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The Pizzeria & Enzo Show

The Pizzeria & Enzo Show

By THom
Your hosts, talk with restaurateurs and interesting food and beverage industry professionals while enjoying a pizza. And maybe a beer.
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T-07 Steve Toniolo @Stefano's in Florence, South Carolina

The Pizzeria & Enzo Show

T-05 Shaun de Vries from the Future!
Shaun de Vries is the Founder and Director of Open Pantry Co. And joined the Show from Melbourne Australia.  He is a well travelled Food & Beverage Professional that is almost as passionate about F&B as he is about Australian Rules Football. Go Crows!  Interestingly, we talk about Beer and Food. Let's get some aussie flavors in the US other than Foster's! Shaun is a thoughtful speaker and goes deep on several topics which will help and encourage anyone that is getting into, thinking of getting out of, or still deep in the Hospitality world. Thanks again Shaun for the appearance. Cheers from Charleston! THom Here is Shaun's contact info. Phone: 0414 240 261 All the details in one place: Open Pantry Co. Website:
July 23, 2021
T-06: George "Captain Dew" Moore of George's Rib Shack BBQ Team/part 1
A great start to the Episode!  We learned a few things about microphone placement and recording dynamics, and in our next podcasts we will record on multi-channel to be able to hear both Guest and Host.  It was as fun as we thought it would be.  Stand by for more! George's Rib Shack will be at a competition near you soon.   If you live near Atlanta.  Or Lake Altoona.   Maybe Lawrenceville or Kennesaw. We will post links to George's Social so that you can be on site for the magic that is BBQ. Today we ate BBQ from Swig & Swine, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Cheers from Hilton Head! THom Lheo0UbMvJHk5frPU4oF CNTtupzVyDtFONy64STg
June 28, 2021
T-07 Steve Toniolo @Stefano's in Florence, South Carolina
We are humbled to have Doug The Food Guy back on the Show!   This time as the co-host Pizzeria.   Thanks again Doug for your support and introducing us to Steve Toniolo!
June 6, 2021
T-08 Doug the Food Guy
Christmas Cakes are on the menu! Plus cups of tea thoughts and what’s cooking in South Carolina with Doug the Food Guy!
November 2, 2020
T-09 Ricco T. Cooper: Starting with Wine
Ricco joins us with a passion for the Wine biz!  
October 8, 2020
T-10 Stroopwafels with Joe
We enjoy a new pastry from the Netherlands “stroopwafels” at a local coffee shop and talk about building a podcast. 1mcJ3s4hwqcrtzQTcCh1
January 21, 2020