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T.H.E Podcast (Therapy Helps Everyone)

T.H.E Podcast (Therapy Helps Everyone)

By Phillip Wells
Hello everyone! My name is Phillip Wells and welcome to "T.H.E Podcast (Therapy Helps Everyone)". This is a show that speaks about the importance of mental health while also providing mental health resources for the listeners. I will also conduct interviews with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. My vision for this podcast is to break the stigma of mental health by talking about my experiences as a therapist and how mental health has affected me and my community! Please follow me on Instagram @theplayerscoachllc and check out my website:
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Episode 10: Tech StartUps & Mental Health
Adrian Cole is the founder of a technology startup called VoiceBlast. On this episode, he discusses not only how to start a tech company (or App) BUT also the mentality it takes to succeed and thrive in tech. Even if you're not in tech, all entrepreneurs should check out this episode!! Adrian Cole Contact information: For More Episodes: Phillip Wells contact information:
January 11, 2021
Episode 9: Entrepreneurs and Mental health
Are you an Entrepreneur? Or are you looking to begin your business? Before you leave your 9-5, its important to discuss the mindset that it will take to run a successful business and Coach Sen is the perfect person to have that discussion with.   Seneca is an entrepreneur's therapist, meaning she works specifically those who are aspiring to start their business or to level up in their business.  Her niche is working with woman, but she has a proven track record with men as well! Check out this episode in order to start your journey!  Coach Sen contact: Phillip Wells (The Players Coach)
January 10, 2021
Episode 8 (Why Black men should seek therapy)
Do you know a black male that could benefit from therapy? Are you a black male that has thought about going to therapy? In episode 9, I ask my guest (Jason Phillips) who's a black male that's licensed as a therapist, why black males should seek therapy! Jason has over 10 years of experience working in the mental health field and specializes in anxiety, trauma, and self-esteem. We discuss why it's vital for everyone, but especially black men to seek therapy. Check it out and remember to subscribe and submit questions and topics that you'd like to hear in our next episode! If you'd like coaching from Jason Phillips, his information is below. You can find my Instagram at @theplayerscoachllc. Also, be sure to check out my website  Jason Phillips Contact information- Website: IG/FB/Twitter: Jphillipsmsw
August 19, 2020
Episode 7 ( 8 ways to get your day started)
In this episode, I go over 8 ways to get your day started in order to boost your productivity! Many of us hit the snooze alarm 3 times before we actually get and then rush to get to work. This is actually damaging to our mental health and adds compounding factors to our stress and anxiety. To avoid all those things, I practice these 8 morning routines in order to get the most out of my day! Check them out and let me know what you think! Please don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to T.H.E. Podcast! Website:   Instagram:  #MentalHealth #Therapy #Therapist #Education #Anxiety #Depression #Coping 
January 18, 2020
Episode 6 (Top 5 questions to ask before your first therapy session)
This episode is dedicated to everyone that is ready to take that first step towards seeing a therapist! It can be a daunting task, which is why I decided to put together an episode just for you! Here are my top 5 questions to ask a therapist before you decide on seeing them. My goal is to get you one step closer to the life you want! Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE this podcast!!  Check out my website: Check out my instagram: #MentalHealth #Therapy #Therapist #Psychology #Counselor #BlackTherapist #Education #Educator #BreakTheStigma
December 28, 2019
Episode 5 (Interview with Giancarlo Simpson, college professor & therapist from Jamaica)
Check out this episode where me and Giancarlo Simpson, fellow therapist from Jamaica, talk about mental health among millennials , college students, and the black community! Check out my professional page: Also check out Giancarlo Simpson's professional pages below PsychologyToday:…ngs-fl/365792 Professional Instagram: Eclectic conversations: *I do not own rights to the music
December 28, 2019
Episode 4 ( A Powerful Concept)
Check out this episode of T.H.E. Podcast (Therapy Helps Everyone) where I discuss a powerful, yet simple concept that we tend to overlook! You don't want to miss this episode! Please let me know what other topics and individuals that you'd like to hear about and from!  Please like, subscribe, comment, and SHARE this podcast! Thank you! Instagram: Website: *I do not own rights to this music.
December 28, 2019
Episode 3 (Giving Grace)
In this episode of T.H.E. Podcast (Therapy Helps Everyone), I talk about the importance of giving ourselves grace and how this can re-frame our perspectives in life! It's a concept that I practice everyday and it has led me to having a better outlook on life, work, and new adventures! Please let me know what other topics you'd like to hear and other people that you would like for me to bring on to the show!   Please share, subscribe, and comment on this episode! Check out my website: Check out my instagram: #MentalHealth #Therapy #Therapist #Psychology #Counselor #BlackTherapist #Education #Educator #BreakTheStigma *I do not own rights to the music 
December 28, 2019
Episode 1 (Intro)
Hey! Welcome to "T.H.E Podcast (Therapy Helps Everyone)". This is a show that I created in order to break the stigma about mental health while also providing resources to all my listeners! I'm a therapist and a school counselor in Miami, FL and my passion is simple... I love helping people! Please follow me on Instagram @theplayerscoachllc and also I have a private practice called "". I hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to follow, like, share, & comment about this podcast! I would love to hear what you guys think! #MentalHealth #Therapy #Therapist #Psychology #Counseling #LifeCoach #Education *I do not own rights to the music 
December 22, 2019