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PitchTALKS: Bringing You The Game

PitchTALKS: Bringing You The Game

By Mitch Parris
Bringing You The Game is a new podcast series by PitchTALKS, centered around capturing the compelling
and experiential stories from the individuals (or teams) who bring the sporting action to our screens.
With each episode, we take a dive (of the right kind) and explore what goes into performing different roles within sport and how you can begin your new career.
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Shooting for Soccer AM
Soccer AM, almost every sports fan has either watched it or heard of it - but what is it like working on it?  This episode PitchTALKS is joined by Alex Emery, Senior Assistant Producer, discussing his role, interviewing Premier League Stars, his new podcast Travel Talks & the all important career advice. 
December 5, 2020
Derek Rae: Letting My Voice Do The Talking
Join us for a very special episode with one of the world's most iconic voices and sports commentators around today, Derek Rae.  Learn about his journey to becoming a Commentator, his favourite ever match, recording for FIFA 19, 20 & 21, how advances in technology has changed the role of the Commentator, and top career advice!
November 28, 2020
Walking Amongst The Stars: Life at IMG Media - Premier League Productions
From Xabi Alonso & Kieran Trippier to Wayne Rooney and Stuart Pearce - what would you ask them?  What's it like being in the presence of Tiger Woods and Anthony Joshua?  To meet just one of these idols would be a dream, but for Conor Costello, this is "work"! This podcast gives us unprecedented access into life working at IMG Media, Premier League Productions, and advice on how you can do the same.
November 21, 2020
A Stroke of Genius: My Story as an Official LPGA Photographer
On time with The Masters at Augusta this weekend, we go international as we introduce Gabriel Roux, the official photographer for the LPGA and NIKON Mexican Ambassador. Hear the incredible life experiences of Gabriel, jetting around the world to some of the most beautiful golf courses around the world, interacting with the world's best in sport and capturing the winning moment at the 2019 Solheim Cup. 
November 14, 2020
Unedited and Behind the Mic at talkSPORT
talkSPORT and Unedited, two of the most recognisable broadcasting stations known to any sports enthusiast - but what goes on behind the mic?  We speak to Andrew Spence Radio Producer at talkSPORT &  Co-Owner at Unedited on the daily operations, pre-show nerves and diversity within sport.
November 7, 2020
PitchTALKS: Bringing You The Game with Paul Guest Series 1 Finale!
The end of series finale 🎬 and true to form, it's another corker! This week we introduce Paul Guest, Commercial Director of SportsPro Media. Established in 2008 as a magazine publisher, but as the way we consume our media has changed, as have they! Learn the ins and outs of becoming a leader Sports Media company. Series 1 has been an absolute blast to produce, and I don't think we were quite expecting the amazing response we have received for PitchTALKS. So with that said, series 2 is already in the works! We'll be back in a couple of weeks with more compelling stories, career advice, and never heard before content from inside the sports industry.
October 17, 2020
Transferring University Gowns for Premier Professional Success
At the present time, for many, finding a job straight out of University is easier said than done. Especially a job that you love. However, it is very much the story of Fraser Read at AFC Bournemouth. We sat down with him to discuss his love for sport, becoming part of the AFC Bournemouth's marketing team and what advise he would give to people in education. 
October 10, 2020
Women in Sport: My Journey
You can expect your usual sports chat and career advice for becoming a Producer in sport - but most of our chat this week is about Women In Sport. This topic has seen a lot more media attention in recent months, and quite rightly so. Our guest, Claire Taylor, tells us what it is like working in an industry heavily dominated by men, and what more we can all do to create these pathways for girls. 
October 3, 2020
Becoming the Director of Sky Sports
Prince Harry, David Beckham, Jessica Ennis Hill, and Novak Djokovic, what do they all have in common? Graeme Spink, former TV Director at Sky, has produced shows with them - and that's just a normal day when at Sky!  Join us for an in-depth discussion on finding out what it takes to become the Director of one of the world's largest broadcasting companies, and how you can start a career just how Graeme did it.
September 26, 2020
Running the Rugby League World Cup 2021 - A Chairman's Perspective
Now, this is exciting!! PitchTALKS proudly introduces Chris Brindley MBE. The current Chair of the Rugby League World Cup 2021...see, we told you it was good! Listen in, as we talk about, well...this is going to need a list: ➢ Natwest and Monzo Bank ➢ Mental Health within Sport ➢ Organising the Rugby League World Cup 2021 (within a pandemic!) ➢ Equal pay ➢ The day to day life of being a Non Executive Director ➢ Mentoring at The Premier League ➢ Career Advice ➢ And so so so much more! This podcast will inspire, motivate and excite you, as it did us! Make sure you tune in, and you'll be glad you did. 
September 19, 2020
The Inside Deal: Working with Sport Sponsorship
Episode 3 of Bringing You The Game introduces Michael Jackson, CEO at Elite Sports Marketing A Sports Sponsorship Company.  We discuss Michael's journey from starting off in telemarketing, to now working on some of the biggest sponsorship deals in sport. This podcast gives you a new insight into the commercial side of sport than ever before, and a true representation of what hard work can truly deliver. 
September 12, 2020
A Day in the Life of a Sports Cameraman
Ever wondered what it's like to being a Football Cameraman? Driving up and down the length of the country every weekend (or even midweek)! PitchTALKS introduces Graham Howe, a freelance cameraman, who has worked in Broadcasting for over 20+ years working with the likes of BT Sport and Sky, which has also taken him to film a World Cup Final...sounds like the dream job right?  Well, we get the full insight for you and also advice in how to get into TV Broadcasting. 
September 5, 2020
Becoming a Lecturer & Coach at West Ham United Foundation
A sports podcast, with a twist. Don't expect the usual match analysis from yesterday's big game on PitchTALKS. PitchTALKS captures compelling stories from individuals and teams who bring the sporting action to our screens.  In this debut episode, we speak with Dominic Edwards, Higher Education Lecturer at West Ham United Foundation, on his career from being a football coach, scout to lecturer. Is this a career path you're looking to get into? Well, the best bit about PitchTALKS is we are focused on giving you the best chance to succeed as we get those performing the roles to provide useful career advice only ever heard on PitchTALKS.  So sit back, enjoy...oh, and take notes! 
September 5, 2020