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Bundesliga Talk

Bundesliga Talk

By Philip, Eli, Nate
We talk all about the Bundesliga. Roster changes, transfers, and up and coming stars. We talk all about it. Every week we release a new episode on that week, as well as when a big news alert happens. Count on us for everything Bundesliga.
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Episode 3: Youngest goal scorer ever in the Bundesliga
Congrats to Mukoku for the great goal. This is a usual episode but new stats in the mix. Hope you enjoy. Please follow because it helps us a lot.
December 21, 2020
Bundesliga Talks Episode 2/New co-host/Bayern big win
Today we went over matches,standings,stats,news,and of course next match day. Please follow or sub on whatever platform you find us and see you next week
December 13, 2020
Bundesliga Talk Podcast, Matchday 9 2020, The first Episode
Today we taled all about the bundesliga, had a memorial of Diego Maradona, and talked more Bundesliga. Thanks for listening and drop a follow or subscribe.
November 26, 2020