG has received numerous honors, including an Edison Achievement Award. In 2013, A.G. co-wrote the book “Playing to Win” - which continues to define his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and what’s next..
April 25, 2021
2021: A Preview of WHO's Next...
“People are the driving force that bring the brand to life...” To mark our first year of amazing conversations with so many P&G Alumni Leaders - we take a quick (much needed) break to reflect, and share a preview of WHO's coming next. You’ll hear the voices of future guests from the NBA, Sanofi, Coty, the PGA, the Gap, Visa, Google, Diageo, Papa John’s, Chipotle, accomplished entrepreneurs, and many more of P&G’s biggest leaders from around the world. We can’t wait for you to hear what’s next, so be sure to leave us a review on your favorite podcasting app, and share Learnings from Leaders with all your friends - whether or not they worked at P&G :)
April 18, 2021
Dian Alyan, GiveLight Foundation Founder & CEO
“If you have a compelling mission, you can really mobilize and galvanize the community.” Dian Alyan founded the GiveLight Foundation ( after the 2004 tsunami, where she lost many loved ones. Dian was inspired to provide for children going through similar devastation around the world. GiveLight is a non-profit creating high quality homes and education for global orphans. What began as one home for 50 children has now expanded to support over 1,000 orphans in 11 countries globally — with a goal of housing 10,000 children in response to natural disasters, poverty, and war. GiveLight has responded to crises in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Morocco. Prior to founding Givelight - Dian spent a decade as the Outreach Director for the Muslim Community Association in the San Francisco bay area. And Dian got her start at P&G in brand management in beauty and healthcare brands across Asia. Dian’s work with GiveLight has garnered awards and engagements from Fortune 500s + prominent universities, and has been featured in Newsweek, the Huffington Post, and many other media outlets. She lives in the San Francisco bay area, a mother of two - but she considers all children GiveLight reaches as a part of her family. Learn more about how YOU can help at
April 11, 2021
Charlotte Otto, P&G’s former Global External Relations Officer
“Be intellectually honest in any decision - otherwise you only see the answer that you want to see.” Charlotte Otto served as P&G’s Global External Relations Officer for thirteen years, and later as Senior Corporate Advisor to PR industry leader Weber Shandwick for six years. At P&G - Charlotte led the company's external relations activities worldwide -  including media relations, employee + shareholder communications, government +community relations, and corporate contributions. Charlotte led a 33 year career at P&G, rising through the ranks of Brand Management and Corporate Comms, and was the trusted counselor to five P&G CEOs. In fact, Charlotte was P&G’s first female corporate officer. Charlotte has received numerous industry accolades - including being named Woman of the Year AND Corporate Woman of the Year by the Cincinnati Enquirer, as well as receiving the Matrix Award for Public Relations, and the prestigious Paladin award. Charlotte’s a proud Purdue Alum, where she received her Bachelors and Masters — and she even studied at the Culinary Institute of America. In a great conversation about intention - and serendipity - you’ll learn about the power of embracing a path never imagined, and removing our own blinders to be truly intellectually honest and objective about whatever situations we may face.
April 4, 2021
Jorge Mesquita, Johnson & Johnson’s former Executive Vice President
“Take greatest pride in the challenges you face, and being able to overcome them.” Jorge Mesquita is Johnson & Johnson’s former Executive Vice President, and Worldwide Chairman - where he served since 2014. At Procter & Gamble, Jorge spent a 29-year  career where he was recognized for the reinvention of major brands such as Tide, Swiffer, Febreze, Downy and others. Jorge spent his first 15 years at P&G working in various capacities across Latin America including roles in Oral Care and Beauty. Jorge has also served on several professional and community boards including the Cincinnati Opera Association Board of Trustees, Mondelez, and CADCA. Jorge is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology where he studied Chemical Engineering, but was born in Mozambique, in southeastern Africa. For Jorge, the most vital leadership traits are self-confidence and humility. You’ll hear his stories and insights from a distinguished career - where the most valuable lessons learned come not just from achieving success, but also confronting failure - and overcoming it.
March 28, 2021
Michelle Crossan, Samsung Electronics’ SVP of Strategy, Innovation & Transformation
“Reframe the competition - to yourself - to fully achieve what you’re meant to achieve.” Michelle Crossan is Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Transformation at, where she leads overall corporate strategy, innovation, transformation, and new business incubation. Prior to Samsung, she also served as CMO for luxury mobile brand Vertu. Michelle got her start at Procter & Gamble, starting as a systems analyst, and working on brands like Olay and Anna Sui before becoming the Brand Leader for P&G Prestige. She’s a graduate from University of Strathclyde Business School, and is married with two children in New Jersey. Having worked across business cultures, geographies, and industries - Michelle’s approach is an intentional and thoughtful one. In our candid conversation, she also shares what leaders can do to strengthen and encourage their team amidst today’s current challenges.
March 21, 2021
Gurcharan Das, P&G India's former CEO, Author & Scholar
“Dharma is doing what must be done. Don’t worry about credit - you’ll be happier and your work better.” Gurcharan Das is known as “the godfather of P&G India” - the former chairman and managing director of Procter & Gamble India. He also served as VP managing director of worldwide strategic planning for P&G’s Health & Beauty business. Schooled in the US, Gurcharan returned to join Richardson Vicks India - rising from a trainee to senior assignments in the US + Mexico, and becoming RV’s India CEO - turning the company around from bankruptcy, and shepherding its acquisition and expansion by P&G. Now full-time scholar and writer, Gurcharan’s published numerous novels, plays, and articles, and has spoken at Harvard, Berkely, and Oxford. His book “The Difficulty of Being Good: On the Subtle Art of Dharma” is taught at Harvard Business School and a worthy read ( You’ll enjoy hearing not just Gurchuran’s tales of working in rising India, but also his unique global perspective on politics and race, and how the Indian concept of Dharma can apply to work - and the world.
March 14, 2021
Shelly McNamara, P&G’s Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer
“We are all intersectional - uniqueness is our greatest gift. Empathy makes you a better leader.” Shelly McNamara is P&G’s Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer, where she’s responsible for shaping culture, policies, and leadership to promote greater diversity. Shelly’s also an avid storyteller, speaker and writer — her new book No Blanks, No Pauses - weaves her life story with reflections and poetry. Shelly got her start in Sales, and spent 25+ years rising through P&G’s HR ranks, ultimately rising to the level of Executive Vice President - where she worked on some of the company's largest businesses with brand portfolios ranging from $4B to $35B, working on employee populations exceeding 25,000. Shelly’s committed to enabling employees of every background to bring their full selves to work. - an active member of P&G’s Corporate Women’s Leadership Team, and she’s led the expansion of LGBTQ+ employee groups around the globe. Shelly shares many stories from her personal and professional life - as a mother and “out” female executive. Through her writing - and poetry - she’s been able to process and persevere through many moments of inclusions - and exclusion. Core to Shelly’s every day work is to have people think more about our shared humanity - because ultimately, that’s where true understanding comes from - to tackle the issues we must all face together.
March 7, 2021
Emily Chang, McCann Worldgroup China, CEO
“ 'Yes, and...' is a kind of courage. Only failure allows us to begin again more intelligently.” Emily Chang, CEO of McCann Worldgroup China. Emily’s a seasoned marketer with 20 years of experience across the US and China. At Starbucks she was the SVP of Marketing, and CMO of Starbucks China. She was the Chief Commercial Officer at Intercontinental Hotels Group, and APPLE’S head of Asia retail marketing. Emily got her start at P&G, spending 11 years working across multiple business units. Emily’s spoken at conferences around the world - including Fortune Most Powerful Women’s Summit, C2 in Montréal, and has delivered three TEDx talks. Emily’s also the author of the book “The Spare Room: Define Your Social Legacy to Live a More Intentional Life and Lead with Authentic Purpose.”  Emily lives with her husband and daughter, and over the years, has shared her spare room with sixteen young people, five dogs, one turtle, one guinea pig, and 129 snails. You can learn more about Emily’s work at In our candid conversation, Emily shares how her immigrant upbringing, curiosity and willingness to take risks has led her her professional career, and personal purpose.
February 28, 2021
Jim Lafferty, International CEO, Athlete, & Olympic Coach
“The one thing you can’t teach in a job to be successful has to come from within - desire." James Michael Lafferty is the CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding - a leading CPG company across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and USA - as well as an accomplished writer, coach, and athlete. Jim is an internationally-tenured leader whose career spans 3 decades and 5 continents. Jim served as CEO of British American Tobacco in the Philippines and Coca-Cola in Nigeria. He led a distinguished 24-year career at P&G, leading the company in both the Philippines and Poland, rising through the ranks in senior roles across Western Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. Beyond being a dedicated husband and father of 5, Jim is also an accomplished coach and athlete - serving as a Coach of the Philippines Olympic Athletics team at the 2016 Rio Games, having run 30+ marathons, and was the 2017 Philippines National Champion in Powerlifting. Jim’s consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies, and his many talks and lessons have inspired brand managers around the world. He currently lives in the United Arab Emirates.
February 21, 2021
Mohan Mohan, P&G former international leader (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
“Your value will only be known after you have moved on. So lay good foundations for those who come after you.” Mohan never imagined the career he would lead - working for P&G across 3 continents over 30 years. Growing up in India, he studied Mechanical Engineering, and got a Masters in Technology from @ IIT. He then got his Master in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii and an MBA from Columbia University. After a chance interview with a P&G executive in NYC, Mohan began his P&G career in Geneva, rising through the ranks to build the business - and organizations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He expanded brands in the Middle East, doubled the business in Ireland, and started operations in Egypt, and Portugal. Mohan He briefly went on to frozen foods giant Findus as General Manager of the UK and Ireland. You’ll enjoy hearing this passionate conversation on stories from a different era, rooted in foundational purpose, value and principles still applicable today - wherever you’re working. Mohan is now mentoring the next generation of leaders - serving an Executive-in-Residence at the London School of Business and other leading business Schools. He also serves as a coach for CEOs in the UK + India, and was one of the earliest Board members of the P&G Alumni Network and the P&G Alumni Foundation. Now in London, Mohan is a proud father to 2 adult daughters in the UK + the US
February 14, 2021
Tiana Conley, Kellogg’s VP of Global Cereal
“You can have it all, but you can’t have it all at once. In the long view, it all balances out.” Tiana Conley is Kellogg’s VP of Global Cereal where she is responsible for the $6 billion flagship portfolio with treasured brands such as Special K, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and Corn Flakes. Prior to joining Kellogg, she was Beam Suntory’s Marketing Director of global tequila, and held marketing roles at Kimberly Clark. At P&G , and held a variety of marketing roles at Kimberly-Clark. At P&G Tiana rose through the ranks of brand management on global skincare and Olay, and got her start as a senior R&D Engineer on Tide. She received Chemical Engineering from University of Illinois and her MBA from Xavier University. Tiana is based in Chicago and is mother of two children, Griffin and Ava. In a candid conversation on work and life - Tiana addresses head on the myth of work-life balance, and shares great perspective on making the right personal decisions in the context of a career.
February 7, 2021
Tarang Amin, e.l.f. Beauty CEO & Chairman
"It's always easier to make it through something when you're doing it together." Tarang Amin is CEO & Chairman of e.l.f. Beauty, the parent company to e.l.f. Cosmetics, WƎLL PEOPLE, and Keys Soulcare - a lifestyle beauty brand created with Alicia Keys. Having led e.l.f. Beauty since 2014 - Tarang has 25+ years of experience building brands, leading innovation, and assembling high-performance teams. Previously, Tarang served as President & CEO of Schiff Nutrition - growing it from $190 million to $1.5 billion. Tarang also served as VP of Clorox’s $1.7 billion Litter, Food and Charcoal businesses. And of course, Tarang began his career at P&G, rising through management positions over 11 years. Tarang earned his BA in international policy and MBA from Duke University. He and his family live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are committed to giving back. In a conversation about the power of people, and giving back to those around you, you’ll enjoy hearing Tarang’s story - starting from a motel on Route 1, and leading him to a career filled with drive, curiosity, and generosity.
February 1, 2021
Zena Arnold, Kimberly Clark’s Chief Marketing & Digital Officer
  “Go where the growth is happening - and the growth of yourself will follow.”   Zena Arnold is Kimberly Clark’s Chief Digital & Marketing Officer,  an accomplished executive across CPG and Technology marketing and general management.  Zena was previously at Google for nearly seven years - in senior roles as Global Head of Growth for ChromeOS, General Manager for US Chromebooks, and Head of Americas Marketing for Google Play. The first formative decade of her career was at Kellogg’s, and of course Procter & Gamble, where she held brand and portfolio management roles on brands like Olay, Folgers, Pop-Tarts and more. Zena holds a degree in computer science from The Ohio State University. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation about owning your career, not having things mapped out, and taking risks into uncomfortable and challenging roles. 
January 25, 2021
Kirk Perry, Google's President of Brand Solutions
Kirk Perry is Google’s President of Brand Solutions - where since 2013, he’s led global teams to enable brand partners to leverage all of Google to reach their consumers wherever they’re engaging. Prior to joining Google Kirk was at P&G for 23 years - in various roles across marketing and general management - including President of Global Family Care, and six years in Asia with assignments in South Korea and Japan. Growing up from humble beginnings, Kirk and his family are also very active in giving back - supporting his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, and personally serving on a # of non-profit boards like the March of Dimes, the Ronald McDonald House, and many more. Kirk’s background and experiences have given him a unique perspective on work and life - and you’ll appreciate hearing about his approach to living a “eulogy led” VS “resume-driven” life.
January 18, 2021
Najoh Tita-Reid, Logitech Head of Marketing Reinvention
Najoh Tita-Reid leads Marketing Reinvention at Logitech where she’s reimagining, redefining and reinventing the global marketing function across 120+ countries - reporting to the CEO. Najoh’s worked across in multinational roles across leading brands like Hero, Bayer, and Merck, after having spent 19 years at P&G - rising through the ranks of marketing and sales. Najoh earned an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and a BA in English from Spelman College. She also completed the Executive Leadership Program at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Woman’s Executive Leadership Program at Simmons University and the Design Thinking program at the Stanford School of Design. As a member of The Executive Leadership Council, she serves on the International Steering Committee and the Community Service Committee.  As an American who’s been living and working in Europe for more than a few years - Najoh’s currently based in Zurich with her husband and 2 kids. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation from the perspective of an American on the outside looking in - and about creating work/life harmony with feet on both sides of the world. 
January 10, 2021
Year in Review: the Next Generation
  As we get ready for the year ahead, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In this second “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with the NEXT generation of brand leaders - not too far off from many of our current stages of work and life. Beyond reflecting on where we’ve been - we also talked about our current moment - and where things are going. These are Alumni Leaders NOW in the prime of their career at some of the world’s best companies. Check out each guest’s full episode to hear more of the conversation. Featured in this episode...  Andy Shih: Nike, VP of eCommerce & Direct Stores -  Julie Eddleman: Google, Global Client Partner Antonio Sciuto: Salesforce, Office of the CEO, former Nestlé Waters’ CMO Janet Roller: Shutterfly, VP Brand & Audience, former Marriott & Target Design Exec Vince Hudson: American Express SVP of Brand, former BET, Samsung, Diageo Exec Julie Sutherland: Estée Lauder VP & Commercial Head Gustavo Lopez Ghory: Kimberly Clark, Chief Supply Chain Officer Alexandra Warbasse: Lyft Executive Development Charlie Chappel: Hershey’s Head of Media  Filippo Catalano: Reckitt Benckiser’s CIO, and Nestle’s former CIO Tami Hurwitz: Amazon Music Global VP of Marketing, former Microsoft GM
January 1, 2021
Year in Review: Industry Giants
  As the year winds down, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In this “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with retired industry greats - once at the helm of the world’s greatest companies - many of whom now continue to serve non-profits, NGOs, corporate boards, and even professional sports teams! These leaders were able to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and how their purpose values and principles helped them successfully navigate their career journey. Check out each guest’s full episode to hear more of the conversation. Featured in this episode...  Paul Polman: Unilever former CEO, Co-founder of IMAGINE,  Cheryl Bachelder: Popeyes former CEO Fernando Aguirre: Chiquita Brands former CEO, Professional Baseball Owner Meg Whitman: Quibi, eBay & HP former CEO Jim McNerney: Boeing & 3M former CEO Sara Mathew: Dun & Bradstreet former CEO
December 28, 2020
Year in Review: Leading CEOs
      As the year winds down, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In this “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with CEOs leading some of the biggest and fastest growing brands - who shared their journey to the big chair, and what they’ve learned since. In pretty challenging year - they revealed how their purpose, value and principles succeed at work - and life.  Check out each guest’s full episode to hear more of the conversation. Featured in this episode...  Chip Bergh: Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Gina Drosos: Signet Jewelers CEO Lisa Baird: National Women’s Soccer League Commissioner Jill Beraud: Sh'nnong Beverage Co. CEO & Co-Founder Alejandro Bethlen: the Bouqs Co. CEO Kris Malkoski: Newell Food Brands CEO Benno Dorer: Clorox Chairman & former CEO of  Bracken Darrell: Logitech CEO
December 21, 2020
Year in Review: the P&G Greats
  As the year winds down, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In our first “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with some of P&G’s great leaders - former CEOs, regional leaders and trailblazers in diversity, equity, and inclusion. And of course, if you want to hear more from any of these leaders, definitely check out each guests full episode. Featured in this episode...  John Pepper: P&G’s former CEO & Chairman (1995-2002) & Disney former Chairman Linda Clement-Holmes: P&G's former Chief Diversity Officer & CIO Jorge Montoya: P&G Latin America’s former President; Gap & Kroger Board Director  Qaisar Shareef: P&G’s former Head of Pakistan & Ukraine Ed Artzt: P&G's former CEO & Chairman (1990-1995) Ed Riguad: among P&G's first Black senior execs; Founder of the Freedom Center Shantanu Khosla: P&G's former Head of India; Crompton Greaves’ Managing Director Bob McDonald: P&G former CEO & Chairman (2009-2013); US Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2014-2017)
December 14, 2020
Alejandro Bethlen, CEO of the Bouqs
    “Just do the right thing for the customer - don’t caveat it with other things.” Alejandro Bethlen is the CEO of the Bouqs Company - the leading online floral retailer who’s radically disrupting the $100B global floral industry - where he’s been in the top seat since June 2020. Alejandro’s a veteran of Amazon - where over eight years he held senior roles across six countries with P&L + operational responsibilities. Alejandro got his start at P&G - where he spent seven years across North America and Latin America. Alejandro received his MBA from Rice University, and recently moved back to the US (Los Angeles) with his family. In our candid conversation, Alejandro shares an insider view on not just one, but two of the world’s great companies - with a unique, multicultural, multinational perspective on work and life.
December 7, 2020
Filippo Catalano: Reckitt Benckiser’s Chief Information & Digitization Officer
  “Leverage the purpose, values, & principles to use data for good.” Filippo Catalano is the Chief information & Digitization Officer at Reckitt Benckiser - where he’s driving the IT and digital transformation of the consumer giant. Filippo was also recently CIO of another consumer giant - Nestle, where he scaled the company’s efforts in eCommerce, Programmatic and more. Filippo got his start at P&G - spending 16 years in roles across Europe and the US rising through the IT ranks into digital leadership roles.   Listen for a great conversation about the impact of technology not just on business, but society. Filippo’s driven by his purpose, values and principles in all of his work in data - something he calls “data for good” - which becomes ever more important with the immensely power and potential of AI and machine-learning just on the horizon. Born in Italy, Filippo studied Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino and received his Masters at the Lund University in Sweden. When he’s not working on innovations or his 20+ vintage Honda motorbikes, he’s spending time with his wife and children. 
November 30, 2020
Jill Beraud: Sh'nnong Beverage Company CEO & Levi’s Board of Directors
  “Search and reapply for the insights and innovations to build your business.” Jill Beraud is the CEO and Co-founder of Sh'nnong Beverage company - WHO IS developing plant-based, functional beverages - and SHE also serves on the Board of Directors at Levi Strauss & Co. Jill previously served as CEO of IPPOLITA and has held C-Suite executive marketing roles for multi-billion dollar brands like Victoria’s Secret, PepsiCo, Tiffany’s, and was the CEO of Living Proof. Jill started her marketing career at P&G working on some of the company’s leading food brands, after which she entered management consulting and founded a NYC ad agency working on client brands like Air France, Equinox and Nikon.  Jill graduated from Boston University with a BS in Business Administration, and received her MBA from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and has been named to Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business.” In this candid conversation, you’ll appreciate hearing about her experiences working across companies both big and small.
November 23, 2020
Tami Hurwitz: Amazon Music Global VP of Marketing & Growth
  “Find what balance means for ALL of your people.” Tami Hurwitz is Amazon Music’s Global VP of Marketing & Growth - a role she’s been in since 2017, working on campaigns featuring  Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Chance the Rapper, Alicia Keys - reaching more than 55 million customers worldwide. Tami also spent 9 years at Microsoft as a General Manager working on digital, demand, and data efforts. Tami got her start at P&G, where she spent 14 years in a broad range of marketing leadership roles - from Coffee, to Club, working across the US, Europe, and even Latin America.  In a great conversation about working across innovative industries like tech and music - Tami shares not just the power of music, but the passion that comes from working on a product that adds so much value to people’s lives - now more than ever.
November 16, 2020
Fernando Aguirre: Chiquita Brands former CEO & Professional Baseball Owner
  “Make every decision in your career on the basis of values and principles, and you will be successful.” Fernando Aguirre is the former CEO of Chiquita Brands International, and currently a Professional Baseball Owner - as CEO of the Erie SeaWolves (AA affiliate for the Detroit Tigers), and Vice-chair of Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Advanced A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs). Fernando also owned a minority position in the Cincinnati Reds for 14 years before divesting in 2019. Fernando got his start at P&G - where he worked for 23+ years - during which he was President of P&G Brazil.   Fernando currently serves on several boards - some of which include CVS Health, Synchrony Financial, and Duke’s Fuqua school of business. He’s previously served on the boards of Aetna, Coca Cola, Levi’s, Univision, and USC’s Marshall School of Business. Fernando’s been active in the Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethic, the International Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, received the NFL's Hispanic Heritage Leadership award in 2011. AND - He was the first Hispanic CEO to participate in CBS’s Undercover Boss. In a spanning conversation of fantastic stories, get ready for some lessons learned across cultures, and around the world. 
November 9, 2020
Bob McDonald & Election 2020
    “Leadership is about doing the right thing - beyond politics - for the purpose and values of the country.” This election may be the most important of our lifetime, so we hope you’ve made your plan to VOTE. Bob McDonald - former P&G CEO and US Secretary of Veterans Affairs - returns to our podcast to share his unique perspective on service, leadership, people, and values and the choice we are making at this moment in our history.  Beyond being a veteran, Bob’s served Republican and Democratic Presidents. His political engagement is wide, and purpose-driven - always seeking to transcend party politics. Bob currently serves on the Board for the Partnership for Public Service - a nonpartisan source to help presidential administrations of BOTH parties find great people to serve our country, at all levels - for a more effective government. Interested to learn how you can serve your country, visit 
October 30, 2020
Charlie Chappell: Hershey’s Head of Media & Comms Planning
  “Work more on things that people haven’t figured out yet." Charlie Chappell is head of integrated media and communications planning at The Hershey Company, where he is leading the company’s transformation towards a data-driven, people-based approach to media on brands like Reese’s, Hershey’s, Kit Kat, Ice Breakers, Twizzlers and many more. In a great conversation about finding what’s important to each of us at work, Charlie talks about he’s always found his path Charlie brings a decidedly marketing perspective to media after spending 12 years at Procter & Gamble, working on brands like Pantene, Herbal Essences, Old Spice, Gillette, Secret, Safeway and Camay - across 25 countries including the US, China, Russia, Egypt, and Pakistan - as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Charlie received his MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern, and also studied chemical engineering at Purdue University. He lives just outside of Hershey, Pennsylvania with his wife and four kids.
October 26, 2020
Shantanu Khosla: P&G’s India’s former lead, Crompton Greave’s Managing Director
  “The best leaders do what's right by people, not politics" Shantanu Khosla is Managing Director of Crompton Greaves - one of India’s leading Consumer Electricals companies, where he’s been since 2015. Shantanu was the P&G’s India country lead for P&G India from 2002 to 2015 - where he grew revenue 15x in 13 years - making P&G one of the fastest growing consumer companies in India. And prior to leading P&G India - he led several P&G business units around the globe. Shantanu studied Mechanical Engineering at IIT Mumbai, got his MBA from IIM Calcutta - and strongly believes in a simple, three-pronged mantra, “build the business, foster leaders, and grow sustainability.”  In our candid conversation, you’ll hear Shantanu’s humble approach to leadership  - which is not just about not just leading people, but enabling people to do their best work. 
October 18, 2020
Ed Artzt : P&G’s CEO & Chairman (1990-1995)
“Integrity can be a competitive advantage.” Ed Artzt served as P&G’s CEO & Chairman from 1990 to 1995 - during which sales grew to $33 billion, and the company grew well above historic averages. Joining in 1953, Ed led growth on brands like Comet, Zest, Charmin, Bounty, and Folgers. Ed has also served on the boards of American Express, Delta Airlines, GTE and Teradyne. He was active in foreign affairs and an influential advocate of world trade, and on President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations. Now splitting his time between Florida & Wyoming, Ed shared his perspectives on the importance of storytelling, and the competitive advantage of integrity.
October 12, 2020
Kris Malkoski : Newell Food Brands, CEO
    "Live, Laugh, Love, & Let Go." Kris Malkoski is the CEO of Newell Food Brands - overseeing operations of brands like Ball, FoodSaver, and Rubbermaid. She’s had more than 30 years of proven leadership across Fortune 500 companies, startups and private equity –  like Arc International World Kitchen (Pyrex®, Corelle®, CorningWare), Sears Craftsman, Ubiquity, and of course P&G - where she actually launched the Aleve brand.  Kris serves on the boards of Trustmark Insurance and Fluidmaster, graduated from the University of Nebraska, and has a Six Sigma certification from Villanova University. But most importantly  - she’s a proud mom of 3 amazing kids who have grown up into working, accomplished professionals. In this candid conversation on work and life, Kris shares her unique approach to not just making it work, but making it work better. 
October 5, 2020
Gustavo Lopez Ghory : Kimberly Clark, Chief Supply Chain Officer
    "Rediscover your passion - find where you need to be." Gustavo Ghory is the Chief Supply Chain Officer of Kimberly Clark. Previously, Gustavo was Co-founder & Chairman of of SmarterChains - a startup focused on driving greater agile manufacturing globally. Gustavo got his start at P&G as a team manager at a plant in Venezuela, with increasing roles responsibilities globally and regionally - overseeing both manufacturing and supply chain functions - in the US, Latin America, and Europe, eventually becoming Vice President Product Supply Global Manufacturing - focusing on creating “the factory of the future” for P&G.   Gustavo has recently moved back to the US (from Geneva) with his wife and five kids. He’s an avid runner and cyclist. He  studied Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas Venezuela, serves on numerous advisory boards, and is a member of the International Society of Business Leaders - collaborating with The World Economic Forum in manufacturing related initiatives. 
September 28, 2020
Qaisar Shareef : P&G’s Pakistan & Ukraine, former country leader
    "There is no bending your principles and values, you either stick by them or you don't.” Qaisar Shareef spent a 30 year career at Procter & Gamble - where he most recently led the company’s operations in Pakistan - which is actually an organization he helped build for the company many years prior when P&G was first starting business in Pakistan. During his time with the P&G, Qaisar also held country leadership roles for the Ukraine. He’s the author of “When Tribesmen Came Calling: Building an Enduring American Business in Pakistan.” In a candid conversation about living and working out of your comfort zone, Qaisar shares not just his perspective of establishing a viable business in an emerging market, but also about returning home - multiple times - to make an impact on both sides of the world.    Qaisar is based in the Washington DC area where he is an advisory partner to Ward Howell International. He also teaches at George Washington University’s Department of International Business. Qaisar serves on the board of HOPE USA, OPEN DC, and Transparent Hands, a crowdfunding platform helping cover the underprivileged’s health care costs. He’s also on the Executive Committee of US Pakistan Foundation, and is president of Montgomery County Muslim Council. Qaisar has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.  
September 21, 2020
Lisa Baird : National Women’s Soccer League, Commissioner
    "In challenging times, if no one has a game plan - you have to create one." Lisa Baird is the Commissioner of the National Women’s Soccer League where she’s helping the organization navigate through unprecedented times. She previously held CMO roles at New York Public Radio and the US Olympic Committee - Where she launched the Team USA brand. She’s also held senior executive roles at the NFL, IBM, GM, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Johnson & Johnson. Lisa got her start at P&G working across brand management in food, beverage and beauty. Lisa’s been named one of the top Business-to-Business Marketers and received the prestigious WISE Woman of the Year Award, among numerous other honoraries. She studied at Penn State University, and lives in Connecticut. Hear how Lisa - in her first week on the job as a sports league Commissioner - handled the unprecedented shut down of all national sports. In a ranging conversation we learn not just about about creative problem solving, but today’s new skill of work/life survival. 
September 14, 2020
Paul Polman : Unilever’s former CEO & Chairman
  "If you're in a position to improve others’ lives, then that is your duty." Paul Polman is Unilever’s former CEO (2009-2018), and currently co-founder of IMAGINE, where he is mobilizing businesses to tackle climate change and global inequality. At Unilever, Paul created (and proved) a long-term approach to global problems can also drive business performance. Prior to Unilever, he was Nestle’s CFO & Head of Americas. And Paul got his start at P&G, where he spent 27 years rising through the ranks ultimately leading Europe for P&G. Paul continues to be active on the world stage, bridging the private/public sectors. Alongside the UN Secretary General, he helped develop the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Paul is chair of the International Chamber of Commerce, The B Team, Saïd Business School and Vice-Chair of the UN Global Compact. The Financial Times declared Paul "a standout CEO of the past decade” - as he is a leading proponent that business should be a force for good,  Paul shares how one person - alone or at companies - can challenge the status quo to meaningfully tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. His stories and perspectives will inspire you to be the change you want to see in the world.
September 7, 2020
Gina Drosos : Signet Jewelers CEO
    "Diversity is a business strategy - it's not an HR program, it's not a nice to have."  Virginia “Gina” Drosos, is the CEO of Signet Jewelers - the world's largest retailer of diamond jewellery - having served on the company’s Board since 2012. Gina was also previously the CEO of Assurex Health - growing the company towards a $410 million acquisition by Myriad Genetics. Gina got her start at P&G, in a 25-year career rising to Group President, Global Beauty Care - leading a $6 billion business with iconic brands like Olay, Old Spice, Secret, and CoverGirl. Gina studied business at the University of Georgia, and received her MBA from The Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s been named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year, one of Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business, and many other top awards.  Gina shares how a focus on the small details - in business and with people - often lead to big results. She also reveals some concrete insights on the how diversity is so much more than an HR strategy - it’s a business strategy.
September 1, 2020
Ed Rigaud : National Freedom Center Founder
    "People are willing to risk a lot to show their support for our freedoms."   Ed Rigaud was the Founder & CEO of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which pays tribute to all efforts to abolish human enslavement and secure freedom for all people. At Procter & Gamble, Ed was P&G’s second-ever Black Vice President - spanning a 36-year career at the company in 1965 - during which he was the R&D Technical Brand Manager who helped create Pringles. Ed was later the first Black co-owner + lead investor of the Cincinnati Reds, as well as CEO of EnovaPremier, and CEO of Legacy Acquisition. Ed has served on numerous company boards, has received appointments from the Governor of Ohio, and a sitting US President. He’s a husband, father, grandfather, accomplished artist and guitar player.   In this candid conversation on race, work, and life - Ed shares his thoughts as a black man growing up in Louisiana, rising through the ranks of corporate America, and the current climate. Ed believes that his  number one mission is to help those who have been consistently under-represented to achieve higher levels of freedom…especially in the areas of education, economic empowerment, and inclusion.
August 25, 2020
Benno Dorer : Clorox CEO & Chairman
"If you always go for something your manager agrees to, then you're likely not bold enough. The magic is turning a no into a yes." Benno Dorer is the CEO & Chairman of The Clorox Company - a post he’s held since 2014. Benno started at Clorox in 2005 rising through executive roles across Laundry, Home Care, International businesses, and Corporate Strategy. Prior to joining Clorox, Benno spent 14+ years at P&G - in senior marketing positions around the world, including the Glad Products joint venture. He has been the highest-rated US CEO on Glassdoor, among the Bay Area's Most Admired CEOs by the San Francisco Business Times, and was awarded Out & Equal’s CEO of the Year. Benno has a degree in Economics from University of Freiberg, graduate degree in business administration from Saarland University and as a multilingual leader - has worked in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Ohio, and California.  In this candid conversation, Benno shares his philosophies on creating a culture of transparency, ownership and empowerment - as well as his thoughts on the importance of finding joy and meaning in the workplace,
August 18, 2020
Linda Clement Holmes : P&G’s former Chief Diversity Officer & Chief Information Officer
"Some have to carry more weight than others - everybody's got to do their part to try to lighten their load."   Linda Clement-Holmes served as P&G’s Chief Diversity Officer AND P&G’s Chief Information Officer - significantly elevating the company’s efforts and standing in the space of Diversity & Inclusion.    Starting as a systems analyst in 1983, Linda has led a global career as an “executive of firsts” - the first Black female Senior VP, and later President. Linda’s been named one of Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders, Black Enterprise magazine’s Top Executives, and Working Mother’s “Working Mothers of the Year,” among many other honors. Linda is an active active Board leader among many business and community organizations, is a graduate of Purdue University, and a proud mother of two accomplished sons   In a candid conversation about authenticity and courage, Linda speaks about her personal - and professional - experiences in race, and comments on the unique moment we face today. Linda shares how she works everyday to lighten the load of others, and gets everyone to do their part.
August 11, 2020
Bracken Darrell : Logitech CEO
"You’re always running an all-volunteer army - keep your people inspired."    Bracken Darrell is President & CEO of Logitech - a company he joined in 2012 - where he’s been the driver for Logitech’s continued growth and profitability, leading the brand vision and company operations. Prior to joining Logitech, Bracken spent a decade in executive roles @ Whirlpool, Braun, and General Electric - and also worked in brand management at P&G. Prior to receiving his MBA from Harvard, Bracken worked at Arthur Anderson and PepsiCo.   Bracken shares his philosophies on humor and motivation in the workplace. Anyone who’s seen him talk knows he speaks his mind, and is a values-driven, people-motivated leader - something needed now more than ever in the business world. You’ll love the candor of this conversation!
August 4, 2020
Julie Sutherland : Estée Lauder VP & Commercial Head
"The exciting part is that every single person right now is living history." Julie is the VP & Commercial Head of Canada for at Estée Lauder, where she’s been for nearly 6 years. Prior to joining Estee Lauder, she spent 12 years at Procter & Gamble in roles spanning Corporate Finance, Brand Management, and Customer Marketing across Canada. Her multifunctional experience has been a key to her success in developing clear roadmaps that take traditional brands from stagnant to significant growth     Julie discusses how she always knew she’d be in business and from a young age was trying to maximize all that she did. She also shares some life tips that she shares with her kids each night but also with her team as a reminder that we’re all in this together.
July 28, 2020
Vince Hudson : American Express SVP of Brand Strategy & Marketing Operations
“Make lasting changes. What is the one thing you can change that creates the biggest shift?” Vince Hudson is SVP of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Operations at American Express. He’s been Chief Brand Officer at BET, and held senior roles at Samsung and Diageo. At P&G, Vince was the VP of P&G Beauty in Asia - after launching the blockbuster brands Crest WhiteStrips and Prilosec OTC, and growing COVERGIRL to be the first $1 Billion cosmetic brand (signing deals with Rihanna, Ellen, Taylor Swift, and Queen Latifah). Vince has been named among Brandweek’s “Marketers of the Next Gen” and AdAge’s “40 Under 40.“ He studied at Dillard University - where he’s now on the Board of Trustees.  In a candid conversation, Vince reveals the three passions that inform everything he does, and shares his approach for making an impact - wherever you work.
July 21, 2020
Antonio Sciuto : SVP Office of the CEO & Nestle Waters former CMO
"It's all about speed - learning fast and connecting the dots into greater success." Antonio Sciuto is an SVP in the Office of the CEO at - the leading cloud-based software company. Antonio is dedicated to inspire and enable the C-Suite to create more personalized customer experiences. Prior to joining Salesforce, Antonio spent eight years at Nestle - as the CMO of Nestle Waters, and before that, leading the entire company’s eCommerce strategies. He also spent 3 years with McKinsey and Company, and of course, got his start at P&G - rising through the sales ranks of Market Strategy & Planning and Customer Business Development. Antonio shares some great perspective on the idea of generosity in leadership - and the important role mentorship and family have provided a competitive advantage during the course of his career.
July 14, 2020
Alexandra Warbasse : Lyft Executive Development
"Getting unstuck is about resetting your success parameters to be owned by you." Alexandra Warbasse leads executive development at Lyft, the popular ride-sharing app. As one of Lyft’s first 100 employees starting in 2013 - she helped launch the company in several major cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Detroit and Houston, -  setting up ALL operations across hiring, training, and local demand-gen and partnership efforts. Prior to joining Lyft, Alex was a Consumer Insights Manager for P&G’s Prestige portfolio of brands in NY - like Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, and Hugo Boss. Alex shares her passion for helping people get “unstuck” and live fuller, more meaningful lives. In her professional and professional practice, she speaks to the importance of mindfulness - and meditation - to cultivate more conscious leadership.
July 7, 2020
Bob McDonald : P&G former CEO & 8th US Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Bob McDonald served as the 8th United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, under President Barack Obama. He is ALSO the retired chairman, president, and CEO of Procter & Gamble. He’s now Chairman of the Board for RallyPoint - the premiere community US military service members, veterans, their family and supporters. Graduating among the top of his class from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Bob served in the US Army as a paratrooper and trained as a Ranger. Upon leaving the military, he had a 33-year distinguished career at P&G - with leadership roles on Tide, Canada, and then across Asia - ultimately becoming CEO.  Bob shares stories and lessons throughout his storied career - ranging the battlefield, the board room, state dinners, and the President’s cabinet. Tune in for a great conversation about his principles for team-building and decision-making.
June 30, 2020
Jorge Montoya : Gap & Kroger Board Director, P&G LATAM former lead
In today’s show of the P&G Alumni podcast, we interview Jorge Montaya, former President of The Procter & Gamble Company’s Global Snacks & Beverage Division, and Procter & Gamble Latin America.  We kickstart this show with Jorge sharing some heart-warming childhood memories. Jorge was born and brought in Peru by a strong and principled mother, a school teacher by profession. His mother, Jorge shares, instilled in him the value of servant leadership and passion for work. Following in his elder brother’s footsteps, Jorge moved to the US to study mechanical engineering at Berkeley. It was here that Jorge first realized that America was indeed the land of limitless opportunities.  Next, Jorge narrates an interesting anecdote about how he got his MBA. The Organization of American States awarded a scholarship to Jorge for his MBA. Their only condition was that they would like him to go back to Peru and work there for a while. Jorge shares how he kept his end of the promise by indeed working in Peru as a P&G employee.  In the next segment of the show, listeners will be treated to some excellent anecdotes from Jorge’s 30-year long career. Particularly, Jorge shares the many difficulties that he faced while setting up P&G business in Latin America, and how he managed to overcome them.  What does it take to build a dream team… And how do you protect the integrity of the team?  Currently, Jorge works as a board director, Kroger and Gap Inc.  We wrap up this show with a fun and engaging rapid fire round. What You Will Learn In This Show: Why old-fashioned hard work is the surest way to rise through the corporate ranks Biggest challenges of setting up a business in a foreign country, and how to overcome them Growing your business without compromising on your ethics and integrity  And much, much more!
June 23, 2020
Sara Mathew : Dun & Bradstreet former CEO
"You win more frequently when others on your team are winning." Sara Mathew is former CEO of Dun & Bradstreet, and on the Boards of Campbell’s, Freddie Mac, Avon, and Shire. Growing up in India - Sara moved to the US, started at P&G as a clerk, and rose to a senior exec. Sara became Dun & Bradstreet’s CFO in 2001, SVP of International in 2005, COO in 2007, and ultimately CEO from 2010-2013. Sara transformed D&B to an innovative digital enterprise, introducing Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and accelerating Big Data Analytics. The Financial Times named her one of the Top 50 Women in World Business. Sara discusses that while life creates events you cannot control, what matters most is how you choose to respond. Sara also candidly shares her personal leadership journey - from manager to leader. By shifting from winning at all costs, to understanding that great leaders deliver BOTH great results and happy people - Sara developed an unbeatable team.
June 16, 2020
Cheryl Bachelder: Chick-fil-A & Pier 1 Director, Popeye's former CEO
"Success doesn't teach you much, but a good failure will set you straight." Cheryl Bachelder is the former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and serves on the boards of Chick-fil-A, US Foods, and Pier 1. During a decade leading Popeye’s, Cheryl revitalized Popeyes into one of America’s top fast-food brands - with more than 10 straight years of growth. She previously held executive-level positions at Domino's and KFC. Cheryl started her career in a number of brand management positions at Nabisco, Gillette, and of course P&G. Cheryl shares her thoughts on servant leadership - which she literally wrote a book on: “Dare to Serve: How To Drive Superior Results While Serving Others.” Through deeply personal stories of work and family - Cheryl shares stories not just about winning - but the importance of learning from failures. Learn more:
June 9, 2020
Chip Bergh : Levi's CEO
“It’s better to make the harder right, VS the easier wrong.” Chip Bergh is President & CEO of Levi Strauss & Company. Chip got his start in the United States Army as a paratrooper - rising to the rank of Captain. He then spent 28-years at P&G leading many of the company’s most iconic brands - from growing Folgers and launching Swiffer. By the early 2000s, Chip led much of P&G’s Asia business, and after P&G’s 2005 Gillette acquisition, Chip ran all of P&G’s male grooming brands - including the famed relaunch of Old Spice. Since becoming Levi’s CEO in 2011, Chip has led the turnaround of one of America’s oldest - and most iconic - brands.  Chip shares stories of not just his own style of values-driven leadership, but also how he’s continued - through humility and humor - Levi’s tradition of social activism.
June 2, 2020
Andy Shih : Nike VP of eCommerce & Direct Stores
“Bigger is not always better, but you can thrive with a small group of people around you in big places.” Andy Shih is Nike’s VP of Direct Stores and Digital Commerce for the Asia Pacific and Latin America. Andy previously spent 5 years in Shanghai where he led Nike’s eCommerce efforts across greater China. Before joining Nike, Andy was one of P&G’s earliest digital marketers - working across brands like Pantene, Clairol, Olay, Cover Girl, Secret, Head & Shoulders, and more - ultimately leading programs in digital marketing, business analytics, and commercial innovation. Andy also happens to be a graduate of The Ohio State University.  In this candid conversation - you’ll hear from Andy how he grew in big places - universities, companies, and even countries like China - making them smaller with what matters most: great people. Learn more:
May 26, 2020
Janet Roller : Shutterfly VP Brand & Audience, former Marriott & Target Exec
“As leaders, it’s more about the outcome and the conversations, versus the hours that you’re working.” Janet Roller is the VP of Brand & Audience of Shutterfly. For 2 decades, Janet has lived many professional lives across Marriott, Target, and of course, P&G. She began her P&G career in babycare new product development, then joined Target for 12 years - spanning design and sales. Most recently, Janet Roller was the VP of CX Innovation with Marriott International, focused on the next wave of human-centered travel experiences. Janet also serves as a coach at Stanford’s, leading executives through the design-thinking process. While Janet’s worked across some of the world’s biggest brands - her success has come from breaking down the boxes of preconceived notions and bringing a “design thinking” approach to ALL of the interactions at home and work.
May 19, 2020
Jim McNerney : Boeing & 3M former CEO
“How do you change a culture? One conference room at a time.” Jim McNerney was CEO of both Boeing and 3M, before which he spent 19 years rising across divisions of General Electric (GE). Jim also worked early on at McKinsey and started (of course) at P&G. Jim has served on the Boards of P&G, Boeing, IBM, and was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the Kennedy Center Board of Trustees and the President’s Export Council. Through lessons in humility and humor, you’ll learn how Jim’s been an agent of cultural change and business results. Learn more:
May 12, 2020
Julie Eddleman : Google Global Client Partner
“To be the first person in a role can actually be a career accelerant.” Julie Eddleman is Global Client Partner at Google, accelerating partnerships with companies like GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and P&G. Julie spent 19 years at P&G working on partnerships with the NFL, Olympics, and many of the company’s biggest investments. Julie’s been recognized as an AdAge Media Maven, an LGBT Influential Leader by The Advocate magazine, and Woman of the Year by PowerPlay New York City for her role in mentoring young women and girls. Julie talks about being out at work - and how she’s made choices and relationships during her 25 year business career.  Resources: Julie’s LinkedIn the P&G Alumni Network:
May 5, 2020
Meg Whitman : Quibi CEO & former CEO of eBay & HP
“You have to just say what's most important to you, and then...try to live that truth if you can.” Meg Whitman is the CEO of Quibi, a new video platform of “quick bites” of mobile content. Meg started her career at P&G in marketing and moved on to Executive level positions at Hasbro, Disney, and Bain before becoming the CEO of eBay (1998-2008), and then HP (2011-2015). Meg talks about making choices, the importance of cultivating relationships, and her experiences as a rising female leader - in business and politics - and how she’s seen the work environment change in her forty-year career. Learn More About Our Alumni Network:
April 30, 2020
John Pepper : P&G former CEO & Disney former Chairman
“What's really important is what you do and how you make people feel.” John Pepper was the CEO & Chairman of P&G from (1995-2002), Chairman of the Board of the Walt Disney Company (2007-2012), and CEO/Chairman of the National Underground Railroad Museum Freedom Center (1995-2002). Whether working across the table from Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bob Iger (Disney) or mentoring countless leaders in and out of P&G - John Pepper is one of the greats. You’ll learn about John’s fascinating personal and professional journey, the lessons he learned along the way, and his perspective on the world today. Access The Extended John Pepper Interview Here:  Learn More About Our Alumni Network:
April 30, 2020
Welcome to the P&G Alumni Podcast
Did you know that many top leaders in business and beyond got their start at P&G? Did you also know that “Learnings” is not a word? This is “Learnings from Leaders” - the official P&G Alumni Podcast. Through conversations with leaders from some of the biggest brands - P&G, Nike, Google, Levi’s, Quibi, Dun & Bradstreet, Boeing, Salesforce, and many more - co-hosts Raman Sehgal (Recovering Marketer) and Andrew Tarvin (Humor Engineer) go deeper with the leaders you know, but want to know more about. In this “origin” episode, you’ll hear more about Drew & Raman’s personal P&G Alumni journey, and what (more) to expect from this new weekly podcast by the P&G Alumni Network. Learn more: 
April 21, 2020