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The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood

The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood

By Phillip Rood
Phil and Austin Rood are a father and son who watch and discuss a lot of movies, so they decided to bring their discussions to the mic. Listen as they both bring movies to the table and their reactions and analyses to each other.
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56-Let's Orchestrate a Coup(Once Upon a Time In Mexico)

The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood

56-Let's Orchestrate a Coup(Once Upon a Time In Mexico)

The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood

Phil and David Talk About Barry pt2
David and Phil get together again to talk about Barry.  This week they cover episodes 4 & 5 of Season 3 and discuss the balance of darkness and comedy, the themes for forgiveness and consequence, great character actors, and subreddits. Make sure to check out more of David on his show Hit Me One More Time Music: Dispersion Relation by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
May 24, 2022
69-Let's Review Season 4
Austin and Phil bring their Fourth Season to a close by looking back at the baker's dozen of movies they've watched for the show.  They talk about what they loved, what they very much didn't love, what surprised them, and what they liked revisiting the most.  They also look ahead to the next season and discuss what they'll be discussing in the future. Austin and Phil's Shout Out:  Our audience.  We've done this show for almost 2 years now and we love that you have come along for that ride with us.  It's always great to talk movies with each other, but we love that our audience digs it too and offers us their own thoughts and feedback.  We have a wonderful community and we could not be more thankful for that! -Phil and Austin Rood
May 17, 2022
Phil and David Talk About Barry
David Luzader from Hit Me One More Time and Phil got together to discuss the start of Season 3 of one of their favorite TV shows, HBO's Barry.  Hear their thoughts on the show and make sure you check out David's show (which both Austin and Phil have guested on) Hit Me One More Time. Music: Dispersion Relation by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
May 10, 2022
68-Let's Grow Moustaches(Death on the Nile)
Austin and Phil were looking forward to some vacation time now that the season is coming to an end, but wouldn't you know it, someone ended up getting murdered... in a movie they watched.  The guys grow some crazy moustaches, climb on a riverboat cruise and try to solve the mystery of why no one likes these very fun Hercule Poirot movies by watching 2022's Death on the Nile.  The guys discuss the long lost whodunit style mystery film, cast diversity, cancel culture, and a whole lot more.  Austin's Shout Out: Dr Glaucomflecken Phil's Shout Out: David Petersen
May 09, 2022
67-Let's Find A Dead Body(Stand By Me)
This week, Austin and Phil follow the train tracks into the woods chasing down rumors of a dead body.  Along the way they confront truths about their lives and place in the podcasting landscape... also they watched 1986's Stand By Me.  The guys talk about nostalgia for one's youth, the uniqueness of male friendships, Stephen King, Rob Reiner, and the surprising complexity of Teddy Duchamp, plus a lot more.  The guys loved this movie and had a lot to say about it... by which I mean, Phil wouldn't shut the hell up because he doesn't shut up, he grows up, and when he looks at you he throws up Austin's Shout Out: Coffee and Contemplation Phil's Shout Out: Rick Beato
May 02, 2022
66-Let's Have A Baby(Juno)
Austin and Phil drink their weight in Sunny D and take pregnancy tests this week... they were both negative, but only one of the pair has negative things to say about this week's movie: 2007's Juno.  They talk about pronouns, snarky teenagers, bad marriage, and how movies hit differently at different stages of life.  It's the full spectrum of takes this week! Austin's Shout Out: Shaelin Writes Phil's Shout Out: Bad Movies Rule
April 25, 2022
65-Let's Go To Haiti(The Serpent and the Rainbow)
Austin and Phil forget everything they learned in their Ivy League anthropology courses and travel from the Amazon to Haiti befriending mystical jaguars and local chemists on the way... and also watching movies.  As part of their psychedelic journey, they watched 1988's The Serpent and the Rainbow.  They talk about the innovative career of Wes Craven, the portrayal of voodoo and Haitian culture in this film, and the incredible way this movie was shot. Austin's Shout Out: Starbucks Workers United - tiktok Phil's Shout Out: Helen Ibe Music
April 18, 2022
64-Let's Make A Movie While Quarantined(The Bubble)
Despite the pandemic raging on across the globe, Austin and Phil put their own safety on the line in order to bring entertainment to the masses.  It was the right thing to do.  So they holed up in a luxury hotel for a couple weeks then started production on this podcast episode to talk about the 2022 comedy The Bubble.  The guys talk about Judd Apatow's strengths and weaknesses as a comedy director, elements of the film that did and didn't work, and their thoughts on the drug humor in this film, plus a whole lot more. Austin's Shout Out: Dodie Phil's Shout Out: Toon Fridge-King of the Hill and Racism
April 11, 2022
63-Let's Look In Our Hearts(Miller's Crossing)
This week, Austin and Phil put on the fedoras and trenchcoats, pick up their tommy guns, and set out into the ultra violent gang war that is podcasting.  They play both sides of the battle, pitting True Crime Shows against Hot Take Comedian Shows in an attempt to come out on top of the charts... as if that mattered. Somewhere in the middle of all this, they found time to watch the Coen Brothers 1990 neo-noir film Miller's Crossing. The guys talk about the language of the film, the odd morality of the characters, and their reactions to the film's gay hitman character in context of the film's setting and the time it was made.  Also, the guys saw Blade Runner on the big screen! Phil mentions an article about the film and that can be found HERE Austin's Shout Out: Original Characters-A DnD Podcast Phil's Shout Out: Jacqui Castle's new novel Chasm
April 04, 2022
62-Let's Hope We Get Pardoned(Miracle in Cell No7)
This week, Austin and Phil ran into some legal issues that landed them in a Turkish military prison.  Not to worry though, because their new friends on the cell block snuck in a VCR and a big collection of movies.  So to stay on theme, the guys watched 2019's Miracle in Cell No 7.  The guys talk about how bleak this film is, whether or not the message of hope comes through, its similarities to some American prison movies, and other versions of this film that exist in other countries.   Roods Shout Out:  Midnight Writers Podcast
March 28, 2022
61-Let's Be Avenging Spirits(Lady Snowblood)
Austin and Phil travel to Japan to train to be fierce warriors.  But before they roll themselves down a mountain in barrels, they took some time to watch 1973's Lady Snowblood for the show.  This week, they'll break down the action cult classic talking about its influence on Kill Bill, the unique film language of this movie, why being an unstoppable killing machine is maybe not so great for the soul, and a whole lot more.  Plus, West Side Story reveals that Phil likes musicals and that Austin has a doppelganger. Austin's Shout Out: Justin Davies Phil's Shout Out: Five Watt World
March 21, 2022
60-Let's Take This To Court(Marriage Story)
Austin and Phil are hiring lawyers and heading to court to decide who owns the majority of this podcast, but before they did that they watched the 2019 drama Marriage Story.  The guys talk about the incredible cast, the emotional story, the surprising amount of comedy in this film, and Phil tells a personal story in an attempt to figure out why lawyers are manipulative monsters. Austin's Shout Out: Scott Sava-artist Phil's Shout Out: The Munster Hunters podcast
March 14, 2022
A Very VERY Special Episode-The Batman
Austin and Phil ventured out of the cave and into their local multiplex to see The Batman.  They haven't had this much to say about a movie since last year's Dune, so they needed to get on mic to let all their thoughts out.  They talk about Emo-Bruce, Batman DIY projects, and interesting villains.
March 12, 2022
59-Let's Believe Our Own Bulls#!t (Nightmare Alley)
Step right up, step right up! See the duo who have entertained tens of people across the globe as they attempt to deconstruct the most horrific carnival story since that time that Austin ate three funnel cakes before riding Gravitron and then barfed them all over the airbrushed t-shirt Phil won at the ring toss booth.  They're talking GDT's Nightmare Alley and its themes of deceit, manipulation, and where the moral gray area becomes black or white... also, they gush over the great cast. Austin's Shout Out: Kyle Schaub-programmer Phil's Shout Out: Aly Welch-author
March 07, 2022
58-Let's Cook With Fungus(Phantom Thread)
Austin and Phil learn the perfect recipe for slowing down this week from watching Paul Thomas Anderson's 2017 film Phantom Thread  The guys talk about unlikable characters, dysfunctional relationships, and the pitfalls of living with creative people.   Austin's Shout Out: Hank Green-So TikTok Sucks Phil's Shout Out: That Was Great Wasn't It?
February 28, 2022
57-Let's Take In A Stray(The Professional)
Austin and Phil get to know their neighbors this week when they take a look at the 1994 insanity fueled action crime drama with two names: (Leon:) The Professional.  The guys discuss how this movie has aged, the film's controversial director, and how the uncomfortable relationship dynamics play in this unique film... plus, more Gary Oldman. Phil and Austin Shout Out:  Banned books.  Buy, read, and gift banned books. particularly to kids who may live in an area where certain knowledge is controlled by oppressors.   Check out Phil's new Book Mo Myself & Eye:
February 21, 2022
56-Let's Orchestrate a Coup(Once Upon a Time In Mexico)
Aus and Phil finish their trip to Mexico on a high note, by watching the 2003 film Once Upon A Time In Mexico. The final installment in the Mariachi Trilogy proves to be a great movie to end the season on as it provides the guys a ton of conversation about El Mariachi's character arc, Johnny Depp's performance, and Girls in Refrigerators... There's a lot to pick apart. The Roods also look back on the Mariachi movies as a trilogy and pick their favorite trilogies of the season. Austin's Shout Out: Mr Grande Phil's Shout Out: In Defense of Nicolas Cage This episode marks the end of our Third Season!  We want to thank everyone who hung out with us this season as we experimented with format a bit and had some fun trying some new things.  We really appreciate each and every person who gives their time to listening to our show, whether it's every episode or just a single one.  Thanks to all of you.  -Phil and Austin
December 20, 2021
55-Let's Bring In A New Cast(Desperado)
Somewhere in a small border town, Austin and Phil are drinking cheap beer in dirty glasses as they talk about the biggest Mexican action movie they've ever seen:  1995's Desperado.  The guys talk about how Robert Rodriguez uses his budget to realize his style, Buscemi, and debate whether Antonio Banderas was miscast or is doing a brilliant comedic performance... plus so much more! Austin's Shout Out: Ms. Frazzled Phil's Shout Out: Captain Midnight
December 13, 2021
54-Let's Find Our Guitar Case(El Mariachi)
This week, Phil and Austin head south of the border with just a few dollars and a guitar case full of puns as they kick off their last trilogy of the season with Robert Rodriguez's 1992 indie triumph El Mariachi.  The guys talk about what sets this apart from other low-budget movies, Rodriguez's unique filmography, and how budget restrictions helped this film.   Austin's Shout Out: Joel Cossette Music Phil's Shout Out: Dave's Killer Bread
December 06, 2021
53-Let's Come Out of Retirement(The Dark Knight Rises)
Austin and Phil return once more to Gotham City to take care of its newest threat:  A million ideas with no follow-up at all.  The guys talk about Old Batman, stock market heists, and drastic tonal shifts.  Also, Phil brings up his old grudge against the other Nolan... Austin's Shout Out: Art That Was Never Finished Phil's Shout Out: The Judgies
November 15, 2021
The Midnight Writers
Earlier this year, Phil participated in the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay competition.  He was invited to join fellow writers Derek and Keith of Pop Up FilmCast, and Joelle("Mouse") and Julianne("Weens") of the Mouse and Weens podcast to have some long and winding and informative conversations about the process.  The result is the new podcast: The Midnight Writers: An Adventure In Screenwriting This is the first episode of The Midnight Writers, but we encourage you to find its original feed wherever you get podcasts.  It is a really informative and fun series all about creativity and we are proud to introduce you to it.
November 11, 2021
52-Let's Be Serious(The Dark Knight)
Aus and Phil talk about the 2008 comic book masterpiece "The Dark Knight" on this week's episode.  They discuss Ledger's performance, the themes of being a vigilante and Holmes vs Gyllenhaal vs Flat Character Writing in the Battle of the Rachels. Austin's Shout Out: Tiny Jewish Girl Phil's Shout Out: Hag Attack
November 08, 2021
51-Let's Be Theatrical Ninjas(Batman Begins)
Aus and Phil fake their deaths and run to the Himalayas where they planned to become crime-fighting ninjas... until they found a tv and a blu-ray of this week's movie.  They watched Batman Begins to kick off the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy.  The guys talk about Gary Oldman quickly becoming the podcast's MVP, the differing philosophies of vigilante justice, and the biggest suspension of disbelief in this entire movie:  the existence of socially conscious billionaires. Austin's Shout Out: swainathan Phil's Shout Out: In Praise of Shadows
November 01, 2021
50-Let's Take the Bus Instead(Train to Busan)
(Train to Busan review starts at 24:00) Austin and Phil pat themselves on the back for reaching 50 episodes of the podcast before launching into a quick review of Halloween Kills (spoilers) before getting to their main review of 2016's Korean zombie masterpiece Train to Busan.  The guys talk about what makes certain formulaic stories rise to the top, what they thought of the zombies in this movie's world, and who their favorite and least favorite train passengers were.  Our listeners picked this movie and we're glad they did, so climb aboard for Episode 50 and a really fun ride. Austin's Shout Out: Doctor Who-Flux Phil's Shout Out: Jason Isbell-Georgia Blue
October 25, 2021
Let's Hear From Our Listeners
We did this quick episode to address some of the feedback we've gotten about our coverage of the Evil Dead franchise.  The incredible Corey Scott sends us a DM about the parallels between Ash and Marty McFly, then we throw it to podcast producer extraordinaire Hammond Chamberlain who drops some knowledge on us about Sam Raimi, his work on The Evil Dead and beyond, what we got right, what we got wrong, and his souvenir skull from Army of Darkness. Corey and Hammond are a great representation of the kind of awesome community we have around our show and we couldn't be more thankful for them. Also, check out Song of the Sandman by J-F Dubeau wherever you get books! 
October 22, 2021
49-Let's Shop SMart(Army of Darkness)
Aus and Phil finish off the Evil Dead trilogy with Army of Darkness.  The guys talk about what does and doesn't work in this installment, Raimi's choices, and how the trilogy works as a whole.  Also, Phil voices his opinions and waits for the internet to descend upon him. Austin's Shout Out: Wolf 359 Phil's Shout Out: OldTimeHawkey
October 18, 2021
Let's Talk With J-F Dubeau
Another Very Special Episode of the Picture Show finds Austin and Phil sitting down to talk with author, artist, podcaster, and Canadian J-F Dubeau.  The guys talk to J-F about his upcoming novel Song of the Sandman, genre writing, self-promotion, and the podcast Achewillow, which is written and co-created by J-F.  It's a really fun conversation and we can't thank J-F enough for sharing his time with us and our listeners.   You can pre-order/purchase Song of the Sandman at your local independent bookstore, B&N, or online at Amazon or Powell's 
October 13, 2021
48-Let's Try This Again(Evil Dead 2)
Austin and Phil return to the woods to hang out in a cabin and listen to a super bizarre book on tape while checking out the Sam Raimi sequel Evil Dead II.  The guys talk about how this movie levels up over the original, the inventive monsters, and the bizarre left turn the ending makes. Austin's Shout Out: Art Ed Guru Phil's Shout Out:  DefuncTV Jim Henson
October 11, 2021
Let's Talk with Amy Frost
Join us for a very special episode as Austin and Phil sit down for a conversation with "hobby magpie" Amy Frost (aka  @Daniora ).  Amy tells the guys of her theatrical roots and how that has led her to where she is now as an artist, painter, podcaster, and voice actor.  Mostly, they talk about her work as a performer and producer on the audio drama podcast Achewillow and how her love of games plays into her creative life.   It's a really fun conversation and we can't thank Amy enough for sharing her time and talents with us. Check out the to find the podcast and support the fantastic work Amy and J-F Dubeau are doing there.
October 06, 2021
47-Let's Party Down(The Evil Dead)
Aus and Phil take a look at 1981's cult classic horror film The Evil Dead.  The guys talk about the career of Sam Raimi and his Oldsmobile, indie film production value, and Fake Shemps... also, Phil pitches an idea for a dystopian future YA novel. Austin's Shout Out: Lil Nas X-Montero Phil's Shout Out: Canopus by Dave Chisholm Vote on the last movie of October in our Halloween Movie Poll!
October 04, 2021
46 Let's Finish What We Started (War for the Planet of the Apes)
Austin and Phil break down the final chapter of the Apes trilogy, review the series overall, and discuss what comes next for this Planet of Apes.  Austin's Shoutout: Phil's Shoutout: Go watch anything Norm Macdonald
September 27, 2021
45-Let's Say You Want a Revolution(Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)
Austin and Phil dive into the second of the Apes prequel trilogy with 2014's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  The guys talk about building societies, compelling villains, awards for mo-cap and stunt performers, and Gary Oldman.  Plus, the guys take a hard stance against pandas. Austin's Shout Out: Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't Phil's Shout Out: The Dollop-Nim the Chimp BONUS SHOUT OUT!  Women Kick Ass
September 20, 2021
44-Let's Adopt a Chimp(Rise of the PotA)
Austin and Phil kick off Season 3 by jumping into their first trilogy with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  The guys talk about the movie's relationship to the original Planet of the Apes, the complex character of Caesar, and the surprisingly dense ape population of San Francisco. Shout Outs: Austin: Jon the Potter Phil: Robin Hood and the Death of Color(Breadsword) Check out Austin and Phil's appearance on Wait... You Haven't Seen discussing the 2018 film Mandy Please be smart, be safe, talk to your doctors, and get vaccinated.
September 13, 2021
Season 3 Preview Extravaganza
Austin and Phil catch up on what they did over their summer break, discuss their plans for Season 3 of the podcast, and give probably their best acting performances ever as they do a dramatic reading of a scene from Boss Baby(NSFW)
August 16, 2021
43-Let's Review Season2
Austin and Phil take a look back at the last 20 movies they watched for the show.  It's a reflection of what they loved, didn't love, was new to them, or that they've changed their opinions on in Season 2 of The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood
July 12, 2021
42-Let's Take Guitar Lessons(Kubo and the Two Strings)
This week, Aus and Phil find themselves exploring their family heritage and the secret origin of guitar strings by watching the 2016 animated adventure film Kubo and the Two Strings.  The guys talk about Laika Studios, creepy witches, and stories about stories.  This is the last movie of our second season.  Come back next week for our Season 2 Recap! Austin's Shout Out: The Nuclear Solution Phil's Shout Out:  Surviving Creativity
July 05, 2021
41-Let's Fend For Ourselves(A Series of Unfortunate Events)
Aus and Phil take travel to a nondescript time and place that's a little bit Victorian, a little bit steampunk, and very strange... 2004... they go to 2004 and revisit the Nickelodeon Studios film A Series of Unfortunate Events.  They talk about adaptations, the surprisingly deep lessons of this movie, brilliant portrayals of bad acting, and production design. Austin's Shout Out: Like A Dino Phil's Shout Out: Call Kevin Podcast
June 28, 2021
40-Let's Make a Drug Deal(True Romance)
This week, the guys kill a pimp to punish him for being a white guy with dreadlocks, steal his drugs and take off to California... then they watched a movie and talked about it for an insanely long time.  Aus and Phil watched 1993's True Romance and immediately take off down rabbit holes about Tarantino, Tony Scott, race, LGBTQ films, Clarence as a Mary Sue, homages to the New Hollywood era, things that bugged Austin that Phil is more forgiving of, and things that Phil is surprised that Austin loved.  It's a simple but complicated movie that leads them on a long and winding road in and out of topics, monologues, rants, arguments, and... holy shit, this movie turned the podcast into a Tarantino movie... Austin's Shout Out: Answers With Joe-Scientifically Accurate Movies Phil's Shout Out: Film Crit Hulk
June 21, 2021
39-Let's Spiral Into Darkness(Inside)
Aus and Phil confined themselves to a single room for an hour and a half so they can create the most brilliant piece of art in years... it did not work.  But they did manage to talk about a case where it did work and so they talk about that.  The guys watched Bo Burnham's comedy special/one man show/experiment Inside and were more than impressed with it.  They talk about the importance or trivial nature of comedy, mental illness, the internet, and Burnham as an ever evolving artist. Austin's Shout Out:  The Anthropocene Reviewed, Animated Phil's Shout Out:  Movers Ultimate IndieGoGo
June 14, 2021
38-Let's Try This Again(Tenet)
Phil and Austin go back a few days to when they watched Tenet for the first time to explore how they feel about it.  They talk about the places they each found challenging with the film, the brilliant portrayal of being disoriented, heists, and talking with masks on.  It's a wild movie that spawns a wild conversation, perhaps the most ambitious yet on this episode of The Picture Show... Austin's Shout Out: Bill Withers Phil's Shout Out: Women On Mic
June 07, 2021
37-Let's Find a Reputable Daycare(Cargo)
This week, Phil searches for a proper movie to leave Austin in the care of as they track across a wasteland full of zombies and psychopaths while watching the 2017 Australian film Cargo.  The guys talk about the highs and lows of this movie, Netflix adaptations, pacing, and the wonderful Martin Freeman. Austin's Shout Out: Big Finish Phil's Shout Out: The Fleischer Story
May 24, 2021
A Very Special Episode: Godzilla Vs Kong
This week, Aus and Phil and Millie Bobby Brown (okay not really) uncover a vast conspiracy using all their podcasting skills- and Godzilla is at the center of it all. Listen to hear our quick takes on one of the biggest movies of the year and the franchise it's a part of. Next week we will be back with our regularly scheduled full episodes.
May 17, 2021
36-Let's Meet the Neighbors(My Neighbor Totoro)
after figuring out which of their cats would make the best bus, Austin and Phil settle in for a discussion about Hayao Miyazaki's 1988 animated fantasy My Neighbor Totoro.  The guys talk about the casual pace of the film, how that plays into some of the spiritual elements, and next level animation and art talk throughout the episode... plus a lot more.  There's a lot to unpack in the guys' first outing with a Studio Ghibli film. Austin's Shout Out: Ingenuity Helicopter Phil's Shout Out: On the Subject Podcast
May 10, 2021
Not An Episode
Listen to this episode for an explanation of why there is no episode this week
May 03, 2021
35-Let's Go Home(Gravity)
Aus and Phil are the sole survivors of a tidal wave of space garbage and they're struggling to get home.  Phil keeps playing country music and cracking wise while Austin attempts to make progress in the conversation about the 2013 film Gravity.  The guys talk about single take shots, cinematography, and Sandra Bullock, as well as deep dives into portrayals of tragedy and so much more. Austin's Shout Out: Mikey Angelo- My Pen Is Phil's Shout Out: Bob Schneider-King Kong Bonus Shout Out: Not Just Heather Podcast
April 26, 2021
34-Let's Beat Our Chests(Kong: Skull Island)
Austin and Phil lead an expedition to a legendary island full of monsters and horrors the likes of which we've... seen a few times before in one form or another.  But it doesn't matter, because it's fun.  Climb on the choppers with the Roods and half the cast of the MCU as we watch Kong: Skull Island.  Austin's Shout Out: Paper Girls  Phil's Shout Out: Clint Wells-Vampire Cliff Chiang Drawing the Paper Girls
April 19, 2021
33-Let's Stay Put(IO)
This week, Austin and Phil are the only people on Earth... who watched the movie IO.  They settle in for a dark and depressing look at humanity, the better movies it pulled from, and a look at the situation we find ourselves living in currently.  It's maybe our most nihilistic episode yet, and it's all because Austin chose this movie... ... not that anything like that matters...
April 12, 2021
32-Let's Hustle(Kung Fu Hustle)
Aus and Phil take a trip to 1940s Shanghai for some martial arts shenanigans with Stephen Chow's 2004 comedy action film Kung Fu Hustle.  They talk about the brilliant crossroads between cartoonish comedy and legitimate kung fu, the Chinese film industry and the relationship to America, and the balancing act of so many different tones  Also, butts... This is a great conversation about a great movie. Austin's Shout Out: Cynical Reviews-Sia's Music Phil's Shout Out: Tales From the Fandom
April 05, 2021
31-Let's Get the Hell Out of Here(Dunkirk)
Austin and Phil sit down this week for Christopher Nolan's 2017 war film Dunkirk.  They talk about Nolan's bizarre timeline, why we never learned about this historical event, and discuss what characters they latched onto the most.  The guys don't do war movies often, so this one is new ground. Phil references the podcast Wait... You Haven't Seen and TV's Travis and their discussion of this film.  We really recommend checking out their takes on Dunkirk as well:  CHECK IT OUT HERE or wherever you get podcasts Austin's Shout Out: Mark Rober Phil's Shout Out: Reina del Cid
March 29, 2021
30-Let's Continue to Bend(Legend of Korra Book 3)
Austin and Phil go back to the world of benders and explore the third season of The Legend of Korra.  They talk about the season as a sort of reboot, the next level of animation for the series, and the fantastic villain the series found in Henry Rollins. Phil's Shout Out: Socially Plagued Austin's Shout Out: Korra-The Turf War
March 22, 2021
29-Let's Find Salvation(Road to Perdition)
Austin and Phil examine their father-son relationship as they hit the road and run for their lives... no, they're not dodging mob assassins or seeking vengeance for their murdered family, they're instead trying to find common ground on their differing opinions about the 2002 crime drama Road to Perdition.  The guys take a look at their relationships to morally bankrupt characters, rebellious teenagers, and cycles of dysfunction... also family bank robbing.  Pick the Rood you agree with and ride with them all the way to Perdition! Austin's Shout Out: Sleeping At Last Phil's Shout Out: Stanchion Literary Zine Other Shout Outs:  Rabbi Who Reads Comics
March 15, 2021
28-Let's Build a Spaceship(The Astronaut Farmer)
Austin and Phil hunker down in the studio and build the impossible:  a podcast about the film The Astronaut Farmer.  The guys talk about the bizarre tone of this movie, the clunky execution of an interesting idea, and how this movie only makes sense in the slimmest of time frames. Austin's Shout Out: 1-Hour Song Rewrite Phil's Shout Out: Critical Drinker-Ambiguity
March 08, 2021
27-Let's Confront Our Emotions(Where the Wild Things Are)
Austin and Phil take a trip to the center of their psyches this week by watching 2009's Where the Wild Things Are.  They break down the deep emotional and artistic meanings behind the simple children's story, the stellar work by the art department, and the amazing performances by the voice and suit actors alike.  It's a complicated movie that spawned a lot of conversation and ideas and we are here for all of it. Austin's Shout Out: Mr. Tardis Phil's Shout Out: Ignorance Was Bliss BONUS:  Phil mentioned the documentary Tell Them Anything You Want and it is available to watch on Tubi
March 01, 2021
26-Let's Be More Outgoing(Eighth Grade)
This week Austin and Phil watched Bo Burnham's 2017 comedy drama/exploration of adolescence Eighth Grade.  The guys discuss the timelessness of the film, what it is saying about the gap between who we are and who we pretend to be, and the way the movie manages to perfectly capture the challenges surrounding everything about being the age of a middle schooler. Austin's Shout Out: The Forest Unseen: A Year's Watch in Nature Phil's Shout Out: A Walk in the Woods
February 22, 2021
25-Let's Go To Sunday School(The Book of Eli)
Austin and Phil hit the road to salvation this week as they dig into the 2010 post-apocalyptic film The Book of Eli.  The guys get off in the weeds about religion and spirituality and the struggles that these things may or may not present to this movie's audience, but also talk plenty about the technical aspects of the film, the Denzel Renaissance, relationship dynamics, and, of course, Tom Waits... Austin's Shout Out: Things You May Not Know Phil's Shout Out: A God in the Shed
February 15, 2021
24-Let's Consider All The Evidence(12 Angry Men)
Austin and Phil sequester themselves to a tiny room in the back of Stately Rood Manor where they discuss the minutia of what they have just been presented with... in this case, it's the 1957 courtroom drama 12 Angry Men.  The guys discuss why this movie holds up after all this time, their favorite parts, and speculate about what could be beneficial about remaking this film.  It's a really interesting movie and led to a very interesting discussion. Austin's Shout Out: Bernie Sweatshirt Phil's Shout Out: GravityBeard Interns Due to Bernie's sweatshirt being sold out at the time of this posting, you can help the cause it supports by donating HERE The graphic novel Phil mentioned in this episode is called Chasin' the Bird by Dave Chisholm
February 08, 2021
23-Let's Go To Fire Fest(The Hidden Fortress)
The guys hit the road this week and break down the 1958 samurai adventure film The Hidden Fortress.  They talk about the impressive scope of this movie, the influence it had on George Lucas, and finally, they spiral into a discussion(argument) about the strained relationship between old films and modern audiences.  It's a long and treacherous road for our heroes this week as they seek a safe kingdom and redemption... and movies. Austin's Shout Out: Briktokk Phil's Shout Out: Usagi Yojimbo Aus and Phil's Other Podcast Appearances: Zeng This! Pop Up FilmCast Wait, You Haven't Seen
February 01, 2021
22-Let's Jazz(Soul)
Austin and Phil kick off Season 2 by watching Soul, which leads them to explore life, death, the afterlife, jazz, perspective, and the possibility that Pixar is manipulating us all... Austin's Shout Out: Ratatouille Phil's Shout Out: Hat's Off Entertainment
January 25, 2021
TPS Life Day Special! (The Mandalorian S2)
***SPOILER ALERT FOR THE MANDALORIAN SEASON 2**** Austin and Phil celebrate the holiday season by leaning into the Star Wars Universe to talk about Life Day, Disney's handling of IP, and the second season of The Mandalorian.  The guys offer their thoughts on the direction the show has taken this season, what it means for the future of the show, and their potentially unpopular opinions of the season finale.   This is the way... to hear the Roods ranting while waiting for Season 2 of the Picture Show
December 27, 2020
21-Let's Review(Season 1 Recap)
Austin and Phil take a look at what they've reviewed over the past 20 episodes and pick out their best, worst, and most surprising movies as well as looking at the benefits this show has brought them over this season. Austin's Shout Out: Ratatouille the Musical Phil's Shout Out: Mims28Studio
December 07, 2020
20-Let's Be Smart Shoppers(Moneyball)
Aus and Phil dive into the world of pro sports, numbers and stats, Zen Buddhism, and stepdads as they get into a discussion of 2011's Moneyball.  It's a fun discussion that goes all over the place and brings some really fun discussion, disagreement, and more. Austin's Shout Out: Half Alive Phil's Shout Out: Abe Lincoln's Top Hat
November 16, 2020
19-Let's Have Austin Talk About Austen(Emma.)
The guys don their finest uncomfortable clothing and their tallest hats and announce themselves at the finest estates of Victorian England as they talk about the 2020 adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.  They talk about what they expected vs what they ended up with, feminist heroes now and then, and the ridiculousness of the aristocracy.  It's a surprising and fun discussion all the way through. Austin's Shout Out: Sarah Z Phil's Shout Out: Movie Go Round
November 09, 2020
18-Let's Keep Bending(Korra Book 2)
Austin and Phil take a trip to the Spirit World in an attempt to find enlightenment... but they just ended up watching an anticlimactic TV season instead.  The guys clash over the quality of the show as a whole, the highs and lows of Season 2, new characters, and why Sally Draper is the ultimate spirit guide.  It's another battle royale as they continue through the Legend of Korra.  Austin's Shout Out: Hello Future Me Phil's Shout Out: Pop-Up Filmcast
November 02, 2020
17-Let's Play A Game(Ready Or Not)
Austin and Phil open the magic card box to find out what movie they're going to watch and discover that it's 2019's Ready Or Not.  The guys try to do a deep dive on the film but quickly discover that they don't need to... and they're cool with that.  The resulting conversation is a series of rabbit holes about Joker, popcorn movies, foreign language apps, and loud lawn mowers.  It's maybe the most rambling episode yet, and that's saying a lot... Austin's Shout Out: Penumbra Podcast Phil's Shout Out: Don't Run
October 26, 2020
16-Let's Start Over(Midsommar)
This week Austin and Phil travel to the magical kingdom of mushrooms... and bears.  They're watching and talking about the 2019 horror film Midsommar and getting totally freaked out by it.  They talk about respect for different cultural norms, geometry, toxic people, and psychedelics... also bears and sex rituals.  It's an insane movie that breeds unique discussion. Austin's Shout Out:  The Orange Shirt Society Phil's Shout Out: David Lynch Theatre
October 19, 2020
SPECIAL EPISODE-The Amazing Screw-On Head
Austin and Phil got together to talk about The Amazing Screw-On Head.  They discuss the TV pilot and the comic it was adapted from, it's possible place in the Mignola-verse, and hope for a renewed interest in the property that might possibly lead to its return.  It's a Halloween treat that the guys use to celebrate the weird and wonderful short story The Amazing Screw-On Head!
October 17, 2020
15-Let's Sell Our Souls For Butter(the Witch)
Phil and Austin head into the wilderness, paying close attention not to wander into the haunted woods too far, or to antagonize their billy goat as they take a look at the 2015 horror fairytale The Witch: A New England Folk Tale.  They talk about irresponsible parenting, religious fanaticism, folk tales, and the most horrifying depiction of breast feeding ever committed to film.  It's a great entry into the Halloween Series of The Picture Show, and one the guys had a great time getting their heads around. Austin's Shout Out: Alice Isn't Dead Phil's Shout Out: Submitted For Your Approval
October 12, 2020
14-Let's Get Out (Get Out)
Austin and Phil step into the Halloween season with the 2017 suspense-horror movie Get Out.  They talk about the great cast, Jordan Peele as a filmmaker, and discuss the many layers of horror and social commentary that make this movie work so well.  Plus, the guys break down their feelings on horror in general, Blumhouse, and Blumhouse's portrayals of rich, white liberals. Austin's Shout Out: Julie Nolke Phil's Shout Out: Long Lost Friend Studio
October 05, 2020
13-Let's Do Our Own Stunts(Haywire)
Austin and Phil square off for a fistfight of epic proportions over whether or not Steven Soderbergh's 2011 film Haywire is a great spy movie or not.  They dispute acting styles, characterizations, and blue filters before throwing themselves way off track to talk about the AFI Top 100 list and what that list may look like in coming years.  This one is all over the map and still, somehow, surprisingly fun. Austin's Shout Out: Daejah Voo Phil's Shout Out: Unspooled Podcast Austin's YouTube Channel Phil's YouTube Channel
September 28, 2020
SPECIAL EPISODE: Banned Books Week
Amy Rood is a library nerd, a smart person, Phil's sister, and Austin's aunt, and she joins us today to talk about Banned Books Week.  They talk about specific books that are frequently challenged, the motivations for them, and institutions that deal with these challenges. Links mentioned in this episode: American Library Association Chicago Books to Women in Prison Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
September 27, 2020
12-Let's Kick Hitler in the Ball(Jojo Rabbit)
Austin and Phil look at fascism, redemption, and a million points in between as they take a look at the 2019 Taika Waititi film Jojo Rabbit.  The Roods talk about what they liked and what fell short with the movie, the important topics it discusses, assumed insensitivity, and fascist imaginary friends.  It's a big discussion about a very interesting movie that manages to be sweet, sad, tragic, and still very funny.   Austin's Shout Out:  King Falls AM Phil's Shout Out: Clint Wells: Quarantine Covers
September 21, 2020
11-Let's Chase Static(The Vast of Night)
This week, Austin and Phil talk about the 2019 Amazon Original film The Vast of Night.  They become champions for this movie with a small budget, large ideas, as they talk about compelling mysteries and their affect on small town America, the nature of belief and skepticism, and the power of well-written dialogue and so much more as they break down what really works in this movie. Austin's Shout Out: Hank Green Phil's Shout Out: Me and Paranormal You
September 14, 2020
10-Let's Bend More Stuff(Legend of Korra S1)
Phil and Aus follow up their Avatar fandom by diving into the first season of The Legend of Korra.  Find out who the big fan is and who's being a curmudgeon about it (spoiler: it's exactly who you think).  The guys get into bad comic relief, expanded universe, and the tech of the world the show presents. Austin's Shout Out: The Anthropocene Reviewed Phil's Shout Out: Movies With Mikey
September 07, 2020
09-Let's Trip Balls (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Austin and Phil look at the 1968 philosophical sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey.  It's a wild ride through a complex look at humanity, so the guys gave themselves an extra long episode to help untangle all of the questions of life, art, and the moon that are presented in this film.  Questions such as: Is Kubrick being pretentious or challenging?  Is the moon sequence accurate enough to be proof of Kubrick's involvement in faking the moon landing?  Why the hell is there a baby in space?  These questions and many more are a part of this very fun, very deep, very confusing and compelling episode of The Picture Show.
August 30, 2020
08-Let's Live Forever(The Old Guard)
Austin and Phil take a look at the 2020 Netflix original movie The Old Guard this week and one of them is not very happy about it (guess which one).  They discuss what was right and what was wrong about this movie, comic vs movie storytelling styles, and whether or not this is a shameless ploy to give Netflix their very own comic movie franchise. Austin's Shout Out: Joshua A Hayes Phil's Shout Out: Hit Me One More Time
August 24, 2020
07-Let's Dance(Ex Machina)
What is real? What is simulated? Why does Nathan so fixated on robot genitalia?  Austin and Phil set out to answer these and other existential questions that are posed by the 2014 film Ex Machina.  The guys break down the careers of Alex Garland and Oscar Isaac, which of the guys enjoys downer endings, and Biblical themes of robot movies.  All this and insane dancing on this episode of The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood Austin's Shout Out: Jenny Nicholson Phil's Shout Out: Mouse and Weens
August 17, 2020
06-Let's Avenge Our Parents (True Grit)
Austin and Phil hit the trail this week.  They encounter thieves, an old man in a bear skin, and animal abusing kids at a store, all while discussing the Coen Brothers 2010 western True Grit.  The guys get into westerns old and new, the complicated nature of ethically questionable heroes, and the deep character studies that this film brings us... and also comic book movie connections.   Austin's Shout Out: Aspect Science Phil's Shout Out: How To Be An Artist  This week's ad:  The Mouse and Weens Podcast
August 10, 2020
05-Let's Break Our Family Curse (Logan Lucky)
Austin and Phil take a look at the comedic heist film Logan Lucky this week in an attempt to figure out if robbing a major sporting arena could end their money woes.  They also look at Daniel Craig as a comedic actor, heist movies, and they sing the praises of Adam Driver. Austin's Shout Out: T.X. Watson Phil's Shout Out: Achewillow
August 03, 2020
04-Let's Bend Stuff (Avatar the Last Airbender)
It's a special TV edition of the show this week.  Austin and Phil jump on their flying bison and fly to the studio at the Northern Air Temple to talk about one of the great fantasy stories of all time: Avatar the Last Airbender.  They talk about their favorite episodes and characters, the show's sophisticated art style, and Phil does some dream casting for the upcoming live action show.  The guys love this show and they want you to know why. Phil's Shout Out: The Last Puppet Bender Austin's Shout Out: DK Film Guy 
July 27, 2020
03-Let's Go To The Manor(the Hunt)
Austin and Phil get political on this one... or do they...?  Just kidding, they do... kind of.  Basically, they are the movie they're discussing, which is 2020's The Hunt starring Betty Gilpin and Hilary Swank.  The guys try to decide whether this is a commentary on specific politics or specific classes and how their own worldviews influence their thoughts on this movie.  They also discuss shattered expectations, story structure, and... Ellen? Buckle up, kids, this one is a strange and bumpy ride through an equally strange and bumpy movie.
July 20, 2020
02-Let's Be the Revolution (V For Vendetta)
Austin and Phil get stoked for this movie... until they realize it's more relevant than ever.  They break down stylistic choices, fawn over the cast, sing the praises of the Wachowskis no matter how they're credited, and hope for better days in the future. Austin on tiktok: Phil's new ebook:
July 13, 2020
01-Let's Talk About Fight Club (Fight Club)
Phil introduces Austin to a new kind of support group that helps him regain control of their lives by not talking about what they're doing also beating the crap out of every other person in the group.  They discuss their different views on the movie's takes on toxic masculinity, karma (or lack thereof) for characters, and what that house probably smells like.  I am Jack's Inaugural Podcast episode.
July 10, 2020