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By Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)
Phlogger is the creative genius of Andrew Walmsley. A blogger and photographer.
Phlogger presents a podcast with photographers, models and others working in the industry. Don't forget to check the website for the latest news.
Current Episode
An interview with Jeni from Signature Photography
May 23, 20181:17:29
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Jun 17, 201822:40
Introduction to street photography with Leyton Cleveley (episode 8)
Jun 5, 201834:19
Episode 7 - Film photography for beginners
May 30, 201845:09
Interview with a model - Josh Maine
May 19, 20181:16:52
A chat with Jon from Instinctive Photography
May 9, 201849:18
A chat with Luke from Flisher Photography
May 3, 20181:08:03
Introduction to modelling
Apr 25, 201849:52
Interview with Sarah from street media
Apr 17, 201858:23
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