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By Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)
Phlogger is the creative genius of Andrew Walmsley. A blogger and photographer.
Phlogger presents a podcast with photographers, models and others working in the industry. Don't forget to check the website for the latest news.
Current Episode
A chat with Luke from Flisher Photography
May 3, 20181:08:03
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Jun 17, 201822:40
Introduction to street photography with Leyton Cleveley (episode 8)
Jun 5, 201834:19
Episode 7 - Film photography for beginners
May 30, 201845:09
An interview with Jeni from Signature Photography
May 23, 20181:17:29
Interview with a model - Josh Maine
May 19, 20181:16:52
A chat with Jon from Instinctive Photography
May 9, 201849:18
Introduction to modelling
Apr 25, 201849:52
Interview with Sarah from street media
Apr 17, 201858:23
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