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By Mike Waters
Being an athlete is more competitive than ever. Whether it’s earning that scholarship, starting at the DI level, or performing at the professional level. There is one thing that you must have. That’s The Winner's Mindset! Every episode will touch on different areas of performance training, athlete development and most importantly the mindset that an athlete must have to compete at the highest level. Athletes, trainers, coaches, parents, this is the podcast that you wanna listen to, subscribe to and the podcast you want to share!
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Conversation with Super Bowl Champion Brandon Marshall
Wednesday Night Conversation with Super Bowl Champion Brandon Marshall One of the most rewarding parts of being the owner of Phase 1 Sports is watching our athletes progress from high school, to college and the selected few to the pros. Brandon's journey was not your typical elite athlete mission. He was not a 5 start athlete and did not have 20 offers out of high school, but he did reach the highest level of the sport. In this interview we touch on every topic from his first year of football to running out of the tunnel on Super Bowl Sunday!  So sit back and relax while enjoying Wednesday Night Conversation with Brandon Marshall.  
June 15, 2020
How to Recognize and Develop Elite Athletes
How to Recognize and Develop Elite Athletes.  Wednesday Night Conversation was very powerful for athletes, coaches and parents. In this episode I shared my 17 years of experience working with youth, college and professional athletes.  So check out my top 3 characteristic and how to develop an elite athlete from youth to the pro level! Mike Waters, Phase 1 Sports  IG: @mikewatersp1 
May 22, 2020
Wednesday Night Conversation with Bradley Randle
Wednesday Night Conversation with Bradley Randle "Episode 2" Every Wednesday night at 7pm PST I bring you a special guest. From professional athletes, fitness professionals, entrepreneurs to spiritual advisors.  In today's episode we had the opportunity to talk with one of the best Running Back Trainers out there. After a successful career at UNLV to some time in the NFL and now a mentor to hundreds of athletes. Get ready for some takeaways, motivation and a few more tools to reaching your full potential!  Welcome to Wednesday Night Conversation!  
May 8, 2020
Corporate Athlete Mike Waters: How Your Health and Your Business Work Together!
*Make sure to check out the video! Corporate Athlete Mike Waters, Co-Owner of Phase 1 Sports: How Your Health and Your Business Work Together   This video was born when someone asked me what they thought was a very simple question. Why do you train so hard?   I'm sure they expected a very simple answer like "I want to look good!" Nope. Not even close.    Looking good is really just the result of working hard and being discipline on your nutrition. The reason I workout so hard is a little deeper than that. First of all I don't workout, I train. That means I have a specific training program, schedule and a specific goal that I'm trying to reach every single month.  Now, back to the answer to the question. I work hard because for me, training is preparation for life.  As a business owner running multiple businesses there will always be levels of stress and anxiety that comes with it.  So every time I walk into the gym to train I push myself to the max. My thought process is this. If I push myself to the limit, when life throws the unexpected at me I'm 100% prepared to handle it. Not to mention that the key to success is health. There are so many successful entrepreneurs that are making tons of money, but struggle every day with their health.  So as great and cool as wealth can be, without health and quality of life what does it really mean!  So for all my Corporate Athletes out there let's make health the #1 priority. If you do, I can guarantee a higher level of success both short and long term.    Mike Waters, Phase 1 Sports
April 26, 2020
Monday Chalk Talk Episode 1: 3 Easy Steps to Start a Business
Monday Morning Chalk Talk: 3 Easy Steps to Start a Business  1. Dedicate time to your new business  2. Monitor expenses closely   3. Generate the same amount of revenue as your job With over 16 years business experience here are a few business tips that can help you start your business. Michael Waters
April 20, 2020
Nutrition Simplified: 5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Nutrition
In just 10 minutes I want to give you the easy solution to a successful nutrition game plan. Not something so scientific that it leaves you confused, but a game plan that is simple and gives you the best chance of being successful. So get you notebook ready and take your nutrition and results to the next level.  Below is the summary of what I will be discussing in today's podcast. Thanks for listening and make sure you subscribe and share!   1. BMR- What is your BMR? BMR is the total number of calories that your body needs to perform basic, life-sustaining functions. These basal functions include circulation, breathing, cell production, nutrient processing, protein synthesis, and ion transport. 2. MACROS- What should your macros be set at? Macronutrients include Protein, Fat and Carbs.  3. How do you track you Caloric intake and macros on a daily basis? My answer is simple MFP (MyFitnessPal) 4. What should I track? Everything lol  5. What's the ket to success? Consistency!   Thanks for listening the complete video is live on Mike Waters, Owner Phase 1 Sports IG: @journeyofh2o 
April 8, 2020
How to Keep a Winner's Mindset Through the Coronavirus Pandemic
How to Keep a Winner's Mindset Through the Coronavirus Pandemic.   The Winner's Mindset is not just for athletes. It's for LIFE! As the entire world is going through this pandemic together it's more important than ever that we have and maintain the Winner's Mindset.   In this episode I thought it was very important that we face this issue head on. As a part of that it allows us to change the narrative on how we handle this coronavirus pandemic.  It's important to respect it, but it's equally important that we come out of this better and stronger than ever!   So thanks for listening and sharing, hope this leaves you inspired to be better than ever.    Mike Waters, Phase 1 Sports | | 702-641-0011 |
April 5, 2020
Spiritual Perspective During this Time with Minister Jonathan Jones
"Spiritual Perspective During this Time" with Minister Jonathan Jones Being in the fitness industry I've grown accustom to people asking questions about nutrition, training, etc. But when someone asked how they should be dealing with the quarantine/coronavirus spiritually, I couldn't answer. Not because I didn't have an answer, but because I wanted to go one step further.  At that moment I knew who my special guest on my next podcast would be! Not only a personal friend, but my spiritual mentor that I go to for all things business, personal, relationships or whatever else it may be.  So here it is. My friend and spiritual mentor Minister Jonathan Jones talking about the "Spiritual Perspective" that we should all have during this time.  So hopefully you find this as valuable as I did while recording!  Make sure to share this episode and subscribe to the podcast...  Mike Waters IG: @journeyofh2o 
March 29, 2020
Mindset Through Quarantine with Special Guest Terrance Smalls
At a time when there is so much uncertainty, we have to look to our leaders for guidance. In this episode I spent some time with owner and founder of The Lab 909 Terrance Smalls. Being two leaders in the fitness industry we both thought it was important that we share the positives to what we are all going through at the time.  There's only so much negative that we can take until we have to take a deep breath and ask the simple question.. How can I make the most out of this situation? On todays podcast we answered that question and more.  So tune in, subscribe and share it with a friend that needs to hear it!  Mike Waters, Phase 1 Sports  
March 25, 2020
How to Get an Athletic Scholarship | Get Recruited with Special Guest Coach D. Hill
How to Get an Athlete Scholarship | Recruiting Made Simple.  For all the athletes and parents out there that have the goal of getting that elusive athleteic scholarship, here is your guide to success.  My guest today is Coach David Hill who has been responsible for 100's of athletic scholarships over the last couple of years. In just 30 minutes you have have takeaways on how to get recruited and most importantly the do's and don'ts to being a recruitable athlete. Between Coach Hill and myself we have successfully assisted over 1,000 athletes in getting to the next level. It's not by chance, it's by plan and strategy that most athletes get offers.  It's not 1985 when recruiting was simple "If you're good they will find you!" Not anymore. Today is all about exposure and we are going to give you the secrets to getting that exposure.  For more info E-mail and make sure to follow Coach D. Hill on Twitter @dhill39 and on IG @dhill3939  If you haven't already make sure to subscribe to this podcast so you can stay up to date with everything that will give you the Winner's Mindset! 
March 23, 2020
The Mental Edge with Special Guest Tom Kaz
The Mental Edge with Special Guest Tom Kaz As an athlete you should have one main goal. That goal is to be a "complete athlete". You want to be that athlete that trains harder than everyone else, studies harder than everyone else and competes harder than everyone else. You should be the type of athlete that asks yourself this question often: What else can I do to be great? Well, I have the answer.  How much time are you spending on your "Mental Game"?  On today's podcast I have the honor of sitting with the one and only Tom Kaz. Tom has been on billboards all of Las Vegas promoting his Hypnosis show right here on the Las Vegas strip. Now he using that same mental power to help athlete train mentally and accomplish more than they every imagined.  You may be thinking, I don't need mental training.... and you might be right. But here's what I would say. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi and couple other great athletes all had mental coaches. So why not? What if that's the last piece to your athletic puzzle!!!
March 2, 2020
Two P's Perseverance and Patience
A message for the committed athletes. The athletes that are 100% focused on becoming the best and dominating at every level. The ones that are training, taking care of nutrition and every other area of being an elite athlete. As you progress through this journey everything is not always going to go your way. There will always be wins and loses, ups and downs. However, your level of success will come down to how you deal with adversity.  In my experience there are two words that can help you through it all!  1. Perseverance  2. Patience  Make sure to subscribe and share this podcast! See you on the inside. Visit for the latest ABT- Athletic Based Training Program  
February 1, 2020
PASSION + PURPOSE, The 16 Year Journey of Phase 1 Sports
PASSION + PURPOSE, The 16 Year Journey of Phase 1 Sports! In January 2003 the journey of Phase 1 began. As much as I would like to say it has been a smooth, profitable 16 years, I can't. I'm sure the majority of entrepreneurs can agree, this mission is everything but smooth.  In this episode I share the up, down, good and bad of the 16 years as the founder of Phase 1 Sports here in Las Vegas, NV.  Make sure to share this episode with your entrepreneur family and thanks for the support!  -Mike  
January 24, 2020
Athletes. Don't Live with Regret
As an athlete you only have so much time to reach the peak of your athletic career. Even as an elite level professional athlete with a Hall of Fame type of career, you'll still spend more years not playing sports than playing. So what that means to me is you only have so much time to accomplish all of your athletic goals. So when that time comes and your career is coming to an end, will you walk away knowing that you gave it everything you had? At 41 years old there's a couple life lessons that I have learned. One of the most valuable being "No Regret". So as you progress through your student-athlete/professional athlete career I want to leave you with one thought.  Go all in! That's the only way to maximize your potential and the only way to not wake up with REGRET!      
January 15, 2020
Parents! What is Your Expectation?
Parents! What is your expectation?  In this episode we discuss the expectation that parents should have when investing into their young athletes career. For some it's the NFL, for others it's the NBA, but in many cases the goal and expectation is that their young athlete will someday become a Pro! Is that the right expectation or are you that over the top, out of control parent that will eventually drive your athlete to quit. In this episode we discuss the mindset and most importantly the expectation that parents should have in regard to the future and goal of raising their young athletes.  Don't forget to check out Volume 1-2020 of our ABT- Athletic Based Training Program. (Click here)  Athletes in the Las Vegas Valley, make sure to email and get your free week of training! (Click here)
January 7, 2020
Raising a Young Athlete with Special Guest Marquetta Breslin
In this three part episode we cover multiple topics all based on "Raising a Young Athlete". Our guest is non other than the wonderful Marquetta Breslin, who is not only a mom of a young athlete, but a beast in her own right. She is a leader in the hair stylist community, entrepreneur, author and finds time to be a great mom providing her family with all the resources to be successful.  Here are a few of the topics we covered: Part 1: How do you know if your child has it?  Part 2: How soon should you start training? Part 3: What's the big deal about being a hold back?     Make sure to follow Marquetta on IG @marquettabreslin and share this episode!  Mike Waters, Phase 1 Sports @iamphase1  Click here for ABT- Athletic Based Training Programs 
January 1, 2020
Winner's Mindset and Why You Should Listen!
Winner's Mindset and Why You Should Listen! The very first episode of the Winner's Mindset by Mike Waters Owner of Phase 1 Sports in Las Vegas, NV.  Starting January 2020 you can expect weekly podcasts with special guests, professional athletes, entertainers and more. We will also be bringing you in depth conversations with young athletes that are training hard and focussed on their academics to make sure they are prepared for the next level. Special guests like the parents of our athletes that have questions on how to make sure they provide their young athletes with all the resources they need to be successful. Topics include recruiting, training, nutrition and of course my perspective on how not to raise self entitled, unappreciative athletes in a time where that has become very common. So if you're ready for a real show, with real people, all working toward one common goal the Winner's Mindset is the podcast for you.  Summary: The Winners Mindset is Mike Waters podcast dedicated to youth, college, and pro athletes, as well as aspiring business owner and entrepreneurs who want to take their game to the next level with a "Winners Mindset."
December 29, 2019