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Philadelphia Christian Church with Pastor Omar Thibeaux

Philadelphia Christian Church with Pastor Omar Thibeaux

By Pastor Omar Thibeaux
Known for his down to earth charisma and uncompromising determination to expound the truth of the word of God, Pastor Omar Thibeaux, through the power of the Holy Spirit, teaches biblical truths that not only inspire, but also brings change to those who have an ear to hear.
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Shake Off The Dust - Pastor Omar Thibeaux
It's not a matter of if you will face persecution, but it's when you face persecution; how will you respond to it? God will put us through trials not to break us, but to make us. When we share in the same sufferings as Christ, we will have stepped into a special relationship with God! Listen as Pastor Omar expounds from the book of Acts 13:51, "Shake Off The Dust".  Thank you for tuning to this podcast. This live presentation of the word of Yah was presented by senior Pastor Omar Thibeaux of Philadelphia Christian Church in South Louisiana. Visit our website to learn more about us. Our hope is that this message would leave you changed and made better all because of it. Shalom. 
July 19, 2021
All That Will Live Godly - Pastor Omar Thibeaux
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July 13, 2021