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Pig Wrestling Podcast - Unleashing Human Potential

Pig Wrestling Podcast - Unleashing Human Potential

By Leon McQuade
Leon & Paul host The Pig Wrestling Podcast, a long-form conversation deconstructing real problems, real people wrestle. We extract the tactics, tools, & routines guests used to get out of the pig-pen. We talk transformation and change focusing on People, Process & Technology. Inspired By Pete Lindsay & Mark Bawden's Book The Brilliantly Simple Way to Solve Any Problem & Create the Change You Need. Disclaimer All views expressed are that of the sender & not that of our sponsor(s) others. Activities & research discussed is not to be attempted without professionally qualified supervision.
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Who would Sally Wray like to interview?
Sally Wray is a customer-focused businesswoman that looks to improve her hometown of Hull wherever possible. Having started in a position of little business knowledge, Sally has quickly developed into a prominent businesswoman in the area. The learning never stops, and as long as you can keep growing yourself, Wray thinks a perfect world is one in which you can do what you genuinely enjoy. As one of the Pig Wrestling Podcast’s regular features, we asked Sally who she would most like to interview, whether they’re from the past or the present. Her response, in her own words, was “a bit of a cliche” with David Attenborough coming out on top. The amount of the world he’s seen, his travels are indeed a fascinating subject for anyone to listen to. The offer of such a deep dive into the life of a national treasure is too good to pass up. The environmentalist’s vast range of experience and people that he’s met would be a fascinating discussion to have any day of the week. With the amount the world has changed in his lifetime, there’s no end to the talks you can have. Just one of many questions we asked Sally on her appearance, but one we didn’t get round to was asking about her future ambitions. Her drive summed up well, as she stated that “it feels like there’s someone’s hand on my back, just pushing me along”, and having just recently bought a company in Grimsby there’s no sign of slowing down for one of Hull’s most driven businesspeople. Her drive is truly something to be admired, and who knows, maybe an Attenborough meeting could be on the horizon. If you’d like to hear more of Sally’s story, be sure to listen to her appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. Attenborough is just one of the vast range of topics in an interview that touches on personal health and “shiny syndrome”. If you’d like to know what makes Sally Wray tick, be sure to give this episode of the podcast a listen. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
December 3, 2020
Making a Difference! Liam Woods
Liam Woods has a vision for HU6, centred around making the area a great place to live. As the Project Manager for Unity in Community, the goal is to bring the local community together to build somewhere that people want to live, rather than happen to live. Working in such an inspiring role means he must have some powerful quotes in his back pocket, so we asked his favourite quote on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. Liam’s response was one passed on to him by his dad, being that “If there’s a will, there’s a way”. The idea that if you want something, or need something to happen, you can plug away at it and keep on pushing yourself to make it work eventually. One or two simple barriers can’t be allowed to stop you from completing your goals and reaching your dreams. The idea of if you feel down, you get back up again, is undoubtedly an inspiring one, and one which is somewhat representative of the work that Unity in Community is doing in Hull when attempting to revolutionise the area. Another quote mentioned by Woods was a great Wayne Gretzky quote, “100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in”. Somewhat similar to the first quote, but it emphasises the idea that if you want to try something, go for it. It’s better to have a chance of succeeding by doing something than having no chance at all because you didn’t try. At the heart of Liam Woods’ ethos, and a combination of drive and willingness to try anything means that his successes are often and wide-ranging. If you’d like to find out more about Unity in Community’s work in Hull or just more about Liam himself, be sure to give his recent appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast a listen. In a conversation including both local projects in Hull and the excellency of Wayne Gretzky’s career, you can learn a lot about Liam Woods and how he’s achieved the success he has so far in his life. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
November 26, 2020
What new habit positively impacted Roger Grannon?
Roger Grannon is a major figure in Hull’s construction scene. Currently the Chief Operations Officer at KWL, Roger started his career at Hull City Council as an electrician before gradually climbing the ladder to where he is today. His constant search for positive change in his life has led to a positive outlook on life, and by combining this with adding new habits to daily life, Roger is always taking significant steps forward in his life. Because of this, he found our question about what habit has had a positive influence effortless. Roger picked up the habit of reading books on holiday, and always found himself thinking “I should write something down”. This thought developed into a writing habit, he most commonly writes about his life in the way that he saw it, and although he’s not yet shared his work with anyone else, he looks forward to the day he can let people take a look, otherwise “those memories are just going to vanish”. This led nicely into the next question surrounding “What advice would you give to yourself?”, which was resoundingly answered by Roger in a way that suits his habits, being always to take any opportunity that comes to you. Roger started writing as an impulse that stemmed from reading plenty of books, and that’s taken him a long way in putting together a memoir. By taking as many opportunities as you can, you’re putting yourself in a better position for success in the future. Trying everything you can gives you a new level of confidence that makes you more likely to succeed, and makes you happier whilst you do it. If you’d like to learn some more about Roger Grannon and his story, listen to his appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. Roger’s experience makes him a profoundly thoughtful person with some great stories to tell, so don’t miss out and listen to this life-changing podcast as soon as possible. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
November 19, 2020
Try anything once - Jerome Whittingham, Photographer, writer, and podcast producer
Jerome Whittingham is a renowned freelance photographer, writer and podcast producer, commissioned by a wide range of organisations and enterprises to tell their stories. Such a background in storytelling gives a natural interest in books and writing, so learning about Jerome's most impactful books was an intriguing part of his appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. The first thing noted by Jerome was that the majority of the work he reads is non-fiction, whether that's reports, academic books or books about journalism. This makes some sense, as someone so integrated into the world of journalism and non-fiction writing is likely to find themselves fascinated by whatever work comes from that same world of telling real-life stories. This also shows the passion with which Whittingham views his profession, as something to be engrossed in as often as possible rather than just a meaningless job that he can switch off from at 5 pm on a weeknight. One author that Jerome was sure to mention was Hans Rosling, a statistician with a passion for presenting data in interesting and entertaining ways. One study that Jerome specifically talked about of Rosling's was one in which he asked chimpanzees and people of a range of demographics a similar series of questions, resulting in not a single group scoring higher than the chimpanzees because of their natural biases. This made Jerome feel better about his role as a journalist, as it was demonstrative that people were negative to the job because it's "our biases that are making us feel this way". Rosling's work has been revolutionary in the world of statistics, and it's easy to see why a non-fiction writer would feel so drawn towards these intriguing representations of the very world that we all live in. If you'd like to learn more about Jerome Whittingham, his profession, and exactly how he sees the world, listen to his appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. He goes into depth in a wide variety of fascinating topics, making this episode a must-listen for anyone seeking to broaden their horizons or expand their method of thinking. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
November 12, 2020
Accept the things that you can't change - Laura Jarvis
Laura Jarvis recently appeared on the Pig Wrestling Podcast, where she talked all about her time as a senior chartered manager working for the Charity Alcohol and Drug Service. She has a high level of expertise in dealing with these issues and has had in-depth discussions with hundreds of people. However, there are plenty of people that Laura hasn't had the chance to interview yet, so we asked Laura who her dream interview subject would be. Laura's response was a powerful one, saying that her dream subject would be Martin Luther King Jr. She admired the way that he was a "fascinating person" in his time and wondered exactly what sort of impact MLK would have had in today's world, given the extended reach of so many campaigns stemming from the growth of social media. In addition to this, Jarvis wondered just what King would think of the last few months in America. With very similar race protests arising in a tumultuous time, she would ask for his thoughts on just how much of an impact King believes he has had on the world and if the decades following his famous protests have gone the way that he had imagined. Laura's first answer was somewhat more off the cuff and less impactful. Her first suggestion was a member of the popular musical group Take That! However, she almost immediately backtracked from this response as she thought it was a bit of a cop-out. Instead, she chose MLK, who is in all likelihood a more intriguing interview subject to really dig into and truly get to know the mindset of. If you're interested in learning more about Laura Jarvis and hearing her answer a range of questions, from advice to her 18-year-old self to lessons she's learned from past failure, listen to her appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. By listening to this discussion of just under an hour you can start to understand the mindset behind one of Hull's most successful business people, and take her advice to drive yourself forward in both the world of business and wider life. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
November 5, 2020
Have the courage to change - Darren Peacock - MD & Founder Peacock Finance
Darren Peacock is your typical working-class boy turned businessman story. Having started his life as a borrow boy at the Fruit Market on Humber Street, he has gradually built a business that employs 102 employees, and when he exited the firm it was worth more than £10 million. Now a finance broker, Peacock has made the most of his lot in life. However, he does have some advice he would like to give his 18-year-old self, to make the most of what he missed. Peacock started by mentioning how a lot of advice comes from the wrong place. People, when they offer advice to others, tend to discuss situations and offer guidance based on how they personally see the world rather than from a perspective that's helpful to the person seeking advice. Unless the person that's giving the advice truly and deeply understands the position the person is in, they should probably take it with a pinch of salt. Darren did give one piece of advice that he considered to be universal in business, that was quite simply "Don't be a dick". He went on to discuss how you can't "win" in business because it's not a game that has an end, and nobody necessarily has to lose. Business can be win-win in all cases, and you don't need to try and force all you can out of someone you're making a deal with to profit. If there's a way to make everyone happy, you should strive for it. There was one final piece of advice Darren had to offer his past self, and this was more about life than business. He said that "life's about creating memories, not collecting things", and that it's more important to enjoy yourself than simply be wealthy in your old age and have nothing to show for it. If you'd like to hear more from Darren Peacock, listen to his appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. His appearance was full of nuggets of wisdom and is a wonderful listen for anyone seeking guidance from someone with a wealth of life experience. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
October 29, 2020
Calling Dr Kate! Dr Kate Yorke – Associate Director of Psychology
Doctor Kate Yorke initially came to Hull to go to university and train in psychology but ended up staying. She now lives locally with her partner and dog and is hunting for more wisdom that might be brought on with age. After all, she acknowledges that she might be actively going through a midlife crisis. She brought that wisdom to bear on her recent appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. When asked what one to three books really had an impact on the way she lives her life, Kate first discussed northern author Millie Johnson. She writes with around four characters per book with primarily female characters at the core of her stories, which centre around various different phases of her life. By doing so, the stories are able to humorously explore intricate concepts such as coercive control in relationships and other issues you might come across in day to day life. Dr Yorke also discussed a book entitled "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine". The book centres around a girl who was raised in care, went on to experience an abusive relationship before becoming a lonely character with no friends and only an annual social worker's visit. This allowed the author to explore concepts around loneliness and personal development. Of course, as a psychologist, Kate was able to find a significant amount of interest in this book, and although it explores dark themes, it is one that you can learn a lot from. This all relates to Dr Yorke's deep interest in people, which has been an avid fascination of hers for years now. Keeping an eye on how people tick and what makes people work has been of interest to Kate since her youth and was one of the reasons she took up a career in psychology and loves the books that she does. If you're interested in finding out more about Dr Kate Yorke and the wisdom she brought with her to the Pig Wrestling Podcast, listen to her recent appearance. For an hour of easy listening jam-packed with wisdom, give the Pig Wrestling Podcast a listen today. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
October 22, 2020
If you don't shoot, you don't score - Chiedu Oraka
In his recent visit to the Pig Wrestling Podcast, Hull composer Chiedu Oraka talked through a range of subjects, from his best recent purchase to habits that have changed his life. One interesting answer was his response to how he feels he has learned from failure in his life. Chiedu discussed how he spent some time in HMP, which “made me [Chiedu] the person I am”. It was in jail that Oraka decided to turn his life around, and three years after his short stint in the clink he got a degree in sports development and coaching. Chiedu views this as a “massive success story”, and it’s fair to say. Many people who spend time in prison will often find themselves without support on the outside, and slip back into old habits and potentially criminal tendencies. However, the young composer found himself needing a change and forged himself a new path (difficult for someone that sees himself as “not an academic person at all”). As someone who never saw himself following the academic path, Chiedu sees this as his “proudest moment”, which came from his time and development when he was in prison. He went on to discuss the responsibility of being a composer that people feel able to look up to, and the fact that many people view him as a role model puts him in the unique position to use his past when guiding people and giving life advice, rather than avoiding his past. As he said in the interview, “I understand the responsibility because of where I come from, because there’s no one that made it in the genre of music that I have”. As a trailblazer, Chiedu aims to do what he can to improve the lives of young people, whether that’s taking a picture with a fan or replying to everyone on social media. He aims to make a positive impact in any way he can, because there’s “no better feeling” than helping someone through a tough time. You can hear the rest of Chiedu’s open and honest interview on the Pig Wrestling Podcast, and get to learn the Yorkshire musician and poet’s story.raka Musical Artist want to know more about Chiedu Oraka check out his facebook page
October 15, 2020
Andrew Horncastle on the habits and beliefs that have changed his life
Andrew Horncastle on the habits and beliefs that have changed his life Andrew Horncastle, a recent guest on The Pig Wrestling podcast, is a highly successful property entrepreneur, and his unique insights and views on running a business have positioned him perfectly for business growth and prominence. He has a record of delivering many projects affordably and often ahead of time, with his business ideology powering him on to the precise requirements provided by a demanding clientele. As the High Sheriff of the East Riding of Yorkshire, you need a certain level of discipline. Andrew's achievements have also driven him to an MBE, and as a founding member of For Entrepreneurs Only, there is no end to his achievements in sight. In Andrew's recent appearance on the podcast, he was very candid about what habits he has adopted to change the way he works for the better. The first of these was avoiding the news. Andrew said he is "definitely a happier person" without watching the news, partially because of the nature of the 24-hour news cycle. He discussed getting engulfed in the news and the fact that most of it can tend to be negative. Of course, the bad news is what sells, so you can find yourself struggling to live in the moment because of the deeply negative way the world is presented. Another habit that Horncastle picked up is "being more careful with my [Andrew's] diet" following bowel issues. With a proper personal trainer, Andrew was able to focus on getting his body into the best possible condition, and of course, a healthy body means a healthy mind. This, along with making sure "you can fit into your life what you need to fit into your life", gives you the ideal combination of productive work life and happy home life. Getting in the best physical and mental space possible opened up a world of opportunities that would have been missed had this not become a focus. You can hear more about this topic and many more by listening to Andrew Hardcastle's recent appearance on The Pig Wrestling Podcast. Andrew has an inspiring story, and his advice could be life-changing. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
October 8, 2020
You miss all the shots, you don't take! Ben Milhench Partner at Keith Harris & Partners
On this week's Pig Wrestling podcast we are joined by Ben Milhench. Ben offers his unique insights into the sporting world, as he played both professional ice hockey and golf before beginning a flourishing career in professional sport. A self-confessed highly motivated, intelligent and enthusiastic person, Ben sets high standards for himself, whether that's playing sport, studying sports companies or raising his 16-month old, Freddy. For over 6 years Ben has lived with Freddy and his wife Charlotte in Beverly. To his name, Ben has a series of awards and accolades, including England and Great Britain International Ice Hockey Player, Assistant Captain Great Britain under 18’s Ice Hockey Team, East Riding and Yorkshire Golf Team member, member of the Grey Goose Gateway and Hooters tour and former member of the Professional Golfers Association. Despite this list of achievements, Ben has a self-deprecating view of his sporting career. He confesses on our podcast, "I was an ice hockey player turned professional golfer. Turns out I was shit at both, and then started working in professional sport and have done ever since." When Ben's time as a professional golfer ended, he did not view the end of his professional golfing career as a loss. Rather, he saw it as an opportunity. "I've believed throughout my career is as soon as one door closes, another one opens." For Ben, another door did well and truly open as he began a successful career in the business side of professional sport. He reveals on our podcast a quote he has always lived by is "you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." He continues to use this phrase to inspire his life and encourages our listeners to "take, take. Don't be afraid to throw yourself out there." Many people don't shoot their shot due to fear of rejection, but Ben takes a unique view of this. "I was always scared of the word no. And evidently, that's the best word in the world. Because if somebody says, no, you don't have to waste your time on them anymore." Listen to this week's podcast with Ben Milhench as we cover everything from the importance of following your gut to the cheap purchase that keeps his toddler endlessly entertained. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
October 1, 2020
When your WHY is big enough you will find your HOW ! Think Cloud - PODCAST TAKEOVER!!!!
17 Years - Think Cloud - Once we were seventeen years old, our story got told......... We celebrate our 17th anniversary of being in business this month. To commemorate this outstanding achievement, co-founding directors Scott Clark, Leon McQuade and Chief of Operations Dean Bulfield have sat down together to record a podcast covering the trials and tribulations Think Cloud has faced during its 17 years in business. Think Clouds success is built on earned knowledge acquired over the past 17 years helping Local Government, Education, Ministry Of Defence Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial, and Charity sectors, succeed through digital technology. Think Cloud started small as a Hull IT Support company. 'Scott had a desk.' Dean recalls, 'and I think the day I started, I had a laptop, pen and paper.' The room itself they began working in was similarly bare, as the team remembered 'no windows, no nothing'. In today's economic market, being in business for 17 years is no easy feat. In the past 17 years, Think Cloud has successfully navigated the double-dip recession and are now facing the 2020 COVID-19 recession. On their success, Scott confirms that 'Yeah, we always do our best by the customer.' It is this dedication to their customers that have allowed Think Cloud to grow into the company it is today. Scott explains their company ethos in more detail, stating 'we'll always want to be the best, but we also want to be the best for the customer, we want to be their partner, we want to move the customer forward. We want to see a customer grow; we want them to be a success.' Leon describes his and Scott's first encounters, telling the story of what it was like to be a customer of the, then Virtual Networking. Recalling a time he refused to accept Scotts advise when he wanted to use G Suite to digitally transform a company founded way back in the 1940s.  Scott adding " he wanted me to migrate him to Google G Suite and Xero and to add he told me a week before Christmas. Back then, we were Microsoft; it was what we know and what everyone was using, not GSuite." Leon Admitting he needed to call upon Scott and Dean to rescue him when he took it upon himself to migrate the business anyway.  Admitting "moving to the Cloud, I got it wrong. It was chaos. But what I would say is, you've always had my back, and you sorted everything out in the background, and you got everything I lost back up, and you got it working. The technology-enabled us to communicate quicker, improve on costs and productivity, make decisions quicker. Which resulted in an eight-figure growth and allowed expansion with an international reach that stretched as far as Europe, America and the UAE" It is not just the company ethos that has made the company what it is today, and it is the relationship, dedication and passion of the Think Cloud team. Dean admits that recruitment was of vital importance to Think Cloud. From their early days, revealing 'I think it just takes one bad employee within an organisation to disrupt the full team…and that for me is the culture [of Think Cloud], the team, we're all there to help each other grow, and we want to be winners. That's what I love about working for Think Cloud'. Scott echoes this sentiment on this week's special anniversary podcast, stating 'we always have each other's back as customers and obviously as friends.' Learn more about Think Cloud's 17-year journey by listening to the full podcast now! Powered By: Think Cloud
September 24, 2020
Owning her failures - Jess Clark PR Consultant at Divine Clark PR
For over 23 years, Jess Clark has been immersed in the PR industry, working in-house and with agencies for a range of sectors, including oil, fish and charities. In 2009, Jess began to truly dominate the world of PR, by opening her own PR company, Divine Clark PR Limited. Jess joins us for this week's podcast and discusses everything from owning her failures to what she has learnt from the COVID-19 lockdown. Since 1997, the PR industry has changed wildly, due to the introduction of social media and the wide-spread adoption of smart technology. Instead of resisting change, Jess embraced industry advancements and created Divine Clark PR to utilise social media to create exciting PR campaigns. Jess explains on our podcast, "I've got a PR company based in Hull called divine club PR and I work together with my husband. We're both business partners and we've got two children, Ruby and Casper." It hasn't always been the easiest journey for Jess, but she reveals that one of her biggest life lessons has been "not to be ashamed of my failures". From a young age, Jess recalls being ashamed of her failures. She explains, "The biggest thing that stuck with me for quite a long time was that I failed my GCSEs and, and I never used to tell anybody what my grades were because I was so embarrassed about it and totally ashamed." Rather than letting this fear and shame hold her back, Jess looked to the teaching of Marisa Peer, particularly her 'I am enough' message. 'I am enough' is a quote Jess has lived by for all of her adult life. She explains this in detail on our podcast, expressing "you can apply it to absolutely any area of your life or any negative thoughts…whether that's school grades, your body image or your family situation or friends. Whatever it is, it's enough, you're doing enough, you are enough." Unlike many of us, Jess refrained from making any extravagant purchases during lockdown but admits to indulging in plant purchases. "I didn't really buy anything through lockdown apart from food obviously… and plants, I just went mad on buying plants." Plants are not the only thing Jess has taken from lockdown, she also recognised how infrequently she was allowing herself to take a break and now plans to give herself mandatory 6 weeks' holiday throughout the year, no matter Take a listen to this week's Podcast. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
September 17, 2020
Radical Honesty- Phil Veivers Ex-Rugby player & Coach, Keynote Speaker.
Phil is a husband and father of 4. Educated at Marist Brothers College Ashgrove Brisbane. Phil is from a very sporting family, his father Jack played for Souths and Queensland. His cousin Mick played for Australia, another cousin Tom played Test Cricket for Australia. He's also the brother of Greg Veivers who captained Australia at rugby league. Growing up, he spent two years living with his sister and husband, Wayne Bennett. Who also was a Rugby coach, and his coaching was second to none. Wayne read a lot of books, Autobiographies mainly which got Phil into reading. The first book that he read was by a guy called Bill Walsh, who was an American football coach, called Finding the Winning Edge. Phil says “This had a major impact on how I looked after people—looking after my players when I was coaching them”. Phil moved to England in 1984, Where he started his Rugby career. Starting at St.Helens with a player you might remember Mal Meninga, who is in the rugby league Hall of Fame. Mal returned home, and Phil Stayed here to have a sterling career. Going on to Play for Huddersfield and Swinton in the UK and also Souths in Australia. He also represented Scotland in 1997 against France, he was able to play for Scotland as his Grandfather was born there but later emigrated to Australia. He was also part of the coaching set up for the Exiles. Phil not only played Rugby but went on to coach at Huddersfield, Bradford, Wigan, Salford, Workington. After rugby & Coaching, Phil has continued to achieve great success. Now as an NVQ Assessor & Tutor, State of Mind ambassador, Assistant manager at FIT UK, Director of Inspire Talks Match, and on the  review panel for the RFL, to name a few. Phil is now a Keynote Speaker at the company PJ VEIVERS Ltd. He has over 20 years of leading, coaching, managing and motivating people for common goals to gain success.
September 10, 2020
Not your average Lord Mayor: Steve Wilson
On this week's podcast, we are joined by Steven Wilson, humanist, socialist, Lord Mayor and Grandad. Born in Hessle in 1960, Steve Wilson was the son of a trawlerman and attended Penshurst County Primary and then Hessle High. He left school with an A level in History and began his career in a bank.  Although the bank was a stable career, it was not a job role that ignited any passion in Steve. For this reason, after a few painstakingly long years working at the bank, he left to form a business partnership with his brother-in-law. The business was often slow, so Steve found a part-time job working as the cashier at Hull City Council.  Steve accepted the position at Hull City Council due to desperation, not knowing this was the first step in a flourishing political career. Steve progressed from a cashier to the city treasury, eventually finding himself in the housing department in 1988. And so began his life-long career in social housing. On our podcast, Steve admits one of his biggest flaws is impatience, and expecting too much of others. He explains, "I think my biggest problem I have with myself is I'm impatient. And I also expect that every job I do wherever it's been, or wherever it is, is that everyone feels as enthusiastic and committed to it as I am."  During his time working in social housing, Steve worked as a Young Persons Support team member with the Homelessness Team, as a hostel site manager and in a housing association for Pickering Homes. One quote Steve has always chosen to live by is 'Be nice to people on the way up because you might have to meet them on the way down.' This has no doubt shaped Steve's compassion for working with the homeless. After ten years with Pickering Homes, Steve continued to grow and expand his career, working as the director of Dock House, Hull's emergency night shelter and as a hostel manager for asylum seekers at the Philanthropic Society in Lincoln. Finally, in 2003, Steve joined the Hull Resettlement Project and is still there today, providing hostel bed spaces for the homeless. On our podcast, Steve reveals that if he could give one piece of advice to his younger self, it would be to "listen to people who are trying to give you advice from experience."  Steve has had a full career and shares his career advice and experiences in more detail. In 1992, Steve became a Hull City councillor and was chair of the social services department. In 2014, he won his seat as the Labour Party chair in North Hull. Steve's political career did not end here, though. In 2016, Steve married his husband Karl and eventually became Lord Mayor in 2019, with Karl as his consort.
September 10, 2020
This too will pass - Pam Medhurst - Independent Celebrant, Yoga Teacher & Workshop Facilitator
Pam Medhurst is now an Independent Celebrant having had an extremely varied career, including being self-employed for the past 10 years. She was married with two children in her early 20s. In her spare time, Pam enjoys spending time with her family and friends and walking her dog on the beach. She also loves to read. We asked Pam about some of the books that have influenced her life. She said, “anything by Brenda Brown.” She continued, “I really love her writing, particularly on vulnerability, and being authentic. Showing your true self, and not hiding behind that façade that I think lots of us have.” Pam initially worked in hospitality before attending university as a mature student once her children had started school. Having continued working at the university working with other mature students, she gained a PhD from writing about their success stories. 10 years later, Pam ran a successful pregnancy yoga business that is also for GPs, midwives and nurses. She continues to teach yoga for a local cancer charity, as well as for the Limbless Association. Pam became a Celebrant following a health scare, where she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. One of Pam’s favourite quotes is “this too will pass.” She continued, “going through cancer or going through chemo, by remembering this too will pass, we’ll get through it.” Recognising that she may need to cut back physically, she began using her brain more. She now offers bespoke ceremonies for weddings, funerals and naming celebrations. In many ways, Pam believes that her previous work was training her for this role. She said, “A lot of it has trended over the years to get to where I am. And it is knowing that I can do it, which is really important. It takes practice, but it’s also using my yoga training. Beforehand I’ll be found somewhere underneath a tree doing some breathing exercises, so I’m absolutely in the right headspace. This is my job today and I need to perform to the best of my ability for this family here and now. And that’s what I do. Tune in to this week’s must-listen podcast with Pam Medhurst. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
September 3, 2020
Living His Dream - Max Leo - Singer & Songwriter
Max Leo is an up and coming singer, songwriter and recording artist from Patna, East Yorkshire. Aside from his passion for music, Max enjoys the benefits of being a season ticket holder at Leeds United FC. Max has been surrounded by music for the majority of his life, having begun performing and writing music at the impressively young age of nine, with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Frank Ocean being some of his major inspirations. He said, “I was surrounded by music all the time with my parents. “My mum was very much into her acoustic music. “Whereas my dad was into his bands like Oasis and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I feel like I got a really good balance between the two.” In the following few years, he started by gaining a following within his hometown and became an integral part of its music scene. Later, Max went to University, which he regrets – “I was listening to people around me too much. “My advice would be to do what your gut says.” Around five years ago, Max moved to London to pursue his music career further. He has recently been recording in Spain and has spent the past year working on his debut project. We asked what the glitz and glamour of the music scene is really like. Max says, “I think the thing people don’t see is the struggle of getting to where you’d like to be. And it’s actually quite a lonely job. If you work in an office or retail you’re constantly surrounded by people, but as a musician, unless you’re on stage, you’re on your own writing songs.” The one thing Max has learned from a book is to not care about other people’s opinions. He said, “When someone says something negative about you, it doesn’t actually have an effect on anything, nothing happens other than you caring about it. If you can release that care, it can never have an impact on you. That book really taught me to just not give a damn about anything.” This week’s podcast is a must-listen, so tune in to hear up and coming artist Max Leo. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
August 27, 2020
Strictly Fitness & Wellbeing - Heidi Dodson - Health and Wellbeing Service, Personal Development Counselling /Coaching
Heidi Dobson is a Life Coach with a Counselling Fitness Mental Health Wellbeing Service, offering one to ones in an attempt to encourage people to invest in themselves and their organisations. Outside of her work as a life coach, she is a national league ballroom dancer and has been doing the sport for 8 years, starting strictly. learning to dance for Dove House Hospice. She also used to do gymnastics, but at age 13 she scored 1 on the bars and gave up. Reminiscing, she said: “I got on top of the bars and instead of swinging around underneath, I went straight over the top.” Heidi is now a mum of three. At work, Heidi helps people deal with stressful situations such as relationship and career issues by improving health, fitness, positivity and confidence. “I wasted so many years fearing doing stuff and I don’t want to do that anymore. And that’s what I like to teach other people – don’t let fear stop you doing things in your life.” She is transparent about her own experiences of life’s difficulties, in the hope that this will encourage people to talk. Heidi believes that going digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that more people are coming forward to tell their stories. She said, “I just think it’s great that going digital is helping more people come forward. She continues, “I actually just think anybody who’s come to see me is so brave.” Heidi’s favourite quote that she would share with everyone in the world is “It’s good to talk.” Because, as we point out, talking saves lives. We asked which book has influenced Heidi’s life in a significant and positive way, and her response was A Man’s Search by psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. She says: “He found hope from really horrendous situations. So, for instance, if somebody died and he got a pair of shoes, that was actually a good thing that happened. So I just absolutely love the fact that he found positives in such a horrendous situation.” Tune in to this week’s podcast to hear Heidi’s inspirational backstory and the incredible work she has done since. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
August 20, 2020
Becoming Independent - Joe Bvumburai - Architect & Experienced Housing Development Professional
Joe Bvumburai works as an architect at Eznat Architects in Hull but was born in Zambia during colonial times. Joe is now married to his wife Marion and has two daughters. Joe remembers Zambia before it became independent in 1964 when the division between white and black people was extremely prevalent. Joe says: “When I was young, I just thought, well, that’s how life is. Once you get a little older, you begin to question why things are the way they are.” With parents that always instilled the importance of education, Joe aimed to study hard throughout his life. Surprisingly, this mindset taught him the benefits of architecture and encouraged him to thrive in the industry later in life. Finding it hard to concentrate at home, Joe’s parents had a builder add an extension onto the house to be used for his studies. This was the first time Joe saw the value of extra space. He says, “In a way, I am where I am today because of that little extension that had a lasting impact on me.” When talking about his own extensions in Hull, Joe recognises that “the change in people’s lives is absolutely phenomenal.” Wanting to study something close to architecture, Joe joined the Zambia Institute of Technology. However, he knew that if he ever wanted his own practice, he needed to become a legitimate architect. Having written to architectural schools all over the world, Joe was eventually accepted to the School of Architecture in Hull in 1982, where sponsorship from the Swedish International Development Agency allowed him to embark on his dream of becoming an architect. He says, “I couldn’t believe my luck at the time.” When asked which quotes he would like to share with the world, Joe said, “Never give up. If you’re going to do anything, do it to your very best. I think if everybody can just follow these two things they can’t go wrong in life. No matter how bad things look, if you keep going you’ll come to the good things.” Tune in to this week’s podcast to hear Joe’s amazing and inspirational backstory! Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
August 13, 2020
Decisions, Failures & learning! - Rob Daysley - Owner & Managing Director, Designs Signage Solutions
Rob Daysley is a highly successful Managing Director from Hull who focuses on service to clients both in Europe and nationwide. Aside from business, he is a Hull KR fan, and his favourite sport is rugby league. Daysley’s favourite song is the Rocky theme tune: “It gets you off your seat and it gets you pumped up!” Daysley believes that in the past five years, running has had a profound effect on his life. “It gives me that time when I’m not thinking about anything. All I’m thinking about is breathing. I feel 100 times better for it.” After launching Designs in 1993, Daysley’s business has grown and developed over the years. By appropriately investing in staff and technology, he has impressively established Designs as a market leader in vehicle livery, signage and digital prints. The initial business was a sole trader operation with just 30 employees. This year, the business is celebrating its 25th year and does business from a 10,000 square foot purpose-built workshop on Innovation Drive. After winning a contract to install all graphics and signage at the KCOM Stadium in 2003, Daysley saw an opportunity to expand and move into stadium branding and therefore created Sports ID. With Daysley’s second business taking off just as successfully, his clients now include Premier League and European football clubs, rugby league and union sides, and indoor competitions such as snooker championships and world darts. Both of Daysley’s businesses are now operating under the Designs name. By bringing the two teams together, his clients are offered more support. Daysley said: “Our Sports ID customers will continue to work with the same contacts and will benefit from dealing with a larger organisation with more people. This is a very positive move for Designs and comes as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company this year.” Being such a successful man, we were interested to know Daysley’s opinions on failure. He said: “I always believe that if you never make a decision and if you never fail at anything, you’ll never learn. If one door closes, another door opens. Over the time that I’ve been in business, I cottoned on to that very quickly. When you’re chasing a deal, if you don’t win, it’s not the end of the world.” Tune in for an interesting and inspiring conversation with Rob Daysley on this week’s podcast! Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
August 6, 2020
Failure as Feedback - Nathan Freer - Head of Youth Strength and Conditioning at Hull FC
Nathan Freer (born 21 May 1989) is a former professional rugby league player with a passion for sport, having been involved with it for most of his life. He is now Head of Youth Strength and Conditioning at Hull FC, and has two daughters with his wife, Amie. Aside from his sporting life, Nathan enjoys listening to '80s music, especially when he’s cooking: “We have a bit of special time on a Friday night and the '80s go on and I’m loving it!” Before his professional rugby career began, Nathan attended the University of Hull and Bishop Burton College, where he would later go on to be a lecturer specialising in Sports Performance. Nathan played professional rugby for Hull FC, York and Featherstone. He is now involved with England Academy where he oversees the strength and conditioning, having previously worked for England Youth. He also looks after all the programmes for the young players at Hull FC with a specific focus on strength and conditioning. Nathan is invested in improving conditioning and strength in young athletes. One of the first books he read was Michael Boyle Functional Strength Coach, which he believes may have started him out on certain career paths. Nathan says: “That’s fantastic. And that’s probably one of the first books I read. And in terms of SMC, it started me on that path.” Having learnt from his career, when faced with a failure, Nathan always tries to find the positives. “I’m pretty positive I think for anything. I can’t remember his name but I was listening to a podcast with a guy the other day. And he was just taking failure as feedback. Thinking, 'what is this trying to teach me', is a game-changer in terms of your mindset." Knowing the optimum training techniques can be difficult as a young athlete. Speaking with Nathan on this, we asked: “So knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to yourself at 18? And what advice should you have ignored?” Nathan says: “Looking back, it’d be to eat more protein. And probably don’t spend as much on supplements. And don’t put people on a pedestal. Don’t sit back, and just do it. You’re good enough.” This is a must-listen, so tune in to the successful and inspiring Nathan on this week’s podcast! Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
July 30, 2020
A Woman's World - Rebecca Jenkins - MD RJEN Leadership, Strategy & Growth Advisor
Rebecca is from the southwest of Bristol, she lives with her husband Marcus Rebecca says: we've been together for a very long long time! They have two children together, a son 24 and daughter 19. She loves to keep fit. “I love Chocolate as well. So I have to exercise to enjoy chocolate”. Rebecca has a true love and passion for business. At the age 32. She started in the transport business, when she trained for her Heavy Goods Vehicle licence. Working for her father's company (Lane Group). After a period working as a driver in grocery distribution, she joined the sales force. The Business grew from 7 Million in new business in just 12 months & went on to employ 1000 members of staff. Rebecca's dreams started back in her early 20s after reading the book by Tony Robbins and it's called ‘Awaken the giant within’.  Rebecca says: “That book amazed me because it made me realise that you Don't have to be the cleverest person in the world to be successful. And that was a relief to me because I came out of school with a number of GCSEs. I didn't go to university. But made me realise that I had the power within me to achieve my dreams. And I had to set my dreams, right. So that book was really impactful”. Being a woman in the business world isn't easy. Speaking with rebecca on this: ”I did a survey on LinkedIn asking female managers, what is the biggest challenge to their role? And it was three simple questions. But the results were that the biggest challenge is having the support and recognition to take their role to the next level, which is really surprising. And they all felt that they were highly effective in their roles. So what is stopping them from getting to that next stage? You know, I think it's just, it still baffles me. So I'm highly supportive of encouraging women to kind of go for the bigger opportunities. Support them as much as I can to achieve that. Take a listen to the inspiring Rebecca, on this week's podcast! Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
July 23, 2020
ADVENTURES - Damian Browne - Extreme Adventurer/ Public Speaker
Damian Browne (born 17 May 1980) is an Irish former professional rugby union player. Browne has been capped by Ireland at U-21 level. He has played for Connacht, Northampton Saints, Brive, Leinster and Oyonnax.Damian began his career with Galwegians before getting contact with Connacht in 2001 and going on to sign for Northampton Saints. Browne then signed for Leinster in May 2011.  Damian is from a rugby family, with his younger brother, Andrew playing for Connacht also.  Having many years of professional rugby under his belt, Damian set himself some massive goals, by taking up adventures in extreme environments, to test his physical and mental capabilities. Trekking through the Sahara Desert on a 257 km marathon, He then went on to be an extreme adventurer. In 2017 Browne completed the Atlantic Challenge solo after 63 days, six hours and 25 minutes at sea. Damian decided to take it up a notch. From July 2018 until May 2020, Damian planned to scale the highest peaks of all seven continents. This was put on hold because of the current pandemic the world is going through. We doubt that this will hold him back and we know as soon as he is able Damian will be back to reach his goal.  Damian has spent the majority of his adult life, pushing himself to his full limits. He learned that once you realise the rewards that come with pushing yourself, you become more autonomous. “Being able to push yourself into these states of struggle or stress and coming out the other side, finding a way through it and learning about your mind and your body and how it all works. That, to me, is fascinating and that is why I keep delving further and further into it. It’s why I search out these challenges and endeavours because rugby is finished for me now and you have to have some sort of avenue or channel to do this. I use the world and its extreme environments.” This is a must listen to podcast, full of excitement and none stop adventure. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
July 16, 2020
The Endurance - Danny Ward London Broncos Head Coach, England-Assistant Coach & EX- Rugby League Player
Danny Ward (born 15 June 1980) in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. English former professional rugby league player. Coming from a rugby family, as Danny's Father, David Ward also played for Great Britain And Leeds Rhinos. Danny played for Great Britain, Leeds Rhinos, Castleford Tigers, Hull Kingston Rovers, and Harlequins. Even scoring a try against our own Hull FC in the 2005 Challenge cup finals. Danny is currently Andrew Henderson's assistant coach at the London Broncos since 2015 and previously head coach of the u19s. Speaking of the first book he loved ‘A Kestrel for a Knave’ (which the great film Kes was created from) Danny says: “is absolute classic”. But it was a great Teacher of his, Mr Butler that helped him in his school years. Having a great teacher like him helped him through his GCSEs in English language and literature. Being a young kid, he wasn't bothered about the school, but having a fantastic teacher helped change his outlook of school life, which Mr Butler did just that. Danny talks about the failures he's had in his life: “I don't try to dwell on the failures too much or look at it, but throughout my life and playing career, being an adult, there have been lots of lots of failures. I think you can't dwell on them. Learning to move on from your failures is just as important. When it can be hard and not probably something, I've learned. As I've got older, I wished I got a grasp of it as a young kid. You spend so much time worrying about what's up and then any mistakes you've made. It's just about moving on from it and learning best you can”. Take a listen to this week's Brilliant Podcast with Danny Ward. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
July 9, 2020
New Zealand Legend- Motu Tony ex-Rugby Player/General Manager of high performance at the New Zealand rugby league
Motu was born in New Zealand; he is married with five children. He studied at De La Salle College, Auckland; then onto The Open Polytechnic Of New Zealand graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. He also attended the University of Huddersfield, studying for a Master of Business Administration when he was over in the UK. He started playing rugby for Marist Saints in the Auckland Rugby League Competition. Before being signed for New Zealand Warriors. He has played professional rugby league for New Zealand Warriors, Brisbane Broncos, Castleford Tigers, Hull FC, Wakefield Wildcats; making 177 appearances, scoring 52 tries. The big one notably for Hull FC in the 2005 Challenge Cup Final against Leeds Rhinos. Motu also played for the New Zealand national team on numerous occasions. Once Motu finished playing, he went on to become the General Manager at Hull FC where he was a massive influence, not only on the pitch but off it too. Motu loved his time in Hull, saying "I enjoyed playing for the club and working at the club—being in the city with the people, seeing how genuine they were. How much they cared for their rugby team. That sort of struck a chord with myself and my family straight away. That's why we stayed in Hull for so long." Another love apart from his family and rugby is reading. Motu says " I love a good book. So reading is probably one of my most favourite hobbies. I've got a bit of a career journey mapped out. When I finish in sports administration, I'd love to be a food critic, and I'd like to get paid to read books so you know those are my pipe dreams." One of the first books he recalls reading is 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley'. "It taught me just how you've got to stand up for what you believe! I got that from that book quite early, as a young boy." His second book was by an American entrepreneur by the name of Russell Simmons. "He preached just to be yourself and to be authentic and to operate respectfully, never lose sight of who you are." Motu has carried this throughout his Rugby career. Now Motu is back in his native New Zealand as General Manager of high performance at the New Zealand rugby league. Very similar to the job that he held at Hull FC. To develop the next lot of senior Kiwis or Kiwi ferns, (which is the female senior team in New Zealand). His role is to ensure that the young players that pick up a rugby ball can go all the way to the top whether it's professional or international. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
July 2, 2020
Who Run The World’ GIRLS - Hayley Williamson-Escreet is a Perinatal Project worker for Mind.
Hayley is a wife and mum to four children. Hayley lived with depression and anxiety, feeling something wasn't quite right when she was 21, after just having her first baby. During her fourth pregnancy in 2018 when her mental health difficulties reached a crisis point, Hayley accessed the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Services. Throughout her recovery, she became involved in raising awareness of perinatal mental health difficulties. She is helping to shape and develop the local perinatal mental health services through engagement work. Hayley now has things in place that help her, “My moods can be easily affected, if I watch the news and it’s quite stressful or sad, that can affect my mood. But it is helpful knowing that works the other way as well. So if I listen to uplifting music, that helps make me happy. So I’ve recently got a radio which is now in the kitchen. We’re spending so much more time in the house now. I’m making the most of having music on all the time.” Learning in lockdown, what things she will carry on doing. “In the future, I’ll certainly be planning less. When I was unwell, everything was a massive struggle; just being upright was a massive struggle. It was a coping mechanism to plan something to do for the next day. Even if it was a tiny thing, like, get up and unload the dishwasher, that was my thing, We’ve got a wall planner, and I started planning the days on there, so I think that’s how I got into it. I suppose now; I don’t need to hold on to that anymore. So now I can let that go a little bit and be a bit more relaxed about not having things to do. So I’m certainly not going to be over planning.” Take a listen to this week's New Piglet Podcast with Hayley. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
June 25, 2020
Make Your Dream a Reality - Shane Fisher Owner of Eagle fish media
Originally from Hull, Shane has been living in Majorca for the last 20 years. Shane attended Malet lambert High School Hull, then moved onto Wilberforce college studying Business Travel and Tourism. Shane says; "If I'm honest, I left college because I got a bit disillusioned. I didn't have a clue about what I was going to do. I then got myself a part-time job which was at McDonald's on St. Andrews Quay. It then became a full-time job very quickly." He went on a lads holiday back in 1999 to Magaluf for two weeks. After getting offered a job completely randomly. Life started to change from there. He took the job and still lives on the island now. He was Managing bars and nightclubs. Working in the same club for 11 years working his way up from barman, promotions manager, General Manager and ended up running the club. He then moved on to a different bar just down the street called the Midline, for two years. After returning to Hull for a short time, he started to consider a career change. Shane says:" It was a big problem for me to be fair, I loved what I was doing but knew I wasn't going to do that forever. There's no way you're going to be standing outside a nightclub at 45 or not for me anyway". Coming back to Hull, opened his eyes, into the world of Marketing. He was working with Alex Hall at the time and our very own Leon McQuade.  They all shared an interest in personal development and training. Attending The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Robbins seminars. Knowing when he came back to England, it wasn't for him. Shane said: "I've been away for that long. I didn't feel like it was right for me.  I knew I was always meant to come back here." So Shane went back to Magaluf, taking what he had learned, and ready for the next chapter. With a new mindset; instead of just thinking he was going to run a bar, he knew there was something bigger he could do. "There's a big online world out there, and that's going to help me work all year round. So I started to work and study on that". He was learning all the different tools that he needed. Shane now has his own company;Eagle Fish Media. Which he set up from his apartment in Magaluf. He offers consultancy and training, helping tourism-based businesses attract more clients and customers. By showing them how to make use of online marketing. Working from home, nothing much has changed for Shane's working life throughout lockdown. He's tried to keep a daily routine to help with his mental health and not to lose his focus. Take a listen to this week's Podcast with Shane Fisher. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
June 18, 2020
Mind,Body,Soul & Lockdown - Sarah Winn, Owner of Fitsista
This week's podcast is a little different, with some new questions. We are calling it our ‘Piglet Podcast’. On our first Piglet, we are joined by the wonderful Sarah Winn, owner of Fitsista. Sarah has a great passion for Health and Fitness. FitSista was established in 2010 after going through her very own Health and Fitness journey.- “I was once overweight and unfit myself!” Now in her 40’s and feeling fit and fantastic. She truly believes that leading a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle brings so many amazing benefits – both physically and mentally. Sarah loves her  job as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor as it enables her to Motivate and Inspire other people. Helping them embrace this type of Lifestyle too. Sarah Says “I provide Motivation, Inspiration, Support and Expertise – not just from my own personal experience (I really have been there myself!) but from working with many different types of clients. Finding out what actually works and what doesn’t, for each individual”. Talking about the challenges she has faced with her business in lock down, and how she has managed to keep her business going. “My main challenge I've had to face was having to switch my business almost overnight. To do everything online. I've not got great IT skills at all, it's not really something that interests me.  It's one of those things I never get around to doing. Due to the situation I've had to muddle through and Learn more. All Last minute just to keep my business going! So that's been a pretty big challenge for me really, but I'm quite proud of myself.” Take a listen to this week's Piglet Podcast. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
June 11, 2020
One Hull of a Festival - Ed Faulkner - Festival Director, Founder of Tribfest
Ed (54), born in Darlington but considers himself a Hull lad after moving here aged four. Husband to Jo to whom he has been married for 30 years. Father to Dempsey. He attended Bransholme High School, and then went on to further his studies at Hull University. He founded 'Ed Entertainments Ltd' back in October 2006. Ed has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment business from organising events and also performing with bands and as a solo artist. Ed's original idea to create a Glastonbury style music festival for tribute bands began with Tribfest, launched in 2007. Ed ran Tribfest for several years while trying to hold down his day job as a qualified social worker. Managing and organising events is now his full-time job. He came up with the idea for Tribfest while touring with his own tribute band 'The Beautiful Couch' in honour of The Beautiful South. “We played to 10,000 at the Mathew Street festival in Liverpool, and I wanted to create a small festival in East Yorkshire”. The very first Tribfest was a year of floods with lots of tragic but (now) funny stories! Floating air beds, trench foot, crying in the middle of the wet field! Tribfest The Worlds Biggest Tribute Band Festival. The event was Held at Sledmere House, East Yorkshire. Talking about failure and learning from it, Ed says; “We had a designer kids clothes shop in Beverley, called it Snap, we owned it for about five years, designing clothes for kids. Getting all footballers in and stuff like that! All these shops sort of suddenly appeared wanting to offer the same. So, we had a good year, about 18 months. It started to slide. To be fair, I completely lost interest in it. Consequently, we closed that". Ed goes on to tell us how he learnt from his past failure: “I think if I had become more focused on it a little bit more, we could have maybe continued. So a big lesson for me with the Tribfest in that first year, I did some reading and a bit of research about business failure. I started writing things down. Writing things down was a big thing for me. That kept me focused if you just had it in your head. I get up now to write things down. So, it's about staying focused, but within that focus keeping, refreshing and looking for new ideas all the time, which we have to do in a festival.” Tribfest is the summer's biggest tribute band, music festival. Voted 'Best Entertainment/Leisure Venue' in East Yorkshire in the Best Bar None Awards 2018-2020 Take a listen to this week's fantastic Podcast with Ed, Learn more about the 'Man behind the Festival'. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
May 28, 2020
BE YOU - Andy Train, NHS Nurse, First aid Trainer, Team member of Hull Pride
Andy is a local lad from the great City of Hull. Starting his younger years at Bricknell Junior School and Hull Grammar School. Then Studying to become a Nurse at the University of Hull. Going on to a full-time career in the Accident & Emergency unit, at Hull Royal Infirmary. Having a passion for first aid training, set him on a journey to be self-employed. Helping to save lives with his own unique style. This Helped Andy to find time to build his love of performing arts. A highlight was the Edinburgh Fringe Festival showcasing his talents. Which includes stand up comedy and street theatre. Creating’ The Gold Man’ he became synonymous with the City of Culture Hull 2017 bid. Growing up in a “traditional family” with the church, built a perception of society. Which put a lid on Andy being his true authentic self. Andy says about finally coming out “ I suppose I could sit in the closet forever, my sexuality is a bit complex. People say that I'm a gay guy as its kind of easy to wrap your head around. Actually, I'm more what's called pansexual. Now, I don't know whether or not that's something that everybody gets. It's a bit more complicated than being bisexual. Because I've had relationships with women, men and also relationships with trans guys”. It lifted the lid on him if you like, then that's when the performance side, the more colourful side, the rainbow side of Andy came out. Having Suicidal thoughts, Andy struggled to go to a point where he didn't quite understand—feeling a bit more miserable each day. Being the 80s, there weren't many people or places for Andy to turn too. Andy started to help out on the Samaritans helpline as he knew himself how hard it was. Andy says “Organisations like this existed. But You need people with either that experience or to have more insider knowledge”. He thought it was shameful that they were sending people out of town. To get the help you'd need to contact somebody in either London or Brighton or Manchester where there was a higher concentration of LGBTQ. So they brought in organisations like masma, “they need to set up specific services that will cater to people. There is a massive gap in the market for supporting people questioning their sexual orientation around the whole thing about same-sex relationships”. Andy is a big advocate in helping the LGBTQ community. He is one of the many amazing people who run Hulls Pride. It runs every year in Hull’s city centre. It just gets bigger and bigger. Andy says, “we've got such a fantastic team of people when an event gets that big and important you need that around you. Hull is currently a Euro pride, 2023 candidate”. Hull is competing with a lot of other cities, in these wonderfully weird and scary times that we're in. Take a listen to this fantastic podcast and hear more about Andy's story. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide Powered By: Think Cloud
May 21, 2020
Tackling Player Performance during lockdown - Danny Wilson Hull FC Academy Director
Danny is a big family man. Who loves to spend time making memories with his wife Rachel and children Louie, Neave & Nancy. He has a passion for Rugby. Starting young, playing for skirlaugh. His Professional career came at Gateshead thunder & York City Knights. Starting his employment at Hull FC in 2010. His first role at Hull FC was in the club's Foundation. Moving into the player performance department, alongside Andy Last. Danny became Head of Youth in 2013 when Andy became Assistant coach to Lee Radford. When the  City of Hull formed in 2015 Danny became Academy Director. Producing players to go on and play 1st team for Hull FC and Hull KR, representing their country. The academy reached outstanding status year on year. Danny was due to Tour Australia this Summer ( August / September ) with England Academy under 18s before Covid-19. His own personal development started around 5 years ago. Learning from some of his favorite books, one was Above the line. This Helps him not just in his professional career but in his everyday life. What it takes to give you the best outcome. Having habits helps him stay focused, always looking for improvements not perfection. With no big failures, just some big mistakes. His lesson, if one road is closed just focus and find a new direction. Instead of dwelling on the situation just keep motivated. Take a listen to this week's Podcast, Learn more about the man behind Rugby. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide  Powered By: Think Cloud
May 14, 2020
Running at life - Rob Nickolay - Hull FC Academy Manager
Firstly We would like to introduce our guest co-presenter Jo Kent to the PWP team. On this week's show, we have Rob. He is currently Hull FC Academy Manager, Married to Alexandra and has a Son called Finley & Daughter Pippa. He Played Rugby for Cottingham Tigers but was also a good footballer. Rob has a long list of achievements. Hull City Tigers Trust Primary Sports Coordinator, Youth Development Coach for Hull City AFC Development Officer HKR, to name just a few. We learn what books Rob likes to read in his spare time, from Tim Ferriss' Tribe of Mentors to his daily read of Daily Stoik, reading a page a day to help reflect on life. He motivates his youth team, by helping through any struggles they may be facing, to setting them weekly goals to help drive the young lads. Rob is also involved with England Youth, he works closely with Steve McCormack with the community Lions. He was also featured in Men's Health magazine. Take a listen to this week's Podcast. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen, Talk suicide  Powered By: Think Cloud
May 7, 2020
Lessons from Down Under with Nigel Moore - Entrepreneur from Australia
This week we have gone international, with our fantastic Guest Nigel Moore who is severely addicted to helping people start, run and grow fun and profitable businesses. Nigel is a father, husband and entrepreneur. He is currently part of Teeth Capital which he founded in 2016 and The Tech Tribe. Formerly running a successful managed IT Services business. In 2016, he successfully sold his IT business and now focuses on one of his core passions - helping other entrepreneurs and business owners better run their Technology / IT businesses. Living on the beachfront just outside of Sydney, Australia. Spending time with my family or in the water he loves to surf, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving anything else to do with the water. Take a listen to this week's Podcast, definitely not one to miss. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. Sponsored by: Moodbeam, Hopen Powered By: Think Cloud
April 30, 2020
Part 2, Walking on fire - Martin Baltazar Partner at BRC Wealth Management
Well, here we are back for part 2 of Martin's podcast, this week Martin shares his wisdom and lessons in life. “If you don't believe in anything, you will fall for everything.” A great book Martin has learned from is Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, teaching him what's going on with him and his experiences, isn't necessarily what is happening and to change your life map. Martin is a great follower of Tony Robbins and took part in many of his workshops, doing the ultimate task of fire walking, which you have to change your mindset. He is talking about all things that have helped him and he loves, down to his favourite song by van Morrison “on Hyndford street”, which transports him back to when he was young and spending time with grandparents in Portugal, To finding his love for snorkelling with his wife in Sharm el sheikh. Take a listen to this week's second part of Martins podcast. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. Show Sponsors - Think Cloud, Hopen, Moodbeam.
April 23, 2020
It was that good we made it into two parts... Martin Baltazar Partner at BRC Wealth Management
WOW, what a podcast,  it was that fantastic we have had to make it into our first 2 part episode. This week we cover all things Financial, Martin runs his company which is based in Beverley, Yorkshire. BRC Wealth Management provides a wide range of services as a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management. They have financial experience spanning over 30 years, provide personal, face-to-face advice designed to ensure that they build, grow and protect your wealth. In the current situation, the world is currently experiencing. Martin gives tips and advice on how to help moving forward from life insurance, saving money and life in general. Take a listen to this week's Podcast and check back in next week for part 2, when Martin answers them all-important Pig Wrestling 10 commandments. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. Show Sponsors - Think Cloud, Hopen, Moodbeam.
April 16, 2020
Running at the Big Stuff - James Green Rugby League Player and Financial Advisor
Rugby player, who played for clubs like, Hull KR, Leigh Centurions, Castleford Tigers, Bradford Bull to name a few. Now on a new path in a whole new career. James now also works at A&L Financial Solutions and is Sundays Times top-rated mortgage and protection. He knew rugby wouldn't last forever, so he found a new path to follow. Reading one of his favourite books Rich Dad Poor Dad helped him find his interest for property and after buying his first home with his wife, gained a love to help others buy their new home and reach their dreams. After going through his own mental health issues, James lives by the quote. “Don’t Chase Money, Chase Happiness.” Talking and getting things off his chest is very important and hit home after watching the documentary by Rio and Kate and so they open up about the issues in which they had to deal with. When moving to a new big city with his wife to play for Leigh Rugby club, James started to find things hard after just 3 months of being at the club he was getting picked to play less and less. The final blow was not getting picked to play against Catalan dragons. At the same time, his wife had already purchased tickets to go along. James decided to not go instead of buying himself a ticket to Belfast. Where he would be alone with his thoughts for a few days, upon telling his wife she then had an anxiety attack which shook James, this is the moment he knew something had to be done as this was now affecting the people he loved. Getting help from the Charity RFL Sporting chance set up by Tony Adams in helping sportsmen and women deal with their mental health. Take a listen to this week's compelling podcast and learn that it is ok to talk. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
April 9, 2020
A Beam of light - Christina Colmer McHugh Co-Founder of Moodbeam
Christina is the director and Co-Founder of Moodbeam, a groundbreaking company whose aim is to turn the world of emotional development upside down. Her creation allows an entirely new way of showing how we feel and see how they think. Working out of the C4DI building. Moodbeam was inspired by Christina’s experience of her daughter, then seven, being bullied. Concerned about the mood changes this cyberbullying created, she was desperate to make sure she could track her daughter’s mental wellbeing and prevent any adverse effects. She subsequently partnered with Hull-born Gadget Shop and Red5 entrepreneur Jonathan Elvidge to develop the Moodbeam wearable device, to help other parents do the same. The project has taken off with interest from a range of potential future users in fields like industry, education and health. They have just taken delivery of their first 1,000 manufactured units. Encouraging businesses and individuals to take them away, trial them and share their experiences to spread the word. Before her invention, She spent the last 20 years as an experienced journalist and freelance public relations specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. From Down High Grammar School and graduated with a BA Hons Degree from Surry Institute of Art and Design. Take a listen to this week's podcast with Christina, Powerful. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
April 2, 2020
Managing Positivity - JOI COLE Co-founder of 444 Management Group
Joi Cole Lives in Downtown LA, Co-founder of 444 Management Group. One of 3 business partners, one being Joi’s mentor who came up with the idea, he used to be signed to Motown Records, a vocal artist is how he got started in the industry. He also made the theme tune to The Addams Family Tv Show, which he went on to sell the rights to. Joi's other business partner was signed to and produced for Quincy Jones sons Label. They were producing for great artists like Missy Elliott and many others. Joi was already managing before joining together with her team at 444 management group; She manages Derrty Deja Blu who DJ's for Nelly is Las Vegas. The 3 of them are a force together helping new artists come through and shine, sitting on the board for the not-for-profit charity NEST, providing advice and support for young artists. Joi has Met people like Michael Jackson & Will Smith, but found the most important meeting was with Will Smith saying “ he was great, his energy that fills a room.” Take a listen to Joi answering the week's Pig Wrestling Questions: Powerful and Positive. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
March 26, 2020
Arriving on the Humber - Finbarr Dowling
Finbarr Dowling was born in Cork, Ireland in 1963. Following secondary school at Astron comprehensive core, an 18-year-old Finbarr spent a year travelling the breadth of the USA, before returning to Ireland in 1982. He began working as a production planner. This role started his love for engineering. Finbarr was then appointed Project Director for the development and construction of the harbour blade manufacturing and service facility at Alexandra doc home. This development will establish the largest wind turbine production facility in the UK, to be operational in early 2016. The Alexander dock project has a combined investment of 310 million pounds and aims to create up to 1000 new jobs. It's the biggest single investment that Siemens is making globally. Finbarr is passionate about Mental Health within the workplace. They have their health scheme “Talk to me” where members of staff can access mental and physical health help. He's also fallen in love with the Great city of Hull, seeing everything the area has to offer and all the old history. Helping the city of culture grow in the town. Take a listen to this week's Podcast, and learn more about Finbarr. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
March 19, 2020
Diving Deep into the life of Freya Cross - The Deep’s head of business and corporate
Freya is a mum of 2 boys now 35 & 36 and a loving wife to Graham, who moved over to Hull when the boys were young to follow her husband's career in the pig farming industry, where she ended up being her husbands boss. Freya, Is The Deep’s head of business and corporate. 20 years ago when The deep and the business centre opened their doors, Freya has been there for the full journey. The Deep Which the biggest success story of the National Lottery Funding, is one of Hull's most significant landmarks bringing in people from around the world, an estimated 3700 people a day in the February school holidays was recorded. She also leads on promoting facilities at The Deep for corporate events and special occasions ranging from weddings to the Olympic Torch Relay, the Queen’s Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games and the draw live on BBC TV for the Third Round of the FA Cup. In the wider Hull and East Yorkshire business community, Freya took the lead in setting up a group of business centres as a means of sharing best practice in the industry and encouraging people to work together. Take a listen to this week's Podcast. Ps. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
March 12, 2020
Flying Through Life - Francis Rawson Head of Occupational Safety for EasyJet
Francis is a Hull-born lad, whose career has taken him down south to London. He travels all over the world with his job as Head of Occupational Safety for EasyJet. His career has taken him to jobs within Health & Safety and the Environmental sector , being a manager at in Leeds 2011 until 2018. Why does he do the job of Health and Safety Manager -  for the People, to him, that's what it's all about. He also specialises in behavioural safety and mindset change, through group and personal coaching. Has an excellent track record of changing mindsets and culture to reflect safety, positively with proven business benefits Listen to him talk about the mindset, the books he loves and the person he would like to speak to most, His Grandad and ask all about his stories of World War 2. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
March 5, 2020
On The Ropes with Sonny Taylor Boxer - Cruiserweight
Local Lad Sonny age just 24, is an up and coming boxer, in Cruiserweight. With four fights, four wins under his belt. Debuting March 2019, now getting ready to do his 5th fight at the Bonus Arena Hull on 29th February. Boxing is his passion, and he takes his training very seriously, although he doesn't like to train, he knows to be the best he has to. Talking about his Sparring with the rugby league legend Paul Gallen. “He’s so tough and strong, like oak.” Hull is known for its great boxers with the likes of Luke Campbell and the recently retired Tommy Coyle. These guys have paved the way for the likes of Sonny to come through, showing Hull is firmly on the Map as a great boxing city. Get behind Sonny this weekend for his 5th fight - 29th February 2020 Sponsors: Vulcan Learning, PHD Nutrition, My PAD Take a listen to this week's podcast and learn more about the man behind the boxer. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. #productivity #business #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
February 27, 2020
BUSINESS Adventures - Tony Bowler owner of Business Culture Hull.
Born off Beverley Road and raised on Hull’s Orchard Park estate.  It had a fantastic sense of community and belonging. Considered himself lucky, His Dad a builder’s labourer, stay-at-home Mum of 4 children, of whom he was the eldest. Making the big decision at 16 and leaving the family home to live with a friend's family. At 17,  getting a bedsit of his own and ironically, a job as a labourer following in his father’s footsteps. Orchard Park was also the home to the biggest and best baseball diamond in the UK. The local club was called ‘The Danes’ and were regular Hull champions, Humberside champions and even UK champions. Baseball played a big part in Tony's life. Often in trouble, if it was not for baseball, he may have taken a completely different path! He decided that joining the British Army was far more exciting and rewarding than anything around here could offer. His mates didn’t think he would last two minutes; “they knew I  would struggle taking orders and loved to rebel,” Tony says. Picked on and pushed to his limits, almost giving up a couple of times. Tony was posted in 1984, to West Berlin. Some of his duties included guarding on the Berlin Wall itself and protecting the trains travelling across the then East/West German corridor. “Visiting Checkpoint Charlie and going through into East Berlin was certainly an eye-opener!” As part of his duties, he was assigned to join the guard of Spandau prison, guarding the notorious Rudolf Hess, Deputy Fuhrer to Adolf Hitler.  He came face to face with Rudolf Hess on one occasion and even as an older man, he still portrayed a powerful and menacing presence. His personal mantra is to work, share, support one another and collaborate. The ‘Business Culture Hull’ with its 121s, group meetings, presentations and introductions brings people together to help and be helped along their business journey. The final destination is helping to realise all that Hull can be. "We don’t have to look over our shoulders at other cities, we are Hull, and we have everything we need right here." Take a listen to this great Podcast: PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
February 20, 2020
Up close and Personal with - Lightweight Boxer Lewis Sylvester
At just the young age of 21 Lewis Sylvester is an up and coming Boxer, Hull Lad made his first Professional Debut  9th March 2019 in the LightWeight division. 5 fights, 5 wins 0 losses!!! Lewis surprisingly has only had 20 amateur fights under his belt. Taking his training very seriously as all professionals should. He does just that he gets ahead of the rest, making sure he's faster and more aerodynamic, as we were given a little secret by one of his close mates. Growing up on an estate his life started to go astray, he found his love again for boxing when walking into Tommy Coyles academy for a free session. It brought back the love that was instilled in him by his family's love of boxing . Learning life lessons from his Favorite book The Secret, Lewis says: “not just a book a way of life. It had a massive impact on my life.” Sponsors - CBD Asylum (use code LSB30 for 30% off), language is everything, Aquarius panel products Ltd, we love HU, Harrisons Joinery ltd, Heritage Cars, Chill Cryotherapy. Take a listen to this week's Podcast, PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
February 13, 2020
Flying with a Digital Eagle - David Summerbell Barclays Eagle Lab Ecosystem
Flying with a Digital Eagle - David Summerbell Barclays Eagle Lab Ecosystem On this week's Podcast, we speak to David Summerbell, a Barclays Eagle. Experienced Ecosystem manager with a vast history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Banking, Commercial Banking, and Investment Advisory for 13 Years. Working his way up the ladder with his love for helping people. Working from the C4DI Building on The Marina, a place which helps tech companies grow.  Moodbeam a great company to build and grow from here is, which us here at the PWP are big supporters. David Says: “ we're interested in helping fledgeling businesses scale up and traditional businesses to innovate - so we match perfectly with C4DI’s values.” We learn about his passion for Arsenal, his favourite football team, the first book he read at age five (Roger Red Hat) that set him on his learning path. Now in the new digital era, his way of learning has changed watching youtube videos and reading up on Wikipedia. Take a listen to this week's Podcast. PS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.
February 6, 2020
It's OK not to be OK the Road to Recovery. Jansin Turgut Hull FC & Salford Ex Super League Player
It's OK not to be OK the Road to Recovery EXPLICIT CONTENT. Hull FC & Salford EX professional Super League player Jansin Turgut. A Hull lad through and through, Jansin played professional rugby for Hull FC & Salford. Represented England Academy under 18s v Australia Schoolboys in 2014. Going on to make his professional debut in the Super League Match 5th 2015 against Leeds Rhinos. Jansin also went onto captain Turkey's national side in the emerging nations 2018 world Championship. Sharing his love and passion for the game sharing stories of players he's had the pleasure to play alongside. As always we dig deep on real problems, people wrestle, with none bigger than the battle Jasin has been tackling with his own mental health. Sharing for the first time that the Ibiza car park fall was an attempt to take his life. We uncover how Jansin is now working to control his mind, as he shares the tools and strategies he has put in place, from transcendental meditation to getting back into the gym. A great supporter of Andys Man club, Jansin is fired up like never before to run head-on and help to tackle the stigmas that still surround mental health. Sharing “I didn’t want to end my life; I wanted to end the pain I was going through." A lesson learned following him having to endure breaking both my legs,  “I broke my pelvis in half. I fractured L1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in my spine and then I broke every bone in my face.” He highlighted Tyson Fury’s message of support as a particular inspiration. He said: “Laid in the hospital bed seeing that brought me to tears and I couldn’t quite believe that he’d… for somebody that suffered from mental health and has been able to put himself back into the game, the sport of boxing as well and overcome it. Jansin has never been more determined in his life given his “second chance” to run at the big thing. He is helping others by sharing his story and helping organisations such as Andys Man Club to bang the drum that it is Okay To Talk. Take a listen to this week's Podcast. #wellbeing #productivity #Networking #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #ITSupport
January 30, 2020
International Superstar DJ & Music Producer Ben Rainey
International Superstar DJ & Music Producer Ben Rainey is on this week’s show. We discuss what life's like headlining, in Ibiza, Dubai, Ayia Napa and Antwerp — performing at The Ocean Beach Club, Ibiza for SIN Sundays, Zero Gravity, Dubai. With Ben performing alongside Claptone, Roger Sanchez, Disciples and Europe’s most prominent dance festival, Tomorrowland to name but a few. We ask what life is like as one of Hulls biggest Instagram stars. Ben is one of Hull’s finest who is taking the world by storm with his unique style. When he’s not jet setting around the world, he is a resident DJ at Hulls Barrow Boys, and today he is in the studio for our Pig Wrestling Podcast. We learn about the real Ben Rainey, who’s a real mummy's boy who loves nothing more than sharing kisses and cuddles with his mum, Gran and sister with whom he idolises. We uncover the roots of his love of music and the influence his mum and dad have played in shaping Bens style. Discussing his passion for spending hours in the studio, making music can, at times take over his life. We dig deep and learn the tools and the tactics he uses to manage his hectic schedule. And what it's like to be an influencer on social media and how he manages to unplug and unwind. And how helping others came back to help him to save Luke Campbells 30th birthday bash. With his new little 11-year-old protege Taylor coming to his rescue. Who he’s helped carve out her international DJ career. The power of gratitude, from lessons he's unearthed from his time spent with Revd Tony Cotson. A question we should have asked but we didn't uncovered Ben has a GCSE in Japanese. “こんにちは私の名前はベンです” “ Hi my name is Ben “ PPS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us. Take a listen to this week's Podcast. #wellbeing #productivity #Networking #business #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #ITSupport
January 23, 2020
The Pig Wrestling Piglet - What we've learned about magic and mindset !
This week, we kick off with our new "mini" podcast the Piglet (Thanks Scott). We discussed a fantastic event we attended hosted by the Business Culture Hull, filled with magic and mindset !  We've been busy Learning "Achievement Thinking"  and how THIS MINDSET CAN BE LEARNED – ‘Achievement Thinking’ is a collection of simple tools to empower and help you find, keep and grow the strength to continuously flourish, build resilience and manage change. We had the privilege to listen to John Hotowka, a business speaker, humorist and magician.  We also looked back at when you don't have the right mindset or the skill set it leaves you upset. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
January 16, 2020
Why you need GRIT & how these 6 Senses will shape our new decade
WOW, we are back- 2020 New Decade New Series. What a tremendous first Series we had with the Pig Wrestling Podcast with over 1500 + hrs of streaming to date. (that's 1 person sat for 62 & ½ days !) This week's podcast Host's Leon and Paul review the year past and what's in store for 2020. Sharing their new goals and lessons learned with the tools and tactics they are using to make 2020 their best year yet! Their big take-home they share with the real world is; G.R.I.T; Why you need GRIT in 2020 as Leon learned from Dr Larry Little G-Get over yourself R-Run at the big thing I-Inspiring be the change you seek T-Take time for you The Six Senses Shaping The World; They also discuss the six senses that we all can use to guide us in, Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, Meaning. These senses increasingly will guide our lives and shape our world. A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future Daniel H. Pink PS.  We had some fantastic guests on the show in 2019, and 2020 is looking just as good. It's good to be back up and running at our big thing. PPS. Please, can you like and drop a review within whichever platform you are listening to us.  Take a listen to this week's Podcast. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
January 9, 2020
17. Resilience Masterclass with SAS Who Dares Wins Spencer Locker
On this week's Pig Wrestling Podcast We have the brilliant Spencer Locker, who features on the channel 4 series SAS who dares wins with Ant Middleton. Five ex-Special Forces soldiers recreate the SAS's secret selection process putting up to 30 men & women through the ultimate test of their physical and - more importantly - psychological resilience. Spencer talks about getting out of your comfort zone &  resilience training. Spencer is a Senior Consultant at Trans 2 performance a position he has held since 2018, Married to Sharon with two wonderful boys. Spencer Volunteers as an experience Family mediator and community panel member at offending youth team. He is also a coach of an Under 7s football team. In his early years Spencer was in the Military, after coming out he went onto study Social Work Degree doing 1 year then pulling out.           In his words:      "I see it as a lucky escape. I don't think I would have been able to retain my sanity working in that industry."                                His lesson 'be true to yourself & trust your instincts' Take a list to this week's Podcast #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
December 19, 2019
16. Luke Ambler Motivational Speaker / Entrepreneur / Founder & Chairman of Andysmanclub
This week's Festive Special We have the very inspirational Luke Ambler Motivational Speaker / Entrepreneur / Founder & Chairman of Andysmanclub to name a few things he does these days.  Luke is a big family man, engaged to Lisa and has three lovely Children Alfie Aubrey and Ada.   Luke, a former professional Rugby league player, playing for the likes of Salford, Leeds Rhinos, Harlequins on loan, York on loan and Ireland. He finished his career at his beloved Halifax making 141 appearances scoring 32 tries. Luke is a fellow of Brathay, which is a charitable organisation.Their mission is to improve the life chances of children, young people and families by inspiring them to engage positively in their communities. Luke is Chief Executive of Ambler Training LTD, Has his own Journal out for adults and Children -  The Bee you Journal and The Bee You kids Journal He is opening his first Coffee Shop in the centre of Halifax The Hive. Luke is also Founder and Chairman of Andysmanclub 2016. Luke set up AMC when his Brother-in-law Andy took his own life in 2016, This has become one of the biggest mental health movements and now has over 21 clubs throughout the UK, Winning the award at the ITV National Diversity awards 2019. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
December 12, 2019
15. Jan Brumby CEO at For Entrepreneurs Only
On this week's Pig Wrestling Podcast we have the very Influential Jan Brumby, Named in the Hull Daily Mails 24 most influential women of Hull, she also awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise promotion in 2006. Jan Is CEO at For Entrepreneurs Only founded in May 2012. Her career history includes the Financial ( HSBC ) Education ( University of Hull ) and Charity ( Young Enterprise ) sectors. Only 13 of the country's 350 biggest companies have women at the helm. But Jan is one of those women who drive Hulls economy and makes decisions daily, which shapes our city and the broader region. She is passionate about working in partnership with committed and inspirational people and organisations. Jan is also the female vocalist for The Brilliant Hull Band Beautiful Couch, a Tribute to the Beautiful South and Housemartins. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
December 5, 2019
14. Jason Kay - Chief Executive Officer & Founder of LiveLead
This weeks Guest we have Jason Kay, been real and raw with his fantastic life story. Going through significant life changes from an early age, finally setting down with his wife. After he was made homeless at 17, losing his mum when he was 25 was a big turning point in Jason life. Having had lots of jobs in his early years and became very good at getting fired for "gobbing off," Jason has gone on to have his own company. He is Chief Executive Officer & Founder of LiveLead previously ( Director ) Market Place.  Take a listen to Jason's brilliant podcast. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
November 28, 2019
13. John Gilbert Managing Director Eskimosoup
On this week's Podcast we have John Gilbert, Born at Hedon Road Maternity Hospital in 1980, John is one of 4 brothers raised in East Hull. John is married to Sally and lives in Welton with their sons, who are aged 12 and 13. Having attended Malet Lambert in his teens, Wilberforce College and Hull University, John went worked in engineering for two years before being made redundant. Aged 23 he went self-employed as a freelance marketer and has been involved in many successful businesses. He owns and runs a multi-award-winning social marketing agency, eskimosoup through which he and his team work with the NHS, Police and councils to creative media and marketing to achieve social good. Amongst many projects, he is currently busy producing a series of films based on real-life experiences of young people who join organised criminal gangs. Take a listen to John fantastic story here on The Pig Wrestling Podcast. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
November 21, 2019
12. Gareth Alexander - Chief Operating Officer at LiveLead
This week's Podcast Guest is, Gareth Alexander who is the current Chief Operating Officer & Founder of LiveLead.  Gareth's went to Sydney Smith High School, then attended Hull College. Gareth's professional History is astounding working for the likes of BAE, Lockhead Martin, SAAB, F-35 Global to name but a few taking him all over the world. He spent a lot of time over in the USA moving over to Dallas in 2003 with his wife,His two children was born over in the USA. Working with companies like American Global Aerospace, now back in Hull and Founder of LiveLead.  Take a list to this week's Podcast.  #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
November 14, 2019
11. Leon McQuade, Co Founder of Think Cloud, Trustee AndysManClub & Host of Pig Wrestling Podcast
This week, to celebrate his 38th Birthday we have no other than our very own Leon McQuade as a guest on the podcast. Born in Beverly 7th November 1981 - Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Uncle & Friend. Leon started his early life moving from 11 different schools, while his mum and dad worked hard and was running pubs all over Yorkshire. Leon became a joiner by trade and spent his 20s working in construction. At the age of 30 and been a new father, Leon wanted to do something different that was also helping him with his career and to help him move forward. In 2018 Leon leapt in a new direction entirely, and in October 2018 he became a business partner with Scott. and Think Cloud was born. Leon's Journey with Andys Man Club started in 2017 when he offered them IT, which at the time they needed a club opening in Hull more. So along with close rugby mates, Andys Man club in Hull was born and has gone from strength to strength. He is now a Trustee of the charity. The club runs every Monday Night from 6.45 at Airco Training Centre, Goulton Street, Hull. Listen and hear all about Leon's Journey. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
November 7, 2019
10. Andy Last Hull Fc Assistant Coach
Andy Last Hull FC Assistant Coach On this week's podcast, we speak of people, process and the technology that's shaped Andy into the loving father, husband, son, friend and brother. Today we get to discover more about Andy Last the person and uncover some pigs he's wrestled.  Andy grew up on Hessle Road, signed for Hull FC as a junior player in 1998, coming from amateur team Eureka, making his first debut in August 1999. He made 29 appearances, scoring four tries before he opted to make the decision to join the coaching team following the 2004 season. Having spent two years as the club, Head of Youth Development, Last became Assistant Coach, a role he still holds today. While been an assistant to Richard Agar at first-team level, his other main priority was that of head coach for the Black and Whites  Under-20s team. Andy has been involved in probably Hull FC most successful part of their History during his coaching career at Hull, helping guide them to three Grand Finals, and winning two. He has been responsible for the long line of homegrown players such as Josh Bowden, Chris Green, Dean Hadley, Reece Lyne, Tom Briscoe and Tommy Lee. A former England academy coach Andy went on to receive the outstanding contribution to the club award. Take a listen to this weeks great podcast #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
October 31, 2019
Andy know to most as Speedy, came to Andys man club 18 months ago one of the first men to attend the group. He became a facilitator after overcoming struggles with his mental health, now helps men who come through the door every Monday night and is the right-hand man to Paul. Brought up on Boothferry estate, and becoming The Man of the house after the separation of his Mum and Dad when he was 9, From being the class clown to leaving school with 10 GSCE'S. He is now happily married and the father of two boys, he's a big family man and love self development. Take a listen to this great Podcast and learn all about Andys man club and Andy's favourite book The Chimp Paradox and what both have done for Andy. We dig deep with our Pig Wrestling Ten Commandments, with Andy Speed being real & raw on this week's show thanks Speedy. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
October 24, 2019
8. Paul Spence - P.A.U.L for Brain Recovery and Brain Works
Talking about life after brain injury, the lessons he learnt and how he's turned adversity on its head despite lasting damage. Paul is a big family man, Engaged to be married next year to Gemma, Father to Shannon & Reece. He has a Granddaughter Evie who he loves to spend time with. Paul was an Electrical Engineer until he sustained a terrible brain injury by one punch in 2012. He was left with a life-changing injury, he couldn't see his past and was an unemotional robot. After seeing the level of aftercare in the area, he set his mind on launching a service to help and support other Brain injury victims. Paul founded Paul for Brain Recovery in 2016. He now works close with the NHS. Paul went on to created Brain works bars which focused on health. Brain works bars are designed with a powerful mix of products scientifically proven to aid Brain Development, and recovery reduces the trauma caused by illness and everyday stress and fights off the ageing brain cells. Pauls has done masses of inspiring fundraising events all over the world from Marathons, Iron man UK and climbing Kilimanjaro in June 2018. We dig deep with our Pig Wrestling Ten Commandments, with Paul Spence being real & raw on this week's show thank you Paul for sharing your story. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
October 15, 2019
Episode 7 - JACKSON SAGE - ANDYS MAN CLUB FACILITATOR Jackson came to Andys man club in May 2018 and became a facilitator after overcoming struggles with his mental health. He now helps men who come through the door every Monday night. He attends The Hey Baby event at hull women and children's on the last Wednesday of the month talking everything Andysmanclub. Originally from a small town in  Stroud, Gloucestershire he moved to Hull to attend Hull University. .Jackson Graduated 1st in his class and got a PhD in Marine biology from The University of Hull in 2014 and now works for The University of Lincoln . Andysmanclub is held every Monday at Airco Training Academy, Goulton Street Hull doors open at 6.30 pm. We dig deep with our Pig Wrestling Ten Commandments, with Jackson Sage being real & raw on this week's show thanks Jackson. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
October 10, 2019
6. Phil Winter Business editor of Hull Daily Mail & Hull Live
As always we speak People, Process and Technology with Phil Winter who is the Business editor at the Hull Daily Mail and Hull Live. Formerly a senior news reporter at both Hull Live and Goole & Selby Times newspapers. He has also featured in Daily Mirror, Manchester Evening News, Birmingham Mail, Wales on Sunday, Ayrshire Post, Liverpool Echo, The FADER, Nottingham Post, Surrey Live, Mercury Extra and more. Phil is a big Hull City fan, who enjoys Traveling and discovering new music. Phil attended University of Sheffield  and studied Journalism 2012-2015. We dig deep with our Pig Wrestling Ten Commandments, with Phil Winter being real & raw on this week's show. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
October 3, 2019
5. Martin Johnson Speaker | Author |Founder | CEO Trans2 Performance The People Performance People
On this week's podcast we have Martin Johnson T2 Performance - The People Performance People As always we speak People, Process and Technology, uncovering the man and the team who are Digitally Disrupting the "Leadership & Business Management Training Sector. With the all new T2-Hub The company are arming their customers with winning-tools and strategies so they can thrive. Martins Back Ground Gartner for 6 years Sales Leader Senior Account Manager Butler Group 4 years Sales Manager Senior Account Manager Warfare Branch - Operator Mechanic 4 years. Served in 3 type 42 destroyers over that period served in the Med, Falklands and the Far East in 2003 Martin received an Admirals commendation for his role during the grounding of HMS Nottingham. Rugby League background played for Ideal and Later Dockers and East Hull (we need to mention I never ever beat them we you lads drew once) not until I coached an under 8s side Bit of a story there. Life as a published author of I Am Human 30 mistakes to success which Paul read on a beach in Australia and found transformational. I am Human lifts the lid on 30 of the most common subconscious mistakes and missed opportunities that we humans fail to correct or take advantage of. The books key message, only through self-knowledge can we hope to become the best version of ourselves. Covering: Being Conscious Becoming More Productive Learning Influence We unpick Martins excellent talk on Social Excellence & Why values matter with the key message on this talk is that we need to get out of the middle ground. We dig deep with our Pig Wrestling Ten Commandments, with Martin speaking real & raw. Listen on On Spotify Anchor FM Podcasts Radio Republic MORE PLACES TO LISTEN breaker google_podcasts spotify overcast pocket_casts radiopublic. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
September 26, 2019
1. Paul Longley kicks of the very first podcast in the Think Tank talking transformation & change.
We have a serious problem: one man every two hours in the uk take their own life’s just stop and think about that. This week we have Paul Longley kick off our very first show.   I’m driven to help break the stigma associated with “Mental Health”. I've learned there are 3 main stigmas  weakness, burden, and embarrassment, that stop men for speaking out. And with my work with Andy’s Man Club we are helping pave the way for men to know that #ItsOkayToTalk and to break the stigma. For the past 2+years Ive helped create a safe environment for men to come and talk with out these fears. Ive become a regular speaker within the Hull business community, speaking to audiences of 800+ for the likes of Siemens, Arco, Smith & Nephews, Victoria Plum, ResQ, Department of Work & Pensions. I love to bang the drum for Andy’s Man Club and sharing my “next man” talk which is built on my own experiences and in those gained in helping myself and now over 2500+men. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
September 26, 2019
4. Rev’d Tony Cotson | Hull FC Chaplin | St John Baptist, Trinity House, Hulls Fishing Heritage
Title: 4. Rev’d Tony Cotson | Hull FC Chaplin | St John Baptist, Trinity House, Hulls Fishing Heritage Date: 19/09/19 Copy: On this week's podcast we have Rev’d Tony Cotson. Speaking People, Process, Technology. Born 1953 Somerset Street, Hessle Road. Married Jan 1976, we met as teenagers. Two children and 5 GC. After marriage set up home in Hampshire St, then St Nicholas Ave and finally Summergroves so lived off Hessle Road all my life. Worked (office work) in the fishing industry for 15 years (trawler owners) then 20 odd years manager at Homebase which saw me travel a little and then finally the church for the last 20 years. Proud to be serving my community as priest. First meaningful church contact on a surfing holiday in St Ives Cornwall at the age of 19. Life changing event. Love music/sport. Played both since childhood. Enjoy traveling and meeting people. Especially listening to people's life stories, I tell people, in many ways I get paid to carry stories as well as tell the Big Story! In addition to my parish work I am Chaplain to FC, West Hull, Trinity House and our Fishing Heritage groups. Keeps me occupied. Recently Lord Mayor chaplain too. Quite an insight. My work brings me into contact with a cross section of people from Archbishops to leading members of Parliament to homeless refugees and everyone in between. And everyone is valued equally. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
September 19, 2019
3. Jo Kent - Suicide Prevention Lead NHS Foundation Trust - People Process Technology.
The Pig Wrestling Podcast, this week's guest is the wonderful Jo Kent Suicide Prevention lead & Humber Coast & Vale Health & Care partnership / Humber mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. As always we Jo is talking, transformation, change and focusing on People, Process & Technology. Key talking points World suicide prevention day ( WSPD ) 10th September How the NHS want to work with local communities. Andysmanclub UK tour Breaking the stigma around mental health Suicide prevention training ( Details covered in the interview ) Pig Wrestling 10 commandments Lots more interesting topics. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
September 12, 2019
2. Paul Matson & Trevor Fishburn Hull 4 Heroes talking transformation & change.
The Pig Wrestling Podcast, this week's guests are Paul Matson & Trevor Fishburn Hull 4 Heroes talking, transformation, change and focusing on People, Process & Technology.Paul & Trevor run the charity Hull 4 Heroes dedicated to helping local veterans which is becoming a massive success. Key talking points DIY SOS and how the charity was created How Hull for Heroes & Andysmanclub can work together Veterans Village 48 hour world record rugby attempt The vision of Hull for Heroes going forward and how they can continue to support veterans Pig Wrestling 10 commandments Getting men to open up regarding their mental health How talking and both the  charities are helping guys grow and progress. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
September 5, 2019
The Pig Wrestling Podcast Trailer
Wow, it’s our first ever podcast, and we are super excited to launch our teaser to the podcasts to come. We have lined up some amazing special guests and we will be recording each & every week thanks for listening, Paul & Leon. #productivity #business  #PersonalDevelopment #mentalhealth #technology
July 11, 2019