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Strand Baptist Church

Strand Baptist Church

By Pieter
Podcast of Strand Baptist Church, where we discuss the Bible and how it applies to life. We are back for a third season! Thank you for joining us on this journey.
Ep. 3.11 - Body, soul, and spirit?
Are we a body, soul, and spirit or a body and spirit/soul?
February 16, 2021
Ep. 3.10 - Yours is the kingdom
Today’s episode is the final installment of our short series on the Lord’s Prayer.
February 09, 2021
3.9: The hall of faith continued : Charles Haddon Spurgeon
A few interesting points about the ministry and person of Charles Spurgeon
February 04, 2021
3.8: The hall of faith continued: Francis Schaeffer
Who Francis Schaeffer is and what you should know about him.
February 02, 2021
Sunday special - Do not fear
Our Sunday message is from Matthew 10:26-33.
January 31, 2021
Ep. 3.7 - Lead us not into temptation
Today’s episode is part 7 of our series on the Lord’s Prayer.
January 28, 2021
Ep. 3.6 - Forgives us our debts
This is part 6 of our series on the Lord’s prayer.
January 26, 2021
Sunday Special - Government and the gathering of the church
Today’s message is all about lockdown restrictions and the gathering of the local church. We look at various passages from Scripture as we seek God’s wisdom on how to respond.
January 24, 2021
Ep. 3.5 - Our daily bread
This is part 5 of our series on the Lord’s Prayer.
January 19, 2021
Sunday special - Remember Jesus Christ
This Sunday’s message is from 2 Tim. 2:1-13.
January 16, 2021
Ep. 3.4 - Your will be done
This is part 4 of our series on the Lord’s Prayer.
January 15, 2021
Ep. 3.3 - Your kingdom come
This is part 3 on our series on the Lord’s Prayer.
January 12, 2021
Sunday Special - Life as a pilgrim
The following sermon was preached by Matthew Damonze at Strand Baptist Church on the 10th of January 2021.
January 10, 2021
Ep. 3.2 - Hallowed be your name
This is part 2 in our series on the Lord’s Prayer: “Lord, teach us to pray.”
January 07, 2021
Ep. 3.1 - Our Father in heaven
Part 1 of our series on the Lord’s prayer: “Lord, teach us to pray”.
January 05, 2021
Sunday special - The faithful response to answered prayer
Listen to our Sunday sermon on Psalm 116.
January 03, 2021
Ep. 2.20 - The last episode (for now)
Today we bid farewell to the podcast. As the other ministries of the church start up again, Pieter and Matthew reflect on 120 episodes of the SBC podcast.
October 29, 2020
Ep-2:19: Faith as a gift of God?
What about the role of faith in salvation?
October 27, 2020
Ep 2:18-The use of argument and love in evangelism.
Discussing the methods of argument and love in evangelism
October 23, 2020
Ep 2:17- A primer on the state and civil disobedience.
In this episode, we briefly look at civil disobedience and Romans 13
October 20, 2020
Ep. 2:16- persecution inside the church?
Today, we look at persecution in its many forms and particularly persecution within the church.
October 15, 2020
Ep. 2:15- Why is it that I don't delight in prayer?
In todays episode, we discuss the discipline of prayer
October 13, 2020
Ep. 2:14- submission to God in all things
The Bible is the rule and standard by which we are to live our entire lives.
October 08, 2020
Ep. 2:13- Salvation is of the Lord and this is good news.
This week, Phillipe and I discuss God's sovereign grace and why it is good news for the believer.
October 07, 2020
Ep. 2-12: What is the goal of evangelism? A lesson from the ministry of Philip.
A lesson from the ministry of Philip.
October 01, 2020
Ep. 2.11- The Lords day as a day of worship.
A brief look at the practice and belief of the early church as It relates to Sunday worship.
September 29, 2020
Ep. 2.10- Calvin and the Lords supper as a means of grace.
The lords supper as a means of grace
September 24, 2020
Ep 2.9- Luther, Zwingli and the Lords supper.
Today, we briefly look at the historical controversy between Luther, Zwingli and the Lords supper.
September 22, 2020
Ep. 2.8 - What is the difference between true and false repentance?
What is the difference between the repentance of Simon Peter and Simon Magus?
September 17, 2020
Ep. 2.7 - Pride as a barrier to heaven
Pride is the natural disposition of fallen humanity. It is part of modern culture and it has infiltrated much of the church. Why is it such a danger?
September 15, 2020
Ep. 2.6. - Joy and hope
Where do we find joy in the midst of persecution and trials?
September 10, 2020
Ep. 2.5 - God’s purposes in persecution
Does God use persecution? How did God use it to advance the gospel in the Book of Acts?
September 08, 2020
Ep. 2.4 - God has shown love and so should we
We should never divorce the command to love from God’s loving character and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
September 03, 2020
Ep. 2.3 - From ‘God is love’ to ‘loving our neighbor’
God is love. The Bible declares it. The gospel proves it. We believe it. But how does this attribute of God move us to love others?
September 01, 2020
Ep. 2.2 - A discussion on being the church in lockdown
Lockdown has given us an opportunity to spend time in God’s Word and with our families. But not everything about lockdown has been positive. We talk about some of the challenges Christians face in lockdown.
August 27, 2020
Ep. 2.1 - A discussion on being church
In today’s discussion we reflect on how the church seeks to be faithful when we can’t have fellowship.
August 26, 2020
Ep. 100 - The dangers of lockdown church (complacency)
There is a real danger that the Christian church will fall prey to what JC Ryle called “a boneless, nerveless, jelly-fish condition of the soul”. Beware Christian complacency.
August 14, 2020
Ep. 99 - The dangers of lockdown church (confusion)
One of the dangers of not meeting with our fellow believers is confusion: false teaching. We need the truth of God preached and the encouragement of our fellow believers to remain steadfast in the faith.
August 13, 2020
Ep. 98 - The dangers of lockdown church (consumerism)
Consumerism has effectively disguised itself as a form of Christianity: one that promises much and asks little. Consumerism turns the gospel into a self-help manual and robs Christ of his glory. This is not a new problem, but it has been made worse by the lockdown.
August 12, 2020
Ep. 97 - The dangers of lockdown church (compromise)
There are dangers to lockdown church, whether you attend a service or listen online. The first danger is compromise.
August 11, 2020
Ep. 96 - Christianity and culture : Pornography.
"There is no dignity when the human is elongated from the person. In short, the problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far too little." Pope John Paul II
August 07, 2020
Ep. 95. Christianity and culture : Gender identity (part 2)
"transgenderism is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges" Dr Paul Mchugh
August 06, 2020
Ep. 94. Christianity and culture : Gender identity
At the heart of the problem is confusion over the nature of the transgendered. “Sex change” is biologically impossible. People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Dr. Paul McHugh
August 05, 2020
Ep. 93. Christianity and culture : homosexuality and gospel hope.
"The biblical teaching is consistent and unambiguous: homosexual activity is not God’s will for his people. Silence in the face of such clarity is not prudence, and hesitation in light of such frequency is not patience. The Bible says more than enough about homosexual practice for us to say something too.. " Kevin DeYoung
August 04, 2020
Ep. 92. Christianity and culture : wealth, happiness and God.
"We are half hearted creature fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mudpies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased. " CS Lewis
August 03, 2020
Ep. 91 - Friday Q&A with Pieter Pienaar
Today’s question is all about the shofar. What does the Bible teach us about this fascinating instrument?
July 31, 2020
Ep. 90 - The social media mirror
Why are we so obsessed with social media? Could it be that we are actually more obsessed with self, than with Jesus?
July 30, 2020
Ep. 89 - The waiting game
If prayer has taught me anything it is this: God will answer, but on his schedule, not mine.
July 29, 2020
Ep. 88 - Gospel Endurance
Life is hard, but God has promised that in Christ we have everything we need to run the race with endurance and joy.
July 28, 2020
Ep. 87 - I know you by name
Today we explore Exodus 33 and a listen in on a conversation between God and his confused servant.
July 27, 2020
Ep. 86 - Friday Q&A with Pieter Pienaar
Today’s question is about praying in the name of Jesus. What does it mean?
July 24, 2020
Ep. 85 - Praying according to God’s will
Praying according to God’s will gives us joy and confidence in prayer. The Scriptures reveal what God wants us to pray for.
July 23, 2020
Ep. 84 - Engaging the emotions in prayer
Today we learn from the Puritan John Bunyan on how to engage our emotions in prayer.
July 22, 2020
Ep. 83 - Persevere in prayer
When the answers to our prayers don’t arrive as quickly as our online shopping, we tend to become discouraged. But that does not mean that God is ignoring us; it means we have to persevere.
July 21, 2020
Ep. 82 - Prayer as discipline and intimacy
What is prayer like? Prayer is talking to or communing with God. It is a discipline, because it is something that we have to learn, to grow in, and practice. But prayer is also intimacy, because it is the most intimate expression of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.
July 20, 2020
Ep. 81 - Friday Q&A with Pieter Pienaar
Today’s question is all about Matthew 7:1 and whether or not we should ‘judge’.
July 17, 2020
Ep. 80 - The language of the gospel (reconciliation)
Reconciliation is a hot topic today. What does the Bible say about it? What does it mean? How can we be reconciled?
July 16, 2020
Ep. 79 - The language of the gospel (atonement)
How does God satisfy his righteous wrath over our sin and his steadfast love to the sinner? By offering up Jesus Christ, his own Son, for our atonement.
July 15, 2020
Ep. 78 - The language of the gospel (redemption)
What happens when we are saved? We often describe salvation as moving from death to life, or from guilt to acquittal. These are appropriate, but another biblical picture of salvation is moving from bondage to liberty, from slavery to freedom. We call this redemption.
July 14, 2020
Ep. 77 - The language of the gospel (regeneration)
Being born again sounds impossible, until we understand that it is an inward, spiritual change that results in a new life. Regeneration is the first step in our walk with God, and it is a step we cannot take without his help.
July 13, 2020
Ep. 76: Christianity and culture : Bringing the gospel to the world.
Let's be honest, when we speak of culture building, you dismiss it for the influential figures out there. Surely, culture has nothing to do with me you might be thinking. However, This is not the case. God has called all of us to the cultural mandate. In todays episode, we look at your part to play in the culture and provide a basic framework in order to faithfully engage this world.
July 10, 2020
Ep. 75: Christianity and culture : How to achieve success?
What does success in the culture look like? To answer the question, we look back in history and glean lessons from Christians who lived in nazi Germany. A summary of this success is stated by Hans Scholl who said "should one go off and build a little house with flowers outside the windows and a garden outside the door and extol and thank God and turn one's back on the world and its filth? Isn't seclusion a form of treachery - of desertion?... I'm weak and puny, but I want to do what is right "
July 09, 2020
Ep. 74: Christianity and culture : How culture works and its vast influence.
In todays episode, we see how culture works and how it influences us. Today, we cover quite a lot ranging from colorful skinny jeans to bell-bottoms. We get somewhat technical as we look as sociological terms to make sense of how dynamic culture is. Finally, we note that ideas have consequences. Ideas shape culture. Culture shapes us. Cultural influence can be summarized by stating that culture is most effective in what it presents as normal.
July 08, 2020
Ep. 73: Christianity and culture :why even bother?
In todays episode, we start a new series on Christianity and culture. Perhaps your antennas have already gone off alerting you to the dangers of such such language. Maybe certain questions like: "Aren't Christians supposed to simply preach the gospel?" and "What does culture have to do with it all?" have come into your mind. Well, today we look at what culture is, and whether Christians should engage the culture or not. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them.
July 07, 2020
Ep. 72- The 20th century : The age of paradoxes.
We close our series on church history by looking at the many paradoxes found in the 20th century.
July 06, 2020
Ep. 71- The language of the gospel (sanctification ).
Ep. 71- The language of the gospel (sanctification ). Perhaps you've heard this word from the pulpit countless times and you just aren't sure what is meant by it. What is sanctification? Is sanctification necessary to be saved? How do I pursue sanctification? In todays episode, I attempt to answer these questions.
July 03, 2020
Ep. 70- The language of the gospel (union with Christ).
Ep. 70- The language of the gospel (union with Christ). Very often, when it comes to our gospel vocabulary, the phrase "union with christ" is skipped over as a mysterious, confusing and awkward phrase. This was not always the case. Our union with christ is the very reason we have life, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Union with Christ is an essential element of Christian life since all gospel blessings flow from it.
July 02, 2020
Ep. 69 - The language of the gospel (part 3)
The gospel is multifaceted, which is why we use different words to highlight different aspects of the gospel. One of the most amazing terms used to describe the effects of the gospel, is adoption.
July 01, 2020
Ep. 68 - The language of the gospel (part 2)
There are a lot of words or phrases that we take for granted when we think about the gospel. Today we look at justification.
June 30, 2020
Ep. 67 - The language of the gospel (part 1)
The gospel includes a lot of words or phrases that we often take for granted. But what do they mean? Today, we look at the word ‘gospel’.
June 29, 2020
Ep. 66 - Worship as a family (Testimonies)
Today we hear from different families and find out how they do family devotions. May these testimonies encourage you to make this important disciple a part of your family life.
June 26, 2020
Ep. 65 - Worship as a family (Commitment)
Family worship isn’t rocket science, but that does not mean it will happen all by itself. We have to commit ourselves to worship, both as individual believers and as families. Today we talk about how to get it done.
June 25, 2020
Ep. 64 - Worship as a family (Prayer)
Prayer is the life-breath of the Christian home. We should model dependence on God through prayer for our children.
June 24, 2020
Ep. 63 - Worship as a family (Reading)
Devotional reading of God’s Word is vital for the spiritual growth of individual Christians and for cultivating Christ-centered homes. So it doesn’t matter if you are a parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt, make God’s Word the heart of your home.
June 23, 2020
Ep. 62 - Worship as a family (Singing)
Family worship does not have to be dry or dull. God has given us music and He expects us to use it to worship Him. This not only helps us grow in our love for God, it can help our families as well.
June 22, 2020
Ep. 61 - The 18th century: modern theology and missionaries aplenty
In today's episode we look the the beginnings of modern theology and the two German philosophers who greatly influenced this theology: Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Schleiermacher. Although very different people, they came to similar conclusions. In the midst of this modernizing of theology, God's gospel was still going forth into the nations as the power of God unto salvation. Great missionaries were raised up such as William Carey, Henry Martyn, David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor and others. This century also saw the ministry of Charles Spurgeon rise to prominence along with the great Princeton scholars such as Charles Hodge.
June 19, 2020
Ep. 60 - The 18th century: The Great Awakening
In today's episode we look at revival and in particular the revival known as the "Great Awakening". This revival came at a time that no one could have expected. The church was in spiritual darkness as the ideals of the enlightenment were embraced and reason was accepted by many as the ultimate authority. The Great Awakening brought many to faith and the leaders of this revival are remembered to this day as an inspiration and source of encouragement for many Christians. They include Howell Harris, George Whitefield, the Wesley Brothers, the Moravians and Jonathan Edwards. What can we learn from this great movement of God?
June 18, 2020
Ep. 59 - The 17th century: The Reformation comes to England
In today's episode we look at the Reformation in England. The Reformation in England is a tale of political and religious strife. Yes, the reformation was a revival, but no revival is without its hurdles. And in England, there were plenty of hurdles. The Puritans come to the fore in the 17th century as they zealously sought for a pure reformed church. However, their desire for a reformed national church was not granted. When the Book of Common Prayer was forced upon the church, the Scottish Presbyterians and the English Puritans were determined to resist such tyranny. This resulted in a civil war. Eventually, the puritans were jailed as criminals.
June 17, 2020
Ep. 58 - The 16th century: The Protestant Reformation
In today's episode, we look at the birth of the protestant reformation and its chief figures in the 16th century. When we speak about the reformation, we have to speak about Martin Luther. We look at the circumstances which led him to nail his objections to the church door. The reformation never stood still. It spread throughout Europe. The reformation influenced John Calvin and his work of reform in France. Calvin's work was vast and some have said that "Calvin wielded greater influence over our history and culture than any other individual in the last millennium or since the close of the New Testament Canon".
June 16, 2020
Ep. 57 - The 15th century: The European Renaissance and the forerunners of the reformation
In today's episode, we look at the importance of the European Renaissance under the banner "ad fontes" (back to the sources). It was this truth which spurred men to look at the Bible in its original languages (back to the source) instead of the received Latin translation. In the shadow of this Renaissance, we look at men like Jan Hus, and Savoranola. We find that once the gospel is discovered, nothing can had hold it back.
June 15, 2020
Ep. 56 - The 14th century: the church as Babylon? Two popes? The morning star of the reformation?
The 14th century was eventful. We see the that the church has ignored the attempts of early reform in order to pursue worldly power which eventually results in what is called "the great schism" where you have two popes reigning simultaneously in both Avignon (France) and in Rome. While the battle of the popes raged on, John Wycliffe was pursuing reformation. He has rightly been called "the morning star of the reformation."
June 12, 2020
Ep. 55 - The 13th century: St Francis of Assisi and "the dumb ox"
In today's episode, we find the church preaching a theology of bloodshed to defend the "sacred" places of the Christian faith. In light of this, there were attempts at reformation which culminate and the famous and influential Francis of Assisi. Another important figure which rose to prominence in the 13th century was a man named Thomas Aquinas, who was also known as "the dumb ox" . We look at his contribution to the church.
June 11, 2020
Ep. 54 - The 12th century: The crusades - what's the church's mission again?
In today's episode, we look at at one of the most controversial armies in history - the crusades. As Islam militantly made ground in the world, the church was ready and willing to respond. How? By assembling an army for battle whilst forgetting the very mission of the church. We also look at the noteworthy figures of Peter Lombard and Peter Waldo.
June 10, 2020
Ep. 53 - The 11th century: The Great schism and the great Anselm
In today's episode, we look at at one of the most significant events in church history known as "the great schism", which divided the visible church. Although darkness was still within the church, God raised up Anselm of Canterbury who stood out as the great light of the 11th century. We briefly look at his theological contribution.
June 09, 2020
Ep. 52 - The 10th century: "The dark ages"
In today's episode, we look at the the dark ages and note the similarities to our own day and age. As many have said, "history repeats itself".
June 08, 2020
Ep. 51 - Friday Q&A with Pieter Pienaar
Today we answer a question submitted by one of our listeners: what happens when we die?
June 05, 2020
Ep. 50 - An inconvenient faith
Faith and faithfulness are not a matter of convenience, but of life and death.
June 04, 2020
Ep. 49 - A reason to hold on
Today we have short announcement, followed by a reflection on 1 Peter 1:3-7. Is joy in trials possible? Is there a purpose to our suffering? We glean some insights from our passage.
June 03, 2020
Ep. 48 - Peril and prayer
Our heavenly Father, in his mercy and grace, often uses peril to teach us to pray.
June 02, 2020
Ep. 47 - Open heart surgery
The lockdown has given us a unique opportunity to look at our own hearts and find out what really makes us tick. How has God used this trial to show you your need for Jesus?
June 01, 2020
Ep. 46 - The 9th century: a battle for power, the extension of the kingdom and the "heretic" Gottshalk
In the 9th century, we see the tension between the West and the East rising as the papacy claims absolute power. We find the "apostles to the Slavs" walking with "beautiful feet" and the controversial figure of Gottshalk imprisoned.
May 29, 2020
Ep. 45 - The 8th Century: Good intentions, idolatrous images and the battle over icons.
In todays episode, we look at the Eastern tradition within the church and the controversy over the use of images in worship.
May 28, 2020
Ep. 44 - The 7th century: Synods about hairstyles and the rise of nominal Christianity and Islam.
In todays episode, we note the rise of what we have come to call "nominal Christianity" coupled with the rapid spread of Islam. What was the church doing during this time? Well, interestingly, we find the synod of Whitby discussing the very "significant" issues of the time.
May 27, 2020
Ep. 43 - The 6th Century: The renewal of the Roman empire and the conversion of Scotland
In todays episode, we look at Justinian I and his great achievements in the Roman empire. We also spend a bit more time on the conversion of Scotland and the power of a gospel community as lights that shine in a dark world.
May 26, 2020
Ep. 42 - The 5th Century: Augustine, the city of God and the battle for grace
In this episode, we look at Augustine's contribution to the church in his great works on the city of God and his battle with Pelagius over the sufficiency of grace.
May 25, 2020
Ep. 41 - A conversation with Dr Paul Hartwig
In todays episode, we have Dr Paul Hartwig joining us to discuss the salvation of those who have never heard the gospel of Jesus. Is there any hope for them?
May 22, 2020
Ep. 40 - The 4th century: Christendom, creeds and the confessions
In today's episode, we delve into the 4th century. This is one of the most pivotal centuries in Christian history. Here we find the beginning of a Christian empire, a battle over the person of Christ and we witness the birth of one of the greatest minds to ever grace the church in Augustine.
May 21, 2020
Ep. 39 - The third century church: How then shall we respond?
Today we look at the third century and see how they responded to the threats of their day. Two great figures, Origen and Tertullian, help us to understand the times.
May 20, 2020
Ep. 38 - The church of martyrs and confessors
Today, we take a brief look at the second century in church history. The church faced severe opposition. Faithful Christians suffered much, such as Polycarp, who famously said these words before his death: “I have served Jesus Christ these eighty and six years. He has done me no harm; Why should I deny him now?”
May 19, 2020
Ep. 37 - The progress of the gospel in the first century
Today we learn why church history is important and we hone in on the first century to gain some perspective and hopefully some encouragement too.
May 18, 2020
Ep. 36 - Friday Q&A with Lönngren Taljaard
Today we discuss conspiracy theories. How should Christians respond to the many theories that are being spread on social media?
May 15, 2020
Ep. 35 - Fight fear with fear
There is a fear that drives out every other fear...
May 14, 2020
Ep. 34 - The gospel and joy
God has made us to delight ourselves in Him. Don’t spend yourself on a counterfeit.
May 13, 2020
Ep. 33 - Applying the Bible
The goal of interpretation is not simply to be informed by the Bible, but to be transformed by it. How do we take what we’ve learned in our interpretation and make it practical?
May 12, 2020
Ep. 32 - Solving problems
We’ve all encountered problems in our Bible reading. Who is that? What is going on? Where are we? Today we talk about how you can solve these problems and understand what you are reading.
May 11, 2020
Ep. 31 - A conversation about the church in lockdown (part 5)
Today we conclude our discussion on the church in lockdown with the topic of prayer. How has the lockdown affected our prayer life?
May 08, 2020
Ep. 30 - A conversation about the church in lockdown (part 4)
Today we focus on the Lord’s Table. Some churches have ‘virtual communion’ while others wait for the lockdown to be over. How do we approach the Lord’s Table during lockdown?
May 07, 2020
Ep. 29 - A conversation about the church in lockdown (part 3)
In this part of our discussion on the church in lockdown we focus on fellowship. What is fellowship and how do we maintain it during lockdown?
May 06, 2020
Ep. 28 - A conversation about the church in lockdown (part 2)
This is part 2 of a 5 part discussion about the church in lockdown. Today we talk about the teaching ministry of the church.
May 05, 2020
Ep. 27 - A conversation about the church in lockdown (part 1)
Join us for a discussion on how the lockdown has affected the church. This is part 1 of our discussion and we focus on the gathering of the church.
May 04, 2020
Ep. 26 - Reading genres
Do the genres of the Bible make a difference in how we read and understand it?
May 01, 2020
Ep. 25 - The Bible and genre
Not every book of the Bible is the same. We have many different genres in the Bible. Knowing what those genres are will help you in your Bible reading.
April 30, 2020
Ep. 24 - Historical context
In today’s episode Matthew helps us understand the importance of history and how to bring the world of the Bible to life.
April 29, 2020
Ep. 23 - The text in context
Context is king and without it we are bound to misinterpret the Bible. Today we look at the importance of literary context.
April 28, 2020
Ep. 22 - The power of observation
If we want to grow in our understanding of God’s Word, we must develop our powers of observation.
April 27, 2020
Ep. 21 - Friday Q&A with Pieter Pienaar
Today we answer a question that was submitted by one of our listeners.
April 24, 2020
Ep. 20 - Understanding God’s Word
Do we need to interpret the Bible? If so, how should we do it?
April 23, 2020
Ep. 19 - The authority of God’s Word
Why should we take the Bible seriously? Because it is God’s Word and as such carries his authority.
April 22, 2020
Ep. 18 - The Trustworthy Word
Why do we believe the Bible? Today we look at the inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy of God’s Word.
April 21, 2020
Ep. 17 - The Written Word
Why has God given is a written revelation of himself? Join us as we explore the importance of God’s written Word.
April 20, 2020
Ep. 16 - Friday Q&A with Dr Paul Hartwig
It’s Friday and time to answer another question submitted by one of our listeners. Today we focus on the timing of Christ’s death and resurrection.
April 17, 2020
Ep. 15 - Giving thanks always
We return to Ephesians 5:15-20 and explore how Christians should make the best use of the time.
April 16, 2020
Ep. 14 - Redeeming the time
We take a brief look at Ephesians 5:15-20 and what it teaches us about redeeming the time.
April 15, 2020
Ep. 13 - The wisdom of God
We need wisdom, but we often go looking in all the wrong places. Today we go to the Author of wisdom: the all-wise God.
April 14, 2020
Ep. 12 - God’s independence
God is completely self-sufficient, but that doesn’t mean we don’t matter to him. Join us as we explore the independence of God.
April 13, 2020
Ep. 11 - Friday Q&A with Matthew Damonze
Today we answer a question about the fear of the Lord. To help us out we’ve invited Matthew Damonze, pastoral intern at SBC, to join us.
April 10, 2020
Ep. 10 - The faithfulness of God
God is true, trustworthy and faithful. Join us as we explore how God’s faithfulness inspires trust and obedience.
April 09, 2020
Ep. 9 - The righteousness of God
Have you ever thought of God’s righteousness and justice as something to be celebrated? Join us as we explore this glorious attribute of God.
April 08, 2020
Ep. 8 - The grace, mercy and patience of God
Taking Psalm 103:8 as our starting point, we explore the goodness of God and how it relates to us.
April 07, 2020
Ep. 7 - The love of God
We spend time in Psalm 107 as we reflect on the love of God.
April 06, 2020
Ep. 6 - Friday Q&A with Dr. Paul Hartwig
Today we have a special guest, Dr. Paul Hartwig, to help us answer a listener’s question. “How did God speak to the saints of the Old Testament?”
April 03, 2020
Ep. 5 - The Holiness of God
Join us as we explore God’s holiness revealed in Isaiah 6.
April 02, 2020
Ep. 4 - The God who can
Today we discuss God’s omnipotence.
April 01, 2020
Ep. 3 - The God who is near
Today we’ll talk about God’s omnipresence.
March 31, 2020
Ep. 2 - The God who knows
Today we’re talking about God’s omniscience.
March 30, 2020
Ep. 1 - The Majesty of God
Lockdown is a great time to meditate on the majesty of God.
March 27, 2020