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Psychology in Drop shipping ft.Saurabh Chaudhary #E020

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Psychology in Drop shipping ft.Saurabh Chaudhary #E020
Hey guys, In this Episode, I have Invited Saurabh Choudhary to share his Dropshipping experience with you guys. Saurabh Choudhary is a Marketing Psychology and E-Commerce Expert from India. During his more than a decade long expertise in Digital Marketing, Saurabh has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker, and author of “Psycho Marketing” and “Adwords for Digital Marketing Ninjas” which has sold over 25,000 copies, worldwide. He has trained 3000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting dropshipping workshops across the country from past 1 year. 🚀 In this episode, he has shared many hacks of dropshipping and He has answered many questions like, 🚀 How to Start a Dropshipping Store? 🚀 How to get the first sale? 🚀 How much investment does it take to start a Dropshipping store? 🚀 How to find products? 🚀 and his shared many more things. So make sure you listen to the full episode. 🚀 Connect with Saurabh Choudhary 🚀 🚀 Blog/Website - 🚀 Facebook - 🚀 LinkedIn - 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Twitter - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog -
January 25, 2019
SEO for Microsite Vs One Single Site Which is Good? ft.Sourabh Rana #E019
Hey guys, In this episode, I have invited Sourabh Rana  ( Trainer, Blogger & SEO Professional) to share his experience and knowdledge of SEO. 🚀 Sourabh Rana is a Veteran SEO professional who is in the Search space since 2008. He is a trainer, spearker, trainer and consultant. and He worked on almost every competitive niches and ranked in the top of BIG G.He derived millions of traffic through organically couple of times. 🚀 He has talked about Single site and Micro site. 🚀 What is Single site? 🚀 What is Micro Site? 🚀 Which site is good?  🚀 How google algorithm works? 🚀 He has share many more hacks, so make sure you listen full episode. 🚀 Connect with Sourabh Rana 🚀 🚀 Facebook - 🚀 Blog -  🚀Linkedin - 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog -
January 24, 2019
Sharing 90 Days Writing Challenge Journey #E018
Hey Guys, In this Episode, I have shared my journey of #90DaysWritingChallenge   What is #90DaysWritingChallenge ? 90 days back on 6th October 2018 (Saturday) I challenged myself to write/post every single day for 90 Straight Days and I Successfully completed this Challenge on 3rd January 2019. I have shared everything about this challenge, Why I started and How I started and What I achieved? So,Make sure you listen till end of the Episode. This Challenge was not possible without you guys:) Thanks for such an amazing support guys :)   🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog - 
January 6, 2019
Seo for Voice Search Ft.Deepak Shukla #E017
Hey Guys, 🚀In this Episode I have invited Deepak Shukla (SEO Expert) to share his Expertise on Voice Search. 🚀 Deepak is basically a SEO Consultant. 🚀 Deepak is Managing Director at SEO agency called Pearl Lemon.  🚀 Deepak is known as Tedx Speaker on Social Media. In this Episode he has answered many questions related to Voice Search. 🚀 He has answered questions like, 🚀 How Voice search is Dominating? 🚀 How anyone can start doing SEO for voice search? 🚀 How you can rank your website for Voice search? 🚀 and he has shared many more things. 🚀 Connect with Deepak Shukla 🚀 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Website/Blog - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog - 
January 5, 2019
Sharing my first experience of my first ever public talk | #PKVlog #E016
In this Episode, I am going to share my experience of my first ever talk which I delivered at Digital Marketing Day Nashik on 16th December. Yesterday, First time I faced public and delivered a small talk on Digital Marketing. I have never even talked in front of 5 people and yesterday I talked in front of 40+ people. In college, I was a very shy kind of guy and a guy with stage fear. Whether its a small presentation in class or even Introducing my self in front of many people, I used to scared to talk. Slowly, I started working on myself and Started meeting unknown people sharing experience and journey, connecting with them. I still remember, many times in college when the teacher used to ask, who will come and talk on stage about xyz, I always used to hide every time she asked something like this. And I used to say myself “Ek baar yeh stage fear chala gaya na , Me pakka stage pe jaunga” that Means Once this stage fear is gone, I will surely go on stage to speak. But I was not knowing that to get rid of any fear you need to face it. I recently started putting my Videos on Internet. I was thinking and planning since more than a year. Just like stage fear I was having a fear iof camera inside me. I was waiting for this fear to go out of me, without knowing that I need to start recording videos and eventually I will build confidence and will get rid of this fear. What I learned from the above experience was, No matter what fear we have, Taking action is the only option. Taking that first step towards it is the only option. Facing the fear is the only option. So Yesterday, I shared my Digital Marketing Experience with the audience, and the feeling after speaking infront of people was super awesome, So I thought to sharre this small experience with you guys. Thanks for listening :) See you in the next Episode :)
December 18, 2018
My Blogging failure experience and everything about Blogging #E015
In this Epsiode I have shared my blogging experience and How you can earn money from blog and everything I know about blogging. Episode on Blogging with prabhat - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog - Music credits -
December 13, 2018
Scope of Digital Marketing - #E014
Hey guys, Recently someone on Instagram asked me about Scope of Digital Marketing, so I thought to record a Podcast on that. 🚀 So, In this episode, I have talked about the scope of Digital Marketing. And I have also talked about Whether Degree is Important in Digital Marketing? Thank you for twining into my Podcast :) 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog - Music credits -
December 4, 2018
Get your Dream Job from LinkedIn #E013
Hello guys, In this episode, I have shared How you can our dream job from LinkedIn. 🚀 Quora Answer - 🚀 Steps to follow - 🚀 Setup your account 🚀 Add some value to your audience by sharing articles. 🚀 Search Keyword Looking for “your job keyword/position” in “city name” 🚀 Also, Research companies names on google and connect with Hr's on Linkedin. 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog -
December 2, 2018
Career in content writing ft. Hardik Lashkari #E012
Hey guys, First of all Thank you very much for your love and Support to my Podcast. I have crossed 1000 Plays of my Podcast.This was not possible without you all guys. Thanks a lot for your love. Your support motivates me to do Podcast. Keep Supporting :) 🚀 In this Episode, I have Invited Hardik Lashkari to Share his Content Writing Journey with us. 🚀 Hardik Lashkari is a Content Writer expert and Content Strategist. 🚀 Besides, Hardik is also a tax consultant also, helping the startups and salaried individuals planning their taxes effectively to minimise the tax outgo. 🚀 Hardik has 5 plus years of Experience is Content writing. 🚀 In this Episode, Hardik has answered many questions related to content writing, He has shared How content writing became his passion and career. He has also answered, How anyone can start content writing? How to learn content writing skills? How LinkedIn can be a good friend of a content writer? Can AI replace Human content writers? Content writing as a Freelancer or job? Best advice for content writers? He has answered many more questions. 🚀 Hardik says - "Everyone can write. Everyone can tell the stories too. However, only a few can write the stories well, to give the desired message to the readers." 🚀 It was a pleasure inviting Hardik on my show. 🚀 Connect with Hardik on LinkedIn - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog -
November 24, 2018
Personal Branding on LinkedIn Ft.Vanky Kataria #E011
Guys In this Episode I have Invited Vanky Kataria to Share his Personal Branding Journey on Linkedin. Vanky is a 22-year-young social entrepreneur and motivational cum scientific speaker who has keynoted at conferences such as the 'Coca-Cola's Youth Speak Forum,2017' and have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine(2x), Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, MSN, Readers Digest, Future Sharks, and others. He is also a Global Expert For 'Better Days Global' and a Visiting Professor at Rasbihari International. He is also the only Brand ambassador of India for the United Nations' recognized scholarship providing platform for students viz. 'Host Your Voice' and also a global expert for the online motivation providing platform - 'Better Days Global' and a mentor for 'MentorConnect'. In this Episode, Vanky has shared many things related to Linkedin. He has shared, How he Started Linkedin back in 2017 and How he came Influencer on Linkedin. Vanky has covered many questions like, What to post on Linkedin? How often Should we post on Linkedin? How to grow your Business through LinkedIn? He has also Shared something about the Linkedin algorithm. It was great having Vanky on my Show. 🚀 Follow Vanky on Linkedin - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog -
November 15, 2018
Podcast on Podcast ft. Taher Dhanerawala #E10
Hey guys, This Episode is a Q&A session on Podcast with Taher. In this Episode, I have shared everything about Podcast. 🚀 What is a Podcast? 🚀 How to record a Podcast? 🚀 How to earn money from Podcast? 🚀 How to invite someone on Podcast? 🚀 Apps for Podcast? 🚀 How to edit a Podcast? I have shared many more things related to Podcast. 🚀 Apps I use for Podcast 🚀 🚀 Anchor - - for recording and publishing podcast 🚀 Canva - - To edit podcast images 🚀 Inshot - - to create podcast videos with a background image for distributing on Social media platforms 🚀Connect with Taher🚀 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀StartupAgni page - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog -
November 3, 2018
Story Behind DM Conference ft.Pranav Jha - #E09
Welcome back to my Podcast guys. 🚀In this episode, I have invited Pranav Jha to share his success story behind DM Conference. 🚀Pranav Jha is one of the Co-organizer of DM Conference. 🚀Apart from this he also runs Digital Marketing agency in Delhi. 🚀 Pranav also runs a community on Facebook called Startup Noida. In this episode, He has shared everything about DM Conference. 🚀When he started? 🚀How he started? and How he Marketed the event, and he has shared many more things. 🚀Connect with Pranav 🚀 🚀Pranav's Facebook profile - 🚀Startup Noida Facebook group - 🚀 Connect with me 🚀 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Facebook page - 🚀 Linkedin - 🚀 Blog -
October 30, 2018
3 Free Stock Images Websites for High Quality Copyright Free Images - #E08
In this episode, I have shared three websites from where you can get free high-quality images for your blog and social media. 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 My Blog post on this episode - 🚀 Instagram - 🚀 Facebook Profile - 🚀 Linkedin Profile - Thank you for listening to this episode, see you in the next episode.
October 28, 2018
How to Boost Your Instagram Followers with Real Work #E07
In this Episode I have talked about How You can Increase Your Instagram Followers Connect with me on Instagram -
September 29, 2018
What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram ? #E06
Many People ask me this Question, what is the Best time to Post? Is it 9 am, 12 am,6 pm ...? So today I thought to Record a Podcast on that, So let's find out what is the best time to Post on Instagram in the Episode Connect with me Instagram - Facebook Profile - Facebook Page -
September 18, 2018
KickStart Your Blogging journey with Prabhat #E05
Hey Guys, I am back with another Episode. In this Episode, I have Interviewed Prabhat Kumar Chand. Prabhat is a Blogger with almost 3 years of Experience and He is Earning More than $2000 per month. In this Podcast He has Shared his Experience in his Blogging Career. He has Shared many tricks and Hacks of SEO. Time Stamp - 00:28 - Introduction of Prabhat 1:52 -Blogging Journey of Prabhat 5:55 Prabhat Revealed his first Earning. 11:32 How a Pure Beginner can Start Blogging 27:52 How you can Monetize your Blog 34:40 How Quality Content Wins 51:00 How much can a Hindi News Website with 1m/monthly visitors earn 54:40 All ways of Earning from Blogging Free Hosting - Free Domain - Note: - Use this free domain and free hosting for learning purpose, Don't use if you are building a Brand, Because Free Domain and Hosting are not good for long term. Connect with Prabhat- My Instagram - @thepiyushkukreja
September 12, 2018
Get your First Freelancing Client Ft. Naval Gupta #E04
Hey Guys, I am back with another Episode. In this Episode, I have Interviewed Naval Gupta and He has shared his Expertise about Freelancing. He has also shared many Hacks of Freelancing. Connect with Naval Gupta - Facebook Profile - Linkedin Profile - Facebook Group (Freelancing Secrets)- Connect with me - Instagram - Facebook - Linkedin -
August 30, 2018
How to Make money from Instagram without Investing Money#E03
Don't wait till tomorrow, Go Execute Now Timestamp to make things simpler for you: 1:05 OverView of Episode 1:41 Choosing Product Category 3:32 Creating Instagram account and Choosing your Shop Username 4:32 Product Stock/Inventory for your Shop 5:12 How to Find Accounts who accepts Resellers 7:44 How to Setup your Instagram Shop Account 11:17 Finding Customers for your Shop 16:25 How to DM your Customers 18:20 How to find your competitor's price Thank You for Listening to my Podcast. Next week I will be Interviewing Digital Marketing Expert and Topic will be How to make career in Digital Marketing? Make Sure you Subscribe to my Podcast. See you in the Next episode. My Instagram -
August 23, 2018
Introduction - The Piyush Kukreja Show
Hi Guys This is Piyush Kukreja - Your Personal Digital Marketer. Welcome to my Podcast - The Piyush Kukreja Show This is Introduction of my Podcast. This Podcast will be regarding Digital Marketing. I will share all my Digital Marketing Knowledge with you in Hindi. I will also Interview Digital Marketing Experts in this Podcast.
August 12, 2018
Introduction to Digital Marketing - Purely for Beginners - E02
Hey Guys This episode for Purely for Beginners. In this episode I have covered all basic aspects of Digital Marketing. I have Introduced most Important Modules. Thank you for listening See you in the next episode.
August 12, 2018
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