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The best of random questions (2018)
For this episode we present a special one off edition. It's a highlight of random questions from the guests during 2018. They are not picked on any specific merits, but chosen some of those that worked well. The whole point is to think out of the box and push the guest in to a different frame of mind. The responses are what really made the questions so great. Because of these we can write more for future guests. For anyone thinking of being interviewed, take a quick listen for what you may have to face! Thanks to : Steve Lloyd (chroma camera) Paul (Analogue Wonderland) Michael Behlen (Analogue Forever) Matt Jerrams (@capital faces) Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence photography) Lomig Perrotin (Washi Film) Rahim Mastafa (Rahim Mastafa Photography) Hanna & Michael (Revolog films) LINKS Analogue Forever - Analogue Wonderland - Chroma Camera - Jennifer - Matt - Rahim - Revolog films - Washi films -
December 12, 2018
Wrestling, composites + Shredsville (interview with Rahim Mastafa)
The phlogger goes back to digital for episode 30. We interview the rather talented Rahim Mastafa who is a composite/digital art photographer. He was famous for his Sugarbox studios brand shooting people in the fitness industry. In the podcast we discuss: - Cosplay + fitness/physique - Behind the scene videos - Photoshop + composites - Weekend warriors - Tv editing - How to earn 3/4 million for a wedding - W.W.E. (wrestling) - Networking - Happy clients - Professionalism - Selling yourself - Props RANDOM QUESTIONS Find out who the new james bond is! We talk about the marmite of photography and the importance of modesty. TIMINGS 0 introduction to his work 6 self employment + professionalism 16 compistes + photoshop 21 youtube videos + teaching 27 Rahim’s background 33 influences + instagram 41 working between video to stills 43 advice for beginners 48 best part of the job 50 favourite sessions 58 tanks and helicopter props! 59 Ideas 60 Random questions 76 Links + next time LINKS Youtube - Instagram - PhotoBizX podcast - Facebook - CREDITS Cover image by Rahim Mastafa Music by Paul Grant
December 5, 2018
Magnets, previous lives and chroma
As we approach the winter period it's time to talk large format. In this session, we have Steve LLoyd, the guy behind the "Chroma Kickstarter camera". Steve's a fascinating guy who loves inventing and prototyping his own cameras. He's even made backs for cameras and re-skinned them himself. He talks about his childhood full of power tools, remote control boats, cars and planes! Obviously, we chat about Kickstarter, what he has learnt and how his Chroma camera is going. Learn about: - Leica and 35mm - Cinestill 800 - large format photography - Modding mini's - Liverpool F.C. (best football team) - Magnets - Criticism - Wet plate photography - Hamish + Pixelator RANDOM QUESTIONS Steve was forced in to the random questions, so find out what he was in a previous life and why he would punch Steve Davis. So head over and give it a listen. Please support Steve's great work. INFO Steve's flicker - Chroma website - Dont forget 35MMC - Tin plate guy - TIMINGS 0 introduction to large format 9.30 steve’s background 27.30 chroma project 61.01 kickstarter lessons 71 random questions
November 22, 2018
Consistency, Ektar & volleyball (interview with Jennifer Lawrence)
For episode 28 of Phlogger presents, we have another lovely guest. Jennifer Lawrence is a film photographer from Chicago, USA. She works in the portrait/family/lifestyle world and shoots Kodak Ektar! *** we have put a break in this episode due to the length *** We discuss: - photography in schools - Ektar + portra - Canon 1d - Wont use fuji xt2 - Teaching film - Lotto winning plans - Business acumen - Shooting in the sun RANDOM QUESTIONS Jennifer is put through the questions, so find out why volleyball is important and who her favourite Batman is. TIMINGS In Part 1 0 - 9 introduction + film 10 - portrait sessions + film 40 - autofocus,children and metering 45 - favourite sessions Part 2 51 random questions 64 starting in business + being professional 85 studio work + shooting models 95 projects + teaching at film camp 113 jennifers websites and details FURTHER INO Instagram - Website - CREDITS Music intro by Paul Grant Image by Andrew Walmsley (shot on film)
November 14, 2018
Infrared, white blood and aliens. An interview with Washi films.
Another great guest for you - Lomig from Washi films. Hand crafted and unique films, made by Lomig himself in France. Washi started in 2013 by Lomig, an unusual inventor who is mad on the film world. He spends a lot of time working in the dark to bring you his unique ideas. During this interview we find out about: - scratching film - Henri Fox Talbot’s invention - Origins of washi paper - Lomig's idea bank - cassette players - infrared goggles - dangers of working in the dark - Phlogger’s new idea for a film - future "paper" project Lomig wants to provide us all with films not designed for cameras and is constantly coming up with new ideas. He loved film so much he even had his wedding shot using single-use cameras. TIMINGS 0 - 1- background to Lomig (Photography is in the family) 10 -14 how Lomig got in to film 14- 20.45 the origins of washi 20.45 Lomig’s ideas + working in the dark 29.15-42.15 washi film range 42.15 - 46.15 future projects - paper and 120 46.15-60.01 film industry future 60 mins random questions FURTHER INFO Website - Instagram - Facebook -
November 4, 2018
Polaroids, frog dances and nightmares (interview 26)
The phlogger presents another analogue special. In this latest episode we interview Michael Behlen from Interestingly Michael only shoots polaroids so look forward to a very different conversation. He has also produced ezines and magazines, so has experience that can help you (provides details of some useful tools aswell). Michael has a website, but it is also an outlet for analog news, contents and a real community, which will all lead to something special next year. To find out more listen to the podcast. In this one Michael discusses: - Why he doesn't like instax - why an electro magnetic pulse could save film! - Michaels idea for ezines - Michaels frog dance - the vinyl/analog cult - why intent is important - juggling family, life and work - nightmares!!! Also: - Michael is giving away polaroid cartridges RANDOM QUESTIONS Of course Michael was put through the torture of this section and did very well. Find out the relevance of nightmares and if Darwin's theory of evolution was correct. INFO To find out more about analogforever, head over to their website - To see more of Michael's project/polaroid works - For extra content please see my website -
October 30, 2018
Opportunities, emotion and James Dean - an interview with a street photographer
For episode 25 we interview the one and only Dominique. She is a friendly and skilled street photographer from New York. This episode is just an introduction and outro by Dominique. The full interview is a blog article on my website which i urge you to check. In this article we discuss: - Sarah street media - Marseille and New York - emotions of street shooting - locations to shoot - children - projects and much more RANDOM QUESTIONS Dominique like everyone else was put through the questions. Listen to why James Dean is a great name for a car. INFO If you want to look at Dominique images, you can find her Instagram here - The interview is here -
October 21, 2018
Shiny things, grapes and Fuji (interview with a street photographer)
For episode 24 we interview Matt aka #capitalfaces from Instagram. Matt is a street photographer who shoots in the London, UK. He produces video work for commercial purposes and has worked in retail with photography too. In this episode we discuss: - mail order magazines from the 80's - film cameras (Bronica's and Pentax 6x7's) - working in the USA - Video, casting and directing - Anton Corbyn and Dougie Wallace - London & snow - Street photography - gear and much more We have some interesting and fun random questions too, so check it out. Find out the relevance of grapes and why Matt couldn't get one of my questions out his mind! TIMINGS: 0 All about matt + working in video 14.15 Street photography, natural habitats and shooting close 18.50 Locations to shoot in (Morroco, Malaysia, Cambridge, Edinburgh etc) 27.15 Street photography and privacy 31.30 Film shooting on the street (Bronica, pentax 6x7, fuji) 36.30 Instagram and the social media world 40.45 Gear (olympus omd, fuji, sony menu systems) 64.00 The film movement 1hr10 Random questions FURTHER INFO: Interview with Street photography (Bob Patterson) Instagram feed:
October 13, 2018
Quadcopters, Hollywood & Leica's (with Paul Lefko)
For episode 21 we across the oceans and interview Paul Lefko from the sunny state of California, USA. Paul has worked as a director and photographer in the Los Angeles area covering both film and video. This is part 1 of the interview and the 2nd part will follow next. Stay tuned. We discuss: - Van Nuys and trips to America - the L.A. conspiracy - Why you should buy a Leica - Reasons to visit Scotland - Cementing contracts - Working for free - shooting actors vs models Don't forget Paul goes through the usual random questions. FURTHER INFO Paul's website - Instagram -
October 2, 2018
Shooting cars with film
** Analogue session** *** Apologies for the audio *** For episode 20 we travel around the world to Australia. Ashley Hoff from Instagram joins us from Adelaide to discuss all things film related. In this issue: - Shooting on Bronica square format - The fun of C41/E6 cross processing - Large format including tin type - Ashley’s to do list - Why FPP podcast is worthing listening to - The learning curve of a printing project - Racing go-carts! - Custom and classic cars - Coffee and chrome car shows - Tsunamis and Shelby cobra’s INFO Please check out Ashley's instagram feed here -
September 24, 2018
Introduction to printing with Leyton Cleveley
We are joined by the one and only Leyton Cleveley. In this issue, we look at the skill of darkroom printing. This covers everything you need to help you get that image on to paper. We discuss important areas like: - why you should print - why it will never disappear - why printing will improve your photography - some of the costs involved Then, we move on to the functional parts like: - what a darkroom is - what basic equipment you will need - what chemicals are required - how long chemicals last - what papers are needed - how the process of printing works - important tips (like consistency) - advanced ways to increase your quality You cannot understand how beautiful and rewarding this area of photography is until you try. So get in touch, come over and try it for yourself. INFO To find out more on Leyton -
September 19, 2018
Phlogger news in brief - September 12th
In this new episode we talk about my new segment - news. We go through the latest happening in the photography world - both film and digital. A new segment, depending on what's going on the world will denote the schedule. So it maybe weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Time will tell. During this we discuss: - latest mirrorless by Nikon and Canon - large format cameras - Phlogger's future - Phlogger's holiday on film - Development mistake - Secret project - upcoming interviewees - co-hosting - Leyton + film Lots more coming soon...
September 12, 2018
Revolog - from experiment to zombie apocalypse
For episode 16 we interview Hanna and Michael from Revolog film. Revolog offer 35mm films that have unique effects on the negative. From patterns, to lighting, stars and faded looks. What's more amazing is Hanna and Michael do this by hand together! INTERVIEW During this session learn about the start of the company at university to its current range of 12 films! You will also: - learn Hanna+Michael's concern about university - understand why Michael should not touch microwaves - how Revolog had to try lots of brands to use initially - listen to why the f100 by Nikon is a great camera - find out why everyone loves Ilford HP5 + Portra - what a Nimslo 3d camera is RANDOM QUESTIONS Hanna and Michael obliged with the fun questions, so listen to their fun answers now. You will hear why: - why a young Michael has inside knowledge on the moon landing - food is better than the mountains during the zombie apocalypse
August 24, 2018
Large format, cyanotype, photograms and film (Episode 15)
Phlogger (analogue) presents For episode 15 we delve in to the world of film again. Our special guest is Rachel from "The Sunny 16" podcast and owner of Little Vintage Photography. She talks us through: - how she set up the business - some of the formats and cameras she uses - scaling skyscapers for a recent job - slide films - the darkroom - cyanotypes and photograms - large format - pin hole work - cool analogue photography kickstarter projects - why you should name your cameras - and much more We also discuss the merits of podcasting too, before we put Rachel through a few of the infamous "random questions". Info Check out her website - Check out the podcast -
August 16, 2018
Film, King kong and Analogue Wonderland
In the latest episode we have Paul McKay from Analogue Wonderland. They are a new and great place to buy many different brands of film (180 so far). Paul tells us the background of the store, about some of the great brands they are working with. He describes some of the interesting characters who are hand making film too. We discuss 35mm, medium format and large format, including some interesting kickstarter project like this - Part 2 In this section Paul goes through the Phloggers "random questions" section too. You can find out why Analogue wonderland will be changing their insurance tomorrow (hint - King Kong). Finally we discuss the future of film. INFO *** There is a unique 10% discount code contained within this podcast too, but you will have to listen to it to find it *** Shop - Facebook feed -
August 7, 2018
Street photography + magazine publishing with Bob Patterson
In our latest episode (13) we are joined with publisher Bob Patterson from Street Photography magazine. Bob and the Phlogger discuss fundamental street photography questions like: How you define street photography? How do you shoot in quiet towns/cities? Does film/digital matter? What's going on with privacy? Bob provides insightful information on the magazine, including some of the street photographers featured. He also discusses the origins of the magazine, where its been and what will happen in the future. Finally Bob helps you all with some simple and practical "to do" steps for getting your work published. This includes suggestions for your first contact with a magazine/source. As Bob would say, do "good compelling work". See you next time. INFO Check out the street magazine here - Itunes - Android -
August 2, 2018
Modelling, finding work and coping with the industry (Episode 12)
We are joined by the lovely Safia Pixie, a young model from the UK. In this episode we discuss how to find modelling work and how to stay safe. We cover deep subjects in life such as coping with stress and anxiety. Learn about Safia's recent modelling trips and listen to her advice for any aspiring models. We look back at previous shoots and learn about ourselves, what you want for the future and how to behave. This podcast would suit anyone looking at modelling and photographers new to model shoots too. Extras Please do check out Safia's work on Instagram- Safia's facebook page is - To see her interview with the phlogger -
July 25, 2018
Photography degrees, education and the future
The phlogger presents the latest photography podcast. In this show we feature Stephen Rendall of Fez Photography. A renowned fashion photographer, ex-student and lecturer. Topics covered and discussed include: How photography education differs to being self-taught. Why you should look at work by Cartier-Bresson and David Bailey. Find out why Fez has tried selling his kidney. We discuss mirrorless vs DSLR. Fez suggests about the future of photography education. Please note I was suffering with a cold so I apologise for any coughing. FURTHER INFO Stephen Rendall (aka Fez Photography) work can be found: Instagram feed is Twitter is
July 5, 2018
Get started in wedding photography
In the latest phlogger presents, Flisher Photography and James Morris provide some useful advice. As experienced wedding photographers they guide us through some of the questions you might want to ask. How do you cope with long days? How do I practice? What equipment do I need? What about contracts? What photos does a wedding photographer take? How fast do I have to edit? When should I go for it? Between Luke and James they discuss these and many more questions in a fun and friendly manner. You will see how important experience is and how you can achieve this. CREDIT Luke Flisher ( James Morris ( Phlogger (cover art taken on medium format film camera)
June 21, 2018
Pushing boundaries with photography (Episode 9)
The phlogger discusses the importance of pushing boundaries with photography. He provides examples of the emotional, fiscal and experiences that will enrich your life. This is a discussion about creativity, social implications and the rewards. We gloss over technology in this podcast. Different genres discussed include fashion, portrait, wedding and motorcycle photography. More Info The wedding blog from the podcast is here - The motorcycle event information is here - The charity details are here -
June 17, 2018
Introduction to street photography with Leyton Cleveley (episode 8)
The phlogger carries on his discussion with Leyton Cleveley. In this episode street photography is the main content, but with a mix of film too. We talk about the roots of street photography and what it is. Of course we discuss the greats like Bruce Gilden, Diane Arbus and Ansel Adams too. There is advice how to deal with conflict too. INFO Please check out Leyton's work at Intro music by Paul Grant
June 6, 2018
Episode 7 - Film photography for beginners
The phlogger presents a discussion with Leyton Cleveley on the merits of film photography. Leyton is a very experienced film photographer and often found on Facebook film groups. PART 1 Leyton discusses "range finders", zone focusing and why printing is important. Looking back at famous street photographers, we consider work by Garry Winogrand and John Free. PART 2 We discuss choosing your first film camera and the merits of shooting with Ilford Hp5 film. For those budget conscious Leyton recommends Forma film too. Leyton also provides an overview of developing without a darkroom (with Paterson tanks) and options of using companies to develop for you. He also provides example chemicals to use and explains how many varieties there are. Listen to this section for useful tips about shooting and how important patience is. INFO Please check out Leyton's work at Intro music by Paul Grant
June 2, 2018
An interview with Jeni from Signature Photography
Finally we catch up with the one and only talented Jeni Lowe from Signature. A kind lady who loves nothing more than working with babies and wedding couples. Part 1 - we find out about Jeni's roots in Lincolnshire and her passion for slippers. After looking back at the past we discuss the wedding photography field and how you separate yourself from competitors. Jeni tells us about her charity work and what she aims to achieve going forward. Part 2 - Jeni discusses why crying is important for photography. Looking at her kit she explains what is important to her. We talk out about fitness and the health advantages. Random questions - we test Jeni knowledge and humour here. She delights us with her calm and friendly answers. You learn how to eat a popular chocolate bar correctly. Listen out for advice on how to iron safely too! Find out more about Jeni at For all the latest from us, check our website -
May 25, 2018
Interview with a model - Josh Maine
In the latest episode of Phlogger presents, we interview Josh Maine. Josh is a UK model who is an endearing and intelligent young guy. Part 1 - we look at Josh's roots from across the atlantic and discuss his travels. Part 2 - in this section we discuss experience with photographers, modelling and the industry. We then move on to the future and find out what Josh has planned. Part 3 - Finally we have some random questions for Josh. It is worth pointing out, at no point was Josh aware of any of the questions and subject matter. Find out more about his work on Instagram @joshmaine_95 ** All credit for cover photo to Andrei Photography **
May 19, 2018
A chat with Jon from Instinctive Photography
The latest episode of Phlogger presents. A chat and follow up with Jon, a great photographer and friend. We discuss Jon's picture of my Bronica, family photography, stately homes, weddings, shooting techniques and much more. To find out more about Jon, check out Subscribe on your favourite podcast platform to keep up to date.
May 11, 2018
A chat with Luke from Flisher Photography
This chat is a follow up to the "walk with Flisher photography" blog article on my website. In this podcast we discuss street photography, a Nikon 28-70 and sigma pro lens, wedding photography, website hacking, analogue work, portraiture and more!
May 3, 2018
Introduction to modelling
The phlogger presents a podcast about modelling. Today's guest was the lovely Billie Gregory who discussed an introduction to modelling. From starting up, posing, researching photographers to what you should not do. A great starting point for anyone considering this industry. Hear the thoughts from both a photographer and model's point of view.
April 25, 2018
Interview with Sarah from street media
The very first episode of Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)!
April 19, 2018
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