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TIE Unearthed

TIE Unearthed

By Philippa White
Welcome to the TIE Unearthed podcast.

This is the show where we unearth new ways of looking at ever evolving life around the world. Seen from a number of different industries, cultures, and backgrounds. And there’s one thing that unites everyone I speak to.

They all want to do their part to make the world better in their own unique ways. It’s a uniting passion.

Whether they’re from the commercial world, third sector, or public sector. From the Global North or the Global South.

If you’re looking for inspiration that will get you thinking in new ways, then come on this journey with me.
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Ep:#30 A second chance at life in Malawi

TIE Unearthed

Ep:#39 Protecting the biggest Coral Reef system in the Atlantic
When there is a hurricane, the first line of defence are the reefs. But after a hurricane, then what? The reefs will of course be damaged, but who repairs them to ensure they recover as fast as possible, so they can continue to be that line of defence? This is something I never thought about before this conversation. Reef systems around the world are under threat. Hurricanes are one major one. But there are many others. And the MAR system, the biggest Coral Reef system in the Atlantic, faces some very real challenges. On today’s episode I talk to Maria Gonzalez, the executive Director of the Mar Fund, a regional environmental fund established to support conservation efforts specifically in the MAR Ecoregion. Its mission is to drive regional funding and partnerships for the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of resources in the region. Maria has been with the MAR Fund since it’s inception. And Maria has lived through a lot. We hear about the challenges that reefs around the world are facing. And what the Mar Fund is doing to respond to them. We then talk about the exciting project that TIE will be working on with the MAR Fund in early 2022. This conversation will get you thinking. We’ll talk about the power of sustainable business to save the region. And how you can be a part of this movement. Maria brings all of this to life for us on this chat. So sit back relax, and here is Maria. We have opened entries for our next TIE Accelerator programme, kicking off January 31st. This project will fill up fast. If you're keen to broaden your horizons, break through boundaries and ultimately BE and DO more. Reach out to learn more or check out the video at We'd love to work with you. 
December 3, 2021
Ep:#38 The power of the reusable glass bottle with Caren McNamara
Did you know that 75% of glass bottles in the US end up in landfills? Did you know we are facing a serious glass shortage? Have you ever stopped to think about the carbon footprint of a glass bottle? And how easy it is to decrease it? Today I’m chatting with Caren McNamara, Founder and CEO of Conscious Container, a benefit corporation bringing the refillable glass bottle marketplace back into the US economy. Something that is desperately needed – from a supply chain, environmental and financial point of view. We talk about how and why Caren went from working at IBM, to creating a start-up, and living out her life’s mission. We hear about the surprising challenges she’s faced along the way. And the next phase of this exciting adventure. Caren has seen and experienced a lot on this journey, and she shares some beautiful insights on this episode. And leaves us with so many nuggets of incredible inspiration. So grab that favourite beverage or throw on those running shoes, and enjoy this chat with Caren. We have opened entries for our next TIE Accelerator programme, kicking off mid-January. This project will fill up fast. If you're keen to broaden your horizons, break through boundaries and ultimately BE and DO more. Reach out to learn more or check out the video at We've love to work with you!
November 19, 2021
Ep:#37 Jo and Monique on finding their way of responding to this era of disruption
With the COP26 upon us, it’s making us all more acutely aware that we are living in a moment of profound disruption. And I think it’s fair to say, we are all looking for our way to respond. In today’s episode, Jo Higgins and Monique Barns talk about just this. Monique is Brand Manager at Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer. And Jo is responsible for designing and building IAG’s future consent experience and bringing to life their purpose through her role as Customer Consent Strategy Lead. They met through being on UN Women Australia's Sydney International Women's Day Committee, and since then have been on a mission to realise their purpose in a number different ways. These two have been busy! We talk about how they are contributing to the global conversation around female empowerment. We talk about how they helped the President of Malawi position the messaging for a high-profile UN meeting and the COP26 with TIE Accelerator. And we hear about the types of growth experiences they are after and why they engaged with TIE. There are some pretty great stories here. So grab your favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes and enjoy this wonderful chat with Jo and Monique. We have opened entries for our next TIE Accelerator programme, kicking off mid-January 2022. This project will fill up fast. This one is all about how the future of climate change is in the hands of 12-year old girls. You'll be helping to ensure girl's education is a strategic development priority. When this happens it's proven to be one of the strongest solutions to tackling the climate crisis. Fascinating and SO important. Keen to broaden your horizons, break through boundaries and ultimately BE and DO more? Reach out to learn more or check out the video at We'd love to work with you!
November 5, 2021
Ep:#36 Andrea Marshall, the Queen of Mantas
You can’t breed a whale shark. Or a humpback whale. When they are gone, they are gone. And, what about borders when it comes to the ocean? Who is responsible for caring for these charismatic creatures when they go into other territories? I had never thought of ocean conservation in those terms before. Today I speak with Andrea Marshall, known as the Queen of Mantas, as coined by the BBC for their documentary on her in 2009. She’s a pioneer for Manta Ray research. Before she started researching Mantas, there was simply no data on them. “How can we have people going to space, yet we don’t know anything about the biggest animals in our ocean. That’s crazy!” She and her friend Simon Pierce decided they needed to study threatened charismatic marine megafauna. And to protect the marine habitats in Africa at the same time. And so they did.   She moved to Mozambique. And they created the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Today she tells us her story. How she went from living in Australia, to selling everything, and building a hut in Mozambique, to start her life’s work. We hear about the (many) challenges they face in Mozambique. The impact of COVID on her personally, but also on the organisation. The challenges, but also the incredible silver linings. Andrea talks us through what keeps her up at night (as an ocean conservationist, it’s not easy), but what also gives her hope. Andrea is a true inspiration, her passion and dedication to marine conservation is thoroughly contagious, and this chat will inspire you. So grab that favourite beverage or throw on those running shoes, and here is Andrea. We will shortly be kicking off our next TIE Accelerator programme. It will take place in January. If you are keen to know more, do get in touch at or check out And please don't forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review and subscribe.
October 22, 2021
Ep:#35 Nick Dutton and the power of African surf
There are millions of people surfing in Africa and yet, there was no African surf brand out there. And you’ve had generations of Africans growing up with a narrative of blond-haired, blue-eyed surfers, presented by surf brands. It just didn’t feel right. And, what about the brands in Africa, telling the positive stories? Today we are going to be talking about the power of African surf – and what my good friend Nick Dutton is doing to change the story of Africa. Nick is the co-founder and CEO of Mami Wata, which is a global African surf lifestyle brand. Having travelled extensively around the world during his career in advertising, Nick was able to identify the global opportunity for a premium African surf brand. So he moved his family to Cape Town, and with his co-founders, they launched Mami Wata due to their love of Africa, design and surfing, as well as a belief that the world needs a different lens to view and understand Africa. We talk about why what they are doing matters. How Mami Wata came about Their journey of building a business and a challenger brand. The curve ball of COVID and where this all has taken them. The story is incredible. And super inspiring. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review and subscribe. And if you’re keen to understand more about TIE and how you can get involved, just shoot me an email at  I’d love to hear from you.
October 8, 2021
Ep:#34 Michael Jager on designing brands people actually love
What does it mean for a brand to be a living idea? Why is the humanisation of brands so important? And why do ideas with substance really matter? Today I chat with Michael Jager, Chief Creative Officer of Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, a studio that conceptualizes and realizes ideas that help guide and create culture and positive change within it. It’s his vision that has shaped some of the biggest brands of our time like Nike, Lululemon, Burton Snowboards, Seventh Generation, MTV, Virgin, Patagonia and Masterclass. We talk about why he hates the word brand. We talk about empathy. And learning. We talk about the power of asking questions. And where you can find insights and inspiration. And he tells us how The Clash changed his life. Whenever I meet with Michael, I come out of the conversation with quotes and a list of suggestions of shows to watch, books to read or artists to look into. So, I of course finish the chat with inspirational references to share with all of you. To say you will feel inspired after this episode is an understatement. You may even want to have a pen and paper nearby to write things down. Enjoy this one. Here is Michael. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review, rating and subscribe. And if you're keen to understand more about TIE and what we're up to these days, just shoot me an email I'd love to hear from you. 
September 24, 2021
Ep:#33 Juliana Xavier on responsibly feeding the world and protecting the planet
I know that climate change is on most of your minds right now in one form or another. The IPCC report came out, and it has got us thinking about so many aspects of life as we know it. And what needs to change in order to decrease emissions. Today we will be talking about responsibly feeding the world and protecting the planet. My guest is Juliana Xavier, Director of Brand Management at Yara International, a global crop nutrition company. We cover a lot. But, the crux of the conversation is how are we going to feed 9.8 billion people in the world by 2050? And how will we do this in an environmentally sound way, especially if we know that growing food contributes to 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Keeping in mind that to produce enough food for 9.8 billion people…. will mean doubling food production from where we are today. This is not easy. But as Juliana says. Agriculture is part of the climate change problem. And it’s also part of the solution. We talk about all of this. Listen to the podcast and better understand the challenges. But also her hope. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review, rating and subscribe.
September 10, 2021
Ep:#32 Luca Zerbini on unearthing the solution to an unknown climate challenge
Imagine being given the opportunity to make a positive difference to 3 billion people around the world. Then imagine being told you had 6 weeks to help Malawi present at the High-Level Dialogue for Energy meeting hosted by the UN in New York and bring a voice to these 3 billion people - helping save their lives and work towards decreasing climate change. Involving the president of the country. Sounds crazy and a little bit intense, right? Well, Luca Zerbini was one of the ambitious people that joined the last TIE Accelerator team to help crack this challenge. He’s the co-founder and Managing Partner of Peak Point Partners, a Venture Capital Fund at the crossroads of Technology, Digitalization, Sustainability and Social Responsibility. Before this, he was an accomplished consultant at Bain & Company and a C-Suite Executive. He’s an Engineer, and also holds an MBA from Wharton. And is a Fellow of The Marketing Academy and of the Institute for Real Growth – which are both focused on human growth and on purpose-driven leadership, specifically around Sustainability and Social Responsibility. So it felt fitting to chat with Luca today about his TIE Accelerator experience. We talk about the UN High Level dialogue for energy meeting, and why it is convening again now after 40 years. What Malawi’s role is and how the team will be contributing to the success of the discussions. How, as an investor in this space, he learned things he was shocked he didn’t know about before. And then tells us the most eye-opening information he learned on this project. If you are interested in sustainability, climate change, the environment and human rights, then this is a chat you don’t want to miss. If you would like to register for the panel discussion talked about on this podcast on the 7th of September, you can register here.  You’ll get to listen to an impressive panel of political, financial, non-profit and business experts and hear their views in preparation to the UN HLDE in New York and COP26 in Glasgow. So sit back. Relax. And grab that favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes. And enjoy this episode. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review, rating and subscribe. And if you’re looking for inspired personal development with social impact that broadens horizons and helps transform professionals, then TIE could be for you. Find out more at or get in touch with me at Our next project kicks off on the 20th of September and we have a couple of spots left. We’d love to work with you. It's time. Let's change things!
August 27, 2021
Ep:#31 Vanessa Barboni Hallik on designing a sustainable fashion future
What does it take to walk away from a successful career in Investment banking? Today I’m speaking with Vanessa Barboni Hallik, founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow, a woman’s sustainable fashion startup and what New York Times described as a ‘Brand as Ethically Minded as It Is Refined’. When Vanessa suddenly became aware of the reality on the ground in the clothing industry, there was no turning back. She needed to challenge the system. So, she created a clothing brand committed from the outset to sourcing responsibly grown, ethically manufactured materials, blending classic design with technology-enabled transparency, while building a platform for education, and advocacy and contributing to the circular economy. In this episode, we talk about her early life and how it shaped where she’s at now. We talk about the significant impact that the clothing industry has on the environment, on humans and on animals. And then we talk about what Vanessa has done to respond to all of this. So sit back. Relax. And grab that favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes. And enjoy this episode. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think, leave a review, rating and subscribe. Do check out Another Tomorrow here. And to sign the petition Vanessa talks about in the episode, you can find it here. And if you’re looking for inspired personal development with social impact that broadens horizons and helps transform leaders, then TIE could be for you. Find out more at or get in touch with me at We’d love to work with you.
August 13, 2021
Ep:#30 A second chance at life in Malawi
Being one of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi presents so many challenges to the people from there. Challenges that those of us who have grown up in the Global North probably couldn’t even fathom. And to add to the challenges that the country faces because of the poverty, the pandemic has pushed the children’s rights movement back by at least 30 years. If not more. Life is not easy. But there is hope. And that hope comes in the form of Chance4Change. Who we have worked with a few times over the years. Chance4Change was established in 2011 and the organisation believes that all young people have the right to be active citizens and equal members of society. Today I speak with Grace who has been with Chance4Change since 2013 in many capacities, before taking up her post as Country Director. Today she talks to us about the many challenges the country faces, what they are doing to support the young people, and how TIE will play an important part in providing even more hope. And you can be a part of it. So grab your favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes and here is a window to Malawi. And how women and girls are getting a second chance at life. And if you’re keen to get involved with TIE. To broaden your horizons, transform your life, skillsets and networks, while changing the world, find out more at the TIE Accelerator info session Or simply get in touch and we can jump on a call.
July 30, 2021
Ep:#29 Mallory Erickson and the secret to fundraising
If you have ever had to raise money for an organisation, then this episode is for you. If you get hot sweats just thinking about having to ask people for yet more money, then this is also for you. Or, if you are a corporate, and wondering how your relationships with your NGO partners could improve, then I’d also love for you to have a listen. Today I speak with Mallory Erickson. She is THE non-profit coach, teaching fundraisers how to bring in more donations without chasing them. Through her signature framework, the Power Partners Formula™️, Mallory provides unique tools to help raise more from foundations, corporate partners, and individuals. She has coached over 1,000 fundraisers using her simple, but unique strategy- and it really works. Mallory’s key takeaway is that great fundraising is not an ask, it’s an offer. She talks about finding common ground. The win-win. And what is possible when people are really coming to a conversation from the perspective of strategic partnerships. There is so much rich content here. And we’ll bring this all to life. So sit back. Relax. And grab that favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes. And enjoy this episode. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review, rating and subscribe. If you want to feel differently about fundraising as well as clear and excited about your next steps, make sure you watch Mallory’s FREE Masterclass - How to Get In Front of the Right Donors WITHOUT Obnoxiously Hounding Them - And if you’re keen to get involved with TIE. To contribute more to society through your work, grow as a responsible business leader, and find ways to bridge purpose and profit. Find out more at the TIE Accelerator info session: or get in touch with me at
July 18, 2021
Trailer TIE Unearthed
July 9, 2021
Ep:#28 The power of knowing your values
What makes you tick? What motivates you? What really matters to you? These are some big questions. But when you really stop and think about the answers, it truly gets you approaching life in a different way. Right before Emily Murren even knew about the TIE Accelerator programme, or applied for it, she had just done an exercise that had her reflecting on her values. And this then set her on a transformative journey. Today Emily Murren, a Marketing Director based in Sydney, talks about what she did to get more clarity on her life and career. Where that took her. And what happened when she followed her gut. She talks about how the take aways from the TIE Accelerator experience were very different to what she thought they would be going in. And what can happen when you work on something that really, truly, inspires you. So sit back. Relax. And grab that favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes. And enjoy this chat with Emily. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review, rating and subscribe. And if this inspired you and you would like to get involved with TIE, do get in touch at Or join the TIE Accelerator Info Session at
July 2, 2021
Ep:#27 Alex Garden and the solution to a plastic free world
What does it mean to make a contribution as an executive and a leader? At what point in your career do the skills you’ve accumulated need to be leveraged for the wellbeing of the people around you? Today I speak with Alex Garden. Alex is a dear friend of mine, an extremely successful entrepreneur, executive, inventor and scientist. And these were the questions he started to ask himself, which lead him to his current role as Chairman and CEO of Zume Inc, which is on a quest to be the most powerful source of health and well-being on the planet. In this episode, Alex talks about the simple exercise that his friend David Krane of Google Ventures asked him to do. This exercise, as Alex says, was by far the most powerful thing he’s ever done. And was the catalyst to this next chapter. We talk about food. The solution to eliminating plastic. And how Alex and Zume Inc are leading that charge for change. You’ll learn some scary stats in this episode, but you’ll also be left feeling excited and hopeful for the future. Alex will leave you inspired, and reflecting on your own potential for creating real impact. I’m so excited to share this information with you all. So sit back. Relax. And grab that favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes. And enjoy this glimpse into the future. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review, rating and subscribe. And if you would like to get involved with TIE, do get in touch at I'd love to hear from you.
June 19, 2021
Ep:#26 Leo Burnett and this VUCA world
Today I speak with Carly Avener, Managing Director of Leo Burnett London. I had so many questions. I was keen to understand how COVID has changed things at the London ad agency. What they are doing differently as a result of everything. And what they did to support people when things got really difficult. We then hear Carly talk about the silver linings, and the biggest learning. She tells us what she looks for in leaders and brings to life the characteristics of the leaders that have risen to the top. What makes them shine. I personally found this fascinating, as it was very much in line with what I talk about at TIE. On Monday we kick off our Corporate Team TIE project with Leo Burnett, and we’ll have 6 of their leaders come together to crack a challenge for a children’s rights organisation in India. Whilst developing more of the competencies that will help them shine in today’s VUCA world, they will also get to impact an organisation that really needs their help. Carly finishes our conversation by explaining why she and Charlie, the CEO, are getting involved, and why it fits perfectly with the expression of the agency’s purpose. An absolutely fascinating chat, and just really special to understand what life is like post-COVID at a thriving London ad agency at this moment in history. So grab your favourite beverage and do get stuck in.  And please do let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review, rating and subscribe. And if you would like to get involved with TIE, do get in touch at I'd love to hear from you.
June 4, 2021
Ep:#25 Özlem and the power of being a citizen of the world
That question. “Where are you from?” How does someone who doesn’t really belong anywhere respond? Today I’m chatting with Özlem Özkan, who, in her own words, is a culturally diverse woman, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Born and raised in The Netherlands, comes from Turkish parents, and has lived and travelled all over the world. She’s a teacher, founder, podcaster, author and coach. She talks to us about the identity clashes she faced growing up in the Netherlands, coming from Turkish parents. We hear what she’s learned about human beings as a result of growing up as a number of different cultures and traveling to so many different places. And what happened in her life that almost immediately got rid of some extremely deep-rooted biases, judgements and fears. She talks about how living in Istanbul shaped her life and what she's doing now. And finishes with some advice we should all take to heart. Have a listen and be inspired. Please do let us know what you think of this episode. And please don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. If you would like to get in touch with Ozlem or find out more, you can find more about her here: Tired of not reaching your goals? Make lasting change happen through Ozlem’s coaching here: Do you wonder what it can look like to break free and be your true self? Ozlem takes you on a fascinating self-awareness journey through her book The Student. The Bridging Podcast: through the themes of personal growth, cultural diversity, and entrepreneurship after each episode, you will get inspired and learn tools on how to level up yourself and your surroundings. Özlem’s Instagram: If you would like to get involved with TIE, and be a part of the important change that needs to be made in the world, do check TIE out and get in touch: If you’re keen to grow as a responsible business leader, break out of your bubble, see what you're capable of, and find ways to bridge purpose and profit. Find out more at our TIE Accelerator info session:
May 23, 2021
Ep:#24 Tess Willcox on her TIE Accelerator experience
Tess is a CEO of an Australian resort marketing agency focusing on the sustainable travel sector. But, 15 months of having borders slam shut and there being no international travel – she and her team had to reinvent. And find new ways to respond to the new normal. So what did she do when her business started to take the biggest hit? She applied for TIE Accelerator. And here Tess tells you why. Tess will bring to life where she was personally and professionally. She’ll tell you about the experience of working with a Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest NGO. We’ll hear about what her initial feelings were coming into the experience, the doubts and then what happened. And then Tess tells us what her biggest lesson was after 6 weeks. And it really isn’t what you would expect. So, throw on those running shoes, or grab that favourite beverage, and have a listen! Please do let us know what you think of this episode. And don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. If you would like to get in touch with Tess you can find her on Instagram at @tesswillcox If you would like to get involved with TIE, and be a part of the important change that needs to be made in the world, do get in touch: If you’re keen to contribute more to society through your work, grow as a responsible business leader, and find ways to bridge purpose and profit. We are kicking off our next TIE Accelerator experience in June. Don't miss out. Find out more at our TIE Accelerator info session:
May 8, 2021
Ep:#23 René Carayol and the race conversation at work
On May 25th 2020, the world changed. And it changed forever. After the tragic murder of George Floyd, something happened. Three days after that murder, 80 countries had protests of Black Lives Matter. Today I speak with Rene Carayol about this, and much more. René is the accidental Executive Coach and has worked with many CEOs of multinational companies, heads of state and leading global entrepreneurs. Rene has also worked in the area of Diversity and Inclusion for many years, but this tragic event was the catalyst for René to truly stand up for those marginalised people who don’t have the platforms to speak up. After the 25th of May, his phone went crazy. It was all white, middle class men who he looks up to. CEOs and Chairmen who he has coached. They all needed direction. And they asked one question. "I want to engage with my colleagues at work and initiate the conversation around race, but I don’t know where to start". They were scared to say the wrong thing. Worried about being clumsy. Making things worse. They didn’t know what to do. And it was clear, they aren’t alone. Rene talks about what he told these company leaders. And what happened when they followed his advice. I ask Rene about the social element of ESG corporate strategy, and what he would tell corporate leaders as they develop them. And then he tells us the key to making change. You’d be surprised at how simple it is. If you are serious about diversity and inclusion and looking for direction. Have a listen. If you want to know how you can be a driver of change in general, this is also for you. Rene tells it how it is. I hope you enjoy this this as much as I enjoyed having the conversation. Thank you, René. So, throw on those running shoes, or grab that favourite beverage, and have a listen! Please do let us know what you think of this episode. And don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. If you would like to get in touch with René or find out more, you can find more about him here: LinkedIn: Company site:  (where you can also find his book Spike) Twitter: renecarayol Instagram: @renecarayol If you would like to get involved with TIE, and be a part of the important change that needs to be made in the world, do get in touch: If you’re keen to contribute more to society through your work, grow as a responsible business leader, and find ways to bridge purpose and profit. Find out more at our TIE Accelerator info session:
April 24, 2021
Ep:#22 Gib Bulloch on the power of business to change the world
Keen to know what the massive untapped commercial opportunity is for businesses to engage with social issues? Today I speak with Gib Bulloch. And he will explain how changing the world is not an impossible dream – not if we’re successful in changing the world of business. Gib is the author of The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent”, which is a personal story of his 15-year journey to create and scale Accenture’s global "not-for-loss" consulting business, Accenture Development Partnerships. He’s an award winning social intrapreneur who consults, writes and speaks on a range of topics relating to the role of business in society. In this episode we talk about what businesses in this day and age need to truly consider. How to be ahead of the curve. And anticipate massive change coming. We hear what the top talent are looking for. We talk about values versus value. And Gib provides real examples of how companies should be thinking. And need to think to be competitive moving forward. And then talks about the magic word: Intrapreneurship. As the American Psychologist Rollo May says, “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.” This podcast will not only inspire you to be the change but provide you with the many tools on how to start truly doing things differently. So, throw on those running shoes, or grab that favourite beverage, have a listen and enjoy! Please do let us know what you think of this episode. And don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. To find out more about Gib and his Business Decelerator Craigberoch see below: Grab a copy of The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent here:  The UN Business Commission information Gib talks about in the podcast: And all the Intrapreneur networks: The League of Intrapreneurs The Aspen Institute First Movers Program Unusual Pioneers Schwab Foundation Circle of Intrapreneurs If you would like to get involved with TIE, and be a part of the important change that needs to be made in the world, do get in touch: If you’re keen to contribute more to society through your work, grow as a responsible business leader, and find ways to bridge purpose and profit. Find out more at our TIE Accelerator info session:
April 14, 2021
Ep:#21 The Brazil special edition: Covid, the Agenda 2030, SDGs and ESGs
The question the world is asking. What is really happening on the ground in Brazil, right now, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic? Today I speak with Claudio Fernandes, a Brazilian Economist and Policy Advisor who has participated in a number of UN negotiations, has been part of working groups to develop strategies for the G20, and is the co-founder and member of the Brazilian working group for the 2030 Agenda implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. We cover a lot in this episode. And we ask a lot of big questions. What is the reality for this country that has not faced such a traumatic or complex crisis as the one it is facing right now? We talk about what is happening around the world in relation to vaccines. And what the situation looks like for developing countries. Claudio brings to life how Brazil is in relation to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and reaching the Agenda in 2030. He reminds us that the SDGs are anchored in three pillars: Environment, Social and Economics. And explains that one thing cannot bypass the other. And then talks about what happens when they do. And we discuss ESGs. Claudio provides some fascinating insights from his point of view, and we talk about what corporate responsibility depends on. And he explains what determines all of the problems we talked about in this episode. What are the financial and trade determinants of the burning of the forests, or the pollution of the oceans and rivers? And how can the financial markets be a part of solution? You can find the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Spotlight Report for Brazil here in English. And you can find out more about Gestos here.  Please do let us know what you think of this episode. And don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. If you would like to get involved with TIE, and be a part of the important change that needs to be made in the world, do get in touch:
March 30, 2021
Ep:#20 A voice for Malawi
Malawi is a land-locked, least developed country. That means that many people don’t have money for electricity and don’t have access to gas or solar. So, what is the reality on the ground for the 2.8 billion people that don’t have access to clean cooking? What are the risks to the environment, the health of these people and the economy of the country? Even with urbanisation, the science and demographics are clear - at least 2 billion people will continue to rely on burning wood to cook over the next 10 years, and electricity won't come close to filling the energy gap. And the population is growing in Malawi. So solutions need to be found. Sadly, the biomass movement doesn’t have a loud enough voice. And they need one. Particularly before Malawi participates as a Global Champion for Energy access at the UN High Level Dialogue on Energy in September this year. (#HLDE 2021), chaired by a pragmatic Nigerian Lady, Damilola Ogunbiyi. Today we bring all of this to life. And TIE’s important role. So throw on those running shoes or grab that coffee and have a listen. And please don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. And if this interests you, do get involved. Join our info session on Thursdays to find out more at
March 19, 2021
Ep:#19 Rich Pierson and a bit of Headspace
Headspace, the meditation app that’s in 190 countries, and has 70 million users, was co-founded by my friend Rich. And the story is pretty incredible. Today Rich brings to life what the tipping point was to the start of this movement. What was going on in his life before Headspace. How Rich and Andy met. And then the impact they’ve had on meditation globally. Rich shares some really great insights, tips and advice on meditation. He tells us what Andy taught him when they first met. And then he tells me something that I had never thought about before when it comes to meditation, which was a real ah-ha moment for me. We talk about the impact of Covid on Headspace. And then Rich talks about what’s next. This was a really heartfelt, open and incredibly honest conversation that I just didn’t want to end. I learned loads. And it was really great to reconnect with Rich after a good few years. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did. So please do have a listen, leave a review, rating and subscribe. And if you’d like to get some Headspace, you can find out more about how to here.
March 5, 2021
Ep:#18 Charlie Dawson on purpose and customer-led success
If you give customers freedom, do you lose money? What about those companies that make money but let customers down? That are miserable to work for.  Make a mess of the environment. Exploit workers in distant places..... How and why does that happen? And more importantly, how can a company avoid that happening in the future? As Charlie Dawson, Founder and Partner of The Foundation says during this chat, purpose plays a big part in all of this. But what is purpose? What does it really mean? Why is it important? And does it ‘pay’? We’ll also talk about the importance of perceiving the world differently, and looking at the world from the outside in. And why this is also so important. If you work for a company. Or own a company.  I highly recommend you listen to this episode. Charlie has been doing this since 1999. He gives us some fantastic examples of who is doing all of this well. And who isn’t. Who did it well. And then stopped. And how to avoid all of these challenges. So throw on those running shoes or grab your favourite drink, and get stuck in. This is a great chat that will certainly get you thinking! To learn more about Charlie and The Foundation, you can find more about them here: To get a copy of Charlie's book, you can find it here. And if anyone listening wants to come to Forums, which we mention on the podcast, then you should just drop Katharyn a note saying you come from TIE and you'd love to be on the list. They are amazing and definitely worth joining. She’s on
February 22, 2021
Ep:#17 Liz Wreford on diversity in architecture
Today I talk with one of my closest and oldest friends, Liz. We’ve known each other since we were 2. She is the Principal Landscape Architect of Public City, is super inspiring and doing some incredible things in Canada. Here, we talk about diversity and inclusion in architecture. And much of what she talks about isn’t what you would expect. We talk about how people toboggan in Winnipeg, where it’s completely flat. And why they won a prestigious award with this project. A winter game that has become a national (and now international) phenomenon, which was invented by Liz and her team. We talk about how you walk down the street in Winnipeg in the winter when it’s -40 Celsius (-65 degrees with the wind chill). And she’ll get you thinking. How do we contribute to social change with architecture? What does diversity and inclusion look like in architecture? What happens if the voice of minority groups aren’t included in big decisions that impact everyone in a city. And super interesting architectural solutions that respond to Covid. And so much more. Grab a coffee or throw on those running shoes and get stuck in. To check out more of what Liz is involved with, check out these links: @publiccityarch @beaprairies @storefront_mb
February 6, 2021
Ep:#16 Gav Thompson on being a corporate pirate
Here I get to interview Gav Thompson from the Do Lectures Podcast. And it’s such an amazing chat. Gav almost became an actor, was keen to get into a boy band at one point, but then worked in adland, and ended up going client-side, working as a CMO for one of the UK’s largest phone networks. It was there that he realised something. Many people out there think that there are only two options in life. Either do good and work for an NGO. OR do well and work in business. But as Gav puts in in his Do Lecture - what about And And. I couldn’t agree more. Here Gav and I talk about how you can change the machine from the inside. And he gives us some pretty incredible examples of how he managed to do just this, in the biggest phone network in the UK. He talks to us about taking his skill-set, and turning it into something that he wouldn’t have naturally done, how he mashed them all together, and got to a solution that impacted a load of people. It’s inspiring. We also hear about being amazing despite…. We all know it’s not easy to make a difference. But here Gav shows us that it is possible, what is possible and just how impactful it can be. So grab a coffee, or throw on those running shoes, and get stuck in. To check out the Do Lectures, click here. To check out Gav’s Do Lecture, click here. To check out the Do Lectures podcast, click here. To learn more about Gav, check him out here.
January 25, 2021
Philippa White | Being Amazing Despite...Covid crushing your enterprise
I was a guest on a podcast. Not just any podcast. The DO Lectures podcast. To say it was an honour is an understatement. I love the DO Lectures. And if you don’t know about them, you must. They are amazing. David Hieatt is amazing (I highly recommend following him on LinkedIn for daily doses of inspiration). And I got to chat with Gav Thompson on the Do Lectures podcast which was a load of fun. The DO Lectures is an ideas sharing event run out of an old cowshed in Cardigan Bay, Wales. In this series of DO podcasts, Gav Thompson chats to people about how they have achieved their amazing levels of success, as well as uncovering some of the despites that they have had to overcome to get there. In Gav's words: Gav chats to Philippa White. In 2004 Philippa left a career "flogging shit" in advertising in London to set up a social enterprise, The International Exchange (TIE), in Brazil. A leadership program where business leaders from the developed world can help tackle some of the bigger problems in the developing world. The story of TIE is a major amazing achievement that Philippa is rightfully proud. TIE was doing very well and growing nicely. And then Covid struck, and the idea of business people travelling across the world to help developing charities on the ground became impossible. Facing the potential end of her life's work with TIE, Philippa managed to swiftly pivot the organisation and rebirth TIE as something new and brave (and potentially bigger). Have a listen here. And thank you Gav for the chat. I loved it!
January 15, 2021
Ep:#15 James Welch on the business that thrives on less stuff
Here I speak with former house mate, friend who helped me get hired into my first job in advertising, advisor to TIE since 2009 and Chief Commercial Officer at the start of WhyBuy, the UK based business that helps people hire quality products and thereby own less. We talk about so many things. James Welch has lived and worked in 7 countries around the world. He reflects on that experience. We talk about living together, random things that happened, and the start of Shazam. James questions me – which hasn’t happened on a podcast before (I quite liked it!). He explains what TNDP is – the event he set up many moons ago when living in Sydney.  And continued in London until Covid hit (I presented at one, and was at the last one in London before the world imploded). And then he talks to us about Why Buy, the business that thrives on less stuff.  Basically, why buy when you can get better for less? Such a great chat. Enjoy! Oh, and if you want to know more about Why Buy check them out here. Rent, don't buy!! 
January 4, 2021
Ep:#14 Simon Anholt: How we can repair the world in one generation
Keen to know how we can defeat global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, war, poverty, migration and extremism? Today I speak with Simon Anholt, independent Policy advisor who has worked with Presidents, Prime Ministers and Monarchs in 56 nations, helping them improve their economic, political and cultural engagements with the international community. He’s a best-selling author, TED speaker – who has clocked over 10 million views,  and long time TIE mentor and friend. In this episode we talk about his recently launched book The Good Country Equation. You’ll hear him explain the challenges facing humanity and the planet with unique clarity, and he provides new, informative, practical, and innovative solutions on how to build a better world. We hear about cooperation and collaboration being a true beacon of hope. And we talk about what Globalisation 2.0 looks like. You will see the world through different eyes after listening to this podcast.  And I have no doubt it will hook you to get a copy of his book. Which genuinely is a must read for anyone who cares about our shared future. Have a listen and enjoy! Then, grab a copy of The Good Country Equation here on kindle, paperback or audible. To learn more about The International Exchange (TIE) and our various programmes, click here
December 16, 2020
Ep:#13 Changing perspectives can truly unearth your potential
Organisations tend to see things from the “inside out”. But the key is to see things from the “outside-in”.  But just seeing things differently isn’t enough. Which is why we have developed immersive leadership experiences. Getting out of your bubble matters. TIE help create the leaders the world truly needs now. Here I talk to Janice McNamara, TIE's International Development Trainer and Executive Coach, who is a huge part of the process to make this possible. Immersion means experiencing the outside-in first-hand and viscerally.  It involves direct exposure to situations and stimuli that build belief in both the possibility and feasibility of new and better ways to solve customer problems. Immersion entails getting out of your sector, or even of the world of business altogether to where you can find successful examples of things being done differently. Janice talks to us about how she helps prepare people before these types of experiences. And how she unlocks people’s potential and channels the learnings. She talks about the thousands of people she has prepared previously. And the important message she has communicated to make these experiences a success. We talk about presenting to Princess Anne. How the experience almost went horribly wrong.  But how it was saved in the end and the learnings from the experience. She talks about what sparked her to get into this world.  And how she can personally empathise with people being out of their comfort zone. So much in this episode. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Find out more about Janice and get in touch with her, see her website here.   To learn more about TIE's programmes you can see our corporate programmes here.  And TIE Accelerator here. 
December 7, 2020
Ep:#12 India, child rights, and the answer to solving any problem in the world
Keen to know the answer to solving any problem in the world? You'll find the answer in this episode. Today I speak with Parul, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Shaishav, an NGO in India that fights for the rights of children.  They just celebrated their 26th anniversary. We learn about all of the incredible work they do. The impact of TIE, BBH and Emma Johnston-Donne in 2017. And everything that came out of that experience. We learn about the real challenges that India faces that you may not have known. What the real priorities of the country are. And aren’t. And then we hear of the impact of Covid.  You won’t believe what is happening. It’s shocking. This episode is sobering.  But we also hear of Parul’s hope. If you would like to learn more about Shaishav and contribute to their important work, you can find out more here.
November 25, 2020
Ep:#11 Zambian street children, dance and Covid-19
Zambia, the challenges that the country is currently facing and how this street children’s organisation responded to Covid-19 are just a few of the things we talk about in this episode. Barefeet Theatre is an extraordinary organisation based in Zambia.  And here I speak with Grace, the Executive Director. You will be amazed at all of the incredible things they manage to do, and how they truly transform people’s lives. Grace’s story is humbling. She tells us how the organisation started. How TIE impacted her life on a personal level. And we hear about the every-day challenges that Zambia is currently facing on a national level that people may not be aware of. If you want a glimpse into life in another part of the world, then have a listen. And if Barefeet’s story resonates, and you’d like to support their important work, you can get in touch here. You can also follow them on Instagram here.  Thanks for listening! And if you would like to apply for TIE Accelerator, and join the team to work with Barefeet in February, definitely check TIE Accelerator out. Join our info session on Thursday at Or check out the site at
November 11, 2020
Ep:#10 Pip Hare: Setting sail solo around the world
On November 8th, Pip Hare will start her journey racing around the planet by boat.  Non-stop.  Solo. This is the Vendee Globe race. It’s only open to a very few sailors, and this year only 33 sailors have qualified. Pip is one of them. In the whole history of the race, only 87 sailors have finished it, and only 6 of them were women. For Pip, this has been a 29-year journey to get here. And there is still so much involved to finish the race. What does it really entail? What does she worry about? This is an incredible story you don’t want to miss. If you’re looking to see where sheer focus and determination will get you, have a listen. Follow Pip on her journey at her website Pip Hare Ocean Racing or on Instagram @piphareoceanracing. Bons ventos Pip! Good winds! We are with you. Find out more about TIE here: and TIE Accelerator here:
October 26, 2020
Ep:#9 Rob Campbell and why it pays to shake things up
China, Tiger Mums, rock bands and the Buddhist Calendar are just a handful of the many things Rob and I talk about on this episode. Rob is a mischief-maker and passionately believes in culture, creativity and chaos. He’s worked with names like NIKE, Virgin and Metallica at agencies including Cynic, Wieden+Kennedy and R/GA and has proudly been called an “asshole” by Lars Ulrich, Richard Branson and Dan Wieden. I ask Rob what’s he’s done in his life that has perhaps raised some eyebrows, but that he’s most proud of. He tells us his covid story. And shares the positive side that has come out of all of this for him, and for many others he knows as well. We hear how three African American women fundamentally changed his view on the world. How being exposed to completely different cultures have shaped his life. And he tells us the secret to being someone who is interesting, intriguing and successful. Rob is such a breath of fresh air. You’ll love this episode. Have a listen. Find out more about TIE here: and TIE Accelerator here:
October 20, 2020
Ep:#8 Carter Murray on leadership in today's world
When I was last in New York I met with my friend Carter Murray, Global Chief Executive Officer of FCB, one of the world’s largest global advertising agency networks.  Carter oversees the agency’s 120 offices in 80 countries, so as you can imagine, Carter has a lot to say about leadership.   Carter is someone that I really look up to. Not only literally, as he stands at about 6'7" tall, but also because of his leadership and values.   When we last met we talked about cultural intelligence and diversity and what makes successful leaders. And as always, I was inspired.   And today, post Covid, I was keen to know how things have changed in the corporate world from his point of view.    Carter gets pretty choked up talking about his Covid experience.    I ask him how organisational culture has changed. If he still values the same things. And what sort of leaders he's looking for now.   This is a super-heart felt chat you don't want to miss.    What are the Tools You Need to Lead in today’s world?   Have a listen and be inspired. Find out more about TIE here: and TIE Accelerator here:
October 5, 2020
Ep:#7 Hope in Iraq and Syria
Following the fall of the Saddam regime in Iraq, the first ever treatment centre for survivors of torture and war violence was opened in 2005. The centre is called the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights and on Friday I spoke with Salah Ahmad, the Founder. Salah is child and family therapist from Iraq, who after experiencing flight and exile himself, has made it his mission to improve access to psychological assistance for victims of violence in Iraq and Syria. Ever stop to think how people work through the pain of terror, torture and war? How accessible that type of support is? And what happens if people aren’t treated? Learn about the significant challenges the region faces. But also hear of Salah’s hope. I was truly inspired and moved by the stories. No doubt you will be too. Have a listen here. If you would like to support the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights or learn more about their work, please click here.  To make a tangible impact on the organisation in 6 short weeks, whilst unearthing your leadership skills, there is still time to get involved with our TIE Accelerator programme . But you need to act fast. The doors close for this project on October 10th, 2020. Click here to see how you can get involved. It will be an unforgettable experience.
September 28, 2020
Ep:#6 A voice from the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest
Brazil, the rainforest, and the environment has hit the headlines quite a bit over the past couple of years. And rightfully so. And now, with more burning of the Amazon in the North of Brazil, the rainforest is back in the headlines. It’s hard not to feel slightly paralysed – wondering how on earth we can help. And be some sort of change in the face of all of this destruction. Today we talk to Binka, co-founder of Iracambi, a Brazilian organisation working to make the conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest more attractive than its destruction. You will learn things you didn’t know about the state of the rainforest. Binka helps paint a very real picture of the situation. She tells us what keeps her up and night. But also tells us what gives her hope. You’ll also learn about how Covid is impacting the communities close to Iracambi. And it’s not what you’d expect. Learn more about Iracambi here. And if you want to get involved with TIE Accelerator and impact Iracambi through our project with them, join our info session or get in touch to know more.
September 11, 2020
Ep:#5 Sir John Hegarty and the power of doing interesting things
In 2006 I was sitting in Sir John Hegarty’s office at BBH on Kingly Street in London. I had come up with the idea and business plan for TIE. But it still needed a name. I had a number of different names to choose from, but I felt stumped. But, as usual he got me back on track. Sir John Hegarty is the Creative Founder of the global Ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (known as BBH) and is the world-renowned creator of legendary ad campaigns for Levi's, Lego, and Audi, Johnny Walker’s Keep Walking, the Links Effect amongst many others. John is also one of TIE's incredible mentors. His Mantra Do Interesting Things and Interesting Things will happen to you is something I personally find so inspiring. Today, John will inspire you with wonderful nuggets on how to live your best life. He talks to us about how to find real inspiration in your day-to-day. We talk about riding the bus. Sayings that don’t make any sense. And about his mantra “Do Interesting Things and Interesting Things will Happen to You”.
September 3, 2020
Ep:#4 Want to lead. Grow. And be a force for good? Launching TIE Accelerator!
I am SO excited to announce TIE Accelerator. For the first time EVER, professionals can get involved with TIE in order to find their inner leaders, without having to be sponsored by their companies. They can boost their personal growth. And be the CHANGE that they want to see in this world. TIE Accelerator is a community of problem solvers who accelerate positive change around the world. We’ve designed an immersive six-week online professional development program that pairs cross disciplinary professionals with a social initiative in the developing world. You can do it a couple of hours a day. And fit it around your busy life. And it will blow your mind. Today I chat with Mel Parsey, Chief Strategy Officer at the Global agency B-Reel, about TIE Accelerator. She talks about the types of leaders that companies need. What the best way to learn is. What is important to her from a professional point of view. What has steered her career decisions. And where she invests her energy and her time. She brings to life how the launch of TIE Accelerator came about, why it’s important and the vision. And, at the end, she suggests three questions that you should ask yourself, to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. You won’t want to miss this episode. If this sounds like a fit for you, definitely check out to apply. We would love to work with you! Or, check out our info session if you want to find out more.  We have 5 projects to support NGOs in Brazil, India, Syria/Iraq, Zambia and East Africa that we are determined to fill before the end of the year. Each project needs 6 people. And once they are filled, the next round of opportunities will only be next year. So do get in touch soon if you want to have a leadership development experience that you will never forget. And I'd love to call on all of you to help us get this out to as many people as possible. Please share this and TIE Accelerator with your networks. Let's change the world!
August 11, 2020
Ep:#3 A chat with Jon Steel re TIE, Al Gore & Ban Ki-Moon
A few years ago I found myself eating cheese and drinking wine at the Château de Touffou, the castle purchased by the advertising man David Ogilvy in 1966, and still to this day owned by the Ogilvy family after David’s death in 1999. I was asked by Jon Steel, Group Planning Director for WPP Group as well as the WPP Marketing Fellowship Director at the time, to give a presentation about TIE to a group of WPP Fellows. Over 10 years I worked with WPP and their Fellows, and today I chat with Jon about our experience working together. Here I ask him why he worked with TIE for 10 years, paid good money to lose a valued employee for several weeks, and why the risk paid off. You’ll love this conversation. Jon is one of the most influential Strategic Planners of our time. Not only will he inspire you, get you thinking in a different way, and leave you wanting more. But he'll also reveal the secret to the success of his star employees. Enjoy! And if you do want to continue feeling inspired by Jon, I can’t recommend enough his books ‘Truth Lies and Advertising’ and ‘Perfect Pitch’. I often find myself using examples from them in conversations. To ensure you never miss a TIE Unearthed episode, sign up here.
July 22, 2020
Ep:#2 Behind the scenes on TIE
Imagine growing up and only reading stories that have absolutely nothing to do with your reality. The way the houses are. How the people look. The customs, the food, the traditions. The climate. Most children in Africa don’t have access to books that tell stories they can relate to. African children, if they have access to books at all, read about culture and life in the West, where the majority of the books come from. Deborah, Co-Founder and CEO of the Golden Baobab Prize in Accra Ghana, was determined to change that. The Golden Baobab Prize is a literary award that addresses the issue of insufficient quality children’s books in Africa by discovering, nurturing and celebrating promising writers of African children’s literature.  They are driven to their work by various factors. One of these is the grim statistic about children’s literature in Africa. UNESCO’s basic principle, “full and equal opportunities in education for all,” remains unattained. Deborah dreams to see a world filled with wonder and possibilities, one African children’s story at a time. On this episode, I wanted to bring you guys a little bit behind the scenes on what happens on TIE and help you see how powerful it is to bring together skills from the social and private sectors. Here I’m chatting with Deborah, the Co-Founder and CEO of the Golden Baobab Prize and Cameron, from the & partnership in New York, who is working with them on our TIE Advisor programme, to help them navigate this difficult and uncertain moment, all the while getting leadership experience and exercising a different skillset. I also thought that it was a good opportunity for us to check in with Ghana and see how things are evolving on the COVID front. So I thought you guys would find that quite interesting as well.  So grab your favourite beverage, have a listen, and please do let us know what you think! To ensure you never miss a TIE Unearthed episode, sign up here. L7c8Z0aqbF6uScRlNDnh
July 10, 2020
Ep:#1 The TIE backstory
In this (first-ever) episode of the TIE Unearthed Podcast I thought that I’d kick things off with the backstory of why and how this all came together. To ensure you never miss a TIE Unearthed episode, sign up here.
June 26, 2020