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Blueprint with Phillip Lanos

Blueprint with Phillip Lanos

By Phillip Lanos
A backstage pass career day in a box podcast for business professionals, freelancers and college students looking to pivot or start their careers hosted by Phillip Lanos founder of Own The Rhythm a personal brand management and creative agency.
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Christie Lindor | The Bonds Of Sorority & You Gotta Wanna

Blueprint with Phillip Lanos

Naissant Small Business Fashion and the Solo Entrepreneur Luciana Rozenberg
Luciana Rozenberg is a fashion designer and entrepreneur based out of New York City. Originally from Argentina, she moved to New York in 2015 to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, Luciana began working as a designer at Haute Couture brands such as Zac Posen, Marchesa and Theia. During that time, she had the opportunity to dress numerous celebrities with many of her designs featured in multiple fashion and celebrity news publications. In this episode we explore a career in the Fashion world. Luciana shares how it may not be necessary to go to fashion school, what actually helped her launch her collection and how she navigates the ups and downs of being a solo entrepreneur. If you've ever wanted to start a career in Fashion here's a chance to learn from someone literally making a living doing this very thing, make sure to follow @naissantnyc on Instagram or visit
May 5, 2021
For breakups take sunshine with Dr.Kim Chronister
Dr.Kim Chronister is a Los Angeles based Clinical psychologist that also has her own podcast Love To Heal with Dr. Kim. Dr.Kim has also written a book Breakup Recovery that helps us all get through the inevitable process of a heartbreak. In this episode I ask Dr.Kim about her book and the inner workings of the world of clinical psychology. To learn more about Dr.Kim visit: @drkimchronister
March 7, 2021
LACCD & Where the funding is going with Anthony Danna
Anthony Danna is running for seat No. 3 for the LACCD Board of Trustees. Anthony's background is in Data Science for Hollywood with companies like Sony & Disney. This episode will teach you about what position is and is not responsible for such as where the money is spent but not how the programs and education are crafted. Anthony also reveals the type of corruption that currently exists on the board in their election and spending practices. Without question what you learn here in this episode applies on a larger scale in federal politics. Finally, Anthony talks about his plans and what he intends to do if elected. Tune in, maybe this is the Blueprint you needed. You can learn more about Anthony Danna here: You can find Anthony Danna on IG here: @anthonyjdanna
October 20, 2020
Electing A Judge To The LA County Superior Court with Scott Yang | Election 2020
Scott Andrew Yang, currently a District Attorney is running on the 2020 ballot for Judge seat #162 -- Best known for his work on the Gabriel Fernandez case. Scott was born to immigrant parents who faced a critical legal issue when forced to pay fees his parents didn't know existed in their contact Scott pursued a career in Law to protect those who are taken advantage of by the Law. This is made visible by his current work on Sex Crime cases. although Scott is aware that many see a prosecutor as someone who might bring that into their work as a judge, Scott explains how his career experience allow for him to be far more neutral and aware in court cases than someone with less experience. No stranger to challenges people of color face in modern society Scott aims to bring his arsenal of education and experience to focus on the facts when deciding how he should deliver a sentence. You can learn more about Scott Yang here: You can follow Scott Yang @scottyang4judge2020
October 18, 2020
LACCD, Community College Budgets and the Political Status Quo with Charné Tunson
Charné Tunson, looking to be elected to Seat #1 with the LACCD via a grassroots movement and a practicing educator as a principal and leads a full time position at her very own Tunson Leadership Foundation where Chanré is able to touching the lives of youth and helping them grow and achieve their life dreams, as well as teaching them the importance of coaching and mentoring others.  Charné and her family are no strangers to the challenges a student faces, especially when of an ethnic minority -- so she's able to extend empathy unlike most of the sitting board members currently holding the office. As always do your own research, if a public office personnel isn't easy to find publicly its time to ask harder questions. Luckily for us, Charné is truly someone working for the people and soon to be by the people. You can learn more about Charné here: You can connect with her on all social platforms: @iamcharnemtunson
October 17, 2020
Electing A Judge To The LA County Superior Court with Myanna Dellinger | Election 2020
Myanna Dellinger is on the 2020 election ballot for a spot on the LA County Superior Court as a judge. From what it cost to be on the ballot, to explaining the levels of powers Judges are granted Myanna takes us through the whole spectrum needed to inform our vote. Myanna also speaks on the others running for the same spot as a judge and the holes in their claims. This is also the first episode with a Law professor who breaks down her own views on a career in Law. If either a career in law or having a more informed voting stance -- this is the blueprint for you. You can connect with Myanna at: Instagram:
October 15, 2020
Life, Real Estate and Unf*** Yourself with JP Pena
If a Real Estate career ever crossed your mind this is the episode you need. JP Pena shares his insights as a father, a son, being too nice and how overcoming limited mindsets that your parents may have instilled in you can be made possible. A host of his own successful podcast ‎The JP Pena: Unf***yourself, a Real Estate Professional who ACTUALLY makes his living as a broker and whose side hustle is teaching others interested in a career in Real Estate how to reach their goals the right way. Maybe this is the blueprint for you. You can follow JP on instagram @thejppena JP suggests you get your initial education in Real Estate here:
October 9, 2020
Learning To Be Strangers Again - Heather Mazzei (Sex and Intimacy Therapist)
Heather Mazzei, a sex and intimacy therapist, shares her professional opinion on what couples can do to bring life back to their relationship during the Covid-19 quarantine. Heather also breaks down what the journey to becoming a clinically licensed looks like and how she would change and shorten the journey if she could do it all over again. If you're struggling to hold your relationship and your sex life together during the quarantine or if you've ever wanted to pursue the Therapist profession this is an episode you'll want to listen to all the way through.  You can find Heather and the clinic where she works on instagram: @heather_mazzei and @themodernintimacy
October 2, 2020
Bully Proof Freelancing with Floyd Mitchell
Freelancing success behind the scenes in both tech and the entertainment industry only exists for Floyd Mitchell because he took calculated chances. Floyd moved to LA to be an actor who realized he wanted more control over his life and this is what led him into the tech world. Along the way Floyd discovered that knowing how to set yourself up for success when working as a freelancer for people is half the battle. Getting the job is nice but getting paid for the job is even better. Floyd has paid his dues and has double digit years of experience in working with all types of personalities Large Corporate and Small to Mid Size business. If you're thinking of starting a freelance career tune-in because working for someone and working for yourself has a very different dynamic in the way you can expect to get paid. Protect yourself by listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this please let me know what type of career you're looking to learn about and please whatever you do, share this with a close friend. Floyd is Co-Founder of and can be found on Instagram @thefloydmitchell
September 22, 2020
Money, The Missing Piece of American Education with Jeremy Schneider
Jeremy Schneider teaches me and you how to take control of money and our future retirement. Nothing like World Financial Group or Primerica and all those multi level marketing schemes. The process Jeremy teaches us is the real deal. This is everything you wanted to know about investing and how to stop working within just over a decade. Jeremy Schneider runs personal finance club and has a course coming out in October 2020. You can follow him on Instagram @personalfinanceclub or go to
September 16, 2020
Christie Lindor | The Bonds Of Sorority & You Gotta Wanna
Intrapreneur Christie Lindor breaks down the challenges that first generation born in the U.S. youth face as they help their family establish themselves in America. From learning executive skills at McDonalds to helping a friend become a stakeholder politician by managing a grassroots political campaign Christie brings an eclectic level of experience to the show. If you ever wanted to know about project management, women in tech and grassroots politics from a self made modern day woman. This is the episode for you.
December 7, 2018
Finding Your Passion Featuring Dr. Gary Sanchez
What if you could explain to your partner why you are in the way you are? What if you can explain to your boss or your team why you like doing this task as opposed to that? What if you could find out the same thing about the people you love with the people you work with daily? I ask Dr Gary Sanchez those very questions and the reason why I ask Dr Gary Sanchez is because although he is a dentist by trade Dr Gary Sanchez has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in self improvement everything you could think of every class he took it he was able to design a framework that tens of thousands of entrepreneurs have taken and it's free of cost. A methodology of why people do, What they do. And he found out that there are about nine different types. We're all a bit of each one of those but there's an emphasis. Without question. And in a world of increasing globalization. How can we give ourselves the ads that we need to be happier more successful? Gary's site:
September 26, 2018
Millennial Money Featuring David Sharp
David Sharp - Dancer | Author | Financial Planner Working 40 years for a company is not the plan anymore and with that comes a lot of changes regarding 401k's and workplace benefits that were otherwise used as incentives in the workplace. Millennials and Creatives have a lot in common in the way a majority of them manage finances and require that they live inspired lives. David Maurice Sharp understands both the financial needs of an artist and how to share that relevant information in a way that a Millennial and Creative can understand without feeling intimidated. Learn about how to create a portfolio from a fellow thespian and accomplished financial planner. Follow David on Twitter: For more episodes go to: Podcast Produced by:
September 26, 2018
Acting and Focusing On Your Area of Industry​ Feat. Kevin West
Kevin E West - Veteran Actor & Founder of The Actors Network Here's Why the acting industry is not bullshit. Why your physical type matters and doesn't at the same time. Why you have to make a decision to be a working actor before you win financially. Why you should focus on one aspect of the industry in the first 5 - 10 years of your career and much more. To Reach This Guest Visit: Follow on Twitter: @thekevine
September 26, 2018
The Power Of I Don't Know Feat. Frank Sesno
Frank Sesno - Award-winning American journalist Without mystery to what he attributes earned Frank Sesno his success - it was his home life growing up that began to shape his personal philosophy of communication. From having a disability in the family and playing the role of mediator to being the student who asked about anything he didn't understand Frank's life is a testament to the power of a skill that slowly escapes us as technology becomes a large part of our life. To Reach this guest: Follow on Twitter: @franksesno
September 26, 2018
Content Is Step 7 Feat. Joe Pulizzi
Joe Pulizzi - Founder of Content Marketing Institute: Joe cuts straight to the point and exclaims that starting a podcast to build an audience isn't the best move. In fact, Joe attributes the success of his books and institute to his blog and email subscribers but you'll have to be prepared for the journey it truly is to build an audience. To Reach This Guest Visit: Follow on Twitter: @JoePulizzi
September 26, 2018
Rand Fishkin - Founder and Former CEO of MOZ
Rand attributes a majority of the success that MOZ, an SEO company, achieved to his WhiteBoard Friday's weekly vlog. Rand continues to share examples of how and why your content needs to be done with purpose in order for you to benefit from the power of this type of contact with your audience. To Reach This Guest Visit: Follow on Twitter: @Randfish
September 26, 2018
Easy Enough To Be Embarrassed Feat. David Kadavy
David Kadavy shares with Phillip Lanos his views on writers block for though leaders. Generosity is the secret Kadavy explains and that this isn't only his opinion but a digital marketing genius Seth Godin shares the same view. David Kadavy - Author "Design For Hackers" Top 20 On Amazon Among the many achievements David Kadavy has under his belt David has done what a lot of creators struggle with -- David has finished and published a book. Also worked closely with Timeful Inc. founder Dan Ariely to give Google Calendar many of the features it has today. David shares why his philosophy is to set a goal so small that you'd be embarrassed if you failed to accomplish it. To Reach This Guest Visit: Follow on Twitter: @Kadavy
September 16, 2017