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Pixel Opinions Podcast

Pixel Opinions Podcast

By Sandro Luketic
Here at the Pixel Opinions weekly podcast we are not journalists, industry professionals or experts analysts. We are simply a collection of dedicated video game fans who want to share their unique opinions with others who are passionate about the industry and medium that we grew up with.
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Looking to Next Gen
- 2k Sports adds unskippable ads to NBA2K21 - Previewing the PS5 exclusive launch line up - Previewing the Xbox Series X exclusive launch line up
October 26, 2020
Shopping Backwards
- Playstation 5 backwards compatibility - Baldur's Gate 3 not keeping early access save files - WoW: Shadowlands pre-patch chat - PS3, Vita, PSP items being removed from web and mobile
October 18, 2020
Next Gen-ing it
Join us in our return episode as we discuss: - Microsoft purchasing Bethesda - Rumors of preview Series X consoles overheating - The Price of Next Gen games increasing
October 12, 2020