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The latest news and industry updates for the UK pig industry brought to you by Pig World, the official magazine of the National Pig Association.

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Labour shortages in the food and farming sector
Just in time for the Easter weekend, get your pig industry fix with this episode of Pigs Today. Host Alistair Driver is chatting with guests about the latest EFRA report "Labour shortages in the food and farming sector" and what this means for the pig industry. Joining Alistair in the episode is MP Neil Parish, Member of Parliament for Tiverton and Honiton as well as Nick Allen Chief Executive at BMPA and Charlie Dewhirst of the NPA. 
April 14, 2022
The personal impact of living with the pig industry crisis
This episode is providing a continued update on the situation on pig farms and the toll this is having on the industry's mental health. We are joined by pigs farmers, Anna Longthorp and Jack Bosworth, as well as the NPA's Andrea Tranter and RABI's , Sally Conner plus host Alistair Driver and co-host Lydia Turner.  If you have been affected by any of the issues in this episode, please call the RABI free helpline on 0800 188 4444 as well as reach out to the other incredible charity's available. 
March 08, 2022
The industry's mental health and more
Join us in this episode as host Lydia Turner chats with Pig Farmer, Flavian Obiero about current issues, life as a young farmer and his brand new role as well as from Lee Thompson, Pig and Poultry specialist at Harbro,  chatting about the current feed situations. Flavian and Lee come together for a large part of the podcast to discuss the mental issues many across the industry are currently facing, their opinions on how to approach the situation and plenty of useful advice for all in the pig industry. Loved this episode? Why not leave us a review! 
January 26, 2022
Youth in pig farming
Back with a brand new episode of Pigs Today, host Lydia Turner is joined by guests Anna Longthorp, pig farmer and owner of Anna's Happy Trotters, and Thomas Armstrong, allied industry member and pig farmer of 8 years. Together they discuss the impact of labour shortages, why young people aren't entering the pig industry and what can be done to help more young people start work in the pig sector, plus much much more. Keep an eye out for a new episode in 2022, and don't forget to subscribe and leave us a 5 star review!
December 21, 2021
The Pingdemic and new Red Tractor standards
In this episode of Pigs Today, host and Pig World Editor Alistair Drivers chats with Stewart Houston, Chair of the Red Tractor Pigs board and Phil Stevenson, NPA Vice Chair about the new Red Tractor farming standards.  In the second half of the episode, Alistair discusses the hot topic of labour shortages, the 'pingdemic', with BMPA's Nick Allen and the NPA's Rebecca Veale. Don't forget to leave us a 5 star review!
August 05, 2021
From the recent charity challenge to all the challenges facing the British pig sector, host and Pig World Editor, Alistair Driver, chats with Jack Bosworth and Anna Longthorp from the YNPA. Pigs Today Episode 2 also brings you the latest news about the British pig sector.
June 24, 2021
The latest from the UK Pig Industry with NPA Chair Rob Mutimer and LIP's Fiona Lucas
In this episode, hosts Lydia Turner and Alistair Driver, tackle some of the hot topics in the UK Pig Industry with special guests Fiona Lucas and Rob Mutimer. Pigs Today also brings you the latest news and market prices. 
April 20, 2021