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Trowels and Tribulations

Trowels and Tribulations

By Phillip Airey
We believe that gardening and being outdoors should be fun and no nonsense. The best way to do that? Sit three Northerners around a microphone to share a podcast of their adventures.
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E6 Effects of Covid and guest Graham Porter

Trowels and Tribulations

E12 Christmas Edition
This is our festive podcast , We talk about Christmas and of course "moss balls". ... again  Plant of the Pod - Hedera helix, Ivy is an evergreen, woody climber. Tree of the pod - The Christmas tree of choice.... The Nordmann Fir is the king of the trees, its needles will stay attached throughout the festive season. No more needles in your feet Plant of the pod - Mistletoe is an evergreen plant with distinctive forked branches and pairs of symmetrical evergreen leaves. In winter it produces clusters of pearlescent white berries which are favourites with hungry birds such as thrushes Thought of the Pod - Winter wellness We will return next year. 2021... Until then... Merry Christmas and a happy new year P.s Keep it green
December 23, 2020
E11 Gin with Jam
In this Episode we talk about botanicals in drinks especially gin.  Gin with Jam - We Interview Jamila Juma-Ware (Jam) about Tailors gin and using plants to enhance their gin. To find more information go to  Tree of the Pod - Fagus sylvatica, the European beech or common beech, is a deciduous tree Plant of the pod - Schlumbergera  a epiphytic cacti commonly known as Christmas cactus
December 20, 2020
E10 Care for Christmas trees
In this episode we talk about Christmas trees and how to care for them and a welcome return after another lockdown.  Plant of the pod is Schlumbergera - Christmas Catus Tree of the pod - Norway spruce - Picea abies Thought of the pod  - The wind they are a changin
December 9, 2020
E9 To prune or not to prune
In this episode we talk about pruning back and getting ready for winter. To prune or not to prune....That is the question.  Fact of the pod - Saffron Thought of the pod - The air that we breath Things will get back to normal in December so keep tuned. We are all back in the studio and send us your gardening questions. 
November 30, 2020
E8 Sculptures with Steve Blaylock
In this episode we talk about sculptures and what they do to enhance the garden and your life We talk to Steve Blaylock From the humble beetle to the majestic oak, his sculptures are of many diverse subjects and sizes. From almost life size dragonflies to 30 foot lizards, owls with 16 foot wingspans and spiders that are big enough to carry you off. All his sculptures contain or are made of entirely from the last Sheffield stainless steel ever manufactured in the UK. This includes the Blue Peter Ship that now resides in the public garden at Media City.
November 21, 2020
E7 Herbs with Andy Berry
In this episode we talk about Herbs and Sarah talks to Andy Perry of Urban Herbs We are based in the Midlands in the heart of Birmingham. We don’t have a retail base but everyone is welcome in our online store. Here, you can find a huge range of living flavour. We love growing things and are slightly obsessed with herbs and spices – can you tell? We believe that exciting flavours make life better. We are a young company, operated by foodies who genuinely love the flavours that we sell. We share the joy and excitement of growing that we have discovered and only wish you could smell our amazing plants through the screen of your phone or tablet. Our greatest joy is making growing exciting and accessible to all - regardless of previous experience with growing. Herbs are such an accessible, easy and enjoyable way to begin a relationship with growing. You won't look back. We certainly haven't. We are a family business and service to customers is at the forefront of our business. We really do care about your satisfaction. When you enjoy the flavours that we sell it really does make us happy. Your feedback is so important to us. Now please explore, browse and enjoy our virtual herb farm. We really hope that you feel inspired. Reach out and follow us on Instagram where we love sharing our joy of growing.
November 15, 2020
E6 Effects of Covid and guest Graham Porter
We talk about the effects of covid 19 on gardeners and the industry  We go to Halifax to join Claire on her first allotment Plant of the Pod - Shasta Daisy - Leucanthemum is a commonly grown flowering herbaceous perennial plant with the classic daisy appearance of white petals around a yellow disc, similar to the oxeye daisy We speak to Graham Porter FCIHort., Cert.Ed. The garden expert on BBC Radio Leeds
November 7, 2020
E5 Halloween Special
Its Halloween special.   We talk about the creepy and dark side of plants.  Wacks wicked plants tell use how carnivorous plants devour their pray Thought of the pod  - Halloween and what to do with your pumpkin. Till next time.... keep it scream 😈👻🎃
October 31, 2020
E4 Autumn and Carnivorous plants
In this episode we talk about Autumn, also known as fall in America. Job of the pod - Bulbs Interview with the wonderful people of Wacks Wicked Plants.  They are North-Yorkshire based, nursery, and grow, display and sell Carnivorous Plants at Shows and Fairs. They started as a backyard nursery in Knaresborough, and moved to the beautiful village of Scampston in 2015 to enable them to grow the nursery. Now its all online so please email or call 07530 176624 for an appointment. Thought of the pod - The seasons Thank you for listening and please subscribe but till next time... Keep it green
October 24, 2020
E3 Moss balls and Kindlewoods
In this episode We talk about Moss balls and its more fascinating than you might think Job of the pod - Harvesting and storing potatoes  Plant of the pod - Judas tree - Cercis siliquastrum Interview with Katie Rees from KindleWoods KindleWoods CIC is a woodland social enterprise based in North Yorkshire. From mental health to coppicing, we are a skilled, hardworking team who use creative, evidenced based approaches to tackle the root causes of our major social and environmental challenges. Passionate about empowering and engaging our community, we use a combination of our skills and experience to run transformative woodland wellbeing programmes and sustainably manage local woodland. Thought of the pod - Listen to the dawn chorus but do you listen to the evening chorus Thank you for listening and please subscribe. We would love to hear your questions too. Till next time ..... Keep it green
October 18, 2020
E2 Horticap and our very own Sarah Owen Hughes
In this episode We talk about Horticap A great Charity in Harrogate.  Job of the pod - Leaves are coming. Pest of the pod - Wooly aphids - Eriosomatinae Tree of the pod - Betula pendula, commonly known as silver birch Interview with Sarah Owen Hughes MICHort Thought of the pod - The sky above Thank you for listening and please subscribe. We would love to hear your questions too. Till next time ..... Keep it green
October 10, 2020
E1 Our first and guest Philip Gomersall BEM
Welcome to our podcast. We will bring you garden tips and facts. We also interview good old gardening folk.  In this episode Job of the pod - Dig um out, Time to dig your potatoes up before the slugs get them.   Time also to plant your winter veg. Fact of the pod - Where does 85% of plant live grow ? Plant of the pod - Cercidiphyllum japonicum, known as the katsura, is a species of flowering tree in the family Cercidiphyllaceae native to China and Japan. It is sometimes called caramel tree for the light caramel smell it emits during leaf fall Thought of the pod - Herbal Tea, The antioxidants and vitamins found in herbal teas are great for helping fight disease and infections, protect against oxidative stress Our guest this episode is Philip Gomersall,  President of the National Allotment Society.  Desert island digs - Phil takes us down to his secret allotment
September 29, 2020
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We talk about gardening, nature and the environment we live in.
September 28, 2020