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Phenom Hoops Podcast

Phenom Hoops Podcast

By Phenom Hoops
Phenom Hoops brings you all the latest talk around high school basketball. Listen in as we discuss topics around players, teams, and much more!
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Phenom Podcast: Previewing the NCISAA Championships
It is time to crown a champion in the NCISAA playoffs.  We sit down and breakdown our thoughts and what to watch in each championship game, as a team will be crowned in the 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A on Saturday. 4A: Carmel Christian vs. Cannon School 3A: Asheville Christian Academy vs. Gaston Christian 2A: The Burlington School vs. Northwood Temple 1A: United Faith vs. Victory Christian Take a listen and make sure you subscribe!
February 26, 2021
Phenom Podcast: NC State's Freshmen making noise early (with Miles Masercola from Pack Pride)
Phenom Hoops brings you another interesting podcast, this time bringing in a special guest from Pack Pride, Miles Masercola. Patrick and Miles sit down to discuss the latest surrounding NC State basketball, which includes quite a few HoopState prospects that are quickly making a name for themselves.  Miles dives into more from what he has seen from Shakeel Moore, Cam Hayes, Jaylon Gibson, and Nick Farrar, as well as a few other names we have learned and watched before in North Carolina, such as Manny Bates and Thomas Allen. Make sure you subscribe to our channel, as we bring you more topics.
January 06, 2021
Phenom Podcast: Winthrop off to a hot start in the Big South
Phenom Hoops' Patrick O'Brien was getting the urge to talk some college basketball, especially after watching Winthrop on ESPN+.  The Eagles are off to a tremendous start and are looking like the top team in the Big South early on.  They are using a balanced offensive attack, getting on the boards, and stepping up on the defensive end, Winthrop is playing incredibly strong.  It is one of several podcasts in which we talk about some college basketball.   If you got 10 minutes, listen in as we dive into Winthrop's impressive start to the season.
January 05, 2021
Phenom Holiday Classic: Day 7 Recap/ POB's Eye Catchers
It was the final day of what was a long but exciting week at Phenom Hoops, as we ended the Phenom Holiday Classic in Rock Hill with a bang.  Teams wanted to end the week with a big win on Wednesday, as players and teams competed on the court.  We review and recap the action on Wednesday, go over the scores, and talk about POB's Eye Catchers from the day. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast and check out all the latest content at
December 24, 2020
Phenom Holiday Classic: Day 6 Recap/ POB's Eye Catchers
We continue our coverage in Rock Hill for the Phenom Holiday Classic. It has been a fantastic event so far, that has brought some very exciting games.  We review and recap the action that happened on Tuesday, going over some of the scores but also talking about our standouts that we saw by Patrick O'Brien, who was on the Arena Court all day.  See who impressed us with their play. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast for more content and check out the latest coverage at
December 23, 2020
Phenom Holiday Classic: Day 5 Recap/ Eye Catchers
Patrick O'Brien with Phenom Hoops sits down for another episode to discuss and recap all the action in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  We talk about all the final scores and games, some of our thoughts on each game, and standouts from the Arena Court (from what was viewed by Patrick).  Who captured our eyes with their play on Day 5 at the Phenom Holiday Classic? Listen in to find out and make sure you subscribe to our podcast channel for more!
December 22, 2020
Phenom Holiday Classic: Day 1 Recap/ What to Watch on Day 2
Patrick O'Brien of Phenom Hoops sits down for a new podcast episode, as we discuss what we saw on Day 1 of the Phenom Holiday Classic in Rock Hill, SC.  Day 1 gave us two games, as Comenius took down Mount Zion and Victory Christian cruised past Elevation Prep.  Who were names that captured our eyes with their play? Also, Day 2 brings us a loaded schedule and must-see games.  We take a look at the games that have our eyes on Day 2, who to watch on the court and some of the storylines that you should be on the look for.   Check it out and make sure you subscribe for more episodes, as we hope to bring you more from Phenom Hoops. 
December 18, 2020
Phenom Podcast: What will Mac McClung bring to Texas Tech?
Listen in college basketball fans!  You may have heard that one of the top transfers announced his commitment on Wednesday, as former Georgetown star Mac McClung will now be wearing the Texas Tech jersey in the coming years.  We dive into when we first saw him in 2016 but also bring in a special guest, Ben Golan, from (Rivals) to get his expertise and thoughts on how McClung will fit in for at Texas Tech and what he will be able to bring.  He also discusses his thoughts on if we will get a chance to see him on the court next season or the season after that... Got a few minutes? Check It Out and make sure you subscribe to the Phenom Hoops Podcast!
May 29, 2020
COACH'S CORNER: South Meck's Gary Hall Speaks on Coaching Journey + NEW GIG in the #Hoopstate!
Phenom Hoops is joined by a legend for high school basketball and now one that will be apart of North Carolina.  New South Meck head coach Gary Hall joins Rick Lewis and Patrick O'Brien to talk about his journey as head coach in Virginia, Texas, and now North Carolina.  What drew him to South Meck and what kind of style is going to bring to the program? That and much more!  Make sure you subscribe to our channel for more interviews.
May 04, 2020
Coach's Corner: Providence Day HC Brian Fields Speaks on 2016 State Champs & NBA'er Grant Williams!
Phenom Hoops brings you another episode of the Coach's Corner with a long-time friend in Providence Day's head coach Brian Field.  Field has been enjoying his dream of coaching at Providence Day for several years now and we take a joy ride back to the past to relive some of those moments, including his championship run with Grant Williams, Devon Dotson, Trey Wertz, and several others.  We also look towards the future with the program and coach defines what a Brian Field coached team looks like.  Make sure to subscribe and enjoy.
May 01, 2020
Coach's Corner: Cox Mill HC Ty Johnson
Our coach's corner episode continues to plug right along, this time looking at a young but talented coach rising up the ranks in Cox Mill's Ty Johnson.  With a few years under his belt, he took a job at Cox Mill when the program was losing 98% of their scoring but he still finished with a 25-4 record and is looking for more next year.  What are his goals as a coach and what does his faith help provide to the programs and players? That and much more with Coach Johnson in our latest episode.  Make sure you subscribe!
April 30, 2020
Coach's Corner: Ardrey Kell Mike Craft
Ardrey Kell head coach sits down with Rick Lewis and Patrick O'Brien, looking back at his history as a player in high school but also his rise in becoming a head coach.  Being an assistant at Appalachian State, Wingate, and at Davidson, he learned a lot of lessons that he still uses today at Ardrey Kell.  He continues to find success at the high school level, as his teams continue to be one of the top programs in the state.  What are a few of his philosophies on the court and what is he looking forward to next year? Make sure you subscribe to our channel and YouTube page for more and follow us on Twitter/Instagram at @phenom_hoops
April 29, 2020
Coach's Corner: Harding HC LJ Johnson
Another episode of the Coach's Corner comes from Phenom Hoops, as Rick Lewis and Patrick O'Brien sit down with Harding head coach LJ Johnson.  We discuss multiple topics today including his interesting path of playing basketball and football, his background of being a coach on multiple levels, and what he has been able to do in a short time at the program.  Coach Johnson breaks down his thoughts of players to watch next year and much more.  Make sure you listen in and subscribe to all our outlets.
April 28, 2020
Coach's Corner: Independence HC Preston Davis
Phenom Hoops brings you the latest Coach's Corner episode, as you can now find it here as a podcast and as a video interview on the Phenom Hoops YouTube page, which can be found here: Today, Independence head coach Preston Davis joins us to talk about his journey.  From his playing time at Independence and his road in becoming a coach, what it was like to win a state title as a coach, his mentality on the court, and some of the challenges he has faced. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast and YouTube page, as we bring you more content each week.
April 27, 2020
Recruiting Road Map (4.24.20): Latest commitments and offers
Phenom Hoops talks about the latest commitments this past week, including 2021 Dontrez Styles heading to North Carolina.  See what each player can bring to their next program and a little bit about their game.  We also discuss a few players that have been a hot commodity for college coaches, receiving new and multiple offers.  Find out the latest from this past week with Phenom Hoops.
April 24, 2020
Coach's Corner: Covenant Day's HC Marty Parrish
MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!! Phenom Hoops Coach's Corner, a podcast talking multiple topics with coaches from around the region. Today, Rick Lewis and Patrick O’Brien are joined by Covenant Day head coach Marty Parrish, as he discusses his background and past, playing on multiple levels throughout his career, as well as what got him into coaching. Then we dive into the players, including a few unsigned seniors in Thomas Hailey and Hamidou Sidibe. Freshman Aden Holloway was a star this past season for Coach Parrish and he certainly knows there is something special about him and his future; he gives us the full breakdown. Lastly, we discuss the Covenant Day program. What does the school really provide to student-athletes and what he is looking forward to with the basketball program in the future? Sit back and relax and enjoy our new and continuing podcast episode, the Coach's Corner. Rundown: 0:00: Intro/ Coach Parrish’s background and what got him into coaching 11:50: Player discussion/ Seniors to Watch/ Aden Holloway’s game 23:25: The Culture at Covenant Day
April 23, 2020
Phenom Podcast: Thoughts on The Last Dance (Ep. 1 &2)
Rick Lewis, Jeff Bendel, and Patrick O'Brien sit down after watching the latest ESPN documentary "The Last Dance."  Looking back at Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, people got a glimpse of what made Mike into Michael Jordan, along with other details and stories surrounding players like Scottie Pippen.   - Rick talks Michael Jordan back at North Carolina and his rookie season - What are our thoughts on Jordan's early years on the court and what he showed early in the NBA - The interesting facts surrounding Pippen and what people can learn from him - Rick takes a look back at when he watched Jordan vs. the Celtics Make sure you subscribe to our Phenom Hoops Podcast and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@phenom_hoops) 
April 20, 2020
Phenom Recruiting Road Map: Latest commitments and recruiting news (4.17.20)
Starting a new feature with Phenom Hoops, we are looking at the latest commitment in the past week with players that have been on the Phenom Hoops platform.  In total, we had six ranging on several levels including players from North Carolina and South Carolina.  We also take a look at a few prospects that have been a hot commodity on the recruiting trail in the last week. Have a few minutes, listen in and make sure to subscribe! Twitter: @phenom_hoops Instagram: @phenom_hoops
April 17, 2020
Phenom Podcast: HoopState Championship/ SC Phenom 150 Recap
Patrick, Jamie, Jeff, and Rick all sit down after an eventful weekend of high school basketball.  We first take a glance at the exciting and thrilling Phenom's HoopState Championship that took place at Combine Academy, where a champion was crowned in Moravian Prep National.  However, many other teams and players really stepped up to the challenge and made a name for themselves.  We review some of those performances. Next, we head down to Hartsville South Carolina for the SC Phenom 150, where a 2020 unsigned senior took home MVP honors and a few offers/interests.  On top of that, many young rising stars from the state solidified themselves as prospects to watch from a talented area in South Carolina.  We discuss just a few of those names, along with our upcoming camps as well. Make sure you take a listen and rate our podcast!
March 09, 2020