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The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast

The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast

By Corndog and Mr. Pickles
The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast is a weekly, comedic podcast with a splash of weird and a hint of paranormal. Each week, Eric and Justin share with you crazy stories, weird news, some spooky stuff and play games all in hopes that you laugh and escape from reality for a moment. Some think we are funny, some think we're dumb, and others think we may have a mental condition. Come find out for yourself!
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The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast

WE ARE BACK!!!! We stepped away due to our lives going in every direction other than the way we intended it to go. Being an adult sucks!!!! But, the truth is, we missed all of our listeners (like the 4 that actually listen) and we have blast doing it so here's to an awesome SEASON 2 of the Corndog and Mr. Pickles Show! This episode we basically just ramble on about nothing in particular. We discuss what you can expect from the show in season 2 and some of the significant changes we will be making.  As always, be sure to check out our website at where you can find all of our episodes, send us a voice message, rate/review the show, and check out some of our sweet merch.  Buckle in and get ready for a wild ride because season 2 is here and it's about to get weird.... so weird.
August 7, 2021
Hello folks! This is the LOST EPISODE! It really wasn't "lost" but it just never got uploaded. Oops! Our bad!!!! Also, not really sure what this episode is about so we really can't give you a great description. We're sure there is some off topic rambling, moments of inappropriateness, laughing, spooky stuff, and some weird stuff as well. Hope you enjoy! We'll back real soon with some new episodes to stimulate your ear holes.  real soon..... 
August 5, 2021
Oh hey there! Fancy seeing you here! You wanna listen to us talk about ghost ships and other wild and weird stuff? Do ya?  This weeks episode is a doozy! We had some much fun recording this one that it is honestly one of our favorites. If you're a new listener, each week we discuss a topic, read off and discuss some weird news in a segment we call, "YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!" We also bring you some of the internets wildest deals and offers in another segment we call, "IT'S A DEAL PICKLE!" To end the show out, we deliver a spooky story that we either created ourselves or found on the internet. If we found it on the internet, we kind of jazz it up a bit with our own sauce. If you're not knew to the show, then you know that we discuss all of that plus a lot of wild and off topic tangents. Today, we discuss GHOST SHIPS! You voted and we delivered! Hope you enjoy it. Oh, before I forget, we had a special guest sit in with us this time! Our dear friend (and Corndog's cousin) Mardy was in town! YAY!!! So we had him sit in with us. We also gave him the alias "Churro." As always, we bring you weird and TRUE news along with insane deals that we found on the internet. If you make it past off this and the off topic tangents then you'll get to hear some BOO SHEET! Which this week is a story that Corndog made up.... Yeah, we know, you're supposed to decide that but he screwed up and gave it away on the show.  Also, don't forget to find us on social media and to check out our super kick ass website
March 22, 2021
** Sorry for the late upload! Technology is supposed to be our friend but lately it's been a real pain in the ass!  On this episode of The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast, the guys discuss URBAN LEGENDS!!! From local tales to lesser known ones from around the country, the guys discuss what makes and urban legends and "urban legend."  As always, the guys bring to you a wild story that is hard to believe but is 100% true. This time, it's about two Florida men who target certain graves to rob for one particular reason. The guys try to wrap their heads around why these two idiots did what they did.   Next up, the guys deliver some sweet deals found on the internet! From someone looking for a replacement friend until their friend gets back to a lady posting an add looking for a particular type of guy she would like to "hook up" with.   Detective Melvin stops by to deliver one of his amazing stories from his time solving some wild cases!  Don't forget to check out the website at where you can find ratings and reviews, merch, episodes and more!
March 2, 2021
You all voted and we delivered! On todays show, we discuss everything (almost everything) aliens! We dive into some popular theories about extraterrestrials and touch on some of the more popular alien abduction cases. We also try and stump each other with Alien News Headlines where we try and figure out which headline is made up. Justin tells us about some dude who is transforming his ENTIRE BODY to look like an alien and then he shares with us some sweet deals that he found on the internet. Eric closes up the show with a supposedly true story of one persons encounter with a reptilian while adding his own touch to the story. Join us, as we discuss all of this and much more!
February 6, 2021
Weird President Facts/More Dumb Jokes!/Dumbass Injects Magic Shrooms to cure addiction/Jar of Farts../Diddle Me Elmo
Annnnnndddd, We're back! Sorry for the little break. Work got a little crazy there for a bit and we didn't have time to meet up and record. It's all Eric's fault really... ugh. Damn it, Eric!  Disclaimer: We did consume some whiskey for this show. Just thought you should know..... On this Episode, we have a very special guest with us! Our dear friend, Abe! He wanted to sit in with us and not actually be on the show, so you may hear him in the background giggling sometimes. For the show, we decided to discuss some odd and weird presidential facts! Seeing how we have a new president now and we choose to not get political here at the podcast, we decided it would be fun to talk about some other weird president stuff! We decided to tell each other some more dumb jokes and try to get one another to laugh. Justin tells us about some dumbass who thought it would be cool to shoot up with some magic shrooms to cure his opiate addiction...(Spoiler, it doesn't work..) Next, Justin found some weird and funny items that people actually try to sell on the internet! Yay for weridos! As always, (usually always) we bring you a terrifying story about a "Tickle Me Elmo" Doll that is possessed! At the end of the show as a kind of "Bonus" we discuss more personal ghost stories! 
January 24, 2021
We are back after a little holiday break! Did you miss us?! First thing, huge shout out to our #1 super duper fan, Katie Weidman!!!! She was the first person to sign up for our Patreon and buy something from our Merch shop!!!!!! Also, she check in with us a lot and keeps up going. THANK YOU KATIE!!!!!!! So, if you haven't heard yet, we have a Patreon and Merch now!!! Yay!!! visit our website at to become a member or buy some super sweet swag today! Today's show, the guys discuss some of the more prolific serial killers and some of the common traits found between them. After talking about killers and feeling sad and dirty, the guys play a new "game" where the take turns doing celebrity impressions while the other asks interview style questions.  For today's "You just can't make this shit up," we bring you more of a warm and fuzzy story. You know, since the world around us is basically falling apart, we figured we could throw in some good feelings...  As for the "Deal Pickles," the guys deliver some of the strangest objects and services ever posted on the internet..... There are a bunch of weirdos out there!
January 9, 2021
Before we get started, just a heads up that the audio has an echo. Test run went well and we have no idea what happened. We will be working diligently over the break to fix our audio issues! On this weeks show, the guys go down memory lane and talk about their favorite childhood toys and discuss why kids toys these days are TRASH! They introduce a new game called the Headphone Game! They guys also change things up and have Eric present a crazy story for the You Just Can't Make this Shit up segment while Justin takes a stab at telling a spooky Christmas story for the Boo Sheet portion of the show! Also, both guys share some interesting finds from the internet where people try to sell crazy items or place a wild personal ad! This weeks show was NOT brought to you by Trojan Condoms. They are in no way whatsoever affiliated with the show and actually have no idea that they are a fake sponsor. Could we have done the show without them? Yes. We actually did. But just like the actual Trojan Horse, their condoms help you come inside and we like to think they helped us come inside you.... your ears we mean. Check out our website at and let us know what you think! Email the show at to say or if you have an idea for the show! We would love to hear from you. Also, on our website there is a feature where you can leave us a voicemail!!!!! We double dog dare you to leave us a message. There is about a 99.8% chance your message will make its way onto our show. Thanks for listening and as always, stay weird!
December 24, 2020
On this episode the guys talk about Krampus and entertain the idea of introducing the tradition to their kids in order scare them into being good. Things get silly when they play the MAD LIBS game and Justin brings us the crazy story of mysterious Garfield phones that have been washing up on a beach for the past 30 years. As always, we bring you more "Deal Pickles" and our beloved friend Detective Melvin decided to show up and talk about one of his cases!    Special thanks to our super duper top fan Michael Mount for the website and getting it all set up and looking awesome!!! Check it out at   From our new website you can find all of our episodes on your favorite streaming platform, message the show, leave a voice message and find all of our social media outlets.  This episode's fake sponsor is Grizzly Chew. "It's that good." Neither of the guys chew, but I am sure it's a great product. Grizzly Chew is in no way what so ever affiliated with the show and we received ZERO compensation from them. That doesn't mean we don't appreciate them though.
December 19, 2020
First of all, let us start off by saying that we are sorry... We're sorry for being idiots and maybe (for sure) drinking a little too much and messing up last weeks podcast. We "recorded" a 4 hour show for all you wonderful listeners but we seemed to only record the video and no audio. Big oops. We promise to do better moving forward.  This week we dive back into the swing of things as we recall some of our blackout drunk moments! We thought it would be fitting since we drank too much last week and we're not sure what in the hell we discussed for 4 hours. Also, we bring back the FLORIDA MAN game which we haven't played since our first episode. We also discuss a man that has been dubbed "SKY KING" who decided to one day steal a passenger jet and take it for a joy ride before ultimately crashing it and killing himself. Next up, we bring you some wild stuff for sale that we found on the wonderful and scary world wide web. To close the show, we discuss the Mothman and the recent sightings of him in the Chicago area.  So buckle up, grab a snack, put some pants or or maybe take them off and enjoy!   Be sure to check us out and follow us on our other platforms at   Also, we would LOOOOVVEEE to hear from you! email us at or just send us a DM on our other social media platforms.   This weeks unofficial sponsor of the show is Buffalo Trace Bourbon! They are in no way what so ever affiliated with our show and we have received ZERO compensation from them but damn it, we love them! "Honor tradition, embrace change."
December 12, 2020
Haunted Forest/Superpower Game/Naughty Pastor/The Funeral Watcher
Welcome back to another episode of The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast! Glad you came back! On this weeks episode, the guys discuss a few well known haunted forest and the mysterious disappearances of thousands of visitors in the National Forest of America. The details surrounding the cases in pretty wild. Also, Justin brings us an interesting story of a lady pastor that just one day decided she would like to show her butthole to strangers in exchange for some money. We also have some sweet internet deals that Justin found. We also bring back the obscure super power game and battle each other in different scenarios. And lastly, Eric takes a supposedly true ghost story and spices it up a bit with some of his own details.   Oh, and as usual, the guys have trouble saying words in the episode. FUCKING WORDS!    Be sure to comment, LIKE and subscribe! We want to hear from YOU!!!! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter be searching @PickledCorndog  If you would like, feel free to email us at  
November 22, 2020
Old Timey Love Letters/Impression Game/ Too drunk to remember the rest... oops
Yes, we know this is published late! WE ARE SORRY! We decided to do a video along with the podcast and it came with a little bit of a learning curve on how to get the audio from it. This is the raw audio. Decided to upload this without edits since we will be recording another one this week.  This one was a fun one... I think... We kinda had a little too much to drink that night and things are a little fuzzy. If you would like to check out the video, you can find us on YouTube!!!!!!!!
November 17, 2020
Weird Medicine/ Sex with Nature?/ Toenail Art
On this episode, the guys are back after their Halloween special to bring you some more of their shenanigans and Tomfoolery. They explore odd and horrific medical treatments from our history that was once thought to be "the best" way to treat an illness or ailment. They also try not to laugh at each others dumb jokes, discuss a cult or hippie movement where people believe that if they have sex with the Earth, they can somehow save it.... Mr. Pickles enlightens us with some awesome deals he found on the internet and Corndog takes someone's supposedly true ghost story and spices it up a bit. Don't forget to follow us on our social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can find us in all these places by searching "PickledCorndog." Also, feel free to send us a DM on any of our social media accounts or email us at
November 4, 2020
This week, we decided to do a Halloween special and talk about some spooky stuff! Eric and Just discuss some of their personal experiences and talk about some of their investigations. Also, Detective Melvin stop by to tell us about a spooky Halloween case!  SIDE NOTE: We are aware of the audio issues. We are not sure what happened and we tried to clean it up as best we could. From now on, we will make a better effort to double check our settings during pre-recording. Basically, we're sorry it sounds shitty. Hope you still kinda enjoy it.  Special Thanks to TACO JOHNS for being our unofficial sponsor. We absolutely could have done the show without you but we didn't want to. We love you and all your Tex-Mex greatness. 
October 28, 2020
Reincarnated Jesus?/ Disgruntled TV repairman/ Ghosted/ Baptized by Pee
Do you have an irrational fear? Like, something that could totally never happen yet you seem to think about it and constantly worry? If you do, it's probably not as dumb as corndogs... Also, Detective Melvin stops by to tell us about a case that haunts him to this day! We play Mad Libs, Mr. Pickles shares some odd news stories and Corndog tells us a spooky tale! Oh, and before we forget, we have a new segment called, " That's a Deal Pickle!" Where we find crazy things that people are trying to sell online!  OH! We would also like to thank our unofficial and pretend sponsor, ALTOIDS! They are in no way shape or form affiliated with us but we thank them for being our pretend sponsor! You can find their products next to the cash register   . They make your breath minty fucking fresh!
October 20, 2020
Weird Dreams/ Spork Fingers/ Stigmata Handjob
Well, what do you know... Looks like we took another dive off the deep end again. On today's show we discuss a few wild dreams we've had, what dumb law we would implement if we had the power, we play a game where we each are given an absurd super power and try to figure out who would win in a battle, and discuss offbeat and crazy news headlines all while getting off topic and rambling on. We discuss all this and much, much more. You wont want to miss it!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @PickledCorndog Also, we want to hear from you! Yeah, that's right! Email us at or you can DM us on Facebook and Twitter. Last but no least, we need to give a shout out to our unofficial sponsor who is in no way what so ever connected to the show, BIC PENS BIC PENS! " They write the first time, every time." GET 'EM!
October 13, 2020
Bigfoot's Dick/ Anal Probing Hypnotist/ Alien Abduction
Wowzers! Are you ready to discuss some wild stuff? Tonight, on our first episode, we introduce you to Corndog and Mr. Pickles. We dive right in and discuss what we think Bigfoot's dick looks like. Also, ever heard of an anal probing hypnotist? Check us out as we dive off the deep end and set the tone for episodes to come. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @PickledCorndog or email us at Hope you enjoy!
October 4, 2020
The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Show PREVIEW
Hope you're ready to take a wild ride inside the minds of Corndog and Mr. Pickles! FIRST EPISODE DROPS NEXT WEEK! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PickledCorndog
October 2, 2020