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Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger

Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger

By Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)
Photography insights are important interviews with people in the photography industry. Each episode features a photographer, model, inventor, retailer, publisher, engineer or artist from the analogue or digital world.

Hosted by the Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley) who provides a casual, but intelligent insight into their work and life. All guests are subjected to my infamous "random questions" and the pay it forward recommendation scheme.

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Shiny things, grapes and Fuji (interview with a street photographer)

Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger

Shiny things, grapes and Fuji (interview with a street photographer)

Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger

Debe Arlook - Meditation, perception and fun
Welcome to photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have an interesting artist from Santa Monica, USA for you.  Debe Arlook is today's lovely guest who is not also an fine art photographer, but writer, mentor and curator for Pasadena Photography arts too. Debe talks to us about her projects including "emptiness defined", "forseeable cache", "edge of an american dream", "semblance, "mirage" and "scene heard".  It was a big undertaking to get so much content so we've done our best to get this down to 60 minutes for you.  She is all about how life has handed her new turns and twists, from divorce to spirituality and being mindful.    Towards the end we even discuss why its important just to observe and how 1 hour looking at something can help you. So in this one we discuss: Instagram Live existential questions Spiritually minded abstractness presentation editing colour choice intention transitions covid artist statements creating narrative Links Instagram - Website - Pasadena arts  - News It was very strange but I've done my first model shoot - my god it was tough getting used to this.  Even managed to use some colorplus on a family seaside day.  During the bank holiday I also managed to walk around Sheffield on a rainy day with a friend too - it's not always about photography. Zine As you all heard last week the zine was launched and its out of stock - so really chuffed.  Thank you all to my mates who bought copies - you know who you are :) Donations Please don't forget i've launched the KO-FI donation page, for anyone wanting to help me fund improvements to the show.  I'm wanting to start off with a new microphone as I was correct, its already falling apart and my headphones too. Thanks go to last weeks guest too-  he provided our first official donation.  Honestly its really appreciated, so cheers Steven. Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age -
May 5, 2021
Steven Meyer Rassow - book covers, collages & Polaroids
Welcome to photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have an excellent film and polaroid photographer for you.  Steven Meyer Rassow is what is known as a digital artist, as his day job involves him designing book covers and artwork for people. During his free time he is an advocate of film and loves the square format, but not just film.  Steven shoots and loves Polaroid too, and has a variety of work to showcase and discuss. He is a lovely and open person, who freely discusses his work and passion. We actually met through one of my Kodak competitions over a year ago now and one of his photographs had a lasting effect on me. In this one we discuss: Judge Dredd Book covers Digital manipulation Polaroid frustrations Abstractness Simplicity Collages Film Steven is also put through our random questions so find out why he wants to punch Steven Seagal! Links Instagram - Website - Instagram (work) - Website - Zine Finally i'm proud to tell you all my first body of work is available to buy!  I'm very humbled by static age wanting to print this work and constant encouragement.  You all know i'm an advocate of the printed medium so to have something printed myself is incredible.  Not everyone realises simply how much this achievement means to me on a personal level.  My background is very humble, i'm from a poor family i have to be honest, i was an average student and brought up around a mixture of great people and not so great due to the location.  I plodded along in life for many years and always felt like something was missing.  Photography has allowed me to talk to you all, share my love, passion and zest for life.  Hopefully it's the start of a new chapter. The zine is only UK £4 delivered too so very affordable, even if you can't afford to buy it just share the link - i will be eternally grateful. Donations Please don't forget i've launched the KO-FI donation page, for anyone wanting to help me fund improvements to the show. Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age -
April 28, 2021
Ovidiu Selaru - searching, shadows and streets
Welcome to photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have an excellent street photographer for you. Ovidiu Selaru's work for those that don’t already know is simply stunning.  He has captured in mono and colour for different reasons. Using architecture, perspectives and shadows so well.  It’s no surprise he has been shortlisted for this years British photo awards.  You will see he has offered workshops in the past and still sells prints of his work too. Ovidiu talks to us about his preparation and approach. We cover some of his gear and minimalist approach. So in this one we discuss: importance of rest searching for light styles inspirations iso 10,000 playing with colours moods Links Instagram - Website - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Articles Anyone following my feed will notice I wrote an article about the importance of friendships.  The whole idea of this was about supporting the work of others, doing something for someone else.  I'm a big believer in random acts of kindness, it makes you feel good.  If you want to check it out go here - link Donations So after discussing this last week I have finally implemented a way for anyone to donate.  This will help with ongoing improvements and hosting costs for the website.  I don't allow adverts on my website unlike most other people - i believe it detracts and distracts from the content. I want to stay as ethical as I can and the only option is donations. Every single pound/dollar is really appreciated and you will be mentioned (if you are happy with that). You can do this through the link on my site or here - link
April 21, 2021
Aline Smithson - Lenscratch, mothers & velour tracksuits
As you know I've come across a lot of artists through the website and do urge you all to check it out.  Recently Karen Constine recommended I talk with the founder of the resource - Aline Smithson, so that's what I did.  After reaching Aline, was only to happy to chat. Another lovely person who is all about giving, sharing information and providing a free resource for everyone. It's a hell of an effort to write regular and find time for your work too (i know this).  But after 14 years, Aline is still going strong and now has a team of writers alongside her.  What is unusual about this site is everything here is free and it was done this way on purpose and all the staff are volunteers too.  Very commendable they provide this for others. Aline is a not only a talented photographer but her roots are in painting, so you will see some of this in her photography.  What I really liked was the different projects she has worked on and some of these are just so much fun.  It's not something I have seen a lot of so nice for a change. Though we will only get to talk about a few of these like "arrangement", "the lonesome doll" and "in case of rain" you really should delve in to her website to look at her portfolio.   Arrangement is about her mother and has been exhibited in Russia, Korea, China, France, Italy and the USA. There are a few statements Aline made during the podcast and tells you about her thought process to photography.  The idea of lenscratch was to give back to community, but also she is a big believer in being patient.  In fact I took this quote: "your work may not get celebrated now, but when your turn comes everyone will celebrate you”  Personally I really love this and we go on to explain why she talks about this. We also discuss: only shooting film board games hard drive failure Velour tracksuits peer reviewing how to get noticed hand painting Links Instagram - Website - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Facebook group Don't forget this resource is there for anyone, need to let some steam off or chat about life?  Then come be around other creatives and help each other -
April 14, 2021
Eric Meow - pacman, podcasts & camping
For episode 130 I'm talking to a guy I have followed for a while in the film community and long admired.  Originally noticed his analogue work and then started hearing him help out the team at Sunny 16 podcast.  One of the core reasons I became to admire the work was the openness about sharing details and any techniques but also his fun attitude.  Eric is full of laughter and smiles, throughout his interviews, whether a guest or host - its just his friendly personality. It's been great talking to someone with passion for film and most formats too (so even 4x5).  We talk about his adventures travelling around and expired film and his many camera choices.  Eric talks about his start with podcasting too and he's put a great show together with Vania, thats very different.  It has segments of news, reviews, education on photographers, listener messages and even dev parties!  Honestly the relationship they have is great and I'm thoroughly enjoying listening. So in this one: podcasting camping & cooking keeping film cool infra red mountain bikes very slow film shooting f64 Links Instagram - Zines - Podcast website - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Facebook group Don't forget this resource is there for anyone, need to let some steam off or chat about life?  Then come be around other creatives and help each other -
April 7, 2021
Rita Maas - ink, rubber bands and collaborating
Welcome to episode 129 of photography insights, i'm your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have another artist for you.  I came across Rita Maas through the lovely Elizabeth Stone.  She's another lovely lady living and working in New York.  What caught my eye with Rita's work is that its completely different to any other photographer I have seen. Her latest body of work fuses the world of digital and print technology with photography.  This one is about re-using printer inks, stamps and making patterns and objects from these using a digital workflow.  We will talk about this ink project, her tidal one, 20th century plastics and rub-o-grams!  There will be a few examples of the work we discuss on my blog, so do check them out for further information. Rita has many years experience in the field (shot food for agencies) and has worked across film, Polaroid, large format and many other types of processes too.  Looking through Rita's website you can see such a wide range of projects that she has worked on.  From rubber bands to food, tides  and ink you must check them out. In this one we are going to discuss: social media finding work natural light collaborative projects festivals accoustics regrets shooting food studios inspiration Quote From the episode I took these few words: "photograph -  its a reproduction of something,something that stands in for something else” Links Instagram - Website - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Facebook group Don't forget this resource is there for anyone, need to let some steam off or chat about life?  Then come be around other creatives and help each other -
March 31, 2021
Jonah Calinawan - academia, cyanotypes and dreams
For episode 128 of photography insights we bring you another amazing artist, someone who has become a friend. Jonah Calinawan made me feel very special like I am actually creating something useful for people.  He was an accountant for 25 years,decided to go to art school, become a cyanotype artist and now moving towards the world of acamedia through his PHD. Jonah uses his teachings to influence and learn about life and has a fondness for the thoughts of Jung. Jonah’s work has multiple layers from the design to the implementation and presentation.  It’s a really interesting approach and the images are very thought provoking.  It’s like he’s always been meant to move in photography and learn about himself through his studies. So in this one we are going to discuss: focus on verbs enjoy creating repetition is the answer writing artist statements subtext of images reactions to life blogging dream analysis meaning of shapes Quote During the course of the show there were 2 quotes that stood out, but believe this one tells you about Jonah: “symbiotic relationship thats happening between my writing and my imaging making.” Links Facebook - Instagram - Website - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Facebook group Don't forget this resource is there for anyone, need to let some steam off or chat about life?  Then come be around other creatives and help each other -
March 24, 2021
Karen Constine - infrared and Japanese fashion
Welcome to episode 127 of photograph insights. This week we have a guest from Los Angeles, who received her B.A. from the University of California.  Karen Constine is a friendly photography who describes herself as someone who practise examines aspects of cultural traditions and spaces that are in transition. We found Karen through the website which is a wonderful resource for those looking for inspiration (thanks to Linda Alterwitz)! After looking through Karen's work with infrared I just had to get in touch with her.  She has created this view of Los Angeles that makes it look like another world. It's Karen's response to COVID and about documenting the change.  What was important as Karen says was seeing nature take itself back and infrared is a great way of showing this. Karen loves to work with people and has documented a community of people that love Harajuku Japanese fashion. Listen as Karen describes this colourful style of dressing that is around the globe.  She has been fortunate to visit many countries around the world including India, Colombia, Namibia, Iceland and Myanmar.  I urge you to check out her website and look at some of the images we discuss in the podcast, which should give you some context too. In this one we discuss: world through colours Jimi Hendrix & Frank Zappa covers when to shoot infrared Harajuku Cultural photography Shooting in Iceland/Myanmar wearing masks Links Instagram - Website - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Facebook group Don't forget this resource is there for anyone, need to let some steam off or chat about life?  Then come be around other creatives and help each other - Shout out Please check out @f8documentary on instagram, Gisela from the team has brought out her own book called “that golden mile” and is printed by fistul of books.  Looks interesting and after pay day I will be ordering myself one. Link is here -
March 17, 2021
Kodak Alaris competition winners 2021
Welcome to the results show!  Finally we've got through all 76 entries and sat down with the judges to discuss the photographs.  It was really nice to see lots of entries using Kodak TMax too - there were 26 of them so easily the most widely used.  So without further ado let's get on with the podcast and announce the competition winners. 1st prize - Marilena Vlachopoulou (aka @Darkroom.Memoir) The image was shot on Kodak Tri-x and developed at home. The subject was all about black lives matter and there has been no truer time to discuss this then during COVID.  The movement because centre spread across the global media. As a reminder Marilena wins the following: 10 x rolls of Kodak TMax P3200 B&W 35mm film 3 x films developed & scanned (high res) by Zone Imaging Lab 1 x “All in a days work” by David Collyer (hand signed) 3 x zines, 2 x post card size prints + sticker from Static Age 5 x post card prints by Michael Behlen (aka Analog Forever magazine) 2nd prize - Maria from Crete (aka @maria.kll) Maria entered with a couple of lovely photos, but we all felt this idea of a full face mask against the background worked really well.  It was a good take on the mask which has become a symbol of the pandemic. As a reminder Maria wins: 1 x “All in a days work” by David Collyer 3 x zines, 1 x post card size prints + sticker from Static Age 3 x post card prints by Michael Behlen (aka Analog Forever magazine) 3rd prize - Ben Hughes (aka @benhughesphoto) Ben's photo was a link to all childrens past but also the future.  It was all about what a child is looking forward to when the lockdown and virus has moved away from us.  It's simple, clean and entertaining. Ben wins: 2 x zines, 1 x post card size prints  + stick by Static Age 2 x post card prints by Michael Behlen (aka Analog Forever magazine) Honourable mentions It's not easy judging a competition, everyone has their own impressions of what constitutes a great image and its relevance to the theme (covid). So we went backwards and forwards with a few suggestions and was really surprised by the quality of some of the colorplus results - so when done all.  In the end we decided to nominate a few that were very close to winning. Even better for you all - Pete at Static Age has offered to send some zines anyway so watch out for those in the mail soon! They are: Hector (aka @hectorrezno)  David Gilbert Wright (aka @f8documentary) Carlos (aka @shutterbot_) Thanks It was my honour to have David Collyer and Pete from Static Age judge the competition.  Both men offer experience in photography from different fields - but in the film world.    We also have to thank James Lane at Zone Imaging Lab for his prize too, James is a great force in the world of development and helps in the community through his own Facebook group - Of course I thank Kodak Alaris for their continued support of my work and providing the TMax B+W P3200 for the winner.
March 10, 2021
Eric Kunsman – Dr Pepper, payphones + Rochester
Welcome back everybody, we are now on episode 125 so really happy to bringing you another amazing guest for this weeks show.  Eric Kunsman is an educator (Rochester Institute), artist and damn nice guy who was recommended by Elizabeth Stone.    I'm so so pleased recently with the list of fascinating and kind people that have been recommended recently.  Eric is from the Rochester area of New York  and although was famous for Kodak in the past, it's not the same picture anymore.  Rochester has some other history for us too, as we have already interviewed the one and only Clay McBride from the university and a former student - Nick Brandreth! Anyway Eric started his own Booksmart studio back in 2005 and made colour printing profiles for a number of well known international companies.  His studio allows him to not allow process film, but he has a fully functional darkroom, Aladdin's arcade of Kodak memobirilia and you can even try gum, carbon or platinum printing!  Eric talks about teaching students fundamentals of colour profiling. This is designed to give people a grounding on and learn from. Having this allows Eric to help people understand what paper works well for their requirements.  He’s so experienced he could smell and taste the difference in paper stocks. Projects including payphones helped him learn more about the impoverished area of Rochester. He chose to setup his studio here for the low costs, but there is a lot of families on low incomes.This project has now turned in to looking at where payphones are located compared to crime/race/economics! Los Alamos was another portrait project of his was shot in 20 minutes about firefighters. He shot these with 4x5 cameras but wanted to be respectful and provide them with something so used Polaroid. “Thou art will give” is another one of Eric’s projects we touch on through the podcast. It’s all about penitentiary's and giving people a chance to have penance to god.  Eric describes how this places were built and why there is such an importance on light, placement and design for religious reasons.  Because he had worked on book binding before he noticed logs books from the 1820-1830s and was hooked. Fake news was another project that started and all started because of his children debating in school.  Eric then realised he needed to record this and archive for the future. 35000 screenshots + 15 volumes In this one we talk about: teaching large format digital printing finding your way experience with gear colour management system colours casts smelling paper Nuclear reactors developing fast demise of Kodak/Xerox lifelines & payphones Links Personal website - Studio Website - Instagram - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Facebook group Don't forget this resource is there for anyone, need to let some steam off or chat about life?  Then come be around other creatives and help each other -
March 3, 2021
Elizabeth Stone - mortality, perceptions & art
Welcome to episode 124 of photography insights.  This show i'm featuring another artist called Elizabeth Stone who has been recommended by both Jeanine Michna-Bales and Linda Alterwitz!  It's been really great recently to feature such different artists, who all have mutual respect for each others work.  Giving up their time to spend time with myself has been brilliant. Elizabeth has been in to photography for decades too, so understands darkrooms, film and light.  She's an interesting character who has been through those hard elements of life.  Seeing loved ones leave this world is never easy and Elizabeth has managed to capture this time through her photography art.  You will listen to us talk about 2 different projects, one about her mother and her father too.  I would urge you to look at the photos on my website for clarity of what we are discussing.  I know from conversations its sometimes hard to understand through audio only, but trust me its a beautiful memory she has dedicated to this time.  It's also a humbling point for myself too, as you will hear and I did my best not to get upset.  Documenting the last 40 months of her mothers life going through Parkinson's disease, through the eyes of carer hit a nerve with people as we all experience elements of being mortal. We also talk about her other projects too and how useful it is to keep your old negatives and work, as you will never know what you can do with them.  Elizabeth seems to find interesting ways to showcase everyday objects of photography, whether its the chemicals themselves or 35mm negatives.  Even her work about her own body is interesting, why she chose this and methods used to light it. In this one we discuss: telling a story looking at yourself examining your body perception abstractness from colour Ecdysis + 35000 negatives! no lines in art heat guns, maths + memory chemigrams Quote I've chosen a line from our conversation and its: “we make art not really truly knowing what it’s about.” Links Website - Instagram - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Facebook group Dont forget this resource is there for anyone - Competition Time its the last few days of my competition - ends Feb 28th 2021.  Lots of prizes to be won, check out the website for more information.
February 24, 2021
Linda Alterwitz - projects, breathing & technology
Welcome back, this one is episode 123 and another lovely artist.  After speaking with Jeanine in episode 120 she was kind enough to recommend I look at Linda Alterwitz's work.  After looking over her work contacting it was clear she had a way with her art.  Linda describes herself as "working within the intersection of art, technology and science".   When you see her work you will see why too. Linda talks about where the ideas for the projects come from - like watching a tv show or out with her husband.  She started life with a Master in Fine Art & Painting, but was already doing oil painting with her mother at about 5 years old.  Life has not always been easy though and talks about having a brain tuma in her 30’s.  How this actually influenced her use of medical technology for her work too.  This medical project started with using dog x-rays + layering with landscapes.  She then moved to human ones and collaborated with hospitals too. Linda is very interested in the internal rhythms of our bodies too, whether its the heart, body or mind. She also finds coloration between rhythms in nature and humans. Quote During the show I couldn't help pick on a few words, but these ones stood out  “Landscapes are about comfort zones.” In this one we discuss: collaborating exhibition left & right brain thermal imaging plastic cameras technology changes the next project Links Website - Instagram - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - *** COMPETITION TIME *** As i've been recently saying, it's been pretty crap for most of us since COVID. So I got in touch with Kodak Alaris and a few friends to launch another competition.  Lots of prizes to be won, check out the website for more information.
February 17, 2021
Remote shooting and modelling during Covid with Sadie Minton
For episode 122 I would like to introduce you to a new face in the modelling word.  Sadie Minton started modelling in March 2020 - yes what a time to start eh!  So after one shoot we were in lock down and this changed her future.  Sadie started arranging these remote shoots as luckily she has the equipment us photographers need.  This was because she had been around cameras through her life due to father. So Sadie tells us about the creative and physical element of remote shooting, from equipment to sets and lighting. Learning from her job in the world of dance, Sadie was well versed at standing in front of people.  This is why she believes it provided her with an advantage over those started in modelling first.  Considering its only been a year she's done some very interesting shots, that could easily work on magazine covers and adverts.  Seems like a lot of photographers have benefited from her imaginative ways to use light and sets well! Sadie has done so well from this work she's formed a partnership with a photographer called Johnny Boom.  They are now working together and coming up with plans for workshops to help us all! Please check out my website for supporting images we discussed and all will remain clearer.  But anyway in this one we talk about: being on stage group shoots body confidence importance of communication planning vs spontaneity memories remote shooting nudity using whats around personality styling Links Sadie Instagram - Sadie modelling - Sadie & Johnny - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - *** COMPETITION TIME *** As i've been recently saying, it's been pretty crap for most of us since COVID. So I got in touch with Kodak Alaris and a few friends to launch another competition.  Lots of prizes to be won, check out the website for more information.
February 10, 2021
Lions, advertising and action with George Logan
George Logan is a concept advertising photographer from the UK and has been shooting over 30 years.  Recently he’s put together a book about lions with the Born Free Foundation who work around the globe.  They help and can provide sanctuaries so animals can live as normal a life as possible – but it will never compare to the wild. George’s passion stems from his love of lions at a young age and frequently visits Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania,Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.  Lions are definitely interesting animals, you all remember seeing them visiting zoos.  But to people like George its something they dislike and he’s doing his best to keep them in the wild through his charity work.  But time is short and they are rapidly becoming extinct because of humans.  He talks to us about the life of a lion, the Maasai warriors, poachers and conservation too. When you look at George’s work you see a well executed plan and vision.  One of the funny one’s is the Costa Rica shoot for semi wild monkeys for Ikea.  We even discuss why its important for him to shoot the right way.  Another example of careful planning was the football “bad boys” project he worked on.  This was all about recreating iconic football moments with children and did really well, it most retweeted picture according to the daily mirror. In this one we discuss: chasing a cheetah with a Hasselblad making images stand out zoo’s effects personal projects & belief trajectory to extinction seeing death hypocrisy of helping covid + human interference importance of celebrities dangers of shooting skill vs technology Random questions Of course we have to have some fun, so find out why we discuss double camouflage ! Links Book - Charity - Website - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - *** COMPETITION TIME *** As i've been recently saying, it's been pretty crap for most of us since COVID. So I got in touch with Kodak Alaris and a few friends to launch another competition.  Lots of prizes to be won, check out the website for more information.
February 3, 2021
Jeanine Michna-Bales - the importance of projects
Welcome to today's podcast and boy do I have a special artist for you.  I came across Jeanine Michna-Bales through her work with the Yellow Rose project and was recommended by Frances and Meg.  Jeanine calls herself a fine artist who uses the medium of photography to explore relationships to society, land and us.  I think spending a few hours with her you can totally see this.  Have I ever met a person who has put so much in to her projects, quite simply no.  The reason I state this is Jeanine normally works on long term projects, including spending 14 years on through  darkness to light. Jeanine has a great soul, she's all about humanity, looking back at history and ensuring other generations know what happened.  Although we focus most of the discussion on her "darkness to light" project we do find time for others too.  However, the reason I wanted to talk to Jeanine was all about slavery and learning more about it.  The story she portrays is all about the people and their attempt at freedom along these routes across America to "free" states and Canada. I'm leaving some pictures on my website to give you an idea, but please check out Jeanine's website.  There you will find out so much more and see the effort she goes to.  Obviously do check out her books which you can still buy too. So in this one we discuss: discuss  importance of history through documents,adverts, maps colonialism Perspectives & telling a story white privilege education shooting at night safety precautions light painting long exposure, choosing cameras large imagery Yellow Rose project suffrage movement Random questions Of course Jeanine went through the random one's too, so find out about the new fashion laws. Links BBC video - Website - Through darkness project - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age -
January 27, 2021
Kevin Percival - museums, space capsules & Scotland
After having such a lovely time talk with Nick a few weeks ago, I wanted to follow up on his recommendation.  He suggested speaking with Kevin Percival as he works at the London Science museum but also runs personal projects and shoots film!  So obviously I had to chat with him and here we are. Kevin is another down to earth humble person and talks openly about his career at the museums the others in the group (National Media museum at Bradford, Locomotion in Shildon, the National Rail in York and Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester,  As part of his role he's involved in taking pictures of the items within the museum and sometimes in the others too.  They involve complex set ups due to the size of some of the objects - for instance the Apollo 10 capsule. He has also worked on some interesting personal projects about the gaming industry, but the one we focus on is about a remote island in Scotland.  We talk about this adventure and living in a remote part of the country. So in this one: lighting for the story studio lighting backgrounds difficult sessions working in teams humanity of portraiture Huck magazine Tanera Links Website - Instagram - Museum - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age -
January 20, 2021
A photographer's influence with Pete Falkous and Stephen Rendall
Welcome to another special edition of Photography insights.  We go back to our theme of how artists and photographers have influenced some of you.  For me there is no better time to discuss this, it's a fresh year, we all need distraction so let's listen to someone else.  By listening to other people you find new artists to look at and see how it inspired people. This is the first time I had thought about mentioning someone myself, mainly because who wants to listen to me?  With not as much experience as most or photography education I wasn't sure about recommending anyone.  But there has been one person for some time that is influencing me on this photographic journey.  i don't mean just copying people either or just images, i mean a real thought pattern.  I've been lucky in life to be surrounded by a few amazing people and Quinn Jacobson just had this awe and effect on me.  Anyway I will stop babbling and move on to my guests. So as you all know Pete from Static Age has a fondness for film, music and skateboarding.  He runs the static age zine label, shoots a lot of film and takes of the mundane everyday streets (which I love).  We naturally talk about a few of the characters that have importance in his life - like Glen E Freidman, Gregory Crewdson and Alec Soth (with a few more mentions too).  Whereas Stephen Rendall who loves fashion talks about the hero worship he has for David Bailey.  A few others like Sean Tucker and Lyndsay Adler are covered too.  Stephen is a lecturer in photography, a fabulous portrait photographer who considers the whole process of shooting, from inception to delivery.   There will be links on the websites and to some of the images we discuss too. Guests Pete Falkous - Stephen Rendall - Links Glen Freidman - Gregory Crewdson - Alec Soth - Sean Tucker - Lyndsay Adler - David Bailey - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age -
January 13, 2021
Documenting the Balkans with Nick St Oegger
Nick St Oegger is a documentary photographer whose been on assignments in different locations around the world.  He is one of the freelancers who work with Rob Pinney over at Point 51 magazine.  Nick talks to us about his trips in post-communist states and documenting the Balkan region.  He is not the sort of person to just fly in and take photos, instead, he takes the long approach and lives in the country and even learns their languages too. Nick is one of those guys who just wanted to go see and feel life for himself.  After visiting the likes of Montenegro and Croatia he decided one day he needed to visit Albania.  Despite advice and friends saying there is nothing there, he caught a bus and 8 years later he’s still there. We go through a little about what’s going on but also future projects and his vision. In this one we discuss: talking with strangers languages handwritten notebooks image sharpness gear covid hydropower dams displacements of people lack of interest in Balkans Point 51 + freelancing Random questions I had a lot of fun with Nick and hopefully, you can tell from our laid back conversation.  We even came up with a slogan or new maxim to use for him and that was before he went through our random questions. Quote “the biggest way I’ve disarmed people and gained people’s trust in Albania was speaking Albanian” Links Website - Point 51 - Friends of the show For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age -
January 6, 2021
Summary of 2020
Well everyone it's the end of 2020 thank god!  I wanted to say something about this year so put together this summary of 2020. In this one we discuss: blogging for Silvergrain My articles darkroom experiments Prints for models covid & group shoots architecture & desolation zine planning competitions collaborative projects celebrating 100th show diversity of guests beer! Hoxton mini press Static Age zines Point 51 Analogue forever & silver grain magazines Presents Friends of the show BUT FOR NOW HAPPY 2021, LET'S BEAT COVID AND HAVE A HUG. Mentioned Hoxton Mini press - Analog forever - Silvergrain magazine - Washi project - My articles Silvergrain + my children - Mobile photography - Analog Forever Magazine review - Point 51 review - Point 51 podcast - Group shoot article - Friends of the show For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - *** SPECIAL OFFER *** During the podcast I mentioned Pete at Static Age is offering a 15% discount, your code is: PHLOG
December 30, 2020
AJ Holmes - large format & Negative Supply
We are fast approaching Christmas 2020 everyone, so merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! Recently I came across some lovely portraiture work using large format through Instagram.  After commenting on a few and scrolling through their work I realised how much it inspired me.  Shooting large format with family is now mean fete!  I then looked for contact details and realised it was AJ Holmes the co-founder of Negative Supply!  So this got me thinking it would be nice to talk to them about their products and ethos. It was really nice to engage with AJ, you can hear the passion he has for this large medium.  But not only that, you can tell from his tone, he truly cares about his family and the film community.  AJ originates from Tennesse, in the south of USA. He's been shooting film for over 14 years now, which started with his Canon Rebel - a sensible present from his parents.   Though he started university with business, he soon found his passion for photography! AJ talks to us very openly about this body of work, his travels, and running Negative supply.  Since it's near christmas we go through a few of my xmas themed random questions too. So watch out for these talking points: 4x5 and 8x10 format posing family razor thin DOF rise/tilt shifts exhibition/show corona portraits starting with large format scanning inventors having employees Mentioned Of course being in the industry of making products, we had to talk about the other amazing brands including Cameradactyl, Chroma Camera and pixl-latr. We also discuss my friend Mark Stein and his lovely work with neon signs. Links A J instagram - Negative supply website - Friends of the show For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - *** SPECIAL OFFER *** During the podcast I mentioned Pete at Static Age is offering a 15% discount, your code is: PHLOG
December 23, 2020
The Yellow Rose Project with Frances Jakubek and Meg Griffiths
Today I'm really honored and pleased to bring you a different episode of photography insights.  After speaking with Sheri Behr recently she put me in contact with this amazing project called the yellow rose project.  It’s run by 2 lovely people Meg Griffiths and Frances Jakubek.  When I researched their work I felt very privileged to talk to them as it's all about the right for women to vote in America with the 19thamendment.  The link to photography is that it was 100 years, so they’ve put together a collective of female artists.  The 105 ladies have made something that symbolizes the movement, the suffrages, and yellow rose elements.  This type of history is something to talk about and learn from. Meg herself is a fine art photographer and educator at Texas woman’s university. Frances is head of exhibitions at Bruce Silverstein gallery in New york.  We manage to talk about Meg's book - looking at this from a non-gendered perspective and not labeled.  It was nice to talk about Frances's self-portrait project too. Personally, I hope you enjoy this podcast as much I did it making it, Frances and Meg were full of smiles.  You can see they are friends too as they rarely interrupted each other. In this one we discuss: voting rights exhibition + online content history from different voices suffrage movement unconscious mind + intuition art emergencies dealing with groups right gallery nudity, ego + self-portraiture creating books Discussed Paula Riff - Eliot Dudik - Recommended Frances and Meg provide their pay it forward as Marina Font and Jeanine Michna-Bales Links Frances website - Meg's website - Friends of the show For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - *** SPECIAL OFFER *** During the podcast I mentioned Pete at Static Age is offering a 15% discount, your code is: PHLOG
December 16, 2020
A photographer's influence with David Collyer and Tobias Beach-Wyld
Welcome to episode 113 everybody, hope you are coping well.  for those outside the UK, we have come out of the current lockdown. We are now in a tier system that allows different measures and freedoms. To carry on our journey towards learning and education, I wanted to try and get a few people on together.  The idea was to talk about some artists and their influences on life and maybe their self too.  I’m lucky to have such a kaleidoscope of people I can call on – so this time we have David Collyer and Tobias Beach-Wlyd.  Both fabulous people and photographers in their own rights. We have a discussion on a few artists, projects, and photos.  What I will do is put these all in the show notes for you, so you can visualise what we are talking about.  Everyone did their best to be descriptive as possible anyway so it will be interesting to hear if you follow on.  The artists covered in this podcast are Black Star, Don Mccullin, Philip Jones Griffiths, Kate Bellis and Nick Waplington. I’m continually trying to improve my knowledge of the arts and sessions like this are really useful.  It’s always good to see a new project and find a new artist to follow.  This time of knowledge may help you in your own work in the future. In this one we discuss: Abergavenny bric-a-brac David’s bargain print magnum agency landscapes self documentary work contact sheets double stroke Leica real life middle-class tourists Martin Parr long-form stories Mentioned Point 51 Magazine - British Journal of Photography - Artists Nick Waplington - Don Mccullin - Kate Bellis - Black Star - Philip Jones Griffiths - Podcaster guests David website - David Instagram - Tobias Instagram - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - SPECIAL OFFER During the podcast I mentioned Pete at Static Age is offering a 15% discount, your code is: PHLOG
December 9, 2020
Noah Berger - fires, protests & the news
Episode 112 - Noah Berger Noah has been described as “The California Photographer Who Has Shot More Than 100 Wildfires.”  He talks to us about his experience with taking photographs with fires.  Although he is a freelancer with corporate and news work, Noah talks about why he works with other photographers.  It’s a fascinating topic and gives you some idea about his preparations too.  He was kind enough to tell you about the photography kit too. Although Noah has shot this sort of news work for a long time, he talks about how it's changing and why it's worrying him.  We do go through a couple of his images which I will add to the website because they were making me very emotional.  You may notice my tone change when we discuss them as I believe Noah captures the devastation of people, animals, and not just the landscape.  We also move on to his press work with protests too, which is quite worrying – especially getting shot! In this one we discuss: shooting in teams police scanner tech sleeping in cars safety planning trips fire tornado California press laws postal deliveries subject matter staying unbiased protest photography getting shot covid, lockdowns & curfew Links Noah website - Noah press article - Noah article - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - SPECIAL OFFER During the podcast I mentioned Pete at Static Age is offering a 15% discount, your code is: PHLOG
December 2, 2020
Polly Irungu & black women photography
Welcome to episode 111 of photography insights everybody.  Today we are embracing the world as we interview someone from Kenya now living and working in the big apple – New York City.  Polly Irungu is a lovely lady who is trying to help others.  She is described as a Multimedia journalist, digital editor, and photographer who is responsible for 2 million listeners and social media too.  Polly is the founder of Black Women Photographers, a community and online database of Black women photographers. It’s been so nice to talk to people from different communities and try and give them a platform to discuss their work.  There is no better merit than helping another person shine and that's Polly.  As we discuss this world of competing with a white-dominated world, Polly talks about why change is important. Polly has had some lovely accolades too, so listen out for them! In this one we discuss: navigating a white-dominated world creating a photographers database getting past 1stblack person events coping with job rejections times square for Nasdaq moving to America languages & schools unlocking doors for others street photography what's next for social media returning to Kenya Links Website - Polly website - Polly Instagram - BBC article - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Large format cameras, medium format & accessories - Great and affordable zines from Static Age - Phlogger Silvergrain article -
November 25, 2020
Sheri Lynn Behr - the interview
Welcome to today’s show everyone, another guest from the big apple.  This photographer has 2 sides to her story, and we are concentrating on her ongoing project work.  Sheri Lynn Behr is a lovely lady who grew up in the Bronx.  Originally trained in film analog and printing too, but moved quite early to digital.  We even talk about why you may want to shoot digital or film. I have to thank both the Michael's at Analog Forever magazine for introducing me to Sheri too. It was only through their ongoing work did I notice her unique photography.  We soon get in touch and boy did we hit it off, like old friends.  Just like in life it’s not every week you really connect with someone.  But Sheri was really different, we enjoy a mutual hobby (you will hear about it) and it’s so nice to continue messaging each other.  So who knows for the future! From her interview you will realise her work is about trial and error, Sheri looks at her edits and can throw them out.  It’s about going back over your work until you like it.  We even discuss it's not just about looking at single images but a body of work.  Sheri has been in a few shows including the polaroid collection. So in this one we discuss: shooting strangers slide film why instant film science fiction surveillance influences and processes social media television shows technology development how to become an artist Sheri’s book Article Before we move on I would like to thank my friends of the show.  For those who follow my writing, you will notice a recent article about Steve at Chroma camera.  Recently he sent me his “snapshot” camera to try out.  My article is all about a moron trying to work large format and not just produce multiple exposure shows!  Yes, thats right i made a few mistakes, but i’ve included my thoughts on the camera and also some shots that did come out, home developed by me too. Links Sheri Website - Sheri Instagram - Friends For all your c41 developing needs - Great and affordable zines from Static Age -
November 18, 2020
Alejandro Ilukewitsch - travel & street photographer
Interviewing my next guest was really easy, well that's how it felt.  Alejandro or “Alex” as he calls himself was born in Venezuela but has also lived in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and now Romania.  Along these travels, he has fallen in love with street portraiture and has a great way of showing the culture.  As he says, there is no point going to the pretty and boring places in the city, as they are the same everywhere.  So he travels into the villages and neighborhoods, which has found him in some interesting situations.  Alex describes these to us and I think he’s underplaying how scary the situations were, especially the prison story! Alex has used film in some of his works but is predominantly a digital shooter.  He has experience of shooting events like baptisms, weddings, and even concerts in his earlier life but loves his street work.  He’s a kind and good human who signed up for my secret project.  Alex was unfortunate as the camera was sent to Romania but didn’t make it to his office! He has some lovely feedback from people so find out: - shooting safely - concert shooting - street photography - cultures - shit happens - prints for strangers - film shooting - Local celebrations - shooting out of focus - lusting after the Mamiya 7 - when NOT to shoot - portraits Links Alex Instagram - Alex website - Friends Links This week I have chosen to quickly provide an update on Steve from Chroma Camera, who has been tinkering away again.  He's made a new modular medium format camera - called the #Chroma679.  More details coming soon on pricing and availability. Film Dev - Static Age - Chroma Camera - Phlogger Follow my work - My Instagram -
November 11, 2020
Frames magazine - interview with photographer and editor Tomasz
Although I really enjoyed my small break in the hills of England with my family it's time to get back to podcasting.  This was an unusual one for me, as it was first thing in the morning but it was really nice to speak with my guest.  Tomasz is a talented classical pianist, photographer, and editor of Frames magazine!  It’s unfair how talented people like Tomasz are, the way they can work across music and photography.  This can be seen in his personal work where he shoots concerts, musicians, and portraits. Tomasz has editorial and podcasting experience too, as he has run Fujifilm online magazine for 5? years too.  Recently he has been working hard behind the scenes to raise awareness about his latest project – FRAMES MAGAZINE.  This idea was a beautiful printed magazine that should “wow” people.  So he’s been creating a fabulous group on Facebook, there are a youtube channel and newsletters.  It’s just getting printed in the UK now so definitely work checking it out. One difference about the magazine is Frames is based on a monthly subscription service with online content.  For more information check the link in the show notes or my website. In this one we talk about: - covid & printed - mobile photography - traditional photography - frames Facebook group - inspiration from different genres - positives of lockdown - photography bucket lists - finding your film - scanning film - the printed medium - the personal connection - importance of sleep Links Frames website - Frames FB group - Frames youtube - Tomasz website - Friends Links I have discussed David from FilmDev in this show and how he's developed all my 120 colour work for a few years.  Great work guaranteed and as an example, he only charges £4 for small files with delivery & TIFF's!  Large scans are £8 compared to. Do check them out - Other friends are: Static Age - Chroma Camera -
November 4, 2020
Phlogger projects + social media changes
So it's a quieter week for you all for a change. COVID caused some last-minute issues for this week, so we've had to change the lineup.  In this episode, you get to listen to me all the way through!   I'm talking to you about projects - why you should participate, why you should create one, some of the steps involved, and lessons I have learned.  In this one, I'm going to quickly talk about changes made with my social media work. It's quite confusing to see yourself putting time and effort into media with so-called "activity" according to statistics, but when viewing/listeners figures don't increase it's pointless.  So I'm talking to you about what I have done instead and why. In this one we all discuss: James Lane at Zone Imaging lab Secret Project (completed) Negative Journey project (completed) Retro 72 project (running)
October 21, 2020
Ben Felten - cyanotypes and multi exposures on film
Hey everybody, welcome to this week's podcast with me your host the Phlogger.  As I explore this medium of photography and play around I become interested in many areas.  One of these that always springs to mind is a double exposure.  I remember when running my competitions with Kodak Alaris that there was a few multi-exposure entries.  In fact, one of them by Ben Felten won a memorable mention and obviously stuck in my conscious mind.  So I thought hell I had not interviewed someone who does this consistently with film so let’s get him on the show.  Ben was very willing and I couldn’t wait to talk with him. Now bear in mind Ben is from France, but has lived in a few countries and currently living in Hong Kong.  So if you are expecting a heavy French accent you might be surprised. Anyway, Ben’s a family man like myself and a very decent guy.  After speaking with Ben I’ve come up with the idea of an act of random kindness every day.  So you search for someone on Instagram and share their picture on your story - simple.  it would be great to hear of you doing this too.  Remember karma everyone, do something nice for someone and feel positive. So this podcast is all about Ben’s pursuit of happiness with multi-exposure and his human nature project.  It’s a learning journey and he talks to us about the technical and conceptual aspects too, so very useful. So in this one we discuss: multi-exposure background choices shooting Xpan studio vs home sessions negative space vs busy backgrounds cyanotypes photograms hong kong restrictions zines Other Links We discuss the beginning of cyanotypes with (botanist) Anna Atkins with her book on plant life. Chris Relander - Ben Links Etsy - Instagram - Friends of the show I have discussed David from FilmDev in this show and how he's developed all my 120 colour work for a few years.  Great work guaranteed and as an example, he only charges £4 for small files with delivery & TIFF's!  Large scans are £8 compared to. Do check them out - Other friends are: Static Age - Chroma Camera -
October 14, 2020
James lane – alchemy, epilepsy & james bond
Recently I’ve been talking with friends about developing, my mistakes, and how to improve after recently going back to development.  It’s been interesting to improve my results, so being more careful in preparation has been good.  After speaking with James Lane about developing we became friends and started talking to different developers etc.  Now although James is young, he has a scientific persona and can hear how enthusiast he is for alchemy!  He loved it so much he started developing for customers and runs his own lab! James talks to us about why he’s different from other labs and spends time talking to us about making your own chemicals. He’s got some top-secret plans he’s working on and has an interesting future ahead of him.  I love his passion for pushing film, controlling contrast and grain. What’s interesting about James lab (zone imaging lab) is you can choose the developer!  He even has explanations on his website what each one does.  I think this is a great unique selling point and makes him stand out. In this one: - spending 3 hours with a reel - light leaks - custom pushing technique - increasing negative density - epilepsy - career choices - trying new developers - pyro 510 - beta testing XTOL killer Random questions having a pint with James Bond and James chooses a strange superpower. Links: We discuss a few of the characters from facebook forums including  Rüdiger Hartung and Daniel Keating Lab website - Facebook - Friends of the show Recently I've shared some of the work brought to us by Static Age.  It's great to see Pete at Static Age is bringing more photographers zines to us.  The most recent is called "cooking with gas" by Brandon Lasko.  It's available now and only £7. Other friends are: Do check them out - Chroma Camera -
October 7, 2020
Interview with legendary skate photographer - Grant Brittain
Welcome to episode 103 of photography insights, the shot that interviews people from the photography industry. It’s funny how I look back over the past hundred episodes and still cannot believe some of the names and talent I’ve managed to interview.  Each year of my photography seems like how do I beat last year.  Then all of sudden you get a reply from a legendary photographer and they say sure, let’s do it.  It’s times like this I’m still amazed that people that have so much experience are willing to spend some time talking to me.  It’s a very humbling experience I can tell you, and yes I still get nervous but this soon dissipates.  In fact, for those who come back regularly, I suspect you will notice this with guests.  After 15 minutes they might slow their speaking down and start laughing etc, but after 60 they are totally relaxed and like 2 friends are talking.  Well, that's what I try to do and hope its conveyed.  It’s an important skill when interviewing.  Anyway, where was I? So yes because of COVID you are lucky enough to listen to the one and only skateboarding photography legend Grant Brittain!  It’s a true honor to have a man with many years of experience behind him.   For these sorts of interviews, I just couldn’t fit in my random questions, in fact, I had to edit this down just to get it where it is now.  So I know this is a long one, so feel free to skip forward.  But listening back to Grant was such a pleasure and we spoke over 3 hours in the end.  Let me tell you, this does not happen very often.  I try to edit what I believe you want to hear but can only do my best. There is not much that needs saying about Grant, to be honest, just google his name, check Instagram, etc.  what was really nice, as he has a great reputation in the industry too as a kind person.  He did not disappoint too, as we talk from his roots in photography, through skating, the magazines, and working freelance now.  It’s a hell of a journey  and in the words of Grant " All wanted  to do was surf, skate & smoke pot" So in this one, we cover: going back to old shots liking out of focus shooting for layouts embracing digital change photographers eye collective sleeping on pool tables + in darkrooms getting out corporate feel magazine industry ethos of skaters archives + COVID cameras, cameras cameras why grant doesn’t develop Friends of the show I have discussed David from FilmDev in this show and how he's developed all my 120 colour work for a few years.  Great work guaranteed and as an example, he only charges £4 for small files with delivery & TIFF's!  Large scans are £8 compared to. Do check them out - Other friends are: Static Age - Chroma Camera - Links Instagram - Website -
September 30, 2020
Matthew Curtis - beer blogger, photographer & podcaster
I’m pleased to bring you episode 102 which is all about one of my favorite subjects – beer!!!  During COVID it’s been great to get to the weekend and relax with a couple of beers (obviously you all should drink in moderation like me).  After a recent delivery from Beer52 I looked through the Ferment magazine and noticed some interesting articles.  This work led me to the author behind the work - Matthew Curtis.  Matthew is a freelance photographer, blogger, podcaster, and now a magazine publisher! It was really interesting to talk with someone who actively has an interest in great beer, but has the vocabulary to describe this.  Matthew really has understood how to use each medium (the written word, the spoken word, and photography).  He’s originally from my local area, so it’s nice to hear about his roots and also how traveling to breweries around the world has helped him.  Matthew doesn’t pull his punches and will tell you honestly about his work, mistakes, and his thoughts of some labels. He talks to us about his magazine label - Pellicle, its beginnings, and how COVID has affected the brand and his life.  Matthew also talks about his roots in adult life and how he stumbled into photography.  He's now very experienced and works for a few brands and even helps teach others.   In this one we discuss: magazines how to get paid for writing beer varieties lactose intolerances supporting local businesses amazon vs online breweries shooting fruit learning editing working with CAMRA layout vs imagery pride and North/South divides Random questions Yes, Matthew eases his way through these and won't forget thinking about hitmen from now on!  So don't forget to check out Matthew's unique way of banning daydreaming. Links Please do check out Matthew's lovely work.  His magazine is made through voluntary contributions, so take a look! Instagram - Magazine - Podcast - Twitter - From the show During the podcast we mention a few brands too, so don't forget to check them out: Beer52 - Brewdog - Cloudwater brewery - Ferment Magazine - Good Beer Hunting - Beer Guild Training event - Chosen Brew podcast - Friends of the show Thanks to: Chroma Camera, Filmdev & Static Age
September 23, 2020
Interview with Gareth Davies - a tale of Air Forces, Army & Police
Welcome to episode 101 and this one I'm delighted to talk to someone on the opposite side of the world.  Gareth Davies originated from Wales in the UK but through his military career ended up in New Zealand.  He started life in the Air Force serving all around the globe, including places like the Gulf War and Bosnia (amongst a few others).  This one's a tale of different countries, a little about the Army and how he ended up in the Police with photography. Gareth was introduced through his best friend Stu Mckenzie (episode 95) through their military careers.  It's fascinating to hear how Gareth transitioned from the UK Air Force to moving to New Zeland.  We do talk a little about this amazing country that has such outstanding natural beauty and why it's a visual treat for photographers.  Gareth shoots landscapes, nature, and a little macro too, so do check out the website for examples of his work.  He's a lovely guy who shared his history and love of his career, so listen out for a few fun stories too In this one we discuss: reconnaissance photography high-speed processing  tight deadlines sensitometry shooting 4x5 using 48-inch lenses on a helicopter shooting borders of Belize combat camera training Iraqi cameraman forensic & training photographers presets + photoshop charity work Random questions Gareth like a few people was a little nervous about my stupid questions but easily made his way through. So, find out why we should embrace hairstyles and the name of his fictitious detective agency. Links Gareth Instagram - Gareth Facebook -   Friends of the show Don't forget my friends in photography help support the show by getting my message out there.  Each one is helping through generosity that is mutually provided. Today I would like to focus on Chroma and for any of you that already have a large format camera (often called 4x5) then listen to this.  Steve has built an adaptor so you can use your existing 4x5 with Hamish's pix-latr.  This allows you to scan by using items you already have!  For information check out Steve's page on this  - Chroma Camera - Film Dev - Static Age - Phlogger If you want to follow my work and keep up to date, just check my social media here: Instagram - Website -
September 15, 2020
100th episode by Jon at Instinctive - socks, guests + messages
Oh crikey where do we begin on this one?  The big 100! When approaching the turn of the century I came up with an idea to do something different and flip the host and guest scenario!  Now I have to be honest I asked and was trying to arrange my first ever guest to host it.  However, Sarah (street media) had literally just started a new job after we started planning this.  I really did want to have a female host to show I have grown as a person and involving everyone.  However, since this was not feasible my good friend Jon at Instinctive Photography accepted (without a bribe) the position. Please bear with us, I've never done anything like this so it's not designed to be a normal episode at all.  It's a light-hearted show about you all, I love you all for supporting my work. What's in store for you: 1. Jon fires off a few random questions at the Phlogger! 2. guests Steve at Chroma Camera, Pete at Static Age and the model Shannon Ashby. 4. What photography means to the guests 5. written messages 6. video messages (this will be aired on Youtube soon) 7. a few special messages (from my daughter, my wife and good friend Jeni at Signature too) Outtakes - yes I will be making a short bonus episode where you will hear real-life mistakes! Links Instinctive Photography Website - Instinctive Photography Instagram - Jon's b&w Instagram - Chroma Camera website - Chroma Instagram - Static Age website - Static Age Instragram - Shannon Ashby Instagram - Thanks It was so kind of everyone to email me with their messages and videos.  Taking time out their day for me, was a humbling experience and I don't mind saying it made me very tearful. I literally have met some wonderful people on this young and will continue to hunt more down! Thank you from the bottom of my heart (in no particular order). Gina Milicia Jay Good Tobias Beach-Wlyd John Hughes Paul at Analogue Wonderland Top Gun Dave Max Hellweg Quinn Jacobson Bob Patterson Jeni Lowe Ibarionex Perello  John Whitmore Leyton Cleveley Andy Church at Kodak Alaris Michael Kirchoff David Collyer Marius Lomig from Film Washi
September 9, 2020
Interview with Lorenzo Mittiga - underwater photographer
Hi everybody I’m so thrilled to bring you yet another first – an underwater photographer for episode 99!  I was sat reading my copy of the technology/science magazine WIRED and came across some different photos.  It was all about reefs and a project involving them with some beautiful photographs by a gentleman called Lorenzo Mittiga.  After checking his work I was really impressed and contacted him.  Lorenzo was nothing but intriguing and fun to communicate with, he must have been as excited as me Lorenzo’s work is known around the world for his images and works in documentaries, like natural history. By trade, his is a marine biologist but left that in Italy to work more in the field. He’s an intelligent guy who can speak 3 languages and luckily one of them was English.  Lorenzo lives on the Dutch island of Bonaire in the Caribbean. He also talks about living and working as a photographer, so its a tale of weddings, portraiture, food, and anything else! Lorenzo talks to us about his start in photography and shooting film, all the way through to digital.   He gladly provides details of his kit and how hard it is underwater.  He’s got some lovely split over/underwater projects too, which are very different photographically speaking. In this one we talk about: Issues with film underwater Ektachrome & Velvia working with Jack Cousteau working with windsurfers issues with sand camera housings how depth can affect u water & natural filters underwater flash lemon sharks the iguana shot LINKS Aqua lung - Nimar - Flexarm - Lorenzo website - Lorenzo Instagram -
September 2, 2020
Stacy Pearsall - combat photography + veterans
*** Please note there are a couple of minutes of echo on this show, there was a bad weather storm in Stacy's area.  This caused our video session to black out a few times too, but i've edited all that out so can't tell.  Nothing much to worry about though, just enjoy Stacy's presence. *** It’s that time again and its now episode 98.  After recently speaking with Stu Mckenzie I thought it would be great to have a female combat photographer too.  Some research later I came across a wonderful story about Stacy Pearsall, who had served and was doing a fabulous veternas project. After speaking with Stacy it was quite clear she has a wonderful sense of humour (as you will hear).  Stacy is a person who hasn’t let her disabilities from her servitude affect her.  Along with her trusty assistant and Charlie the service dog (world-famous) she applies her trade as a photographer.  One of the main reasons you should listen is to her Stacy talk about her lovely veterans' project.  This involves her traveling to every state in the USA.  This is no mean feat for someone like Stacy, so listen carefully as she talks a little about herself. So in this one: charlie & Dolly Parton service dogs female veterans combat injuries + PTSD grey days combat camera requirements military jokes, gear & meals New Zealand travel dreams flying with dogs holsters + injuries photojournalism gear or gun? being an Ilford master brand loyalty & integrity Random questions Of course, Stacy is subjected to the usual barmy questions – so find out why you shouldn't watch horror films. Stacy links Website  - Instagram - Podcast - Holster - Friends of the show Film development - Zines - Cameras - Phlogger You can check my Instagram blog feed here - You can find my best photography here -
August 26, 2020
Model safety with Alix, Beth & Emily
Welcome to epsiode 97 of photography insights, the show that interviews people from around the photography industry.  Today is a very special one, something different to my usual interviews and focusing on a specific subject – model safety.  Since I’ve worked with a few and seen some of the problems, I got together with a few to record this. What follows is a discussion on a Facebook group we are members of that is speicifcally aimed at safety for both photographers and models when working with new people.  It’s a great resource where people can ask questions about others and get some feedback from their experiences. The group has some careful moderators involved to ensure it’s not just a place to go slam photographers or vice versa.  From the podcast you will learn a little about it and why it’s a really good place for us all. I’m joined by Alix, Beth and Emily who came forward to talk about the group, experiences and provide you all with some great advice.  All the models give some insight when things can go wrong on shoots and what you should do.  Each one has their experience and its quite eye opening what can happen. We will talk about ways to whistleblow and when you should for safety. Everyone provides some great advice for best practises that models should follow like doing some homework on the photographer.  You will also hear my side from a photographers viewpoint too, that should help with any fears. The models also pinpoint some red flags you should watch for before, during and after the shoot too. I want to thank Alix, Beth and Emily for taking ti me out to record this.  We felt like its something that is important to us all and want to protect you all from any potential issues.  There are links to the models social media feeds and do urge you to work with these fantastic ladies. Links Facebook safety group - Government advice - Purpleport advice - News articles  Jailed - Creepy photographers - Baby steelers - Models Alix purpleport  - Beth - Emily - Phlogger -
August 19, 2020
John Whitmore from TheDarkShed - mulletts, showers and darkrooms
Welcome to episode 96 everyone, really pleased to have you on board once again.  Had some lovely guests recently and I’m adding another friendly person to the list.  This time we are discussing the darkroom with John Whitmore aka TheDarkShed. John discusses his life around the darkroom, children and all things analogue.  He has his own youtube show and produces live + behind the scenes approach to making art.  it’s challenges and ideas he has and shows us how to do this. What I really like about John is his honesty, he tells you straight and makes mistakes, just like all of us.  He doesn’t mind saying when something goes wrong and explains why (he usually gets there in the end). He’s approachable on social media and can hear him on Sunny 16 podcast too quite often. friendships & photography show playing painting dev + pre fix pictures of children safety in the darkroom the mentality of shooting film lumen prints & grass fixer thumb signatures learning the incorrect way pre fix  + experimenting importance of combining techniques how to remove hairs from negatives unusual way 2do large prints the business of enjoyment photographers vs artists being multi-skilled RESOURCES The Darkroom handbook by Michael Langford - Gulnara's handmade project - Sunny 16 podcast featuring John - FRIENDS OF THE SHOW Film developing - Static Age zines - LINKS John website - John Youtube - John Instagram - Phlogger Instagram - Phlogger photos -
August 12, 2020
Stu Mckenzie - army, photography +reindeers
INTRODUCTION Welcome to episode 95 of Photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  Today I would like to introduce you to someone who has travelled a lot of the world.  Someone that’s been to the artic and lived with reindeer herders and who has been to war with a camera!  Examples of places he’s served or work include Moscow, Germany, Nothern Ireland, Edinburgh, Mongolia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, New Zealand, Namibia Stu Mckenzie life started off in the army and has had some unique experiences which he talks to us about.  He’s a calm, collected and a humble bloke who likes helping others.  I do urge you to check out his collection of photography that shows a mix of culture, travel, portraiture and landscapes. Stu also provides some great tips for those wanting to go out in the cold. I came across Stu’s work recently due to his work with veterans and PSTD, so check out project mindscape. In this podcast we also discuss: - combat camera team - working with SAS - preparation for trips - gear survival in the artic - military police - hangovers & Edinburgh castle - maths & guide numbers - army photography courses - working as BBC cameraman - infrared + converted 5ds - meeting Neil Armstrong - working with Don McCullin Random questions Yes, you will hear Stu go through these and find out what he daydreams about. MENTIONED Jon at Instinctive - David Baranek - Snapshot by Chroma Camera - David's infrared article - Aerochrome supplier- Rob Shanebrook (moon camera) - Paul Berriff - LINKS Stu Instagram - Stu website - Stu Youtube - Phlogger My blog - My Instagram - My photos -
August 5, 2020
Interview with award winning photographer Gulnara Samoilova
Hey everybody, welcome to episode 94 of photography insights and today we are going to feature another great artist.  As I said in my previous episode I’m trying to reach out to a wider scope of people and this is another example – a photographer from Russia!   Gulnara comes from the region of Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan and was the only female photographer.  She moved into the world of press photography under the belt of "associated press" in the USA.  She has won competitions and awards including world press photo.  Her work is known around the world now and one example is that of 9/11, where she was at ground zero.  In this podcast we do not discuss this as her interview with Bob at Street Photography Magazine covers all you need to know (plus its a great magazine). I came across Gulnara because of her awards and her lovely work with street photography.  Gulnara is the founder of "" too, where she showcases work of others. One of Gulnara’s projects caught my eye and listen out as we discuss hand painting. Areas discussed book collecting shooting 40 years importance of mentors right critique & feedback darkroom master making chemicals appreciating your homeland being happy & proud of your work workshops in Russia lockdown + first book teaching street Instagram feeds & personality artists residency + PAID trip to NYC Links Gulnara website- Gulnara Instagram - women street photography - Mentioned: Street photograph interview - Dominique interview - Dominque Instagram - Pay it forward: Ximena Echague - Friends of the show Pete at Static Age - Film Dev -
July 28, 2020
Interview with Sheila Pree Bright - photographic artist
It's another week and time for another show and again something completely different.  You can see how my choice of guests is influenced by events and people around me! Recently I have talked about the point of looking for with my guests and choosing them for a reason.  It's something that has played on my mind recently and how I should open up more.  The consensus in my mind (we had a vote) is that I should look for people that haven't had their voices heard from the minorities or speak to those that are trying to do great work for the society of those not privileged. So today I'm pleased to bring you the rather lovely Sheila Pree Bright.  Sheila is an ambassador for Leica, comes from America and has this habit of using the world of photography to talk about the world from a different perspective.  Some of her projects include Young Americans, 1960NOW, Suburbia, Plastic Bodies.  We talk a lot about the life of being black in America, opportunities and what she has seen.  Some of her travels around the states have even shocked her, so listen out for when we discuss Baltimore. So in this one, we discuss: art piece for University of Boston starting with gangster rap photography  1960 now + uprising of young people civil rights working for HBO protests flowers &COVID white narrative vs black John Lewis & your poetry school curriculums Migrations & segregations FURTHER INFO We discussed Jim Crow To find out more about the ATlanta murders We also mention John Lewis Sheila's video of the McCleung musuem talk is here LINKS Sheila has a great degree of work and you should check out her website for more information. Instagram
July 22, 2020
Interview with fine art photographer Joel Tjintjelaar
It's my pleasure to bring an artist and photographer from the top of his game - Joel Tjintjelaar from Holland.  Joel's images are really outstanding and thought-provoking, based around his concepts of fine art.  His images are based around black and white (he explains why too) and usually involve long exposure.  Joel works in the world of architecture using both digital full-frame and large format film to produce high-end work for clients.  This involves him using Photoshop skills and teaching these too. Joel comes from a different background to most, after a career in I.T. and being a qualified criminal lawyer.  If you look at his brand you can see blog articles, courses, critiques, guides, books and has a unique relationship with Hitech filters (has his own range of N.D. filters).  He's an intelligent person who perfects his skill through learning from other forms of art and reading a lot!   importance of studying painters + art passion + defining fine art learn about yourself objects vs subjects understanding Picasso reading books ideas, workflow & research why black & white teaching content not seen on the internet tilt shift vs large format 16 stop ND filters shooting Phase 1 with 100 megapixels Random questions It was clear from talking with Joel before the interview he had a great sense of humour, so i put him through a couple.  So, find out why: the dutch like liquorice Joel would enjoy 200 metres running Links Joel recommended this book various times during the show by Margaret Livingstone To check out Joel's filters, books, presets, courses, blog then check out his website. Joel's website - Joel Instagram -
July 15, 2020
July 2020 update from the Phlogger
Hello everyone, Hello everyone,a quick message to say there is no episode this week as I've been interviewed myself.  Yes, please do check out Tim at Cheapshot podcast, where I was a guest for episode 8!  Tim's a great and friendly character so really nice to be talking with him (link at the bottom). In this show I briefly discuss:  ideas for future show  thanks to Max from last week  covid and coming out lockdown  shooting models  working on my projects  future podcasts Links Tim's podcast -
July 9, 2020
Interview with National Geographic photographer Max
Welcome to episode 90!   I was reading a copy of the tech/science mag WIRED recently and was intrigued by some of the photography inside, especially one particular article.  Something then suddenly flashed why don't I reach out to the photographer, as they are always credited in magazines like this.  The thing was, the article was based around forensic photography and not something I had seen much of. So a few friendly emails later and we had managed to arrange a last-minute session together.  I'm pleased to introduce you to Max Aguilera Hellweg, who is a not only a photographer for National Geographic but a trained doctor too. Working for National Geographic he has had some very interesting assignments that have taken him around the world and interesting circumstances!  Max started life in film and darkrooms but was forced to shoot digitally due to changes in the industry. He talks to us about his life and is very passionate about this, so watch out for the odd swear word. A few topics we discuss are: working with criminals + police the West Bank Journalism & privacy laws Russian particle accelerators Cancun, pyramids and jail shooting at "the body farm" Robots & human fears Queen & Bohemian Rhapsody Forensic photography Peruvian presidents Medicine Darkrooms and digital COVID assignment + when not to shoot Although we had a 2-hour conversation, I've managed to cut some elements down to 1 hour, its not easy putting someone's career down into this amount of time. QUOTE “There is always a story, it doesn't matter when you arrive, stay open, be patient” LINKS Max recommends you visit his website to look at his work, but i've put a link to his book here too.  It's work he did photographing what's inside us humans, graphic but beautiful. National Georgraphic - Website - Book -
July 1, 2020
Interview with street & editorial photographer Michelle Groskopf
How do you introduce someone who is funny, forthright and totally committed to her role in society.  With some people its more than a job, it's more than passion, it's simply who you are.  Today's guest is the one and only Michelle Groskopf, a street and editorial photographer from Los Angeles.   Michelle is an interesting figure in the community because her career moved rapidly from the world of the street to purses, people and some rather interesting clients.  After shooting for a certain favourite magazine of mine, Michelle was lucky enough to work with people in the tech industry.  Now when I say tech, I mean the big boss, as in Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey etc!   What is great is that Michelle took these photos in her style, not your standard corporate headshot.   Anyway, we discuss all sorts and have a great laugh, so here are a few points from it: finding a mentor how WIRED changed her life vivid websites voyeuristic style telephoto lenses COVID sexism + racism fighting equality I have a certain Ibarionex Perello to thank for the recommend and boy, I'm so thankful.  Michelle is nothing but honest and talks a little about her upbringing and the fight of being a female gay photographer. Quote After listening back to the interview I think this quote from her provides a glimpse of what we discuss - "to be a black person know and to recognise that the whole world stands in way of your greatness”. Random questions Michelle doesn't escape the wrath of my questions, so find out Michelle's ideal headline and the relevance of skipping school. Links These links refer to discussions from the podcast: Toby Kaufmann - Diversifyphoto - Michelle Instagram - Michelle website -
June 24, 2020
Mental health and the creative mind - a real story with Shaun Hall & Victoria Louise
Welcome back all, a few weeks ago I brought you a double-length special with Stephen at Kosmo.  For this week I'm bringing you something really different and totally understand if it's not for you.  For one week, I've put together a double-length special focusing on mental health with a couple of photographers.  These are blunt, raw, true stories about real-life here as they talk about Mental Health and its effects. I am very proud to present my friends Shaun Hall and Victoria Louise who have agreed to bring you honesty.  When around us there is the false world of perfection and Instagram, but behind this are people with problems.  It's about time we talked about this and stopped pretending we live these amazing lives and everything is a photo.   Shaun is more of a landscape and nature photographer, but loves all genres to be honest and is currently living off the Yorkshire Coast.  Victoria lives in the small town of Gainsborough with her family and works in the wedding and portrait world of photography.  They will both tell you about their lives, how mental health has affected it, what part photography has played.   In this one we discuss: training your mind traumas addiction suicide treatment recovery funding support mechanisms coping under COVID *** Please remember we are not medically trained and not offering professional advice, we are here as fellow humans with issues.  *** Support We have put together a few links as resources for anyone struggling.  Some of these are local to Victoria & Shaun. Bearded Fisherman - Be the Difference - NHS - Links Here you can find links to Shaun & Victoria's work as well as our group.  Please remember the group I created is for anyone in the photography world - we don't care if you are a novice, expert, model, publisher or something else.  It's a safe space to relax and find support, some people post images, some people write - there are no rules. Shaun Hall - Shaun (Instagram) - Victoria Louise - Victoria (Instagram) - Photographers Therapy group - Quotes After listening to the show and the guests, you can take a summary of their words from these quotes: “managing mental health is like a full-time job” - Victoria  "people say you have a choice with this life, they don't understand mental health or addiction" - Shaun
June 17, 2020
Interview with photo journalist Rob Pinney from Point 51 Magazine
I’m pleased to bring you photojournalist Rob Pinney from Point 51 magazine.  The magazine is based around photojournalism and covers stories around Europe.  It’s a well-made publication, unique size and reads more like a long-form approach. Rob talks to us about: stealing the "stone of scone" timeline issues COVID & the future commuting during COVID online storytelling monetising news & paywalls working in publishing emotions when working covering difficult topics Links Rob's website - Magazine website - Photovoice -
June 10, 2020
Interview with Stephen Dowling from Kosmo Foto
After waiting so long I thought it would be wise to put an interview with Stephen Dowling from Kosmo foto together.  After writing for his blog last year (link) and watching his website grow from the Zorki days has been impressive.  Obviously some of you know Stephen from his film, some know him from the BBC and some from his NME days, never mind his travels around the world. After meeting Stephen back in March 2019 at the photography show (with the rest of the crew too) it was clear he's got bags of experience and intelligence too.  I love talking to people like Stephen about the many years he has been a journalist, but mainly his passion for the analogue world of cameras. I decided to make this an extra-length special to cover 2 weeks, as I'm still unsure if I can commit to a weekly podcast anymore (it takes up time editing etc).   Obviously I will never be short of interesting people to find, it's just finding mutual times to fit this in. So, let's break the interview down since its an extra-length special. We talk about some of the characters out there like Jeremy (Japan Camera Hunter), Hamish Gill from 35mmc, EM from Emulsive, Steve at Chroma, Sam at Solarcan and Paul from Analogue Wonderland.    Obviously Stephen knows many people, but he's not name dropping, far from it, he's actively complimenting and talking about people who are making the film community a better place for all. So in this one we discuss: working from home spiders & red rooms important BBC story from last year photo walks Selling during Covid Blogging since 2012 Shooting cats 1st time developing film street portraiture Belarus film collective Zorki & Fed cameras David Collyer + Guardian Random questions Find out why we discuss tear gas! A scoop on Dyson's next invention and why Stephen is the ultimate nosey parker! Photographers Stephen recommends a few important people he has come across with unique skills, so please do check out: Clement Marion - Nandakumar Narasimhan - David Collyer - David Collyer (interview by Phlogger) - Pay it forward Stephen recommended Rob Andrews from the London Camera Project - Links Kosmo website - Kosmo film shop - Instagram - Facebook - Friends of the show For all your analogue film developing, check out - If you like zines, you will love Static Age's work -
May 27, 2020
Interview with historic sign photographer Mark Stein
Interview with historic sign photographer Mark Stein, is a hell of a title ain't it!  Well, I'm back after a prolonged break from this pandemic, but I am feeling in a better headspace thank god.  After chatting with Mark recently we finally nailed down a date together to get this podcast recorded.  Apologies for any audio issues on this one, so many internet-related service issues at the minute it's crazy. As you know I like to bring you variety, as it keeps us all entertained.  With episode 85 and our lovely guest Mark Stein from Denver, Colorado, USA.  Mark has definitely found a niche project here.  He's photographing some of the vintage and historic signs along the famous route 66.  Mark was one of the guys I found through Instagram and we started talking some time ago, due to our passion for film.  I even showed him a book I had been reading a few months ago about some interesting stops along Route 66 (I mean who hasn't heard of it?) You can tell from the interview Mark has a passion for history and photography, which makes a lovely scene and produces high class images too.  He works hard to capture these in short periods when he has time. In this podcast we discuss: nostalgia or history photography groups + trips Lomography, Fuji & Kodak film Bronica + metering darkroom lab (California) COVID + small business creativity with COVID growing own food travelling via car/plane Kotak/Ilford price increases fuji film loses  market changes FPP government surplus film listening to vinyl Hopefully you will enjoy this one as I attempt to keep these interviews more chat based and focus on the person and their art.  Please do check out Mark's work online using the links. LINKS
May 20, 2020
Interview with Marwan & Charys from Silvergrain classics
As you already know I'm starting this series of interviews to document what is going on with this pandemic.  We are featuring an array of people from different places in the world, so we get an even picture of what is happening. I am really pleased to present you with 2 lovely people from Germany today, it's Marwan and Chary's from Silvergrain Classics (aka Photoklassik).  Both are active on social media and always in touch with the community.  Chary's has posted some lovely footage including her son developing colour film in their home.  It's really nice to see this personal touch and see there are people behind the brand, not just some business. If you haven't yet seen their magazine, I highly recommend it, they have some amazing artists featured.  In fact, I have written a review of the magazine and they inspired me to interview people like Jan Schlegel. So listen to this show as we talk about: large format enlargers positivity coming articles kodak & tetenal changes film industry relationships cibachrome printer documenting corona supporting the community ak47 & deers Links Silvergrain website - Silvergrain magazine - David Collyer - Facebook therapy group - Silvergrain magazine review -
April 22, 2020