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The Pixel Paper Podcast

The Pixel Paper Podcast

By Noor
A platform dedicated to knowing more about all types of digital artists to learn from their craft.



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HIATUS EPISODE | Wrapping up S1 of the Pixel Paper Podcast!
Some of you may be sad to hear but I will be hiatusing this podcast for now! It's been a great 6 months, but I wanted to wrap it up with a small episode on my thoughts so far.⁠ ⁠  THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It's been so great and I hope you will continue to benefit and relisten/re-read all the great interviews conducted so far! HIGHLY APPRECIATE all the guests (y'all are the real MVPs!!!)⁠ Mentioned  My YT Channel: Douglas Murakami: JunHo Korean episode:
December 15, 2021
26: "I try to be as genuine as possible when it comes to creating."  Taiwanese, London-based RCA Graduate and Illustrator, Jason Chuang on his award-winning work.
Read the episode on Medium or Substack Today, I sit down with award-winning artist Jason Chuang who talks us through his journey from Taiwan to the UK, and how he has shifted into illustration, alongside the behind-the-scenes of his artistic process. We dive into his inspirations, cultural background, as well as how his life experiences have shaped him including his 4-month military experience which informed his first graphic novel. This was a super interesting conversation and I’m happy to hiatus the podcast on this episode.
December 08, 2021
25: "The architectural elements provide a layer of richness to the drawings." Architect and Illustrator, Isabelle Lam
Read on Today’s artist is our second to the last artist before the podcast goes on HIATUS! Isabelle Lam is an architect and illustrator whose work presents the artistic quirks that brand the students of the Bartlett School of Architecture. Her work effortlessly spans across both digital art and architecture, cultivating a hybrid of aesthetics and underlying messages which weave her work together. Please enjoy this short but worthy read with Isabelle! Hamza Sheikh Interview with Bartlett Graduate:
December 01, 2021
24: "I behave like a designer, not a painter" Turkish Children's book illustrator, Caner Soylu on his creative journey.
Read on Medium, or Subscribe on Substack or on Youtube. Would you define yourself as a painter or a designer? Well, Caner Soylu describes himself as the latter! For this week's episode, I sat down with the Turkish Children’s book illustrator based in Poland who shares his journey thus far. We talk about the ups and downs of illustration, and discuss in-depth about art education, theory and practice what it means to be a painter vs a designer. For people who are interested in traversing this route, I think you will benefit so please enjoy this episode with Caner Soylu.
November 24, 2021
23: "I can explore and escape into those worlds and let others do the same." - From astrophysics, to art, Becky Haystar's digital art journey
Read the episode on Medium or Substack Today’s artist, Becky, went from studying astrophysics at university to quitting her job as a software engineer to pursue art: a tale we all envision, and dream of, Becky tells her tale of navigating through the uncertainty of dropping it all to pursue her dreams. She offers a lot of great insights into artists who she has learned from, her inspirations, alongside many great tools and apps which she uses to help her workflow. Don’t miss out this awesome episode with Becky! And give her Youtube channel some love too!
November 17, 2021
22: "I just want to see more stories from here, told by people from here." Dubai-Based, Egyptian Animator and Illustrator Maryam Moustafa on the creative scene in the Middle East
Read the blog or watch on Youtube Today's guest talks about her passion for animation which determined the course of her career. Maryam Moustafa is our first guest from the Middle East who describes how her love for the industry stemmed from an early age when she was dead set on becoming an animator. We spoke about how the animation scene in the middle east is still in it's infancy and what gaps there are in the creative industries in this region.  In fact I think Maryam's story and her persistence is in and of itself very inspiring and sounds somewhat like the start of a hero story find out more about animation, interactive design and freelancing in the Middle east, please enjoy this episode with Maryam Moustafa. You can check out her instagram here.
November 10, 2021
21: "We should seek a situation in which the craft and the content complement and complete each other." - Brooklyn based, Chinese illustrator Xiao Hua Yang on his surreal illustrations.
Follow Xiao here: Listen to the episode on Anchor or Youtube Read the episode here: As soon as I saw the hues, blue and purple sprinkled with glowing stars, I knew I had to interview Xiao. His work evoked a profound sense of bittersweet loss, hope and sorrow all wrapped into one. These emotions translate not just through his paintbrush but also his pen, as he provided me with the longest script yet! This is a truly insightful, profound and philosophical interview which I hope you will enjoy. As soon as I saw the hues, blue and purple sprinkled with glowing stars, I knew I had to interview Xiao. His work evoked a profound sense of bittersweet loss, hope and sorrow all wrapped into one. These emotions translate not just through his paintbrush but also his pen, as he provided me with the longest script yet! This is a truly insightful, profound and philosophical interview which I hope you will enjoy.
November 03, 2021
20: "One day, I wish to create an animated show for kids" - Gobelins graduate, Claire Sun
Today's guest is from France - Claire Sun is a vibrant visual artist, and a graduate of the ultra-famous school of animation Gobelins. Today she shares the experiences that she had at university, including how she made a cool Japanese-inspired short which was the opening for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2019. If you want to find out more about what life is like in a top animation school, please enjoy this episode with Claire Sun. INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: YOUTUBE:  ARTICLE:
October 27, 2021
19: 'I'm that friend that sends memes at 3AM!' Malaysian artist Miriam Omar
For today's guest, we have a marketer-turned artist with a background in textiles. In this episode, Miriam from Malaysia spills her story of how she became an artist after a solid career in marketing for 10 years. This was a cool and unique episode in that Miriam has a very different route to the usual artist career and she offers a lot of professional advice as well as advice from a more experienced point of view so for young people who are starting out in their late teens or early 20's, I think this is a really good episode to listen to, and even if you're not it's just a super interesting episode to see how Miriam has come to where she is, how she started her super popular meme page called Mirro Notes and how she uses her art to help her local community. Please enjoy this episode with Miriam Omar.   INSTAGRAM:  YOUTUBE: ARTICLE:
October 20, 2021
18: "In the end, it is all a great adventure, so enjoy it and stop overthinking it." Dutch Illustrator Joey Pool.
Today’s artist is a Dutch artist who likes to emulate calmness in his work, through his subjects and playful colours. Joey Pool is an early-career illustrator who has worked on some really cool projects including an interactive film which he worked on with a whole team (more info on that in the recorded podcast interview). Joey loves to transport people into different worlds through his art and we traveled a lot as we had a lot of deep discussions around art. This is a nice calming, yet thoughtful interview so please enjoy this episode with Joey Pool. INSTAGRAM: ARTICLE: YOUTUBE: SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL:
October 13, 2021
17: "Fanarts have taught me to infuse my art style with the original." Filipina Illustrator Deisa Hidalgo
From LA to Tokyo, this artist seems to have traveled the world with her animations. Deisa gives us a lot of detailed insight into her fascinating work with clients like Amazon Tokyo fashion week, her process behind her magical animated music videos, the webtoon she makes, and even the struggles she has faced as she has grown through her journey. We also talk a lot about fanart and its place in the art world! As you can see this is a totally packed episode so really get comfy for this one bc it's a long and wonderful ride! Enjoy this interview with Deisa Hidalgo. INSTAGRAM: ARTICLE: YOUTUBE:
October 06, 2021
16: "Illustration is a very cost effective way of communicating an idea." - Whimsical Illustrator Tom Clohosy Cole
When I walked into the bookstore, I didn't expect to walk out with a newfound love for an artist! I discovered Tom's work as a hidden gem tucked into the children's bookshelf. His illustrated book for Michael Morpurgo's Warhorse was what led me to search him online, and subsequently reaching out to him. Even before I had the idea of the podcast, I emailed him for advice - he was actually the first guest I approached when starting the podcast! Finally, we're able to unlock the secrets behind this super talented artist - enjoy this wonderful interview with illustrator Tom Clohosy Cole. INSTAGRAM: READ THE INTERVIEW HERE: SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL:
September 29, 2021
15: "My illustrations are more like an invitation to the story." - fantasy and fairytale illustrator Kamila Stankiewicz.
Kamila's fairytale illustrations led me to want to interview this awesome artist from Poland. We conducted an email interview, where the artist shared how she creates her whimsical illustrations and her overall approach to art. Instagram: Read the article: Subscribe to the email list: Youtube version:
September 22, 2021
14 - "Keep chasing possibilities": From South Korea to South India, illustrator Brian Joon Ho Ko, aka Bekologic
This guest is a multicultural globe trotter. Brian Joon Ho Ko is originally from South Korea, grew up in India and learned illustration from the UK. He talks us through his really fascinating life, how he developed his illustration career , even hosted multiple exhibitions, and how his multiple cultural identities have influenced him and his craft. READ THE INTERVIEW HERE WATCH THE KOREAN INTERVIEW INSTAGRAM:
September 15, 2021
13 - "The most important part to be free is, you just need to be you." - Nickelodeon artist Cat Rao
Enjoy this interview with free-spirited, hard-working artist Cat Rao. She currently works for Gigglebug studios on a Nickelodeon TV Show. She talks us through how the impressionist movement inspires her, how we can be freer in our work, and what's it's like working in a TOP animation studio. This is a super fun interview that you don't want to miss out on! Instagram: Read the article: Youtube:
September 08, 2021
12 - "Always believe in yourself." - World-building Graphic Illustrator Mayo Lopez tells her tales
Graphic Illustrator Mayo Lopez, talks us through her beautifully detailed artwork, alongside giving us reasons why digital artists should pursue traditional art! Mayo’s charm and happy vibes mean you won’t want to give this interview a miss! P.S. she’s the FIFTH architecture student I’ve interviewed! Instagram: Read the article here: Youtube:
September 01, 2021
11 - "It usually takes double the amount of time!" - Anime-inspired artist Cat Paku
Read the article here In this episode, I sit down with architecture student and illustrator Cat Paku who talks us through her awe-inspiring anime work. She also shares her experiences on making webtoons, as well as her inspirations!
August 25, 2021
10 - "The little birds made me think of you!" - Shaylynn from @nimiszu
Shaylynn’s art journey is a saga that spans a large part of her life - she goes into detail about her process, and shares her thoughts behind using an alias for social media. She also tells us about her passion for animals and how that reflects in her work, as well as how her graphic design background helps her in her journey. Read the article here Music by Ashamaluev Instagram: Articles: Youtube:
August 18, 2021
9 - "As any architecture student will say: I don't know how to draw people!" Masters student Diana
In today’s episode, we have someone who was my former university classmate. Diana is a Masters in Architecture student studying at Manchester School of Architecture. We go deep into art philosophies and perceptions whilst talking about Diana’s dissertation and generally having a discussion on the overlap between art, architecture and atmosphere. I think deep thinkers will like this episode. So sit back, get comfy and enjoy  Instagram: Read the article here
August 11, 2021
8 - "I just make art that has a positive impact!" - Happy-go-lucky illustrator Krupesh Mistry
Join me today to meet Krupesh, whose wish is to spread positive vibes around the world! Krupesh is an Indian artist and Graphic Designer whose love of Pixar has led him to create inspired characters and illustrations that bring fresh and happy vibes to his Instagram Feed. He shares his journey into the illustration world and how he uses his surroundings to inspire him. Article here Music by Ashamaluev
August 04, 2021
7 - "What happens if I paint the sky yellow? Or green?" Concept Artist Douglas Murakami
The podcast is back and we are kicking off with a bang! Following from the last season, we have yet another vivid artist, Douglas Murakami who specializes in concept and background art, all the way from the South Americas. Douglas encourages us, through his own process, to experiment wildly and try new things: what would an orange sky look like? What if we mash two old sketches together? He shares his own, practical tips on how to get started below. And why he prefers photoshop over Procreate. This episode is extra special because it is accompanied by a very detailed walkthrough where Douglas shares a lot of really cool insights into his process so head on over to the YouTube link below. Or, listen to the podcast too as he shares in more detail. He also shares a lot about working as a background designer in a workplace.   READ THE INTERVIEW HERE 
July 28, 2021
6 - “The colors are so majestic and tasty, I just want to eat it!” - Freelance artist Gillian Galang
Today we have the ball of sunshine that is Gillian Galang, a Filipina freelancer who shares many insider tips on how to improve your art, including many (many!) references to her favourite artists, as well as tutorials and book recommendations! Check the article here Here are all the references! Laura Price, Marco Bucci, Arex Cho, Chichi Romero, Nathan Fowkes, Zac Retz, Angela Sung, Armand Serrano, Brittney Lee, Hue Teo, Tommy Kim, James Gurney, John Singer Sargent, Edgar Payne, Gustav Klimt, Mary Blair, Eyvind Earle, and Joaquin Sorolla, Fernando Amorsolo  Gillian's Instagram: Read the Article: ***  LISTEN ON ANCHOR: LISTEN ON SPOTIFY:  EMAIL SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST:  Music:
July 07, 2021
5 - “I don’t function without control z!” - Architect-turned-artist Tabassum Abdul Raheem
In today’s episode, Tabassum regales us with her charm and stories about how art made it’s way into her life. She offers suggestions on how we can use movies to better our craft, as well as emphasizing on the importance of exercise! We also fangirl over our favourite YouTube Yoga instructor (any guesses?).    Instagram: Check out the article here:
June 30, 2021
4 - “My motto is ‘more is more!” Small business owner, Maryam, from Vivid By Maryam
Today, our guest Maryam reveals how her roots were the key to unlocking her creative business. She takes us on her vibrant journey through her organic art process and shares valuable tips on how to get started in creating your own products.  Instagram: Read the article here:
June 23, 2021
3 - “These comics are a way for me to make the situation less complex” - Comic artist Anand Krishnan
Sharing his childlike characters on Instagram has been a way for our first guest to process his overthinking. Anand dives deep into the thoughts behind his work, and unpacks the story of his infamous “Appooppa” characters, as well as sharing his inspirations and his feelings towards the creative process, giving us a different way of seeing things  Anand Instagram: References: @miles_art @worry__lines.   Check out the Article Here:
June 16, 2021
2 - “I have a sword and I need to save the world!” - fantasy artist Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
From dragons to dramatic landscapes, today’s digital artist takes us on her journey through her mythical worlds, borne out of her childhood fantasies. Ekaterina tells us about her fantasy inspirations and gives advice on how she breaks the ice with her drawings, as well as how we can make our own artwork more fantastical.  Check out the Article Here: You can also follow her on Instagram:
June 09, 2021
1 - “Think about the constant battle between complementary colours” Background Artist, Artwhelve.
Our artist today is Naska aka @artwhelve, a student who talks us through her journey as a background artist, and how she consistently improves her craft. She reminds us of the fundamentals, and gives credit to great background artist references!  Instagram: Article:   References: @rykyart @jguess_art @jocelincarmes   Music:
June 01, 2021
The Pixel Paper Podcast Trailer
Welcome to the pixel paper podcast, a series where we get to know the creative processes behind up-and-coming digital artists!  1st Episode to be released Wednesday 2nd June!
May 12, 2021